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Global Chamber® Events


SEPTEMBER 12 8:00am at Polsinelli in Phoenix

Legal Update International Trade SEPTEMBER 16 11am in Scottsdale

Global Career Roundtable SEPTEMBER 26 3pm in Scottsdale

Global Chamber Phoenix Advisory Board SEPTEMBER 28 8am at Squire Patton Boggs in Phoenix

Women in Global Leadership

Spotlight Event OCTOBER 2 3pm at Skysong

Grow Globally Fair Phoenix

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Are You Serious? Really, Are You Serious? by Doug Bruhnke, CEO and Founder of Global Chamber®

Are you serious about growing your business to other cities besides the city where your headquarters are? We all Melissa Sanderson of Freeport McMoRan at understand the transition of going from Export Roundtable, Phoenix selling across the street, to down the street and then well beyond. Whether it involves country borders or not, it can get complicated. It used to be that a guy with a suitcase was enough to make it all happen. I used to be that guy ... I know ... it worked. But it doesn’t work anymore, at least not optimally. Today, that guy or gal must be connected to a network that provides the resources and connections needed to grow — what we call the global tribe. Our Global Chamber® network leverages the collective knowledge, experience and connections of the global tribe to assist with selling here, there and everywhere. Lone wolves certainly survive in the wilderness, but why do it in today’s business world? Be more productive, grow more quickly — join the tribe and be global and UNSTOPPABLE! Get serious about growth.

Multi-Metro Events

by Cesar Trabanco, Business Services Manager at Global Chamber®

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Translation Equivalency and Effective Foreign Communications

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Member Success Spotlights


Don’t Ignore These 10 Things as You Grow Mentor on Road Meets Global Chamber

Practical Suggestions for SMEs Working with Academic Institutions in the R&D Space

YSEALI, Global Chamber and Being Global and UNSTOPPABLE

Global Chamber® hosts three or more multi-metro events per month to help our members connect with opportunities in their metro area and well beyond. Often, connections in other metropolitan areas can be challenging. We make it easy in a variety of ways. Multi-metro events help companies bridge the wide gap between connections in their city and connections in cities around the world. We’ve ramped up our activities to help members grow their knowledge and connections, to grow their business. And so, expect to see panels of business leaders together — but one will be sitting in Mumbai, another in San Francisco, one in Phoenix, etc. This enables members to more easily tap into new ideas, business leaders and opportunities. Multi-metro events make it a small world! One example of a recent event was Women in Global Leadership, having a theme we often emphasize because women fill far fewer than 50 percent of the C-level seats on global companies. In fact, we have learned that only 7 percent of executives at U.S. tech companies and only 15 percent of board members of U.S. companies are women. And more than just facts, we heard in that meeting about how these women leaders have overcome challenges and face still more every day. It helps to understand, discuss and deal with it, together. You can be a member of Global Chamber to attend these multi-metro events for free and to connect to new opportunities in your metro and well beyond, in 525 metro areas everywhere! And as a member, you are assured we’ll keep you up to speed on topics of interest, and often weave you in some way — locally or globally. Reach out to me for information on our multimetro events, becoming a member of the global tribe, or anything on your mind.


September 2017 issue of In Business Magazine  
September 2017 issue of In Business Magazine