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The Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) fosters and empowers a thriving small-business community by working diligently to advocate for legislation and regulation that supports a probusiness environment while eliminating legislation that threatens small business. ASBA brings relevant and dynamic education and mentoring opportunities to business owners to improve their business knowledge, solve problems and, ultimately, become more successful. We accomplish this by offering our members valuable programs, undying commitment to their success, and the convenience and efficiency of our products and services. ASBA is on the cutting edge of what is happening RIGHT NOW in the business community. From education and advocacy to resources, mentoring and meaningful partnerships, we engage our members with relevant interactions at every touchpoint. By staying on top of current trends, we ensure the tools we offer, as well as the extensive breadth of insights delivered, are valuable to the businesses we represent while significantly boosting the organic growth of our membership base. Find ASBA on Facebook:

Re-cap, Re-Vamp, and Rev-Up for 2019 by Jess Roman, Interim CEO, Arizona Small Business Association

While the heat is finally behind us, it’s time we reflect back on our accomplishments of 2018 and look forward to the planning of a new, exciting year. As small-business owners ourselves, the Arizona Small Business Association understands the challenges of staying fresh and relevant in the marketplace. Sales, marketing, personnel, profitability — all key components you need to excel at to stay “in the game.” Our job at ASBA is to provide you the tools and resources you need to not only stay in the game, but to win the game. In 2018, ASBA launched its first SynTech

With success come great traditions. We

conference, where we brought large and

were proud to celebrate our 25th Annual

Central Arizona 4600 E. Washington St., Suite 340 Phoenix, AZ 85034 p. 602.306.4000

small companies together to increase

Enterprise Business Awards Luncheon

innovation and efficiency in your business.

in collaboration with the Small Business

As we all know, technology is an ever-

Administration. This event focuses solely

evolving marketplace. Digital marketing, IT

on small businesses, just like you, who

Southern Arizona p. 520.327.0222

solutions, cyber security, secure document

have persevered and thrived in their

signing — it’s always changing! ASBA

respective industries. This year, we were

brought in companies like BlueInk, Toshiba

grateful to have both Arizona Governor

Business Solutions, Infusionsoft and

Doug Ducey and Arizona Secretary of

MicroAge to help you better understand

State Michele Reagan as our keynote

the industry and how it applies to your

speakers. Not only do both leaders have

business. We recognize that running a

an entrepreneurial spirit, but have also

business efficiently is a key component to

been heavily engaged with ASBA and our

your success as a small-business owner.

small-business community.

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October 2018 issue of In Business Magazine  
October 2018 issue of In Business Magazine