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Decisions, Dollars and Data, Oh My! Nonprofits and employers of all types are encouraged to review the proposed regulations and determine whether and how the draft rules will affect their ability to attract and retain workers and advance their missions 4

by David Thompson, Vice President, National Council of Nonprofits Businesses of all types, take note: Decisions coming out of Washington, DC in the coming months will affect employment practices and business planning decisions for years to come. For-profit and nonprofit organizations have a vested interest in what comes of proposals from the U.S. Department of Labor on overtime pay and the Department of Commerce on the 2020 census. This is an article about what businesses need to know and what they can do about it. Soon. Paying Overtime The rules governing overtime pay are in flux once again. A few years ago, employers across the country were scrambling to adjust to the changes to overtime regulations issued by the Labor Department under President Obama. Those rules, which were ultimately blocked by a federal judge, would have doubled the salary threshold for determining who could be considered whitecollar employees exempt from time-and-a-half overtime pay. The threshold they sought to put in place reportedly would have made four million American workers entitled to overtime pay regardless of their job duties.

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