Guenay Ulutuncok

Guenay Ulutuncok

Cologne, Germany

Guenay Ulutuncok | Photojournalist | Publisher | Media Consultant

Chairman of the Media International e.V. By the end of 1981 co-founded the photo agency "Photos & Reportagen" in Cologne.

His work focuses on: development policy, reports on political and social conflicts, as well as cultural and ethnic diversity, mainly in Africa for German and international magazines. Longer stays in southern Africa.

Professional workshops in collaboration with IOJ (International Organization of Journalists), SWAPO (South West African People Organisation) and NAMPA (Namibian Press Agency) for photojournalists in Namibia.

From 2000, Media Advisor to the GIZ for media products such as the rain forest in Africa with a focus on nature conservation, diversity and local community programs. Conceptual design and implementation of several international exhibitions and multimedia installations.