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Introduction Mother Nature. Donʼt you loathe her? And yet, just when you start sending her hate mail for your expanding waist line, sagging skin and worrisome wrinkles, she comes up with ways to win you back. You may look and feel older but your face and body are amazingly resilient and continuously renewing themselves. And while 20% of lines and wrinkles are unavoidable, the rest is more or less down to your lifestyle. Neglecting your skin, smoking and indulging in too much sun ages you prematurely. But ʻMama Natureʼ has loads of secret ingredients to help combat these culprits. Add a sprinkling of science and a lot of know how and youʼll find the recipe for a more amazing you. And thatʼs where Transformulas comes in. Bridging the gap between medical and cosmetic treatments, we offer groundbreaking formulas that are clinically researched and specially designed to fight the signs of ageing in an effective, safe and non-invasive way. Just call us the Delia - actually, make that Nigella, of the beauty industry. In this booklet weʼll show you the more detailed stuff - you know, the reasons why you age and how Transformulas combats this process. But more importantly, weʼll offer you proof that our products work. Donʼt worry, we wonʼt blind you with science or bore you with endless statistical data. Weʼd rather focus on the facts, then let our customers do most of the talking.

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Understanding The Skin You’re In From your mid twenties onwards your skin begins to lose its even tone and smooth texture. Its support structure collapses and wrinkles gradually appear. Reduced blood flow means that cells arenʼt nourished properly and toxins build up. This process happens to us all but is heavily influenced by environmental factors like sun damage, poor diet, stress and a lack of skin care.

The Epidermis

The Dermis

This is a thin, protective barrier consisting of billions of cell layers that renew themselves every three weeks. As we age, the natural skin shedding process slows down, leaving skin looking rough, tired and pallid. Normal skin should be made of 70% living cells and 30% dead cells.

This is the deeper and more active part of the skin made mostly of elastin and collagen. It absorbs moisture and gives the appearance of plump, youthful skin. But as we get older, and because of the damage caused by free radicals, the collagen and elastin fibres lose some of their elasticity, leaving skin to slacken and age.

Ageing Skin It gradually dries out, develops age spots, broken capillaries and irregular pigmentation. Looking after your skin with the right products can help slow, and in some cases, disguise and even reverse this process.

The Subcutis This is the skinʼs third layer and consists of the fat that feeds and supports the upper layers. As we age, most of this this plump cushion is lost, creating baggy necks and saggy jowls.


Elastin This is the dermisʼ other main fibrous protein which gives the skin its youthful bounce.

This is the skinʼs main structural protein. Its fibres act as scaffolding to give skin its strength and maintain elasticity. Collagen production is badly effected by sun damage, smoking and a sugary diet, causing wrinkling and sagging. The chemical term for this is oxidation. Antioxidants, minerals and vitamins like A, C and E help limit this damage.

6 Steps To A More Youthful You 1. Establish a Good Skincare Routine All products are not created equal. Transformulasʼ Ageless range work on three levels in that they offer instant effects, semi permanent results and long term benefits.

2. Eat & Drink Well We hate to sound sanctimonious about this but real beauty is an inside and out job. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Avoid processed and sugary foods and moderate your alcohol intake. You can kickstart your healthy living regime with Transformulas Ageless Body range.

3. Exercise Studies show that daily activity can turn back your body clock by 15-20 years in terms of strength, metabolism, blood pressure and hormone levels. It also combats age related diseases and is crucial in helping you look and feel fabulous.

4. Don’t Smoke We all know smoking is bad for your health but it also adds years to your face. Studies show that smoking reduces the amount of collagen produced in the skin, leading to more wrinkles and less suppleness.

5. Avoid Too Much Sun When you look in the mirror, most of the wrinkles you see are probably caused by sun damage. This is because UVA rays go deep into the skin, breaking down collagen forming cells. It also dries out your skin, causes liver spots and leaves you vulnerable to a whole host of health problems including skin cancer.

6. Reduce Stress Levels Sleep well and unwind with yoga. Numerous studies have shown that stress, worry and unhappiness often etches itself to the face. Remember, laughter lines are far sexier than frown furrows.

Breakthrough Beauty The anti-ageing market has come a long way in the last 20 years and continues to bring us even more landmark innovations.

There was a time when your only non-surgical defense against the ravages of time was a pot of cold cream. Thankfully, the beauty industry has evolved enormously since then. Fueled by our obsession with looking younger, scientists and skin care experts have come up with numerous high performing products packed with natural anti-ageing ingredients like vitamin C and fruit acids. Shelves now groan under the weight of creams that claim to do everything except the ironing. Itʼs confusing - and unless youʼre an expert, you probably opt for the cheapest or the one with prettiest packaging. Getting to grips with what really works is no easy matter when so much moneyʼs pumped into advertising and celebrity endorsements. Thatʼs why Rosi Chapman, Transformulasʼ founder, is passionate about finding groundbreaking formulations that show positive results backed up by hard, scientific evidence.

Transformulas = Transform Yourself She was one of the first people to bring pharmaceutical grade ingredients to the masses, ensuring rapid and real results without ridiculous price tags. Her ethos - substance before style. Driven by an ambition to achieve the same results as cosmetic surgery without the knife or needle has helped Rosi launch a range of anti ageing products, anti wrinkle treatments, lip plumpers, cellulite creams, teeth whitening kits and slimming pills. Not surprisingly, Transformulasʼ innovative products have received critical acclaim from international customers, experts and beauty editors. So whatʼs next? Well, Transformulas is already ahead of the game in terms of oral cosmetics and cosmaceuticals but a more personalised approach to skincare is certainly on the cards.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Not only does it heal and boost collagen production, it also brightens the skin. Found in Transformulas Ageless Luxury Mid-life Skin Cell Tonic.

The use of botanical beauty treatments dates back to ancient times.They soothe, hydrate and heal the skin. Found in Transformulas Ageless Beauty Wrinkle Defence Face & Eye Mask.

Marine derived ingredients, including seaweed, algae and sea salts, often have excellent anti-irritant, antioxidant, moisturising, and anti-ageing properties. Found in Transformulas Ageless Luxury Midlife Marine Miracle Creme

Proven Effectiveness Trying a new product often eclipses the serious, scientific expertise necessary to formulate it. But for Transformulas, product development and rigorous testing are obsessions. “The search for groundbreaking formulas is an exciting challenge that requires intuition, in-depth beauty knowledge and technical expertise,” explains Rosi Chapman. “Each formulation has to offer instant effects, semi permanent results and long term benefits, otherwise itʼs back to the drawing board. Precision is a personal passion and I always put it ahead of profit.” Months, sometimes years, of testing is required to find the right balance of ingredients. Stringent safety tests are necessary to meet professional standards and international regulations. Clinical tests are laboratory controlled and conducted in both Europe and America. Itʼs only when the results demonstrate optimal effectiveness and safety that Transformulasʼ unique formulas are put into production. Each treatment, unless otherwise stated, must be used two to three times a day for 30 days for maximum effectiveness.

25% of adults already regard cosmeceuticals as a good alternative to cosmetic procedures Research by Mintel

Our ingredients are naturally sourced and scientifically developed and designed by doctors and dermatologists.

Before & After

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Transformulas Ageless Luxury Mid-Life Collection

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Tighten, lift & firm Fade lines & lessen wrinkles Lift sagging jowls & cheek bones Give reactivate cellular support Increase hydration & luminosity Refine & rejuvenate /$'):<+6*/#$%.$:+:/*+7' Detox & clarify


FACT The Daily Mail called the rangeʼs Marine Miracle Creme a facelift in a jar.

Before & After Transformulas Ageless Beauty FaceControl Proven to: Deeply restore cell structure Help brighten and firm the whole face Lift tired and slackened jowls Define bone structure Reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eye area Improve elasticity and hydration

FACT 75% of users saw a reduction in under eye bags, lines and wrinkles after just 24 hours

Before & After Transformulas Ageless Beauty Eye-Lifting Gel Proven to: Tighten, lift & firm Smooth fine lines & wrinkles Improve elasticity Reduce puffiness Cool,calm & soothe Hydrate & moisturise Be semi-permanent

FACTS 90% of users felt the gel smoothed their fine lines and wrinkles and gave an instant lift when applied. Victoria Beckham始s favourite始 as stated by Heat magazine.

Before & After Transformulas Ageless Beauty LipVolume Proven to: Stimulate Collagen Plump & soften lips Reduce fine lines Hydrate deeply Define & contour lips Be semi-permanent

FACTS Clinical studies confirm an increase in all cases of volume, definition, hydration & condition. 3D measurements using stereo photogrammetric analysis demonstrates lip size being increased by 40%. Vitro Testing (cell analysis) confirmed collagen synthesis is increased by 350%.

Before & After Transformulas Ageless Beauty Advanced Professional White â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Stainlessâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Teeth Whitening Proven to: Whiten & brighten teeth Be fast, safe & effective Clean and freshen Be simple & easy to use Be more cost effective than most dental applications

FACT Whitens teeth up to six shades lighter.

Before & After Transformulas Ageless Body FirmSlim Proven to: Combat cellulite Firm & smooth the skin Slim & contour the body Eliminate toxins Be thermogenically active Have diuretic qualities

FACT nteer were 95% of volu h satisfied wit completely s the result .

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I called your help line for some advice and spoke to one of your resident beauticians. She was really helpful and seemed genuinely eager to help solve my beauty problem. Jayne Lloyd, Wirral.

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“Since I started taking WaistLine I’ve lost more than four stone. I’m so happy as I’m getting married in May. I have two identical dresses now - a size 12 that fits perfectly and a size 16 that drowns me. I would recommend these capsules to anyone who wants to lose weight.” Ms Leigh Addison

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