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update what’s new at the gentry There was a time when grooming was strictly for horses and maintenance was something rich gents paid their ex-wives. Now men have gone from soap and a splash of water to a full-on grooming regime complete with high tech products. Guys of all ages are increasingly interested in the way they look. Thatʼs why The Gentry Grooming Co has launched its own range of skin care and shaving products. They contain essential oil blends and the most amazing natural active ingredients youʼll ever come across. In other words, theyʼre great for men with sensitive skin. You can buy the entire essentials range on-line, insalon or even subscribe and get our shaving

cream, balm and scrub delivered automatically to your door once a month. This summer weʼll be launching the first in a series of country wide grooming pods, meaning that men can look their best any time, any place, anywhere. And our on-line experts are available seven days a week to answer all your questions on how to improve and maintain a healthy look. We want to put the great back into British grooming and show the world how gorgeous you guys really are. Adele x

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about the gentry grooming co Being a bloke used to be so simple all you had to do was outfit your cave wall with a couple of crude drawings, beat your chest, grab a club, and you were good to go. But thanks to the arrival of the metrosexual, designer stores and a booming grooming industry, men have a lot more to prove. The Gentry Grooming Co serves to simplify manʼs life once more - offering everything from haircuts and shaves to drinks and an entertainmentʼs library. The concept comes from husband and wife team Adele and Matt Lock, whose aim is to provide a contemporary, informal and masculine environment where men can lose their inhibitions about caring for their appearance. MD Adele, explains: “Matt is one of seven brothers, and the idea was sparked by found memories of early evening visits to one of his brotherʼs salon, where theyʼd have a hair cut or shave whilst enjoying some beers, banter and music. We wanted to recreate that feel good factor, offering a quality service in stylish surroundings.” And with plush seats, wide screen televisions, a drinks menu and an air of convivial fraternity, no one can deny theyʼve done it. Since the companyʼs launch in 2005, the Gentry now has three salons situated in premium locations through out the North West - Manchester, Wilmslow and Didsbury. They offer some of the best grooming services around - including cut-throat shaves, massages and hair treatments to name just a few. Their salons also broker services like gentrification packages,

Ade le an


att L ock

sophisticated stag parties and wedding day make-overs. And it doesnʼt stop there. The companyʼs even launched TheEssentialsRange - male grooming products developed specially for men by men. Born in Britain, this unique grooming line, packed with high quality, natural ingredients aims to put the great back into British grooming. For more information, interviews, media samples or review treatments, please drop us a line on



meet the lock family Jon Lock 46-year-old Salon Director Micro CV Hair stylist for 30 years Claim to fame Cut hair for a number of celebrities, including Peter Kay, Justin Moorehouse, Frank Dooley and various footballers. Loves Life, family, sport and music Loathes Bone idleness

Adele Lock

Matt Lock 39-year-old Development Director Micro CV Painter turned entrepreneur Claim to fame Visiting Prince始s Paisley Park studios in Minneapolis Loves Life and family Loathes Boredom and complacency

34-year-old Managing Director Micro CV Performing arts student turned businesswoman Claim to fame Appeared in the first series of The Apprentice with Sir Alan Sugar and singing at The Royal Albert Hall Loves Her children, glamping and films Loathes Ignorance, stuffy people and eating fish


Holiday - booked. Rigorous, daily workout check. Beers in anticipation of BBQ invites? Chilled and waiting. Arenʼt you forgetting something? Your skin should be primed for summer too. Which is exactly why The Gentry Grooming Co offers a series of treatments designed to get you looking de-roughed, buffed and beach ready. “After months of hibernation, exposing your less than perfect, pale self in the pool is a nono,” says Gentryʼs Jason Wigglesworth. “You need a regime of rejuvenating facials to eradicate the effects of indoor heating, a faux tan to enhance your summer glow but most importantly - a back wax, so as not to repulse the female population - honestly guys, they hate hairy backs.” A hair cut is essential, while little touches like an eyebrow shape and manicure will help you look more groomed and flight upgrade ready. Finally, prepare yourself for airport chaos and a couple of hours in economy class with a stress busting body massage. Before you know it, youʼll be ready for summer from head to toe — all you have to do is sit back and relax. “Weʼll even provide the in salon beer and footy,” concludes Jason.

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hot to trot prepping for summer

Try the ultimate gentrification package for £109

our salons




28 Blackfriars Street, Manchester M3 5BQ Tel: 0161 835 1200

36 Green Lane Wilmslow SK9 1DU Tel: 01625 522 505

675 Wilmslow Rd Didsbury M20 6RA Tel: 0161 445 9111



shiny, happy people a diminishing barnet doesn’t have to affect your style quotient If thereʼs one thing men dread more than having their stash of porn discovered, itʼs looking in the mirror and witnessing random outcrops of hair isolated in a sea of skin. Okay, so balding blokes may be more virile than their hirsute brothers and less likely to develop prostate cancer – but that doesnʼt mean hair loss isnʼt a confidence busting condition. While no one knows the precise cause of baldness, experts at the Gentry Grooming Co in Manchester believe that a collaboration of age, testosterone and the wrong genes can be held responsible. The solution? Well, you could buy a baseball hat and book dinners in the dark - however, those in the know suggest embracing the look Bruce Willis style.

famous men who are folically challenged... Bruce Willis Billy Zane Sir Ben Kingsley Sean Connery Jack Nicholson Wayne Rooney Jude Law Prince William

“If you have lost more than a third of your hair, then the accepted protocol is to go for the shortest style you feel comfortable with, keeping it neat with regular trims and a little styling product,” says Jason Wigglesworth, operations director at the Gentry Grooming Co. “If you have more head than hair, however, itʼs best to crop off the lot, just make sure you donʼt leave behind any stray bits. Theyʼll just highlight your baldness and look a bit naff.” A smooth scalp is best left to the experts but if you

Jason Wigglesworth, Jon Lock & Adele Lock

ask the experts your questions Iʼm a 51-year-old man suffering from large, flaky patches of dry skin on my chin. I suspect my grooming regime of rubbing soap into my beard is to blame. How can I lose the 21st century leper look without morphing into one of those so called metrosexuals? Will Thomas, Cheshire I realise that men of a certain age and skincare donʼt make the happiest of matches - but soap sans moisturiser is just asking for

want to do it yourself, Jason suggests making sure your hair is as short as possible. Then, whilst wet, apply some good shaving cream. “The better your lubricant is worked in, the better your shave, making a big difference both to closeness and comfort,” he says. Alternatively, if you have a couple of grand to spare, you could always consider hair replacement surgery or buy a really good wig. Technological advancements in both these areas now mean theyʼre viable options.

trouble - especially when you have sensitive skin. Reduce irritation and keep your face in tip top condition by trying The Gentry Grooming Coʼs new EssentialsRange. These masculine looking products contain unique essential oils and natural ingredients to help keep irritations at bay. Swap soap for our protective shave cream, followed by a light, easily absorbed moisturiser like Gentryʼs face balm. Youʼll be amazed how smooth and flake-free your skin will look afterwards.



introducing our hero products Who says men and skincare arenʼt happy bedfellows? With shop shelves groaning under the weight of male grooming products, itʼs clear that 21st century blokes are increasingly interested in the way they look. Thatʼs why theyʼre not prepared to compromise on anything but the best. The Gentry Grooming Coʼs ʻEssentialsRangeʼ has been specially formulated to leave menʼs skins hydrated and healthy, with none of the ʻnastyʼ ingredients and irritations you can get from most other products. This seven strong series, featuring hair and body washes, face scrub, shaving cream, shave oil, face balm and styling cream, are effective, natural and hassle free. You will never find Parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulphates, or artificial colours in any of our products. In other words,

theyʼre packed with all kinds of good stuff and ideal for guys with sensitive skins. Forget about all those expensive European brands - the EssentialsRange was born in Britain and aims to put the great back into British grooming. Prices start from £8.95, and currently stocked in Gentryʼs salons and on our website, theyʼre pretty wallet friendly and exclusive.

the technical bits.. The EssentialsRange has been developed using selected natural ingredients called “Natural Moisturising Factors” (NMFʼs). These ingredients naturally mimic the structure and functions of healthy male skin. While the oil and fat components of skin prevent evaporation and provide lubrication to the surface of skin, it is actually the intercellular matrix, along with the skinʼs lipid content, that gives skin a good deal of its surface texture and feel. The intercellular matrix is the skinʼs first line of defense against water loss. When the lipid and NMF content of skin is reduced, we experience surface

roughness, flaking, fine lines, and a tight, uncomfortable feeling. But all of these ingredients help support the intercellular area of the skin by keeping it intact. This support helps prevent surface irritation from penetrating deeper into the skin, helps keep bacteria out, and aids the skinʼs immune/healing system. By using NMFs ingredients within our products, they will help your skin do its job of repairing and regenerating itself without the impedances brought on when skin is suffering from dryness, environmental distress or excess irritation.



model wears cardigan (£8) and slim chino shorts (£8) from Primark.

Madeira antique yacht, £35.99, Nautical Living

Y-Othello boat shoes, £50, Faith Footwear

straw hat, £15, Tu @ Sainsburyʼs

sailor boy there’s a nautical flavour to casual wear this summer Sailors arenʼt traditionally known for being fashion forward - but the nautical style is de rigueur this summer along with soft suits and stylish leisure wear. The secret of up-dating this classic seafaring look is to keep it relaxed and avoid wearing stripes and anchors from top to toe. The idea isnʼt to look like Popeyeʼs doppleganger. Instead, team a cool Breton inspired cardigan with a pair of slim fitting shorts - or for a smarter twist - sport a softly tailored jacket over a striped pastel shirt.

Unlike the seasonʼs other focus on geek chic, this is an easy look to embrace. “Nautical t-shirts and tailored beige shorts rarely go out of vogue and are an ideal base for this seasonʼs more preppy look,” says Susanna Kelly from Total Image Solutions. “Just add polo shirts and summer knits combined with either dark denim or lighter chinoʼs.” For more formal occasions, stand out from the crowd with sharp suits in bold colours. p9






credits: models wear clothes from Republic



inside & out with professional golfer paul waring, 25, from wirral Which sports personality do you most admire? The American cyclist Lance Armstrong. He overcame his personal battles with cancer to emerge an incredible force within his sport. Apart from winning numerous awards, he recently returned to competitive racing to finish third in last yearʼs Tour de France. Whatʼs your personal philosophy? Go hard or go home. Thereʼs no point doing something unless you do it competitively. Reveal your top golfing tip: When putting, donʼt look at the hole too early. Keep your head down until the strokeʼs past. How do you keep fit? Apart from golf, I enjoy snowboarding and go to the gym three days a week. There, Iʼll do some cardio exercise and work on my core stability. What are your grooming habits? Iʼm pretty low maintenance. Iʼll shower in the morning and have the odd beard trim. Whatʼs your favourite outfit for the new season? Off the course I like to be casual and comfortable, so it has to be my board shorts teamed with a Hollister hoodie and a pair of Havaianas.

What are your most treasured three items? A silver cross that my Grandad gave me before he died, my Porsche and a u-boat watch. Name a tv programme, song and website address that youʼre currently addicted to: Top Gear is a must. Music-wise I like Patricia The Stripper by local band The Wombats. And I often log on to the car site Youʼve won a number of titles, including the English Amateur Championship but whatʼs your ultimate ambition? It has to be to win the Open - but isnʼt that every English playerʼs dream?

When it comes to summer, Paulʼs must have accessory is a pair of funky flipflops Paul loves his Porsche


join the hub work any time, any place, anywhere THE GENTRY GROOMING CO MANTALK

Imagine a world where long commutes, static offices and constant colleague interruptions are a thing of the past. For many 21st century workers, the dream has just become a reality. Unshackled by digital technology, they can roam free and save a fortune in childcare, petrol and gym membership fees. In this Martini world, you rarely see your boss in the flesh and thereʼs nothing to stop you working from some exotic location, beer in one hand, BlackBerry in another. In Gentry Grooming Co, most of the executive staff have the freedom to work flexibly. “I donʼt know about working on a beach, but weʼve certainly adopted smarter working practices, such as flexible working, remote working, mobile working, working from home and promoting a work-life balance,” says managing director Adele Lock. Pop into any of Gentryʼs salons and enjoy free wi-fi

And sheʼs not alone. Organisations including BT, TfL and the CBI are also supporters of this ʻflexistentialʻ approach. According to WorkWise UK, a not-forprofit organisation spearheading the anti-office movement, ditching a regular base increases business productivity, competitiveness, reduces transport congestion and pollution, improves health and harmonises work and family commitments. Figures for current smarter workers are not assimilated, although the Office for National Statistics does produce figures for home workers through the Labour Market Survey on a quarterly basis. Currently, around 3.1 million people usually or regularly work from home. And the government has recently passed legislation allowing an extra 4.5m people the right to request flexible working. Itʼs not all positive though. Silo-working can get lonely, with business and leisure time merging into one. “Itʼs certainly difficult to switch off,” says one Manchester based consultant. “Iʼve even had international clients Skype me in the middle of the night. Then again, I can go shopping or go on holiday whenever I choose - so long as I have the right gadgets.” New ʻmust haveʼ apparatus includes a Microsoft Windows phone - which is a kind of BlackBerry meets iPhone hybrid or the ultra thin Sony VAIO X, while Mac MobileMe keeps your phone and laptop in perfect sync. Long live the revolution.



it’s coming home get prepared for the world cup the cooler way

T-shirt (£10), cushion (£10) and bunting (£12) - all from Next.

England T-shirt, £5, Tu @ Sainsburys

Table Football Game, £24.95 from p15


A smooth face not only makes you look groomed and youthful it’s also a magnet for women.

how to... have your best ever shave Historically, facial hair has been ascribed various social attributes including ruggedness and sexual virility. But lets be honest here most women, employers and grooming companies hate the whole hirsute hobo look. Shaving makes you seem youthful, well groomed and in control. Itʼs just a matter of doing it right. The first step in getting a great shave, according to Gentry Grooming expert Jason Wigglesworth, is to take care of your skin. Wash twice a day - before shaving - with a mild face wash or hypoallergenic liquid cleanser. Try not to use soap as this will dry your skin out. For best results try Gentryʼs facial wash followed by a mild, alcohol free moisturiser like our face balm. Also, use Gentryʼs gentle facial scrub once a week to thoroughly cleanse your pores and remove any dead skin cells. When youʼre ready to shave, place a hot cloth over your lower face and neck for a few seconds before applying a good quality shaving cream with a brush. Avoid products with synthetic or chemical ingredients, fragrances, dyes and alcohol, in

favour of essential oils. Gentryʼs shave cream is natural and designed for sensitive skins. Allow the product a few minutes to settle in and soften your beard. Then, start shaving with a swivel headed razor from the sides of your ears and cheeks before reaching your top lip, chin and neck. Knowing which direction your beard grows is a great help in achieving a smoother shave and can easily be established through touch. Also, make sure you replace your blade every couple of days. Check for stray hairs, then splash your face several times with cold water to close the pores. Using an extra fluffy towel, gently dab the face dry before applying a moisturising balm designed replenish the skinʼs natural defences. We may be biased here but Gentryʼs face balm contains black pepper and mint for maximum hydration - and itʼs natural ingredients means that it suits the most sensitive of skins. “Shaving is an effective form of exfoliant and skin refresher as well as a right of passage from boy to man,” concludes Jason. “So, itʼs worth doing it carefully and correctly.”



win a manly make-over Thereʼs much to admire about you boys. You can go weeks without changing your socks and carry your entire life in a back pocket. Or is that just a rumour? Either way, itʼs time to stop channeling the vagrant look and get spruced up Gentry style. Thatʼs why weʼre offering one lucky reader the chance to win the ultimate Gentrification package - worth £109. The two and half hour session includes a hair cut, Indian head massage, luxury manicure, facial, eye-brow wax and cut throat shave from one of Gentryʼs three salons. All you have to do is name the location of our three salons. (Log on to for some obvious clues). Then, simply send your answers to along with your name and contact details by August 30, 2010.

Model wears clothes from Next

Appointments subject to availability. No cash alternative. Terms and conditions apply. See website for details.

your views matter to gentry Youʼre our favourite obsession. Thatʼs right, we want to know your thoughts, views and ambitions in the grooming arena — what you adore, what you canʼt stand, and what youʼre dying to get more of. Please, please fill us in by taking our surveys. Donʼt worry, they wonʼt take long and your individual responses are for our eyes only. Promise. In return, weʼll use your feedback to make sure that our products and services are always to your liking. Simply copy and paste these codes into your browser and follow the instructions. sm=2i1Gsa21DiUldLxLc8982ZZ6y064D7P nOAhqh_2ferk4E_3d sm=EVy3XYMWNzNPEGckz7gPsbeq73y7 uZn0ZGV3WvGEQQM_3d



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