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FREE Mo Gentrification At The Gentry Grooming Co Salons.


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Editor: Penny Fray Writers: Penny Fray & Charlotte Morris Published by The Gentry Grooming Co.

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Gentry’s new Express Shave & Skin Centre at Manchester’s House of Fraser

It takes more than a phone booth to turn the average Clark Kent into Superman. It takes a pod - or to be more precise - one of The Gentry Grooming Coʼs new Express Shave and Skin Centres. These modern, micro male spas have just been launched in Manchester and Glasgowʼs House of Fraser. In them, aestheticians perform truly daring feats - grooming treatments at affordable prices for time poor guys. A traditional wet shave with hot towels, for instance, takes 25 minutes and costs just £18.50, while a Gentrification make-over (£45) is the ideal lunch time de-stresser. Even better, you can pick up all your shaving and grooming products during the visit. This truly is the one stop shop for men who want to look polished, powerful and professional. You can now even buy The EssentialsRange whilst on holiday or on a business trip because The Gentry Grooming Coʼs cult products are available on Jet2 flights - tax free. Talking of products, did you know Gentryʼs range has now expanded to include gift sets and fragrances? Gentrification Day (£34.95 for 50ml) is a classic, clean, masculine day cologne with a fresh top note descending into a more intense combination of patchouli, musk and leather. Its evening companion -

The new EssentialsRange gift sets


Update What’s New At The Gentry...

Gentrification Night - opens with lavender, geranium, vetivert and an intense amber twisted by hints of warm spice, leading to notes of patchouli, cool marine and leather. The dynamic duo will make ideal Christmas gifts for friends and family members, as will Gentryʼs range of shaving sets. The brushes are handmade in Britain and feature the finest badger hair and 18/10 steel. Ideal for sophisticated types who value quality and of course, a perfectly smooth face. And thereʼs more to come. Watch this space for details.... Adele Lock Managing Director of The Gentry Grooming Co

STAR SPOTTING: Rangers Striker James Beattie at Gentryʼs Didsbury salon Page 3

Update Everyman & The Gentry Confront Cancer Everyman is a charity aiming to stamp out testicular and prostate cancers by raising awareness of the signs of these illnesses. The money raised also funds the research undertaken by Everyman scientists. Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men aged between 15 and 44, with about 2,000 cases a year in the UK. Incidence is increasing dramatically – by almost four-fold in the last 50 years. Thanks to advances made at Everyman, testicular cancer is 99 per cent curable if caught early, and with treatment the overall cure rate is 97 per cent. Prostate cancer has overtaken lung cancer to become the most common cancer in men affecting more than 35,000 and killing 10,000 men every year in the UK. One man dies of prostate cancer every hour. Thatʼs why The Gentry Grooming Co is heavily involved in helping to raise awareness of male cancer and donates a small percentage of sales to the campaign. Everyman male cancer awareness month is in June, but this year the campaign is associated with Movember and a donation of all the funds raised by the group will go to The Prostate Cancer Charity and Everyman. The charity is well-known for its adverts including celebrities getting their kit off. Robbie Williams, Dermot OʼLeary and Frank Skinner have all famously got naked for the cause. The sexy Rachel Stevens has also previously appeared in a risqué Everyman advert, unfortunately fully clothed. Recently, Gavin Henson stripped off for the centrefold in Cosmopolitan to raise awareness of the charity. Everyman is a campaign run by The Institute of Cancer Research - one of the most cost effective cancer research organisations in the world with over 90p in every £1 of our total income going straight into supporting our life-

Everyman is a campaign run by The Institute of Cancer Research: 123 Old Brompton Road, London, SW7 3RP. A Charity, Not for Profit. Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England No. 534147.


the uk’s leading male cancer campaign

We’re also involved in Movember. See page 13 for Male cancer affects us all. further details. saving research. Everyone who is anyone is out male cancer. Help Everyman to cross getting involved in this Call 0800 731 9468 to make a donation Or visitof campaign. Author newly released novel, ʻNow The Killing Starts,ʼ Steve Cage, is donating £1 of every sale to the male cancer charity. Steve, who has previously suffered from the illness, wants to make men more aware of the signs of cancer. “Apparently, men know more about how women should examine their breasts,” he says. The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) is home to the UKʼs leading male cancer campaign, Everyman. Much of the research takes place at the ICR's Everyman Centre Europeʼs first and only centre dedicated to male cancer research. Money raised through the campaign will go directly towards supporting research at the Everyman Centre and prostate and testicular cancer scientists at the ICR. At The Gentry Grooming Co, we will be promoting the very important messages behind the campaign. For more information visit and

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The Gentry Grooming Co’s charity of choice Page 4


New Season Styles Mad Men Mode Call it a reflection on the economy or just a return to simpler times but hair is a classic affair this season. Stylists at shows from Dolce and Gabbana to Dior all embraced the Mad Men era for inspiration. True to the original trend, hair should be slicked back or swept to the side. But finding the right style comes down to your hair type and facial structure. “If you're after the slick back, the type of cut you go for depends on the texture of your hair,” says Gentry expert John Lock. “If itʼs straight, stick to a longer cut on top. Wavier hair needs to be shorter. But in both cases, the sides should be kept short. When it comes to partings, however, try both sides to see which suits your face best. If youʼre unsure, ask your stylist for advice.” When it comes to styling products, there are a myriad of choices out there - but you canʼt beat good old Brylcreem if you're after a retro wet look. Another big seasonal trend is the regency revival of a side swept fringe. The modern Get a full re-style at interpretation of the Georgian period style a Gentry Grooming requires the fringe to be textured and cut at salon from £29.50. brow length, as seen on the Burberry Prorsum Make an online appointment at runway. www.gentrygrooming If you have wavy or curly hair and prefer a .com more disheveled texture, then Gucciʼs rocker fringe may be more you. Think rebellious bed head and youʼll be pretty close to the mark. Otherwise, the vogue for ash blonde a la Colour-wise, stick to your natural hue, Mark Ronson continues - but only on sharply whatever that may be. cut, straightened hair. If youʼre going grey, be prepared for women to raise you to the silver fox status of George Clooney or Mad Menʼs John Slattery. “Perceptions about going grey is certainly changing,” says Lock. “The likes of George Lamb and Clooney are making the salt and pepper look cool again.” So, step away from the dodgy dye and embrace your distinguished colouring with pride. If you really must hit the bottle, opt for one of the new formulations that subtly blends rather than covers the grey.


Mad Men’s John Slattery and Jon Hamm (above) inspire this season’s biggest hair trends

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Enter any department store and youʼll be faced with a sea of products containing endless claims about how natural they are. And no wonder - itʼs big business, with rocketing sales that are expected to grow by another 9% before 2015. As such, ʻnaturalʼ has become one of the the most over used and abused words in the grooming industry. But what is ʻnaturalʼ? Itʼs difficult to know. There are no current regulations and the confused consumer is often misguided by manufacturers. Many ingredients start out natural but end up being chemically processed into something thatʼs not. And obligatory lists of ingredients are meaningless for those of us without a degree in science or Latin. The Gentry Grooming Co, however, prides itself on leaving out all the nasty chemicals that can cause skin irritations. “Youʼll be surprised at how many high street products contain some, if not, all of the chemicals that you shouldnʼt be putting on your skin,” says

Adele Lock, MD of The Gentry Grooming Co. “Ingredients to steer clear of include certain parabens, alcohol and Benzoic Acid. Other skin irritants include Formaldehyde, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Phenoxyethanol and Sodium Benzoate. Fortunately, our EssentialsRange has been developed using no chemical preservatives or alcohol. They are over 93% natural.” These carefully selected natural ingredients are called Natural Moisturising Factors (NMFs). According to Adele, they naturally mimic the structure and function of healthy, male skin. These ingredients

Ask The Directors Your Questions I suffer from spots and wonder if thereʼs a way of keeping my complexion clear without the expense of buying loads of special products? I currently deal with the worst offenders by ʻpoppingʼ them. Richard, Manchester.

Adele Lock


Facing Facts Nature’s Call

I completely sympathise with your plight. I used to suffer from the odd breakout until I swapped my usual expensive creams for Gentryʼs EssentialsRange. I know theyʼre specially designed

include Apricot oil (high in vitamin A), Canola oil (high in vitamin E), Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Soya oil and Sweet Almond oil. NMFs help to prevent skin irritation from penetrating deeper into the skin, help keeping bacteria out and aid the skinʼs healing system. “It is essential for men to be wary of nasty chemicals in products and to use natural ingredients because of the extremely sensitive nature of the skin,” concludes Adele. The EssentialsRange of skincare products has been proven to prevent razor burn, in-growing hairs and dry, flaky skin.

for men but the scrub and face balm also work well for women with sensitive skin. First of all, donʼt underestimate the importance of establishing a daily skincare routine with products that donʼt irritate the skin. Loads of creams just sit on the face blocking pores and causing mayhem. But have patience. It could take up to a month for blemishes to disappear. In the meantime, resist the urge to ʻpopʼ your pimples. This can cause infections and even scarring.

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The Gentry Grooming Co Skin Essentials Set, £38.85, available from

A Gift Guide For The Guys

1930s chrome telephone, £175, The Old Cinema

Far left: Framed print, £49, Juno Design Shop.

Left: Apple iPad, from £429 The Apple Store.

Fingerprint cufflinks, £235, Dominic Walmsley

Below: Westwood Portobello Messenger Bag, £315, House of Fraser

Ebony Super Badger Shaving Brush, £54.96, from www.gentrygrooming. com 1953 watch, £450, Dreyfuss & Co

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Get a Free £5 Voucher To Spend Online

Images from Microsoft

(see page 16 for details)

Picking The Perfect Present What Men Really Want For Christmas We men can handle just about anything women throw at us - shopping crowds, sticking our hands up a turkeyʼs ʻjacksieʼ - and their mothers after a few glasses of sweet sherry - but hiding our disappointment when we get rubbish gifts? Now thatʼs hard. Slippers, ties and useless gadgets are ubiquitous. They donʼt make you quiver with excitement. But make known your displeasure and you may as well spend Christmas in the shed with a discarded bottle of plonk and a box of stale mince pies. I made the classic mistake of ʻdissingʼ my girlfriendʼs gift last year. It was a red, and I emphasise on the word red, cashmere sweater. Iʼm a blue. I wouldnʼt wear a rival teamʼs colours if you paid me. The consequence? Frosty glares, no

more free clothes and still being tagged the ʻungrateful oneʼ on Twitter, nearly 12 months on. But it shouldnʼt be hard. Boys will be boys, so gift accordingly. Itʼs not as if weʼre complex creatures. Booze, a Gentry Grooming voucher (sorry, I had to get it in there) or something from the Apple store usually works. And if in doubt, leave it out. The sock drawer is full and we donʼt want to look like Colin Firth as Darcy in a poncy white blouse she calls a shirt. Better still - why donʼt loved ones just ask what we want? No surprise is better than a bad surprise. And believe you me, when it comes to getting the other half her gift, thatʼs my motto. A couple of TK Maxx vouchers and sheʼs as happy as I would be if I got the all new Apple TV. As the Meerkat says - simples.

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1. Shearling

2. Fair Isle 4. Skincare

3. Boots 5. Satchel Five Rules Of Winter Dressing 1. Shearling is everywhere this season. But if you have to choose just one stand out piece make it the aviator jacket. The moment this versatile piece was sent down the Burberry Porsum catwalk, it became winterʼs ʻmust haveʼ skin. If you canʼt afford the designer version, hit the high street. We love this faux leather alternative, £25, from Primark. Team it with modern, unfussy pieces like a pair of slim fit jeans and a cashmere jumper. But avoid anything pilot themed - unless you want to be mistaken for a sad, Tom Cruise ʻwannabeʼ. 2. The chunky knit, whether in the form of a jumper or cardigan, should be regarded a wardrobe staple. Itʼs warm, comfortable and now ultra cool, thanks to design houses like Chanel and Gucci. Get ahead of the fashion pack by adopting either the Fair Isle or Nordic print, which is ubiquitous on the high street at

the moment. This one is £80 from Debenhams. 3. Who says statement footwear has to be outlandish? These desert boots, £25, from Matalan are bang on trend. 4. Skin is in, and a good face balm is vital for a great complexion - especially during the colder months ahead. But not all moisturisers are created equal. Gentryʼs FaceBalm is designed to work around the specific needs of male skin, keeping it hydrated and touchably smooth after shaving. 5. Mulberry has put sex appeal back into the humble satchel. This leather version from Next looks manly and cool. And with a £70 price tag - it wonʼt blow the budget.

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Interview With Burlesque Belle Millie Dollar Whatʼs your favourite Christmas tipple? Martinis of course. I love the crisp taste and the classiness of them. This is one of the reasons I decided on the name The Martini Lounge for my own shows and even developed my Blue Martini routine. I was never keen of the olives though, and even spit them out during my performance. Whatʼs your life philosophy? Treat others how you would like to be treated yourself. After all, I believe in what goes around comes around. Treat everyone with respect and work hard, I say. You canʼt have things handed to you on a silver plate without working to afford that butler first.   Give us your best body secret? Eating well. It's hard to eat properly when on tour. My weight goes down after I have been doing a lot of shows but you have to be creative. Europe is great for fresh veg and fruit. When I was at a cabaret in Geneva, the other acts and I would eat huge, lovely, pasta meals after the show, but this was usually at 4am. What do you do to keep fit? Dancing really helps. I specialise in a bump and grind style of burlesque, which is very high energy and keeps me trim. During one routine I probably use as much energy as a whole night out dancing. Tell us where you get your corsets and costumes from? I make my own costumes. Millie’s glamorous props - glitzy heels and Miss Dior perfume

Watch Millieʼs Martini Lounge Show on Dec 11 at St Georgeʼs Hall, Liverpool.

I think once you have an idea in mind it's easier to see it through. But Desert Orchid Corsets help bring my designs to life. What else makes you feel glamorous? High heels. I have about 70 pairs - some fully rhinestoned but I only use those on stage. They add a wiggle to your walk, give your legs a slender shape, and make you hold yourself tall. Whatʼs your signature fragrance? I wear ʻMiss Dior Cherieʼ. It's sensual and makes me feel very feminine.

A healthy diet keeps the dancer in shape

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Football Therapy Why Watching A Match Is Good For You

Image from Microsoft


Football, friends and booze. Can life get any sweeter? Well, it may do when I tell you that watching your favourite sport is good for your health. Okay, so your partner gives you grief and a black cloud descends when your team loses - but football not only encourages you to exercise, bridge the generation gap and bond with other blokes - it also teaches you a few valuable life lessons too. Seeing examples of good sportsmanship can inspire you to be a better person and help you realise there is no ʻIʼ in the word team. Moreover, football can improve your mood and lower stress levels, thus having a positive effect on your mental health. The great game may be entertaining but it also allows you to make new mates and keep in touch with old ones. This is important because social contact is proven to make you

a happier person. A study by the Health Development Agency found that men normally lack social support as they are less likely than women to stay in touch with friends. This can lead to depression and self esteem issues. Those who watch football as a family, however, are likely to feel more connected. A survey by Eon reveals that nearly half of those surveyed said they found it easier to bring up hard to discuss topics whilst spending time together watching football. A match can even bridge the generation gap as a whopping 83% of people said that supporting the same team gives grandparents and grandchildren something to talk about. And itʼs not just watching the match thatʼs good for you. It is well documented that regular physical activity promotes health, and research suggests that exercise reduces the chances of contracting certain chronic diseases to promote longer life. According to Bupa, playing football will reduce your risk of heart disease, with recent studies showing that people who do not exercise are more in danger of having a heart attack than more active types. Football can also help with weight loss. Following a balanced diet is important, but it will never be completely effective by itself. Becoming fitter through football helps to burn fat for two main reasons - it increases the body's metabolism and helps to increase fat-burning enzymes. Regular exercise has been shown to lower perceived stress and improve mood and self-esteem. So, the next time family members groan with despair as you devote another weekend to football, tell them itʼs good for both you and them.

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Apparently (and annoyingly), itʼs better to give than to receive. According to research, people who help out in their community and indulge in random acts of kindness live longer and feel happier. Suddenly, in an age of nouveau austerity, itʼs cool to care. Green is officially the new black. Charity shop purchases rock and getting involved in charitable causes is more than a fashionable badge of PCness - itʼs seriously sexy. According to psychologist Leif Van Boven, people who are giving and have interesting life experiences are deemed more likeable than those who display a more materialistic vibe. Angelina Jolieʼs a case in point. Of course, those bee stung lips and killer curves do help. So, share the love and get involved in this yearʼs Kindness Day (November 13). Here are seven ideas to inspire you: 1. Buy one product from The Gentry Grooming Coʼs EssentialsRange and weʼll give you a freebie you can forward to a friend. The offer takes place online on November 13. See for details. 2. Try to spend an hour being nice. Donʼt say, do or think anything negative. It will help you adopt a more positive mindset and create a good Karmic vibe. 3. Buy bunches of cheap blooms and give them to female colleagues or put them all in a vase so that the whole office can feel uplifted. Chocolates will have the same effect. Buy One, Get One Free On Kindness Day (November 13)

Image from Microsoft


The Guide It’s Cool To Be Kind

4. Pay everyone you meet a compliment but make sure itʼs a genuine one. Youʼll feel good that youʼve made them feel good. Itʼs a win-win situation. 4. Be spontaneously generous. When you pay for your morning coffee, pay for the person behind you too. 7. Hold the door or help someone with their shopping bags. They may be a little suspicious of your motives but hey, old fashioned chivalry seriously needs to be resuscitated. 6. Give some of your free time to a worthy cause. Log on to to find an organisation near you - or why donʼt you become a ʻMo Broʼ and grow some facial hair for charity. See the next page for details.

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Ever fancied looking like a true gentleman with a moustache but never been able to muster quite enough courage to grow one? Well during the month of November, the excuse to grow a ʻMoʼ has never been better. Movember, if you havenʼt already heard of it, is the charity for prostate cancer. Men around the world start Movember 1 clean shaven then grow a ʻMoʼ for 30 days to promote awareness of menʼs health - and more importantly, prostate cancer. Last year more than 45,000 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas (men and women participating in Movember) took part across the country raising £5 million in just one Motastic month. This year, The Gentry Grooming Co is Movemberʼs official barber for Manchester and will be offering special freebies for Mo Bros throughout the month. So if youʼre worried about maintaining your Mo, fear not as The Gentry Grooming Co will be offering free grooming sessions to keep your Mo looking slick. In return for your free Mo Gentrification, The Gentry Grooming Co will give away a small donation to the charity. Also, at the end of the month, all Mo Bros are invited to celebrate the last day of Movember by having their Mos expertly removed at The Gentry Grooming Co. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas can register at and become citizens of Movember. “Movember has seen some incredible support

My Name is Earl


Movember Madness Change The Face Of Men’s Health By Growing A Moustache

in the UK. British men, now in their fourth official year, are fully embracing the Mo as their ribbon worn proudly on the upper lip. With Movember just around the corner we look forward to watching our citizens help to sculpt and change the face of menʼs health.” says JC, Co-Founder of Movember. Of course, behind the fun, there is also a serious message. 36,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK every year. John Neate, Chief Executive of The Prostate Cancer Charity says: "I look forward to the legendary gala parties every year and last year I went along dressed as Buzz Lightyear to celebrate with my fellow Mo Bros and Mo Sistas in style. “This year we are hoping that Movember will be even bigger and we are urging all men out there, whether they prefer the look of Hulk Hogan, take Tom Selleck as their inspiration or go completely freestyle, to join with us and help the Charity improve the lives of the 250,000 men living with the disease in the UK. Together we can take awareness of prostate cancer to infinity and beyond.”

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INTRODUCING The EssentialsRange TheEssentialsRange has been developed using selected natural ingredients that complement the structure and function of healthy male skin. Following years of research, The Gentry Grooming Co has developed a collection of essential products that helps reduce skin irritation and replenish natural defences to make skin all the more touchable. All the products within the range is over 93% natural, PH balanced and suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive.

The All Over Wash 100ml#RRP: £10.95# TheAllOverWash infused with BlackPepper&Mint is an effective everyday hair & body wash that helps leave your skin, scalp & hair feeling soft & nourished. Packed full of natural ingredients including Vitamin A, C & E, silk protein and soya oil. Daily use can help to improve the structure & condition of skin, scalp & hair. The Face Wash 100ml RRP: £10.95 TheFaceWash infused with BlackPepper&Mint helps purify & detoxify your skin leaving it feeling clean & fresh. Packed full of natural ingredients including Silk proteins, Soya Oil & Natural Seaweed extract & contains Vitamins A1, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, & K. Daily use can help promote healthy skin rejuvenation. The Face Scrub 100ml RRP: £12.95 TheFaceScrub infused with BlackPepper&Mint deeply cleanses & exfoliates your skin leaving it feeling soft & smooth. Packed full of natural ingredients including Grape Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Coconut & Wheat Germ Oil, Cocoa Butter, Seaweed Extract & Vitamin E. Regular use can help unblock pores and remove dead skin cells. The Shave Oil 100ml RRP: £9.95 TheShaveOil infused with BlackPepper&Mint has been formulated to moisturise & protect skin from the irritation caused by daily shaving rituals. Designed to provide a closer, more comfortable shave whilst helping to reduce nicks, razor bumps & in growing hairs. The Shave Cream 100ml# RRP: £12.95 TheShaveCream infused with BlackPepper&Mint is a super rich moisturising formula that protects skin from the irritation caused by daily shaving rituals. Designed to provide a closer, more comfortable shave whilst helping to reduce nicks, razor bumps and in growing hairs. Packed full of natural ingredients including Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil plus Silk & Vitamin E. Daily use can help protect the skinʼs natural barrier system.

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The Face Balm 100ml RRP: £14.95 TheFaceBalm infused with BlackPepper&Mint is a light, non greasy, easily absorbed daily moisturiser that helps hydrate skin. The unique formula also contains UV filters helping to protect skin from environmental damage. Packed full of natural ingredients including Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil plus Shea Butter & Ceramides. Daily use can help prevent fine lines & leave skin feeling soft and supple. The Styling Cream 100ml#RRP: £7.95 TheStylingCream infused with BlackPepper&Mint provides a strong, pliable hold with a matte finish. Packed full of natural ingredients such as Beeswax, Jojoba Oil & Canola Oil to give added moisture, hydration & softness to your hair whilst keeping it in place all day long.


Gift sets, containing The EssentialsRange, available from £38.95

Shaving sets, hand made in England with the finest badger hair and steel, from £29.95

All available to buy online. See

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GET A FREE WASH BAG WORTH £10 Buy any three products from The EssentialsRange on and youʼll get this high quality micro fibre wash bag. The wash bag is light, easy to clean and at only 220 x 80 x 140mm, it is also hand luggage friendly. Terms & Conditions Apply. See website for details.

GET £5 OFF YOUR NEXT ONLINE PURCHASE Visit Simply enter the coupon code below at the checkout area Terms & Conditions Apply. See website for details.



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