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-A man who found his flock-


arberNV had the exciting opportunity to sit down for an exclusive interview with a true industry pioneer David Raccuglia, the father of industry mega-brand American Crew.

BarberNV attended the Glasgow leg of American Crew’s UK tour, which saw the brand go from city to city to promote the launch of their new range with luxury retailer Selfridges — Acumen. The evening was a celebration of American Crew’s achievements with the launch of Acumen, as well as featuring a teaser for the brand’s upcoming collaboration with Harley Davidson. David is a natural speaker, a fact that anyone who attended the UK tour would attest, however David is no a-typical

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businessman. He’s a man still very much in love with the industry. Nothing said felt pre-fabricated, instead he slickly glided from question to question with his unique inborn charisma. “Today I have a much different position with American Crew. In the early days it was about prophesying, like a minister going out and trying to find my flock,” David told us. “That was a big part of anything in the 90s, there wasn’t anything like social media. It was very Rock n Roll. We had to do shows and tours and go from city to city. So the discipline was insane.” As we’re sat in the brilliant MADE Academy we’re joined by Rebel Rebel boss Alan Findlay. He and David reminisced about the men’s grooming products of yesteryear. David is a man

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