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Survey Results And Analysis

From my survey I found that the majority of people to complete the survey were females. This helps me to know which gender I should aim my music magazine at.

Out of those who completed the survey; 3 people were under 15, 11 people were aged between 16-17, 3 people were aged between 18-19 and 3 people were aged 20+. This will allow me to focus my magazine on people aged between 16-17 as they seem to be the majority of the market.

From this question in the survey I’m able to see that the majority 35% of the people asked buy a magazine monthly, with another 35% only buying magazines every now-andagain. From this, I will make my music magazine a monthly magazine rather than a weekly one, as this is the time period in which most people asked buy a magazine.

From question 4; I’m able to see that the majority 65% would be more likely to purchase a magazine if there was an interview with an artist or band they liked, and 50% would be more likely if there was a free gift with the magazine. When I make my music magazine, I’ll make sure to include interviews and try to put a free gift with the magazine, or posters in order to make the magazine more likely to sell.

From question 5, I’ve found that 85% of people who completed the survey prefer to have an equal amount of text and pictures, rather than a majority of one or the other. When making my music magazine, I will use this information to make sure I don’t use too much text, or vice versa.

From question 6 I’ve found that 80% of people who completed the survey listen to Pop music mostly; 65% listen to RnB and 35% listen to Indie music. When making my music magazine I will make the magazine largely Pop and RnB based, as that seems to be what the majority of people listen to.

From question 7 I’ve found that 42.1% of people who completed the survey never go to gigs, concerts or festivals. This will help me when making my music magazine, as I’ll know not to focus on gigs, concerts or festivals too much.

From question 8 I can see that the three most visited websites by people who completed the survey are: • YouTube • Twitter • Facebook When making my music magazine, I’ll try to incorporate these websites into the magazine – for example I could run a feature on most viewed music videos on YouTube.

From question 9 there were three brands which all had an equal amount of people say they liked/owned above the other brands, these were: • Schuh • River Island • Next When making my music magazine, I can focus on the styling within the magazine to better suit this sort of image.

On the final question (question 10) there wasn’t a specific magazine that was chosen by a majority on the survey. However, the 2nd-most-likely magazine to buy was “Top of the Pops”. I can use this to help design my music magazine as it’s obviously a style of magazine that people are more likely to buy (from my survey results). This will also help me to design my music magazine to make it unique and different to ‘Top of the Pops’ so that it doesn’t look samey to what’s already on the market.

Conclusion In conclusion; my survey has shown me that I need to make my magazine so that it is: • Aimed at females aged 16-17 • A monthly magazine • Include interviews with artists/bands and free gifts/posters • Have an equal amount of text to image • Focus on the music genres ‘Pop’ and ‘RnB’ • Not include too much information on tours/gigs/festivals • Have something internet related (focusing on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook) • Include fashion features (as a possibility) on the brands Schuh, River Island and Next. Or use these styles to build the magazine around. • Have a similar style to the magazine ‘Top of the Pops’ but keep a unique style and layout so it isn’t samey, but still attracts a female, teenage, audience.

Survey results for Media Studies  
Survey results for Media Studies  

This shows an analysis of my music magazine survey that was completed by 20 people.