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What Not to Do When Designing a Website? Website design is serious business and the designer should make all the efforts to make it successful. In order to make the website user-friendly, the web designer should avoid these factors that may ruin the entire site- poor navigation, too many web pages, overuse of Flash Date Released: 11/04/2011 There are numerous websites on the Internet and thousands of new websites are created every day. However, not many of them survive for long because of poor web design. For a website design to be successful, it should not have excessive images, graphics and information. All it takes for a website design to achieve success is through user experience. If the web user can easily locate your website, navigate through it, find relevant information and contact the website owner, the web design is perfect. Web designing isn’t rocket science, yet a lot of thought and efforts have to be put in in order to create a user-friendly website. If you are a web designer, you may very well know what all things make a good website. But here is a list of things that can ruin a website, and thus, they should be avoided during the design process1. Complex navigation: Creating a unique website is every web designer’s goal. However, in the name of innovation, the designer sometimes creates a solution that makes the website more complex to use. Complicated navigation may ruin the user experience and compel the visitor to abandon the website, thus, increasing the bounce rate. A good website should have a simple navigation path so that the visitor is led to the direction that he wants to go without much trouble. 2. Too many web pages: Your website is not an encyclopaedia, so do not stuff it with too much of information. The website should necessarily contain details such as information about your company, products/services, work portfolio, contact details and client list. Lengthy web pages or too many smaller web pages would make the website heavy, thus, increasing the load time of the site. 3. ALL Flash: Too much use of Flash not only makes the website slow, but also makes it look unprofessional. Flash is just a tool, a very useful one, which delivers animation, interfaces, shopping carts, video, functionality etc. Thus, the designer should make limited use of Flash in the web design. 4. Advertisements all over: Your website is not an advertising platform. Use it to promote your own business, instead of others’ businesses. Anything that looks like an advertisement leaves a bad impression on the users and makes the site look highly unprofessional. 5. Automatic background music: Nothing annoys a web user so much than background music on the website he is browsing. The music is a big distraction and can be a disturbing element for the user, who might leave the website within seconds if the music plays automatically. 6. Unorganised content layout: A visitor comes to a website looking for the content on it. The way the content is organised determines the success or failure of the website. If the content layout is poor, the site visitor would not be able to find the relevant information easily. It is important to provide appropriate titles, headings, sub-headings, bullets etc. on each web page. 7. No cross-browser compatibility: It would be foolish to design a website that works only on IE and fails to operate on Firefox or Chrome. You cannot direct the web user to use only a particular browser in order to access you website. The website design should be such that it can be easily accessible from any web browser. Moreover, the designer should also strive to make a mobile version of the website so that users can also visit the site from their mobile phones. 8. Deceitful use of images/animation: Copyright infringement is too common in web design. However, if you want to create a morally and ethically-appropriate website, you should avoid using unscrupulous images and animation because it leaves a bad impression on the users. 9. Unfriendly screen resolution: Gone are the days when websites had to be scrolled horizontally. A good web designer should avoid such thing and develop websites that fit on most screen sizes. 10. Complicated registration forms: If your website has a registration form which way too length and asks a zillion details to be filled by the user, it can be unfavourable for your business. Before designing a registration form, it is important to list out the details that you require from the user. You should not make all the registration fields mandatory because there can be some information that the user may wish to keep confidential. Moreover, complicated forms can lead to more mistakes by the user and he may leave the site after a few tries. 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What Not to Do When Designing a Website?  

There are numerous websites on the Internet and thousands of new websites are created every day. However, not many of them survive for long...