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December 15, 2011 - Technology

Sigma InfoTech-Web Design Sydney

Points to Consider for Your Mobile Website Design To create a mobile-friendly website design that enhances the user experience one needs to include the following elements ... The web has gone mobile and it’s no secret anymore. People from all ages are accessing the Internet from their mobile phones and other mobile devices like never before. This new trend among the Internet users has compelled many web designers to put on their thinking hats in order to make the experience of mobile users accessing websites on their mobile devices pleasant and hassle-free. If you are a website designer or want to get a mobile website designed for your business, it is important to consider the following aspects that are crucial in determining the success of the website. Designing for mobile devices must be simpler than its standard website and should be more task-based to get the job done. Have a look at the following points to make your website mobileGo for responsive web design- It is important to optimise your site for a vast landscape of desktop and mobile browsers, each bringing a different screen resolution, supported technologies, and user-base. You can include the forward-thinking web technologies in your website design such as HTML5, CSS3 and web fonts, in order to create a design that can adapt to any device it is viewed on. Keep the design simple yet beautiful- There is no doubt that a website design should remain simple in order to enhance the user experience. Moreover, for mobile devices, simpler navigation is important all the more. Yet, you can use beautifying tools such as CSS3 that gives you an amazing set of tools for creating things like gradients, drop-shadows, and rounded corners, all without resorting to bulky images. That’s not to say you can’t use images at all. This tool makes the web design visually appealing without adding any complexity to it. Navigation placement- The screen resolution of a mobile device is generally small and it becomes difficult for the users to reach the navigation bar, if the website is not designed carefully. One should choose the navigation design depending on the users’ requirements. It is important to position your navigation menu below the content if your targeted mobile users want to see changing content quickly. For users who want to navigate on a particular category right away, place the navigation at the top of the page. Single-column layouts- A single-column web design generally works best for mobile devices. The limited space on the smaller screen is facilitated by the single-column

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layouts, which helps in easily scaling between different device resolutions and flipping between portrait and landscape mode. Company Website - Sigma Infotech ( is a web design firm that understands taking business to the web. Our website development team includes the best website designers, web developers, application developers, web designers, graphic designers, and search engine optimisers who can design and customise a website design to suit the needs of your unique business. Tanuj Rastogi Sigma InfoTech-Web Design Sydney Level 8 33 York Street Sydney, NSW Australia 2000 Voice: 1300782023 Fax: 1300794402 E-Mail: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: RSS feed:

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Points to Consider for Your Mobile Website Design  

The web has gone mobile and it’s no secret anymore. People from all ages are accessing the Internet from their mobile phones and other mobil...

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