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Fort Belvoir 9800 Fort Belvoir Road Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

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A1*(J)1+-.! L  :/<(!K"! 2/)(!9JJ(..! L  :/<(!K"! N+HH/-4! L  :/<(!K8! >*/-JC(.!+P!$(*;1J(! L  :/<(!KK! #-1).@!Q(-/-).!/-4!9J)1;1)1(.! L  :/<(!KK! $1R(! L  :/<(!KB! :+D30/)1+-! L  :/<(!KB! T+3.1-<! L  :/<(!KB! '(41/! L  :/<(!KO! ,-J0(H(-)!V(/)C(*! L  :/<(!B=! 'VW! L  :/<(!B"! 9N$! L  :/<(!B"! >%$$! L  :/<(!B"!




From Fort Myer, Virginia •  Take US-5O W/Arlington Blvd ramp toward Wash Blvd./I-395/Pentagon. •  Turn right onto Arlington Blvd. •  Turn right onto Washington Blvd. •  Merge onto 1-395 South toward Richmond. •  I-395 S becomes I-95 S. •  Take Exit 166A toward Newington/Fort Belvoir. •  Merge onto VA-7100 S/Fairfax County Parkway/John F. Jack Herrity Parkway. •  Turn Left onto Richmond Highway/US-1. •  The entrance to Tulley Gate is located on the right after the first light.

Gate Access Tulley Gate (Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) All visitors without Department of Defense (DoD) decals on their vehicles must use Tulley Gate. • Visitors entering through Tulley Gate must show a valid driver’s license. Additional passengers also must show a valid form of identification. • Proof of vehicle registration and insurance may also be requested. • Vehicles are subject to random searches.



DoD Decal Visitors with DoD decals may enter through the following gates:


L '+-4/I&\*14/I! L B!/?H?&U!D?H?!


L A/10I! L B!/?H?&U!D?H?!


L A/10I! L B!/?H?&U!D?H?!


L A/10I! L B!/?H?&U!D?H?!


L A/10I! L 7K!C+3*.F4/I!


L A/10I!! L 7K!C+3*.F4/I!





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L  N+0+-(0!e+C-!$)*IJ30/!

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A(D)?!+P!)C(!9*HI! O=8&S=B&7=B7!

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>*/-JC(.!+P!$(*;1J(! The following Branches of Service are located on Fort Belvoir • • • •

Two Army major command headquarters Ten Army major commands Nineteen agencies of the Department of the Army Eight elements of the U.S. Army Reserve and Army National Guard

• • •

One U.S. Navy Construction Battalion One Marine Corps Detachment One U.S. Air Force Activity

#-1).@!Q(-/-).!/-4!9J)1;1)1(.!! • • • • • • • • • • • • •

3RD Brigade, Eastern Region (ROTC) U.S. Army Cadet Command 9th Theater Support Command 12th Aviation Battalion 18th Weather Squadron, Operating Location A 29th Infantry Division (Light) Virginia National Guard 55TH Ordnance Company, Explosive Ordnance Disposal 249th Engineer Battalion (Prime Power) 299th Engineer Company, Multi-Role Bridge Company 398th Finance Group 464th Transportation Company (Medium Boat) 701st MP Group 737th Ordnance Company 902nd Military Intelligence Group

• • • • • • • • • • • •

911th Engineer Company Technical Rescue 1110TH USA Signal Battalion Criminal Investigation Command U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command Protective Services Unit Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 23 Marine Corps Administrative Detachment Military Intelligence Readiness Command Intelligence and Security Command Echo Company, 169th Engineer Battalion Army Material Command Army Security Assistance Command Area Maintenance Support Activity 91



$1R(! •

13.5 square miles/8,500 acres


According to Department of Defense statistics, the population of Fort Belvoir includes: • 2,529 active duty service • 76 reservists. members. • 6,732 civilians. • 7,000 residents.

T+3.1-<! About •

Fort Belvoir and Clark Pinnacle Family Communities have been development partners since December 2003, when they jointly formed Fort Belvoir Residential Communities LLC. The Villages at Belvoir

The Villages at Belvoir consists of 15 housing communities with two, three, four and five bedroom homes available to service members based on their rank and number of dependents. • There are five Management Offices administering a certain number of villages.


KM! The Villages at Belvoir Contact Information (Main Office)

:C+-(! L O=8&KBK&UO==!

944*(..! L BUUK!"7)C!$)?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \+*)!>(0;+1*@!Z9!77=M=!

The Villages at Belvoir Contact Information (Village Office Information

Z(*-+-4/0(! '/-/<(H(-)!%Pc1J(!

L $(*;(.!Z(*-+-4/0(@!T(**IP+*4@!N(4/*!2*+;(!/-4!N+0I(*! L :C+-(E!O=8&OS"&O7S=! L 944*(..E!UB87!Q*+)C!V/I!

2(+*<(!V/.C1-<)+-! '/-/<(H(-)!%Pc1J(!

L $(*;(.!2(*+<(!V/.C1-<)+-@!A+3<(!N*((6!/-4!W1;(*! L :C+-(E!O=8&OS"&=BUO! L 944*(..E!BO"K!$3*;(I+*!W+/4!

a(G1.!Z100/<(! '/-/<(H(-)!%Pc1J(!!

L $(*;(.!a(G1.! L :C+-(E!O=8&OS"&BU="! L 944*(..E!SO8B!95(*)!A*1;(!

V++40/G-!Z100/<(! '/-/<(H(-)!%Pc1J(!

L $(*;(.!V++40/G-! L :C+-(E!O=8&OS"&=BMM! L 944*(..E!SK=K!>+`G++4!N+3*)!$+3)C!

\/1*P/`!Z100/<(! '/-/<(H(-)!%Pc1J(!

L $(*;(.!\/1*P/`@!2(*5(*@!>(0;+1*@!W+..(00@!e/4G1-!!/-4!:/*6! L :C+-(E!O=8&OS"&KS88! L 944*(..E!"=7MB!\/1*P/`!A*1;(!



Unaccompanied Personnel (Troop) Housing About •

Unaccompanied personnel live in Mcree Barracks, which consists of 404 rooms in six buildings.

:C+-(! L O=8&S=M&=KSU!

944*(..! L U=="!23-.)+-!W+/4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >04<?!7"=B9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \+*)!>(0;+1*@!Z9!77=M=!!


:3501J! 9PP/1*.!

A1*(J)+*E!! A+-!N/**!


US7=!\0/<0(*!W+/4! \+*)!>(0;+1*@!Z9! 77=M=!

Public Affairs Office • Publishes The Belvoir Eagle (See: Newspaper). • Maintains an e-mail blast (See: E-mail Blast). • Maintains social media accounts (See: Social Media). • Maintains information hotline (See: Information Hotline). • Operates AM radio station (See: Radio) • Broadcasts weekly podcasts (See: Podcasts).



Newspaper The Belvoir Eagle is a weekly newspaper published by the Public Affairs Office. It is distributed each Thursday and has a circulation of 19,000 readers.

.&2A*+1$ B/;2&$

9J)1-<!]41)+*E!! '/*</*()!$)((0(!

Belvoir Eagle Submission Deadlines •

• •

The Belvoir Eagle accepts article and photograph submissions and O=8&S=B&7UK7! coverage suggestions from the public. The staff urges the public to notify the publication as early as possible with story suggestions to ensure coverage. US7=!\0/<0(*!W+/4! The Eagle must receive information for the Belvoir Briefs section no \+*)!>(0;+1*@!Z9! later than noon Thursday a week before the desired date of 77=M=! publication. Other articles and images are due by the close of business on the Friday prior to the desired date of publication. The newspaper requests e-mail submissions.

Social Media The Public Affairs Office publishes information on their official accounts on social networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook.

QG1))(*! \/J(5++6!

L  C))DEFFGGG?)G1))(*?J+HF\+*)n>(0;+1*! L  d\+*)n>(0;+1*!

L  C))DEFFGGG?P/J(5++6?J+HF P+*)5(0;+1*!



E-mail Blast • • •

The Public Affairs Office maintains an e-mail listserv. Contact the office about publicizing information at 703-805-5001. To access the Fort Belvoir listserv maintained by the Public Affairs Office, visit: and click on “BELVOIR NEWS” under list name. To join the list and receive e-mails, click “Join or Leave Belvoir-News” and fill out the form on screen. o You will receive an e-mail message with a confirmation code after submitting the form online. You must follow the instructions in the e-mail to confirm your listserv membership and begin receiving e-mails.

Information Hotline 703-805-3030 is Fort Belvoir’s information hotline. Information about events and activities is recorded on the service. To request information be added to the hotline, contact the Public Affairs Office at 703-805-5001.

Radio Fort Belvoir’s radio station is 1610AM and it maintained by the Public Affairs Office. To request information be broadcast over the radio, e-mail the Belvoir Eagle at Podcasts Fort Belvoir makes a podcast available for download each week. To request information be broadcast in a podcast, contact the Public Affairs Office at 703-805-5001 and ask for Carl or Teri. Podcasts are available for download on the website



,-J0(H(-)!V(/)C(*! Information about inclement weather or road conditions affecting Fort Belvoir is recorded on the Fort Belvoir Information Hotline at (703) 8053030. It also is posted online at and reported to several media outlets, including: Q(0(;1.1+-!

^>N! V/.C1-<)+-!

W/41+! "=8?B@!"=8?U@!"=O?O!\'! VQ%:!^(G.!W/41+-!


U8?8!\'! V\a$!W/41+!

N>$!^(G.! ^+G!

M8=!9'! V'9a!Q/06!a1;(!

^(G.! NC/--(0!S!




'+*/0(@!V(0P/*(!/-4!W(J*(/)1+-!! :C+-(! L  O=8&S=B&7B87!

944*(..! L  BS7=!7".)!$)?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \+*)!>(0;+1*@!Z9!!77=M=!

9*HI!N+HH3-1)I!$(*;1J(! :C+-(! L  O=8&S=B&KBU=!

944*(..! L  US==!>(0;+1*!W+/4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \+*)!>(0;+1*@!Z9!!77=M=!

>%$$! :C+-(! L O=8&S=B&8O"K!

944*(..! L M=UU!955+)!W+/4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >04<?!7""B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \+*)!>(0;+1*@!Z9!77=M=!

Fort Belvoir BOSS meetings are held every other Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.

Installation Guidebook Sample  

A sample of the Installation Guidebook I developed during my internship.

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