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What a team effort and what a result The First Tower Residents’ Association with support from the Jersey Probation Service have added a spectacular dash of colour to what was a bland patch of grass surrounding the tower. Our front page shows the results of months of work! Many congratulations to all involved and we hear in this issue that even bigger plans are in the pipeline for next year. It’s great to report on a success story. And talking of community effort, one St Helier family has embarked on a massive charity-raising effort after losing their mum to cancer. Operation Daffodil will see a series of concerts in town at the end of this month. A new art gallery in Hill Street is also raising money for charity. Lance Llewellyan, the man behind the CCA Gallery, is on the board of the British Heart Foundation. There is a fabulous exhibition of modern art including works produced to support the Foundation’s Broken Hearts appeal. At a recent launch CCA also pledged support for a local appeal to provide a defibrillator in every school in the island. And in this month’s edition, don’t miss out on the Co-op’s £45,000 giveaway for projects supporting the environment.


In the Army What’s it like for a woman?


Pedalling The pedal-power grand prix has drivers puffing

10 Thinking of Investing? What’s best for you

11 Blooming Good How a community is saying it with flowers 14 Operation Daffodil St Helier family stage major charity event 17 Normandy Vets Back to the landing beaches once more

24 Fort clubbing Big dance night under the dome

John Jacques, Editor u

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Esprit de St Sauveur

SPRING2013 Edition 18

The Parish of St Lawrence Issue Number 38 • Winter 2012

de la Paroisse de St Pierre

Miss St Peter chosen

Parish Matters - Connétable Honorary Police Recruitment Whatever we consider to be our Jersey way of life, there can surely be no doubt that this includes the service to our Parish and Island community by the Honorary Police, as it has done for generations. Whilst providing that valuable service to their Parish and community, officers can benefit personally by gaining confidence and learning new skills from their training and the duties they undertake. It seems that a number of parishes are finding it difficult to recruit officers of all ranks and the number of Honorary Police officers is falling around the Island. This impacts, inevitably, on their colleagues as well as on the service they are able to provide to the public and importantly, on our traditional way of life. Unfortunately, St Lawrence is no exception and as I write this article we are in the unenviable position of not having found a replacement following the resignation of one of our Centeniers at the end of their term of office. The Parish is required by law to provide four Centeniers, each of whom serves for a

three-year term, with the Royal Court setting a date for the election of a replacement at the end of that term. Commitment is generally one week in four and includes the important task of conducting Parish Hall Enquiries and possibly presenting cases in the Magistrates Court as well as responding to enquiries from the public. In 2005, the Parish of St John was unable to elect a Centenier when ordered by the Royal Court and the then Deputy Bailiff fined them £5,000 for contempt of Court, saying ‘It is the responsibility of all parishioners to ensure that they elect a Centenier. It is their responsibility to ensure that someone comes forward. The failure to find a person who is both willing to act as a Centenier and is of suitable character and ability is a failure of the Parish as a whole and accordingly the fine has to be levied on the Parish as a whole in order to ensure that this message gets home’. If you are interested in learning more about the role and duties of a Centenier, please contact me at the Parish Hall to arrange a meeting. Your skills and abilities may be just what we need to help preserve some of the traditions that make our Jersey way of life so unique.

Senior Citizen’s Christmas Lunch This is being held at the Hotel Ambassadeur on Thursday 13th December. If you live in the Parish, please telephone 861672 to reserve your place as soon as possible. Numbers are limited so reservations are on a first come first served basis Parish Sexton/Verger We said goodbye to Alan Sty at the end of August when he left the Island to move to England. Alan had worked as Parish Sexton for a number of years, as well as being caretaker at the Parish Hall. He was well liked and will be missed by the many people that he helped on a regular basis when they visited the Parish Hall. Mark Woodall has taken over these duties. Email Addresses If you would like to be kept advised by email of forthcoming Parish events, please contact the Parish Secretary at Finally, although we are still trying to recruit a Centenier, thank you to the many other volunteers who continue to work towards the smooth running of the Parish, in whatever role you undertake.

Miss St Saviour 2013 chosen See page 27 for full story

Wishing all Parishioners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Photo: David, Caroline, Alan, Deidre, Leasa and Joy

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Mrs Deidre Mezbourian Connétable de St Laurent


The new Miss St Peter Rosie McGuigan with runner up Stacey Benstead and Connétable John Refault Plus

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‘I’m valued for who I am and the skills I have, not the way I look.’ Freya Russell-Hobson is one of just two women currently serving in the Jersey Field Squadron. Due to complete her basic training and ‘pass-out’ as a Sapper within the next six to eight weeks, Capital spoke to Freya to find out what it’s really like working with so many men in uniform...and her ambition to detonate bombs. Why did you choose to join the Jersey Field Squadron? My dream was to join and become part of the EOD (Explosives Ordnance and Disposal). My interest in the EOD team arose primarily from an interest in preserving the lives of others, with a similar line of thinking to the men and women who go into the medical core. Unfortunately I may not be able to do that here in Jersey but there’s a possibility that I could transfer in the future if I wanted to specialise in that area. But I’m really happy and settled in Jersey and in the Field Squadron so I won’t be leaving anytime soon. What’s it like being a woman in the Jersey Field Squadron? I hugely enjoy the environment. It’s nothing like going to work on Civvy Street (the forces term for non-army life). You feel as if you’re doing something because you’re good at it rather than just because need to pay the rent. I do this because I can and it makes me happy. But I don’t believe in thinking ‘I can be as good as a man’ because I don’t aspire to be a man. In that respect I am completely different and I bring a completely different skill to my job. Everyone here has their strengths and weaknesses no matter if they’re male or female. Have you ever been treated differently in the Field Squadron because you’re a woman? Never. Everyone is treated the same in uniform, that’s what I love about it. I’m valued for who I am and the skills I have, not the way I look. Which is refreshing because I think it’s the complete opposite of that in civilian life. I wanted to join the Field Squadron to be Page4 August2013

part of it, not to change it in anyway just because of my gender. I do feel slightly different at times, I mean I was brought up with more Barbie than Action Man, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Women bring a positive balance to the forces and contribute massively with the skills they have as women, not as women trying to be men. Part of the responsibility of joining the Squadron is to be available to be mobilised when needed. How will you feel when that happens to you? I’ll be harassing the unit to go as soon as I’ve finished my training! Look, it’s what you train for. Inevitably if you don’t want to do that then perhaps this is not the part of the forces you should sign up to. Really it’s a given that if you join the Field Squadron this is something you would want to do. What would your advice be to someone who was thinking of joining the Jersey field Squadron? If you sit around waiting to see who’s going to hold your hand before you do anything you’ll never achieve anything. If you’re interested do your research, ask questions and find out if it’s for you, and if it is just go for it. Make it happen. You’ve got nothing to lose and if it is the right thing for you just think how much you will gain for the rest of your life, your opportunities are endless. I don’t think you’ll ever find anything like the military anywhere else. It’s not something you can replicate. Joining is the best thing I’ve ever done.u Left: Freya Russell-Hobson in uniform Above: Freya with Major Nick Spratley, the Field Squadron commanding officer

We Need You! The Jersey Field Squadron is currently undermanned by around 50 percent, a figure reflected in similar reserves across the UK. Major Nick Spratley is keen for anyone who may be considering joining the Field Squadron to get in touch. “Joining the Jersey Field Squadron can open up a lot of different opportunities and is truly a life- changing experience. For example my work in Iraq led to me

Marching back in time The clocks went back by around a century when the Jersey Field Squadron followed in the footsteps of the former Jersey Militia by going on parade in the Royal Square. It was the 25th anniversary of the formation of the squadron, which came about in the aftermath of the Falklands War. The Channel Islands were pressed by the UK government to start making defence contributions and in Jersey, after much public debate, it was decided to fund a local unit of the Territorial Army. The squadron chose to celebrate their anniversary with a parade from Howard Davis Gardens to the Royal Square and were rewarded with cheers of support from a largely surprised crowd of shoppers and day-trippers. Those in the know formed a large gathering in the square to greet the squadron. The Lieutenant-Governor Sir John McColl took the salute alongside the Bailiff Sir Michael Birt. It was a spectacle not witnessed for generations and was restoration of an old tradition. The visiting Band of the Royal Engineers led the parade, adding enormous pomp to the occasion - sending onlookers rushing for their phone cameras and raising more than a few goose-bumps. u

working for a Sri Lankan NGO in post-tsunami relief work. It challenges you and pushes in a way that nothing else can. It gives you confidence and increases your abilities, plus you get to meet new people from different backgrounds that you may never have crossed paths with before. “It exposes you to new people, new experiences and you build confidence and learn new skills along the way. In short, it gives you a ‘can do’ attitude. I would encourage anyone who may be thinking of joining to just pop up and see us, we’re really a friendly bunch! We’re not just about marching and shouting as many people may think! Come and see us and come and find out what it’s all about. If it’s the right thing for you it’s truly life changing.” u


Capital Readers Offer in conjunction with


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Sightseeing Highlights

Day 6‡ ",/ " 7Ä?9‡1 "7­Ó /-ÂŽ


Day 7‡7"" -/"  8 1,-"


Day 8‡1 "7‡-*,  

Day 9‡-*,   ‡ 8 /" E " ", ‡ *Ä?,/ "-/" *Price is based on 2 people sharing twin accommodation. Single supplements will apply, please enquire for more details. This offer is subject to availability and booking conditions.

Page6 August2013


For more information or to request a brochure please contact Co-operative Travelmaker on 784300, email us at or visit us at 57 Don Street and Grand MarchĂŠ, St Helier.


HeArt Gallery

Below: The new CCL Galleries in St Helier’s Hill Street Inset: Gallery owner and fund-raiser Lance Trevellyan Below left: Guest were invited to the recent opening of Lance’s latest campaign

A new venture is breathing fresh life into Jersey’s arts scene CCA Galleries International in Hill Street is not just a showcase for modern art it doubles as a fund-raiser for charity, currently the British Heart Foundation and the Jersey Heart Support Group. The gallery owner is highly-successful London businessman Lance Trevellyan who is also a director and trustee of the British Heart Foundation. Lance, a chartered accountant who has developed a group of companies, was motivated to support the foundation after experiencing the tragedy of his mother’s death from a heart attack. “From that moment I felt that I desperately wanted to help other people who might, through some small effort on my part, avoid finding themselves in the position I found myself in. So since that day I have wanted to fund raise for the Heart Foundation.” And fund raise he has, often drawing on his connections with the art world for support. Lance was heavily involved in the recent Broken Hearts campaign to raise £50m for research into regenerating damaged heart muscle. The hope is to find a way of doing that within a generation. It will be another huge step towards the foundation’s aim of removing heart disease as a cause of premature death - that being anyone under the age of 75.

In Jersey the work of the foundation is mirrored through local affiliate The Jersey Heart Support Group and Lance is lending the group his support. The gallery was the launch-pad for the group’s latest campaign - a determination to provide every school in the Island with a defibrillator, starting with the secondary schools. CCA Galleries are matching pound-for-pound the money needed to equip every secondary school. Money raised by the group remains on Island for local initiatives which also involve free health screenings at public events. Launching

their latest appeal, the group’s chairman Phil Volante said a dozen young people in the UK die every week through an undiagnosed heart condition. Currently the gallery is holding an exhibition of artwork created for the Broken Hearts Appeal. Profits on sales go to the foundation. Artists were asked for their interpretation of the theme ‘mending broken hearts’. The Breath of Life exhibition continues until the end of the month. A visit to the gallery is also an opportunity to see inside one of St Helier’s most iconic buildings - 10 Hill Street. It has been refurbished to create a spacious and peaceful exhibition space. The hope is it will become an inspiration for local artists and art-lovers. “We much want to add to the cultural scene in Jersey and very much want to promote the art culture,” says Lance. Lance and his wife Alexandra have moved to the Island and have settled in Grouville. It is a permanent move as Lance is aiming to retire in the Island. “I have always enjoyed visiting the Island and I am looking ahead to when I think about retiring - it’s not on the horizon yet - but I couldn’t think of a better place to commence the final stages of my business career in Jersey with a view to full time retirement here.” CCA Galleries is a parallel company, but not related to, one based in London Christies Contemporary Art. “I become involved in it and, frankly, I fell in love with the world of artists in particular. The creative talents we have in the UK are immense and a number of artists we represent have become very close personal friends. Sir Peter Blake is one and he very kindly agreed to open the gallery here.” The Trevellyan group is also involved in petrol retailing in the UK (recently picking up the Retailer of the Year award); property in central and greater London; and a business based on recycling waste timber products to turn them into energy. Lance also finds time to help with the running of the heart foundation’s retail network - a total of 760 shops around the UK. u August2013-Page7


Right: Spectators enjoyed the racing and the fine weather

Pedal Power in Parade Gardens At the wheel of a pedal car, putting your foot down has a whole new meaning as around 80 competitors in the Lions Club of Jersey Grand Prix will wearily testify! The muscle-powered karts were, though, completing circuits of the Parade Gardens course at surprisingly high speed, despite the sudden arrival of summer temperatures. Roads around the Don Monument were closed to create the quarter-mile course which saw 16 teams of five take turns to do a lap each. It was all about having fun and raising money for local good causes. The event will see several thousand pounds going to local charities, including those taking part in the event. After the heats, which had been fiercely contested, came the final. A team representing the charity Brighter Futures lifted the Lions Club ABN Amro Trophy. They were also awarded the gold medal. The silver went to a team from the Grace Trust and a Jackson’s team took the bronze. This year the Grand Prix was held in the morning to avoid clashing

Below right: Event organiser Peter Tabb is already planning next year’s event

with the German Grand Prix and the men’s final at Wimbledon. Event organiser and MC for the day - Peter Tabb - said there was a significant number of enthusiastic spectators. It was the second year of the Pedal Car Grand Prix and next year it is likely to return as an afternoon event. Peter has already received several requests from teams keen to compete in 2014! u


Back home The moment of stepping ashore in Jersey once more following the end of the World War Two German occupation of the Island was recalled in a harbour-side ceremony on the Albert Pier. Thousands of islanders left Jersey ahead of the German invasion - many of them to join the war effort. The mail boats Isle of Jersey and Isle of Guernsey played a big part in the evacuation and subsequent repatriation, and the recent ceremony had direct links with those moments of history. A plaque marking the restoration of the mail boat service on 26 June 1945 and the return of exiled islanders was unveiled by Mrs Pauline Burgess, the daughter of the late Captain Bert Breuilly who was at the helm of the returning ship. And a bell from the Isle of Jersey has also been mounted on the harbour wall, which means the distinctive sound of the ship can still be heard. The Jersey Evacuees Association organised the mounting of the plaque and bell: Association President Jean McLaughlin is to the right of the picture. u Page8 August2013


Picnic hampers, rugs, action! The Jersey Film Festival returns this month The seven-day outdoor extravaganza features a host of family favourites and promises another taste of watching movies under the stars in the lush surrounds of Howard Davis Park. Viewings are free and there are retiring collections for charity. The festival was started by the now Deputy Kevin Lewis and his wife Isabella after a foray into American-style drive-in cinema. At the time they were running the Cine de France cinema at the Lido de France. The drive-in was created on a temporary site at the old Bel Vue go-kart track in St Brelade. The screen was 60ft wide and 42ft high - so big that it appeared on the airport control radar! The days of the drive-in were numbered though as the site was designated for housing. Kevin decided to scale down the operation to a mobile cinema for showing films outdoors - and so was born the Film Festival in 1994. Films were screened at Durrell, the Aero Club hanger, in Royal Square and finally at Howard Davis Park where the festival has been staged for many years. It has been a very popular annual event with nightly attendances ranging from 1,500 to 3,500. Kevin was associated with the film business for more than 40 years and it has become part of his DNA. ‘It started when I was a child. I used to have all the next-door neighbours round to watch my home movies and the festival is just an extension of that really. Having a few thousand people in Howard Davis Park having a terrific time watching their favourite films under the stars - you can't beat it.’ The Jersey Film Festival runs from 10 to 16 August nightly at 8.30pm.

This year’s line-up: Saturday 10 August: Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) When a British battleship disappears in the South China Sea, James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is sent to investigate. 007 finds himself pitted against media mogul Elliott Carver (Jonathan Pryce) who is plotting World War Three as a way of gaining broadcasting rights in China! Bond teams up with stunning Chinese agent Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh). Fans of Desperate Housewives will recognise Terri Hatcher who plays Bond’s former lover.

is pleased to be supporting the Island community as one of the sponsors of the Jersey Film Festival (Catwoman) star in this tale of superhero versus villain. When the evil Penguin plots to become Mayor of Gotham City can Batman prevent him? But our hero is also battling against the equally wicked Catwoman. Does she, though, have a weak spot for the Dark Knight? Monday 12 August: GoldenEye (1995) The festival throws up a second helping of Pierce Brosnan as 007 with Sean Bean cast as the enemy in the form of renegade M16 agent Alec Trevelyan. This was Brosnan’s first role as the man with a licence to kill and GoldenEye also introduce Dame Judy Dench as “M”. It’s post-Cold War, but the plot revolves around a crime syndicate rooted in the old USSR and armed with a space weapon with the power to paralyse Earth. Bond finds himself up against ruthless assassin Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen) who uses pleasure as her ultimate weapon! Tuesday 13 August: Moonwalker (1988) Fans of the late Michael Jackson can indulge in this montage of his greatest music videos, focussing on the likes of his “Bad” album. In one section Jackson plays a hero with magical powers who takes on baddie Mr Big (Joe Pesci). Wednesday 14 August: 1941 (1979) Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi and Treat Williams star in this Steven Spielberg comedy in which hysterical Californians prepare for a Japanese invasion in the days after Pearl Harbour. It was not one of Spielberg’s blockbusters, but gained a cult following after release on video. Thursday 15 August: UP (2009) This computer-animated comedy adventure by Walt Disney/Pixar was a smash at the box-office and promises a magical night at Howard David Park. Ed Asner is the voice of 78-year- old Carl who ties thousands of balloons to fly away on a life-long promise to his late partner Ellie to see the wilds of South America. A box of tissues may come in handy. Friday 16 August: Local Hero (1983) Burt Lancaster, Peter Riegert and Fulton Mackay star in this award-winning story about good triumphing over greed when an American oil company attempts to buy a remote Scottish seaside village to build an oil refinery. u

Sunday 11 August: Batman Returns (1992) Michael Keaton (Batman), Danny De Vito (Penguin) and Michelle Pfeiffer August2013-Page9

Finance An occasional series on personal finance by Kevin Allenby, Managing Director of Omega Financial Services

Is your money working Many of you will have already wondered where to start in respect of protecting the value of your money. The first hurdle would be to find an experienced qualified Independent Financial Adviser (IFA), who will guide you through the many investment options. Three questions will initially be asked and they are: Where am I now? Where do I want to be? and How am I going to get there? Your IFA will help you answer the third question. Investing wisely is very important especially in these days of austerity and low interest rates. For some time now, bank accounts have been paying virtually nothing in interest and inflation has been higher than what most interest bearing accounts have been paying, so the buying power of your money would have been eroded; this is called inflation risk. You must remember that nothing is risk free - even bank accounts have risks attached. How much risk you wish to take and your time horizon need to be taken into consideration at an early stage. You need to consider if you can afford to take a particular level of risk and also the amount of risk needed to meet certain goals. The greater return you want, the more risk you'll usually have to accept and the more risk you take with your investments, the greater the chance of losing money. If you're saving over the short-term it's wise not to take too much risk. So what you are investing for and when you'll need access to your money will have a big impact on the type of investments which are right for you. If you are investing for the long-term you can afford to take more risk as your money has more time to recover should there be falls in the markets. Diversification of risk Diversification means reducing your risks and it is important when planning your investment strategy. For example, if you invested in a company which made umbrellas you would do well if it rained all the time but not so well if it was sunny most days. This would therefore be a high risk investment. However, if you also invested in a company that made ice cream, you would diversify the risk and combined they would form a lower risk investment. Rebalancing of your investments From time to time it is necessary to rebalance your holdings to the original asset allocation. Most importantly, rebalancing keeps your portfolio consistent with your risk profile. Somebody retiring who relies on their portfolio for income shouldn’t be invested 90 percent in Page10 August2013

shares and a 25-year-old who will not retire for 30 years shouldn’t be invested 90 percent in fixed income. Market movements can dramatically alter your asset allocation over time, so it’s important that you periodically rebalance your portfolio as necessary after having a discussion with your IFA. Rebalancing also has the potential to increase the return of your portfolio whilst lowering its risk. Although it may seem difficult to sell assets that have performed well (or buy assets that have performed badly), generally speaking this is what you should do as rebalancing forces you to buy low and sell high. Regular Reviews Regular reviews will keep your plans on track and actions can be taken along the way. As you approach your final destination, for example retirement, generally you should reduce the amount of risk being taken. Or perhaps you are planning for university fees and you can no longer afford the monthly premium, so if time allows, extra risk may need to be taken to compensate for the extra returns that are needed. A good IFA will always be on hand to help you achieve your goals. Finally, treat your IFA as your “financial doctor”. If you don’t tell him all your symptoms, he may not prescribe the correct solutions needed to achieve your goals. If you would like to take advantage of a free investment review, telephone Kevin Allenby on 634028 or email u

Regular reviews will keep your plans on track and actions can be taken along the way.

You work hard for your money, so it is only right that your money works hard for you!


First Tower is looking blooming good The ‘floralisation’ around the tower at First Tower is now reaching its peak and the 4,000 summer flowers planted back in early May are now in full bloom and providing a spectacular display of colour. This floral programme is a major project by the First Tower Community Association. Association chairman, Ted Vibert, who has organised the project, said that last year they had carried out a small planting to establish the feasibility of the large project. “We were convinced that we could carry out this ambitious project. We began planting in early May expecting the weather to improve but it got worse with a cold wind that persisted throughout the month and we lost a lot of plants,” said Mr Vibert. “We replaced those, but the cold weather continued and we were fearful for the whole project. But most of them survived and we believe we have produced a dazzling display of flowers, appreciated by everyone who passes by. “We could not have succeeded without the great help

and co-operation of the Jersey Probation Service, who have provided us with people working out their community service. Most of them have become deeply involved with the project and they share the sense of pride and achievement that we have in the work they have done. “We are deeply grateful to the Association of Jersey Charities for their financial grant that enabled us to purchase the plants from our local nurseries and to Tony Andrews of St Helier Parks and Gardens for their help.” The Association has more plans to extend their ‘floralisation’ programme even further in the First Tower area next year and have their eyes on public parcels of land near First Tower School and the German bunker across the road from the tower project “During the winter months we will be pursuing sponsorship and grant opportunities to carry this out,” said Mr Vibert. Judges for the ‘Britain in Bloom’ competition will be visiting the First Tower area this month as the tower project is part of the St Helier entry. u



DEREK WARWICK HONDA Longueville Road, St Saviour, Jersey JE2 7WF Call 707200 or visit


community The

good life

Main: Allotment tenants with Deputy Richard Rondel Right: Deputy Richard Rondel, Anthony McMillan and Tony Andrews

It’s just over a month since the tenants of the new Clos De Hue Allotments ‘moved in,’ and boy have they transformed the land. Aimie Tonsberg took a stroll through the strawberries and onions to find out more about the people behind the produce and what their allotment means to them.

about for over ten years, finally happened. “There’s quite a lot of political support behind this,” explains Deputy Richard Rondel, Vice Chairman of the Clos De Hue Allotment Association. With a farming background and many years involvement with the Jersey Farmers Union Richard was keen to make this happen. “When you see the benefit children and families get from growing their own food, it’s just fantastic. It’s important that children know where their food comes from. On a weekend we often see three generations down here, working on the land together, kids running about having fun, Walking around the new allotments alongside Surville Cemetery, it’s hard and it’s brilliant. There’s so much enthusiasm and a really great sense of to believe the tenants have only been there just over a month. Every plot community.” has been lovingly cultivated and vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers are Tony Andrews, Director of Parks and Open Spaces, and main organiser of springing up everywhere. The variety of produce is truly inspiring the allotments agrees. “Many of these people were complete novices when considering the size of land each person has to grow their own crops. they came, but they all help each other out and learn from each other. “We know we’ll never be able to afford a house in Jersey,” explains There’s a lovely atmosphere up here. And we’ve got some real characters Danielle Forrest and Fiona Gildea, tenants of plot 16. “We live in a tiny too! So it’s more than just hobby, it’s something social for everybody to flat in town but we love cooking. We always thought it would be lovely to enjoy too.” have our own outside space to grow our own food.” Danielle and Fiona One of Clos De Hue’s self-confessed ‘absolute novices’ is Anthony put their names on the Parish allotment waiting list over four years ago McMillan. He and his wife Michelle rent a plot which is impressively bursting and were shocked when finally they were offered an allotment at Clos De with crops. ‘I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when we first Hue in April this year. They’ve visited their plot every single day tending to arrived,” laughs Anthony. “I just went on a holiday to Spain in May and their herbs and watering their tomatoes, chillies, leeks, rocket and pak read an Alan Titchmarsh manual! And I’ve just really thrown myself into, it’s choi. “It’s a proper cook’s garden,” laughs Danielle. “We decided very become a bit of an obsession now, but it’s great. It beats sitting indoors and early on we would grow only what we would eat, so these are all our watching the telly, or doing nothing.” Anthony and Michelle live in a fifth favourites.” floor flat in the middle of town and knew an allotment would be their only Bought by the Parish in the 1950s the plot of land which way to enjoy having their own outdoor space. After being on the waiting list houses the allotments was previously used by St Helier Parks for for three years they were thrilled to be offered a plot at Clos De Hue and growing trees and shrubs. Having recently moved to the adjacent have thrown themselves into the good life with full gusto. “It’s wonderful field the land became available and with the right amount of really,” adds Anthony. “It gives us the chance to enjoy something we might political support the allotments, a project which has been talked never otherwise have, so it’s really special.” u

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F I N A N C I A L S E R V I C E S ( J E R S E Y ) LT D




Omega Financial Services (Jersey) Ltd

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W Regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission under the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998



Operation Daffodil is go! St Helier family’s charity effort in memory of much-loved mum A long-standing St Helier family is making a gigantic effort to raise money for cancer sufferers.

Left: Former Central Market postmistress Marilyn Brown Below: Wayne Meenagh and Lee Brown will cycle 5,000km from the Arctic to the Med

Page14 August2013

“Operation Daffodil” involves two main strands - a marathon cycle ride from the Arctic Circle in northern Norway to Gibraltar in the Mediterranean via Jersey; and a series of concerts in the Parish at the end of the month. Many people who used the Central Market Post Office from the ‘90s until 2008 will have known the postmistress Marilyn Brown. She lost her battle with cancer last December: it was a decisive moment for her family who vowed to raise as much money as they could in her memory for cancer relief charities. The chosen charities are Marie Curie Cancer Care, Jersey Hospice and Cancer Relief Gibraltar - Marilyn‘s daughter lives in Gibraltar. And the fund-raising effort one of the biggest in recent years by a single family - is called Operation Daffodil because the flowers were Marilyn’s favourite. Marilyn, the only child of Henry and Violet Le Vaillant, was born in Jersey on 18 June, 1948. She had four children, Rani, Lee, Luke and Adam and four grandchildren, Harry, Thomas, Gabriella and Annabelle. Mick Brown was Marilyn’s second husband and together they lived the whole of their 41 years of married life in St Helier. Their children, particularly the boys, developed a love of music from a very young age: Marilyn was always encouraging them to practice. They are now a family of professional musicians. During the latter half of 2011, Marilyn started having dizzy spells and by February last year she was bedridden with dizziness, nausea and headaches. She had a history of vertigo and infections of the inner ear and was initially prescribed antibiotics. But after a fortnight in bed, she was admitted to hospital for scans; a brain tumour was discovered. Surgery and chemotherapy followed, but the brain

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Above: The brown brothers - Lee, Luke and Adam - playing at The Blue Note

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tumour returned, the cancer spread to other organs and Marilyn died at the Jersey Hospice five days before last Christmas. Her strong-knit family resolved that some good should come from her passing and so Operation Daffodil came to life. On 1 August, the cycle team begin a 5,000km ride from Bodo in the Norwegian Arctic Circle to Gibraltar. The three-man team - Marilyn’s son Lee Vivian, son-in-law Wayne Meenagh and grandson Harry Meenagh will travel through Denmark, Germany, Holland and France before arriving in Jersey where they will spend the only scheduled rest day of the trip. On Monday 26 August they will head for Gibraltar through France and Spain. They’re planning to complete the marathon ride on 15 September - a few days after the National Day of Gibraltar. Music - so much encouraged by Marilyn - is the other major fund-raising effort. Later this month there will be a series of free concerts leading to a Grand Finale at the Opera House on Sunday 25 August. The concerts will feature a host of local and UK talent with the Gala Concert hosted by, and featuring, UK jazz singer and BBC Radio 2 presenter Clare Teal. Virtuoso UK pianist Neil Cowley will be performing as a soloist and with the Operation Daffodil All Star Big Band.



Do ue

tR Towards oad St Helier

T : 01534 888975

The concert week is planned as follows: Monday 19 August: “Wonderbrass” at the Town Hall (7.30pm) with special guests Music Originals directed by Imogen Nicholls. It is a concert of symphonic brass music featuring works by Handel, Copland and Bach, jazz and film scores. Wednesday 21 August: The Acappella Brass quintet perform a broad range of music at Georgetown Methodist Church (7.30pm). Thursday 22 August: Baroque Music for Trumpets at the Helier Town Church (1pm) with Adam Brown, Luke Brown and Neil Britton. The recital features gems of the baroque literature by composers such as Purcell, Albinoni and Vivaldi. The concert also marks the launch of Adam Brown's first solo recording "The Glory of the Baroque" - Music for Trumpet and Organ. In the evening the action moves to Howard Davis Park (7pm) when the award-winning Jersey Premier Brass and Acappella Brass perform many grandstand favourites. Friday 23 August: Live jam session hosted by local band Little Black Dress and featuring UK musicians at The Ha'penny Bridge (9pm). It’s billed as an exciting night of music, ranging from pop and rock to soul and funk. Saturday 24 August: A night of swingin' jazz and roaring blues! at The Ha‘penny Bridge. Sunday 25 August: Operation Daffodil Gala Concert at the Jersey Opera House (7.30pm)

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PITCHER & LE QUESNE LTD (Inc G E Croad) FUNERAL DIRECTORS Serving the Island for over 100 years

At a time of bereavement you need care, sensitivity and professionalism.When you call us, quiet words and guidance from our experienced staff are here to help you. SPECIALISTS IN WORLDWIDE REPATRIATION AND PREARRANGED FUNERAL PLANS.

Funeral Director Paul Battrick MBE

Funeral Director Andy Errington-Rennell

Funeral Director Gareth John


59 Kensington Place, St Helier. JE2 3PA Tel: 733330 Page20 August2013


Not ready to fade away

Right: Fred Newton stands next to the US 30th Division memorial above Mortain Below: Harry Fenn and partner Margaret visits the preserved battlefield at Pointe du Hoc

Old soldiers never die, goes the well-known ditty, they simply fade away. Well, as one group of sprightly veterans recently demonstrated on a visit to Normandy, not all old soldiers are ready to fade away just yet. It is 69 years since the D-Day landings and the subsequent Battle of Normandy. Yet memories of those now far off days remain fresh in the minds of three Normandy veterans who recently returned to the beaches and battlefields of their youth. Together with family and friends, Harry Fenn, Fred Newton and Bill Reynolds spent three days visiting museums, memorials and cemeteries, and reminiscing about their experiences in 1944. It was part of a tour arranged by the Parish of St Helier, whose Constable, Simon Crowcroft, is the patron of the Jersey Normandy Veterans’ Association. “We were just young lads,” explained Fred Newton who served in Royal Navy landing craft, “and we were just doing the job we had trained for. It was a long time ago, but I still remember the lads that didn’t come back.” Harry Fenn, who was a medic on a large landing tank landing craft, recalled the preparations made to deal with the expected casualties. “We were fitted out to bring hundreds of wounded men back from the beaches. Fortunately, we actually went back mostly empty, because the landings had gone so well in our sector.” The tour was organised and led by local historian and author, Ian Ronayne, and arranged by specialist travel company Go Tours. Among the locations visited was Pointe du Hoc battlefield park, Arromanches with its Mulberry Harbour and the Juno Beach Centre commemorating the Canadian landing.

While at the Canadian museum, Bill Reynolds was able to explain the intricacies of ration packs to fascinated onlookers, pointing out what all the various components on display were used for. Later, Mr Reynolds, who served in the Guards Armoured Division during the Battle of Normandy, was reunited with one of the guns he carried ammunition for, a British 25-pounder. The group also travelled inland to a memorial site above the French town or Mortain, scene of heaving fighting in August 1944, and made a poignant visit to the Canadian War Cemetery at Bény-sur-Mer. The roads leading to the cemetery, which contains more than 2,000 graves, were lined with summer poppies. A fitting tribute, it was agreed, to those killed in the name of liberty. More images from the tour can be seen at u Left: Ex-Guardsman Bill Reynolds reunited with an example of the guns he used to serve with



Mind the bump but stay cool this summer Forget floral smocks and wearing your boyfriend’s jeans - if you’re pregnant this summer follow Aimie Tonsberg’s guide to maternity wear to make sure that as the weather heats up, you keep your cool and, most importantly, keep looking fabulous. Although some mums-to-be breeze through pregnancy, for many women it’s nine months of swollen ankles, backache and feeling as if you have nothing to wear! As the mum of two late summer babies, I’ve experienced being heavily pregnant in blistering heat... twice. And as the heat-wave hit us a few weeks ago my thoughts turned to all you lovely ladies out there who are pregnant and wondering how on earth you’re going to get through the next few months. So I spoke to two of St Helier’s trendiest maternity wear boutiques to get some top tips on how you can keep comfy, cool and stylish this summer. Don’t just buy normal clothes in a size bigger..! Buying clothes that are regular, but two sizes bigger is a BIG no-no. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but both of our experts claim this is the worst fashion mistake you can make. “These clothes don’t look good as they are ill-fitting,” explains Karen Gosselin from Boo’s Boutique in the Parade. “Maternity wear is specifically designed to fit in all the right places and perfectly accommodate your bump. And although you may be reluctant to shell out for clothes you can only wear for nine months, remember that you may want to wear them for a little while after the birth for comfort, particularly if you’re breast feeding or if you’ve had a C-section.” Justyna Stefanska, owner of Fashion Mum Website and Boutique, sells a fabulous range of dresses that are as popular with non-expectant women as they are with her pregnant customers. “I always recommend to my friends our Isabella Oliver Ruched Dresses (was £99, now £55 in the sale) and our Ruched Maternity T-Shirt Dress which was also worn by Halle Berry. These are both very feminine, classic and never go out of the fashion, and I can honestly say that they are the most comfortable dresses I have ever worn!” Pick the right fabric “Anything made from bad quality or non-breathable fabric will make you feel hot, tired and miserable,” says Justyna. And Karen agrees: “The worst thing a pregnant woman can wear is anything that will make her too hot.” Look for classic linen maternity trousers and skirts and jazz them up with a funky top or bold accessories such as a statement bag or a great necklace. Wear the trends that work for (not against!) your bump Some of this season’s top trends are maxi dresses, mini dresses teamed with denim shirts and denim shorts... all of which are perfect for pregnant women (hooray!). Try to opt for outfits that make the most of your bump instead of trying to hide it. Even though you may feel ‘big’ remember you look beautiful. Rather than wrapping yourself in baggy smocks, wear tops and dresses with stretch that show off your bump and accessorize with trendy bold jewellery. Page18 August2013

Put those heels away Although it’s tempting to try and keep up your pre-pregnancy style, wearing heels in this weather is just a recipe for disaster. “My best advice to any pregnant women during the summer would be to wear a good pair of flip flops or sandals which still support the feet, but help to keep them cool to prevent swelling,” says Karen. Treat yourself to a gorgeous pair of flats. There are so many different styles available right now, why not opt for a gorgeous Grecian sandal which would look perfect with a maxi-dress? Or this season’s studded sandal that would look perfect with jeans, dresses or even smart work trousers. u Top: Boo’s Boutique in the Parade has a wild selection for mum to be and baby Above: Isabella Oliver Dress at fashion Mum


voucher to spend at Fashion Mum Boutique on an Isabella Oliver dress of your choice! Simply email the correct answer to the question below to Which famous celebrity was spotted wearing the Isabella Oliver Ruched Dress? The closing date is 4 September 2013 and the winner will be announced the following day on the Fashion Mum Facebook page - Good Luck!


Dia da Madeira putting the fun into Funchal Music throbbed and barbecues sizzled as Rue de Funchal became the setting for Jersey’s Portuguese community to celebrate Madeira Day. Onlookers may not appreciate the importance of the celebrations which stem from post-revolutionary Portugal. In 1974 the Salazar dictatorship, which had governed mainland Portugal for almost half a century, was swept away. Then, on 1 August 1976, Madeira was granted autonomy. Madeira Day is a celebration of democracy and cultural recognition for the island which is just under 250 miles north of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Since the revolution, Madeira has been a thriving community and is judged to be the second richest region of Portugal after Lisbon. Jersey’s Bailiff Sir Michael Birt, who recently made a formal visit to Madeira to strengthen links between the two communities, was a guest of honour for the local Madeira Day celebrations. In a short speech he spoke about his visit. It’s estimated that during the day, 2,000 Madeirans joined in the Rue de Funchal party. Later this month (21-26 August) they will be in celebratory mood again for the Portuguese Week Food Festival on the waterfront. u

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Eco fund Co-operative

All funds raised from plastic bag initiatives will be used for local projects that protect and regenerate our local environment. Yours to Share... Local community groups seeking funding to support environmental projects should send details of the project, along with the funding you require. Apply in writing to: Julie Le Cornu, Marketing & PR Manager, Co-operative House, 57 Don Street, St Helier JE3 7AG or to apply online or download an application form go to Closing date 29th September 2013

Page20 August2013


Bag yourself an Eco bonus! Co-op’s £45,000 giveaway You may well remember the days when carrier bags were free at Co-operative stores across the Channel Islands: customers sauntered off with between ten and eleven million of them every year!

trying to spread the money across the islands; to any organisation; any charity; any school looking at an environmental project which we can help them with. That can be anything from a school creating an environmental area in school grounds to someone doing an eco-survey,” said Jim. During the past five years the fund has handed out a total of But in recent times, the so-called one-trip bags £260,000 - making the Society one of the biggest private-sector have set you back 5p each and the number of new supporters of local environmental initiatives. Projects vary widely bags supplied each year has plummeted by around from one last year set up to save Jersey’s population of grass snakes, 90 percent - representing a big bonus for the to a company starting up a real nappy business. environment. Local schools are high on the list of recipients and major The Co-operative, however, did not want to make organisations like Durrell have also benefited. a profit from the initiative - so all the profits go into Applicants have until the end of September to make their case for a an Eco Fund. Last year customers bought around a donation. Send details of the project and the funding needed million bags - pouring £45,000 into the coffers. to the Co-operative’s Marketing and PR Manager Julie Le Now it’s time to disperse the money and the Cornu at Co-operative House, 57 Don Street, St Helier JE3 4TR. You Channel Islands Co-operative Society are keen to can also apply online or download an application form - at hear from anyone, or any organisation, needing help with a green initiative. The u aim of the fund is to protect and regenerate our local environment.

The Society’s Chief Commercial Officer Jim Plumley says they want to make the funds available across the community - not just to a single project. “We are

Top: Co-op Chief Commercial Officer Jim Plumley wants to make the funds available across the community Left: Local environmental initiatives include helping save Jersey’s grass snakes

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The Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited trading as NatWest (NatWest). Registered Office: P.O. Box 64, Royal Bank House, 71 Bath Street, St. Helier, Jersey JE4 8PJ. Regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Business address: PO Box 11, 16 Library Place, St Helier, Jersey, JE4 8NH. Internet e-mails are not necessarily secure as information might be intercepted, lost or destroyed. Please do not e-mail any account or other confidential information.



Protect your boats …and look out for anything odd With the return of warm weather the States of Jersey Police are reminding islanders to keep their maritime property secure. Historically during the summer months Jersey has suffered from crime in this particular area, for example fuel and boat thefts. To combat this, harbour patrols are being increased to provide advice and guidance, and also to gather information about what is happening around our coastline. The patrols will be conducted by both uniformed officers and specialist staff from Crime Services who also focus on the wider National Security threat. Whilst there is no specific National Security threat to the Island or its residents at the moment, Jersey does remain vulnerable due to its geographical position. Past intelligence suggests that the Island has been used as a ‘stepping stone’ to the UK as the first arrival point in the common travel area around Great Britain. In 2012 the States of Jersey Police, in association with Customs, produced a leaflet that asked all port users to be on the lookout for anything suspicious and these will once again be distributed throughout the summer months.

Amongst other matters, the leaflet asks port users to be on the look-out for: •Unusual boat movements late at night or early in the morning •People being landed at unusual locations •Boats being moved around at night without navigation lights •RIBS being loaded / unloaded at unusual places and •Strangers waiting to hire boats. Chief Inspector Chris Beechey, Head of the Force Intelligence Bureau, said, “We would like boat owners to think about the security of their marine property, in particular boat fuel, and to remind them that general crime reduction advice more normally associated to their homes and car security does of course also refer to the maritime environment as well. “Jersey continues to be a very low crime place to live and work, however these simple measures will only help to enhance that situation further still.” u

New Licensing Unit begins patrols Jersey’s relationship with alcohol is well documented – 42 premature deaths can by linked to it every year. This, coupled with the fact there are 575 licences to serve alcohol in Jersey, has prompted the establishment of a new Licensing Support Team. The team - four police constables and one sergeant - will work with licensees and other partner agencies to fulfil a variety of roles, but with one key objective: to reduce the negative effects of alcohol on our community, much of which centres in St Helier. Those effects manifest themselves in a number of ways, so the team will work with licensees to reduce crime and disorder, keep the public safe and prevent public nuisance. And although night-time violence and anti-social behaviour is down year-on-year, officers still have much work to do. Superintendent Rob Bastable, Head of Uniform Operations, said, “Jersey is an incredibly safe island, and the number of crimes, alcohol and non-alcohol related are decreasing on a weekly basis. “However, we are constantly looking at how we tackle the Island’s problems and it is common knowledge that alcohol is the root cause of many issues everywhere, not just here in Jersey. “Most of the licensees we work with take their position in the community very seriously and always abide by the law, we will be helping them with that. The handful that flout the law and cause us and the community issues, we will be dealing with robustly. “The aim of the team is simple: to ensure that people can go about their business, have a drink if they choose to and get home safely.”u Top: Donna Malzard of the licensing team on a visit

u Page22 August2013







The official fuel consumption figures in mpg (l/100km) for the Renault Captur range are: Urban 42.8 (6.6)–67.26 (3.7); Extra Urban 60.1 (4.7)–83.1 (3.4); Combined 52.31 (5.4)–76.4(3.7). The official CO2 emissions for the range and Regulation 692/2008 test environment Fuel The officialare fuel 125–96g/km. consumption figures inEU mpgDirective (l/100km) for the Renault Captur range are: Urban 42.8 (6.6)–67.26 (3.7); Extra Urbanfigures. 60.1 (4.7)–83.1 (3.4);consumption Combined 52.31 (5.4)–76.4(3.7). The official CO2 and COfor vary according to driving styles, roadtestconditions andFuel other factors. 2 may the range are 125–96g/km. EU Directive and Regulation 692/2008 environment figures. consumption and CO2 may vary according to driving styles, road conditions and other factors. emissions Terms andand exclusions apply. Warranty 100,000 miles. Service Visit for details. The Terms official fuel consumption figures in48,000 mpgmiles. (l/100km) for the Renault Captur range are: Urban 42.8 (6.6)–67.26 exclusions apply. Warranty 100,000 miles. Service 48,000 miles. Visit for The official fuel consumption figures in mpgdetails. (l/100km) for the Renault Captur range are: Urban 42.8 (6.6)–67.26 (3.7); Extra Urban 60.1 (4.7)–83.1 (3.4); Combined 52.31 (5.4)–76.4(3.7). The (4.7)–83.1 official CO2(3.4); emissions for the (3.7); Extra Urban 60.1 Combined 52.31 (5.4)–76.4(3.7). The official CO2 emissions for the range are 125–96g/km. EU Directive and Regulation 692/2008 test environment figures. Fuel consumption range are 125–96g/km. EU Directive and Regulation 692/2008 test environment figures. Fuel consumption and CO2 may vary according to driving styles, road conditions and other factors. and CO2 may vary according to driving styles, road conditions and other factors. Terms and exclusions apply. Warranty 100,000 miles. Service 48,000 miles. Visit for details. Terms and exclusions apply. Warranty 100,000 miles. Service 48,000 miles. Visit for details.

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L-NEW EFFICIENT ENERGY ENGINES The Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited trading as NatWest (NatWest). Registered Office: P.O. Box 64, Royal Bank House, 71 Bath Street, St. Helier, Jersey JE4 8PJ. Regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Business address: PO Box 11, 16 Library Place, St Helier, Jersey, JE4 8NH. Internet e-mails are not necessarily secure as information might be intercepted, lost or destroyed. Please do not e-mail any account or other confidential information. NatWest will not charge you for any mobile banking services, however, your mobile phone network operator may charge for certain services. Additional overseas network charges may apply for all networks. Please check with your network provider.



Summer is here! Your what’s on guide with Radio One DJ Superstar Hannah Jacques

I went out over the weekend and didn't take a coat. so it's official! August is set to be a very VERY exciting month for nights out and events. I am returning to the White Isle this month to party with the Radio 1 team and re-live the fun that happened a year ago when I managed to bag the title of Superstar DJ. I can't believe it's been a year! I am also playing at Cafe Mambo and the Garlands Boat Party which I am SO excited about. Also, other news, I have signed a few of my records to labels, so I will fill you in when they are set for release. Yay! So to start off August, we have the Havre des Pas Festival on Sunday, 4 August. This is always a great day out, with food, drink, live music and (hopefully) sunshine. If you head to Prince’s Bar, you will find DJs Paul Shoer and Ross Hunter playing all kinds of quality house music from 3.30pm. The first of two festivals happening this month start with GEN:E:SIS at Fort Regent. DJs on the night include Benga, Kissy Sell Out and Drumsound and Bassline Smith. Tickets have been flying for this event, put on by Juiceboxx. The team have put on events at the Splash over the last few years, and feel it's time to bring a premier dance event to Jersey in the height of summer. To use one of Jersey's greatest landmarks as a venue will hopefully lead to more events being staged there. Tickets are £25 from Fort Regent or - see you there. So as the summer continues, you can head back down to the Splash on 24 August, to see

Page24 August2013

Rudimental play a DJ set. Theology bring you a band that have been smashing the charts recently, and you are definitely set to have a blast, no doubt having a dance to their famous drum and bass heavy tracks! I’m playing in Kavos on the Sunday and am gutted to be missing this - it will most certainly be a sell-out event. Nice one Warrens! Also at the Splash, Sunday sessions have begun. Tony Safe and I kicked it off in style, with support from DJ Nelson... what a lovely bloke! We played house music till the sun set and raised £149 for the Jersey Heart Support Group from a bit of bucket collecting. These Sundays are set to continue, weather permitting, so see you there. It's like a mini Ibiza! To finish off the month and head into September, do I even need to mention, that it's time for Jersey Live. The line-up for the ten-year anniversary is set to be simply superb. I am sure the whole of Jersey already knows what is set to happen over the weekend, so I'll chat about what has gone on in the next issue! I am proud to announce however, that I will be kicking off things on Sunday in the Main Dance Arena. It's gonna be a seriously good day of house music and I'll probably just go between the dance tent and the full flow tent - like I do every year! Top left: Anyway, I hope to bump into you somewhere in clubland soon and Tony Safe and Hannah


DJ Hannah Jacques x Twitter - @DJHannahJacques u

Top: Benga Above: Kissy Below: Drumsound


Helier remembered

Right: The Jersey Scout Band led the pilgrimage

The Jersey Scout Band led a small gathering of Christians at the start of their annual pilgrimage through town to the hermitage at Elizabeth Castle.

In 555 holy man Helier was living on an islet just off the small fishing village which was to later take his name. Folklore has it that Helier was beheaded by invading Saxon pirates. The Parish’s crossed axes emblem recalls Helier’s martyrdom. Pilgrims crossed the causeway for a short service in Elizabeth Castle before laying a wreath inside the Hermitage. u

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The Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited trading as NatWest (NatWest). Registered Office: P.O. Box 64, Royal Bank House, 71 Bath Street , St . Helier, Jersey JE4 8PJ. Regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Business address : PO Box 11, 16 Library Place, St Helier, Jersey , JE4 8NH. Over 18’s only . Security required. Calls may be recorded. Internet e-mails are not necessarily secure as information might be intercepted, lost or destroyed. Please do not e-mail any account or other confidential information.



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Y-Tel Jersey Seaside Festival at Havre des Pas 10am to 10pm, call 280159 for more details Jake & Elwood at the Opera House 8pm, call 511115 for more details Battle of Flowers – Daytime Parade 2:30pm to 5pm, visit for more details Battle of Flowers – Moonlight Parade 9pm to 11pm, visit for more details Jersey Film Festival in Howard Davis Park 8.30pm to 11pm, visit for more details Met Opera: Rossini’s Il Barbiere di Siviglia (Encore) at the Opera House 7pm, call 511115 for more details Tony Jacobs at the Arts Centre 8pm, call 700444 for more details Jane McDonald at the Opera House 8pm, call 511115 for more details Portuguese Food Festival at Les Jardins de la Mer 12noon to 11pm, call 07797 711537 for more details Jersey Live Festival at the RJA & HS Royal Jersey Showground 11am to 11pm, visit for more details

September 12

Jersey International Air Display in St Aubin’s Bay 12.45am to 5pm, visit for more detailsu

Many Hands ‘Makes Light Work’ Domestic Agency With a one-off blitz or a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly clean. We also offer an ironing service. Any alternative job considered

Tel:726589 or Mobile: 07797 780784 email:


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By investing in the Alexander Forbes Investment Plan you get access to active investment management which should, over time, generate a better than average investment performance. The plan contains the advice and guidance of Alexander Forbes, one of the Island’s leading independent financial advisors and the investment expertise of award winning investment managers Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management.

To find out more, please contact us for a no obligation consultation to confirm if we can help you to achieve your financial goals:

Telephone +44 1534 837 837 or email *You should note that past performance is not a guide to future investment performance. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise as a result of market fluctuations and you may not get back the full amount you originally invested.


Alexander Forbes Offshore | PO Box 336, Oriel House, York Lane, St Helier, Jersey JE4 8UU | Tel: +44 1534 837837 | Fax: +44 1534 837888 Alexander Forbes Offshore is the registered trading name of Alexander Forbes Channel Islands Limited | Company Number: 9596 Regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission | Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management is a trading name of Canaccord Genuity Wealth (International) Limited.

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