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The St Helier community magazine Edition12 2014

Diamond dancers Local group aims to bring the good times back p 11 Stormy conditions

Sugar rush

St Helier stands up to the weather p 4

Time to watch what you eat p 21

All change at the Waterfront? For or against? Work about to start on the Esplanade Quarter p14

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Love Lov e life love love outdoor living Discover the future of outdoor living with all-weather garden furniture, bean bags,        

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outdoor living

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It’s true – what a difference a year makes


Election review St Helier goes to the polls and elects two new deputies

Just twelve months ago in March 2013, the Island shivered under a thick layer of snow. Fast forward to March 2014 and there are unmistakable signs across the Parish that spring is here (or even that summer is just around the corner for the really optimistic). After a start to the year dominated by rain, wind and storms, it’s very welcome development. Talking of storms, in this edition we hear from the Civil Works’ team at TTS whose job it is to keep our sea defences up to strength. While St Helier looks to have escaped the worst of the damage, they have their hands full repairing those parts of the Island that were not so fortunate. Photo courtesy of Matt Porteous photography Whether it’s repairs or new build, construction work never quite seems to stop in town, even in the deepest depths of any recession. After a spate of masterplans, announcements, discussions and planning applications, it appears that work on one of the largest – and most controversial – town development projects is about to start. We look at the arguments for and against the Esplanade Quarter, which is set to change St Helier’s Waterfront forever. Elsewhere in this edition we spotlight a new member of staff at the Société Jersiaise – someone who has come from the other side of the world to help take care of Jersey’s heritage and culture. And we take some advice from former tennis professional Sarah Jones on the matter of diet. As a local fitness professional, Sarah is well-placed to consider the importance of nutrition and health. We all want that perfect beach body for a glorious Jersey summer after all. Fingers crossed.


Long range appointment After a world-wide search, Société Jersiaise finds its new librarian in New Zealand

13 Mortgage musings Jeff Williams of NatWest Jersey considers the latest home loans on offer 17 I see no ships Recalling the past of St Helier’s Waterfront as it looks set to change once more 18 Fashion fitting Made to measure advice from Voisins 22 Clubbing Latest news from the local club scene

24 Cinema What’s hot and on the silver screen

Capital Editorial Team u

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Esprit de St Sauveur

Edition 20

The Parish of St Lawrence • Issue 41 • Autumn2013

Parish matters - Connétable

T: (01534) 866956 E: T: (01534) 866956 E: T: (01534) 866956 E:

I know from the comments I have received in the two days since the rejection of the outcome of the referendum that many of you feel you have been let down by the States of Jersey. The arrogant rejection of the opinion of the majority who took time to vote in the referendum has already led to many saying they will never vote again and regaining confidence in the States is likely to take a long time. This is a setback for government, however, if you attend a Parish Assembly you have a real opportunity to not only have your voice heard, but to vote and influence the outcome, clearly an example of grass roots democracy and an example of how well we are served by the Parish system.

In this issue


estimate and approved the Parish Rate for the next financial year. I am pleased to report that we ended the previous financial year with higher income than budgeted and that careful expenditure had resulted in a surplus at year end. The Rates (Jersey) Law 2005 requires the approval of a Parish Rate that is at least sufficient to meet the approved estimates and this was a matter of discussion at the Assembly, when two Rates were proposed; one proposal was for the retention of last year’s Rate at 0.81p and the other was to reduce it. After much discussion from the floor, the vote went in favour of keeping the Parish Rate the same as last year. I thank those who attended, took part in the discussion and then voted for their preferred option for the Parish Rate. As I have said above, this is clearly an example of grass roots democracy and an example of how well we are served by the Parish system.


Junior winning float

St Clement Parish Magazine

FourteenthEdition • Autumn2013

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p 3 Out and about in the Parish p 6 Battle of Flowers p 12 Meet the parishioner p 16 Know your limits p 18 Clubs and associations p 22 Gardening competition p 24 Ice Age dig

Parish Rate

At the Parish Assembly held on 4 July, we agreed the budget

Twinning Games

Saturday, 8 June saw the “It’s a Knockout” style Twinning Games at Les Quennevais

Playing Fields. Ten parishes competed, together with their twinned towns in Normandy. Thanks to our Parish team of Eddie, Spencer, Daniel, Jackie, Steph, Hannah and Josie and those who joined us from Barneville-Carteret; their participation certainly helped to strengthen the social, cultural and sporting links between us, which is one of the aims of the Twinning Association.

Parish Secretary

Finally, on behalf of all Parishioners, I offer thanks to Caroline Evans for the valuable contribution she made to the Parish during her four years as Parish Secretary; she left us for a career change at the end of June. The good news is that, as a Parishioner, she will continue to remain closely involved in Parish life. Angela Goguelin will be joining us as the new Parish Secretary in September and we look forward to welcoming her as part of the Parish team.

Mrs Deidre Mezbourian Connétable de St Laurent



Above: Shakes Are Us has an army of loyal customers Left: Fresh fruit is always an alternative option



Summer 2013

Disclaimer: While MediaMasters and their contributors to Capital have provided the information contained in this magazine in good faith, they accept no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for any action taken by any other party as a result of the information provided. Independent and appropriate advice should always be sought on such matters. The views expressed written in this magazine are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of MediaMasters. MediaMasters accept no responsibility for errors or omissions that may occur.






de la Par


oisse de St

Stepping back in time


August - Septemb

er 2013

Ice Age Jersey

Jersey’s evolutionary past by Dr Matt Pope Above

In this issue

Jumela Friendsge 20 See page

P 3 From : P 4 Steve the Connétable P 5 Parish Luce: Looking to the future P 18 Club News: from the Connétable News: Jumela P 30 Farmin ge highlig hts P 33 Sports g News: A farme r with no P 36 Schoo News: Farme land rs Cricke t Club – P 38 Churc l News: New Schoo T20 Champ l Diary ion P 44 Parishh News: 150th celebrations and fun out of school P 46 Dates Office at Catho lic Churc for your h Diary Featu

re Articles

listed on

page 3

St Peter’s children school learning enjoy values Victorian


p.3 Les p.6 FromNouvelles p.8 Must the Parish offic p.10 Twin ard Seed Appe ials al p.16 Scho ning Games p.18 Les ol time trave p.24 Les Associations: l p.28 La Associations: Battle of Flowe Foi: news rs football p.30 Le Calendrierfrom our churcround-up hes : dates for your diary

Plan Bee

A year in the Colonies

Shags and Cormorants

Jersey resident s at the edge

Edition12 2014 Page3

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St Helier goes to the polls Capital congratulations to Nick Le Cornu and Sam Mezec on their election as deputies for St Helier’s Number One and Number Two districts. They take over the seats left vacant by Trevor and Shona Pitman who were disqualified from the States after being declared bankrupt by the Royal Court. Given that the winners will only keep their seats until October’s general election, it was a surprisingly well contested and keenly fought campaign that saw the two new deputies elected. For St Helier Number One, which covers the south and east of the Parish, five would-be politicians tossed their hats into the ring. In Number Two District, encompassing the north-east of St Helier, there were four more. Some had tried before, including winner Nick Le Cornu who had previously stood unsuccessfully for a senatorial position. Others were first timers, such as 23-year-old former law student Sam Mezec whose victory makes him one of the youngest ever States Members.

One of the biggest winners on the night, however, was apathy. While by-elections (particularly in St Helier) have a habit of low turnouts, polling day on 5 March saw only 15.3% of voters turn out in Number One District and 14% in Number Two. That should take nothing away from the winners, each of whom had a decent majority over their nearest rivals. Both have the time between now and October to try and make a mark on the Island’s government and – if they are up for it – to get re-elected for a four year term. u

A narrow escape While not exactly getting away scot-free, St Helier was fortunate to escape without too much damage after recent storms and high tides battered the Island.

Page4 Edition112014

An inscription carved into the seawall between West Park and First Tower reminds us how destructive Mother Nature can be at times. A March storm six years ago damaged 400 metres of seawall there, hurling the huge granite topping stones around like children’s building blocks. There were some sighs of relief in the Parish, therefore, when this winter’s recent storms resulted mostly in flooded roads and flying pebbles and debris. Dave O’Brien, Civil Works’ Manager at TTS, was pleased to find St Helier’s sea defences were not tested too harshly on this occasion. ‘We know all too well what the sea’s power can do to our coastline,’ he commented, ‘but in these storms the damage in St Helier was fortunately limited. There have been minor problems, to the slip at Havre Des Pas and along the Victoria Avenue seawall. Nothing to cause my team too much concern however.’ The same cannot be said of elsewhere in the Island, where wind, tide and stormy seas combined into an almost unprecedented perfect storm. Along the St Clement’s coast the waves threatened to wash away the gardens of several

properties, at St Aubin’s the best part of a slipway was lost, and in St Ouen’s Bay a 50-metre stretch of wall crumbled into the sea along with its railings. It means plenty of work for the TTS team responsible for maintaining our coastal defences. And plenty of crossed fingers that we have seen the last of storms for this year at least.u


Right: Plaque recalling the storm of March 2008 that demolished 400 metres of seawall Below: TTS team hard at work repairing damage from this year’s storms

Royals put on show

St Helier art gallery CCA Galleries International has a special exhibition in March featuring the works of some exclusive artists – members of the Royal Family. Somewhere in midst of their busy schedules, a number of Britain’s Royals have found time over the years to express their artistic talents on canvas. Now CCA Galleries International in Hill Street has brought some of their artworks to the Island.

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memories Call for poppies to commemorate First World War As we approach the First World War centenaries, there has been a call for islanders to plant poppies to recall the sacrifices made 100 years ago. Left: Deputy Rondel is leading a campaign to sow as many poppies as possible


SOLE AGENT St Brelade • Elizabeth Avenue Two generation home, or home with income, or large family house with 5 bedrooms in total

Situated in Elizabeth Avenue a large home where all the hard work has been taken care of now you only have to stamp your own mark No Chain Main house 4 double bedrooms and self contained, one-bedroom unit with own entrance Good all round garden, safe, secure and private Plenty of parking Newly fitted kitchen and bathroom Large lounge and sun room

Photos: Daff Noël




St Helier The poppy was a familiar sight to soldiers serving in the trenches of France and Belgium between 1914 and 1918. On ground churned up by digging and shellfire, the little red flowers sprung up to add some colour to the desolate landscape. After the war ended, the poppy was adopted a symbol of remembrance and as a means to raise money for ex-servicemen and their families. St Helier deputy Richard Rondel is among those calling for poppies to be sown across the Island to recall sacrifices made in the Great War. Richard has set up a Facebook page ‘sow poppy seeds around Jersey’ to champion the cause. As part of the scheme the Jersey Farmer’s Union with the support of the Bedell Group is issuing every school with a window box in which children can grow poppies. The boxes will be displayed in the Royal Square later on in the year. There are also plans to sow poppies in land on the Waterfront and at First Tower. u Left: Sandringham signed lithograph by HRH The Prince of Wales

A large Victorian House, flawless throughout with parking for 3 cars, garden close to beach, scope to stamp own mark but immaculate throughout

Close to beach at Havre des Pas promenade and beach and five minutes to Snow Hill. This spacious Victorian Home would cater nicely for the growing family. This stunning home has the potential to increase in size by use of the floored huge loft which is the width and breadth of the first floor. The first floor has a large, double bedroom and a separate kitchen and shower room and is completely self-contained. A second large, double bedroom has a separate kitchen and a separate bathroom and toilet. The ground floor level has a large bay window and central fireplace and can be a lounge or ground floor bedroom, as there is another lounge breakfast room and kitchen with shower cubicle and cloakroom. Therefore, the potential is to have three self-contained units or just use as a large family home In addition to the above there is a rear patio and garden with garden chalet and work shed, private, secure and sunny and separate secure access which is useable storage space plus 3 parking spaces in front of the house.



‘Big enough to cope yet small enough to care’

On show is an exclusive collection of personally signed lithographs based on watercolours by Prince Charles, together with a number of original etchings drawn by Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert in the 1840s. The exhibition will run until Saturday 29 March with the Galleries open between 10.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday, and between 10.00am and 2.00pm on Saturday. u

T 01534 481894 M 07797 776508 E W

Register today on for all properties held on Confidential File Edition12 2014 Page5

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PITCHER & LE QUESNE LTD (Inc G E Croad) FUNERAL DIRECTORS A Jersey Company serving our Island community for over 100 years

At a time of bereavement you need care, sensitivity and professionalism.When you call us, quiet words and guidance from our experienced staff are here to help you. SPECIALISTS IN WORLDWIDE REPATRIATION AND PREARRANGED FUNERAL PLANS.

Funeral Director Paul Battrick MBE

Funeral Director Andy Errington-Rennell

Funeral Director Gareth John


59 Kensington Place, St Helier. JE2 3PA Tel: 733330

Mortgages? We’ve got it all Helpful banking, making things easier Whether you are an existing mortgage holder, a first time buyer, looking for a buy to let or equity release, pop in and talk to our Personal Mortgage Advisers who will help you every step of the way.

We’re making banking easier... ask us how! Call in to any branch Like NatWest CI on Facebook Follow us on Twitter @NatWestJsy

YOUR HOME OR PROPERTY MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE. The Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited trading as NatWest (NatWest). Registered Office: P.O. Box 64, Royal Bank House, 71 Bath Street, St. Helier, Jersey JE4 8PJ. Regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Over 18’s only. Security required. Calls may be recorded.

Page6 Edition112014

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Long distance appointment Question: where do you find a qualified librarian, with expertise in rare books, teaching experience, who speaks French and who has a real passion for European history? Answer: in New Zealand of course. At least that’s the conclusion reached by local heritage and culture organisation Société Jersiaise. It recently ended a five year wait to recruit someone for running its unique Lord Coutanche Library in St Helier’s Pier Road with a long distance appointment.

Its collection of books, documents, records and manuscripts makes the Société Jersiaise library one of the Island’s most important resources for anyone interested in researching local history. Among its bookcases, shelves and archives there are items stretching from the Middles Ages right up to the present day. Library users include both locals and overseas visitors coming to the Island in search of family history. To manage, present and develop this collection to its best takes specialised skills, knowledge and qualifications – qualities not readily found in a small island like Jersey. So the organisation cast its net wide when looking for a new librarian, and ended up catching someone in New Zealand. Bronwyn Matthews was working in Christchurch, New Zealand, before arriving to take up the role of librarian at the start of this year. With a Masters in Library and Information Science, she spent five years as the Special Collections Librarian at the University of Canterbury, taking care of over 7,000 volumes in its European Rare Books collection. Part of her role there was also working with students - something the Société are keen to develop locally. With a strong family link to Britain, Bronwyn had been looking for a role that might bring her closer to her father’s roots. The opportunity presented itself when the Société’s recruitment notice appeared on the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals’ online noticeboard. ‘The advert immediately caught my eye,’ Bronwyn explained. ‘My undergraduate degree included French which was an immediate connection and, with a little research, I was soon fascinated by the rich history of the Island. The opportunity to work in situ with the written history of such an intriguing place was too attractive to ignore.’ The sheer number of historically valuable volumes held within the Société collection and the scope of subjects they cover was another reason for Bronwyn wanting to make the move to Jersey: ‘I am excited at the prospect of promoting this great resource to the Island. We have a large and dedicated group of users already and I hope to build on this to encourage wider use of the collection and, ultimately to create digital content which will assist people’s research.’ Having recently completed a comprehensive stock take of the collection Bronwyn’s next steps will be to focus on to opening up the Société library both in terms of who can benefit from one of the Island’s foremost collections of resources and also when that access is available to encourage more students. Neil Molyneux, President of the Société Jersiaise, commenting on the appointment, said, ‘It is no surprise that the search for the right person proved so difficult. Our collection requires very specific skills to both

Above: Bronwyn is fascinated by the rich history of the Island

manage its access and provide knowledgeable care. We are delighted to have secured Bronwyn for the post and are looking forward to seeing her plans delivered to promote even greater access in the future’. The Société Jersiaise Lord Coutanche Library is open to members on Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9.30-5 pm and on Tuesday and Thursday 9.30-2pm. Enquiries are welcome. Further information is available on the organisation’s website at u

Left & top: The Société’s collection includes an extensive number of historically valuable volumes

Edition12 2014Page7

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2971_AQUASPLASH Spring Ad Capital Mag 125x88_AW_Portrait 17/02/2014 16:21 Page 1


Make a

Fresh Start with your



Bring this advert along to AquaSplash to claim your Free Pass* and request a tour.

page TONY GOLDHAWK For full details of all facilities, activities, memberships available and to join online visit: Tel: +44 (0)1534 734 524 SwimIn Jersey


AquaSplash The Waterfront Centre, La Rue De L'Etau, St Helier, Jersey JE2 4HE

Tony Goldhawk Plumbing and Heating Engineer Tel 721792 Mobile 07797719659 email All aspects of the plumbing and heating trade undertaken Bathroom and Kitchen installations Small works and maintenance Fully insured local plumber For FREE quotations and advice Page8 Edition112014

Ongoing maintenance St Helier is the location for much of the Housing Department’s stock of social rental properties. A number of them have been undergoing something of a facelift recently, to ensure they continue to provide a decent standard of home for those living there. But it’s a bit like painting the Forth Bridge – just when you think you’re done, it’s time to start again. We took a look at some of the current and recent refurbishment projects and plans to change the way social housing is managed in the Island.

AquaSplash is managed by Serco working in partnership with the States of Jersey.

*The Free Swimming Pass includes three activities such as the swimming pool or aqua workout classes (subject to availability). One Pass per person, adults only. Pass valid until 30th April 2014 and excludes Easter holiday family activities and dates. **Membership price quoted applies to 12 month swim membership. Other membership options are available. Speak to a Customer Advisor today or find out more online.

38 Westley Court St Saviour JE2 7ZZ


Anyone who owns or rents a property knows that there is always something to do. Painting, decorating, mending, fixing – what else are weekends for? And every so often, it’s a deep breath and on to a more complex project, if we can find the time or the money. So imagine for a moment taking on responsibility for looking after hundreds or even thousands of properties. Flats – one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom, or houses – bungalow, terrace, semi, you name it. All need maintenance and all need upgrading and replacement at one time or another. That’s the world of the Housing Department. At least it is at the moment. Things are about to change however. In 2013, the States approved proposals to reform the way social housing is managed in Jersey. Under the new plans, the Housing Department will become a wholly government-owned company, run independently of politicians. It will be able to borrow money to invest in its housing stock, and can set rental rates for its tenant’s rents that are up 90% that of private sector levels. The change was not without some controversy. News that the chairman of the new company would be paid £40,000 for 30 days work per year raised questions about whether such remuneration represents value for money. Only time will tell, of course, as the new company rolls up its sleeves and gets down to business. Under the name Andium Homes (Andium being the Roman’s name for Jersey), the new company will get up and running on 1 July 2014. At that point all those working for the Housing Department will become its employees. They will get down to the business of wisely spending the £250 million that was agreed by the States as the budget needed to provide the Island’s future social housing needs. u Now that will 1 certainly buy you more than just some new curtains, a lot of laminated floor and a few points of paint from the DIY store!


CAPITAL-MARCH-2014-1_Layout 1 21/03/2014 19:28 Page 9

Housing Department projects in St Helier


In the last edition of Capital, we reported on a planned refurbishment programme for Hampshire Gardens. Additionally to this, a number of St Helier housing estates and properties have undergone or are undergoing a makeover.


1 Pomme D’Or Farm refurbishment of 86 homes Status: main project complete, landscaping improvements underway.

2 Jardin Des Carreaux refurbishment of 50 homes Status: project complete, separate contract to improve sheds and playground underway.

3 Nicolle Close external refurbishment of 20 homes Status: feasibility phase, anticipated start on site February 2015 with completion in February 2016.

4 Convent Court refurbishment of 72 homes Status: feasibility underway, anticipated start on site September 2015 with completion in October 2017.


Ceasarea Court Refurbishment of 52 homes Status: feasibility underway, anticipated start on site September 2015 with completion in October 2017.

5 De Quetteville Court high rise refurbishment of 32 homes Status: planning and bye law applications approved, initial tender process commenced with anticipated start on site June 2014 and completion in September 2015. Development of nine new homes at 2-4 Journeaux Street Status: complete end 2013 with all homes allocated. Development of 23 new homes on former Le Coin site Status: construction phase on target, planned completion July 2015.


6 Refurbishment of 56 homes at La Collette high rise Status: construction phase delayed due to increased concrete degradation but now includes complete internal refurbishment of all flats. Plan to complete in April 2014.



6 Edition12 2014 Page9

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Les Nouvelles Winter2014

Page10 Edition112014

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Start spreading the news In its heyday, Jersey’s summer show experience helped put it firmly on the entertainment map. Glittering dancers shared the stage with glamorous performers at venues across the Island. Visitors and locals flocked to get some of that ‘Las Vegas’ style experience, and enjoy a great night out with friends. Now a local dance group wants to bring some of that glamour back to St Helier. Capital caught up with Nikki Zachariou of The Diamond Misfits to find out more. ‘I grew up loving the whole Caesar’s Palace-type experience,’ Ballet, Commercial, Contemporary, Freestyle, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, explained Nikki, ‘the glamour, the glitz, the pure entertainment that Musical Theatre, National Greek, Pole Dance, Street Dance Styles comes from watching a professional show. And a lot of people tell me and Tap. they really enjoy the same thing. Sadly, it mostly disappeared locally Now they are collectively bringing that experience to venues in with the closure of venues like Swansons on the Esplanade. But now Jersey – and offering a chance for anyone to enjoy a little bit of the The Diamond Misfits are about bringing some of that magic back to magic. Jersey.’ ‘We can create entertainment packages for exclusive events,’ The Diamond Misfits are a high quality dance act who has set elaborated Nikki, ‘something organised for an occasion with friends, themselves a mission to entertain, inspire and empower their family and colleague perhaps. Or anyone can come to one of our audience. They do this through bringing people together for a shows. There is one planned in St Helier on Saturday 27 March at sensational night out with friends, partners and colleagues in an the Royal Yacht, Celestial Hall. It’s an all ticket affair – people can intimate, private and stunningly styled setting. Audiences are treated stand or book a table. They won’t be disappointed.’ to three spectacular sets of dance entertainment, before being able to The team has also worked with a number of Got to Dance! boogie the night away at an after-show party accompanied by a DJ local charities including Jersey Women's Latest exciting news from playing soulful tunes from the last three decades. Refuge, the Jersey Sailing Trust, Teenage The Diamond Misfits is Whether it’s an all-ticket event that anyone can go along to, or an Cancer Trust and Goal 50. This year they are that they have an audition exclusive private party, the Misfits plan to dazzle and entertain one supporting the Friends of the Special Care for the show Got to and all. Baby Unit (SCUBU) with fund raising shows. Dance on Sky 1. The The group was founded by Kerrie Ballard and Nikki Zachariou, both For more information on The Diamond judges are Ashley Banjo of local dance teachers. The original line-up featured Kerrie and Nikki Misfits, their shows and entertainment Diversity and Kym Wyatt along with Charlotte Newlands and Agnetta Nerac. Recently two new packages visit of the Pussycat Dolls. members, Jess Stanier and Grace Hurry, joined to complete the Hold the front page and ensemble. watch this space! u Between them, the team has over 100 years of dance experience in styles ranging from Artistic Roller Skating, Break Dancing, Burlesque, Catwalk Training, Classical

Kerrie Ballard (left) and Nikki Zachariou who co-founded Diamond Misfits

Edition12 2014-Page11

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Page12 Edition112014

CAPITAL-MARCH-2014-1_Layout 1 21/03/2014 19:28 Page 13


Mortgage with confidence By Jeff Williams, Head of Retail Branches & Premium Banking at NatWest Jersey

Here to help every step of the way Buying a home is always a significant event for anyone and, whether a first time buyer or an experienced homeowner, there are always key decisions to make. At present, in a period of abnormally low interest rates combined with the likelihood that rates will eventually rise, the choice of mortgage scheme is a major consideration. There are a number of options available to those seeking a mortgage. Currently there is a significant volume of customers who have selected a mortgage rate fixed for five years on the assumption that interest rates are set to increase soon. Customers, however, should not rule out tracker rates which take advantage of the low rates now available. In addition, and importantly for those who want to keep options available for fixing in the future, after three months our tracker rates allow customers to move to the equivalent fixed rate for the remainder of the product term. While the product fees that are chargeable on some of our fixed rates would apply, customers may recover these fees and even reduce overall borrowing costs from the savings made compared to staying on the tracker rate if interest rates rise sufficiently. Alternatively, customers can opt for some of the loan on a fixed rate and some on a tracker if they want to hedge their bets. A starting point for anyone considering a house purchase is a discussion with our mortgage specialists who can lay out all the options for the customer and explain the schemes including how the tracker, fixed rate and variable rate mortgages work, how mortgage repayments are calculated and what options are available to swap between one product and another. They will look at the unique circumstances of the customer such as their deposit, employment and salary and explore what they can realistically afford to repay on a monthly basis. Once a meeting has been held with a member of the NatWest mortgage team and an application processed, customers can expect an answer in principle about whether the mortgage will be granted within two weeks, so people can immediately concentrate their minds on the finding of a suitable property in the price range agreed. Our mortgage team is there to help throughout the home buying process, even before you start to look, to the completion day and beyond. They will also discuss insurance that is required and will assist with the schemes and options available designed to protect the home should unforeseen circumstances prevent the mortgage holder from meeting the regular payments. For more information on NatWest’s full range of mortgages, why not visit our website ( or simply contact us on 01534 282828 to arrange a relaxed meeting with one of our mortgages team.u

Left: Jeff Williams, Head of Retail Branches & Premium Banking at NatWest Jersey

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Esplanade Quarter set to transform St Helier’s Waterfront Ever since its inception back in the grey mists of time, St Helier’s Waterfront had stirred enthusiasm, controversy and dismay in equal measures. The prospect of adding an expansive chunk of real estate to the town seafront filled with appealing buildings and open spaces had always been broadly welcomed. Regrettably, reality has proved to be somewhat different. There are very few people with a good word to say about the Waterfront, it seems, but plenty who subscribe to the missed opportunity opinion.

Now another opportunity looks set to fly off the drawing board and into the hands of builders. Further planning approval for developing the new Esplanade Quarter finance centre was recently given, and the developers are keen to unleash the diggers. There are firm assertions that the new buildings are vital for the future of Jersey’s main industry, stimulating interest and providing high quality office space and attractive public spaces. Nothing is straight forward as far as the Waterfront is concerned however. Both the public and some politicians have challenged the rational of turning one of St Helier best used car parks into high quality office blocks at a time when uncertainty still lingers over the future of Jersey’s finance industry. Most concerning to detractors is that taxpayer’s money is being used to fund the project. Supporters of the development argue that now is the right time to express confidence in the future of Jersey’s leading industry by investing in a world class business district. What’s more, they argue, the new buildings will result in both a financial and public gain for the Island. Only time will tell who is right and who is wrong. But with such an important development taking place in St Helier, Capital took a look at the case for and against. The plan Once complete, the Esplanade Quarter will comprise 620,000 square feet of office accommodation spread between six individual buildings. There will also be nearly 400 residential units constructed, 130,000 square feet of space dedicated to a hotel or serviced apartments and room for shops or restaurants. Given that the development means losing the current Esplanade car park, the question of replacement parking spaces had commanded considerable attention. The plans propose nearly 1,500 new basement parking spaces, for both private and public use. Controversially, there is also an intention to

lower La Route de la Libération, the super highway currently dividing the Waterfront from the ‘old town’, although this will done in a later phase of the development. The developers have committed to putting considerable effort into creating what is termed the ‘public realm’. Pedestrian routes will criss-cross the site, with a new public park at its heart. Back-tracking on an original plan to demolish parts of the old seawall found alongside the current car park, the intention is now to retain the historic granite structure and make it into an important feature. Plans for some of the new buildings have already been approved, with others in the process of obtaining planning permission. Work is slated to start early in 2014 with the first building ready for occupation in 2016. The case for Leading the charge for the Esplanade Quarter has been Minister for Treasury and Resources, Senator Philip Ozouf. Part of his role in managing the States’ finances is to ensure taxpayers get a decent return on their money and from government-owned assets. One of those prime assets is of course the Waterfront, which must comprise some of the most valuable real estate in Jersey. Senator Ozouf also has responsibility for the company set up to develop and manage States’ properties including the Waterfront. The Jersey Development Company, or JDC, is the organisation responsible for planning and delivering the new Esplanade Quarter. The case for the development was set out in an earlier masterplan agreed by the States in 2008. Although some of the detail has subsequently changed, among the benefits envisaged are: • It will provide extensive high quality office space for Jersey’s business community, meeting evolving needs for large floor-space buildings in modern, environmentally friendly conditions. • It will provide 400 new units of accommodation for local residents, thus relieving pressure on greenfield sites. • There will be vibrant new tree-lined boulevards, public spaces, shops and restaurants to be enjoyed by locals and visitors.


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Who is the Jersey Development Company?

• Lowering La Route de la Libération into a tunnel will unite the ‘old town’ with the new Waterfront. • It is an investment by the States that will provide a financial return to taxpayers through property sales and the resulting increased rates. The case against Among those opposing the planned development is local pressure group Save Our Shoreline, which claims there is a lack of transparency over the Esplanade Quarter. They also question whether the 2008 plans are still valid given the economic upheavals that have taken place since that time. Concerns have also been expressed that there is a lack of political control over the JDC, which is responsible for the development. Some of these matters came to a head recently when Senator Alan Breckon called on the States to halt the development. The Senator’s case centred on a number of issues: • That the original developer is no longer part of the arrangements, with the States stepping up instead.

• That public money is being used to fund some of the development. • That the wider effects on St Helier are unknown – particular on how new shops, restaurants and bars will affect those already existing in town. • That the timescales to complete appears to have increased from a maximum of ten years to perhaps twenty years. • That there is no certainty over what demand for the development will exist in ten or twenty years’ time. At the current time, the development continues, with initial work starting at one end of the present Esplanade car park. But who can say if and when it will end? Whatever happens, we have certainly not heard the last on the matter. But then when was any development on the Waterfront a straightforward affair? u

It’s a good question. Most islanders are familiar with property developers, and most will also hold a view as to whether they have a positive or negative influence on Jersey. The Jersey Development Company, or JDC, is a property developer with a twist – they are owned by the States of Jersey, or rather by Island taxpayers. So what they are doing is being done in our name. The JDC was established in 2011, taking over the duties and assets of the Waterfront Enterprise Board. As well as being responsible for developing and managing St Helier’s Waterfront, its remit was widened to include redundant States’ owned properties throughout the Island. Nominally a private company, the JDC is wholly owned by the States of Jersey, and accountable to its sole shareholder, the Minister for Treasury and Resources. The person currently in that post is Senator Philip Ozouf. This arrangement places the JDC in the same position as organisations such as Jersey Telecom and Jersey Post, and allows it the commercial freedom to borrow money, form partnerships, select suppliers, etc. More details on the JDC are found on their website at u

Top: The original Esplanade Quarter Masterplan (Hopkins Architects) Artist’s impressions of the new buildings Main image: The car park is popular with commuters Above: Despite original announcements, the old seawall will remain in place after the development Edition12 2014 Page15

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IT PAYS to be fitted

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• More than 20 brands • Free fitting service tel 837183 for an appointment or just pop in to Voisins • Highest number of qualified bra fitters in the Island ANY EXCUSE |


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all bras purchased with a Voisins fitting Valid until 31 March 2014

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Waterfront:what came before The case for developing the new Esplanade Quarter depends heavily on an expectation that Jersey’s finance industry is here to stay. Given its all-powerful status, who would bet otherwise? Yet this area of St Helier has witnessed the rise and fall of earlier industries, which in their heyday seemed destined to last forever as well. With this in mind, Capital looked back to a time of sea and sand along the Esplanade rather than cars and tarmac. In a town filled with gleaming offices, burnished nameplates and confident young executives, it’s hard to remember a time before the finance industry came to Jersey. And looking along an Esplanade bristling with ever higher and ever more brash-looking buildings, it’s easy to forget that this area of St Helier has been the location of earlier prime industries, and may be that of others yet to come. If we turn the clock back forty years or so, many of the buildings were home to a very different type of businesses. In the 1970s, Jersey was at the height of its tourism boom. Along the Esplanade, hotels, guest houses, clubs, shows and bars competed for a share of holidaymakers’ spending money. It went much further in those days, with low price shopping, eating and drinking. With the nearby West Park Beach a short stroll away, visitors could snooze in a deckchair, enjoy an ice cream or dip a toe in water, confident in the knowledge a bathing pool meant the sea was on hand whatever the state of the tide. Back then there was no ‘Waterfront’ as we know it now – so no temptation to build anything between the shoreline and Elizabeth Castle. The sea washed up against the thick granite wall and walkway now marooned between the car park and the road that once carried traffic from the west into town. Turning back the clock sixty or so years earlier and we find that same road would have been jammed at certain times of the year with produce from the countryside, jostling to make its way to the harbour and ships bound for the UK. The discovery of the Jersey Royal in 1878 led to a booming agricultural industry as British households developed a taste for the Island’s early crop of tasty little potatoes. Tens of thousands of tons were shipped out and hundreds of thousands of pounds flowed back. To maximise profits, there was strict controls placed on harvesting and exporting. When the order went out, farmers brought their produce to town, by horse and cart at first and then by lorry. Lined up along the Above: West Park bathing pool it its prime Right: Potatoes being loaded onto ships at St Helier Harbour (source: Jerripedia) Below: Gladiator, a 427-ton barque, was built by F.C. Clark, at their West Park yard (source: Jerripedia)

Esplanade, they waited for a turn on the ‘weighbridge’ and then to go onto the quay. On a good day, the bars once found in this part of town were filled with farmers celebrating success, or others drinking their sorrows. Go back even further, and we find that the land on which farmers drove in the morning and drank on in the evening was the site of an earlier, but equally important industry. In the 19th century, islanders set out in boats to fish the rich cod waters off Newfoundland. Many of the boats making that hazardous sea voyage were locally built, coming off stocks in yards found round the Island’s coast, including that of St Helier. In 1861, there were 18 shipyards in the Island, with one centre of production being where today we find the Esplanade. One of the biggest yards was that of F.C. Clarke, which stretched from West Park to Kensington Place. In its heyday, it employed 400 workers who built 62 vessels between 1844 and 1867. Given such success, it’s hard to believe that within a few years, Jersey’s shipbuilding industry declined and then disappeared. Locally built wooden vessels were no match for the steel ones being constructed elsewhere. By 1890, there was little trace of this once powerful industry. So, there is a lesson from history. Great success is achievable given enough hard work and perseverance. But don’t expect anything to last forever – sure as the tide rises and falls, so will Jersey’s industries. u


Left: Chillchaser patio heaters, for head to toe heating

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image # # 

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Right: The Action on Stroke team

One in six of us will have a stroke in our lifetime

The local branch of the Stroke Association is calling on islanders to join in May’s Action on Stroke Month. It’s an opportunity to learn more about how to prevent strokes or help the Association support people who have been affected by it locally.

A stroke happens when blood supply to the brain is cut off, caused by a clot or bleed in the brain. Each year around 125 people in Jersey have a stroke. It can happen suddenly and be very frightening. Although many people make a good recovery, stroke is still a leading cause of adult disability, leaving many survivors reliant on others for everyday tasks like making a cup of tea. The team in Jersey aims to offer support to everyone affected by stroke. Locally, they are actively working with more than 70 people affected by stroke. They also provide weekly drop-in support groups for stroke survivors and carers including aqua therapy, communication and peer support. Small grants are available to stroke survivors and their carers to help with vital support such as disability aids which are not available through social services or provide respite care so family members can take a break. Whether you have lost someone to stroke, have survived one yourself,

want to fundraise for us or be inspired by the ways in which people can overcome disability caused by stroke, you can make a difference by calling the Stroke Association’s Jersey team on 01534 724441 or by popping in to their new office at Shop B, Les Jardins Du Soleil, La Route Es Nouaux, St Helier. You can also sign up now to the Paris to Jersey cycle challenge which starts on 24 September 2014. This event is sponsored by Bedell. The Stroke Association is for life after stroke but they believe prevention is better. High blood pressure is the biggest risk factor for stroke. Transient ischaemic attack (TIA) is also known as a mini stroke. The symptoms are very similar to those of a full-blown stroke, but they only last for a short time, anything from a few minutes up to 24 hours. Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a type of irregular heartbeat means you could be more likely to suffer a stroke. If you are concerned about these, the Association urges you to discuss it with your GP.’ u

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well being

One lump or two? With warmer weather just around the corner, now is the time many of us start thinking about looking and feeling great for those glorious, if fleeting, summer months. Everyone wants to feel confident in beachwear and summer dresses. So what is it that’s holding us back? Former professional tennis player, Sarah Jones, who now works locally in sport’s coaching, went on a mission to find out what can be done to keep our health and fitness in tip-top condition. First on my radar, sugar elimination. Sugar seems to be on everyone’s lips in one way or another at the moment, and I want to find out exactly what it is that makes us crave all kinds of sugary-sweet processed snacks, even though we know they are bad for us. I met up with Kit Chamier, Registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist at Chateau Vermont Gym, for some of the answers. The first thing we need to know is that sugar in itself isn’t in fact addictive. ‘It is our reaction to the feeling we get from eating refined sugars that our body craves, not the sugar itself,’ says Kit. Nonetheless, we are still consuming far more of this unnatural substance than ever before, so what effect is it having on our bodies? ‘Initially, it is our insulin levels that suffer, the hormone which helps regulate our blood sugar levels. Our body can only pull a limited amount of glucose into our muscles to burn off throughout the day, which means any remaining glucose from excessive consumption of refined sugars is left in our blood stream. This can lead to type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, strokes and high blood pressure, to name but a few conditions.’ I’m sure I’m not the only one surprised by just how serious the side effects of our mid-afternoon sugary snack can be. However, it’s not all bad news, there are alternatives out there for those for us with a sweet tooth who also want to be healthy. Kit tells me, ‘the most nutritious source of fructose, a natural sugar, is fruit, with blueberries and strawberries containing this. Alternatively, honey and agave syrup, the raw

juice from the tequilana plant, can also be included as part of a healthy diet if used sparingly.’ As far as food labels go, we should be looking out for sucrose, dextrose, lactose, high fructose corn syrup, evaporated cane juice, malt syrup and molasses when deciding whether a product is really healthy or not. I ask Kit, as a nutritionist in Jersey, what are the most common diet deficiencies that he sees? ‘Definitely Omega-3, which is surprising, considering that we live on an island surrounded by sea, with a rich supply of seafood readily available.’ For all of us wanting to increase our Omega-3 levels, the best sources are salmon, mackerel and sardines as well as nuts and seeds. And the best general nutrition advice Kit could offer the people of Jersey as a whole? ‘Eat less processed foods, keep away from fizzy drinks and eat more natural, fresh foods. If you change things gradually, using small, achievable and realistic goals, then anyone can lead a healthy lifestyle.’ This interview has certainly given me a lot to think about, and opened my eyes to which foods are, and are not, essential for leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I think I’ll pass on that next offer of a chocolate biscuit and have an apple instead. Kit Chamier is available for both face-to-face and online consultations and diet plans. Visit or for more details.u Above: Kit Chamier works at Chateau Vermont Gym

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Only sixteen weeks in which to get your Million Pound Lottery ticket! Tickets for the Jersey Hospice Care’s 2014 Million Pound Lottery go on sale after the Easter weekend. This year islanders are being encouraged to get their syndicates together as soon as possible - there is less time to buy tickets because the draw is being brought forward from September to August 2014.

There will be a total of sixteen weeks for individuals and syndicates to buy their tickets and there is an added incentive this year to get them early – a £500 cash prize for someone who buys their ticket within the first two weeks of sales. Six thousand tickets, priced at £300 each, will be available at the same two venues as last year – the NatWest branches in Bath Street, St Helier and Les Quennevais, St Brelade (for the first two weeks only) as well as at Clarkson House, Mont Cochon. Payment for tickets can only be made by cash or cheque and purchasers must be aged over 18 years old. The £500 cash prize winner will be pulled from all the ticket stubs bought at both branches during the first two weeks of sales. The event, which has become the charity’s biggest annual fundraiser, is expected to raise £500,000. However it’s not only the charity that benefits.

A total of £1,300,000 in prize money will be given away, with £1 million as first prize, followed by £100,000, £75,000, £50,000, £25,000 and five prizes of £10,000. There is a one in 600 chance of winning a prize of least £10,000. Islanders will be able to buy tickets in St Helier at the NatWest branch in Bath Street from Tuesday 22 April (excluding bank holidays), Monday-Thursday 9.00am to 4.00pm (from 9.30am on Wednesdays) and this year there will be later opening times on Fridays from 9.00am to 6.00pm. Tickets will also be on sale at the NatWest branch at Les Quennevais, St Brelade from Tuesday 22 April until Friday 2 May, Monday-Friday inclusive between 9.30am and 4.00pm. Tickets will also be on sale at Jersey Hospice Care’s reception at Clarkson House on Mont Cochon from Tuesday 22 April, Monday-Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. For more information about Jersey Hospice Care, please call 510349 or log on to u Above: Funds raised help pay for Clarkson House

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Hey clubbers! So…the hard cold months are OVER and we are on the home straight for festival season, summer clubbing, holidays, drinks and real sun tans! With summer well and truly in sight, we DJs, promoters and clubbers can plan for more exciting events in venues that are simply out of action over the winter. Hooray! Starting in April, Rojos new nightclub hosts a new night each Saturday called "Shake It". This night will feature local residents Ben Newman, John O'Connell, Carl McConnell and JP Anquetil on a weekly rotation, with overseas and local guest DJs to support. On Saturday 12 April, Lottie is headlining for the opening launch night. So head up to the top end of town where the real house music action will be. Free entry! On 19 April Blkout returns to Fort Regent, with a special 4am licence extension. I couldn't be more pleased for the organisers, they must have gone to some epic lengths to get this agreed! Let's prove that it CAN be a permanent option for a venue like Fort Regent. Blkout is going to be a night of outstanding Bass and D&B music, featuring B Traits, Wilkinson, Sigma and Chase And Status. Absolutely HUGE acts for this indoor event, and if the quality is set to be anything like last year, it's going to be amazing!

Also, as soon as the sun stays out long enough for a sunny weekend, Bosa Dance at the Splash, aka the Sunday Sessions are set to start again. Last year, playing at the Splash al fresco on a Sunday was a highlight of my summer. I can't wait for the time to be right, and we can set up again down there for some more free parties. Heading into May, on Liberation Day, Rocksteady are celebrating their 7th Birthday down at the Splash. Starting with a free outdoor party with local DJs/bands for the day time celebrations, then heading inside to continue with Rocksteady residents, Ben Newman & John O’Connell, Tharindu and Danny Booth. To headline the main arena, Paul Woolford aka Special Request (Planet E/Houndstooth/Hotflush/We Love…Space / 20:20) and Finley Quaye (Even after all/ Sunday shining/ Your love gets sweeter/Multi Platinum/MOBO winner/Brit winner) are playing! Also, there are to be live acts performing downstairs TBC. Tickets and all info will be available soon. I'll be heading back down to Newquay in May to play at the Run To The Sun Festival! Last year it was my first-ever time playing to a 4,000+ crowd, so I am hugely looking forward to that! I'll be sure to include some pics in the next article. Production corner Hannah Jacques EP on Deep Freeze Records out on Traxcourse in May ‘Here I Go Then’ & ‘4440’ - Retro Techno

DJ Hannah Jacques DJ Hannah Jacques @djhannahjacques u Page22 Edition12 2014


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entertainment What’s on at Cineworld

04 April Divergent 12a

This action adventure is set in the future where people are placed in groups of similar personality types. But Tris Prior ( Shailene Woodley) is not easily slotted in as she is a ‘divergent’ and has multiple aptitudes which threatens the established order, especially when she joins the dauntless group. Kate Winslet is cast as her nemisis Jeanine Matthews.

10 April - Event Cinema The War of Four 7pm (Opens Wed 12) Thrilling documentary following the lead riders in the 2013 British Superbike Season, rated as the world's most competitive motorcycle championship.

15 April - Event Cinema RSC: Richard11 9pm 12a David Tennant stars in this re-broadcast from the Royal Shakespeare Company's stage.

24 April - Event Cinema Vikings, live from the British Museum, 7pm 12a

Vikings - yes they’re the Scandinavian pirates who used to raid us over the course of 200 years from the 8th Century. Well, there’s a lot more more to the story than that as viewers will learn in this guided live tour of the British Museum's new blockbuster Vikings exhibition. The Viking legacy runs far deeper than many may realise. The tour is presented by historian and broadcaster Michael Wood.

25 April Transcendance Ever wished you hadn’t pressed the download button? Well they do big-time in sci-fi drama Transcendance. It could mean the end of mankind! Johnny Depp plays the exceptionally brainy Dr Will Caster who is working on a form of artificial intelligence which will have the full range of human emotions. When he became terminally ill he downloads his mind into a computer and then transcends into a superbrain with an insatiable demand for power. Where will it all end? Transcendance also stars Rebecca Hall and Morgan Freeman.

26 April Tarzan, 3D Ever since Johnny Weismuller starred in the title role of MGM’s Tarzan the Ape Man in 1932, the film industry has had a love affair with the character which was created by Edgar Rice Burrough in his classic book Tarzan of the Apes. It’s about a young boy who is raised by apes. Now, 82 years on, Tarzan is portrayed in state-of-the-art 3D animation in this latest adventure which has a save-the-world theme after discovery of a new form of energy.

28 April - Event Cinema National Theatre live production of King Lear 7pm Two-time Olivia Award winner Simon Russell Beale takes the title role in this Shakespearian tragedy. The production sees the return to the NT of Oscar-winning 'American Beauty' and 'Skyfall' director Sam Mendes.

1 May - Event Cinema Royal Ballet: A Winter Tale 7.15pm World premiere of Christopher Wheeldon's ballet based on Shakespeare's romance play. His story of jealousy, hopeless love and finally forgiveness offers the opportunity to create new characters for the stage.

Page24 Edition12 2014

2 May Bad Neighbours (TBC) This comedy explores what happens when suburban tranquillity for a young married couple is shattered by a bunch of college students moving in next door. Mac Radnor (Seth Rogan) and his wife Kelly (Rose Byrne) have said farewell to their wild days and are bringing up their baby girl. All is good until students become neighbours and do what students do which involves a lot of noisy parties. It all spirals into increasingly debauched tit-for-tat feuding.

14 May - Event Cinema Henry 1V Part 1: RSC 7pm Antony Sher plays comic knight Falstaff in this new production of Shakespeare's tale of power politics.u

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AGILA 1.0 1 eco FLEX 2V S •E

lectric Fro nt Windo • MP3 CD ws Player • Remote Control C entral Lo • Front F cking og Lights

£7,995 After min. part


16V VV ASTRA 1.4 CITE X (100PS) E ditioning • Air Con y Wheels • 17” Allo rol iPod cont • USB with e Running Lights tim ay • LED D

£12,983 ad on the ro

3,000 ange of £ . part exch After min

on the road

T .8 16V VV 1 A IR F A Z XCLUSIV (120PS)ngE ditioni • Air Con dows front win c ri ct le E • able and st ju ad lly • Electrica rs ro ir m or heated do


on the road

,000 ange of £5 . part exch After min

exchange of £2,000


Freelance Jersey 01534 703300

Longueville Road St. Saviour Jersey JE2 7SA Official Government Test Environmental Data – Fuel consumption figures mpg (litres/100km) and CO2 emissions (g/km). Vauxhall Range. Urban: 16.5 (17.1)-67.3 (4.2), Extra-urban: 35.8 (7.9)-91.1 (3.1), Combined: 25.0 (11.3)-80.7 (3.5). CO2 emissions: 265-94g/km.

The above on the road prices shown are after the deduction of the minimum part exchange allowance shown on each model. Agila 1. 0 12V S is £9,995 less min. part exchange of £2,000. Astra 1.4 16V Excite is £15,983 less min. part 1.0 exchange of £3,000. Zafira 1.8 16V Exclusiv is £16,962 less min. part exchange of £5,000. The above Agila is a 1.2 SE at £11,50 7. The above Astra is a 1.4 Energy at £19,995. The above Zafira is a 1.8 Excite at £18,995. Metallic paint is £11,507. not included and will cost an additional £459. Offer only available on selected Agila, Astra And Zafira models, please call for details of these. For further details please call Freelance Jersey on 703300. The above offer is subject to availability. Vehicles must be ordered and registered by 31st March 2014. Vauxhall lifetime warranty covers lifetime ownership of the first car owner, 100,000 mile limit, annual check required. The war ranty excludes wear & tear and serviceable items and the vehicle must be serviced in accordance with warranty the manufacturer’s servicing schedule to continue the lifetime warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

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The Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited trading as NatWest (NatWest). Registered Office: P.O. Box 64, Royal Bank House, 71 Bath Street, St. Helier, Jersey JE4 8PJ. Regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Customers of NatWest are advised that National Westminster Bank plc (“NatWest plc”) provide technology support to the online banking service and this will enable NatWest plc in the UK to access your account data. In subscribing for this service, you consent to and authorise this access. Network charges may apply for Mobile Banking.

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Let us know

if you have an event for St Helier’s calendar. Email information to

3 to12 Sister Act, Opera House, 8.00pm (2.30pm on Saturdays) 4 An Evening with Martin Parr, Arts Centre, 7.30pm 4 to 5 Man in the Moon at Grand Jersey, 7.00pm 5 to 6 Vintage Fair, Liberty Wharf, 8.00am Saturday and 9.30am Sunday 9 Krapp’s Last Tape, Opera House, 1.30pm and 8.00pm 9 Phil Cunningham and Aly Bain, Arts Centre, 8.00pm 10 Vienna Piano Trio, Arts Centre, 8.00pm 12 Jersey Symphony Orchestra Easter Concert, Fort Regent, 8.00pm 13 Met Opera: Puccini’s La Boheme (Encore Screening), Opera House, 6.00pm 15 to16 Humpty Dumpty, Opera House, 11.00am and 2.00pm 20 Berlin Philharmonic Easter Concert, Opera House, 5.00pm 23 Youtheatre Meet and Greet, Old Magistrate’s Court, 6.00pm 24 Vikings Live From The British Museum, Opera House, 7.00pm 23 Psychic Sally, Fort Regent, 7.00pm 25 Mark Thomas: 100 Acts Of Minor Dissent, Opera House, 8.00pm 26 International Staff Band of The Salvation Army, Opera House, 7.30pm 27 Met Opera: Cosi Fan Tutte (Encore Screening), Opera House, 6.00pm

May 1 National Theatre Live: King Lear (Live Screening), Opera House, 7.00pm 1to10 Annie: Jersey Amateur Dramatic Club, Arts Centre, 7.30pm and 2.30pm matinees 3 Russell Kane: Smallness, Opera House, 8.00pm Charlie farley's:Layout 1 06/04/2009 17:13 Page 1

We are currently recruiting QUALIFIED NURSERY NURSES - ALL GRADES

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With a one-off blitz or a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly clean. We also offer an ironing service. Any alternative job considered Tel:726589 or Mobile: 07797 780784 email:

If you are committed to following a career in child care why not contact either... Sarah de Jesus - Manager Charlie Farley's T:731224 E: Sharon Bosio - Manager, Charlie Farley's Too T:610519 E:

Photo engraving,

remember someone who has touched your life forever or give a gift that will be treasured

NURSERY ‘Fairfields’, Norcott Road, St. Saviour, Jersey JE2 7PS, Channel Islands. Telephone: 01534 731224

NURSERY 89 St Saviour’s Road, St. Helier, Jersey JE2 4GJ, Channel Islands. Telephone: 01534 610519

With Compliments

11 Caledonian Place, The Weighbridge St Helier, Jersey JE2 3NG

Tel: 766845 Page26 Edition12 2014

With Compliments

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Technical solutions. Quality service.


turn to

ELECTRIC Ask a bout o ur



60 monthly payments of:


A fully integrated heating and hot water system, including hot water, 7 radiators and all associated controls.



Replace your existing electric, gas or oil fired system boiler.



Replace your existing gas or oil fired Combi boiler.




Supplied and installed from fr om only:


with high efficiency electric boilers

(new high efficiency hot water tank also included).

All prices subject to sur vey and status.

For a FREE home sur vey please call our Customer Care Team Team on 505460 or visit


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Switching takes minutes and you can keep your number!


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A web optimised version of Capital 12

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