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SHORT SALE SUPER SUMMIT & EXPO Participating Boards & Non-Profits

RIVERSIDE CONVENTION CENTER 3443 Orange St Downtown Near the Mission Inn TUESDAY • JUNE 7th • 8:30am-4:30pm

FREE EVENT Everyone Welcome!!! A business card gets you in. This event will give you MORE information in one day than if you spent thousands of dollars attending other events and conventions.

Just a Few Exhibitors Bank of America Wells Fargo National Quick Sale PRMG American Signature Escrow New Dimensions Escrow Open Houses Inc US Bank Acquisition Solutions



Register @

FEATURED SPEAKERS Bob Irish Broker/Owner Short Sale Gallery Bob has become a voice of the Southern California Real Estate market in addressing the needs of the real estate professional, as well as the consumer in his writings for the Press Enterprise.

Jacob Swodeck Broker/Owner Short Sale Matrix Jacob and his team have gained national recognition as a speaker and trainer on the topic of short sales. Since the ‘90s, his team has closed over 1000 short sales.

Chris Sorensen, DRE Author/Presenter H.E.L.P. Founder Chris has created the Financial Literacy program adopted by the DRE and the State University system to teach our young men and women.

Bubba Mills — Five Star REO & Short Sale Trainer — His unending desire to equip agents and brokers with the skills to help them in the REO and Short Sale space is admirable. Nabil Captan — Academy of Credit Education — DRE and FICO Instructor. He has developed proprietary training methods approved by the State of California DRE, in conjunction with Fair Isaac Corporation, or FICO, to help the real estate professional. More speakers are being added as the excitement and momentum for this event continues to grow throughout Southern California. A collaborative of real estate leaders has never chosen to cooperate with each other in this fashion before. Let the Healing of the Real Estate Industry Begin……. Contact Southern California Real Estate Professionals at 951-522-6296 or at

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All About SoCal Rep

‘Your Mission is

Success through Collaboration! Imagine an industry where companies decided not to compete with each other? By putting the best of the best together, in an effort to improve an industry, its amazing of what COULD and will happen as this non-profit collaborative grows in 2011 and beyond. You will experience as industry leaders and participants come together to actually make a difference in the way business is conducted, ethically and with full transparency! As we understand that there are countless people that need help in the current economic environment, the group is committed to actively donating to various local charities at the end of each event. If you’re a Southern California Real Estate Professional, who wishes to grow and improve your real estate practice, while helping others, this is the organization that you want to be a part of!

Our Mission’ Why SoCal Rep? Why now?

‘It Is About the Mission, Not the Money’

SoCal Rep is a non-profit collaborative designed to address the need for a higher level of participation from other non-profit agencies that lack the educational content, marketing power, and ability to reach a larger cadre of real estate professionals who are constantly being barraged by ineffective events that fail to deliver on the promise of ‘effective’ training. SoCal Rep is an umbrella designed to help other non-profit organizations grow each of their individual chapter memberships. During times of distress, as we are currently experiencing, it is imperative that the leaders of an industry gather together in helping heal and improve their respective industry in a way that the unethical players are weeded out. SoCal Rep will be a leader with the guidance of its other founding members and business partners.

Giving Back to the Community Half of the monies over and above the cost of the event will be donated to Habitat for Humanity.


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Short Sale Gallery, Riverside CA Bob Irish, a real estate broker and recognized short sale expert, has been serving Southern California since 2003. He currently owns Lake Hills Realty and Short Sale Gallery in Riverside, California. Bob’s past experience includes teaching, mentoring and a licensed insurance adjuster for the past 20 years. He graduated from California State University Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business. He currently oversees a team of sales agents and negotiators, who work directly with numerous banks which Bob has cultivated relationship’s to achieve the best results for Bob the homeowner. Writing weekly articles for the Saturday Irish Homes section for the Press Enterprise that outlines various scenarios dealing with the economic climate and instability in the current housing market has made him a recognized and trusted figure in the community. Adding Commercial Short Sales to his repertoire, will allow Bob to expand and build its portfolio within a relatively unknown industry.

“If you think

Short Sale Matrix Claremont CA

hiring a

Jacob Swodeck , PSC is one of the top active agents in the country who has closed over 1,000 short sale transactions since his real estate career began more than 11 years ago. Jacob has been able to grow his real estate business exponentially utilizing social media platforms, blogging, and internet marketing strategies. He has also earned the reputation as one of the top national trainers on the subject of short sales that has personally trained over 20,000 real estate professionals. Jacob is the author of a national short sale designation that has over 6,000 members and is currently the Director of Education for PartnerFirst, which is a national agent network specializing in pre-foreclosure training.

professional is expensive, wait till you hire an Jacob Swodeck

H.E.L.P. Founder Temecula CA HELP Founder Chris Sorensen is a twenty plus year Real Estate and Banking Expert. He was a Former Mayor and has completed extensive research on today’s issues. He is a NeighborWorks approved contract trainer. He has passed his FDIC clearance and is the creator/lead educator for the California Financial Literacy Program. Chris has been trained by the U.S. Treasury, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD. He is your expert and will offer insight and explanations that you have not heard before. The HELP Program approved and funded by the Riverside County Economic Development Agency under direction from the Riverside County Board of Supervisors.

Chris Sorensen

amateur” - Red Adair

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Mailing Address Southern California Real Estate Professionals 3410 La Sierra Ave #F519 Riverside, CA 92503 Phone Number (951) 522-6296

Bob Irish 951-313-6080 Thanks to Our Sponsors Exhibitors/Vendors $250 per table Non-Profits $0 per table with dissemination of event info to respective membership databases

Jacob Swodeck (909) 973-4011

Chris Sorensen

ASG Founder, The HELP Program

(909) 262-0452 Direct

Aquisition Solutions Group

(949) 274-8950

Short Sale Trainer Major Sponsor $1,000 per Wall Space

Bubba Mills

Corporate Sponsorships Available Phone: 760-271-8877


Short Sale Super Summit & Expo