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A Visit to St. Croix PHOTO © DON HEBERT

St. Croix the Big Island al Collection

Photo: Library of Congress, Digit


t. Croix was first inhabited more than 2,000 years ago by the Arawak Indians, but it was the hostile Carib Indians that met Christopher Columbus when he dropped anchor at Salt River in 1493. The Dutch, English and a handful of French Protestants were the first European settlers, arriving around 1625. They coexisted for a short time–until the Dutch governor killed the English governor, then was killed himself in retaliation. For the rest of the 17th century, there was a succession of power plays, skirmishes and battles. The island changed hands several times, ruled in turns by the English, the Spanish, the Knights of Malta, the French, and finally the Danish, who joined St. Croix with St. Thomas and St. John to form a royal colony. Due to sugar and rum production and the island’s participation in the slave trade, an era of incredible growth ensued, and St. Croix became one of the wealthiest islands in the West Indies.


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The economy took a sharp nosedive when cheaper beet sugar caused a decline in sugarcane exports and Governor General Peter von Scholten abolished slavery in 1848. The latter half of the 1800s was filled with change and rebellion before the purchase of the colony by the U.S. in 1917. It wasn’t until the 1950s that St. Croix started to see any significant economic improvements. Although agriculture still plays a major role in the island’s economy, tourism is now the leading industry, its beautiful beaches and balmy seas taking center stage.


Christiansted enjoys a natural harbor, and has been an important seaport since the 1700s. It was at one time the colony’s capital city and is filled with colonial buildings and churches. Be sure to visit the Christiansted National Historic Site and Government House, built in 1747, with its grand welcoming arms staircase.

Frederiksted has also earned its place in history. It was here that the emancipation of slaves was proclaimed in 1848. There are several colonial sites to visit throughout the town, such as Fort Frederik, built in 1752, just steps from the modern day Frederiksted Pier cruise ship dock.

Other Points of Interest

Whim Plantation Museum This authentic Danish sugar estate great house and factory ruins date back to the 1700s. The Lawaetz Family Museum An18th century estate house, ruins and a garden. Estate Little Princess Historical tours are offered of ruins, a windmill and the great house. Estate La Grange Visit the marketplace in a historic rum factory and sugar plantation. Estate Mount Washington Self-guided tours of this 13-acre property are available, the island’s best-preserved sugar plantation, built in the early 1700s.

ruzan Rum Distillery World-renowned C state-of-the-art rum distillery, as well as the ruins, of the original sugar mill and plantation built in 1760. Captain Morgan’s Visitor Center Displays from the early rum industry, tours, interactive learning screens, a bar and a shop at the Captain Morgan rum distillery. Tropical Rainforest The 15-acre rainforest north of Frederiksted features several trails for a day of hiking. Salt River Bay National Historic Park and Ecological Preserve Coral reefs, a submarine canyon, mangroves, wildlife, ruins and Columbus’ landing spot make this St. Croix’s top attraction. Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort & Casino and Hotel Caravelle offer video gaming, table games and poker tournaments. Point Udall A striking monument marks the easternmost point in the United States.


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The Christiansted National Historic Site


long the waterfront, the 7-acre Christiansted National Historic Site includes five preserved structures exemplifying the Danish way of life from the mid 1700s until the island’s transfer to the U.S. in 1917. Visit for a National Park Service self-guided tour brochure. Fort Christiansvaern, built in 1749, guards storehouse, town hall, hospital and school. the waterfront, protecting the town from The Scale House was erected in 1856 pirates, privateers and slave uprisings, to regulate trade. Imports and exports, though not a single cannon was ever shot. particularly rum and sugar, were inspected It is the best preserved of the 5 remaining and weighed in the scale room. Danish forts in the West Indies. Used at The Danish West India & Guinea Company times as a police station, a courthouse and Warehouse, built in 1749, served as for religious services, it is now a museum the company’s offices and storerooms. The yard was the site of slave auctions. featuring military exhibits. The Steeple Building was the island’s first Founding father Alexander Hamilton Lutheran church, built in 1753. The worked here as a young man. 1796 steeple became a landmark for The Customs House built in 1841 and mariners entering the harbor. When the contained the government’s offices to congregation moved in 1831, it served a collect taxes on imports and exports for the variety of functions, including a bakery, crown. The post office was located upstairs. PHOTO © DON HEBERT


The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs: Print Collection, The New York Public Library. “Christianstæd paa St: Croix.” The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1839.


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passionate food local rhythm simple elegance Fresh, locally sourced ingredients creatively composed, one-of-a-kind cocktails & wines, and unparalleled service. balter is the new standard when it comes to Crucian hospitality. 340-719-5896 39A QUEEN CROSS ST, CHRISTIANSTED, VI


The Danish Connection

enmark has played a prominent role in Virgin Islands history and the two retain close ties today. Colonization by the Danes started in 1665, and by 1754, the islands were named a Danish royal colony, with Christiansted as the original capital. It remained so until 1917, when the islands were purchased by the United States for $25 million. Though U.S. Virgin Islanders this year commemorate 100 years of the transfer to U.S. rule, the Danish influence can easily be recognized throughout the islands. Many streets, towns, neighborhoods, forts and other historic sites have Danish names, and Danish surnames are common among island families. The Friends of Denmark Society is active in keeping the friendship between Denmark and the U.S. Virgin Islands alive. Chapters are found on both St. Thomas and St. Croix, likewise, a

West Indies Society was formed in Denmark. Trips between the two alternate, with host members welcoming their Danish or West Indian friends into their homes. The organizations also work together to promote concerts, plan cultural events and assist each other with historic research. Photos: Library of Congress, Digital Collection

As you stroll thru the streets of Christiansted head towards the boardwalk and you’ll find the unique shops of King’s Alley Walk. You’ll find beautiful, handmade jewelry at Chaney Chicks along with other up-cycled gifts and art. Then all Skallywags are called to Barefoot Pirate Rum Ball Shack where you can relax and rejuvenate with snow cones, with or without rum, delicious homemade ice cream, hot dogs, cotton candy and much more. If that’s not enough, follow the signs to Barefoot Pirate Grab & Go where you can grab a fresh sandwich, sweet treat or a signature pirate t-shirt and other pirate treasures. Oops, you dropped your phone in the water, iTekPlanet is the place for all your electronic needs. Then when your afternoon of shopping is complete head to You are Here for the best pizza in the Caribbean.


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Chaney Chicks Island Gifts


Beautifully wire-wrapped jewelry from the beaches of St Croix. Christiansted, Kings Alley just steps from the boardwalk 770-910-5469

New Orleans-style Snow Balls • Over 25 flavors to choose • Add a shot of Cruzan Rum


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Breakfast • Lunch • Coffee Bar & a view of Christiansted Harbor. Off the Boardwalk in Kings Alley Open every day but Tuesday, 8am-8pm. Sundays 8am-6pm.

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Great Food! Great Fun! Great Times!

Home of the “Best Pizza” in the Caribbean! In Kings Alley just off the Boardwalk



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History and Nature, a St. Croix Legacy Buck Island Reef National Monument Just outside Christiansted’s harbor is one of St. Croix’s most popular swimming and snorkeling spots. Buck Island Reef National Monument features an underwater marked trail exploring the eastern tip of an elkhorn coral barrier reef teeming with more than 250 species of colorful fish. On land, Turtle Beach has been considered one of the world’s most beautiful beaches by National Geographic, and the island is a nesting ground for endangered Leatherback, Hawksbill and green turtles. Buck Island is only accessible by tour boat or private boat. There are no facilities on Buck Island, so be sure to bring your own water and snacks or join an excursion that includes a lunch stop on St. Croix. Visit for information.

St. George Village Botanical Garden Nature and history intertwine during a visit to the St. George Village Botanical Garden. More than 1,500 native and exotic species of plants, spread throughout the 16-acre estate. Discover the ruins of a 19th century Danish sugar plantation and a 2,000-year old Amerindian settlement, both registered with the National Registry of Historic Sites. Themed gardens highlight the cultural and historical value of the plants as food, medicine, fiber, color dyes, and building materials. More than 5,000 dried and pressed indigenous plant specimens are found in the Herbarium Collection and the historic collection includes artifacts from the pre-Columbian and plantation eras and 500plus volumes on Caribbean flora and history. Events are held in the St. George Village, such as workshops and educational presentations, plant sales, art shows, a summer mango festival and an Earth Day EcoFair, visit for information.

Whim Museum St. Croix’s sole remaining 18th century sugar plantation, the Whim Museum offers an intimate perspective on daily colonial life. Visit the restored great house, slave quarters, mill and factory complex. In the central yard, an interactive living museum sponsored by the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism and The St. Croix Landmarks Society, includes presentations of calypso music, basketweaving, shell carvings, mat weaving, candy making, local cooking demonstrations, baking and more, using traditional methods passed on through the generations. A cultural tradition-bearer certification for youths was also initiated as part of the living museum program, passing knowledge of cultural preservation and historic interpretation from local elders to local youths. Visit for more information. PHOTOS © DON HEBERT

Shopping in the charming boutiques of historic downtown Christiansted and

Frederiksted is irresisitible. Explore quaint shops and galleries featuring an appealing selection of fashions, beachwear, souvenirs, handmade soaps and skin care, handcrafted jewelry and stunning local art. Christiansted’s boardwalk is the place to go for a leisurely shopping stroll or to relax at a seaside café. Adjacent to Frederiksted’s cruise ship pier, ramble through the colorful town for fun souvenirs. For day-to-day items, there’s Gallow’s Bay and Sunny Isle Shopping Center, and most resorts and attractions offer their own gift shop.

JOYIA INSPIRATIONAL JEWELRY Queen Cross Street, Christiansted 340-713-4JOY (4569)

Joyia Inspirational Jewelry invites you to their family operated studio where they handcraft jewelry using silver, gold, and precious stones. Set your intention with free engraving which allows you to customize your Joyia jewelry with an inspirational word, name, or date. Check out their collection of one-of-a-kind antique spoon jewelry. Jump on the trend of mixing metals with their stackable rings and bangles. Friend them on Facebook! Mon-Sat 10am-5pm.

Silver & Gold Fine Jewelry

SB JEWELERS Sunny Isle Shopping Center 340-778-3111

Located in the Sunny Isle Shopping Center, SB Jewelers has been your trusted jeweler since 1986. Let the friendly staff help you find the perfect hand crafted hook bracelet in silver, gold, or titanium. They have a great selection of watches, colored gemstones, and beautiful diamonds to fit any budget. SB Jewelers also has a large selection of both Virgin Islands and St. Croix charms. Stop by to find the ideal gift with their large selection of souvenirs. SB Jewelers, your one stop gift shop.

PERFECTION JEWELERS Sunny Isle Shopping Center 340-778-4653

Your trusted duty free shop for all your jewelry and gift needs. Family owned for 25 years, they’re your island jeweler with the best selection and prices of 14kt gold jewelry, the largest selection of chains, pendants, earrings, gemstones, wedding bands, and the widest selection of handmade hook bracelets. They proudly carry fashionable timepieces such as Seiko, Pulsar, Giorgio Milano and many more. Perfection also has the largest fragrance and Ray Ban sunglass collection on island. Perfection, where luxury and artistry meet.

S B Jewelers Since 1986

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PERFECTI N JEWELERS Where Luxury & Artistry Meet

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Gold | Silver | Gemstones | Watches Chains | Accessories | Fragrances 21 & 22 Sunny Isle Shopping Center Christiansted, St. Croix 340-778-4653|

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St. Croix’s Beaches dive shop gift shop chair rental

water sports equipment rentals music


picnic tables



parking snorkeling

& beverages


restrooms/changing facilities surfing




Snorkeling Conditions: Excellent, snorkel trail Location: Northeastern shore, Accessible by boat only

Snorkeling Conditions: Good Location: (also known as Fort Frederick Beach) Just north of the Frederiksted Pier



Snorkeling Conditions: Fair Location: 3 beaches east of Christiansted at the Buccanneer Hotel. Nominal charge for parking on resort property for non-resort guests

( for hotel guest use only) Snorkeling Conditions: Good Location: North shore at the Palms at Pelican Cove Resort

CANE BAY BEACH Snorkeling Conditions: Excellent Location: North Shore Road (Route 80) CRAMER’S PARK

PROTESTANT CAY Snorkeling Conditions: Good Location: A short ferry ride from Christiansted, home of Hotel on the Cay RAINBOW BEACH

Snorkeling Conditions: Good Location: North Shore, far East End DAVIS BAY BEACH ( for hotel guest use only) Snorkeling Conditions: Excellent Location: (also known as Carambola Beach) Renaissance Carambola Beach Resort BLUE FLAG CERTIFICATION from the Foundation for Environmental Education, attest that beaches have safe water, clean sand and play an educational role in the community.

Water Sports

Snorkeling Conditions: Good Location: Western shore, north of Frederiksted TAMARIND REEF BEACH Snorkeling Conditions: Excellent Location: Tamarind Reef Resort, east of Christiansted on Route 82

You’ll run out of vacation days well before you run out of beaches on St. Croix, and there’s plenty of action under and over the waves. The best way to combine sand and sea is with a full-day or half-day sail, stopping in remote bays and some of the top spots for snorkelling and sunbathing. Diving is another of the island’s most popular pastimes, delving the depths of grottos, wrecks, piers and walls. Both kayaking and standup paddle-boarding are ideal for beginners, or go for some excitement with a jet ski tour, flyboarding and even hang gliding to the beach. If total relaxation is your goal, several beaches offer beach chair, umbrella and water toy rentals.


Tamarind Reef & Green Cay Marina has it all. Voted one of the top beaches on St. Croix, beachgoers can enjoy watersports such as snorkeling and paddle boarding. For the more adventurous, kayak to Green Cay Wildlife Refuge which is a 14 acre refuge established in 1977 to protect the endangered St. Croix ground lizard. Thirty thousand conch shells buried under this volcanic island tells us of the islands human use. Before you head out to the refuge, fuel up at The New Deep End Bar where they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner 365 days a year. Want something more exciting? Take a fishing adventure on Forever & Always where you get to keep your catch! After a day of fun, relax at The Galleon known for their beautiful marina view and delicious culinary cuisine.

Water Sports

Quit Wishing - Go Fishing! Keep Your Catch! Licensed Captains Offshore & Near-shore Fishing Professional CHARTERS Guides

340-244-1335 • Green Cay Marina • Tamarind Reef Resort


Great Food, Great Fun and voted #1 Entertaining Bar on St. Croix! Happy Hour

Daily 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.





On the Beach at the Tamarind Reef Resort



Enjoy marina sunset dining on our new outdoor deck.


Open 7 nights a Week | Sunday Brunch Happy Hour 4-6pm | 340-718-9948




on St. Croix is all about farm-to-table freshness. Enjoy the robust flavors of fresh local ingredients in creative cuisine that spans the culinary gamut, from a simple burger to a four-course dinner by world-renowned chefs. Try local dishes with international style or global cuisine with a Caribbean twist. From humble roadside stands to breezy boardwalk cafes and upscale resort eateries, dining on St. Croix is a unique experience. LA REINE CHICKEN SHACK Rte. 75 Off Centerline Rd. in La Reine 340-778-5717

The Best Barbeque on St. Croix! Its great taste comes from a special seasoning and slow roasting over a coal filled open pit. Enjoy BBQ chicken, ribs, steak, pork chops, meatloaf, conch, fish, and traditional sides like mac-n-cheese, rice and beans, and the BEST Johnny Cakes. Fresh whole roasted pork every Saturday, along with a full bar. Experience true island culture with the hospitable staff and friendly patrons, making this outdoor restaurant one of a kind. Open 7 days a week.

YOU ARE HERE BAR & GRILLE In Kings Alley, Off the Boardwalk, Christiansted 340-713-0246

The atmosphere at You Are Here is unique, fun, and upbeat merging local and continental culture. Owner, Andrew Havanchak, moved to St. Croix six years ago, fell in love, and decided to build on it! Known for the “Best Pizza” in the Caribbean, their menu also offers food that is both quick and savory. Enjoy the free WiFi and power strip at the bar for plug-ins. It is home of the largest World Map on island so you’ll always know where You Are... when You Are Here!

St. Croix Food and Wine Experience



Centennial Edition

Taste of St. Croix gathers more than 50 of the island’s best local caterers, chefs, vendors, specialty chefs, baristas and bartenders in a culinary competition showcasing exceptional local talent. Held in April at the Divi Carina Bay Resort, it is the highlight of the weeklong St. Croix Food and Wine Experience, featuring tastings, gourmet dinners, demonstrations and more, and is considered one of the finest international food and wine events by Forbes Traveler.



PLAZA EXTRA EAST 340-778-6240 Peter’s Rest

Great Price. Right Value. With great low prices, Plaza Extra East features thousands of your favorite grocery store brands as well as foreign specialty foods, bulk packaged items, a full service bakery, deli, and prime meat counter. Plaza offers a large produce section featuring fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, including locally grown items. In addition to a wide selection of wine and spirits, Plaza Extra East is also home to Doctors Choice Pharmacy. Conveniently located in Peter’s Rest.

SEASIDE MARKET & DELI 2001 Estate Mt. Welcome, Christiansted 340-719-9393

St. Croix’s only gourmet market! With a full service bakery and deli, Seaside offers madeto-order sandwiches, fresh breads, deli meats, and a variety of sweet treats. Shop Seaside for a huge selection of wines, gourmet cheeses, specialty food items, and the freshest meat and seafood on island. Hungry now? Seaside features a variety of convenient, ready-made foods including a fresh soup and salad bar, and a buffet featuring hot entrees and sides. Enjoy a large selection of fresh produce, including local selections, and your favorite coffee drinks, fresh squeezed juices and smoothies. PHOTO COURTESY OF SEASIDE MARKET DELI

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Things to Do on St. Croix SUNSET JAZZ Bring your blanket or lawn chair and settle in for a lovely two-hour concert on Frederiksted’s waterfront with Sunset Jazz and More. Held the third Friday of the month, the free concerts feature jazz as well as quelbe jazz fusion, Motown and big band tunes, all with a gorgeous Caribbean sunset as the backdrop. Facebook page: SunSetJazzInFrederiksted. Head to Christiansted on the last Friday of the month for the free Jazz in the Park on the lawn of Fort Christianvaern featuring local and international jazz musicians. A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES Pack a picnic and enjoy the show! St. Croix Movies at the Fort features a free family friendly movie on the last Saturday of the month, held on the lawns of Ft. Christianvaern, Christiansted. Facebook page: StCroixMoviesAtTheFort CRAB RACES An old island tradition, Tito and Sue’s soldier crab races provide lots of sporting fun for the entire family, from the official starting kazoo to the cheers at the finish line. Pick and name your crab and see how he fairs against the other crabby competitors! Races are held around 5 p.m. Mondays on the Christiansted Boardwalk, Wednesdays at the Divi Carina Bay Resort and Fridays at the Deep End Bar & Grill. AGRICULTURAL FAIR Agrifest, the largest agricultural fair in the territory, is held each February on the Fairgrounds in Estate Lower Love. The three-day event includes a farmers market, plant sales, tasty local dishes, agricultural exhibit, locally made crafts and more. Live music is featured all day and kids can enjoy donkey cart rides, horse rides and lots of fun games TRIATHLON The 29th annual Captain Morgan Ironman 70.3 Triathlon, held in May, is on the bucket list for many triathlon athletes. Known as “Beauty and the Beast,” this scenic course includes a 1.24-mile swim, a 56-mile bike course and a 13.1-mile run. To slay the “Beast,” bikers must overcome a brutal 600-foot bike climb. A shorter Caribbean Sprint offers Beauty without the Beast. JUMP UPS Part block party and part street fair, quarterly Jump Ups keep the Carnival going throughout the year in Christiansted! Sponsored by the Christiansted Restaurant and Retailers Association, the town comes alive for a vibrant night of local food, drinks, street vendors, music, dancing and mocko jumbies. Stores and restaurants remain open late for a full night of partying. Facebook page: CRRA–Christiansted Retail & Restaurant Association HAMILTON MUSEUM The Georgian-style house is a reconstruction of his original home, built in 1680 and destroyed during a mid-19th earthquake. Alexander Hamilton lived on St. Croix between 1765 and 1772 (age 8-15). Hamilton’s mother Rachael died in 1768. Hamilton worked as a mercantile clerk. The firms partners provided Hamilton with funds to attend college on the North American mainland. He left St. Croix in 1772, before the Revolutionary War.


Centennial Edition

Rachael Fawcett Levine (1736-1768) tombstone, St.Croix Photo © Don Hebert

2017 St. Croix Calendar *

*Events subject to change without notice. Confirm date and location at the event website listed.


APRIL 2017

Caribbean Community Theatre

6 Crucian Christmas Carnival Children’s Parade Frederiksted 7 Crucian Christmas Carnival Adult’s Parade Frederiksted

JULY 2017

Mar 24-25; 1, 7-8 The Art of Dining

6 A Taste of St. Croix

22 8th Annual St. Croix Scenic 50 Marathon Christiansted

7-10 St. Croix Food and Wine Experience


30 Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir, a Choral Salute to the USVI Centennial 2017

10-11,17-18, 24-25 Into the Wood Caribbean

Community Theatre

11-13 AGRIFEST 2016

45th Annual St. Croix Agriculture & Food Fair Agricultural Fairgrounds

17 Centennial Concert Kick-Off


MAY 2017


7 Centennial Storytelling & Folklore Christiansted


29 Centennial Closing Ceremonies Sunset Jazz in the Park

5-6, 12-13, 19-20 One Slight Hitch

Jazz in the Park Christiansted


MARCH 2017

JUNE 2017

Christiansted www.stpatricksdayparadestcroixvi. com

Association for Caribbean Archeology Congress Divi Carina Bay Resort

7 Captain Morgan Ironman 70.3 St. Croix Race

Caribbean Community Theatre

17 Centennial Expo Christiansted 18 St. Patrick’s Day Parade

3 Centennial Arts and Crafts Fair Frederiksted 24-29 St. Croix Archeology Society 27th International

9-10, 16-17, 23-14 Eclipsed

Caribbean Community Theatre

Frederiksted, third Friday of every month last Friday of every month

KEEP OUR ISLANDS CLEAN. Use trash receptacles located throughout our islands.

30 Copenhagen Brass Ensemble Island Center for the Performing Arts

The Art Scene

Frederiksted Flags Photo © Don Hebert

Leave it to St. Croix to find another great excuse for a party! Art appreciation is a favorite pastime on the island, and there are many local artists, galleries and studios overflowing with island-inspired paintings, ceramics, photography, glass, fine carpentry, fabric arts, handcrafted jewelry and much more. Frederiksted: The Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts The Center showcases several exhibits throughout the year, and offers classes, performances, discussions and an artist in residence program. Visit their waterfront galleries or stop by the gift shop for their annual Island Art & Soul calendar. Visit for more information. Christiansted: Art Thursday Gallery Walk On the third Thursday of the month, November through May, artists open their galleries and studios from 5-8 pm in Christiansted to share their talent and creative designs. Many will feature a new exhibit or guest artists. Enjoy lively music and complimentary refreshments as you stroll through town and discover beautiful paintings, photography, sculpture, jewelry and other fine crafts by established and emerging artists. Visit for more information.

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Photo courtesy of Tamarind Reef Resort & Spa



53 Prince St., Frederiksted | Tel: 340-227-9853 Beautifully restored Historic Danish Building in Frederiksted, only blocks from the beautiful west end beaches and spectacular SCUBA Diving off the pier. Half acre secure, gated courtyard with new swimming pool. Six all new completely remodeled studio and one bedroom units with full kitchens. Wifi, Dishnet or Netflix, LED Hi-Def TV’s, memory foam mattresses, fully furnished kitchens, linens and towels. Rates starting from $100/night. Owner operated and live onsite.

HOLGER DANSKE HOTEL | 1200 King Cross Street, Christiansted | Tel: 340-773-3600 Conveniently located on the boardwalk in the heart of historic Christiansted. The award-winning restaurant and pool deck overlook the picturesque harbor where fishing, snorkeling, scuba and sailing are at your doorstep. The beach is just a short ferry ride away. Room amenities include AC, Satellite TV, FREE WiFi, in-room safe, refrigerator and microwave or kitchenette, coffee maker, hair dryer, iron and board, and large balcony.

TAMARIND REEF RESORT, SPA & GREEN CAY MARINA 5001 Tamarind Reef, St. Croix | Tel: 800-619-0014 This intimate 40-room property (all with ocean view and private patio/ balcony) features full amenities including a sparkling pool, numerous water sports, fitness center, tennis, award-winning restaurants and spa. Guests can enjoy a relaxing massage on the beach, snorkel along one of the best reefs in the Virgin Islands or kayak to Green Cay. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the 154-slip marina with boating charters footsteps away. Perfect for couples, families, executives and weddings.


Centennial Edition

ST. CROIX HOTELS, RESORTS AND VILLAS ARAWAK BAY: THE INN AT SALT RIVER 340-772-1684 877-261-5385 THE BUCCANEER 340-712-2100 800-255-3881 CANE BAY COTTAGES 340-718-9913 800-338-3843 CARIBBEAN BREEZE APARTMENTS AND VACATION HOMES 340-227-9853 CARRINGTONS INN 877-784-6835 CHENAY BAY BEACH RESORT 340-718-2918 CLUB ST. CROIX 340-718-4800 800-524-2025 COLONY COVE 340-718-1965 800-524-2025 COMPANY HOUSE HOTEL 340-773-1377 COTTAGES BY THE SEA 340-772-0495 800-323-7252 CRUZAN CLASSIC #7 GRANARD 340-332-2682 CRUZAN SANDS VILLA 972-747-7575 DISCOVERY GROVE 340-642-8322 DIVI CARINA BAY RESORT & CASINO 340-773-9700 877-773-9700 FREDERIKSTED HOTEL 340-772-0500 HOLGER DANSKE HOTEL 340-773-3600 877-465-4373

HOTEL CARAVELLE 340-773-0687 800-524-0410 HOTEL ON THE CAY 340-773-2035 855-654-0301 HOTEL ST. CROIX 340-773-0210 877-773-0210 KINGS ALLEY HOTEL 340-773-0103 800-843-3574 KING CHRISTIAN HOTEL 340-773-6330 MILL HARBOUR CONDOMINIUMS 800-351-3301 MT. VICTORY ECO CAMP 340-201-7983 NORTHSIDE VALLEY 340-772-0558 PALMS AT PELICAN COVE 340-718-8920 800-548-4460 RENAISSANCE ST. CROIX CARAMBOLA BEACH RESORT & SPA 340-778-3800 SAND CASTLE ON THE BEACH 340-772-1205 800-524-2018 SUGAR BEACH CONDO RESORT 340-718-5345 800-524-2049 TAMARIND REEF RESORT & SPA 340-718-4455 800-619-0014 THE WAVES AT CANE BAY 340-718-1815 VACATION ST. CROIX 340-718-0361 877-788-0361 VILLA DAWN 303-888-7288

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Places to Explore presents a travel guide to St. Croix, USVI featuring, shopping, dining, sightseeing, activities and more.


Places to Explore presents a travel guide to St. Croix, USVI featuring, shopping, dining, sightseeing, activities and more.