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Publisher’s Letter “Virgin Islands so nice, so nice…” The official theme for Virgin Islands Tourism, a tune by V.I. superstar Pressure, perfectly captures the pride of the Virgin Islands. With a vibrant culture, rich history and astounding natural beauty, it’s easy to see why Virgin Islanders “live a joyful life.” Welcome! Explore the many sights and sounds that make the U.S. Virgin Islands a unique and captivating vacation destination. Bask in the ever-present sun or frolic in Rita Jones and Jennifer Sibilly the cool, clear waters. Take a hike through our lush tropical forests or immerse yourself in our colorful history of pirates, Danish forts, sugar mills and other historic sites. Jam in the sands to the sounds of exciting local music or dine in our growing international and local culinary scenes. Shop for duty-free luxury items or discover the vibrant colors of island-inspired art and handmade local crafts. Voted the Best Visitor Publication in the U.S. Virgin Islands for 12 years, Places to Explore St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix assembles all the information you’ll need to make the most of your stay. Find the best in shopping, dining and activities. Our directory is a quick reference for any services you may need, and our maps will lead you to the islands’ favorite attractions. Visit for an up-todate on line version or download the free Places to Explore App on your smart phone. Enjoy your time in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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PLACES TO EXPLORE is published by Media Marketing, Inc. • Professional Building Suite #10, St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. 00802 • 340-774-0920 • Contents copyright © 2019 by Media Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. May not be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher. All prices and dates contained within PLACES TO EXPLORE are subject to change without notice. Publisher assumes no responsibility for the return of unsolicited photographs or articles and may use them at the publisher’s discretion. Such materials are submitted at the risk of the photographer/author. Media Marketing, Inc. is not responsible for any advertiser temporarily closing or going out of business, nor is Media Marketing, Inc. responsible for any personal injury that may occur as a result of the inherent risks associated with any of the activities advertised in this publication. In 2017 hurricanes Irma and Maria severely damaged some of our local landmarks, activities, hotels and businesses. Although most are now either fully or partially operational, as of this publishing, full restoration is not yet complete. Many plan to have repairs completed during the time span of this issue. Please call or visit the website of any destination you plan to visit to be sure all activities are operational. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Rolex Boutique

Diamonds International

Tudor Watches

Little Switzerland

Luryx Duty-Free*

MK Diamond Boutique

MAC Boutique

Rado / Tissot Boutique

Chanel Boutique Lladro Boutique Swarovski Boutique Fresh Produce Hot Look Sunglasses The Print Gallery

Swatch Boutique Turkish Grand Bazaar

MALL Experience Premier Duty Free Shopping and Old World Charm at the AH Riise Mall

Café Amici Calypso Café VI Ice Cream Co.

Belgian Chocolate Factory

*perfume, cosmetics, skincare, liquor and tobacco AH Riise Mall is located in Downtown Charlotte Amalie AHRiiseMall

Photo © Don Hebert

Table of Contents VIRGIN ISLANDS WELCOME Getting to Know the Islands........... 14 History............................................ 18 Carnival.......................................... 20 Island Pride.................................... 22 Destination Weddings.................... 56 ST. THOMAS Shopping....................................... 24 Car Rentals.................................... 60 Downtown Walking Tour.............. 64 Island Tour Attractions................. 70 Land Activities.............................. 80 St. Thomas Events......................... 82 Dining and Nightlife...................... 86 Water Sports................................100 Beaches.......................................105 Places To Stay..............................106 St. Thomas Maps Downtown and Havensight.... 44-45 Island....................................... 80-81 ST. JOHN Attractions & Sightseeing...........112 Virgin Islands National Park.......114 St. John Events............................116 Coral Bay.....................................117 Beaches.......................................118 Water Sports................................119 Places To Stay..............................121 St. John Maps Island and Cruz Bay....................120

It is Our Pleasure to Welcome You to the U.S. Virgin Islands! In September 2017, the territory was severely impacted by back-to-back Category 5 hurricanes. Despite the devastating effects of the storms, Virgin Islands residents have proven our determination to once again welcome you to our shores. While we continue to restore and improve, we are delighted to present our new and enhanced tourism product! We hope you will take note of both the new and time-honored attractions, restaurants, accommodations and other businesses opening and re-opening. While we have welcomed new businesses, many of your favorites are still here, turning adversity into opportunity by making improvements and offering a larger variety of experiences for you. You will still find impeccable local and international cuisine to delight your taste buds. You can enjoy our vast selection of exciting land and sea attractions. You will discover your favorite nature trails lush with vegetation from the healing Caribbean sun. You can relax on our sparkling beaches which continue to take your breath away. Whether you are visiting for the first time or returning, we are confident you will enjoy your time in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We hope you will refer to this valuable resource as you plan your ideal vacation. Sincerely,

Lisa Hamilton

President USVI Hotel & Tourism Association

ST. CROIX Attractions and Sightseeing........126 St. Croix Events...........................130 Velkommen! The Danish Connection.............130 Shopping ....................................132 Dining..........................................134 Beaches.......................................136 Places To Stay..............................140 St. Croix Maps Island and Christiansted.....138-139 BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS Tour of the Islands......................142 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Taxi Rates...................................... 62 Art Scene....................................... 66 Historic Hassel Island.................... 78 Water Island.................................. 79 Ferry Schedules...........................122 Commuter Planes........................125 Directory of Advertisers  & Essential Information.............146 Great Saving Coupons  ..............................Back of this book COVER PHOTO Don Hebert Photography Camille Kostek and Th3rd (Leo Sibilly, III) Platform Beach, St. Thomas, USVI Photo © Don Hebert

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From that first breath of the fresh tropical breezes and the first sight of brilliant turquoise waters, you’ll know you’re in for an unforgettable experience! You’re on island time now, so take your time to enjoy all the islands have to offer. GETTING TO KNOW THE ISLANDS SIZE St. Croix: 84 square miles, St. Thomas: 32ISsquare PHOTO FROM miles, DON’SSt. John: 19 square FACEBOOK miles, Water Island: .76 square PAGE miles. NEED HI RES LOCATION Latitude 18º 20 N, longitude 64º 50 W, 40 miles east of Puerto Rico, 1,100 miles southeast of Miami and 1,500 miles from New York City, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. CAPITAL Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas. LANGUAGE The official language is English, though it may be infused with a bit of patois (PA-twah), a blend of Danish, Spanish, English, Portuguese and African. Spanish is also common.

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POPULATION 102,951 year-round residents (July 2016 estimate), the majority on St. Thomas and St. Croix. Virgin Islanders are a fusion of American, Caribbean, Danish, French, Asian, African, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Puerto Rican and more. CLIMATE/RAINFALL The average temperature is 80Fs during the day and mid 70Fs at night year round, with the summer slightly warmer. The average rainfall is approximately 40” per year. CURRENCY U.S. dollars. Traveler’s checks and major credit cards are widely accepted. ATMs, U.S. and international banks are plentiful.

CUSTOMS & TAXES U.S. residents may bring home up to $1,600 of merchandise duty-free per person. Families can combine their duty free allowances for larger purchases. Those over 21 years of age are allowed five liters of liquor dutyfree, provided one is made in the U.S. Virgin Islands, 100 cigars and 5 cartons of cigarettes. There is a 12.5% hotel tax but no sales or luxury taxes. COMMUNICATIONS Check with your provider in advance to avoid roaming charges. Internet and calling stations are plentiful and many hotels and restaurants provide free WiFi. TIME ZONE Atlantic Standard Time. Daylight Savings Time is not recognized. GOVERNMENT The U.S. Virgin Islands is a self-governing unincorporated U.S. territory. Virgin Islanders are U.S. citizens, but cannot vote for the U.S. President. INCOME TAX Virgin Islanders pay U.S. income tax, though the monies collected stay in the Virgin Islands.

VOLTAGE Standard American 120-volt current. AREA CODE 340 POSTAL SERVICE U.S. Postal Service. Federal Express, DHL and UPS are available, though international rates may apply. TIPPING 15% to 20% is customary. DRIVING Driving is done on the left. Visitors may use a valid U.S. driver’s license for up to 90 days. STREET NAMES Gada (pronounced Gahda) is the Danish word for street. Many signs in the historic districts will include both Danish and English street names. HEALTH CARE Health care facilities are available on St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John. Dial 911 for emergencies. DRINKING Legal drinking age is 18. SMOKING is prohibited in restaurants and other public buildings. Smoking outdoors must be 20 feet from any entrance or service area. On public beaches, smoking is not permitted within 50 feet of the water line.

Passport Info

No passport is required for U.S. citizens arriving from Puerto Rico or the U.S. mainland. A valid ID such as a drivers’ license is all that is required. If you are a non-U.S. citizen or plan to visit a neighboring island nation such as the British Virgin Islands, a valid passport will be required.


Check out Places to Explore, USVI Marine Guide, Places to Eat Maps and USVI Restaurant menus online. MG2018_Cover.indd 3

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340-776-5570 1-800-444-4025 1-800-51-JEWEL

History of the Virgin Islands 1500bce late 1500s Islands inhabited by native Taino, Arawak and Carib Indians 1493 Christopher Columbus lands at Salt River, St. Croix 1625 Dutch and English settle on St. Croix 1650 France gains possession of St. Croix 1653 St. Croix deeded to the Knights of Malta 1665 French West Indian Company purchases St. Croix; St. Thomas colonized by Danish 1671 Danish West India Company receives charter to occupy St. Thomas 1672 Danes settle on St. John 1674 French government takes possession of St. Croix 1685 Danish West India Company signs treaty to allow slave trading on St. Thomas 1700s Sugar becomes major crop on St. Thomas 1718 Governor of St. Thomas takes possession of St. John 1733 Danish West India and Guinea Company purchases St. Croix from France; Slaves revolt on St. John 1754 Islands become a Danish royal colony, Christiansted made capital 1801 St. Croix captured by British for three months 1802 Danes abolish slave trade 1807 British re-occupy St. John for 8 years 1815 St. Thomas declared a free port 1819 Royal Mail Steam Packet Company moves to St. Thomas 1848 Slave revolt on St. Croix; Emancipation of slaves in the Danish West Indies 1871 Capital of Danish West Indies moves from Christiansted, St. Croix to Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas 1878 Labor uprising in Frederiksted, St. Croix 1917 St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix purchased by United States for $25 million 1918 St. John’s Reef Bay factory closing ends sugar production 1927 Congress grants citizenship to U.S. Virgin Islanders 1931 U.S. Department of the Interior takes over from U.S. Navy as legislator of the U.S.V.I. 1936 Organic Act grants self-government to U.S.V.I. 1944 U.S buys Water Island for $10,000 1952 U.S.V.I. named an unincorporated U.S. territory 1956 Virgin Islands National Park established on St. John 1962 First commercial jet lands on St. Thomas 1968 U.S. Congress introduces Elective Governor Act 1970 First elected governor 1996 Water Island transferred to the U.S.V.I. territorial government 2001 The Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument is created off St. John 2010 Captain Morgan Rum Distillery opened on St. Croix 2012 HOVENSA Oil Refinery on St. Croix closes after 45 years 2017 Category 5 Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit within 12 days of each other

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Wenger ÂŽ Swiss Made Watches


Carnivals Photo © Don Hebert

Carnival is a festive island tradition that combines music, dance, pageantry and extravagant fun. Each island celebrates in its own unique way in keeping with their distinct personality. ST. THOMAS CARNIVAL The largest of the three celebrations, it has been named one of the top in the world by USA Today and Discovery Channel HD. Throughout the month of April, enjoy boat races, calypso and steel pan competitions, a cultural food fair, pageants and much more. During the last week of festivities, Carnival Village is open nightly with live music by local bands, amusement park rides and games, and local vendors offering local food and drinks. Thousands attend the Food, Arts & Crafts Fair in the park on Wednesday and dance in the streets in the pre-dawn J’Ouvert Tramp along the Waterfront Thusrday morning. The Childrens Parade on Friday leads up to Saturday’s all-day adult parade. ST. JOHN FESTIVAL Held throughout June and culminating on the Fourth of July, the St. John Festival commemorates both the Emancipation of Slaves in 1848 and U.S. Independence Day. Family activities include bicycle races, boat races, traditional games, tramps and cultural presentations. The Festival Village features a week of live music and home cooking and the Festival Parade winds its way though Cruz Bay for a full afternoon of floupes, troupes, majorettes and marching bands. THE CRUCIAN CHRISTMAS CARNIVAL The Crucian Christmas Festival is a celebration of family and holiday traditions. Throughout December, enjoy events spanning the island, such as old-time games, dances, races, a donkey derby, marathons, Carnival royalty and calypso competitions, a J’Ouvert tramp and a food fair. The Adult Parade is held on Three Kings Day, and ends with a display of fireworks in the harbor. Visit for schedules for all three Carnival events.

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Children are Our Future CAMILLE KOSTEK, 26, daughter of St. Thomas native Christina Kostek and the niece of St. Thomas Real Estate Agent Camille DeCosta, is a model and on camera personality. She is best known for winning the first ever Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Open Call being named one of the first 2019 Rookies. As a competitive dancer, she took her passion to the professional level as a New England Patriots cheerleader in 2013 ending her dance career at Super Bowl XLIX in 2015. This past year she was the Sports Illustrated correspondent at Super Bowl LII for the NFLPA carpet, and the spokesperson for companies such as ZUDY and Spectrum. Camille has appeared on Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, EXTRA, SI TV and has cohosted shows on SIRIUS XM radio to millions of listeners. Camille has Photo © Don Hebert recently stepped into the acting world and can be found alongside Amy Schumer in her movie “I Feel Pretty.” She recently collaborated with Dune Jewelry creating a collection of her own, Voyager Collection. The small town, Connecticut girl now resides in Los Angeles. She hopes to continue sharing her message around the globe of empowering women to embody their true beauty and to not conform to industry standards. LEO SIBILLY III, 26, better known simply as Th3rd, is a singer, songwriter, and music producer, born and raised in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, also known as Rock City. Although he grew up an elite athlete as the starting quarterback in high school and internationally representing the Virgin Islands in baseball, he also had a strong passion for music. It began with him learning from his dad (Leo Sibilly Jr.) who played in a local band and from there he began to put on shows with his cousin for family gatherings. When he went to see the first Justin Bieber movie, it was then that he knew he wanted to be a musician, encompassing pretty much every genre and influence into his sound. Fast forward, in 2016, He was Grammy nominated for Musiq Soulchild’s single, “I Do” & amp; Grammy Nominated again in 2017. With the blessing of forming relationships with other VI Natives such as R. City and Pressure, working with them has only inspired and furthered his growth as a musician. Photo © Geneiva Weeks

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5332 Dronningens Gade, Suite #2 St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands 00802 340-776-3299 |


Charlotte Amalie Shopping Ballerina Jewelers photo © Don Hebert

With duty-free shopping for jewelry, watches, electronics, perfumes, liquor, linens, souvenirs, collectibles and more, St. Thomas offers quality merchandise at great prices you’re not likely to find on line, not to mention savings on shipping, taxes and time. More than 400 shops, boutiques and galleries can be found along the streets, passageways and alleys of downtown Charlotte Amalie, and you’ll find just about any brand name item you can think of, as well as charming handmade mementoes and island art. Outside the downtown area, there are other great shopping opportunities as well. Take a leisurely stroll through Yacht Haven Grande, a mega yacht marina and shopping area featuring world-class designer boutiques and dockside restaurants. Havensight Mall and Port of $ale provide a relaxed shopping experience by the West Indian Company cruise ship dock. The fun island shops and kiosks at Crown Bay Center are open whenever a cruise ship visits this alternate dock. Red Hook on St. Thomas’ east end, offers unique shops with items not found elsewhere on island, as well as many restaurants and hot spots for a cool drink. Most resorts have their own gift shops and you’ll find t-shirt and souvenir stands at most island attractions. Be sure to check the coupons at the back of this guide or visit viplacestoexplore. com for free gifts and discounts on jewelry, souvenirs, electronics, activities and tours. COUPON

Look for the coupon logo and visit the coupon section in the back of this book to find out which retailers have something special waiting for you.

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A. $899 B. $899 C. $740 D. $740 E. $1,395 F. $1,065 H. $2,549 J. $2,075 K. $2,075 L. $2,075 M. $2,775 N. $1,330 O. $925 P. $940 Q. $1,220 R. $1,325 S. $1,925 T. $629 U. $725


5176 Dronningens Gade Located on Main Street 340-777-1118

Starfish by Belle Étoile © 2018

ALPHA JEWELERS “Come as Strangers, Leave as Friends,” is the motto at Alpha Jewelers. Sonny and Nikita, owners, have been in the fine jewelry business for over 25 years. They provide personalized care, custom designing, excellent customer service and great deals. Specializing in Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Tanzanite and Semi-Precious gemstone jewelry. Stop by and come learn about our Nautical jewelry and Authentic Ship Wreck Coins. “Alpha Jewelers your Friendly Caribbean Jewelers”. Look for our COUPON in back of this book. CARIBANA/BEVERLY’S stores are the largest Gift and Souvenir stores on St. Thomas. With three locations –Main Street, Havensight Mall, and Waterfront –you will find a large variety of moderately priced souvenirs, gifts, & jewelry. Caribana also has a large Duty Free Liquor & Tobacco department, tropical clothing boutique, swimwear, and everything for the beach. Come in to see the exclusive St. Thomas Larimar Bead set in sterling silver, made to fit on all brands of bead bracelets. Look for our COUPON in back of this book. LARIMAR, a form of pectolite. is found only in the Dominican Republic. Colors range from white to light blue, green-blue and a rare deep blue. Local lore suggests that it represents healing and love and is said to be helpful for stress and anxiety. Jewelry made from Larimar has become a Caribbean specialty. Commonly set in silver, it is a lovely and affordable souvenir of your trip!

Duty Free As a duty-free port, tax, known as duty, is not charged for merchandise brought into the territory for re-sale. This allows retailers to offer lower duty free prices to their customers, ranging between 5 and 60 percent, depending on the item. For even greater savings, no sales or luxury taxes are charged.

Duty Free Allowance The amount U.S. citizens may bring back into the U.S. without incurring additional duty is their duty free allowance. A $1,600 duty-free allowance is allotted per person, including children. Purchases can be combined for family members. Additional items will be charged duty. Only $800 of these items may come from other Caribbean Basin countries. U.S. residents 21 years of age or older may bring home 5 liters of liquor, provided four were bought in the U.S. Virgin Islands and at least one is a product of the U.S. Virgin Islands, 1,000 cigarettes, provided 800 were purchased in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and up to 100 cigars.

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Made in the Virgin Islands

RUM Nothing captures the taste of the islands like a bottle of locally made rum! Several companies showcase their own distinct recipes and both Cruzan Rum and Captain Morgan’s spiced rum have distilleries on St. Croix. BEER A handful of Virgin Islands restaurants feature their own microbrewery selections on tap. St. John Brewers features a great selection of award-winning tropical ales such as Mango Pale Ale and Island Summer Ale, available at most local groceries and bars. On St. Thomas, stop by the Frenchtown Brewing Company’s 3-barrel nano-brewery for a tour and a taste of house favorites and seasonal brews. You’ll find their beers on tap at several local restaurants. RUM BALLS You may want to reserve your duty-free allowance of rum for yourself. For an easier-to-carry alternative, rum balls and rum cakes make great gifts for those back home. These locally made sweets are available at most souvenir shops and are properly packed for travel. HOT SAUCE Virgin Islanders like it hot, hot, hot! Hot sauces are used with almost every meal, and there are dozens of locally made sauces to choose from. A good selection can be found at local groceries, souvenir shops and local craft fairs, and some restaurants make their own. Gladys’ (Café) Hot Sauce is available for purchase and shipped worldwide.

Reflecting the beauty and serenity of the Caribbean. Beauty products with local honey and other natural ingredients native to the Virgin Islands.

Shop our products on Facebook

(800) 296-9551 | |

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Background Photo; © Pavel Chernobrivets

VANGIE’S SECRET Products use the essence and aromas of the tropics to offer a line of natural beauty products made from ingredients grown in the Virgin Islands. Cosmetics, after sun spray, moisturizer, hand sanitizer and more, all natural! Orders can be shipped to the U.S. and Caribbean.


Before you wrap up your shopping excursion, be sure to take a walk down the Waterfront to visit a procession of shops with even more must-have items. Take a rest by the picturesque water fountain or visit the information booth for advice on where to find what you’re looking for. Sidewalk cafés and tropical bars make a fun stop along the way to sip a cool drink and enjoy the harbor view. Pick up snacks and other food essentials at Moe’s Fresh Market, the new gourmet grocery.

Waterfront Trading Co. Coffees, Teas, Spices, Hot Sauces & Candies

Caribbean Maps, Local Art, Prints, & Photos

Caribbean Toys, Books, Puzzles & Pirate Booty

Unique Handcrafted Gifts from St. Thomas, Down Island & the World

Caribbean Ornaments

Located on the waterfront, downtown next to the AH Riise Rolex building and in the AH Riise Mall alleyway on Main St.

340-244-4164 like us on FACEBOOK

Princess of the waves 01008713 · 47 x 32 cm Caribbean collection

LLADRÓ BOUTIQUE SAINT THOMAS 37 Dronningens Gade (A.H. Riise Mall) St. Thomas, USVI 00802 Phone: (340) 776-3503

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House Of Rajah

Off the Beaten Path Photo © Don Hebert

Charlotte Amalie’s Main Street is a flurry of shopping activity, but some of the most unique shopping can be found by taking a turn into one of the many side streets and passageways. Connecting Main Street and the Waterfront, there are dozens of great little out of the way shops filled with unique handmade items as well as designer brands. Raadet’s Gade is an ideal place for jewelry, watches, linens and more. Royal Dane Mall’s historic Danish warehouses line cobbled alleyways offering locally made gifts, art, and cafés. Palm Passage is a chic spot for the sophisticated shopper and A.H. Riise Alley features clothing, liquor, art, cosmetics and perfumes. Wander alleys such as Trompeter Gade and Drake’s Passage for even more terrific finds. HANDCRAFTED JEWELRY Present this ad for a FREE bracelet.

340-514-9280 | 33 Raadets Gade, Charlotte Amalie

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Look for the coupon logo and visit the coupon section in the back of this book to find out which retailers have something special waiting for you.


HOUSE OF RAJAH JEWELERS Celebrating their 45th year in Business, owner George travels the World to find unbelievable Gems and Fine Jewelry at Values. With his wife, KC, and friendly staff, they have been serving thousands of shoppers with unbelievable savings of 60% off certified diamonds–including rare diamonds in a variety of colors. Select one of their custom design ring mounts and watch them set your gem within same day. Fine Tanzanites, Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, Semi Precious Gems, Mallorca Pearl necklaces ($1/inch). Diamond Eternity Rings available in all carat weights and sizes in stock. Visit their New Dancing Diamond Corner starting at $99. We also carry Sophia by Design, Gabriel&Co Bridals, Canary Yellow Diamonds by Divina, Chamilia, Swarovski Crystal Beads, King Larimar, Mallorca Pearls. Citizen EcoDrive, Guess, Invicta, Roamer, Swiss Military, Luminox, Bering & we Buy, Sell and Trade Pre-Owned ROLEX watches with full warranty plus custom Rolex accessories (not affiliated with Rolex SA). Guaranteed worth the visit! Look for our COUPON in back of this book.

Look for our


in back of this book.

Photo © Media Marketing, Inc.

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SHOPPING TIPS • When it comes to name brand items, if you see what you want, buy it. The duty-free price is determined by the manufacturer, so you won’t find it at a lower price elsewhere. Retailers often offer gift with purchase freebies such as jewelry rolls or camera bags to make the deal sweeter. • Haggling is common for non-designer jewelry, especially for cash sales, so it pays to shop around. Be sure to get a written quote on a business card so you have the store name, price and salesperson info in hand if you decide to buy later. • Many retailers will have your ring or bracelet sized within a couple of hours. Pick it up at the end of your shopping day or arrange for delivery at your hotel. • For larger purchases, ask for an appraisal from an independent certified gemologist such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America). It may be required by your insurance company. • Many retailers offer store guarantees on their jewelry. Some include returns for any reason, others exclude buyer’s regret. Many watch purchases



• The Largest selection of .925 Sterling Silver • Contemporary Designs from Italy, Tibet, Bali, India & Baltic Amber. 20% to 50% OFF • FREE GIFT with purchase of $40 or more


Royal Dane Mall, on the Waterfront • Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas Look for our


in back of this book.

include a manufacturer’s guarantee only, so any repairs must be handled through the manufacturer. • Several of the larger jewelers have a toll free customer service number and/or a website. Contact them if you have any problems with your purchase or to have additional items shipped to you at the same duty free prices. • Keep you receipts. You’ll need them for Customs when you leave and as proof of purchase for insurance. • Locally made art and unset gemstones are not counted against your duty-free allowance. Buy as much as you please!

Save a life.

Escort a pet to one of our partner rescues in the following states: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Florida, Illinois, Michigan and New York. Contact Rhea Vasconcellos at


to find out more information. Follow us on Facebook at: Pets with Wings

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Visit our unique



Located between Main St. and the Waterfront in the heart of the Charlotte Amalie Historic District

Rt. 38 at Rt. 39, Weymouth Rhymer Hwy.

Boutique Jewelry Stores | Souvenirs Perfume | Local Art | Bar

Caribbean Cinemas | Home Depot Gym | Pet Store

KFC | Pizza Hut | Beauty Services Barber | Day Spa | Home Decor Banking | MoneyGram

“Main Street” in the town of Red Hook on the east end of St. Thomas, convenient to the St. John ferry

Rt. 313 at Rt. 38, within walking distance of Havensight cruise ship dock

Prominently positioned at the head of Main Street in historic Charlotte Amalie Jen’s Cafe and Deli

Subway | Chelsea Drugs Duffy’s Love Shack | Restaurants | Banking Medical | Veterinarian | Mail Service Optical | Clothing

Rt. 38 at Rt. 32, Mid-Island

Kmart | McDonald’s | Sprint Footlocker | Pharmacy | Furniture Shoes & Clothing | Optical Banking | Pediatrician | Beauty Barber | Spa | MoneyGram

LOCKHART REALTY, INC SHOPPING CENTERS offer a wide variety of businesses providing luxury to convenience and necessity. DRAKE’S PASSAGE: Find boutique shops offering jewelry, souvenirs, resort wear, perfumes, artwork and a fun outdoor watering hole in historic Charlotte Amalie. FT. MYLNER SHOPPING CENTER: Mid-island convenience shopping and home to KFC, Pizza Hut, and Banco Popular, as well as beauty services, home décor, and special/technical services. LOCKHART GARDENS SHOPPING CENTER: National retailers Kmart, Sprint, Footlocker, Sterling Optical and McDonalds are among unique island oriented businesses. Grand Galleria Photo © Don Hebert MARKET SQUARE EAST: Caribbean Cinemas and Home Depot are located in this mid-island location. RED HOOK PLAZA: East End community services shopping center offering several food and beverage options within walking distance to the St. John and inter-island ferries. GRAND GALLERIA: Jen’s Café and Deli is open to serve you while we are under renovation.

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Shop with us at LOCAL COLOR If you are looking for the HIGHEST QUALITY T-shirts, Sweatshirts, and Resort Wear for both ladies and men, look no further than LOCAL COLOR. Visit one of their 2 convenient locations; either on the Waterfront in Downtown Charlotte Amalie or Havensight Mall, to find fun and fashionable Tropical Clothing, Accessories, comfy CROCS shoes and the ever so hip KIPLING bags and luggage. Don’t forget to ask for a FREE TOTE BAG with your purchase of $35 or more. Downtown 340774-2280, Havensight 340-774-3182. Shop with us at Look for our COUPON in back of this book. FIND COUPONS FROM THESE RETAILERS IN THE BACK OF THIS BOOK. SHOPPING Island Casual ACTIVITIES & ATTRACTIONS Ajanta Jewelers (Fresh Produce) Double Header Sport Fishing Alpha Jewelers Get Charmed Parasail Virgin Islands Artistic Jewelers/Lucky Jewelers Grand Jewelers Tree Limin’ Extreme Ballerina Jewelers House Of Rajah V.I. Ecotours Beverly’s Jewels Forever Boolchand’s Local Color Captain’s Corner Mr. Tablecloth Crocs Omni Jewelers Dynasty Dazzlers Silver World Imperial Jewelers Most stores are open from 9AM - 5PM, Monday through Eden Jewelers Saturday, as well as Sundays with visiting cruise ships.

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celebrating 50 years Get Charmed and Chalet D’Or

Like most Virgin Islanders, jewelry designer Sunil Mohanani has had a very challenging year. Despite major destruction and delays caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria, Sunil has kept moving forward, using those challenges to inspire new designs, new packaging and new display ideas. Sunil was raised “behind the counter” in the St. Thomas jewelry industry at his parent’s Main Street store, Chalet D’Or. Noting the demand for high quality fashion jewelry without the high price tag, Sunil began designing budgetconscious jewelry for the frugal traveler while working at his parents’ store. His biggest hit was the Sandals for Your Neck collection, the charming flip flop sandal pendants now seen in vacation destinations around the world. Known as the “Sandal Man,” Sunil is the original creator and copyright holder of the sandal jewelry phenomenon and has designed hundreds of flip flop charms for every occasion, to commemorate a trip to St. Thomas or just to show off your laid back attitude. With growing retail and wholesale demand for his fanciful charms, Sunil eventually opened Get Charmed in the historic Landmark Building on Garden Street in downtown Charlotte Amalie. Although his parents retired and closed their original Main Street location, Sunil retained the Chalet D’Or brand name, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. The charm collection contains literally thousands of whimsical creations. Island related icons such as “welcome” pineapples, divers, mermaids, stingrays, hibiscus, cruise ships and sailboats can be found, as well as tiny purses, martinis and wine glasses and much more. The sale of soccer ball bracelets and necklaces from your favorite World Cup teams benefit children with pediatric cancer. Designs are made in 14kt gold to stainless steel, inlaid opal, mother of pearl, Swarovski crystals, titanium and enamel. Ask about the popular –and affordable–silver adjustable chains. Beads are another popular option. Get Charmed offers a large selection of mix-and-match beads in glass, opal, lapis, inlaid crystal, lavender jade, onyx and other semi-precious stones. Don’t miss the V.I. bling bracelet, featuring a St. Thomas bead on spun silk strands. A whole new selection of designs has now arrived. Look for Sunil’s newest creations such as hurricane charms, a sugar mill and a beach chair, a collection of genuine pearl and leather jewelry, more Larimar creations, a St. Thomas love knot collection and wedding jewelry. The large men’s selection now also includes leather and stainless steel combinations as well as titanium and rubber. Get Charmed also offers a variety of other fashion jewelry, from cuff bracelets to ornate collar necklaces. Don’t miss the Fabulous Finds for $20, including some unique reef designs. Look for our COUPON in back of this book.


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Experience the Culture ...Discover the History.

arden Street is the local name for the street that bears the official name Commandant Gade. Located within a close proximity to the Main Street shopping district, it is within the known historic district of Charlotte Amalie. A vibrant residential and commercial district in its heyday, this community is currently home to restaurants, guest houses, hotels and historic churches. The area claims fame to several personalities who resided within the area, including a former governor, several senators, a newspaper owner and several prominent families. Today visitors can be seen walking to and fro as they shop, walk to the local ferries or take part in the food tours or other historic walking tours. Visit this historic area, one block from Emancipation Park and the downtown Post Office. Visit these fine Garden Street businesses:

A TEAROOM, ART GALLERY AND BAR. 30 varieties of teas, local, imports and blends with complimenting pastries & sandwiches.

Open for Breakfast & Lunch

Monday-Friday,10am-5pm, Saturday,10am-2pm (340) 776-2577 |

Walking Food Tours • Private Tours Local Cooking Classes 340-642-1995 • www.stthomasfoodtours .com CHICKEN ROTI






Authentic Trinidadian Cuisine. Island wide delivery available.


Cr y


Pile Strade

Ve rG

Rosen Gade







Cr y s


Kanal Gade

Prindesse Gade

Snegle Gade

Trovet Strade


20 1

Palm P


ationa l Plaza

e assa g Gade Tvaer




r Ga

Strand Gade


Kromp Gade

General Gade



Curacao Gade




6 Veterans Dr




to Airport

to Frenchtown Crown Bay Center Terminal to Ferry

Charlotte Amalie Map and Directory * ACTIVITIES/ATTRACTIONS

Bones Rum........................................ 1 St. Thomas Reformed Church............ 2 St. Thomas Synagogue..................... 3


Flavors of St. Thomas........................ 4 St. Thomas Food Tours....................... 5


Jonna White Gallery.........................D


Moe’s Fresh Market................... 6, RH


A.H. Riise Mall...................................A The Belgian Chocolate Factory Diamonds International Island Casual (Fresh Produce) Lladro Boutique Rolex Boutique Ajanta Jewelers........................... 7/D Alpha Jewelers................................ 17 Artistic Jewelers................................ 9 Ballerina Jewelers............................. B The Belgian Chocolate Factory ..................................................10, A

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a ft s Wimmelsk ro Pissar



Market Square St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church


Charlotte Amal

S to re




S tran d Ga

Norre Tvaer Gade

Gamle Gade

Beverly’s/Caribana........ 11, HM, CBC Breitling............................................. E Chalet D’or/Get Charmed ................................ 12, CBC, Airport David Yurman................................... C Diamonds International ...................................A, C, HM, CBC Diamonds International Watch and Design........................... C Dynasty Dazzlers/Imperial Jewelers .............................................. 14, HM Eden Jewelers/Eden Living............ 15 Grand Jewelers................................. B House of Rajah Jewelers................ 16 Jewels Forever.................................. 8 Jewels By Kris................................. 20 Little Switzerland....... 18, C, HM, CBC Local Color.............................. 19, HM Lucky Jewelers.................................. C Mr. Tablecloth.................................... B Omni Jewelers........... 13, B, HM, CBC Pandora St. Thomas................ 22, HM Shaka Man Zulu Jewelry................ 25 Silver World............................. 27/PP St. Thomas Synagogue Gift Shop..... 3



St. Thomas






Post Office



Emancipation Gardens Park parking

oth Vendors Plaza

4 5 parking


Fort Christian Virgin Islands Museum



Legislature Building

to Frenchman’ s Re

z Ba


Waterfront Ferry Area

F.D.R. Veterans Mem. Park




Information Bo

t o C ru

Norre Gade

7 Grand


omas St. Th Trust al HistoricMuseum





Pa s s a g

16 25 5 10 7




St. Thomas Historical Trust Museum

Hospital Gade



Seven Arches Museum

Kongens Gade

b Tol

ts Gad










ter Gad

Ro y al


11 RDM

8 17 14

Hibiscus Alley

22 9

de ens Ga 13

Main St

Government House

Frederick Lutheran Church

Post Office Alley Cardow Walk KingKing Christia Christia n Walk n Walk A. H. Riise Mall


6 1871 Stairs 3 12





99 Steps

Hotel 1829

Fort Plasde


s Ga d e






2 Reformed

Tolbod G

e tal Gad

Nye Gade


St. Thomas Synagogue


Garden St



s Dr

to Havensight Mall, Port of $ale, and Yacht Haven Grande


*Locations listed are within proximity.


Tag Heuer Boutique.......................... C Waterfront Trading Co.................... 29


Bumpa’s............................................ 1 Café Amici.........................................A The Drunken Clam............................. 2 E’s Garden Teahouse & Things (Garden Street)............................... 3 Flavors of St. Thomas........................ 4 Gladys’ Cafe................................... 12 Greengos Caribbean Cantina.......... 5 Ideal Restaurant (Garden Street)...... 6 Jen’s Island Café and Deli...........7/G Pasta Go Go............................8/RDM Petite Pump Room......................... 9/T Side Street Pub................................ 10 St. Thomas Food Tours ...................... 5 Virgilio’s...........................................11 Win Mil 2.0 ......................................FT


Smith’s Ferry Services On Island Concierge & Ferry Service................................T

A.H. RIISE MALL................................. A CROWN BAY CENTER..................... CBC DRAKE’S PASSAGE............................. D FRENCHTOWN.................................. FT GRAND GALLERIA.............................. G HAVENSIGHT MALL........................HM PALM PASSAGE.................................PP ROYAL DANE MALL.......................RDM YACHT HAVEN GRANDE............... YHG BLYDEN MARINE TERMINAL............... T WALKING TOUR THROUGH HISTORIC CHARLOTTE AMALIE.... RESTROOMS................................... RESTAURANTS..................................


Most retailers will be happy to mail an insured package to your home so it’s safely waiting for you on your return. You can also combine purchases and mail them yourself through the U.S. Postal Service at stateside rates. U.S. citizens may mail one package home to friends or relatives from the U.S. Virgin Islands with a value of up to $200 per day (excluding alcohol and tobacco) without declaring it for duty. DHL, Fed Ex and UPS shipping is also available, though some apply international rates.

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BUILDING 1 Bliss Jewelers Captain’s Corner Caribana Dynasty Dazzlers Imperial Jewelers Tic, Toc & Rock

BUILDING 2 Boolchand’s Crocs Diamonds International Little Switzerland Omni Jewelers Pandora St. Thomas BUILDING 3 Delly Deck Restaurant Omni Jewelers

46 • Places to Explore

BUILDING 6 The Smoking Rooster BBQ BUILDING 7 Local Color United States Post Office BUILDING 8 /PORT OF SALE Winner’s Circle Southland Gaming Look for the Play Button

OTHER LOCATIONS* Biz Rentals...................B Budget Rent A Car..........A The Information Booth/   The Welcome Center..... F

*Havensight is home to many other great stores & restaurants.

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AH RIISE MALL Located in a series of beautifully restored 19th century Danish warehouses in downtown Charlotte Amalie, the shops at AH Riise offer cosmetics, perfume, liquor, fine tobacco, jewelry, clothing, designer eyewear, and more! The ROLEX BOUTIQUE at AH Riise is the Virgin Islands official Rolex dealer. For your shopping convenience, A.H. Riise Mall offers two restaurants, Café Amici, an open air Italian bistro and Calypso Café sandwich and coffee shop. AH Riise Mall, Premier Shopping and Old World Charm! 37 Main Street Waterfront • 340-777-2222 • AJANTA JEWELERS Ajanta Jewelers, established in the Caribbean for over forty years as the most reputable family owned diamond and colored stone jeweler, is also rated number one on Trip Advisor. They offer an extensive selection of loose diamonds, custom design settings, an impressive selection of rare stones, and a large selection of Pre-Owned Rolex watches. They provide prompt service and a guarantee on any purchase, stand by all US laws, and are members of the Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau. At Ajanta, your peace of mind is their guarantee! Look for our COUPON in back of this book. 5126 Drakes Passage, Suite 11 888-425-2682 •

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Photo © Don Hebert

Duty Free

Island Casual featuring...


...and much more! !

tions a c o l H

OT B t i s i V

ntown w o D lce) e Mal Produ

7 h iis AH R ormerly Fres0-774-080 (f


k d Hoo’s) e R laza Moe

ia P rom Galler parking lot f -775-9964 e ss th



Men’s Clothing


Women’s Clothing




Island Casual Places to Explore • 49

ARTISTIC JEWELERS is a family owned and operated business. Every aspect of this stunningly mesmeric store commemorates it’s name. They specialize in unique, exotic and custom made designs. Meet the owner Max, designer & a GIA Diamond Graduate himself. In addition to their eclectic selection of jewelry, Artistic also encourages you to come check out their perfume “Bentley”. The sales team thrives to anticipate, identify, and ensure your entire customer service needs are met guaranteeing a memorable shopping experience. Look for our COUPON in back of this book. 5332 Dronningens Gade, Suite #2 • 340-776-3299 Come visit them as they are located right in the heart of Main street. Make sure to visit their sister store–LUCKY JEWELERS • 5186 Dronningens Gade 340-776-2049 • BALLERINA JEWELERS is an established family owned and operated business, one of the most trusted and respected Jewelers in the Caribbean committed to providing their clients a unique & personalized shopping experience while building lifelong relationships. They specialize in loose diamonds, colored diamonds and vibrant range of gemstones. Besides bringing you the latest styles that are their own unique designs, they carry a dazzling selection of elegant & exquisite jewelry from Designers like PANDORA, Tacori, Levian, Fope, Simon G, Hidalgo, Soho, Belle Etoile, Lauren G Adams, Endless, Hook Bangles and Designer Watches from Fendi, Frederique Constant, Hermes, Bell & Ross, TechnoMarine, Oris, Luminox, Mido, U-Boat, Skagen, Guess, Mulco, Bering, Citizen and Seiko Watches. They also have a great collection of Pre-Owned Rolex watches. Looking for beautiful collectible pieces? Stop by to check out their Lladro Figurine Collection! They also have U.S Service centers to guarantee all your purchases. At Ballerina Jewelers they make every experience an unforgettable one! Look for our COUPON in back of this book. 5180 & 5176 Dronningens Gade • 800-722-4455 • BLISS JEWELERS A must see jewelry and watch boutique located in Havensight Mall. Bliss Jewelers is family owned and has had ties to St. Thomas for over 40 years. They carry the fine jewelry in Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires and Diamonds and Alex & Ani to name a few. They also carry a large selection of 14 & 18KT gold jewelry. Bliss Jewelers specialize in fine Swiss watches, representing Tissot, Swatch, Hamilton, Frederique Constant, Philip Stein, Michele, and many more. Bliss Jewelers also represents the only watch made in the USA, Shinola! Havensight Mall, Bldg. 1 340-715-BLIS (2547)

50 • Places to Explore

BOOLCHAND’S Established in 1930 and with familyrun locations on Aruba, Curacao, St. Maarten and St. Thomas, Boolchand’s has been voted one of the best duty-free stores in the Caribbean (Caribbean Travel & Life). In addition to a full range of quality branded compact and DSLR cameras, lenses and accessories, binoculars and electronics by the likes of Beats, Bose, Canon, GoPro, JBL and Nikon, to name a few, Boolchand’s also features fine timepieces by Casio, Citizen, Fossil, Guess, and Ice amongst a host of other brands. Look for our COUPON in back of this book. Havensight Mall, Bldg 2, Suite C • 340-776-0302 • CROWN BAY CENTER A regal shopping experience awaits you at the Crown Bay Center! Whether its souvenirs, apparel, fine jewelry, watches, liquor or perfume, you’ll find all the brands you ever dreamed of, all at great prices. Stroll through the seaside shops, stop by the free rum tasting booth and enjoy a sample of Virgin Islands locally produced rums or take a photo at the historic Sugar Mill. After shopping, visit the restaurants and bars for great food and drink, then try your luck with some friendly gaming entertainment. (See our Ad on page 55.) 161-A Subbase • 340-774-2132 • DIAMONDS INTERNATIONAL, celebrated jeweler Diamonds International brings the most coveted timepieces and luxury goods to the Caribbean. Need a bit more temptation? Each Gift Collection purchase receives a free diamond pendant to sweeten the value. The Crown of Light, an exclusive premium diamond available only at Diamonds International is not to be missed. Ask for a personal preview of the stunning bridal jewelry, diamond studs, and complete jewelry collection. A.H.Riise Mall • Main Street • Havensight Mall • Crown Bay 340-776-5570/1-800-444-4025 • 284-541-8507/800-51-JEWEL DYNASTY DAZZLERS & IMPERIAL JEWELERS are the oldest family owned and operated businesses in St. Thomas. Post hurricane their two very successful family businesses merged and are now operating under one roof on Main Street. With the largest selection of fine jewelry and loose diamonds in the Caribbean, you will find everything and more on your jewelry wish list. Owners-designers Raj & Vandy Mohanani see to it that every client gets special attention that is second to none. With millions of satisfied customers, their business has earned a reputation for being the most recommended store in the Caribbean by repeat clientele. Come and discover for yourself a jewelry shopping experience like no other store at incredible savings. Look for our COUPON in back of this book. Main Street & Havensight Mall 340-774-6520 •

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DYNASTY DAZZLERS & IMPERIAL JEWELRY has everything you’ve ever dreamed of from exquisite jewelry and watches, designer fragrances and the finest liquor brands. This family owned business has served millions of satisfied customers for over three decades. Choose from a vast selection of GIA certified diamonds as well as gem quality tanzanites and other precious color stones. Equally impressive are their affordable mint conditioned pre-owned Rolex watches at exceptional savings! See the largest collection of designer fragrances in St.Thomas, including Chanel, Bvlgari, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Lancome and Armani all at 20% off stateside prices and no sales tax. And don’t forget to stock your bar with the finest liquor brands from around the world. Dynasty Dazzlers has the largest selection of Caribbean rums and spirits plus hard to find specialties at 40-50% savings. The best luxury shopping in St. Thomas is at Dynasty Dazzlers & Imperial Jewelers! Look for our COUPON in back of this book. WATCHES | PERFUME | LIQUOR • Main Street & Havensight Mall 340-774-6520 • EDEN JEWELERS is the home of the Caribbean Sun and eclectic jewelry collections  designed and handcrafted in the Caribbean.  They have other treasures like colored diamonds, loose diamonds, natural gemstones and custom design jewelry. Eden offers aggressive pricing, great value and the personalized attention of owner Sunil Idnani, a G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist and wife Kanchan. Purchases made at Eden are backed by certified appraisals, highly personalized service, U.S. Service Centers and a life time warranty. Awarded the certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor year after year, this little mom and pop is fabulous. Look for our COUPON in back of this book. 5135 Dronningens Gade, Charlotte Amalie • 340-777-3366 • EDEN LIVING A wonderland of eclectic treasures to make your life a bit more perfect. Meet Nina White who curates this delightful assortment from home accessories like fun serving wear to unique clothing for the whole family. There are fair-traded crafts from Africa, Haiti and around the world, distinctive fashion jewelry, clocks and great gift items. You’ll find hand painted clothing, tiles and wall art by their resident artist, Janet Hutchinson, a master of textiles and ceramics who often works in the shop, plus creations by a bevy of other local and regional artists. 5135 Dronningens Gade, Charlotte Amalie 340-777-3366

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GRAND JEWELERS Established in 1982, with the mission to sell the highest quality jewelry at affordable prices, Grand Jewelers is the most reputable family owned store in the Caribbean. They take pride for serving families through generations and having a personal relationship with each of their customers. They offer an extensive selection of Loose Diamonds, Engagement Rings, Bands, Jewelry and Designer Collections. Grand Jewelers is also one of the selected few jewelers in the world to be an authorized Hearts On Fire retailer. Hearts On Fire is “the world’s most perfectly cut diamond” and stands alone in its beauty, sparkle and brilliance. Grand Jewelers also carries a wide range of watches which ranges from Porsche Design, Luminox, Citizen, Salvatore Ferragamo and Philip Stein. Each Philip Stein product contains a Natural Frequency disc, which acts like a tuned antenna harnessing the beneficial natural frequencies and channeling them to the body. FEEL THE POWER WITHIN. These watches are proven to improve your overall well being! Grand Jewelers invites you to have #TheGrandExperience whether you are on the island or anywhere in the world via our website and social media platforms! Look for our COUPON in back of this book. 5178 Dronningens Gade, Suite 2 • 340-776-8200 • JEWELS FOREVER This third generation family owned and operated jewelry boutique offers the finest jewelry with many custom designs at the best value for your money. Want to design your own jewelry or looking for the special diamond or other fine gemstone? They can do it with their factory in India and offices in New York. Stop by and see the family at Jewels Forever - they guarantee you’ll be a customer forever. Look for our COUPON in back of this book. Main Street • 888-3-JEWELS LITTLE SWITZERLAND For over 60 years, Little Switzerland has established themselves as the authorities on Timepieces and Designer Jewelry in the US Virgin Islands. Patek Philippe, Cartier, Breitling, David Yurman, Omega, Tiffany & Co., TAG Heuer, Marco Bicego, John Hardy, Lagos, Michael Kors and Alex and Ani are a few of the exceptional brands they carry - all at duty free and tax free prices. Be sure to ask about their preferred zero interest financing, available on the spot for an effortless duty-free shopping experience, as well as their extended watch warranty and best price assurance guarantee. Main Street • Havensight Mall • Crown Bay Emancipation Park • Waterfront • Mongoose Junction 877-800-9998 •

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Loyal MR. TABLECLOTH customers have been shopping here for over 35 years. MR.TABLECLOTH specializes in NO-IRON, STAIN RESISTANT tablecloths, which look and feel like linen- in any size you require. Peruse our impressive line of Jeannie jackets, starting at $29.95, M-5XL. We also carry soft pima cotton nightgowns and day to night Maxi dresses. Our children’s corner has hand smocked dresses and other clothing items. A pleasant experience awaits you. Mail and web orders accepted. Look for our COUPON in back of this book. 5180 Dronningens Gade, Ste. 1 • 340-774-4343 OMNI JEWELERS is your source for precious, semi-precious and gold jewelry. Quality and value of the merchandise is guaranteed and warranties can be handled through international service centers in the United States. Omni is a trustworthy supplier of any kind of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, tanzanite, rubies and a vast selection of designer jewelry. The knowledgeable sales staff  at Omni will guide you to find your perfect piece of jewelry to match your style. Look for our COUPON in back of this book. 5332 Raadets Gade, Ste.4 • 340 776-7860 •

PANDORA ST. THOMAS World-renowned for its hand finished and contemporary jewelry at affordable prices, PANDORA creates, manufactures, and markets jewelry made from high-quality materials. Designed to inspire women to embrace the self-creator within, PANDORA is a partner in helping to explore and craft a unique personal story to complement any style, every day. Visit PANDORA at two locations in St.Thomas: Havensight Mall & Dronningens Gade. Connect with them and join the conversation on Facebook/PandoraStThomas and Instagram @PANDORAstt. Havensight Mall Bldg 2, Suite B • 5124 Dronningens Gade, Suite #1 • 340-776-8550 /340-774-3672 THE SHOPS AT YACHT HAVEN GRANDE Escape from the bustling downtown St. Thomas scene at The Shops at Yacht Haven Grande, a beautiful outdoor galleria. Shop dutyfree at boutiques like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, White House Black Market, Luxe Perfumes, Sunglass Hut and more. Enjoy casual to haute cuisine waterfront dining with evening cocktails. Weekly events and activities for the whole family. The Shops at Yacht Haven Grande–Your island experience starts here! (See our Ad on the Pullout Map.) Long Bay Road, Charlotte Amalie • 340-775-8200 •

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tay S y a e Pl n i pD Sho

Crown Bay Center

Your first & last stop in a first class destination


Great Shopping, Fantastic Selection, Friendly Gaming, lous F Foo ood, G rreeat P Pr rice cess... Great Times. Fabulous Food, Great Prices...

Places to Explore • 55

• crownbay@vipo a ay@vipo • ww www w.crownbay w.c aycente ay r

Island Nuptials PLAN A DESTINATION WEDDING Photo © Don Hebert

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As one of the favorite wedding destinations in the Caribbean, the U.S. Virgin Islands offers island romance and sun-kissed memories to thousands of wedded couples each year. Barefoot on the beach or in a magical tropical garden, your wedding dreams are sure to come true. Several island wedding planners are available on line, and most resorts offer wedding/ honeymoon packages. ON THE BEACH With breathtaking views, warm sands and glorious sunsets, a beach wedding is by far the most popular wedding option. Choose romantic spots such as Magens Bay or Sapphire Beach on St. Thomas, Hawksnest Beach on St. John or Tamarind Bay on St. Croix. Some of the best beach wedding locales are found at seaside resort properties with wedding consultants to cater to your every need. IN THE GARDEN Perhaps the fantasy of a lush tropical garden is your idea of romance. Crown and Hawk Botanical Garden on St. Thomas offers breezy hillside gardens with spectacular panoramic views. On St. John, say your vows at the enchanting sugar mill ruins of the Annaberg Plantation ruins, or say “I Do” amid heady perfume of exotic tropical flowers at the historic St. George Botanical Garden on St. Croix. Continued on pg. 58.

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HISTORIC HOUSES OF WORSHIP For a more traditional church wedding, there are many inviting houses of worship to choose from. The Frederick Lutheran Church, St. Thomas Reformed Church and St. Thomas Synagogue are historic sanctuaries ideal for a formal wedding on St. Thomas. St. John’s Nazareth Lutheran Church is a cozy intimate church dating back to the early 1700s. On St. Croix there are 13 historic churches, such as the Holy Cross Catholic Church in Christiansted. MARRIAGE FEES & LICENSES There is an 8-day waiting period before a marriage license can be issued, though no blood test or physical examination is required. Application and license fees total $200. Mail in advance with a certified check or money order to the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands, P.O. Box 70, St. Thomas, USVI 00804 or P.O. Box 929, Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI 00821. If applicable, a certified copy of your divorce decree or a certified death certificate is required. Licenses must be picked up in person at the Courthouse with a picture ID. Judges are available to perform civil ceremonies Monday through Friday by appointment only for an additional $400. Contact the Superior Court of the U.S. Virgin Islands at 340-7746680 on St. Thomas or St. John and 340-778-9750 on St. Croix or visit aspx for marriage requirements and a downloadable application.

Photo © Mixd Creative Co

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Car Rentals

Photo © Don Hebert

ALWAYS... Buckle up! Watch for Tommy Starfish Road Signs! Remember, Drive on the Left in the USVI. No Cell phone use while Driving. It’s the Law!


Photo Courtesy of Budget Rent a Car

Renting a vehicle during your stay makes a lot of sense. Many visitors enjoy the flexibility of exploring on their own, and renting a vehicle could save a substantial amount of money, We want to complete your stay in the USVI especially for larger groups. Compact with outstanding customer service & excellent new vehicles. cars, sedans, jeeps, SUVs and vans | are all available for rent from national and local car rental agencies. A current U.S. driver’s license is required and is valid for 90 days. Temporary permits are available for those with an international license. Driving is done on the left, so be sure to slow down and pay close attention. Use your Places to Explore map for directions to major island destinations or ask your rental agency for a free detailed roadmap.


Taxi vans, cars and open-air “safari” buses are readily available at all resorts and major destinations and may be a safe alternative for those who are hesitant to drive on the left. Private pick up can also be arranged from your location. Arrange a beach or shopping drop off and pick up or book a full or half-day tour. Be aware that drivers frequently pick up several passengers going in the same general direction. Registered vehicles display an official taxi license plate issued by the Virgin Islands Taxicab Commission and are required to post the latest published fares in the cab. For two or more passengers, request to see the official rate sheet. Establish the fare before your trip. *Disclaimer: Rates are standard fares for one passenger. Additional luggage, radio-call and late-night pick up charges apply. Rates are subject to change.

ST. THOMAS TAXI RATES* Destination From Charlotte Amalie Airport

Destination From Charlotte Amalie Airport

Airport $7 American Yacht Harbor $13/$15 Blackbeard’s Castle $5/$8 Bluebeard’s Castle $5/$8 $10/$12 Bolongo Bay Charlotte Amalie $7 $12/$14 Coki Beach Compass Point $12/$14 $15/$18 Cowpet Bay Crown Bay $5/$5 Drake’s Seat $7/$9 Elysian Resort $15/$18 Frenchtown $4/$7 Havensight $6/$8 $12/$15 Hull Bay Mafolie Hotel $8/$10 Magens Bay $10/$12 Mahogany Run $10/$13

Marriott Frenchman’s Reef $8/$10 Morningstar Beach $8/$10 MountainTop $11/$12 Paradise Point Tramway $9/$11 Point Pleasant Resort $13/$15 Red Hook $13/$15 Reichhold Center $7/$5 $15/$18 Ritz Carlton Sapphire Beach $13/$15 Secret Harbour $15/$18 St. Thomas Yacht Club $15/$18 Sugar Bay $13/$15 Tillett Gardens $9/$11 Tutu Park Mall $9/$11 Windward Passage Hotel $4/$7 $4/$7 Yacht Haven Grande

ST. JOHN TAXI RATES* Destination

Annaberg Plantation Bordeaux Mountain Caneel Bay Chocolate Hole Cinnamon Bay Coral Bay Francis Bay Gallows Point

From Cruz Bay

$13 $17 $6 $7 $9 $16 $13 $5


Hawksnest Hurricane Hole Leinster Bay Maho Bay Campground Reef Bay Trail Head Salt Pond Trunk Bay Westin Resort

From Cruz Bay

$6 $19 $13 $13 $9 $20 $8 $6

ST. CROIX TAXI RATES* Destination From Airport/Christiansted/Frederiksted

Airport Buccaneer Hotel Cane Bay Carambola Beach Resort Caravelle Hotel Chenay Bay Beach Resort Christiansted Club St. Croix Divi Carina Bay Resort & Casino Frederiksted Frederiksted Hotel Gallows Bay Green Cay Marina

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-/$16/$17 $20/$9/$24 $20/$24/$26 $20/$30/$27 $16/-/$24 $21/$15/$27 $16/-/$24 $16/$8/$24 $24/$18/$36 $12/$24/$12/$24/$17/$6/$26 $18/$12/$27

Destination From Airport/Christiansted/Frederiksted

Hibiscus Beach Hotel Hotel on the Cay Hovensa Island Center King Christian Hotel St. Croix Yacht Club St. George Botanical Gardens Salt River Marina Sand Castle on the Beach Sunny Isle Shopping Center Tamarind Reef Hotel The Palms (Cormorant) Whim Plantation Museum

$16/$10/$24 $16/-/$24 $12/$12/$20 $12/$12/$20 $16/-/$24 $24/$18/$36 $12/$18/$12 $17/$22/$24 $12/$24/$8 $12/$12/$20 $21/$12/$30 $16/$10/$24 $12/$20/$10



to the U.S. Virgin Islands

Call V.I. Taxi, the territory’s largest and longest operating taxi association, for taxi service and sightseeing tours during your stay on St. Thomas or St. John

• Island Tours • Taxi Service • Airport Transfers Call

340-774-7457 Office: 340-774-4550


‘Driving happy people to beautiful places since 1942’


Photo © Don Hebert

64 • Places to Explore

Charlotte Amalie’s origin wasn’t a particularly virtuous one. A 17th century trading post, it was commonly known as Tap Haus, or Beer Hall, a favorite hideout for bawdy pirates and marauders. The Danes were the first to actually settle the island, though for many years, pirates and entrepreneurial merchants lived side by side (and were sometimes one and the same!). The rapidly growing town was christened Amalienborg, or Charlotte Amalie, in honor of the Danish queen. Look for the footprints on your Downtown Map pages 44-45 for a walking tour of historic places. CHARLOTTE AMALIE HISTORIC SITES FORT CHRISTIAN The National Historic Landmark’s famous clock tower is dated 1760. LEGISLATURE BUILDING Originally a barracks for Danish troupes, the transfer of the Virgin Islands from Denmark to the U.S. took place here in 1917. EMANCIPATION PARK This tranquil downtown park features a conch shell blower statue commemorating the emancipation of slaves and the territory’s replica of the Liberty Bell. GRAND GALLERIA The Grand Hotel was built in 1837, now a collection of shops and offices. ST. THOMAS HISTORICAL TRUST MUSEUM AND GIFT SHOP The museum showcases island artifacts and a collection of old photos from the 1800s and early 1900s. POST OFFICE Floor-to-ceiling murals created in 1936 by Saturday Evening Post artist Stevan Dohanos depict scenes of island life. HOTEL 1829 Once the private home of wealthy French sea merchant Alexander Lavalette, the hotel was named after the year it was built. 99 STEPS The most photographed staircase in the Caribbean was built with ballast from old Danish trade ships. BLACKBEARD’S CASTLE At the top of the 99 Steps, the property includes Skytsborg tower (Blackbeard’s Castle), bronze and copper pirate statues and historic Villa Notman and Haagensen House. GOVERNMENT HOUSE Built in 1867, the first two floors of the governor’s center of operations are open to the public. MAIN STREET Dronningens Gade is lined with classic 18th and 19th century buildings and old Danish warehouses. CAMILLE PISSARRO BUILDING The childhood home of the fa mous French impressionist artist is located along Main Street. MARKET SQUARE Originally a slave trading market, the outdoor market is now used to sell local produce, plants and fish. ROOSEVELT PARK Known as Coconut Square in 1764, the park was renamed in 1945 to commemorate a visit by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. GARDEN STREET Home to the historic staircase built in 1871.

Places to Explore • 65

Island Art

Several artists have gained international recognition with works featuring St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. You’ll find solo artist and collection galleries on all three islands, featuring original paintings, sculptures, ceramics, carvings, glass, jewelry, photography and mixed medium compositions, and some resorts feature an artist-in-residence. Check local listings for special art shows, pop up galleries and art walks. Some studios and galleries offer classes and sip & paint events. Local art is not counted towards your duty-free allowance. If looking for gifts to take home, pick up locally handmade items such as dolls, hot sauces, jams, rum cakes and souvenirs made from local wood, shells, coconut and calabash at many shops and roadside stands.

66 • Places to Explore

Drakes Passage 340.774.1201

Historical Figures The islands have ties with the likes of political figures such as founding father Alexander Hamilton, Edward Wilmot Blyden, the father of Pan Africanism, and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Aviator Charles Lindberg landed here, and philanthropist Lawrence Rockefeller donated his land on St. John to form the Virgin Islands National Park. In the athletic field, the Virgin Islands has produced boxers such as Emille Griffith, Julian Jackson and his sons Julius and John, as well as basketball greats Tim Duncan and Raja Bell. In the arts, father of French impressionism, Camille Pissarro, lived on Main Street in Charlotte Amalie. Actress Maureen O’Hara operated a seaplane company here with her husband, Charles Blair, Jr., a pioneer of transatlantic aviation. Drummer Dion Parson was born on St. Thomas, as was actor Kelsey Grammer, supermodel Hannah Davis, jazz musician Jon Lucien and the musical duo Rock City.

Hints for a Wonderful Stay

Carry Cash You may be used to a credit or debit card for every purchase, but some of the fun of exploring is discovering out of the way places, such as a food truck with a heady aroma of local spices, a rum shack on the beach or that roadside stand with locally made items. For many of them, it’s a cash business only. Even when you can use a card, ask before you order. Most accept Visa or Master Card, but not always American Express or Discover. Asking for directions Google Maps on your phones may be incomplete when it comes to island directions. At some point, you’ll more than likely have to ask a real person. Don’t be surprised to hear “turn at the big tree with the cow tied to it” or “go just past the three mailboxes and the pink whale sign.” It may sound confusing, but you’ll get the hang of it. It’s an island thing. Continued on pg. 68

BONES RUM The majority of world-

wide Rum production occurs in the Caribbean. Few places have a history soaked with Rum more than the Virgin Islands. BONES RUM is proudly produced on St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands using a centuries-old recipe, small batch distilling and oak barrel aging. Visit their St. Thomas location on the Waterfront for more about the history of rum, great logo merchandise, tropical frozen drinks and a unique “pour your own” rum bar experience. Smooth Rum for the Rough Seas.

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Talk to the Locals If you don’t start a conversation with “good morning” or “good afternoon” the response from locals will likely be cold and unresponsive. But if you start the conversation right, most locals are a friendly bunch that love to tell a good story, and that conversation might end up being one of the more memorable moments of your trip. Bathing Suits A bathing suit is a must on all beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands. If you head to town, please wear a coverup. No matter how good you look in it, it’s frowned upon on the streets. And men, put on a t-shirt. Although rarely enforced, a bare chest downtown could get you ticketed!

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Use common sense Like anywhere in the world, there are some who will try to take advantage of visitors. Don’t bring things like credit cards and jewelry to the beach and leave them in your unattended beach bag when you go for a swim. Stay on main roads and don’t go exploring unknown areas by yourself in the dark.

Historic Charlotte Amalie Churches

SAINTS PETER & PAUL CATHEDRAL The Roman Catholic cathedral is adorned with a large collection of ornate religious artwork. FREDERICK EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH The oldest church building on St. Thomas and the second oldest Lutheran Church building in the Western Hemisphere, Frederick Lutheran was completed in 1793. ST. THOMAS REFORMED CHURCH A beacon of hope and light in downtown Charlotte Amalie. Founded in 1660, this historic church hosted the TransFounded in 1660 A beacon of hope & light fer Day service in 1917, and was the Sunday in downtown Charlotte Amalie home church of Edward Blyden, father 10 a.m. services are culturally of Pan-Africanism. Destroyed by fire, & musically flood, and hurricane, the sanctuary rich and diverse. with its towering pillars has been reVisit our historic Sanctuary built each time, serving residents and All are welcome! visitors alike. Sunday services led by 5 Crystal Gade, at the corner of Pastor Jeffrey Neevel are culturally and Crystal and Nye, Charlotte Amalie musically rich & diverse. All are wel(340) 776-8255 • come! Open for tours Tuesdays–ThursThe STRC app is available in the App store days, 10am to 2pm, or by appointment. in Mac and Android formats.



68 • Places to Explore

Visit our Historic Hebrew Congregation of

St. Thomas Synagogue The spiritual home of the Jews of St. Thomas since 1833. Our Synagogue is one of the three National Historic Landmarks on St. Thomas and just a short walk from Main Street. Visit our adjacent Weibel Museum and Judaica Shop. Open to Visitors: Mon.-Thurs. 9am - 4pm, Fri. 9am - 3pm Contact us at: Phone: 340-774-4312 Fax: 340-774-3249 Join us for Services: Fridays 6:30pm This architectual gem, restored in 2000, has all the original elements from its construction in 1833.

THE HEBREW CONGREGATION OF ST. THOMAS The Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas, established in 1796, is one of the three National Historic Landmarks here. It is the oldest Synagogue in continuous use under the American flag and second oldest in the western hemisphere. Located near the heart of the downtown shopping district, we offer a quiet, historic and spiritual break from the Main Street activity. Visitors welcome. No admission fee. Well-stocked Judaica Gift Shop. Services every Friday at 6:30pm.

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THE MEMORIAL MORAVIAN CHURCH One of the last churches to be built in the town of Charlotte Amalie, it was completed in 1884 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Moravian Church mission to the Danish West Indies. CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF ALL SAINTS The Episcopal Cathedral was built in 1848 to celebrate of the end of slavery. Antiques, Art & Collectibles Auction is held in early February at the Mark Marin Center at Antilles School, supporting the historic St. Thomas Synagogue. Antique West Indian furniture, fine art, jewelry, crystal, wines, trips and much more are offered in silent and live auctions.

Places to Explore • 69

Attractions ST. THOMAS

Photo Courtesy of Tree Limin’ Extreme

It may be tempting to spend all your time at the beach, but the St. Thomas experience includes much more than just sun and sand! Amble through history, shop till you drop or take in some of the most breathtaking views in the Caribbean. From end to end, St. Thomas offers a host of intriguing activities for the inquisitive visitor. As you explore, don’t forget your Places to Explore island map to help you find your favorites.

East of Charlotte Amalie BLUEBEARD’S CASTLE The hilltop resort surrounds the ruins of Frederik’s Fort, a Danish fortified tower built in 1689. YACHT HAVEN GRANDE A luxurious mega yacht marina includes a promenade of sophisticated designer boutiques and cafés. PARADISE POINT A tram ride whisks you 700 feet up the hill for lunch, shopping, bird shows and an amazing view. WEST INDIAN COMPANY DOCK St. Thomas’ main cruise ship dock is one of the busiest in the Caribbean. HAVENSIGHT MALL & PORT OF $ALE Shops by the cruise ship dock offer the same duty-free prices as downtown. PIRATES TREASURE MUSEUM Pirates, shipwrecks and deep ocean exploration are the showcase of this hands-on interactive museum.

70 • Places to Explore

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72 • Places to Explore

TREE LIMIN’ EXTREME ZIPLINE PARK Soar through the rainforest on a 2 ½

hour zipline canopy tour. Take in the breathtaking views of Magen’s Bay and the BVI’s from 8 aerial platforms, fly high through the rainforest on six exhilarating ziplines and soak up the sun on our two incredible sky bridges as your ACCT trained guides lead you through this experience of a lifetime! The grand finale is the world famous Yo-Yo zip. It’s the only of its kind in the Caribbean! Look for our COUPON in back of this book. Welcome to the World Famous MOUNTAIN TOP, birthplace of the original Banana Daiquiri and the island’s first established major tourist attraction. From the highest point on St. Thomas (1547 feet), enjoy the breathtaking views of Magens Bay (rated one of the top ten beaches in the world) and more than 15 other islands and cays including St. John, Tortola and Jost Van Dyke. Sip a Banana Daiquiri, grab a snack and enjoy the best gifts, souvenir & clothing shopping on island.

West of Charlotte Amalie FRENCHTOWN Known for its “Restaurant Row,” this tiny fishing community abuts Charlotte Amalie’s Waterfront. FRENCH HERITAGE MUSEUM Old photographs, furniture and memorabilia chronicles Frenchtown’s history. CROWN BAY CENTER A replica of an old sugar mill is the center of this open-air shopping plaza at the island’s alternate cruise ship dock. UNIVERSITY OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS The fully accredited university known for its marine biology program and coral research. REICHHOLD CENTER FOR THE ARTS Enjoy local and international entertainment at this open-air amphitheater. ETELMAN OBSERVATORY The University of the Virgin Islands operates the only research-grade optical telescope in the Caribbean.

The Ultimate perience

Ex Caribbeanine Charged Adrenal lks zips/ sky a

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CORAL WORLD OCEAN PARK Voted top attraction in the V.I. Get up close and personal with the beauty and magic of Caribbean marine life in a stunning setting. View life on a coral reef from the unique Undersea Observatory. Hand feed a stingray or a rainbow lorikeet! Add-ons include brand new Sea Lion Swim or Encounter. Turtle Encounters, SNUBA, Sea Trek, Nautilus Semi-Sub. Open daily 9:00am to 4:00pm, November - April. Closed on non-cruise ship days (except holiday weekends). New –Coral World “Come Back” Tour, guided tour of the park.

Look for our


in back of this book.

74 • Places to Explore

Places to Explore • 75

Downtown Charlotte Amalie

East End

VENDOR’S PLAZA A colorful outdoor market offers island t-shirts and souvenirs.

RED HOOK East End’s commercial area is a busy marine center and the location of the ferry dock for travel to and from St. John. AMERICAN YACHT HARBOR Filled with sport fishing and charter vessels, the marina also boasts several shops and restaurants. CORAL WORLD Meet the underwater world at St. Thomas’ most exciting family-friendly attraction, with exhibits such as a Touch Pool, close encounters with stingrays, turtles, sea lions and sharks, an underwater observatory and more.

Havensight VIRGIN ISLANDS CHILDREN’S MUSEUM Located in the Buccaneer Mall, the museum features interactive exhibits and activities for kids ages 2 to 12. Visit Us! ALL THE INFO TO ENJOY YOUR VACATION

Mid-Island TILLETT GARDEN Art studios are encircled by a lovely garden, a tranquil enclave created by renowned silkscreen artist Jim Tillett.

We have been showing visitors a good time for over fifty years and strongly recommend our two "Gotta Do" tours. St. Thomas Island Tour: A sure fire way to see the highlights of St. Thomas. Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel, a great quick overlook with a stop in downtown Charlotte Amalie for lunch and shopping on your own. And the signature banana daiquiri at Mountain Top is complimentary! St. John Island Tour: The most complete and affordable way to see the spectacularly preserved nature of St. John. Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel, round-trip ferry tickets, full island tour including the cost of entry at the Park, snorkeling equipment for the famed Trunk Bay underwater trail and lunch! Just bring camera and sunscreen!

FIFTY YEARS OF EXPERTISE SAYS YOU GOTTA DO THESE TOURS! Call and ask for the Places To Explore Discount. 340-774-5674 •

Crown Mountain ADVENTURE

Free WiFi

Fun for the whole family.

An a-MAZE-ing Island Experience!


340-776-0041 • Open 8:30am - 4:00pm In off season call for hours. Plantation Crown and Hawk Botanical Garden & Park Crown Mtn. Road (Rt. 33)

• Find us on Google Maps

Available for Weddings and Special Events. CHARLES W. TURNBULL REGIONAL LIBRARY AND RECORDS CENTER The library features an archive for historic documents with a state-of-the art conservation lab.

Best Views PARADISE POINT Favorite view of Charlotte Amalie Harbor and the cruise ship dock. MOUNTAIN TOP Stunning vista of Magens Bay and beyond. DRAKE’S SEAT Sir Francis Drake’s lookout for enemy ships above Magens Bay. BEACON POINT A multi-island panorama of St. John and the BVI. SKYLINE DRIVE OVERLOOK (Route 40) A scenic overlook with a full view of the harbor.

THE MUST DO & SEE ATTRACTION! • Scenic Sky Decks • 125’ Long Waterfall • Lush Garden Trails • Peacocks / Animals • Historic Sugar Mill • Hiking Trails • Gift Shop • Locally Made Items • Drink & Snack Bar Thousands of Tropical Plants and Pavillions for Relaxation.

Enjoy a BOTANICA BLAST! ...cold, refreshing Daquiri.

PLANTATION CROWN & HAWK BOTANICAL GARDEN Follow the maze through the grounds of an old sugar mill plantation on a Crown Mountain Adventure, exploring lush tropical trails, viewing decks, a waterfall, peacocks, a gift shop with locally made items and more.

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Places to Explore • 77

Historic Hassel Island Photo © Media Marketing, Inc.

HASSEL ISLAND The little patch of land just yards away from Charlotte Amalie’s Waterfront, is a peninsula of St. Thomas that was deliberately “broken off.” Hassel Island holds an important place in St. Thomas’ history. Once known as “Hurricane Hole,” it was a popular coal and water station in the 1700s. In the 1800s, the British used the island to protect the harbor with strategic military structures such as Fort Shipley, Garrison House, Fort Willoughby and Cowell’s Battery, and the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company used the peninsula as a ship repair and coaling station in the 1840s. You can still visit their Creque Marine Slipway, the oldest steam-operated marine railway still in existence. Today, the island has been annexed to the Virgin Islands National Park. Download a trail map for a self-guided tour at or join the St. Thomas Historic Trust (340) 774-5541 on a walking tour of the island every Tuesday and Thursday morning. V.I. Ecotours (340) 779-2155 ( offers kayak, hike and snorkel adventures from Frenchtown, St. Thomas. VIRGIN ISLANDS ECOTOURS HISTORIC HASSEL ISLAND Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Adventures

Meet your professional guide in Frenchtown, at the dock across from Villa Olga, and kayak to Fort Shipley. Hike to the British Fortress guarding the entrance to Charlotte Amalie harbor and then snorkel at a secluded beach. Or rent a kayak or Stand Up Paddleboard and snorkel gear by the week on and explore on your own. Also, visit Honeymoon Beach on St. John and kayak & snorkel with sea turtles! Book online and save 10% use promo code: EXPLORE. Look for our COUPON in back of this book.

78 • Places to Explore

Water Island

WATER ISLAND Water Island is a serene little patch of land in the middle of the harbor, just yards away from Charlotte Amalie’s Waterfront. Originally inhabited by ancient Indians, it was used by European settlers for hundreds of years for cattle grazing, growing cotton and to supply ships from its fresh water pools. Although the rest of the Virgin Islands were purchased by the U. S. in 1917, Water Island remained the property of the East Asiatic Company until 1944, when it, too, was purchased by the U.S. during WWII. However, it wasn’t until 1996 that Water Island was finally recognized as the fourth U.S. Virgin Island. Less than 200 full time residents live there. A handful of rental properties are available, but most visitors come over for the day on the ferry from St. Thomas. Just 2.5 miles long, most travel on island is done on foot or by golf cart. Completely uncommercialized, there’s not a stop light or gas station in sight. WHAT TO DO ON WATER ISLAND • With beach bars on either end, live music on the weekends and Movie Mondays during the busy season, beautiful Honeymoon Beach is the center of activity. • Water sports equipment rentals are available. • The ruins at Carolina Point Plantation were excavated in 1998. The remains include masonry foundations, cisterns, bake ovens, rubble walls of a great house and slave cabins. • Construction on Fort Segarra was started to help protect the submarine base on St. Thomas during World War II, but the war ended before it was completed. Hikers can visit gun emplacements, inside tunnels and underground rooms, or enjoy the panoramic view from the observation deck. • 4 Elements Culinary and Wellness Center is a rustic eco-friendly retreat amid tropical gardens and the beauty of nature. The Water Island Ferry (340) 690-4159 runs several times daily between the dock at Phillips’ Landing and Crown Bay Marina on St. Thomas.

Places to Explore • 79

Land Activities TENNIS Public tennis courts are located in Sub Base, St. Thomas, by the Cruz Bay fire station on St. John and at the Canegata Ball Park in Christiansted, St. Croix. HIKING From leisurely strolls through historical ruins to challenging full-day explorations, the National Park includes twenty-two trails throughout St. John. The Salt River Bay National Park and Ecological Preserve provides the best hiking on St. Croix. On St. Thomas, the Magens Bay Discovery Trail is an easy 1.5-mile walk to the beach. BIKING With large stretches of flat land, St. Croix is ideal for easy cycling. St. Thomas and St. John are more mountainous and are recommended for experienced mountain bikers. CAMPING Cinnamon Bay Resort & Camp Ground ( on St. John offers tent sites, cottages and eco-tents for rent just off the beach within the National Park. Eco-camping can also be found on Water Island and at Mount Victory on St. Croix. HORSEBACK RIDING Two stables on St. Croix provide horseback tours through the rainforest and along the beach. On St. Thomas, the Golden Age Ranch (340) 7756077, a non-profit sanctuary for abandoned or unwanted horses, offers beach and trail rides as well as riding lessons. The horses at St. John’s Carolina Corral (340) 693-5778, along with donkeys, goats, sheep and more, are also all rescue animals. BASKETBALL Some of the nation’s top college teams participate in the annual Paradise Jam Basketball Tournament, the largest sporting event on St. Thomas. The week-long tournament held in November draws thousands of spectators to the University of the Virgin Islands campus for both Men’s and Women’s Division I games. BOXING St. Thomas is the Boxing Capital of the Caribbean and home of legendary boxer Julian Jackson, as well as his two sons Julius and John, and nephew Samuel Rogers. GAMING Video gaming machines are found in many restaurants and bars on St. Thomas and St. John. On St. Croix, Caravelle Hotel & Casino has classic and contemporary slot machines, or visit the Divi Carina Bay Casino for live action. SOUTHLAND GAMING of the VIRGIN ISLANDS WIN BIG JACKPOTS! Video Lottery is the hottest bet in gaming. Blackjack, Keno, Poker, or whatever your game, there is Vegas-style action day and night. Whether in a resort, beachfront, local restaurant or any of the over 35 locations, it’s sure to be exciting!

80 • Places to Explore

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GOLF On St. Thomas, there is a free 9-hole course on the University of the Virgin Islands campus. St. Croix boasts three courses: the Buccaneer Golf Course (340) 712-2144, Carambola Golf Club (340) 778-5638 and the 9-hole Reef Golf Course (340) 773-8844.

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ISLAND MAP DIRECTORY * *Locations listed are within proximity.


Blue Anchor Property Management (Offices) ...............................................YHG Bluebeard’s Beach Club ............................. 1 Bluebeard’s Castle Hotel ............................ 2 Bolongo Bay Beach Resort ......................... 3 Elysian Beach Resort .................................. 4 Emerald Beach Resort ................................ 5 Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort .............................. 6 Island View Guest House ........................... 7 Lindbergh Bay Hotel and Villas ................. 8 Mafolie Hotel ............................................. 9 Margaritaville .......................................... 10 Paradise Properties ...................................12 Pavilions and Pools Hotel .........................13 Point Pleasant Resort ................................14 Sapphire Beach Resort & Marina..............15 Secret Harbour Beach Resort ................... 16 Serendipity Villa .......................................17 Sugar Bay Resort and Spa ........................18 The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas......................19 The Windward Passage Hotel (Downtown) ........................................... DT


Biz Rentals .................................. Havensight Coral World Ocean Park .......................... 20 MountainTop ............................................ 22 Parasail Virgin Islands ............ (Sapphire Marina) 15, Havensight Plantation Crown and Hawk    Botanical Garden & Park ....................... 23 Tree Limin’ Extreme Zipline Park ............. 25 Tropic Tours ................................ Havensight Virgin Islands Ecotours    Historic Hassel Island    Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Adventures ....... 26 Virgin Islands Ecotours    Mangrove Lagoon, St. Thomas    Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Adventures ....... 27


Reichhold Center for the Arts ................... 28


Southland Gaming Look for the Play Button ............................. Crown Bay Gaming .............................. CBC Winner’s Circle .............................. HM/POS ITʼS THE LAW! Remember to Buckle Up. No Cell Phone Use while driving.


Moe’s Fresh Market   ......................(Red Hook Galleria) RH & DT Plaza Extra .....................(Tutu Park Mall) 29


Sugar and Spice Artistry .......................YHG


Celia’s Boutique ...................................... RH Crown Bay Center .................................. CBC Havensight Mall ................................... HMA Island Casual ............................................RH The Shops at Yacht Haven Grande ........YHG


The Boss Underwater Adventures ............ 24 Double Header Sportfishing .................................(Sapphire Marina) 15 Heavenly Days ................... (Bolongo Bay Beach Resort) 3 JJ Divers .......................................... East End Parasail Virgin Islands   ............... (Sapphire Marina) 15, Havensight St. Thomas Diving Club    .................... (Bolongo Bay Beach Resort) 3 Virgin Islands Ecotours    Historic Hassel Island Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Adventures .............................. 26 Virgin Islands Ecotours    Mangrove Lagoon, St. Thomas    Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Adventures ....... 27


AIRLINES Cape Air ............................................Airport Sea Flight...........................................Airport


Amalie Car Rental .....................................21 Biz Rentals .................................. Havensight Budget Rent A Car ...............39, Airport, HM V.I. Taxi Association ..................Everywhere


Dohm’s Water Taxi .......................Anywhere Dolphin Water Taxi ......................Anywhere   Smith Ferry Services   On Island Concierge & Ferry Service   .................................... (Downtown) DT, RH


Red Hook Family Practice    ................................. (Red Hook Plaza) RH Yacht Haven Family Practice .................YHG


Stumpy Point

Look for the Play Button! ................. Bordeaux Bay

Botany Point


rtun a Fo

Barents Bay David Point

MAP LOCATION KEYS AMERICAN YACHT HARBOR ........ AYH BUCCANEER MALL ....................... BM CROWN BAY CENTER ..................CBC DOWNTOWN ................................ DT FRENCHTOWN ............................... FT FORT MYLNER...............................FM HAVENSIGHT MALL ...................... HM and PORT OF SALE MALL ......... POS LOCKHART GARDENS ................... LG MARKET SQUARE EAST ................ MSE RED HOOK PLAZA ........................ RH YACHT HAVEN GRANDE.............. YHG RESTAURANTS ...................................

RESTAURANTS Beni Iguana’s Sushi   Bar & Restaurant ...................................HM Brix ................................................ HM/POS Caribbean Fusion   ..........................(Emerald Beach Resort) 5 Caribbean Saloon ......................... (AYH) RH Delly Deck Restaurant .............................HM Duffy’s Love Shack ..... (Red Hook Plaza) RH Fish Tails ...................................................RH French Quarter Bistro ................................ FT Frenchtown Brewery................................ FT Frenchtown Deli ........................................ FT Iggies Oasis........................ (Bolongo Bay) 3 Hook, Line & Sinker  ................................. FT Island Flavor ......................................... CBC

Lucas Point


Crown Mtn. 1,556 ft. 474 m





Perseverance Bay


Runnel Bay

Neltjebe Bay






Fortuna Bay




n Mt n R d CROWN & HAWK w


Santa Maria Bay



Botany Bay Sandy Bay

Stumpy Bay

Mail Kastel Bay Point

Caret Bay

Vluck Point

Black Point





Brewers Bay

BLUE FLAG CERTIFICATION promotes environmentally responsible beaches and marinas throughout the world. The Blue Flag eco-label is awarded on an annual basis to those that voluntarily meet its strict criteria of water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management and safety. The U.S. Virgin Islands spotlights four Blue Flag beaches and two Blue Flag marinas.


University of the Virgin Islands

Cyril E. King International Airport


Red Point


Eme Beac

Lindberg Bay

Mosquito Po

Food for delivery and pickup from your favorite restaurants Mafolie Restaurant............ (Mafolie Hotel) 9 Petite Pump Room .......(Blyden Terminal) 34 Rancho Latino Bar & Restaurant   ....................................... (Vitraco Park) 35 The Smoking Rooster BBQ.......................HM Sbarro ...................................................... 36 Sib’s On The Mountain Bar & Restaurant ................................... 30 Slice VI .......................................................31 Subway ..................................... ,BM,RH Thai Indian Grill .......................................RH Tickles Dockside Pub   .............................. (Crown Bay Marina) 38 Urban Eats ............................................YHG Wingz Gone Wild ..................................... 36 Win Mil 2.0 ................................................ FT




Picara Point Tropaco Point Mail Kastel Bay Point



Neltjeberg Bay

Dorothea Bay


Hull Bay







5 6

Lindbergh Bay


Crown Bay

Water Island

Carol Point

.. 30 ...31 M,RH ..RH

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30 Yacht Haven Grande

Long Bay St. Thomas Harbor

Hassel Island 26


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Roy L. Schneider Regional Medical Center





35 313





Weymouth-Rh BM RAPHUNE NEW HE Havensight Mall




Pacquereau 315 Bay

6 5

Morningstar Beach






Frenchman Bay

Flamingo Bay

Caribbean Sea Flamingo Point

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k) 35 .HM .. 36

Sprat Point

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e Gr W.

Virgin Islands National Park



m an

Druif Bay


Charlotte Amalie DT

el hann ria C ego


Mosquito Point


Regis Point


36 r Ve t e r a n s D 39 34 FT



LOVENLUND da Man hl Rd


Drake’s Seat


r E. G


Red Point




Emerald 304 Beach



K ru m B a

p ts


Fairchild Park

40 SOLBERG 332


University of the Virgin Islands

Cyril E. King International Airport





Brewers Bay



go ria Ch an n





Maho gany Ru





Rd ay






Crown Mtn. 1,556 ft. 474 m



ll B Hu





Lovenlund Bay

Magens Bay

Reseau Bay


Green Cay

Little Coculus Bay


OCEAN Mandahl Bay

Mandahl Point Lee

Salt Pond Rd

Tutu Bay


Lee Point


d P as

Thatch Cay sag

Sunsi Bay Spring Bay TAMBOR &




Mandahl Rd






384 39

Tutu Park Mall



hy m e r Hwy



it Sm


R Bay



Coki Beach 20 Coki Point Water Bay





th B

Tillett Gardens








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ti pen Tur



Ba y Rd

Mangrove Lagoon


Bovoni Cay Stalley Bay

Patricia Cay

Cas Cay

15 31


Nazareth Compass Pt. Bay Jersey Bay

St John Bay Sapphire Beach Ferry Service to St. John and British Virgin Islands



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Cowpet Bay

Water Point

Deck Point

Long Point

TTOMMY STARFISH Look for Tommy Starfish directional signs along the roads to help guide you around the island. The color-coded signs correspond to the colored routes on this map.

ORANGE...........................AIRPORT-RED HOOK BLUE..........................HAVENSIGHT-RED HOOK RED ...................... SMITH BAY-FOUR CORNERS GREEN ............................. TOWN-MAGENS BAY YELLOW ........................ MAFOLIE-CROWN BAY REMEMBER TO DRIVE ON THE LEFT!


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St. Thomas museums and Tours Information subject to change. Contact the Museum or Tour for operating hours and admission prices.


“What Will You Discover Today?” Located in Buccaneer Mall Havensight. Open Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Sunday 11:00 AM to 4 PM; Closed Monday Admission: $8 per person, Children under 2-Free 340-643-0366 •

FORT CHRISTIAN A National Historic Landmark since 1977, the museum houses exhibits of historical photos and documents, period furniture, a cane press, displays on local flora and fauna and more. The roof of the fort offers panoramic views of the harbor. 340-776-8605 Charlotte Amalie, Forte Strade (Next to Emancipation Park) 9AM - 4PM-M-F • Guided Tours 10AM-1:45PM Daily ST. THOMAS HISTORICAL TRUST “To identify, protect

and preserve the history, sites and culture of St. Thomas.” Open Monday-Friday from 10am-4pm. Closed Weekends and Holidays. Downtown: 5332 Raadets Gade Admission $10 for Adults, Children 12 and under free Downtown Walking Tour and Hassel Island Tour • 340-774-5541

ARC VODKA DISTILLERY We take pride in being the Virgin Islands first Vodka Distillery & providing our customers with a premium spirit handcrafted with the finest ingredients. #2 Store Tvaer Gade • 340-643-7032 Operating hours: Lounge - Thurs. - Sat., 3pm - 10pm Tours by appointment Admission & Tasting Tour -$25/person PIRATES TREASURE MUSEUM Discover ancient artifacts spanning 3,000 years from some of the most famous shipwrecks throughout history. There is an interactive map, pirate treasure and bottle displays. The treasure shop offers souvenirs, t-shirts, books and authentic coin jewelry. 340-775-9575 •

Buccaneer Mall Havensight (340) 643-0366

Hours of Operation

Tuesday-Saturday 10 am-5 pm Sunday 11 am-4 pm Monday Closed

Places to Explore • 81

St. Thomas Events

Coal Pot Cook Off This festive local event celebrates West Indian history and culture with cuisine using traditional coal pot cooking methods. Hosted by the St. Thomas Historical Trust, it is held in late May in Emancipation Park in downtown Charlotte Amalie. Afternoon on the Green The University of the Virgin Island’s Afternoon on the Green is an annual event celebrating local and international fare. With live music, dance performances and other entertainment, it’s a full day of fun for the family. Slider Showdown Held at Magens Bay in May, the Slider Showdown is a popular fundraiser for All Saints Cathedral School, with awards for Best Burger, Best Veggie, Best Seafood and Best Pork Slider. Chili Cook Off Feel the heat at the annual Chili Cook Off, held the third Sunday in August on Brewers Beach. There’s hot chili, cold brews, and live music all afternoon at this event benefitting local charities. Facebook: Texas Society of the Virgin Islands King of the Wing This chicken wing cooking competition is one big party on the beach at Magens Bay! Held in June, proceeds for this event hosted by Alpine Securities benefits local non-profit organizations. Facebook: King of the Wing Jazz in the Park Presented by International Capital & Management Company, Jazz in the Park brings the community together for a free night of great live music by local and guest artists, a street fair with food and drink and more. Bring a blanket and get comfortable on the grass to enjoy the show. The event is held three to four times a year in downtown Charlotte Amalie’s Roosevelt Park. Jazz on the Dock Partnering with Grammy Award-winning Dion Parson’s United Jazz Foundation and Mentoring Through the Art of Music, the West Indian Limited Company hosts a free concert series showcasing local talent of all ages as well as visiting professionals. The bi-monthly concert in the gazebo at the West Indian Company, Ltd. Dock is held on the third Tuesday of every other month. Facebook: United Jazz Foundation Reichhold Center for the Arts, 2016 © Don Hebert

82 • Places to Explore

Innovative Choice Wireless V.I. Open Tennis Tournament Known as the “Wimbledon of the Caribbean,” the annual Innovative Choice Wireless V.I. Open Tennis Tournament is held towards the end of February, at the St. Thomas Yacht Club. The U.S. Tennis Association-sanctioned tournament features U.S. and the Caribbean players competing in twelve singles, doubles and mixed doubles divisions. Art on the Town Hosted by Downtown Revitalization, Inc., Art on the Town is a gallery crawl through downtown Charlotte Amalie. Roam the marketplace of independent artists in Emancipation Park or follow the Art Walk map of downtown galleries. Get your map stamped at every location for a free gift. For the next Art on the Town date, visit Las Vegas Night A dazzling night to see and be seen, St. Thomas dons its best for the Montessori School’s annual Las Vegas Night fundraiser. Blackjack and craps tables provide a night of gambling fun, and “winnings” are used to bid on items in the live auction. Facebook: VIMSIA’s Las Vegas Night Dollar Fo’ Dollar With Bamboula dancers, reenactments, and a Culture & History Walking Tour through Charlotte Amalie’s historic sites, Dollar Fo’ Dollar commemorates the 1892 coal carriers’ strike for better pay, led by activist Queen Coziah, held each September. Wear white and join in the strikers’ anthem “Dollar Fo’ Dollar.” Facebook: Dollar fo’ Dollar Culture and History Tour

This publication is not liable for information that is subject to change; check with event social media sites for current information.


“A DIAMOND IN THE RUM” The tropical isle of St. Croix was discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus. For all its natural beauty, he named the island “Santa Cruz” meaning Holy Cross. Years later, under the French flag, Santa Cruz was renamed St. Croix. Cruzan Rum, locally known as “The Rum of the Islands,” comes from St. Croix and the name Cruzan comes from the name of the local people of the island known as Crucians. Since the early 1800’s, the Nelthropp family has lived on the island and has been an integral part of this legendary island’s rich history. And for the last two hundred years, the island has not only left its mark on them, but also their rum. It is here that the family produces Cruzan Rum, thereby upholding the centuries-old tradition of crafting the finest Virgin Islands’ rum. Using only the purest, natural ingredients and processes, the Cruzan Rum Distillery has vastly improved on rums of the past. At Cruzan, every last drop of rum is brilliantly crafted to exceptional standards, using natural ingredients and a unique distillation process. Each stage of the process is closely monitored and controlled to ensure that every expression boasts remarkable taste and incredible flavor that shines through in every sip. Cruzan Rum consistently achieves the light, distinctive taste which has made it one of the fastest growing, premium rums in the world. Cruzan’s line of rums has grown to include Aged Dark, Aged Light, Aged 151 Proof and Black Strap, as well as 14 flavors, including the newest member of the flavor lineup, the very popular, Blueberry Lemonade. Cruzan also reintroduced its Estate Diamond Rums in Aged Light & Aged Dark. For rum connoisseurs, Cruzan Single Barrel is the world’s first single barrel rum and winner of a Double Gold Medal at the prestigious San Francisco Spirits Competition. Rounding out the portfolio is Cruzan 9 Spiced Rum, made with a unique blend of nine spices and Cruzan Velvet Cinn, which takes the naturally sweet flavor of rich dairy cream a step further by adding a robust and lingering taste of bakery cinnamon. Cruzan reminds you to take your time with this on-of-a-kind rum and appreciate 1 part Cruzan® Coconut Rum its smoothness and 1 part Cruzan® Mango Rum quality. Splash of pineapple juice So be sure to ask your bartender for a Cruzan Combine over ice and serve. Rum Drink, because in Skewer a pineapple wedge, the Virgin Islands a mango cube and a when we say “Rum” pineapple leaf for garnish. we mean Cruzan Rum!



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drink something out of a

Cruzan® Rum and Rum with Natural Flavors, 21%-40% Alc./Vol. ©2017 CRUZAN International, Chicago, IL USA.

Caribbean Cuisine ST. THOMAS

Photo © Don Hebert

86 • Places to Explore

Here in the “melting pot of the Caribbean,” dining takes on a distinctly international flair, offering the best of all worlds seasoned with a generous helping of tropical flavors unique to the islands. You’ll find a plethora of dining choices, from home-style cooking at a side-of-the-road food truck to cutting edge, avant garde creations at a luxury resort. Nibble something casual by the pool or relax at a sidewalk café. Grab a quick lunch on the go or linger over dinner at a romantic seaside bistro. Seafood is a must during your stay. Fresh from the boat to the kitchen, many restaurants feature a catch-ofthe-day special featuring local mahi, tuna and more, and will even cook your own catch if fishing is on your agenda. There’s a large local contingent of vegetarians, so be sure to sample some robust West Indian veggie dishes as well. During or after dinner, live entertainment can be enjoyed any day of the week.

Places to Explore • 87



FOOD TOURS Taste your way through St. Thomas! New food tours invite you to roam historic Charlotte Amalie while sampling the best of local flavors and learning a bit about island history, culture and art, or sip your way downtown to taste Cruzan Rum, locally distilled vodka and more. Tour the island with your foodie guide on a combination sightseeing and tasting tour or visit a local restaurant for a hands-on cooking class. Visit for schedule of events and more information. Flavors of St.Thomas

88 • Places to Explore

GLADYS’ CAFÉ The N.Y. Times recommended Gladys’ Café serves excellent Caribbean cuisine in a cozy setting, rich in atmosphere with its mahogany bar and native stone walls. Local specialties include conch and fungi, roti, oxtail, mutton stew and their famous Bloody Marys. The good, standard breakfast is the best value in town. Lunch offerings feature various sandwiches, salads, and fresh seafood with the hot chicken salad a favorite. Don’t forget fresh fruit smoothies. Gladys’ own hot sauce is available for purchase and shipped worldwide.


Gladys’ Café Excellent Caribbean Cuisine

Breakfast 7-10:30am amous World Fauces Lunch starts at 11am Hot S rldwide! Daily Drink Specials Wo Shipped

Royal Dane Mall R Charlotte Amalie

Visit Us on Facebook


Pick up a free copy of a Places to Eat Map for some great dining and nightlife suggestions. PASTA GO GO is the hidden gem of the

downtown dining scene. This European café offers gourmet pasta, sandwiches and salads made fresh daily. Known for their full-service espresso bar and inhouse bakery, Pasta Go Go is popular among locals for breakfast and lunch. Pasta and sandwiches are $8. The café features a contemporary design and a cozy, shaded patio for dining. Delivery service available. Photo © Don Hebert

pasta salads panini espresso bar breakfast lunch royal dane mall charlotte amalie (just off the waterfront behind Harley ari Davidson)

Places to Explore • 89

MY MODERN CARIBBEAN KITCHEN Includes 70 fresh takes on island favorites and features chapters on breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, soups and stews. Infused with Julius’s experiences of island life, these recipes are the perfect blend of traditional cuisine, unexpected twists and unforgettable flavor. Julius “The Chef ” Jackson is a professional chef, professional boxer and Olympian who was born and raised in the US Virgin Islands. He is manager and head chef of My Brother’s Workshop Bakery and Café, partner in USVI Catering and creator of “The Chef ’s Cooking Lab” culinary experience. Julius has made appearances on Showtime, Food Network, the Cooking Channel and Telemundo. He lives in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. MY MODERN CARIBBEAN KITCHEN

can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and locally at The Owl and the Seahorse.

90 • Places to Explore

TICKLES DOCKSIDE PUB, a casual dining spot on the water in Crown Bay Marina, where locals and visitors gather to enjoy the open-air atmosphere. Open 365 days a year serving local and national favorites for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything from comfort foods to steaks and seafood at moderate prices. Listen to weekly live entertainment while enjoying your favorite frozen drink at the full service bar. Tickles Dockside Pub is Kid-Friendly. Major credit cards accepted.


The Virgin Islands has produced an impressive number of elite athletes. If you have an interest in sports history, stop by the Win Mill 2.0 in Frenchtown which showcases the largest collection of Virgin Islands sports memorabilia. Owner Rashidi Clenance is a former local sports reporter, radio and TV sports talk show host who grew up with basketball legend Tim Duncan. They remain close friends, and the bar served as a distribution center for Duncan’s hurricane relief efforts in 2017. Part curator and part bar owner, Rashidi is passionate about the need to preserve Virgin Islands sports history. Every inch of Win Mill 2.0 is filled with game jerseys, bats, baseballs, boxing gloves, pennants, autographed photos and more, from the likes of Duncan, boxing great Julian Jackson and others. You’ll see the boots and hat of horse jockey Julio Felix, who recently won his 3,000th race, and a newspaper article from 1895 about Peter Jackson, the first black heavyweight champion. There is a Horace Clark jersey from his days with the Yankees in the 1950s as well as a game jersey from Ronald Charles, worn during the famous 1979 Michigan State game against Indiana State, the most watched college basketball game in history. There’s even an autographed Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover from local model Hannah Davis. Enjoy a cold brew and enjoy a tour of Virgin Islands sports history.

SPORTS BAR & LOUNGE ULTIMATE BAR FOOD LIVE SPORTS VI SPORTS HISTORY (340) 643-iWiN (4946) Frenchtown, St. Thomas Places to Explore • 91

Rancho Latino

An authentic Latin restaurant that serves every customer as if they were family.

One of the most affordable restaurants around with everything from burgers to steaks to authentic Latin specialties including roast pork and Mofongo. Air conditioned with colorful tile tables, Cana bar and salsa & merengue music playing in true Latin hospitality.

Open Mon-Sat, 11am-10pm & Sunday, 11am-9pm

Vitraco Park, St. Thomas | 340-774-8909 To see a full menu go to

92 • Places to Explore


READY FOR A HOME COOKED MEAL? Come celebrate over 40 years of great food, cold drinks and memories!

Still serving up a great selection of traditional dishes and unique creations with a side of sassy help! Try our Famous Breakfast Menu!

Conveniently located at the Cruise Ship Dock

Give us a call at


, usvi








ne bar &


BRIX \'briks\ noun: a measurement of the sugar content of grapes, indicating the degree of the grapes' ripeness at harvest.

An upscale-casual wine bar and bistro. Open for lunch and dinner and drinks Monday through Saturday.

Call for reservations

and information on private events.


Located at Port of Sale 93

A Caribbean Lobster

It’s not exactly what you’re expecting! Caribbean lobsters are not really true lobsters at all. They are one of over 45 different species of clawless sea crayfish. “Warmwater tails” are found in the Caribbean, Florida, and Brazil. The tail is generally the only edible part. They typically grow to between one and five pounds, but can often grow much larger. The Caribbean lobster’s distinctive thick tail is darker red with yellow spots and a yellow band. The meat is whiter and long, thick, spiny antennae sprout from the head. They may look a bit different but the taste is very similar. You won’t be disappointed! Taste of Two Islands Featuring the best restaurants from St. Thomas and St. John, A Taste of Two Islands is sponsored by WTJX Channel 12 in November to support public television. Sample innovative creations and sip sultry wines for a delightful evening of culinary sophistication.

Photo © Don Hebert

94 • Places to Explore

IGGIES OASIS From cat-5 hurricanes to pop-up concerts with Stevie Wonder, Iggies Beach Bar has been a part of St. Thomas life for over 25 years. One of the longest running restaurant brands in the VI, Iggies Beach Bar moved in 1996 (one year after Hurricane Marilyn) to its current location on the sandy beach at Bolongo Bay. Iggies Beach Bar was damaged by hurricanes Irma & Maria and is currently closed. Until rebuilt, we’re keeping the spirit alive at Iggies Oasis, located pool side at Bolongo Bay. Come for cocktails, great food and ocean views. Lunch/dinner from 11am to 9pm nightly, Bar open until 11pm! Iggies Oasis

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96 • Places to Explore

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It is customary to tip your server 15 to 18 percent, however,


Duffy’s Love Shack




CARIBBEAN SALOON A fun, casual atmosphere with a Caribbean flair! The Caribbean Saloon overlooks the American Yacht Harbor marina and St. John for a beautiful harbor view. Join them for lunch or dinner seven days a week and enjoy the signature steaks, pastas, seafood and more, with an extensive late night menu. Sports fans will enjoy the large screen TV’s in air-conditioned comfort. DJ, live music and large late night menu.

Caribbean Saloon

Places to Explore • 97

Farmer’s Markets

Sample locally grown fruits and produce, visit a farmer’s market.

St. Croix is known for its agriculture, with roadside stands throughout the island. Saturday morning stop by the busy vegetable markets in Christiansted and Frederiksted, the La Reine Farmer’s Market or the V.I. Farmer’s Cooperative in Estate Grange. Photo © Don Hebert ARTfarm opens Wednesday afternoons with organic tomatoes, greens, fruits, herbs and art. Tropics Hydroponics on the north shore is open during the week. The Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute features an online V.I. Locally Grown Market. Order at and it’s ready for pick up at two locations on Wednesday and Saturday. Bordeaux Farmer’s Market is the largest on St. Thomas. Located on the west end, it is open on the second and last Sunday of the month. A smaller market is held at Yacht Haven Grande on the first and third Sunday. In downtown Charlotte Amalie, historic Market Square offers fresh fish as well as produce and local plants, busiest on Saturdays. Fresh fish can also be found at the Gustave Quetel Fish Market in Frenchtown and the Joseph P. Bryan Fish Market outside Lionel Roberts Stadium. Fishermen arrive with their catch in the wee hours, so the best selection is found just after dawn. For a full list of markets and schedules visit

Johnny Cakes A Virgin Islands’ Specialty

Photo © Don Hebert

INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup milk 2 cups flour, sift 1-2 tbs sugar 2 tbs butter Cooking oil 1 tsp salt 1 tsp baking powder

DIRECTIONS Sift together dry ingredients. Add butter and work in with fingers to grain consistency. Add milk slowly to make a pliable dough that won’t stick to the sides of the bowl. Knead for 5 minutes on floured surface. Place dough in a bowl and cover with a towel for about 30 minutes. Roll into small balls and pierce with a fork. Fry in hot oil until both sides are golden brown. Serve hot, right out of the pan!


Best Gourmet Market in the Virgin Islands YACHT PROVISIONS Open 7am-10pm Two Locations!

The Galleria, Red Hook & Waterfront, Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas, USVI


your preferred custom-cuts and



particulary high standards.


lamb, pork, grass-fed beef and organic chicken.

and that’s the truth.

SUBMARINE GRUB picnic and sandwich headquarters.


Deli Meats and Cheeses


you will be so pleased. Wine tastings every weekend.

We carry


World Class Customer Service


For Provision Orders, Fax 340-693-0256 or Email


Photo © Don Hebert

100 • Places to Explore

BOATING AND SAILING Full and half-day boat excursions are available, from small powerboats to luxury sailboats and a festive glass-bottomed party boat. Tours often provide snorkel gear, and many full day tours offer a casual lunch. PARASAILING Soar on high for an incredible island view or skim the waves on a wet and wild parasail adventure. Don’t forget your waterproof camera! JET SKIS AND WAVERUNNERS Motorized Personal Water Craft (PWC), Jet Skis and WaveRunners are available for rent by the half hour on St. Thomas and St. Croix, but are prohibited in National Park waters.

Places to Explore • 101

FISHING Catch wahoo, dolphin, grouper, snapper or tuna and have a local restaurant cook your catch, or join a state-of-the-art fishing boat charter for some challenging big game catch-and-release fishing. Tournaments are held throughout the year, including the world-class U.S.V.I. Open Atlantic Blue Marlin Tournament. Look for our COUPON in back of this book. JJ DIVERS “Expect the Unexpected”

Scuba Diving | Private Charters Lobster Hunt | Scuba Training Family Friendly | Snorkeling


with this charming family friendly boutique dive and charter operator. It is one of the newest in St. Thomas and gaining popularity with their outstanding customer service and flexibility. The Island Adventure Charter with Lobster BBQ is one of many customizable charters available with JJ Divers, please call today to book your adventure with this 5 star google award winner. Located on the East End, St. Thomas.

Experience the


Explore the brilliant undersea world with your own personal underwater motor scooter. Begin your adventure by boarding our 60 ft. custom dive yacht for a scenic cruise to the crystal clear dive site and then enjoy a guided tour of stunning tropical reefs and colorful fish of the Caribbean. No Diving Experience Necessary! Call for Reservations

102 • Places to Explore

(340) 777-3549

The HEAVENLY DAYS is a custombuilt 53’ catamaran available to visitors who appreciate first class excursions at affordable prices. Don’t miss our ‘Swim with Turtles’ half-day snorkel trip to Buck Island; snorkel gear, light snacks, and cold drinks included. Sip champagne during a 2-hour sunset cruise through Charlotte Amalie harbor or enjoy ‘Sunday Funday’ with snorkel stop at Buck Island then sail to Honeymoon Beach on Water Island for lunch and afternoon beach time. Available for private charters and weddings. ST. THOMAS DIVING CLUB Dive

with the local experts! PADI 5 STAR St. Thomas Diving Club has been voted “Best Dive Shop” in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Enjoy small group diving and personal service from a crew that is dedicated to the safety and enjoyment of everyone that comes aboard. Boat diving seven days a week, their morning and afternoon trips visit two sites. Beginner Discover Scuba Diving classes available. Snorkelers welcome on afternoon trips. Located at Bolongo Resort. BOARD SPORTS Boogie boards are ideal for the kids to skim near the shores. Stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) can offer a relaxing tour of the shore while getting a full-body workout. Steady tradewinds make windsurfing or kiteboarding ideal for avid wave riders, and surfers can catch a curl on the north shores of St. Thomas and St. John from November through March. V.I. Ecotours (340) 779-2155 offers snorkel gear, SUPs, kayaks, floats and beach chairs for rent on a daily or weekly basis, with free delivery to your car rental, villa, condo or beach. DIVING, SNORKELING AND OTHER UNDERWATER EXPLORATIONS Dive gear, SCUBA and SNUBA lessons

and tours are available at any dive shop. Snorkeling gear can be found in local stores as well as water sports centers, often right on the beach. For an unusual underwater adventure, hop on a Breathing Observation Submersible Scooter (BOB) to zip under and over the waves, or explore on the ocean floor with Coral World Marine Park’s Sea Trek guided helmet dive.

Places to Explore • 103

Environmentally Safe Sunscreens According to a recent study, the chemical oxybenzone, an ingredient found in over 3,500 sunscreen products worldwide, has toxic effects on coral reproduction and exacerbates coral bleaching. Some sunscreens also contain other chemicals known to contribute to coral bleaching such as butylparaben, octinoxate and 4-methylbenzylidene camphor. Toxic effects can occur at a concentration equivalent to a single drop of water in an Olympic swimming pool. With an estimated 6,000 to 14,000 tons of sunscreen washing off swimmers, divers and snorkelers each year, it’s easy to see how it poses a significant ecological threat to a population already threatened by other pollutants and warm sea temperatures.

Photo © Don Hebert

CHOOSE YOUR SUNSCREEN WISELY First, consider wearing a hat and shirt or stay in the shade during peak sun hours to cut down on your sunscreen use. Try to find one that uses natural mineral ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium oxide, or choose one that is labeled biodegradable, such as eco-friendly Badger, Tropical Sands, SmartShield and Coral Safe brands. Visit the Environmental Working Group’s sunscreen guide at for a comprehensive list. KAYAKING Rent a one- or two-man craft right on the beach or have one delivered to you for the week. You’ll find open-sea and shoreline kayaking on St. John, and kayak tours of the Salt River National Historic Park and Ecological Preserve are offered on St. Croix. St. Thomas’ V.I. Ecotours (340) 779-2155 leads group combination kayaking, hiking and snorkeling tours through the Marine Sanctuary and Mangrove Lagoon, Cas Cay, Caneel Bay on St. John and Hassel Island. VIRGIN ISLANDS ECOTOURS MANGROVE LAGOON, ST. THOMAS Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Adventures

Professional guides lead five tours daily in St. Thomas’ Mangrove Lagoon: Cas Cay Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Adventure 5 hours with lunch, 3 hours, 2.5 hour, and Sunset & Night Kayak tours. OR, rent a kayak and explore the beautiful protected lagoon ON YOUR OWN! Walk-Ins Welcome! Also, visit Honeymoon Beach on St. John, and kayak & snorkel with sea turtles! For more info visit Rent a kayak, SUP or snorkel gear by the week or day! Book online and save 10% use promo code EXPLORE! Look for our COUPON in back of this book.

104 • Places to Explore

St. Thomas Beaches



Snorkeling Conditions: Fair Location: North side at the end of Snorkeling Conditions: Good Location: South side at Bolongo Bay Beach Route 35. $5 entrance for non-resident adults/$2 entrance for adult residents Resort. (age 13 and over), free entrance for BREWER’S BAY all children 12 and under, elderly, handicapped and some summer Snorkeling Conditions: Fair student programs, $2 car parking, Location: West, near the campus of the covered shed rentals $100, family and University of the Virgin Islands. senior monthly passes available. COKI BEACH

GREAT BAY Snorkeling Conditions: Fair Location: East end at Ritz Carlton Club.

Snorkeling Conditions: Excellent Location: Northeast next to Coral World Marine Park.


HULL BAY Snorkeling Conditions: Good Location: North side, west of Magens Bay.

Snorkeling Conditions: Good Location: East end at Sapphire Beach Resort & Marina. SECRET HARBOR

LINDBERGH BEACH Snorkeling Conditions: Poor Location: West end on Airport Road at Emerald Beach Resort. MORNING STAR BEACH Snorkeling Conditions: Fair Location: South side at Morning Star Beach Resort.

dive shop gift shop chair rental

Snorkeling Conditions: Good Location: East End at Secret Harbor Beach Resort SMITH BAY PARK (LINDQUIST BEACH) Snorkeling Conditions: Good Location: East end between Pavilions and Pools Resort and Sapphire Beach Resort. $5 entrance fee for non-residents, $2 for residents, $2 car parking

water sports equipment rentals music picnic tables

lifeguard resort


parking snorkeling




restrooms/changing facilities surfing


BLUE FLAG CERTIFICATION from the Foundation for Environmental Education, attest that beaches have safe water, clean sand and play an educational role in the community.

Places to Explore • 105

Photo courtesy of Emerald Beach Resort, St. Thomas.

The perfect home away from home differs from person to person and the U.S. Virgin Islands can accommodate them all! A listing of popular resorts, guesthouses and vacation homes is included in this guide or contact the U.S. Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association at (340) 774-6835 or at In 2017 hurricanes Irma and Maria severly damaged some of our hotels. Although most are now either fully or partially operational as of this publishing, full restoration is not yet complete. Please call or visit the website of any destination to be sure all activities are operational. We apologize for any inconvenience.

ST. THOMAS ACCOMMODATIONS In 2017 hurricanes Irma and Maria severly damaged some of our hotels. Although most are now either fully or partially BLUE ANCHOR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT | operational as of this publishing, full restoration is not yet complete. Please call or visit the website of any destination to

be sure all activities are operational. We apologize for anyHaven inconvenience. 5304 Yacht Grande, Suite 100, St. Thomas | Tel: 340-643-2583

The premier full service vacation rental and property management service on the islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. Blue Anchor is dedicated to delivering the highest quality customized property management for vacation rentals. Comprehensive services include property management, marketing, vacation rental, concierge and maid services. Vacation rental guests can expect hightouch, personal assistance every step of the process to assure their vacation experience is as effortless and memorable as possible.

106 • Places to Explore

BOLONGO BAY BEACH RESORT | Southside, Bolongo Bay, St. Thomas | Tel: 340-775-1800 Family owned and managed for 40 years, Bolongo is known for its friendly, attentive service and relaxed, tropical atmosphere. Just 65 ocean view rooms nestled along a 1,000 ft. palm-lined beach with complimentary non-motorized water sports and sailing trips on Heavenly Days 53' catamaran. Enjoy dining at Iggie’s Oasis, a sunny poolside bar and restaurant featuring homemade cooking, local ingredients, amazing views and live music. All inclusive or room-only plans available.

EMERALD BEACH RESORT | 8070 Lindbergh Bay, St. Thomas | Tel: 800-233-4936 100% Beach Front Rooms. Experience St. Thomas’ best kept secret. Lounge under lush palms, wade in Lindbergh Bay’s cool waters, take a dip in the waterfall pool, or enjoy waterfront dining at the Caribbean Fusion Restaurant. Exercise facilities onsite, along with wedding services and meeting accommodations. All rooms are equipped with complimentary high speed internet, refrigerators, coffee makers, A/C, safes, flat screen TV’s, private balcony, and a breathtaking ocean view.

LINDBERGH BAY HOTEL and VILLAS | 8075 Lindbergh Bay St. Thomas | Tel: 800-792-2742 All rooms feature a private balcony, flat screen TV, ocean views, A/C, and free wifi. Enjoy our open-air restaurant and bar, Oceanside Bistro. We offer two pools, relaxing beach deck, and shuttle to our sister property, Emerald Beach Resort. Choose from a wide variety of rooms and suites to create your perfect Caribbean vacation. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable hotel for your business trip, or a romantic getaway for your wedding, look no further than Lindbergh Bay Hotel and Villas.

Places to Explore • 107

PARADISE PROPERTIES | Sapphire Village & Crystal Cove Villas, East End | Tel: 800-524-2038 Discover the freedom and privacy of condo vacations in St. Thomas. Choose the best locations - 1 & 2 bedroom units at beachfront Crystal Cove Villas or studio and 1- bedroom units at Sapphire Village, perched hillside overlooking the ocean and marina. All condos feature fully equipped kitchens, pools, tennis & access to beautiful beaches. Amenities on Sapphire Beach include water sports, restaurants, entertainment and white sand beach.

SECRET HARBOUR BEACH RESORT | East End, St. Thomas | Tel: 340-775-6550

Boutique resort w/pristine Caribbean blue water and a tranquil, uncrowded swimming beach features 48 beachfront condominiums + 2 ADA rooms. Ideal for families, couples, watersport vacations & weddings. Privately owned units are beautifully furnished suites in studio, 1 or 2-bedroom layouts w/fully equipped kitchens; private patio/balcony & daily housekeeping. Amenities: 2 restaurants, concierge w/watersport rentals & excursion boats, PADI dive center, pool, tennis, fitness, massage, gifts & free Wi-Fi. Book direct using resort website, Facebook or phone for special discounts.

SUGAR BAY RESORT AND SPA | 6500 Estate Smith Bay, St. Thomas | Tel: 340-777-7100 Perched mountainside surrounded by breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and neighboring islands. The resort features 297 renovated rooms, a secluded beach with an array of water sports and recreational equipment; three inter—connecting freshwater pools with a waterfall and grotto; tennis, onsite spa; state-of-the-art fitness center, and a comprehensive schedule of daily activities. Various restaurants, coffee shop, poolside grill and multiple bars that offer a diverse dining experience.

THE WINDWARD PASSAGE HOTEL | Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas | Tel: 340-774-5200 This charming hotel is centrally located in the heart of St. Thomas directly across the street from the Charlotte Amalie Harbor where the Seaplane and inter-island ferry terminals are located. The hotel is a block away from the duty free shops and restaurants of the downtown area. The hotel is comprised of 150 rooms and junior suites that surround a central courtyard. All rooms feature air conditioning, coffeemaker, iron and ironing board, cable TV, hair dryer and free wireless internet.

ST. THOMAS HOTELS BOLONGO BAY BEACH RESORT BELLAVISTA SCOTT HOTEL 340-775-1800 800-524-4746 340-714-5500 BUNKER HILL HOTEL BLUEBEARD’S BEACH CLUB 340-774-8056 340-776-4770 ELYSIAN BEACH RESORT BLUEBEARD’S CASTLE 340-775-1000 800-438-6493 340-774-1600

108 • Places to Explore



EMERALD BEACH RESORT CRYSTAL PALACE 340-777-8800 800-233-4936 340-777-2277 866-502-2277 FLAMBOYANT ON THE BAY RESORT & VILLAS GALLEON HOUSE BED & BREAKFAST INN 340-777-6000 340-774-6952 800-524-2052 FRENCHMAN’S COVE MARRIOTT THE GREEN IGUANA HOTEL 340-693-4800 800-627-7468 340-776-7654 855-473-4733 ISLAND VIEW GUEST HOUSE FRENCHMAN’S REEF MARRIOTT & MORNING STAR BEACH RESORT 340-774-4270 800-524-2023 340-776-8500 800-524-2000 SUNSET GARDENS ISLAND BEACHCOMBER HOTEL 340-344-2556 340-774-5250 ST. THOMAS CONDOMINIUMS, LINDBERGH BAY HOTEL & VILLAS VACATION HOMES & VILLAS 340-774-2525 800-792-2742 BLUE ANCHOR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT MAFOLIE HOTEL 340-626-3325 800-225-7035 340-774-2790 CALYPSO REALTY, P.C. MARGARITAVILLE VACATION CLUB 340-774-1620 800-747-4858 BY WYNDHAM CARIB BEACH VILLAS 340-775-8300 340-774-2525 800-233-4936 PAVILIONS AND POOLS HOTEL COLDWELL BANKER STOUT REALTY 340-775-6110 800-524-2001 340-776-7653 POINT PLEASANT RESORT HARBOUR BEACH VILLAS 340-775-7200 888-619-4010 340-775-6000 THE RITZ-CARLTON, ST. THOMAS LEEWARD ISLANDS VILLAS/VIRGIN ISLANDS 340-775-3333 813-388-8995 THE RITZ-CARLTON CLUB MCLAUGHLIN ANDERSON VACATIONS LTD. 340-775-3333 340-776-0635 800-537-6246 SAPPHIRE BEACH RESORT & MARINA PARADISE COVE COTTAGES 800-524-2025 340-775-2600 340-626-0860 SECRET HARBOUR BEACH RESORT PARADISE PROPERTIES 340-775-6550 340-775-0111 800-524-2038 SUGAR BAY RESORT AND SPA SERENDIPITY VILLA 340-777-7100 800-927-7100 340-227-4779 WINDWARD PASSAGE HOTEL VILLA FRATELLI CRESTA 340-774-5200 340-514-9441




Refer to the Advertisers’ Directory in this guide. Places to Explore • 109

So Much to Do ST. JOHN

Photo © Jason Hubert

112 • Places to Explore

Inhabited as early as 770 BC by the Taino Indians, St. John was put on the map in the early 1700s by British and Danish settlers looking to make it rich on sugar cane production. By the end of the century, 109 cotton and sugar plantations were in operation. By 1848, the abolition of slavery meant no more free labor, and the competition from cheaper beet sugar caused the economy to nose dive. Half the population sought more profitable shores. Along with St. Thomas and St. Croix, U.S. purchased the island in 1917, but little changed until the advent of tourism in the 1930s. In a forward-thinking act of conservation, philanthropist Lawrence Rockefeller donated a large portion of land in 1956 to preserve the island’s exceptional natural beauty. Now known as the Virgin Islands National Park, it covers more than two thirds of the island. CRUZ BAY Just 20 minutes from St. Thomas, Cruz Bay, known as “Love City,” is St. John’s center of activity. Surrounding the park across from the ferry dock, are colorful clusters of shops and eateries such as Wharfside Village, Galleria Beach Shops, Raintree Court and Lemon Tree Mall. Directly across from the park is historic Nazareth Lutheran Church, established in 1720 and still in use today. A short walk to the north of Cruz Bay brings you to the National Park Visitors Center (340) 776-6201, the entrance to the Virgin Islands National Park. To the right is Mongoose Junction, a collection of boutiques, galleries and cafés in a picturesque garden setting. OTHER ST. JOHN POINTS OF INTEREST ELAINE IONE SPRAUVE LIBRARY AND MUSEUM A restored plantation home just outside Cruz Bay exhibits photographs, documents and artifacts from the Indian and colonial eras. ANNABERG PLANTATION Ruins of St. John’s largest sugar plantation include a 36-foot windmill, slaves’ quarters and a still house. The Friends of the National Park sponsors demonstrations and discussions such as bread making, basket weaving, broom making, sustenance gardening and more. The St. John Folklife Festival celebrating St. John’s history and culture is held each February. CINNAMON BAY HERITAGE MUSEUM AND ARCHEOLOGY LAB Housed in one of the oldest buildings still standing on St. John, the working archeology lab and museum is actively preserving St. John’s heritage from prehistoric times to the present. TEKTITE UNDERWATER HABITAT MUSEUM The museum at the Virgin Islands Environmental Research Station (VIERS) chronicles Project Tektite at Lameshur Bay, an underwater habitat research project conducted by NASA in 1969 and 1970.

Places to Explore • 113

Photo © Media Marketing, Inc.

THE VIRGIN ISLANDS NATIONAL PARK Few places on earth can compare to the resplendent natural beauty of the Virgin Islands National Park on St. John, with lush greenery, vibrant flowers, exotic birds, crystalline waters and dramatic panoramic views. We have philanthropist Lawrence Rockefeller to thank for this amazing spectacle of nature. His fondness for St. John prompted the visionary to gift 5,000 acres of land to the Virgin Islands to create a national park to protect the island from future development. Over the years, the park has expanded to include more than half the island as well as 12,708 acres of submerged land, coral reefs and mangroves off the north shore, the Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument off the south shore and Hassel Island in Charlotte Amalie’s harbor. Each experience of the national park is unique. On land, there are trails meandering through a diverse geography that ranges from tropical forests to arid scrublands, dotted with historical ruins from St. John’s colonial era. Stop by the National Park Visitors Center (340) 776-6201 in Cruz Bay for free trail maps and to sign up for ranger-guided tours, snorkeling expeditions, demonstrations and other activities. Beyond its sandy beaches, the crystal clear waters are home to a plethora of tropical sea life and colorful reefs. Equipment is available at some of the park’s beaches, including small sailboats, windsurfers, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and more. Visit for more park information.

Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park For 29 years, the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park have been dedicated to conserving and protecting park resources. With more than 3,000 members worldwide, this non-profit organization has played a major role in its natural, historical and cultural preservation. Support the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park by visiting their gift shop in Mongoose Junction or become a member online at

THE WESTIN ST. JOHN RESORT & VILLAS A perfect place for a relaxing family vacation, romantic getaway or team retreat with in-door meeting space, voted, “the Best on St John.” Whatever the reason for the visit this island retreat brings signature Westin amenities and activities from watersports to tennis and spa treatments to gourmet dining. Studio, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom villas feature fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette and spacious living areas; all nestled into a tropical paradise at the edge of Great Cruz Bay.

114 • Places to Explore

St. John Events

All events subject to change, visit event website for 2018 and 2019 schedules.

8 Tuff Miles, the St. John’s annual foot race, starts in Cruz Bay and climbs 999 feet up Bordeaux Mountain before descending to Coral Bay. More than 1,000 runners and walkers complete the 8.375-mile course. Awards are given in several age group and gender categories. Vist for information.

St. John Trail Race, using the trails of the National Park, the mountainous 13.5-mile course runs from Cruz Bay to Coral Bay, with three 800-foot ascents from beach to peak. Visit for information. Love City Triathlon & Aquathon held on Labor Day weekend, combines a half-mile swim, a 14-mile challenging bike course and a 4-mile run, stretching from Maho Bay to Annaberg and back. Visit for information. Love City Live celebrates with four days in January highlighting reggae music and the community spirit of St. John. Featured events include a posh VIP reception and an upscale tropical all-white party on the beach. The Reggae at the Ruins concert at Estate Susannaberg jams with live reggae, local food and drink, followed by a live DJ for late night dancehall-style party. A Sunday powerboat party heads to Pirate’s Bight on Norman Island, British Virgin Islands for a massive beach blast. Visit for information. Love City Country Music Festival is held in the spring and includes a beach party at Soggy Dollar Bar in the BVI, concerts on Cruz Bay’s beach featuring stateside headliners and satellite stages for music throughout the weekend. Visit for information. St. John Arts Festival The 5-day event is held in February in Cruz Bay’s park, with quadrille dancing, steel pan, gospel, traditional island foods, arts and crafts and more. Visit for information.

Chaotic Kayak Race, the CSM Robert Gallagher Memorial, is a fundraiser for the Team River Runner's Wounded Veterans program, which raises money to bring wounded veterans and their spouses to St. John for a healing weeklong stay. With live music, beer tents, food and kayak races, this fun event is held on Oppenheimer Beach in July. Visit for information.

Folklife Festival, sponsored by the Friends of the National Park, is held each February in honor of Black History Month. This three-day festival at the Annaberg plantation ruins commemorates St. John’s culture through traditional music and dance, historical lectures, guided tours, local food, crafts and more. Visit for information.

116 • Places to Explore

It’s Island* Time Coral Bay

This picturesque natural harbor on the east end of St. John, has enticed settlers since the 16th century. The area was named for its use as the first Danish livestock corral, krall in Danish. Explore the remains of the settlement at the ruins of Fort Frederiksvaern, the site of the 1733 slave revolt, or visit the still active Emmaus Moravian Church, established in 1782. Today’s residents are an eclectic collection of sailors, boat builders and artists that cherish the simple life. Only one road leads from Cruz Bay to Coral Coral Bay Photo © Don Hebert Bay, though the roller coaster road may make the trip an adventure on its own. You’ll be sharing the road with donkeys, goats, roosters and other friends. You’ve arrived when you see “The Triangle.” The road to the left heads to the eastern tip of St. John. Stop by Skinny Legs, the funky island bar and restaurant that is the hub of social life and entertainment. Opposite the Triangle is the Cocolobo shopping complex, featuring unique art, gifts, clothing anjewelry; or head right to Salt Pond Bay for some great snorkeling.

SHOPPING ON ST. JOHN St. John offers handcrafted quality and island motifs. Across from the ferry dock are vendors selling trinkets, hot sauces, carvings and other souvenirs. To the right is Wharfside Village, with cafés, handcrafted island jewelry, spices, beachwear, home accessories and art. Follow the road as it circles back to the park, dotted with colorful shops offering one-of-a-kind gifts. The road to the left of the park leads to Mongoose Junction, a lovely garden-style shopping complex with island chic galleries, boutiques and cafés. Just outside Cruz Bay is the Market Place, with gift shops, gourmet wines and cheeses, a full grocery and other services. You’ll also find shopping opportunities on St. John’s East End at Coral Bay’s Cocoloba shopping center and the fun shops at Skinny Legs Bar and Grill.

Places to Explore • 117


On the Beach JUMBIE BAY

Snorkeling Conditions: Very Good Location: Off Northshore Road in the National Park.

Snorkeling Conditions: Fair Location: Off Northshore Road in the National Park.



Snorkeling Conditions: Excellent Location: In the National Park. Take Northshore Road, head towards Annaberg Sugar Mill. Take left at the dead end.

Snorkeling Conditions: Excellent Location: In the National Park. Take Northshore Road to the Annaberg Sugar Mill. MAHO BAY


Snorkeling Conditions: Fair Location: Off Northshore Road in the National Park.

Snorkeling Conditions: Poor Location: Southwest at the Westin Resort.



Snorkeling Conditions: Excellent Location: Southeast off Route 107.

Snorkeling Conditions: Good Location: Off Northshore Road in the National Park.


HONEYMOON BEACH & SALOMON BAY Snorkeling Conditions: Excellent Location: Northwest. Hike the Lind Point Trail from the National Park Visitor Center in Cruz Bay or park at top of Lind Point and hike down. Also Available: Watersports rentals: kayaks, stand up Paddleboards, floats, snorkel gear, lounge chairs, lockers with locks, bar & restaurant, bathrooms, showers, hammocks. Water Taxi from Cruz Bay $5 pp.

dive shop gift shop chair rental

118 • Places to Explore

Snorkeling Conditions: Excellent, snorkeling trail Location: Off Northshore Road in the National Park. Also Available: $5 entry fee, under 16 years of age free. Annual passes available.

water sports equipment rentals music picnic tables

lifeguard resort


parking snorkeling

& beverages


restrooms/changing facilities surfing


St. John Water Sports

The warm sands are welcoming and the crystal clear waters are irresistable. Snorkeling is excellent in the waters off St. John, particularly on the self-guided snorkel trail at Trunk Bay. Water sports rentals are readily available at dive shops and beachside sports shacks, as well as tours, lessons and dive certification. Charter boats and fishing trips are also plentiful for group or private sails. Talk to your concierge for bookings or visit one of the information booths in Cruz Bay and Mongoose Junction. Photo © Don Hebert CRUZ BAY WATERSPORTS CO. Celebrating 34 years of operation, Cruz Bay Watersports is the premier company for a fun-filled day on the water in the Virgin Islands! With a diverse fleet of catamarans and motor vessels they offer trips to the British Virgin Islands cruising to the famous Baths of Virgin Gorda, day sails to Foxy’s & White Bay on Jost van Dyke, sunset sails, daily SCUBA diving and PADI instruction, snorkeling, dingy rentals, and two retail locations with a wide variety of unique souvenirs and rental gear. Email and let their complimentary concierge service plan your private charter or event from groups of 12 to 100 guests. Cruz Bay and Westin Resort St. John; 340-776-6234/776-6040; HONEYMOON BEACH, ST. JOHN VIRGIN ISLANDS ECOTOURS Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Adventures Water Taxi from Cruz Bay Bikinis on the Beach

Bar & Grill Secluded, exclusive Honeymoon Beach is St. John’s only full service beach offering: water taxi service, Bikinis on the Beach Bar & Grill, water sports rentals: snorkel gear, kayaks, stand up paddleboards, floats, beach chairs & umbrellas. There is a gift shop, bathrooms, showers & lockers, lots of shade and hammocks! Save by booking a Day Pass $49pp. Kayak, SUP and snorkel gear rentals by the week with delivery. Guided kayak & snorkel adventures with sea turtles! or call: (340) 779-2155. Book online and SAVE 10% discount, use Promo Code: EXPLORE Look for our COUPON in back of this book.


Hansen Bay Long Bay

Long Point Pond Bay

Blackrock Hill




Leduck Island


Saltpond Bay Nanny Point Trail Drunk Bay


Sa ltp on d




Kiddel Point

Drunk Bay Trail y Ba R am

d Trail Hea

Cabritte Horn Point

Ram Head

to St. T

Cruz Bay

National Park Visitor Center

i r. V

U.S. Customs


t gS Kin




rin c e

Cruz Bay Cen


201 e Rd

10 Centerline Rd






Winston Wells Park





Gallows Point



Post Office

St Bank

5 A



Wharfside Village Shopping Center Bay St Grande Bay

6 P









Clinic Tourism Bureau

h hS


Ferry terminal Dockside Mall


d St


Pedestrian ferry dock




d Hook

Mongoose Junction Shopping Center


to B t o Re

104 St



to St. Thomas car ferry

to THE WESTIN the Marketplace, Palm Plaza, & Southside Rd




Caneel Bay Resort................ 1 Gallows Point Resort........... 2 Hillcrest Guest House........... 3 The Westin St. John Resort & Villas............................... 4

Cruz Bay Watersports Co. (Westin Resort) ................. 4 Virgin Islands Ecotours St. John. VI National Park (Honeymoon Beach).......... 8



The St. John Experience Gallery...............................A


Greengos Caribbean Cantina............................... 5 Westin St. John Resort & Villas................... 4

Connections.......................... 6 Cruz Bay Family Practice (Boulon Center).................. 7


The Parrot Club..................... C St. John Taxi Rates Listed on page 62.


Little Switzerland.................A

120 • Places to Explore


Virgin Islands National Park to Caneel Bay

ho m a s

* Locations listed are within proximity.


MONGOOSE JUNCTION..........A RAINTREE COURT........................ B WHARFSIDE VILLAGE................. C DOCKSIDE BUILDING.................D RESTAURANTS............................

Calling all Foodies! Getting Your Gourmet On is Easy. Pick up a Places to Eat St. Thomas St. John Map Conveniently located around the island.

East End Bay

Privateer Privateer Bay Point Red Point


Bo y

a Ba



Caribbean Sea

Newfound Bay

Round Bay

Coral Bay

Sabbat Point Johns Folly Bay

re a

Dittlif Point

East End Rd

Friis Bay

Yawzi Pt. Trail

L itt


Bovocoap Point

Mennebeck Bay Gowed Point Haulover Bay


Turner Point

107 Johnson Bay Lagoon Point

ame shur B ay am esh ur B ay

Cocoloba Point

ro p

y Rd


Cr o

e lat

Reef Bay Sugar Mill (ruins) Wh ite Cliff s Reef Bay Genti Bay

Fish Bay

Hart Bay Rondezvous


c Cho

Bay il Tra

Monte Bay Klein Bay

Ba uz

ru at C Gre a t Gre

ur e


Bordeaux Mtn. 1,277 ft. 389 m


Elk Bay

Harbor Point

Sanders Bay

tn. Tr a i l


L amesh

Fish Ba y Rd


Hurricane Hole

Emmaus Moravian Church Coral Harbor

Rd 20

Bord eau xM tn. R

Gift Hill



King Hill



Camelberg Peak 1,193 ft. 364 m


Turner Bay a zB

V i rg i n I s l a n d s N a t i o n a l Pa r k

Myrah Keating Smith Health Center

Coral Bay





Cruz Bay


P rin Mardenboro Point

r d e au x M

rline Rd nte Ce


le L


l H i l l Tr ail

National Park Visitor Center

Catherineberg Sugar Mill (ruins)

Marney Peak 1,147 ft. 350 m




B rown Bay Tra il

l Trai




AT L A N T I C O C E A N Brown Bay

o rn


Sh ore R d N orth

rail Ree f B a y T

Water Catchment Trail

Caneel Bay Honeymoon Beach Salomon Bay 20 Caneel Lind ail Hill Pt. Tr Point C Cruz Bay Ferry dock

Underwater Trail

Ruins Hawksnest Bay

rline Rd Cente


Bay on na m l Tr a i

Henley Cay

Trunk Bay

Annaberg Sugar Mill (ruins)

America Point Maho Bay

Cinnamon Bay Cinnamon Bay Campground

Leinster Point

Watermelon Cay

Leinster Bay

nn y H Joh

Ramgoat Cay Hawksnest Point

Rata Cay

Francis Bay Trail


ge assa iP

St. John

Anna Point

Mary Point

Francis Bay

South side Rd

Ferry Boat Service

Fun g

Whistling Cay



#157 Enighed, Cruz Bay, St. John | Tel: 340-776-6774 Need to get away? Hillcrest Guest House is one of the oldest and established guest houses on Cruz Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands. Operating as a Bed and Breakfast hotel , they feature six separate one bedroom suites with kitchenette, air condition, breakfast items, drinks and liquor. All of the suites have a private bathroom with a shower. Free Wi-Fi, beach chairs and snorkel equipment. $185 to $235/day.Check out the Hillcrest calendar online at

THE WESTIN ST. JOHN RESORT & VILLAS | Great Cruz Bay, St. John | Tel: 340-693-8000 A perfect place for a relaxing family vacation, romantic getaway or team retreat in function space, voted, “the Best on St John.” Whatever the reason for the visit this island retreat brings signature Westin amenities and activities from watersports to tennis and spa treatments to gourmet dining. Studio, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom villas feature fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette and spacious living areas; all nestled into a tropical paradise at the edge of Great Cruz Bay.


CANEEL BAY 340-776-6111 855-226-3358 THE WESTIN ST. JOHN RESORT & VILLAS 340-693-8000 888-627-7073


ESTATE LINDHOLM 340-776-6121 800-322-6335 THE INN AT TAMARIND COURT 340-776-6378 800-221-1637 ST. JOHN INN 340-693-8688


ARTISTIC VILLAS 340-776-6420 800-253-7107 CAREFREE GETAWAYS 340-779-4070 888-643-6002 CARIBBEAN VILLAS & RESORTS 340-776-6152 800-338-0987 CATERED TO VACATION HOMES 340-776-6641 800-424-6641 CIMMARON PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 340-715-2666 COCONUT COAST VILLAS 340-693-9100 800-858-7989 DESTINATION ST. JOHN 340-779-4647 800-562-1901 ECO SERENDIB VILLA & SPA 215-830-8300 215-620-8809

ESTATE ZOOTENVAAL 40-776-6321 GALLOWS POINT RESORT ST. JOHN 340-776-6434 800-323-7229 GRANDE BAY RESORT 340-693-4668 ISLAND GETAWAYS 340-693-7676 888-693-7676 SEA SHORE ALLURE 340-779-2800 855-779-2800 SEAVIEW HOMES 340-776-6805 888-625-2963 SERENDIP VACATION CONDOMINIUMS 340-776-6646 888-800-6445 ST. JOHN SIGNATURE VILLAS & CONDOS 340-776-2739 844-STJ-LINE ST. JOHN ULTIMATE VILLAS 340-776-4703 888-851-7588 SUITE ST. JOHN VILLAS 800-348-8444 VACATION VISTAS 340-776-6462 888-334-5222 WINDSPREE VACATION HOMES 340-693-5423 888-742-0357


CINNAMON BAY RESORT & CAMPGROUND 669-999-8784 CONCORDIA ECO-RESORT 340-693-5855 800-392-9004

Places to Explore • 121


All times and rates are subject to change without notice. Please call in advance for more information.

ST. THOMAS-ST. JOHN TRANSPORTATION SERVICES AND VARLACK VENTURES Transportation Services (340) 776-6282 Transportation Services of St. John, Inc. Varklack Ventures (340) 776-6412 • FROM: RED HOOK TO: CRUZ BAY Departures: Daily. 5:30 a.m. (weekdays only), 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m., then hourly from 8 a.m. to midnight Fare (Adult/Child under 12): One way non-residents, $7/$1; One way V.I. residents, $6/$1 $4 per piece for luggage or boxes TO: RED HOOK FROM: CRUZ BAY Departures: Daily. Hourly from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Fare (Adult/Child under 12): One way non-residents, $7/$1; One way V.I. residents, $6/$1 $4 per piece for luggage or boxes


WHEN TIME AND CONVENIENCE COUNT! Use Dolphin’s fast and easy, private or shared VIP water taxi service between the St. Thomas Airport and all BVI points. • Bypass overcrowded ferries and associated long customs lines. • The only USVI provider licensed to serve any BVI charter dock by boat. • Serving all of the USVI and BVI Safely for 10 years.

Ask about our private large group boating services throughout the Virgin Islands.

Visit for more details on all our services.

From: Charlotte Amalie To: Cruz Bay Departures: Daily. 10 a.m., 1 p.m., 5:30 p.m Fare (Adult/Child under 12): One way non-residents, $13/$3.50; One way V.I. residents, $12/$3 $4 per piece for luggage or boxes To: Charlotte Amalie From: Cruz Bay Departures: Daily. 8:45 a.m., 11:15 a.m., 3:45 p.m. Fare (Adult/Child under 12): One way non-residents, $13/$3.50; One way V.I. residents, $12/$3 $4 per piece for luggage or boxes DOHM’S WATER TAXI (340) 775-6501 DOLPHIN WATER TAXI (340) 774-2628 On Demand and After Hours Service


WATER ISLAND FERRY (340) 690-4159 From Crown Bay, St. Thomas–To Water Island

Places to Explore • 123

ST. THOMAS-ST. JOHN CAR FERRIES There is an additional Port Authority port fee of $3 for cars, small and medium SUVs and motorcycles and $4 for large SUVs, pick-up trucks and vans, collected at the Red Hook Ferry Dock. Please arrive 25 minutes before scheduled departure. LOVE CITY CAR FERRIES (Captain Vic) (340) 779-4000 Love City Car Ferries, Inc. From: Red Hook To: Cruz Bay Departures: 7 a.m. (weekdays only, no holidays), 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m., 7 p.m. Fare: $35 one way, $50 round trip From: Cruz Bay To: Red Hook Departures: 6:15 a.m. (weekdays only, no holidays), 8 a.m., 10 p.m., 12 p.m., 2 p.m., 4 p.m., 6:15 p.m. Fares: $35 one way, $50 round trip

ST. THOMAS TO ST. CROIX FERRY QE IV FERRY (340) 473-1322 From: Gallows Bay, St. Croix Departures: 7 a.m., 1 p.m.

To: Charlotte Amalie, Waterfront Fare: $50 one way

From: Charlotte Amalie, Waterfront Departures: 10 a.m., 4 p.m.

To: Gallows Bay, St. Croix Fare: $50 one way


ROAD TOWN FAST FERRY (284) 494-2323 SMITH’S FERRY SERVICES (TORTOLA FAST FERRY) Road Town (284) 495-4454 or West End (284) 494-4495

124 • Places to Explore

NATIVE SON INC. West End (284) 495-4617 or Road Town (284) 494-5674 INTER-ISLAND BOAT SERVICES (284) 495-4166 SPEEDY’S (284) 495-5235

Island Hopping

Regularly scheduled commuter flights fly between the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and other Caribbean destinations. Seaplane service is offered between St. Thomas and St. Croix, and private tours to less frequented destinations are available by charter or helicopter. SEA FLIGHT is an exotic and fun Modern Cessna charter service. Amphibious means Amphibious Caravan Leather Seats • Quiet Cabin • Cool Air Conditioning there is nowhere they cannot go safely. Sea Flight flies a fleet of Cessna Caravans each with 9 large leather seats, cool A/C…watch a movie in the quiet cabin while you fly to your destination. Travel in luxury while sightseeing throughout the islands. You can even use the plane for fishing and deep sea diving. Sea Flight also offers $90 one way daily $90 one way daily flights between St. Thomas and St. Croix. Charters available for all Caribbean islands, fishing & sightseeing. flights between St. Thomas and St. St. Thomas: 340-714-3000, 340-714-3003 or 340-771-5101 St. Croix: 340-719-3300, 340-277-8057 or 340-422-5084 Croix. Private charters are available for all Caribbean islands.


Traveling to the British Virgin Islands? Don’t forget your Passport.

We fly around you. While other airlines make you fly around their schedule, we give you more than 100 flights to choose from each day. Enjoy easy connections in San Juan, too. Just sit back, relax, you’re there.

Virgin Gorda

St. Thomas


San Juan



Vieques St. Croix

Seasonal route.

Enjoy the ride.


Old and New ST. CROIX

Photo © Don Hebert

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Before Christopher Columbus landed at Salt River in 1493, the Arawak and Carib Indians had long made St. Croix their home. By 1625, European settlers arrived, and several countries were eager to seize possession of the island. St. Croix changed hands several times, ruled in turns by the Dutch, English, Spanish, Knights of Malta, French and, finally, Danish, who named St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John a royal colony in 1754. Sugar and rum production spurred tremendous economic growth, and St. Croix became one of the wealthiest islands in the West Indies. That all ended with two significant events. First, sugarcane exports declined due to the expanded use of cheaper beet sugar. More importantly, Governor General Peter von Scholten abolished slavery in 1848, ceasing the exploitation of slaves. Despite the purchase of the islands by the U.S. government in 1917, they remained in obscurity until the 1950s, when their sandy beaches and tropical waters caught the eye of tourists. Although agriculture still holds a place in St. Croix’s economy, tourism is now its leading industry. CHRISTIANSTED & FREDERIKSTED Christiansted, once the home of Alexander Hamilton, has been an important seaport since the 1700s. The colony’s original capital city, Christiansted is a treasure trove of colonial buildings and churches. Historical highlights are the Christiansted National Historic Site and Government House, built in 1747. On the west end of the island, Frederiksted is the site of the proclamation emancipating slaves in 1848. Several colonial sites are scattered throughout the town, such as Fort Frederik, built in 1752, adjacent to the modern day Frederiksted Pier cruise ship dock. For an in depth look at St. Croix’s history, the Crucian Heritage and Nature Tourism (CHANT) offers tours through Alexander Hamilton’s Christiansted as well as a walking tour through historic Frederiksted.

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The Christiansted National Historic Site STEEPLE BUILDING St. Croix’s first Lutheran church was built in 1753. In 1796, the iconic steeple was added, used as a landmark for vessels entering the harbor. In 1831, the congregation moved and the building was used alternately as a bakery, storehouse, town hall, hospital and school. SCALE HOUSE The scale room was used to inspect and weigh imports and exports such as rum and sugar. Built in 1856, the structure also includes the upstairs weighmaster’s office and soldiers’ quarters. DANISH WEST INDIA & GUINEA COMPANY WAREHOUSE At one time Alexander Hamilton’s place of employment, the warehouse, built in 1749, housed the company’s offices and storerooms. CUSTOMS HOUSE Erected in 1841 it held government offices used to collect taxes on imports and exports for the crown. The post office was located upstairs. Built in 1749, this stronghold protecting the town from pirates is the best preserved of the 5 remaining Danish forts in the West Indies. Now a museum featuring military exhibits, the structure has been used as a police station, a courthouse and for religious services. Visit for a National Park Service tour brochure. CHRISTIANSTED As you stroll thru the streets of Christiansted head towards the boardwalk and you’ll find the unique shops of King’s Alley Walk. Beautiful, handmade jewelry, up-cycled gifts and art, electronics, t-shirts, pirate treasures and souvenirs are available. Relax and rejuvenate with snow cones, with or without rum, delicious homemade ice cream, sandwiches, cotton candy and much more. Then when your afternoon of shopping is complete head to You are Here for the best pizza in the Caribbean. Background Photo: Scale House © Don Hebert

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OTHER POINTS OF INTEREST WHIM PLANTATION MUSEUM This authentic Danish sugar estate great house and factory ruins date back to the 1700s. THE LAWAETZ FAMILY MUSEUM The18th century estate house features ruins and a garden. ESTATE LITTLE PRINCESS Historical tours are offered of ruins, a windmill and the great house. ESTATE LA GRANGE Visit the marketplace in a historic rum factory and sugar plantation. ESTATE MOUNT WASHINGTON Tours of the 13-acre property are welcome on the island’s best-preserved sugar plantation, built in the early 1700s. CRUZAN ESTATE DIAMOND RUM DISTILLERY Visit the world-renowned state-of-the-art rum distillery as well as the ruins of the original sugar mill and plantation built in 1760. CAPTAIN MORGAN’S VISITOR CENTER Enjoy displays from the early rum industry, tours, interactive learning screens, a bar and a shop at the Captain Morgan rum distillery. TROPICAL RAINFOREST The 15-acre rainforest north of Frederiksted features several trails for a day of hiking.

Cruzan Rum Distillery © Don Hebert

Continued on pg. 131 Whim Plantation © Teri Gizzi

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St. Croix Events

All events subject to change, contact event organizers for 2018 and 2019 schedules.

Sunset Jazz in Frederiksted is held the third Friday of every month on the lawn of Fort Frederik. The free two-hour concert starts with the setting sun and features jazz, quelbe, Motown and big band music by local, Caribbean and international musicians. Facebook page: SunSetJazzInFrederiksted. On the other end of the island, Christiansted’s Jazz in the Park is held the last Friday of the month. Bring your blanket or beach chair to sit back and enjoy local and international jazz musicians on the lawn of Fort Christianvaern. Crab Races have been an island tradition for more than 20 years. The official kazoo starts the race amid cheers and boisterous encouragement. There are prizes for the winners and toys for the kids. Races are held around 5 p.m. Mondays on the Christiansted Boardwalk at Brew STX, and Fridays at the New Deep End Bar at Tamarind Reef Resort. Agricultural Fair, or Agrifest, is a Caribbean country fair held each February on the Fairgrounds in Estate Lower Love. The three-day event includes a farmers’ market, plant sales, livestock demonstrations, tasty local dishes, locally produced jams, sauces and honey and more. Live music plays all day while the kids enjoy donkey cart rides, a petting zoo, horse rides and traditional games. Jump Ups, Christiansted Restaurant and Retailers Association’s quarterly event, Carnival is never far off. Mocko jumbies, music, dancing and street vendors can be seen on almost every corner, and stores and restaurants remain open late. Facebook page: CRRA – Christiansted Retail & Restaurant Association Remote Control Boat Racing has become a favorite pastime on St. Croix. The island’s racing club hosts the first leg of the RC Caribbean Championship at Bethlehem Pond. The event is held over St. Patrick’s Day weekend, but enthusiasts can be found buzzing their boats around the pond on Sundays. Art Thursday is an art walk held once a month between November and May in Christiansted. Art galleries, jewelry studios, restaurants and retail stores open late for a stroll through downtown to enjoy paintings, jewelry, sculpture, photography, fabrics, furniture and more.

The Danish Connection Denmark has played a prominent role in Virgin Islands history, since the original settlements in 1665. In 1754, the islands were named a Danish royal colony, with Christiansted, St. Croix as the original capital. They remained under Danish rule until 1917, when they were purchased by the United States for $25 million. The territory still retains close ties to Denmark. Chapters of the Friends of Denmark Society are active on St. Thomas and St. Croix, reciprocating with the West Indies Society in Denmark. The two groups alternate trips, with host members welcoming their Danish or West Indian visitors into their homes, forging lifelong friendships. They also work in tandem to promote concerts, cultural events and assist each other with historic research.

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OTHER POINTS OF INTEREST Continued from pg. 129. SALT RIVER BAY NATIONAL HISTORIC PARK AND ECOLOGICAL PRESERVE Coral reefs, a submarine canyon, mangroves, wildlife, pre-colonial ruins and Columbus’ landing spot make this St. Croix’s top attraction. CASINOS Caravelle Hotel & Casino in Christiansted and Divi Carina Bay Casino towards the east end are the only casinos in the U.S. Virgin Islands. EAST END MARINE PARK Established in 2003, the park protects the largest island barrier reef system in the Caribbean. POINT UDALL Built on the easternmost point in the United States, the prominent Millennium Monument marks the first appearance of the first sunrise in the United States in the new millennium. Photo © Don Hebert

Buck Island Reef National Monument A quick mile and a half boat ride from Christiansted will take you to one of St. Croix’s most popular sites, Buck Island Reef National Monument. Considered one of the best marine gardens in the Caribbean, the park includes 176 acres of land and 704 acres under water. An underwater marked trail explores the eastern tip of an elkhorn coral barrier, home to more than 250 species of fish. A member of the your boat’s crew will lead a short guided tour of the trail, as required by the park service, and then you are free to explore on your own. The island itself is a nesting ground for endangered Leatherback, Hawksbill and green turtles. Hiking trails roam the island and Turtle Beach, named one of the world’s most beautiful beaches by National Geographic, is a lovely spot to relax on the sands. There are no facilities on Buck Island, so be sure to bring your own water and snacks or join an excursion that includes a lunch stop on St. Croix. For information on tours, visit Photo © Don Hebert

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Large selection of hand crafted Caribbean hook bracelets, watches, silver and gold jewelry, perfumes, purses and gift items.

NAV JEWELERS in Sunny Isle Shopping

Where the Locals Shop! NAV JEWELERS

Sunny Isle Shopping Center 340-719-2378 •

PERFECTI N JEWELERS Where Luxury & Artistry Meet

The best service and highest quality merchandise at the most competitive prices.

Gold | Silver | Gemstones | Watches Chains | Accessories | Fragrances 21 & 22 Sunny Isle Shopping Center Christiansted, St. Croix 340-778-4653|

Silver & Gold Fine Jewelry

S B Jewelers Since 1986

Sunny Isle Shopping Center, St. Croix | 340-778-3111

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Center is the place where the locals shop. Stop by to see their large selection of hand crafted Caribbean hook bracelets, watches, silver and gold jewelry, perfumes, purses and gift items. NAV Jeweler is an official retailer of the island watch from Cardow featuring the USVI. Need a special gift, NAV Jeweler’s has it in a price to fit every budget. PERFECTION JEWELERS Your trusted

duty free shop for all your jewelry and gift needs. Family owned for 26 years, they’re your island jeweler with the best selection and prices of 14kt gold jewelry, the largest selection of chains, pendants, earrings, gemstones, wedding bands, and the widest selection of handmade hook bracelets. They proudly carry fashionable timepieces such as Seiko, Pulsar, Giorgio Milano and many more. Perfection also has the largest fragrance and Ray Ban sunglass collection on island. Perfection, where luxury and artistry meet. SB JEWELERS Located in the Sunny Isle

Shopping Center, SB Jewelers has been your trusted jeweler since 1986. Let the friendly staff help you find the perfect hand crafted hook bracelet in silver, gold, or titanium. They have a great selection of watches, colored gemstones, and beautiful diamonds to fit any budget. SB Jewelers also has a large selection of both Virgin Islands and St. Croix charms. Stop by to find the ideal gift with their large selection of souvenirs. SB Jewelers, your one stop gift shop.

Christiansted BoardwalkPhoto © Don Hebert


The historic buildings in downtown Christiansted and Frederiksted are filled with shops, boutiques and galleries. You’ll find an assortment of locally made jewelry, skin care, art, home décor as well as souvenirs, beachwear and gifts. Wander the Christiansted’s boardwalk for some shopping or for lunch at a sidewalk café. In Frederiksted, visit the vendor’s market next to the cruise ship pier. For personal items and sundries, head to Gallow’s Bay or Sunny Isle Shopping Center.

Frederiksted Photo © Don Hebert

THE JEWELRY FACTORY, a staple of the

Crucian jewelry industry, has been selling fine and affordable jewelry since 1989. The store’s primary features are Larimar, sterling silver, sea opal and fashion jewelry. Treasure hunters will find many other items of interest including: locally sourced St. Croix chaney, nautical themed and shell jewelry, jewelry crafted from actual sunken treasure, rare coin necklaces, St. Croix hook and blue moon bracelets, and year-round 50% off rack. Open Monday Saturday 10am to 5pm. THE NATURAL JEWEL One of a kind

handcrafted sterling silver and natural precious stone jewelry. The largest variety of Larimar, corals, and cultured saltwater pearls all hand knotted and set by Michelle. Find your real St. Croix Chaney jewelry here. All designed on premises with a “watch us while we work window.” The Natural Jewel carries the Original St. Croix “Wave” bracelet as well as the St Croix Hook bracelet both hand crafted by Jack III. Open Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. And they will ship! MAIL IT Most retailers will be happy to mail an insured package to your home so it’s safely waiting for you on your return. You can also combine purchases and mail them yourself through the U.S. Postal Service at stateside rates. U.S. citizens may mail one package home to friends or relatives from the U.S. Virgin Islands with a value of up to $200 per day (excluding alcohol and tobacco) without declaring it for duty. DHL, Fed Ex and UPS shipping is also available, though some apply international rates.



Fine & Affordable Jewelry Since 1989

Signature St. Croix Blue Moon Bracelet, Sterling Silver & Blue Kyanite For the Treasure Hunters, jewelry crafted from actual sunken treasure and rare coin necklaces.

 St. Croix Hook bracelets  Huge selection of Sterling Silver & Fashion jewelry  Larimar and Sea Opal jewelry.  Nautical themed and shell jewelry.  Year-round 50% off section.

Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Queen Cross St. , Christiansted | 340.718.4444

Natural THE


One of a Kind D Handcrafted sterling silver jewelry D Real St. Croix Chaney jewelry D Watch us while we work "window" D Natural and precious stone jewelry D Larimar - One of the largest

The largest variety of cultured Saltwater Pearls all hand knotted and D The St. Croix "Wave" bracelets and rings. hand set by Michelle. selections on St. Croix

D St. Croix Hook bracelets hand crafted by Jack III. Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. We will ship.

On King Street, Christiansted Across from the Government House 340.773.3845 |

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St. Croix Dining

Photo © Lee Lashley

Farming is a mainstay of the island’s culture and economy, so there’s always an abundance of fresh local fruits and vegetables. Fresh fish is just as bountiful. Local chefs use both to create a vibrant culinary scene, serving international favorites with an island flair as well as savory local dishes bursting with the heady aroma of Caribbean spices. LA REINE CHICKEN SHACK The Best Barbeque on St. Croix! Its great taste comes from a special seasoning and slow roasting over a coal filled open pit. Enjoy BBQ chicken, ribs, steak, pork chops, meatloaf, conch, fish, and traditional sides like mac-n-cheese, rice and beans, and the BEST Johnny Cakes. Fresh whole roasted pork every Saturday, along with a full bar. Experience true island culture with the hospitable staff and friendly patrons, making this outdoor restaurant one of a kind. Open 7 days a week.

Great Food! Great Fun! Great Times!

Home of the “Best Pizza” in the Caribbean! In Kings Alley just off the Boardwalk



Bring in this ad for a FREE Cruzan Rum drink (with food purchase)

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atmosphere at You Are Here is unique, fun, and upbeat merging local and continental culture. Owner, Andrew Havanchak, moved to St. Croix seven years ago, fell in love, and decided to build on it! Known for the “Best Pizza” in the Caribbean, their menu also offers food that is both quick and savory. Enjoy the free WiFi and power strip at the bar for plugins. It is home of the largest World Map on island so you’ll always know where You Are...When You Are Here!

PLAZA EXTRA EAST Great Price. Right Value. With great low prices, Plaza Extra East features thousands of your favorite grocery store brands as well as foreign specialty foods, bulk packaged items, a full service bakery, deli, salad and olive bar, hot food line, and prime meat counter. Plaza offers a large produce section featuring fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, including locally grown items. In addition to a wide selection of wine and spirits, Plaza Extra East is also home to Doctors Choice Pharmacy. Conveniently located in Peter’s Rest.

Rum Breeze


1 part Cruzan® Black Cherry Rum 1 part Cruzan® Aged Light Rum 2p  arts pineapple juice Ginger ale Mixing Instructions

Pour first three ingredients over ice in a long drink glass. Top up with ginger ale and garnish with a lime twist. SEASIDE MARKET & DELI St. Croix’s

only gourmet market! With a full service bakery and deli, Seaside offers made-toorder sandwiches, fresh breads, deli meats, and a variety of sweet treats. Shop Seaside for a huge selection of wines, gourmet cheeses, specialty food items, and the freshest meat and seafood on island. Hungry now? Seaside features a variety of convenient, ready-made foods including a fresh soup and salad bar, and a buffet featuring hot entrees and sides. Enjoy a large selection of fresh produce, including local selections, and your favorite coffee drinks, fresh squeezed juices and smoothies.

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St. Croix Beaches dive shop gift shop

water sports equipment rentals music

chair rental


picnic tables



parking snorkeling

& beverages


restrooms/changing facilities surfing




Snorkeling Conditions: Excellent, snorkel trail Location: Northeastern shore, Accessible by boat only

Snorkeling Conditions: Good Location: (also known as Fort Frederick Beach) Just north of the Frederiksted Pier



Snorkeling Conditions: Fair Location: 3 beaches east of Christiansted at the Buccanneer Hotel. Nominal charge for parking on resort property for non-resort guests

( for hotel guest use only) Snorkeling Conditions: Good Location: North shore at the Palms at Pelican Cove Resort

CANE BAY BEACH Snorkeling Conditions: Excellent Location: North Shore Road (Route 80) CRAMER’S PARK

PROTESTANT CAY Snorkeling Conditions: Good Location: A short ferry ride from Christiansted, home of Hotel on the Cay RAINBOW BEACH

Snorkeling Conditions: Good Location: North Shore, far East End DAVIS BAY BEACH ( for hotel guest use only) Snorkeling Conditions: Excellent Location: (also known as Carambola Beach) Renaissance Carambola Beach Resort BLUE FLAG CERTIFICATION from the Foundation for Environmental Education, attest that beaches have safe water, clean sand and play an educational role in the community.

Snorkeling Conditions: Good Location: Western shore, north of Frederiksted TAMARIND REEF BEACH Snorkeling Conditions: Excellent Location: Tamarind Reef Resort, east of Christiansted on Route 82

Diving St. Croix has more than 50 dives sites. Salt River Canyon’s east and west walls are the most popular, plummeting down as deep as 1,000 feet, with many mini canyons, swim-throughs and pinnacles to navigate. Another favorite is the Frederiksted Pier, with its abundance of octopus, seahorses, frog fish, bat fish, lobster, parrot fish and more living amid vibrant corals and sponges, ideal for day and night diving. Shore diving is best at Cane Bay, where the gradual decent leads to a colorful reef and wall. Off the west end of St. Croix, the wrecks at Butler Bay include three shipwrecks as well as an old NOAA Hydrolab for both shallow and deep dives. 136 • Places to Explore


Tamarind Reef & Green Cay Marina has it all. Voted one of the top beaches on St. Croix, beachgoers can enjoy water sports such as snorkeling and paddle boarding or join a fun game of beach volleyball. For the more adventurous, kayak to Green Cay Wildlife Refuge which is a 14 acre refuge established in 1977 to protect the endangered St. Croix ground lizard. Thirty thousand conch shells buried under this volcanic island tells us of the islands human use. While you’re here remember to book your fishing trip with Forever and Always where you get to keep your fish. And after a day of fishing, bring your catch to The New Deep End Bar and Grille. They are open 365 days a year for breakfast , lunch and dinner. The perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful views.

Fishing Charters

Quit Wishing - Go Fishing! Keep Your Catch!

Fishing Charters

Licensed Captains Offshore & Near-shore Fishing Professional Guides

340-244-1335 • Green Cay Marina • Tamarind Reef Resort

Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner

Great Food, Great Fun and voted #1 Entertaining Bar on St. Croix! Happy Hour

Daily 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.





On the Beach at the Tamarind Reef Resort

Resort • Spa • Marina

Places to Explore • 137

ST. CROIX ISLAND MAP DIRECTORY* –See Inset Christiansted Map for Advertisers located Downtown.


GOLDEN ROCK.............A SUNNY ISLE..................B VILLA LA REINE............C RESTAURANTS..........

Eat at Cane Bay......................... 18 Joe’s Bar and Grill..................... 19 La Reine Chicken Shack.......... 20 Polly’s at the Pier...................... 21 Subway Tullies Pizza.............................. 22

The Buccaneer Hotel................. 1 Caribbean Breeze Apartments and Vacation Homes........................................ 2 Chenay Bay Beach Resort......... 3 Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort and Spa......................... 4 Hotel on the Cay......................... 5 The Palms at Pelican Cove........ 6 Renaissance St. Croix Carambola Beach Resort and Spa..................................... 7 Sand Castle on the Beach (Frederiksted)........................... 8 Tamarind Reef Resort Spa & Green Cay Marina......... 9


Nav Jewelers (Sunny Isle Shopping Center)..................... B Perfection (Sunny Isle Shopping Center)..................... B SB Jewelers (Sunny Isle Shopping Center)..................... B


Forever & Always Charters....... 9



Plaza Extra East (Peter’s Rest)........................... 10 Plaza Extra West....................... 11 Seaside Market & Deli............. 12

Cruzan Rum Distillery............. 23


AIRLINES Cape Air.....................(Airport) 24 Sea Flight...................(Airport) 24


St. Croix Taxi Rates Listed on page 62.

at convenient locations around the island.

* Locations listed are within proximity.

St. Croix Hams Bluff Davis Beach




Mt. Eagle 69 1,169 ft. 356 m


Rd 69


Dr h ore



s Hw Evan





Henry E. Rohlsen International Airport


Vet e

19 B 22 66


Long Point Bay

Airport Rd


Juan F. Luis Hospital





64 66




138 • Places to Explore



64 Cruzan Rum Distillery



Sandy Point

Melvin H.


Univ.of the Virgin Islands



d port R W Air

Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge




Tr a n berg Rd

Estate Whim Plantation Museum 63

n Rd



Westend Saltpond




rline R






13 8


n Quee Wait Long

ran ge Rd




21 2


E Ai rport

St George Village Botanical Gardens


Fort Frederick


rline R


d ise R

Lawaetz Family Museum


n St Quee







n hog a



65 72

h og any d R


Rainbow Beach

ran s



West End





nd Rd







Blue Mountain 1,096 ft. 334 m Riv

d ff R Ha m s B l u


Salt River Bay National Historic Park

nic R d Sce



R Dam

80 78


Nor ths ide R

Annaly Bay

Butler Bay

Sprat Hall Beach

Sandy Point Beach

R ay eB Can 18 d

Scenic R

78 63

q ue Cre

Salt River Bay

hore Rd hS

Cane Bay

Hams Bay

Food for delivery and pickup from your favorite restaurants




Beach Side Café........................ 13 at Sand Castle on the Beach (Frederiksted)......................... 13 Blue Water Terrace.................. 14 The Buccaneer............................ 1 Cheeseburgers.......................... 16 Cultured Pelican....................... 17 Deep End Bar.............................. 9



Ruth Island Long Point

Sunn Isl

753 Marina



elle Arc ade


Government House

t yS


75 Ho









756 t St




r ste











t as

o r Wa








La g

an mp Co 31Apothecary t Hall S een Qu Old Market

Gallows Bay




parking Steeple Building



t dS

Christiansted National Historic Site

Danish Warehouse


Florence Williams Public t Library ing S K Lutheran Church

Customs Ferry Dock

Fort Christiansvaern

Pri nc









Catholic Church

t as

Fi s









ra v Str


Pan Am Pavilion


D. Hamilton Jackson Park

Scale House Danish Custom House



East End Rd









erg u Wat


arf Wh gs Kin lk Wa n ey All dL an gs Str Kin he nc ma k C o Wa l

Bo a r d w








Protestant Cay


e ittl

to Point Udall

tS t

Downtown Christiansted ACCOMMODATIONS


Holger Danske Hotel................ 25

Angry Nates............................... 28 Brew STX................................... 30 Luncheria................................... 31 No Bones.................................... 32 Rum Runners............................ 33 Shupe’s....................................... 34 You are Here Bar & Grille (Kings Alley Walk).............. 35


The Jewelry Factory................. 26 The Natural Jewel.................... 27

Buck Island Reef National Monument Green Cay National Wildlife Refuge


on Rd Hamilt

Pelican Cove







e Rd



Green Cay Punnett Bay Marina


Christiansted Harbor Protestant Cay 5




Golden Rock


Christiansted Natl. Hist. Site


Vagthus Point


Manchenil Bay

Halfpenny Bay

Knight Bay


East End



Turner Hole


Great Pond

Spring Bay


Teague Point Teague Bay

82 60


Canegarden Bay


East End R d





Coakley Solitude Bay Bay


Hess Rd






See Inset 85 Christiansted Map for Advertisers located Downtown.

83 70



Altona Lagoon


Hill Lowry




bypa s s


ny le


Christiansted Christiansted


Beauregard Shoys Beach Bay

Pull Point Prune Chenay Bay Bay

Buck I sland Ch annel


R Shore South Robin


Grapetree Bay

Cottongarden Point Boiler Bay Cramers Park

Point Udall


Isaac Bay Jack’s Isaac Bay Point

Grass Point

Rod Bay


Great Pond Bay

Fareham Milord Point Bay

Caribbean Sea

BLUE FLAG CERTIFICATION from the Foundation for Environmental Education, attest that beaches have safe water, clean sand and play an educational role in the community. Visit Us! ALL THE INFO TO ENJOY YOUR VACATION

Places to Explore • 139

ST. CROIX ACCOMMODATIONS BLUE ANCHOR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT | The premier full service vacation rental and property management service on the islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. Blue Anchor is dedicated to delivering the highest quality customized property management for vacation rentals. Comprehensive services include property management, marketing, vacation rental, concierge and maid services. Vacation rental guests can expect hightouch, personal assistance every step of the process to assure their vacation experience is as effortless and memorable as possible.

CARIBBEAN BREEZE APARTMENTS AND VACATION HOMES 53 Prince St., Frederiksted | Tel: 340-227-9853 Beautifully restored Historic Danish Building in Frederiksted, only blocks from the beautiful west end beaches and spectacular SCUBA Diving off the pier. Half acre secure, gated courtyard with new swimming pool. Six all new completely remodeled studio and one bedroom units with full kitchens. Wifi, Dishnet or Netflix, LED Hi-Def TV’s, memory foam mattresses, fully furnished kitchens, linens and towels. Rates starting from $100/night. Owner operated and live onsite.

HOLGER DANSKE HOTEL | 1200 King Cross Street, Christiansted | Tel: 340-773-3600 Conveniently located on the boardwalk in the heart of historic Christiansted. The award-winning restaurant and pool deck overlook the picturesque harbor where fishing, snorkeling, scuba and sailing are at your doorstep. The beach is just a short ferry ride away. Room amenities include AC, Satellite TV, FREE WiFi, in-room safe, refrigerator and microwave, coffee maker, hair dryer, iron and board, and large balcony.

RENAISSANCE ST. CROIX CARAMBOLA BEACH RESORT & SPA Estate Davis Bay, St. Croix | Tel: 340-778-3800 A luxury hotel, built on a sugar plantation, boasting an unbeatable location steps from their private beach. Leave all your worries behind in our villa-style suites as you spread out in our spacious sleeping and living areas, complete with kitchenettes and luxurious bedding. Indulge at our fun-filled pirate buffet, beach bar and continental restaurant. To stay active, kayak on the beach, swim some laps in the outdoor pool, and get moving at the fitness center.

140 • Places to Explore

Photo courtesy of Holger Dansk Hotel

5304 Yacht Haven Grande, Suite 100, St. Thomas | Tel: 340-643-2583

TAMARIND REEF RESORT, SPA & GREEN CAY MARINA 5001 Tamarind Reef, St. Croix | Tel: 800-619-0014 This intimate 40-room property (all with ocean view and private patio/ balcony) features full amenities including a sparkling pool, numerous water sports, fitness center, tennis, award-winning restaurants and spa. Guests can enjoy a relaxing massage on the beach, snorkel along one of the best reefs in the Virgin Islands or kayak to Green Cay. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the 154-slip marina with boating charters footsteps away. Perfect for couples, families, executives and weddings.

ST. CROIX HOTELS, RESORTS AND VILLAS ARAWAK BAY: THE INN AT SALT RIVER 340-772-1684 877-261-5385 THE BUCCANEER 340-712-2100 800-255-3881 CANE BAY COTTAGES 340-718-9913 800-338-3843 CARIBBEAN BREEZE APARTMENTS AND VACATION HOMES 340-227-9853 303-888-7288 CARRINGTONS INN 340-719-0840 340-713-0508 CHENAY BAY BEACH RESORT 340-718-2918 CLUB COMANCHE, HOTEL ST. CROIX 340-773-0210 888-406-8030 CLUB ST. CROIX 340-718-4800 800-524-2025 COLONY COVE 340-718-1965 800-524-2025 COMPANY HOUSE HOTEL 340-773-1377 COTTAGES BY THE SEA 340-772-0495 800-323-7252 CRUZAN CLASSIC #7 GRANARD 340-332-2682 CRUZAN SANDS VILLA 972-747-7575 DISCOVERY GROVE 340-642-8322 DIVI CARINA BAY RESORT & CASINO 340-773-9700 877-773-9700 FREDERIKSTED HOTEL 340-772-0500

HOLGER DANSKE HOTEL 340-773-3600 877-465-4373 HOTEL CARAVELLE 340-773-0687 800-524-0410 HOTEL ON THE CAY 340-773-2035 855-654-0301 KINGS ALLEY HOTEL 340-773-0103 800-843-3574 KING CHRISTIAN HOTEL 340-773-6330 MILL HARBOUR CONDOMINIUMS 340-718-1579 MT. VICTORY ECO CAMP 340-201-7983 PALMS AT PELICAN COVE 340-718-8920 800-548-4460 RENAISSANCE ST. CROIX CARAMBOLA BEACH RESORT & SPA 340-778-3800 SAND CASTLE ON THE BEACH 340-772-1205 800-524-2018 SUGAR BEACH CONDO RESORT 340-718-5345 800-524-2049 TAMARIND REEF RESORT & SPA 340-718-4455 800-619-0014 THE WAVES AT CANE BAY 340-718-1815 VACATION ST. CROIX 340-718-0361 877-788-0361 VILLA DAWN 303-888-7288 303-888-6899

Places to Explore • 141


Virgin Gorda Photo © Don Hebert

142 • Places to Explore

Just to the east of St. John, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) are a short ferry ride away making it easy to spend a day to explore. More than 60 volcanic islands, islets and cays are scattered throughout BVI waters, most uninhabited or home to only a scattering of residents, accessible only by boat. As you travel through these verdant island gems jutting out of crystal clear blue waters, you’ll be awed by the sheer majesty of nature. BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS PASSPORT REQUIREMENTS U.S. visitors entering the British Virgin Islands must produce a passport valid for six months. Citizens of other nationalities may also require a visa. Entry may be granted for one month with proof of a return or ongoing ticket, evidence of adequate means of support and pre-arranged accommodations during their stay. Visitors wishing to stay longer must apply for an extension. Contact the Immigration Department (284) 494-3471 ext. 4700 for visa requirements. TORTOLA Tortola is the territory’s center for business and government. Edging the horseshoe-shaped harbor on the island’s southern coast, Road Town is the hub of the marine and tourism industries. Main Street is lined with colorful West Indian shops with picturesque gingerbread trim and historic buildings. At Wickhams’ Cay, you’ll find the cruise ship dock and a variety of water sports options. ROAD TOWN ATTRACTIONS • Old Administration Building • Virgin Islands Folk Museum • 1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works Museum • J.R. O’Neale Botanical Gardens • Tortola Pier Park • Crafts Alive Village

Places to Explore • 143

OTHER POINTS OF INTEREST • Fort Burt • Fort Recovery • Mount Healthy Windmill • North Shore Shell Museum • Joshiah’s Bay Plantation • Callwood’s Rum Distillery • Virgin Islands Maritime Museum

Callwood Distillery Photo © Don Hebert

VIRGIN GORDA Virgin Gorda is home to the BVI’s top attraction, The Baths. This natural formation features clusters of immense granite boulders up to 40 feet long that form a series of grottos, tidal pools, tunnels and arches, ideal for swimming, snorkeling and exploring. Inland, visit the Spanish ruins of Little Fort National Park, the Cornish ruins of the Copper Mines and the observation tower at Gorda Peak. Take a break in Spanish Town for local cuisine, shops and arts. JOST VAN DYKE True to the pirate for whom it was named is Jost Van Dyke. Great Harbour on the southern coast is the hot spot for boaters in the mood for a beach bash. Lined with shanties and rum shacks, the shoreline ends at the world famous Foxy’s Tamarind Bar, considered one of the top spots to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the world. Around the peninsula to the west is White Bay, home of the Soggy Dollar Bar, named after the damp money used to buy a drink after swimming to shore.

The Baths Photo © Don Hebert

BVI NATIONAL PARKS TORTOLA Sage Mountain Mount Healthy

144 • Places to Explore

VIRGIN GORDA The Baths Devil’s Bay Gorda Peak Prickly Pear Island The Copper Mine Spring Bay Little Fort

OTHER ISLANDS RMS Rhone Marine Park West Dog Island Fallen Jerusalem Sandy Spit Green Cay Little Tobago/Great Tobago Cam Bay Dead Chest Diamond Cay Shark Bay

ANEGADA At the very northeast edge of the BVI is Anegada. The 18-mile long Horseshoe Reef that protects the island is the largest barrier coral reef in the Caribbean, containing more than 300 shipwrecks. The highest point on Anegada is 28 feet and there are 16 miles of deserted sandy beaches. Hike the trails to see Roseate flamingos, nesting areas for endangered hawksbill and green sea turtles, wild orchids and an ancient Arawak Indian conch burial ground. TORTOLA PIER PARK To accommodate the ever-growing cruise ship industry, Tortola has positioned itself to be a serious port of call. Its pier, extended to 1,039 feet, with an additional 273 feet of mooring space, can dock two Quantum class ships at a time. Adjacent to the pier is the Tortola Pier Park offering more than 54 retail stores featuring locally made items, brand name merchandise, restaurants and more. Tour operators are also available for island tours, diving and sailing adventures.

British Virgin Islands Events

All events subject to change, visit event website for 2018 and 2019 schedules.

BVI Food Fête The best of BVI’s local food is celebrated during the month of November. With events such as Road Town’s Taste of Tortola, Spanish Town’s Seafood & Soca, the Peter Island Food Festival, Cooper Island’s Rum Festival, Taste of Virgin Gorda, the Jost Pork Festival and Anegada’s Lobster Festival, along with numerous bar crawls, the culinary party spreads throughout the islands in a month of festivities and good eating.

Emancipation Festival celebrating freedom from colonialism, is held between July and the beginning of August. The Festival features local and international music, pageants, food fairs, gospel and folklore presentations, parades and more. Facebook: Virgin Islands Festival BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival is a week of parties, casual sailing fun and serious competitive regattas.

Summer Sizzle Heat up the beach in July at the BVI’s annual Summer Sizzle. The four-day fashion and lifestyle event is attended by celebrities, top designers and models, international media, industry executives, buyers and others. Its Global Glamour Runway Show showcases international and emerging Caribbean designers.

BVI Spring Fest Head to Cane Garden Bay for a three-day weekend of music on the beach with international and local artists, held in March. Look for the BVI Spring Fest lineup on their Facebook page.

Foxy’s New Years Eve Known the world over for its raucous, no holds barred Old Year’s Night party, Foxy’s Tamarind Bar in Great Bay on Jost Van Dyke hosts the biggest weekend party in the Caribbean ringing in the New Year. Boaters, locals and more enjoy live music and DJs on the sands all night long. Places to Explore • 145



BLUE ANCHOR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT | 340-715-7730 Yacht Haven Grande, Suite 101

BOLONGO BAY BEACH RESORT | 340-775-1800 On Bolongo Bay

EMERALD BEACH RESORT | 800-233-4936 8070 Lindbergh Bay

ISLAND VIEW GUEST HOUSE | 340-774-4270 Above Crown Bay Marina

LINDBERGH BAY HOTEL and VILLAS | 800-792-2742 8075 Lindbergh Bay

PARADISE PROPERTIES | 800-524-2038 Sapphire Village & Crystal Cove Villas, East End


SUGAR BAY RESORT AND SPA | 340-777-7100 6500 Estate Smith Bay, East End

THE WINDWARD PASSAGE HOTEL | 340-774-5200 Waterfront, Charlotte Amalie

ACTIVITIES/ATTRACTIONS BIZ RENTALS | 340-774-5840 Across from Main Havensight Gate

BONES RUM | 340-775-3071 Waterfront, west of The Greenhouse Restaurant

CARIBBEAN TRAVEL/TROPIC TOURS | 340-774-1855 The Guardian Bldg, Havensight

CORAL WORLD OCEAN PARK | 340-775-1555 Adjacent to Coki Beach, East End

FLAVORS OF ST. THOMAS FOOD TOURS | 787-964-2447 Charlotte Amalie

THE HEBREW CONGREGATION OF ST. THOMAS | 340-774-4312 2116 Crystal Gade, Charlotte Amalie

MOUNTAIN TOP | 340-774-2400 3A-18 Estate St. Peter Mountain Road, Northside

PLANTATION CROWN and HAWK BOTANICAL GARDEN & PARK | 340-776-0041 On Crown Mountain Road, Route 33

ZIPLINE-TREE LIMIN’ EXTREME | 340-777-ZIPS(9477) 7406 Estate St. Peter, by the Great House

AIRLINES CAPE AIR | 1-800-CAPEAIR Cyril E. King Airport

AIRLINES / CHARTER SERVICES SEA FLIGHT | 340-714-3000 St. Thomas & St. Croix

ARTS, CRAFTS & HOME DECOR EDEN LIVING | 340-775-3366 5135 Dronningens Gade, Charlotte Amalie


REICHHOLD CENTER FOR THE ARTS | 340-693-1559 Across from Brewers Beach near UVI Campus



CAMERAS/ELECTRONICS BOOLCHAND’S | 340-776-0794 Havensight Mall Bldg 2, Suite C


AMALIE CAR RENTAL | 340-774-0688 Complementary Airport pick-up and drop-off

BUDGET RENT A CAR | 800-626-4516 Call for Free Pickup on St. Thomas

DISCOUNT CAR RENTAL | 340-776-4858 Around the Corner from the St. Thomas Airport

DOLLAR RENT A CAR | 340-776-1500 By the Airport FIRST RENT A CAR | 340-776-3730 Across from the Airport


THE BELGIAN CHOCOLATE FACTORY | 340-777-5247 A.H. Riise Mall, Hibiscus Alley, Charlotte Amalie


St. Croix: 340-772-0357 | St. John: 340-776-6450 | St. Thomas & Water Island: 340-774-8784

146 • Places to Explore

CHURCHES & SYNAGOGUES THE HEBREW CONGREGATION OF ST. THOMAS | 340-774-4312 2116 Crystal Gade, Charlotte Amalie

ST. THOMAS REFORMED CHURCH | 340-776-8255 5 Crystal Gade, Charlotte Amalie


TOURISM 340-774-8784



FOOD & GROCERY DELIVERY SERVICE STT DIRECT | 340-227-5085 Throughout St. Thomas

FRAGRANCES/COSMETICS A.H. RIISE MALL | 340-777-2222 37 Main Street, Waterfront


SOUTHLAND GAMING of the VI | 340-776-4111 Over 35 locations including Crown Bay Gaming Center and Parrot Club, St. John

WINNER’S CIRCLE GAMING | 340-228-1173 Port of Sale Mall, Havensight



FRESH PRODUCE | 340-693-0254 The Galleria, Red Hook and Waterfront, Charlotte Amalie | 340-776-0300 Havensight Mall, Building 2, Suite B | 340-774-0807 A.H. Riise Mall, Downtown Charlotte Amalie & Galleria Plaza, Red Hook

ISLAND CASUAL | 340-774-0807 A.H. Riise Mall, Downtown Charlotte Amalie & Galleria Plaza, Red Hook

LOCAL COLOR | 340-774-2280 Waterfront, Charlotte Amalie and Havensight Mall

SIX FIFETEEN COUTURE | 340-715-7297 East End Galleria, Red Hook



PLAZA EXTRA TUTU | 340-775-5646 4605 TuTu Park Mall, Suite 200


VI PLATINUM FITNESS & NUTRITION CLUB | 340-693-0342 Havensight Mall, End of WICO Cruise Ship Dock






JEWELRY/WATCHES | 340-776-1620

COKI DIVE CENTER | 340-775-4220 Coki Beach, East End JJ DIVERS | 702-301-0179 East End

ST. THOMAS DIVING CLUB | 340-776-2381 Bolongo Bay Beach Resort




A.H. RIISE MALL | 340-777-2222 37 Main Street, Waterfront

AJANTA JEWELERS | 888-425-2682 5126 Drakes Passage, Suite 11

ALPHA JEWELERS | 877-4-Alpha-J 5176 Dronningens Gade (7A Main Street), Ste 3

ARTISTIC JEWELERS | 340-776-3299 5332 Dronningens Gade, Ste. 2, Charlotte Amalie


FERRIES | 800-722-4455 5180 & 5176 Dronningens Gade, Charlotte Amalie | 340-775-7292 Veteran’s Drive, Charlotte Amalie | 800-307-7662 5129 Dronningens Gade, Charlotte Amalie



BLOOMING THINGS | 340-775-0373 Mandela Circle, Havensight


BLISS JEWELERS | 340-715-BLIS(2547) Havensight Mall, Building 1

Places to Explore • 147

BOOLCHAND’S | 340-776-0794 Havensight Mall Bldg 2, Suite C


DIAMONDS INTERNATIONAL | 877-800-9998 Main Street, Havensight, Crown Bay, Waterfront, Emancipation Park

DYNASTY DAZZLERS & IMPERIAL JEWELERS | 800-554-7274 5186 Dronningens Gade, Charlotte Amalie

EDEN JEWELERS | 340 776-7860 Downtown St. Thomas, Havensight & Crown Bay | 340-776-5570 A.H.Riise Mall, Main Street, Havensight Mall, Crown Bay

LUCKY JEWELERS | 340-774-6520 Main Street & Havensight Mall

OMNI JEWELERS | 340-777-3366 5135 Dronningens Gade, Charlotte Amalie



St. Thomas’ finest selection of Cultured Pearls | 340-774-5875 The Professional Bldg., next to Fort Christian | 340-775-6381 Garden Street in Charlotte Amalie, Crown Bay & STT Airport Lounge

SILVER WORLD | 340-776-8200 5178 Dronningens Gade, Suite 2, Charlotte Amalie



HOUSE OF RAJAH JEWELERS | 340-776-7770 5332 Raadets Gade, #19, Charlotte Amalie

JEWELS FOREVER | 340-777-8285 5332 Dronningens Gade Ste #1, Charlotte Amalie | 340-774-3030 Palm Passage, Charlotte Amalie

MR. TABLECLOTH | 340-774-4343 5180 Dronningens Gade, Ste. 1 Downtown Charlotte Amalie


A.H. RIISE MALL | 340-777-2222 37 Main Street, Waterfront

LOCAL ARTS, JEWELRY & CRAFTS SHAKA-MAN-ZULA | 340-514-9280 33 Raadets Gade, Charlotte Amalie

RED HOOK FAMILY PRACTICE Red Hook Plaza, St. Thomas Tel.: 340-775-2303 YACHT HAVEN FAMILY PRACTICE Yacht Haven Grande, St. Thomas Tel.: 340-776-1511 CRUZ BAY FAMILY PRACTICE Boulon Center, St. John Tel.: 340-776-6789

Full Service Medical Center. 24 hour on call service 888-391-3993

Stateside trained staff in emergency medicine and family practice. Call for an appointment at one of our locations.

CALL 911


148 • Places to Explore

VANGIE’S SECRET | 800-296-9551 Online serving St. Thomas, the Caribbean and the U.S.


COMPREHENSIVE ORTHOPAEDIC GLOBAL | 340-779-2663 Foothills Professional Bldg., 9151 Estate Thomas

RED HOOK FAMILY PRACTICE | 340-775-2303 Red Hook Plaza


Yacht Haven Grande | 340-776-1511

MEDICAL FACILITIES: CHIROPRACTIC CHIROPRACTIC HEALTH CENTER | 340-774-4346 Havensight Mall, Suite 304 Dr. Kevin Lenahan & Dr. Lisa A. Yanni

MEN’S CLOTHING CELIA’S BOUTIQUE | 340-775-0077 Bldg. next to Red Hook Ferry Terminal, East End

NOTARY PUBLIC/SECRETARIAL SANDRA’S OFFICE SERVICE | 340-775-3254 At the Blade & Key Center, Red Hook

PET SUPPLIES PURE’LY PAWS | 340-715-PAWS East End Galleria, Red Hook


DON HEBERT PHOTOGRAPHY | 340-642-5539 Available throughout the Virgin Islands


CALYPSO REALTY 340-774-1620 or 800-747-4858 Villa Sales, Rentals, Leasing


BENI IGUANA’S SUSHI BAR & RESTAURANT Sushi | 340-77-SUSHI On the Cruise Ship Dock, Havensight Mall


Upscale-Casual Wine Bar & Bistro | 340-715-2749 Port of Sale Mall, Havensight

BUMPA’S Great Casual Food 340-776-5674 On the Waterfront, 5190 Dronningen’s Gade, Ste.1


Italian Inspired Cuisine | 340-514-0703 A. H. Riise Mall, Charlotte Amalie


The Best of Cultural Cuisines | 340-777-8800 Emerald Beach Resort


Steaks, Seafood, Pasta, Signature Sandwiches | 340-775-7060 American Yacht Harbor, Red Hook


American, Deli | 340-776-9943 Havensight Mall


All Day Breakfast and Lunch | 340-714-CLAM 5130 Dronningen’s Gade, Waterfront


Tropical Theme Park of Frozen Drinks | 340-779-2080 Red Hook Plaza, East End


Exotic Teas with Pastries and Sandwiches | 340-776-2577 Garden Street, Charlotte Amalie

FISH TAILS BAR & GRILL and SUSHI BAR Fresh Seafood & Raw Bar | 340-714-3188 Red Hook, Next to the Ferry Dock


Deli, Coffee Bar & Breakfast | 340-776-7211 Frenchtown FRENCH QUARTER BISTRO

Cajun Food, with Flavor and Flair | 340-474-1623 Frenchtown


Caribbean Cuisine | 340-774-6604 Royal Dane Mall, Charlotte Amalie

GREENGO’S CARIBBEAN CANTINA Southwestern, Mexican, Seafood | 340-714-8282 Hibiscus Alley, Charlotte Amalie


American and Seafood | 340-776-9708 Frenchtown

IDEAL HOT ROTI RESTAURANT Authentic Trinidadian Cuisine | 340-777-5321 Garden Street, Charlotte Amalie


Homemade Cooking with Local Ingredients | 340-775-1800 On Bolongo Bay


Caribbean Cuisine | 340-714-5588 Crown Bay Center

JEN’S ISLAND CAFÉ AND DELI American, Local Cuisine | 340-777-4611 Grand Hotel, Charlotte Amalie


Seafood, Steaks, Local Caribbean Cuisine | 340-774-2790 Mafolie Hill, above Charlotte Amalie


European Café and Coffee Bar | 340-775-4646 Royal Dane Mall, Just Off the Waterfront


Local & American Cuisine | 340-776-2976 Water’s Edge, Downtown Charlotte Amalie


New York Style Pizzeria | 340-774-2822 Al Cohen’s Mall, Havensight


Authentic Latin Specialties 340-774-8909 Vitraco Park


Italian Pizzaria & Local Cuisine | 340-777-4992 In Petrus Plaza, 47E Kronprindscens Gade

Places to Explore • 149

SIB’S ON THE MOUNTAIN BAR & RESTAURANT American | 340-774-8967 33 Estate Elizabeth


Frozen Drinks, Cold Beer & Lunch Menu 340-775-5131 5130 Trompeters Gade at Creques Alley


Hand Crafted Pizza, Seafood, Pasta and a lot more! | 340-7775423 Sapphire Village, near Red Hook


Traditional Smokehouse BBQ, Local Rums & Brew | 340-715-2625 Havensight Mall

SUBWAY Sandwiches, Breakfast, Pizzas, Cookies, Catering | 340-777-7400 Red Hook, Tutu Park Mall, Havensight & Nisky Center


Authentic Indian | 340-266-3349 6111 Smith Bay, Red Hook


American Caribbean Cuisine | 340-776-1595 Crown Bay Marina, Sub Base


Pan Asian Cuisine | 340-642-5572 Yacht Haven Grande


Authentic Italian Cuisine | 340-776-4920 Downtown Charlotte Amalie


Sports Bar with a Taste of the VI Culture and People | 340-643-iWiN (4946) Frenchtown Plaza


Wings, Burgers, Salads & more! | 340-779-9464 Petrus Mall

LOCKHART GARDENS | 340-776-1900 Cruise Ship Dock Area

MARKET SQUARE EAST | 340-776-1900 Mid-Island; Route 38 at 39

RED HOOK PLAZA | 340-776-1900 Red Hook

THE SHOPS at YACHT HAVEN GRANDE | 340-775-8200 Long Bay Road, Charlotte Amalie


CARIBBEAN TRAVEL/TROPIC TOURS | 340-774-1855 The Guardian Bldg, Havensight

ST. THOMAS FOOD TOURS | 340-642-1995 Emancipation Gardens, Charlotte Amalie

TIM’S TOURS | 340-626-8300 Emancipation Garden, Charlotte Amalie

SOUVENIRS, T-SHIRTS, GIFTS CAPTAIN’S CORNER | 340-774-4370 Hibiscus Alley, Havensight Bldgs. I & VI

CARIBANA | 340-774-3075 Main Street – Havensight Mall – Waterfront

WATERFRONT TRADING CO. | 340-244-4164 Downtown on the Waterfront, next to AH Riise Rolex and in the AH Riise alleyway


SUGAR AND SPICE SALON SPA | 340-776-5893 5332 Yacht Haven Grande, Space #2


DOUBLE HEADER SPORTFISHING | 340-777-7317 Sapphire Beach Marina, East End


MARLIN PRINCE | 340-774-2132 161-A Subbase, West of Charlotte Amalie


CROWN BAY CENTER DRAKE’S PASSAGE | 340-776-1900 Charlotte Amalie

FORT MYLNER | 340-776-1900 Tutu Area

GRAND GALLERIA | 340-776-1900 Charlotte Amalie

HAVENSIGHT MALL | 340-777-5313 9002 Havensight Mall, Suite 13

150 • Places to Explore | 340-693-5929 American Yacht Harbor, Red Hook | 340-513-0389 St. Thomas & St. John




U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM | 800-372-USVI St. Croix, St. John & St. Thomas

VI HOT SPOT | 340-714-1178 Estate Thomas, Charlotte Amalie


B.O.S.S. UNDERWATER ADVENTURE | 340-777-3549 Crown Bay Marina

▶ ▶ ST. JOHN ◀ ◀



CRUZ BAY WATERSPORTS CO. | 340-776-6234 Cruz Bay and Westin Resort St. John

HEAVENLY DAYS CATAMARAN | 340-775-1800 On Bolongo Bay

KAYAK, HIKE & SNORKEL ADVENTURES VIRGIN ISLANDS ECOTOURS | 340-779-2155 St. Thomas / St. John / Hassel Island


HILLCREST GUEST HOUSE | 340-776-6774 #157 Enighed, Cruz Bay




MORRIS F. DECASTRO CLINIC 340-776-6400 | 340-779-2155 Free Delivery to your Yacht or Villa



LITTLE SWITZERLAND | 340-227-8303 Sapphire Beach Marina and Havensight



JEWELRY/WATCHES | 877-800-9998 Mongoose Junction


DOHM’S WATER TAXI | 340-775-6501 6501 Red Hook Plaza, Suite 201

DOLPHIN WATER TAXI | 340-774-2628 Serving the entire BVI | 340-776-6922 Cruz Bay and Coral Bay


CRUZ BAY FAMILY PRACTICE | 340-776-6789 Boulon Center, Cruz Bay


RESTAURANTS | 340-513-1243 On Crown Mt. Road, Route 3

Southwestern, Mexican, Seafood | 340-777-8226 Mongoose Junction





French Inspired Fine Dining | 340-779-8550 On the Waterfront, Cruz Bay



CELIA’S BOUTIQUE | 340-775-0077 Bldg. next to Red Hook Ferry Terminal, East End

CARIBBEAN TRAVEL/TROPIC TOURS | 340-774-1855 The Guardian Bldg, Havensight, St. Thomas


CRUZ BAY WATERSPORTS CO. | 340-776-6234 Cruz Bay and Westin Resort St. John

Men’s and Women’s Clothing Boutique USE ROUTE 32 EAST TO RED HOOK TO FIND US!

KAYAK, HIKE & SNORKEL ADVENTURES VIRGIN ISLANDS ECOTOURS | 340-779-2155 St. Thomas / St. John / Hassel Island

In the building next to the Red Hook Ferry Terminal, East End 32 Red Hook Road

340-775-0077 Places to Explore • 151

▶ ▶ ST. CROIX ◀ ◀


BLUE ANCHOR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT | 340-715-7730 Yacht Haven Grande, Suite 101, St. Thomas

CARIBBEAN BREEZE APARTMENTS AND VACATION HOMES | 340-227-9853 53 Prince St., Frederiksted

HOLGER DANSKE HOTEL | 340-773-3600 1200 King Cross Street, Christiansted



THE JEWELRY FACTORY | 340-718-4444 Queen Cross Street, Christiansted

THE NATURAL JEWEL | 340-773-3845 King Street, Christiansted

NAV JEWELERS | 340-719-2378 Sunny Isle Shopping Center

PERFECTION JEWELERS | 340-778-4653 Sunny Isle Shopping Center

SB JEWELERS | 340-778-3800 Estate Davis Bay, Kingshill

340-778-3111 Sunny Isle Shopping Center | 800-619-0014 3 miles East of Christiansted



AIRLINES CAPE AIR | 1-800-CAPEAIR Henry E. Rohlsen Airport

AIRLINES / CHARTER SERVICES SEA FLIGHT | 340-719-3300 St. Croix & St. Thomas






CRUZAN RUM | 340-692-2280


FOOD & GROCERY DELIVERY SERVICE STX DELIVERY | 340-244-9813 Throughout St. Croix


PLAZA EXTRA WEST SUPERSTORE | 340-719-1870 #14 Plessen, Frederiksted

SEASIDE MARKET & DELI | 340-719-9393 2001 Estate Mt. Welcome, Christiansted


JUAN F. LUIS HOSPITAL 340-778-6311

152 • Places to Explore


Fresh Local Lobster & Fish, Steaks, Pasta | 340-692-6283 On the Christiansted Boardwalk


Outstanding-Views, Food, Beverages & Service | 340-772-1266 Sand Castle on the Beach, Frederiksted


Earthly Cuisine, Hints of Venus! | 340-692-BLUE(2583) East End


American Fare with Locally Brewed Beer | 340-719-6339 On the Boardwalk, downtown Christiansted


Casual Beach Fare & Fine Dining | 340-712-2120 The Terrace, The Lounge, The Mermaid, Beauregard’s on the Beach


Burgers & American Fare 340-718-1118 East End Road at Southgate, Christiansted


Home Style Italian Cuisine | 340-773-3333 Coakley Bay Condos, East End


Burgers, Steaks, Seafood, Salads, Desert | 340-718-7071 On the Beach at the Tamarind Reef Resort


Great Food – Cold Drinks – Awesome View | 340-718-0362 Cane Bay, North Shore


Italian, Seafood, Steaks & Local Dishes | 340-692-2020 Sunny Isle Annex, near WAPA, Christiansted


CALL 999

Caribbean, Best BBQ on St. Croix 340-778-5717 Rt. 75 Off Centerline Rd., La Reine



Mexican 340-773-4247 2111 Company St, Christiansted


Seafood, Steaks and Sandwiches | 340-773-2128 Chandler’s Wharf, Gallows Bay, Christiansted


American Cafe | 340-719-9434 #3 Strand Street, Frederiksted

RENAISSANCE ST. CROIX CARAMBOLA BEACH RESORT & SPA Continental Cuisine with Caribbean Flair | 340-778-3800 Estate Davis Bay, Kingshill


Steaks, Seafood, Paninis, Sunsets & Cocktails | 340-773-6585 On the Waterfront in Downtown Christiansted


Burger Joint, Hand Cut Fries | 340-773-3400 On the Boardwalk, downtown Christiansted


Sandwiches, Breakfast, Pizzas, Cookies, Catering | 340-718-7373 Golden Rock-Christiansted, Sunny Isle Shopping Center and Fredericksted


Pizza, Pasta, Salads, Wraps & Smoothies Facebook: Tullies Pizza | 340-713-8856 Sunny Isle Shopping Center, Christiansted

YOU ARE HERE BAR & GRILLE Best Pizza in the Caribbean! | 340-713-0246 King’s Alley, Christiansted


FOREVER & ALWAYS FISHING CHARTERS | 340-244-1335 Green Cay Marina, Tamarind Reef Resort Visit Us! ALL THE INFO TO ENJOY YOUR VACATION


AIRLINES CAPE AIR | 284-495-2100 Beef Island Airport, Tortola




SMITH’S FERRY SERVICES | 340-775-7292 Veteran’s Drive, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas









DOHM’S WATER TAXI | 340-775-6501 6501 Red Hook Plaza, Suite 201, St. Thomas, USVI

DOLPHIN WATER TAXI | 340-774-2628 Serving the entire BVI



FLAVORS OF SAN JUAN FOOD TOURS | 787-964-2447 Old San Juan

Places to Explore • 153


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Offer valid through December 2019 Offer valid through December 2019

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Offer valid through December 2019 Offer valid through December 2019 Offer valid through December 2019 Offer valid through December 2019


Stop by one of our locations for a special offer. Downtown St. Thomas, Havensight and Crown Bay

Palm Passage, by The Greenhouse Restaurant, Charlotte Amalie • 340-774-3030

Palm Passage, by The Greenhouse Restaurant, Charlotte Amalie • 340-774-3030

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Offer valid through December 2019



Offer valid through December 2019


Offer valid through December 2019

Daily & Weekly Rentals on St.Thomas & St. John

Free Delivery with over $145 Rental

Book online and save 10%! Use promo code: PLACES

Coupons • Places to Explore

Offer valid through December 2019




9001 F H AV ENS IGHT M A LL ST. THOM AS , V I 00802 340-715-2547 TIARA T.






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Places to Explore, St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix 2019  

USVI Visitor publication featuring Shopping, Dining, Water Sports, Adventures, Maps and More.

Places to Explore, St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix 2019  

USVI Visitor publication featuring Shopping, Dining, Water Sports, Adventures, Maps and More.

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