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Bergen Maritime Offshore Centre of Competence • • • • • • • • • •

Full-scale 3D drilling simulator; visualizing drilling deck and downstream drilling operation – fully integrated! Two modern high-tech NOV drill chairs in authentic setting Up-to-date technology tested in practice and continually developed by leading simulator supplier Drilling Systems UK. Training and competence centre designed for teamtraining on drilling deck. Playback of learning situations allows for repetition and debriefing of known “cases”. “Live” transmission to classroom gives opportunity to follow the process. The system could easily be adapted to specific rigs and cases. Dedicated group rooms Roof terrace of 100 sqm Student canteen on floor below


• Full-scale 3D drilling simulator,

visualizing drilling deck and downstream drilling operations. The first of its kind in Norway and probably the most advanced simulator in the market.

• Authentic drilling surroundings,

recapturing the environment of fixed rigs, floating rigs, jack-ups and drillships.

• Visualizing drilling deck and downstream operations – fully integrated.

• Training in actual and identical/unexpected incidents in a safe training situation.

Situations like: stuck drillstring loss of well fluids pressure control etc.

All control systems


• Technology tested in practice

and continually developed of the last 12 years

• Two modern drill chairs.


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drillers fo


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All rig types

COOPERATING WITH THE OFFSHORE INDUSTRY Together with the industry we are offering • various training courses in new drilling

• • • • •

technology Simulator training – as opposed to platform training Teaching new drilling technology Cooperate in developing courses in pressure-balanced drilling (MPD) under-balanced drilling, etc Cost-effective training, avoiding expensive rig-hours Training improves offshore safety

Cooperation for competence means: Better teaching quality at the Bergen Maritime Academy Cost-effective training for the industry Enables Bergen Maritime to bring out highly skilled students

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From State-of-the-art drilling simulator to Bergen

A new world-class drilling simulator puts Bergen at the front of education in drilling technology. Bergen Maritime Academy offers two-year courses within drilling technology and seabed installations, a so-called Drillsim 6000. It is not only students that will be trained to become top-level drilling students, but also the industry will be invited to use our services. Day-rates of USD 500,000 and the Gulf of Mexico blow-out have highlighted the demand for the best possible full-scale training in real situations, also for authorized operators. – The simulator allows a full-scale 3D-simulation of drilling deck and downstream drilling operations. It can also be used to establish environments from different types of drilling rigs and drillships. Oil companies like Shell, BP and ExxonMobil and large rig operators like Transocean and Pride have similar simulators from the same supplier, but not as advanced and up-to-date as this, Jørgen Eriksen, head of the section, tells

Drillsimulator (English)  
Drillsimulator (English)