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Substance Abuse Prevention Curriculum

Drug abuse prevention curriculum must be made a mandatory part of school syllabus. It is important because it plays a vital role in educating children against the harmful effects of drugs. Substance abuse prevention curriculum brings in light the exact impact of use of drugs and thus proves to be an eye opener. Substance abuse prevention in adolescents helps them in inculcating good habits. They get to know what is good and bad.

Educational Seminars on Drug

Adolescence is the age of extreme peer pressure and children do not understand what is good and bad for them. They consider taking drugs to be a fashion symbol and hence put themselves into the grasps of it. Use of substances includes intake of alcohol, tobacco, inhalants, marijuana, cocaine, steroids and club drugs.

Drug and alcohol counselor

The stages of drug abuse may vary and life actually becomes miserable when one is entirely under the control of drugs. They actually start ruling you and your life. One will not be able to discriminate between good and bad.

Drug addiction treatment

This leads to further bad and immoral practices like lying and theft to fulfill the desire. The use of drugs makes one giddy, nervous and moody. So, imparting timely awareness among youngsters will help them to stay away from this slow poison. Parents also need to be extra careful and keep a note of the activities of their children.

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Substance abuse prevention curriculum  

Media messages help in prevention of substance abuse among young people. Health education is important and should be given to teenagers reg...