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ď śImportance of media and Adolescent Health Adolescent health, is more over related to the mental health of a person, meaning what do people think and how do they react mentally when they are in some tough situation. Mental health, is not only about what the person thinks about other people, but also about what they think about themselves and how they overlook the problems and handle stress situations. Media literacy education, helps a person to know oneself as well as others better at every stage of life. Media literacy helps a person to improvise things as well as cope up with the toughest situations.

ď śMedia and adolescent health Media and adolescent health go side by side. Media has always been a source of influence especially among the kids group as well as among the adolescent age group. In the present era mental health is often influenced by the media both in the positive way as well as at times negative way. The mind of the children is very delicate and Children especially at an Adolescent stage need to be tackled carefully. At this tender age, it is very important that they have a guide, who can tell them the difference between right and wrong and to take responsibility of their decisions.

ď śMedia Literacy Education- An In this modern era, with the advancement in thoughts and minds of people; it has been observed that children are indulging in bad habits like drug use, alcohol, rising crime etc.Although the parents and teachers are responsible for educating the school kids on the harmful effects of drugs, but media also plays an important role in educating them. Media is playing an important role in preventing substance abuse among teenagers and educating them on the harmful effects of drugs. * Media education has helped kids to be able to analyze, evaluate and conclude the adverse effects of drugs * Media has enlightened the lives of young people by teaching them the ways to get out of the drugs * Media imparts health education; it teaches kids how to visualize the pros & cons of many things of their interests

ď śSubstance Abuse Curriculum Drug abuse prevention curriculum must be made a mandatory part of school syllabus. It is important because it plays a vital role in educating children against the harmful effects of drugs. Substance abuse prevention curriculum brings in light the exact impact of use of drugs and thus proves to be an eye opener. Substance abuse prevention in adolescents helps them in inculcating good habits. They get to know what is good and bad. Adolescence is the age of extreme peer pressure and children do not understand what is good and bad for them. They consider taking drugs to be a fashion symbol and hence put themselves into the grasps of it.

ď śEducational Seminars on Drug The main focus of these Educational Seminars on Drugs is on reduction of high risk behaviors by promoting safe and responsible actions. The seminars are highly effectively as they give a chance to students on discussing on drugs and alcohol freely and clear all their doubts. This is very good as it helps them in better personal growth and for helping friends or other in coming out of this social evil. One can have one to one discussion with the counselors or can attend the group discussions about drug abuse.

ď śTeenage Drug Abuse Facts It seems that children of today are always surrounded by subtle influences that encourage drug abuse. They get information about drugs and alcohol from different sources like television, movies and most importantly from peer group. As such it has become very important to keep an eye upon the activities of our children and make them attend drug and alcohol awareness seminars on time to time basis. We must keep a note of Teenage Drug Abuse facts and guide our wards at all steps.

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Educational seminars on drug  
Educational seminars on drug  

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