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Media Literacy Education- An important issue In this modern era, with the advancement in thoughts and minds of people; it has been observed that children are indulging in bad habits like drug use, alcohol, rising crime etc. Although the parents and teachers are responsible for educating the school kids on the harmful effects of drugs, but media also plays an important role in educating them.

Substance Abuse Education Ever since the media world has come into existence, new ways of its influences in daily life can been seen. At this moment, media is considered to be a boon and Media literacy education has influenced the lives of thousands of people around especially children. Media awareness can facilitate positive attitudes and can help students learn how to absorb & question media-conveyed information.

Drug and Alcohol Counselor •Studies

have repeatedly revealed that children spend more time watching television, surfing internet or at many other media channels than in schools or other activities apart from sleeping. Media is playing an important role in preventing substance abuse among teenagers and educating them on the harmful effects of drugs.

Teenage Drug Abuse Facts •Media

education has helped kids to be able to analyze, evaluate and conclude the adverse effects of drugs •

* Media has enlightened the lives of young people by teaching them the ways to get out of the drugs •

* Media imparts health education; it teaches kids how to visualize the pros & cons of many things of their interests

Substance abuse prevention in adolescents

If your kid has started taking drugs or you want to prevent your children from indulging in drugs; you can visit our website and can contact us at for any drugs related query. We are a non-profit organization running for the people to help them come out of the drugs, alcohol etc.

Contact us If you prefer to reach us by phone, please call at 1.800.533.3394. Slate Hill Business Center Suite 110, 3901 Hartzdale Dr. Camp HIll, PA 17011 Fax 717.232.0300, 717.232.5400

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Adolescent health, is more over related to the mental health of a person, meaning what do people think and how do they react mentally when t...

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