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\ PROJECT Facts • KLM’s Data Center is 24 years old • Lighting system is decayed and damaged • Reduce cost and energy consumption by renewal of the outdated lights

Project briefing

Design Model Considering the wishes of our stakeholders, while also making a flexible idea applicable to the premises of KLM, we have created a concept of the Generator and Circularity passport, balancing both technology and sustainability.

Linking Circularity passport

User research Stakeholder analysis

Introduction of Cradle to Cradle

Solutions and Generator


User input Technology


The Generator The Circularity passport • The Generator is a framework on the sorts of a survey • The Circularity passport is the key element in the frame where the user provides input on the context of the space work which creates a continuous flow of materials to which needs new lighting. achieve zero waste. • The Generator will provide the most fitting lighting • For each component in the solution, the Passport solution based on this input. proposes how the items can be reclaimed so they can be • To accommodate the sustainability part, the solution reused, refurbished or recycled. generated will be linked to their Circularity passport. No more pointless waste from now on! With the Generator it is possible to produce lighting solutions for the entire premises of KLM, while being sustainable by making use of the Circularity passport. However, both of these frameworks will work at their full potential if they are updated regularly with the newest innovations.

\ THE GENERATOR JOURNEY Sustainability proposal

User survey Technology proposal

Total solution Output Circularity passport

Research Poster  

KLM Data Lighting's research poster

Research Poster  

KLM Data Lighting's research poster