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Technologies I have learned about

Photoshop    In Photoshop i have improved how to edit people by changing their eye colour, making them have white teeth, giving them flawless skin however this has made the model almost unreconiseable but it has improved how they look this helps attract peoples attention to the magazine most of what i have learned are from youtube clips as well as doing photography, if none of the images where editing and enhanced it would look boring, however it has also messed a few areas up like on the cover the thumb looks weird because i was using the lasso tool to try make it less pointy. flawless skin The thumb this has been done by by using the lasso tool i using the healing tool could select an area i this is where you select didnt want then i a bad area then select feathered it which and good area and makes your edges they merge together/ smooth then deleted copy to create the that area, this has effect of perfect skin created some blur on her thumb 

Idesign I found Indesign quite hard to use and understand because it is really complicated but once i knew the basics it became easier however if you make a mistake its very hard to go back so you can correct it. In Indesign i learned how to create a page and place images on the page which is quite hard to do if you've never used it before but through youtube clips and somebody coming in to teach it a understood it and was able to use it quite easily, by the end I was able to use most of the function on this software however it is not the best I could have done anything because its complicated and hard to use The layout of both pages are different and this is because the page was set up differently setting different guidlines making it easier to create that page however trying to find tools to improve them

Blogger Blogger was one of the easyist softwares to use as very thing was easy to find and use this is been a major part of my magazine construction because it is where all my research is and allows me to use survey monkey and put up my results with no hassle, Blogger is a Google owned blog site where you can upload anything you like making it easy to show what you've done and keep it organisted.Â

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