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NZ Manufacturer November 2013

Never put off today what you can put off tomorrow. – Spanish proverb

There are also quite a few smaller manufacturing plants which we also do business with. “So on the whole, the Southeast Asia region has been a good place to grow our products, with about 1020 percent growth year-on-year on average in the region.“ ”For all markets in Asia, we have our targets that we need to meet,” adds K H Chai, Delcam business development manager for South East Asian Division. “But within the region there are different markets with different targets. For example, tool making, the mould and die manufacturing for automotive is still very strong in Thailand, probably due to a move of these manufacturing activities from Japan. “Thus, there are different business activities for different countries in the pipeline. Every market in this region contributes to our overall bottom line.” Joe Zhou, who heads up Delcam China, gave another perspective. ”With the slowdown in the economy in China, it is expected that some SMEs will exit the market, but for the higher end products made by the larger companies, there should be a negligible effect. These bigger



Vineet Seth, managing director for India and Middle East, sees opportunities for Delcam as countries in the Middle East begin to focus on manufacturing to build their economies.

Nzm nov 2013  
Nzm nov 2013