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NZ Manufacturer November 2013


We run a tight ship her...however lately some of us have been getting tight a little too often.

Complete medium voltage range


complete range of Medium Voltage products and solutions to complement NHP’s current low voltage industrial switchgear and automation offering. From quality Medium Voltage switchgear to long-lasting transformers and market leading automated substation solutions, the NHP Medium Voltage offering can be customised to suit specific design performance criteria and is not only reliable and built to last, but ideal for the Australasian industry climate. Making up the Medium Voltage market offering are three worldclass suppliers: Alstom Alstom Grid’s Substation solutions technology in conjunction with NHP’s local presence and integration capability will offer best of class service and solutions to

customers across the Pacific region. Working together to combine extensive industry experience and expertise, customers will have a seamless network of support, logistics and innovative solutions for protection products, substation control systems and new technology. SGC (SwitchGear Company) Founded in 1979, SGC are world class providers of state-ofthe-art and reliable components and systems for medium voltage electrical distribution. Specialising in medium voltage switchgear, SGC invest heavily in research and development to provide their customers with an optimal product that excels in their ease of use, safety and superior quality. The range of SGC products will include air insulated switchgear, gas insulated switchgear, ring main units and withdrawable switchgear.

ALPS introduces new version of leak tester


isconsin USA: ALPS a global leader of in-line container leak inspection equipment, have released a new version of their successful Speed Glider high speed linear leak tester, called the Speed-Glider 2.5. The 2 station continuous motion leak tester is capable of rates of up to 150 bottles per minute has a container pitch of 178mm and is nominally capable of container heights of up to 127mm for square containers and 158mm for round containers. The Speed Glider 2.5 is offered at an approximately 30% lower cost than previous similar performance models and provides a 25% reduction in footprint compared to the 3 and 4

station models. The machine offers a higher speed, higher efficiency and easier to setup/changeover alternative to “bottle stop” linear leak testers that stop containers ‘on the fly’ using cylinders. The Timing Screw provides positive container handling and control, in order to ensure high efficiencies and quick/efficient changeovers at the higher rate demands. The system can be easily mounted to existing continuous conveyor systems, eliminating the need for additional conveyors and bottle transfers. Cameras for vision inspection can be placed after the leak tester, with the leak tester’s timing screw acting as an automatic spacing device.

TRAFO ELETTRO A tried and proven manufacturer of quality cast resin and oil based transformers ideal for medium voltage applications, Trafo Elettro were founded in 1969 and can provide custom made transformers to customer specifications through

– Tara

their quality product range. When it comes to Medium Voltage, NHP and its supply partners will be able to provide the protection application knowledge, training, product support and solutions to maximise your business output.

Blow moulding range expanded


raham Engineering have broadened their range of accumulator die head blow moulding machinery with new additions in both smaller and larger formats which will allow them to service a larger portion of the industrial extrusion blow moulding market. Graham accumulator head machines are used to process a wide variety of plastic parts and are particularly popular in the automotive and leisure industries for the production of floor panels, seat components, spoilers, coolant tanks, kayaks and playground equipment... In Industrial packaging the machines are used for manufacturing closed head drums, jerry cans and bins Their new small 50 ton clamp machine is available in single or dual

head accumulator configuration with shot sizes of 1.13kg or 2.26 kg with side or bottom takeout options. Included is the ‘award winning’ XBM navigator PC Controller with 100 point parison programming and touchscreen operator interface. The top- end machine is now available with either 34kg or 45kg shot sizing. The larger diameter heads (254 to 762 mm Dia) also utilise the GES spiral diverter technology which ensure fast colour change capability. The clamping unit features motorized roll out allowing for ease of mould change-over, necessary for the large moulds that can be accommodated in the (up to) 2.4M x 1.5M platen sizes The re-engineered range of large machines offer a competitive price entry point with GEC’s renowned rugged engineered designs.

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Nzm nov 2013