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Academic Accommodations

Academic Accommodations | Facilitated by Disability Resource Centre Purpose of Academic Accommodations Disability Resource Centre facilitates and provides academic accommodations for students who experience educational barriers or challenges that are disability-related. Accommodations may address a temporary injury or illness as well as a permanent or chronic disability or illness. Accommodations are supports designed to provide students with the tools they need to have equitable access to education. Decisions about which accommodations are provided to each student are based on: • the impact that the disability has on the student’s ability to meet their educational needs • professional and medical documentation provided by the student • the student’s course of study and learning outcomes of the course Available academic accommodations Accommodation type


Exam accommodations

Extra exam time, distraction-reduced environments, scribes, computer use during exams

For more Information, please contact Disability Resource Centre. University Centre, room 227 Coordinator: 250.807.9263 Program Advisor: 250.807.9203 Email: Fax: 250.807.9365

Instruction/classroom Peer note takers, specialized seating in class accommodations Alternate-format materials

Course materials provided in audio format or suitable for screen readers

Disability Resource Centre also facilitates the following processes for students, staff, and faculty: • Accessible parking on campus • Priority placement in on-campus housing • Physical space accessibility (e.g., classroom changes, building modifications)

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