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ye ALL-ENERGY AUSTRALIA 2011: ISSUE 3 September 2011


AUSTRALIA’S LARGEST CLEAN AND RENEWABLE ENERGY EVENT 12/13 October 2011, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre Prime Minister to address All-Energy Australia 2011

Renewable energy is central to Australia’s clean energy future… By The Hon Greg Combet AM MP, Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency



…so it is fitting that our nation is hosting the All-Energy conference – the third iteration of this significant international renewable and clean energy event. By taking part in events like All-Energy and engaging with other clean energy businesses, scientists and innovators, you’re part of the solution when it comes to tackling climate change. Julia Gillard will launch the biggest and most significant clean and renewable energy event Australia has ever seen. Via a specially pre-recorded address for the event, the Prime Minister will officially welcome delegates and provide introductory remarks to those attending All-Energy Australia 2011. Ms Gillard’s participation adds further weight to the two-day international exhibition and multi-stream conference that is expected to attract as many as 4,000 participants, 200 exhibitors and more than 100 leading international and local speakers.

Inside:  Welcome to All-Energy Australia 2011 from The Hon. Michael O’Brien MP, Minister for Energy and Resources, State Government of Victoria page 2  What will the exhibitors be showing? See pages 5 & 18 for further details  Full conference programme

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 Around the world with All-Energy page 12  List of exhibitors

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We can’t just ignore the fact that the current structure of our economy is contributing to changes in our climate – changes that stand to significantly impact Australia. And as we begin this vital transition, the Gillard Labor Government remains committed to working alongside the clean energy community.


We all recognise that the lasting reform needed to confront the challenge of climate change will not happen without considerable planning and effort. For that reason, moving toward a prosperous, low-carbon economy requires the right policy balance and the Gillard Government has achieved this balance in the Clean Energy Future plan. In this plan, we have the foundation for the essential structural change to our economy necessary to meet the environmental and economic challenges of this century. A central element of this plan is to put a price on carbon. This will provide a clear market signal to reduce pollution in the cheapest and most efficient way. By its very nature, a carbon price makes cleaner forms of energy more competitive with higher pollution alternatives. The carbon price will work in conjunction with the Government’s enhanced Renewable Energy Target to drive further expansion in renewable energy. By legislating that 20 per cent of Australia’s electricity supply will come from renewable sources in 2020 and beyond, the RET continues to provide the financial incentive necessary for renewable power generation to grow in Australia. The carbon price will cause the transformation of our energy sector, driving around $100 billion in investment in the renewables sector over the period to 2050. While these price signals are central to providing policy and investment certainty to the market, the Government also recognises the need for direct investment in technology development to support innovation in the sector. That’s why the creation of the $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation will be so important. By giving clean energy projects in development strong financial backing, the CEFC will assist promising renewable energy sources in entering the energy market.

Support will be available for businesses seeking funds to get clean energy products and proposals off the ground. There’ll also be investment in manufacturing businesses seeking to produce clean technology products. As well as promoting greater supply of clean energy we also need to look at the demand side of the equation by helping Australians to use energy more efficiently. When individual actions like turning off a TV at the wall, or installing power-saving LED lighting are encouraged across a society the savings – both in reduced energy bills and in carbon emissions – can be vast. Ultimately, improved energy efficiency will lower carbon pollution, improve energy security and help households and business save money. That’s why the Government will support such measures by expanding programmes to improve energy efficiency in households, business and government. The Government’s plan for a Clean Energy Future is the right step forward. It gets the balance right.

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YOUR SHOW PLANNER Date: 12–13 October 2011 Venue: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre Day 1 – Wednesday 12 October 08.00 Registration opens 08.30 Exhibition opens 09.00 Opening plenary session 11.15 Conference parallel sessions begin 12.30 Lunch, networking and exhibition 17.00 Close of Day 1 and opening of the Grand Networking Event in the exhibition hall 19.00 Grand Networking Event closes Day 2 – Thursday 13 October 08.00 Registration opens 08.30 Exhibition opens 09.00 Conference parallel sessions begin 10.00 Solar Workshops commence in Associated Events Zone 12.15 Lunch, networking and exhibition 15.30 Grand Plenary Debate and Round Table – Will the Australian economy benefit from a price on carbon? 17.00 Close of All-Energy Australia 2011

THANKS… A very big thank you goes out to all our sponsors and supporters for their continued support of the show – we simply couldn’t do it without you and wish you every commercial success at All-Energy Australia 2011. LANYARDS SPONSOR





Victoria is the perfect setting for a gathering focused on the renewable and low emissions technologies that have the potential to play such an important role in meeting the Asia Pacific region’s growing energy needs. Our state is rich in renewable resources and is also well placed to benefit from new technologies that lower emissions from conventional energy sources.

The All Energy Australia International Exhibition & Conference is an opportunity for us all to learn more about the latest developments in this important field and explore the potential for new renewable and low emission technologies to help power the future of our region.

The Victorian Government is committed to a phased, well managed, transition to a low carbon future while maintaining a reliable and affordable energy supply for households and businesses. Victoria’s vast reserves of low-cost coal have long provided the affordable baseload power that is one of the state’s key economic advantages. The Hon. Michael O'Brien MP, Minister for Energy and Resources, State Government of Victoria


Standing at the


Australia stands at the crossroads of a crucial moment in its economic, political and social evolution. Will we embrace the shift to a low-carbon economy, or will we reject it and stick with what we have now – an economy rooted in the use of fossil fuels? For many people, the need to embrace clean and renewable energy is about the need to combat climate change, which most, if not all, leading scientists now believe is being driven as much by human economic activity as any natural cyclical changes. But this is only one of the reasons for embracing clean and renewable energy. There are at least three others – all equally compelling.


solution, both through clean coal technologies and the development of more renewable energy sources. To this end, the Victorian Government continues to drive pre-commercial work on low cost, low emission technologies, primarily through funding provided under the Energy Technology Innovation Strategy.

But brown coal-fired power generation faces challenges in a carbon constrained future and technology will be part of the




The first is energy security and the dwindling supply of oil. The second is the urgent need to embrace a new motor of economic growth and prosperity which many believe will be at least as significant as the microprocessor revolution. The third is the inevitability of tariff barriers on the exports from those economies which do not embrace a low-carbon future. While some doubt the concept of ‘peak oil’ – the point in time when the maximum rate of

global petroleum extraction is reached, after which the rate of production enters terminal decline – many others, including the IEA, believe we have already reached or event passed this point. One thing is for sure, the price of oil, despite huge volatility, is on a clear upward trend. Even if there are large reserves beneath the Arctic, and disregarding the environmental implications of extracting them, the cost of exploitation will be considerable. Second is the need for a new motor of economic growth. If you want support for this view, examine China that has placed clean and renewable energy (and environment cleaning technologies) centre stage in its 12th Five-year Plan. The reality of world economics is that China aspires to being the next global economic superpower and being a leader in clean and renewable energy technologies is regarded as crucial to achieving that aim – just as the US saw leadership in the microprocessor sphere was crucial to its aspirations 40 years ago. Third, is the future of world trade. Despite the political games and policy arguments, many major economies are increasingly setting out to tackle climate change and take advantage of the new economic dynamic imparted by clean and renewable energy technologies. It is unlikely they will

stand idly by and see those economies which reject a low-carbon future gain an economic price advantage, even a temporary one. It is unlikely to be long before these powerful nations exert their influence through the WTO and start to impose tariff walls on those economies which continue down the high carbon path, and this will potentially hit the big mineral exporters such as Australia the hardest. Whether you are an ardent supporter of clean and renewable energy, or an opponent on the grounds that any attempt to shift to a low carbon economy will have a disastrous effect on Australia’s economy, AllEnergy Australia is relevant to you. The arguments in favour of a shift to clean energy and the low carbon economy are numerous and they are powerful. All-Energy Australia offers a comprehensive, independent and international platform to help facilitate what we believe to be the most important debate of our age. Just as importantly, All-Energy Australia offers what is now the largest showcase for sceptics and supporters alike to come and see what is being done to make clean and renewable energy more practical and more cost effective to implement.


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All-Energy Australia

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Key reasons to attend All-Energy Australia 2011

Sponsored by SMA  Are you installing solar panels?  Are you thinking of becoming an installer?  Are you looking to understand the Australian solar PV marketplace?

 Independent and authoritative – without grace or favour, we co-operate with a wide range of organisations across the energy spectrum  Comprehensive and diverse – international exhibition & conference dedicated to all aspects of clean and renewable energy – technology, finance, social and political, and implementation  Well established – now in its third year with the support of the State Government of Victoria and all main clean energy associations  A major international exhibition – 40% larger than All-Energy Australia 2010 with over 200 exhibitors from 12 countries – check out the exhibitor list on page 20 and think of the time you’ll save holding meetings and comparing products and services in one place at one time!  A compelling and highly topical multi-stream conference with each session and stream devised with the input of top industry experts  Join us at the Grand Networking Event where business and pleasure really do mix!  Free to attend: Australia’s only B2B exhibition that is free-of-charge to all with a professional or commercial interest in clean and renewable energy.

SOLAR WORKSHOPS@All-Energy Australia are for you! WHEN: Thursday 13 October, sessions from 10.00 – 14.00 WHERE: Associated Events Zone, All-Energy Australia 2011 WHO: Presented by the Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES) WHAT: Three FREE TO ATTEND workshops FOR: Installers, Contractors, Managers, Owners & New Businesses The SOLAR WORKSHOPS include:  10.00: What’s happening in the Solar PV Market? Overview of the current status and trends in Australia. By Nigel Morris, Director, Solar Business Services  11.30: SOLAR PV Best Practice! Feedback from the Solar PV Inspections 2011 undertaken by AuSES. By Glen Morris, Director, AuSES  14.00: Finding your way around the Australian PV Market Update for companies new to the Australian solar PV marketplace. By Warwick Johnston, Director, SunWiz Consulting

 Registration is free and details are available at so REGISTER NOW for your place at this important Solar PV industry update.

Supported and sponsored by over 40 organisations, All-Energy Australia 2011 is truly unmissable – 3,000 participants from 20 countries attended in 2010 … find out why by joining us in Melbourne this October.

Your energy future lies Yo lies in Victoria Victoria The Australia Australian an state of Victoria Vi is a powerhouse of energ energy gy industry innovation n and technological development. The Victorian Vi and d Australian governments hav have ve created an exciting inv investment nvestmeent climate design designed gn to make swift gains gned in renewable renewab able energy eneergy gy technology hn gy and lead work k in cleaner hn for the t fossil fuel energy gy sector. technologies

The Low Emission E Energy gy Te Technology h Program effectively doubles fu funding unding for renewab renewable able energy gy and low emission technology technolog ch gy proj projects, ojects, plus the Vi Victorian Government is also helping to further ther international li linkages inkages in these areas. o foster furth

Government investment The Victorian Vi Go overnment supports industry inv nvestment technology in new energy tec chnology hn gy with clear policy direction, dirrection, market significant opportunities,, recently reforms and sign gn nificant funding opportunities additional support ort new and committing an ad dditional $41 $ million to suppo emerging energy gy y technologies. hn

The time is i righ right invest ght to inv nvest in Vi Victoria. Vi us at th Visit the All-Energy Australia exh exhibition ibition Stand No. C150 C150.. v.

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Preserving Blue Skies and White Clouds for the Future

The Leader in Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Technology ● Low Complexity ● High Efficiency ● High Reliability ● Low Ongoing Costs Goldwind now introduces the 2.5MW wind turbine to Australia.

To speak to an expert, please call us on 1300 854 167 or visit our stand C90

Vertical Integration

Delivering solar power to the world for over 40 years Sun - Earth, is one of the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers. With over 40 years experience, Sun-Earth continues to deliver quality and reliable solar energy solutions. Our vertically integrated business model keeps down production costs, passing savings on to our customers. We make our own polysilicon, ingots, wafers, cells and modules, assuring continuous, quality improvement in the production process. Our solar modules, ranging from 5-290 watts, are now available in Australia.

For more information on Sun-Earth, please contact 1300 600 020 or visit or

Visit us at C155


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What’s in the exhibition? Listed below is a sneak preview of just a handful of some of the products and services that will be on display in the All-Energy Australia 2011 exhibition – a taster of a bumper treat in store… AquaGen Technologies

years of international experience and 20 years of local experience can provide you with the most energy efficient heating and cooling system on the market.

Solar Systems

SunClik Pty. Ltd SunClik Pty. Ltd will be exhibiting their adjustable mounting system for Solar Panels at All-Energy Australia 2011  Instructional audio-visual display  Samples of some of our components  Small hands-on displays of how the system works  Talk direct to our design engineer Our solar panel mounting system is an adjustable system, suitable for any job size and variety of roof structures We also offer a design and fabrication service that allows for customised solutions for our clients. Our exhibit will be of interest to all members of the Australian solar industry.


AquaGen is a technology company specialising in solutions to deliver clean, renewable ocean energy. Our key technology, known as SurgeDrive®, is an innovative, emissions-free, wave energy system which harnesses the energy of ocean waves to produce electricity or desalinated water. The technology overcomes the historical barriers to commercialising wave power and, as such, its large scale application has enormous potential to harness the vast global wave resource at a price more commonly associated with traditional renewable energy forms.

GeoExchange WaterFurnace International has been a pioneer in the development of the geoexchange heating and cooling industry in dozens of countries worldwide. Australia is no exception, with the first WaterFurnace geothermal or ground source heat pumps installed here in the early 1990s. GeoExchange Australia is proud to be an international distributor for one of the most respected names in the industry and look forward to seeing you at Stand J125 in the Energy Efficiency Section of All-Energy Australia 2011. Come along and find out more about how 30

Solar Systems Pty Ltd (wholly owned subsidiary of Silex Systems Ltd) has commenced construction planning work for what will be one of Australia’s largest solar power stations. The project will be located in Carwarp, south of Mildura, Victoria. This is a significant development for local industry and the broader community, delivering a world class solar power station. Construction and operation of this unique facility will create business opportunities for regional suppliers and local service providers. Solar Systems’ unique Dense Array technology utilises the world’s most efficient solar cells. These advanced ‘triple junction’ solar cells have worldleading performance, currently capable of approximately 40% conversion efficiency – approximately double the efficiency of today’s best silicon-based cells. All-Energy Australia 2011 will exhibit a scale model of the Solar Systems’ CPV dish technology at booth A160.

Verdicorp, manufacturer of high performance renewable energy Organic Rankine Cycle Turbines present a new range of ORC products for the Australian market. These modular ORC systems convert waste heat into electrical energy in the 30kWe to 1MWe range. Verdicorp oil free, variable speed direct drive magnetically levitated turbines, utilise the Danfoss Turbocor Compressor technology, the innovation leader of the HVAC industry.

Please visit us at: Booth C10.

Sun in, electricity out, no worries. Mate, if only everything in the future could be so predictable.

INCREDIBLY STABLE OUTLOOK. Solar modules from SCHOTT Solar have what it takes for success in renewable energy: German quality engineering and the experience of a renowned German technology company in solar technology since 1958 result in high performance stability* and long-term attractive savings. To learn more about how you can benefit from solar energy, please visit or contact us: Phone: +61-2 8426-1600 Fax: +61-2 8426-1666 E-mail: * In a long-term study conducted by the Fraunhofer-Institute the SCHOTT Solar modules still achieved over 90% of their original performance even after 25 years.

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Here Now

Right here in Australia, right now with results. You don’t need to look far for global design expertise in renewable energy; just look to Black & Veatch. We can deliver world-class projects in solar, wind, biomass and biogas, wave and tidal—right here, right now, and done right. We’re building a world of difference. Together. Aruna Seneviratne +61 3 8673 4208

Consulting • Engineering • Construction • Operation





Sanyo solutions for future energy


Take advantage of SANYO’s over 30 years’ experience in solar energy technology.

The HIT 235W premium solar panel: ➤ Impressive higher efďŹ ciency of 21.1% cell and 18.6% module ➤ Thinner tab design ➤ Anti-reection glass

Powerful panel with small footprint

➤ Low temperature coefďŹ cient of just -0.30%/°C means more power in hotter temperatures ➤ Just 1.26m2 and 15kg.

The MP6 230W standard solar panel: ➤ Reliable performance ➤ Economical price ➤ Robust

Top quality at a great price

➤ Adjusted by RoHS

Battery storage technology: ➤ Introducing our energy storage concept


➤ Let us know your needs

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"HIT" is a trademark of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. The name "HIT" comes from "Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin-layer" which is an original technology of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.


w w

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The All-Energy Australia conference grows in stature … and influence A key objective back in 2009 when we launched All-Energy Australia was to establish the event as a comprehensive, independent, international and authoritative platform for showcasing, discussing and debating all forms of clean and renewable energy, without grace or favour to any single interest group. With the event now in its third year, we think we are heading in the right direction and for that we must thank our official supporter, the State Government of Victoria, Austrade, all those companies and organisations who are our sponsors, plus all the companies exhibiting and, just as importantly, all those industry experts who make the conference possible. This year, Australia is at a critical historic moment, right on the verge of implementing a carbon price which could play a crucial role in shifting the balance of energy generation away from fossil fuels and towards an energy future dominated by a diverse range of clean and renewable energy technologies. What is more important though, we believe, is that clean and renewable energy is not just another form of energy generation, but is the beating heart of a new industrial revolution. Blessed with an abundance of clean natural energy resources, Australia has a remarkable opportunity to bring its undoubted brain power and financial knowhow to bear in such a way that clean and renewable energy not only powers the air con, the cars and the TV sets, but more importantly, assumes centre stage as motor of a low-carbon economy powering future economic growth, employment and prosperity. Renewable energy has the potential to power our homes, our commerce and indeed our industry. All-Energy Australia’s international line-up will provide its delegates with an insight to what is possible today and tomorrow.

Day 1 It is fitting, therefore that at 09.00 on 12 October, Prime Minister Gillard will open the All-Energy Australia 2011 conference with a specially recorded address. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Gillard is unable to attend in person due to Parliamentary commitments. She will be followed by Dr Urban Rid, Director-General for Climate Protection, Environment and Energy, Renewable Energies and International Cooperation, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Ministry of Germany. Dr Rid is one of the authors of Germany's most recent legislation regarding the accelerated phasing out of nuclear energy and the related transformation of the German energy sector – a subject likely to be received with great interest!

 Dr Edward Moses, Director, National Ignition Facility, USA speaking at All-Energy Australia 2010

CONFERENCE AT-A-GLANCE CONFERENCECONCONFERENCE AT-ADay 1, Wednesday 12 October Stream 1 9.00 – 10.30

Ministerial plenary session

10.30 – 11.15 11.15 – 12.30

Exhibition and networking Carbon capture Solar (1): & storage (1): Industry A global perspective perspective on CCS

12.30 – 14.00 14.00 – 15.15

Stream 2/Day 1 is devoted to solar, and the highlights include one of the world’s top solar experts, Professor David Faiman, Chairman of the Department of Solar Energy & Environmental Physics at Ben-Gurion University, and Director, National Solar Energy Center, Israel, on the potential and economics of concentrated solar PV. Following presentations on the Solar Flagships solar PV and thermal projects, Brightsource Energy’s Andrew Dyer will take us to the Mojave Desert in the US and Ivanpah Project, currently the world’s largest solar power tower project which will power 140,000 homes when it goes online in 2014. Stream 3/Day 1 is devoted to how clean energy is being embraced by industry, and state and local government. Highlights include presentations from Galaxy Resources and Linc Energy, Queensland’s Office of Clean Energy, and the highly respected Allan Jones MBE, the Chief Development Officer, Energy and Climate Change, at the City of Sydney.

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Stream 3

Stream 4

Stream 5

Embracing clean energy in industry

Hydrogen and fuel Transmission & cell technology Distribution (1): The Smart Grid

Lunch, exhibition and networking Carbon capture & Solar (2): storage (2): PV Demonstration to commercialisation

Embracing clean energy in Government (1): Local Councils


15.15 – 15.45 15.45 – 17.00

Exhibition and networking Barriers to Solar (3): commercial Thermal renewable energy development

Embracing clean Bioenergy energy in Government (2): State Government

17.00 – 19.00

Close of day one – followed by Grand Networking Event

Following the Ministerial Plenary Session, the conference will split into five parallel streams: Stream 1/Day 1 opens with 2 sessions on Carbon Capture & Storage and we thank the Global CCS Institute for their participation. Session 1 will conclude with a series of presentations exploring common barriers facing the commercialisation of three key technologies, namely CCS, marine and geothermal. It’s easy to underestimate the technical problems of clean energy, which makes it important to understand them.

Stream 2

Transmission & Distribution (2): Handling intermittent energy resources Wave and tidal energy (1)

Day 2, Thursday 13 October Stream 1

Stream 2

Stream 3

Stream 4

Energy Young Energy efficiency (1): Professionals (1) Industrial efficiency

Building an Australian clean energy industry

Wave and tidal energy (2)

Young Energy Professionals (2)

Skills and training

Wind energy

Young Energy Professionals (3)

Carbon pricing and emissions trading

Geothermal energy

9.00 – 10.15

International perspective on clean energy

10.15 – 11.00 11.00 – 12.15

Exhibition and networking Investment Energy session (1): efficiency (2): International The future is energy efficiency

12.15 – 13.45 13.45 – 15.00

Lunch, exhibition and networking Investment Energy session (2): efficiency (3): National Clean cities – efficiency and cogeneration in precincts

15.00 – 15.30 15.30 – 17.00

Exhibition and networking Grand Plenary Debate and Round Table: Will the Australian economy benefit from a price on carbon?


Close of conference


Stream 5

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The All-Energy Australia conference >> continued from page 7 Stream 4/Day 1 starts with presentations on hydrogen and fuel cell technology and is followed by the transport session, which includes a presentation by Kristian Handberg, Project Manager, Low Emission Vehicles, at the Victorian Department of Transport. The concluding session covers bioenergy and from the US we welcome Dr Robert Do, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Solena Group, who will discuss the joint-venture with British Airways to build a waste to jet biofuel plant in London as part of his presentation on creating aviation biofuel from municipal waste. Stream 5/Day 1 includes two sessions devoted to transmission and distribution. Starting with the smart grid, Jonathan Jutsen, Executive Director, Energetics and Chairman, Australian Alliance to Save Energy will present on: ‘The smarter grid: Demand management, energy efficiency and distribution/co-generation’. Session 2 covers power transmission, and Bo Nilsson of ABB Australia will look at HVDC transmission systems – vital for efficient long distance transmission. Stream 5 opens with our first session on wave & tidal energy when we welcome from Korea, Byung-Hak Cho, Chief Researcher at the Korea Electric Power Research Institute who will detail the sea trial test of the 2kW class rotating body type prototype wave energy converter.

Day 1, Wednesday 12 October Stream 1 – Room 220

09.00–10.30 Ministerial plenary session 9.00 Welcome from the organisers of All-Energy Australia 2011 9.10 Introduction by Chair 9.15 The Hon Julia Gillard MP, Prime Minister of Australia (prerecorded) 9.30 Dr Urban Rid, Director-General for Climate Protection, Environment and Energy, Renewable Energies and International Cooperation, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Ministry of Germany 9.50 Jeff Rosewarne, Secretary, Department of Primary Industries, State Government of Victoria 10.00 Discussion and Q&A 10.30

Exhibition and networking

11.15 – 12.30 Carbon capture and storage (1): A global perspective on CCS (Session details TBC)

Day 2 Stream 1/Day 2 offers an engrossing trio of international clean energy perspectives from Sweden, Canada and notably from JETRO, the Japan External Trade Organisation where Jennifer Bean, Japan Market Investment Adviser will outline how Australian clean energy businesses can break into the Japanese market. Session 2 marks the first of our two investment sessions, and starts with thought provoking presentations from Bloomberg’s Seb Henbest; John Dyson, the CEO of Australia’s largest venture capitalist, Starfish Ventures; and Nathan Fabian, the CEO of the Investor Group on Climate Change. The concluding session, to be chaired by Martin Rushe, the MD of Moss Capital, will adopt a panel format and feature three leading financial figures will each give a brief presentation on the potential problems that renewable energy, as a disruptive technology, presents to investors. What impact will Google have on the traditional players in the clean energy space? Get along and find out! Stream 2/Day 2 is devoted to the massive issue of energy efficiency, which in practice could potentially be the most important factor of all in the carbon emissions reduction equation – and in creating new employment opportunities. We welcome the participation of the Energy Efficiency Council and CEO Rob MurrayLeach in what promises to be an excellent programme that will address industrial energy efficiency, the future of energy efficiency and clean cities. Stream 3/Day 2 picks up something we started in 2010 – a series of themes and presentations developed by the Australian Institute of Energy’s Young Energy Professionals. The three YEP sessions will cover – Getting value from your smart meter: how to manage and monitor your energy using your smart meter; Entrepreneurship and Energy in Australia: Bringing energy technologies from concept to commercialisation within Australia; and a debate/discussion on the political nature of the current debate on renewable energy. Stream 4/Day 2 gets going with a session on the vitally important matter of building an Australian clean energy industry, and will feature an opening keynote presentation from Mary O’Kane, Chair of the Australian Centre for Renewable Energy followed by Mark Twidell, Executive Director of the Australian Solar Institute who will present on building an Australian solar industry; by Rob McCullagh of the Industry Capability Network on Australian industry participation in the clean energy space; and by Ric O'Connell of Black & Veatch on Solar PV and the lessons for Australia from California. Session 2 will cover training and skills and the stream while Session 3 will cover Carbon pricing and emissions trading, and include a presentation: ‘Understanding the Clean Energy Finance Corporation’ by Wayne Smith, Director of Clean Economy Services. Stream 5/Day 2 starts with our second session on Wave & Tidal Energy, when Alan Major, CEO of Tenax Energy, will outline a very interesting business model ahead of presentations from Biopower Systems and Aquagen Technologies. In session 2 the focus is on wind energy and we welcome Peter Hjuler Jensen of Denmark’s Riso National Laboratory, who will introduce the UpWind Project, Europe’s attempt to design a very large scale wind turbine. The stream will end with presentations on geothermal energy which include one from Stephen Hinchcliffe from Sinclair Knight Mertz titled: ‘Developing geothermal power projects in Australia’.

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Stream 2 – Room 219


Lunch, exhibition and networking

14.00–15.15 Carbon capture & storage (2): Demonstration to commercialisation 14.00 Introduction by Chair 14.05 Moving CCS through demonstration to viable businesses, the roles and challenges for technology developers, industry and governments Dr Richard Aldous, Recently Appointed CEO, The Co-operative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) 14.25 Stock take on CCS projects Dr Dennis R Van Puyvelde, Programme Manager, Low Emissions Technologies, Australian Coal Association 14.45 Reducing the cost of using coal in the ground for generation by cutting its CO2 content Jack Hamilton, Exergen 15.05 Discussion and Q&A 15.15

Solar (2): PV 14.00 Introduction by Chair 14.05 Pluto cell technology – the next generation of solar Mark Kibby, BBS Commercial Manager, Suntech Power Australia 14.25 Real-life performance data of solar modules in the Australian climate Oliver Hartley, Managing Director, Q Cells Australia 14.45 Protecting PV modules against harsh environmental conditions Andreas Hahn, Director of Emerging PV Markets, SCHOTT Solar 15.05 Discussion and Q&A

Exhibition and networking

15.45–17.00 Barriers to commercial renewable energy development 15.45 Introduction by Chair 15.50 “Geothermal energy development is a risky business!” Stephen Hinchcliffe, Geothermal Development Manager – Australia, Sinclair Knight Mertz 16.05 Technical barriers to commercialisation of marine energy systems Hayden Marcollo, Manager of Research and Development, AMOG Consulting 16.25 Exploring a faster path to fusion energy Michael Delage, Vice President, Business Development, General Fusion, Burnaby, Canada 16.50 Discussion and Q&A


Solar (1): Industry perspective 11.15 Introduction by Chair 11.20 Solar Dawn Project Development Anthony Wiseman, Regional Director and General Manager – Australia, Areva Solar 11.40 The potential and economics of concentrated Solar PV Professor David Faiman, Chairman, Department of Solar Energy & Environmental Physics, Ben-Gurion University; Director, National Solar Energy Center, Israel 12.00 Presentation title TBC Douglas Smith, Sales & Marketing Manager Australia /Asia, BP Solar 12.20 Discussion and Q&A

Solar (3): Thermal 15.45 Introduction by Chair 15.50 The status and future of concentrating solar power Wes Stein, Project Leader, National Solar Energy Centre and Manager of Renewable Energy, Division of Energy Technology, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) 16.10 Concentrated solar power hybrid plants: A more cost effective way to introduce solar power to the electricity market? Juergen Peterseim, PhD Candidate at University of Technology, Sydney and Amir Tadros, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Aurecon Australia Pty Ltd 16.30 The Ivanpah Project Andrew Dyer, Director, BrightSource Energy 16.50 Discussion and Q&A

Close of day one

17.00–19.00 Grand Networking Event


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grows in stature … and influence Stream 4 – Room 213

Stream 5 – Room 212

Embracing clean energy in industry 11.15 Introduction by Chair 11.20 Mining perspective Charles Whitfield, Executive Director, Galaxy Resources 11.40 The economic and technology case for CSP as primary mine power Byron Ross, Device Logic Pty Ltd 12.00 Presentation title TBC David Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Linc Energy 12.20 Discussion and Q&A

Hydrogen & fuel cell technology 11.15 Introduction by Chair 11.20 Newcastle Blue Gen Andrew Neilson, Group General Manager Commercial, Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd 11.40 Presentation title TBC Tony Pearson, Engineering and Development Manager, ESG Energy Ltd, New Zealand 12.00 Hydrogen storage for off-grid electricity supply Professor Evan Gray, Queensland Micro and Nanotechnology Centre, Griffith University, Brisbane 12.20 Discussion and Q&A

Transmission and distribution (1): The Smart Grid 11.15 Introduction by Chair 11.20 The smart grid in practice – the market and its drivers Bob Dixon, Senior Vice President & Global Head Efficiency & Sustainability, Siemens 11.40 Smart Grid: Impact of distributed generation and intermittent renewable energy sources Dr Mohan Kolhe, Director of Programmes, UCL School of Energy & Resources, Australia 12.00 The basis for a smarter grid: Demand management, energy efficiency and distributed/co-generation Jonathan Jutsen, Executive Director, Energetics; Chairman, Australian Alliance to Save Energy 12.20 Discussion and Q&A

Embracing clean energy in Government (1): Local Councils 14.00 Introduction by Chair 14.05 Accessing environmental upgrade finance through the City of Melbourne’s 1200 Buildings Program Scott Bocskay, Chief Executive, Sustainable Melbourne Fund 14.25 Moving Sydney towards a sustainable low carbon future Allan Jones MBE, Chief Development Officer, Energy and Climate Change, City of Sydney 14.45 Newcastle 20/20 vision Pete Dormand, Environment and Climate Change Services Manager, Newcastle City Council 15.05 Discussion and Q&A

Transport 14.00 Introduction by Chair 14.05 The emerging electric vehicle market – why, what, who and when? Kristian Handberg, Project Manager, Low Emission Vehicles, Department of Transport, Victoria 14.20 Stationary energy plan V2.0: What will be new in V2 transport buildings? Matthew Wright, Executive Director, Beyond Zero Emissions 14.35 The recharging experiences and early driver challenges of electric vehicle transportation James Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Chargepoint 14.50 Renewable transport fuels from Australian eucalypts Colin Stucley, Chief Executive Officer, Renewable Oil Corporation Pty Ltd 15.05 Discussion and Q&A

Transmission and distribution (2): Transmitting and handling intermittent energy resources 14.00 Introduction by Chair 14.05 Grid connection of intermittent energy resources Serel Ogten, Turnkey and Smart Solutions Sales Manager, GE Energy Australia and New Zealand 14.25 ABB: HVDC transmission systems (TBC) Bo Nilsson, Manager – Front End Sales Systems, ABB Australia 14.45 Speaker TBC 15.05 Discussion and Q&A

Embracing clean energy in Government (2): State Government 15.45 Introduction by Chair 15.50 Feed-in Tariffs – A comparison between the German and the New South Wales (Australia) Schema Santiago Acevedo Ferrer, University of New South Wales 16.05 The Queensland story - past, present and future Tim Quirey, Director, Clean Energy Partnerships, Office of Clean Energy, Queensland 16.20 The economics of CO2 reduction in Victoria Ashley Moore, Business Manager, Environmental Clean Technologies Limited 16.35 Presentation title TBC Dr Adrian Panow, Director, Energy Investment, Department of Primary Industries, Victorian State Government 16.50 Discussion and Q&A

Bioenergy 15.45 Introduction by Chair 15.50 Aviation biofuel from organic waste Robert Do, Chairman & CEO, Solena Group 16.10 Optimising delivery of biomass energy pathways Andy Baldock, Director of Sustainable Energy Solutions, Black & Veatch 16.30 Evaluation of biomass options for coal fired boilers Amir Tadros, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Aurecon Australia Pty Ltd 16.50 Discussion and Q&A

Wave & tidal energy (1) 15.45 Introduction by Chair 15.50 The world’s largest tidal turbine – the AR1000 Oliver Wragg, Business Development Manager, Atlantis Resources Corporation 16.05 Marine energy in Australia and New Zealand: Prospects and challenges under the current regulatory frameworks Glen Wright, Postgraduate Student, Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales 16.20 Sea trial test of 2kW class rotating body type prototype wave energy converter Byung-Hak Cho, Chief Researcher, Korea Electric Power Research Institute 16.35 Oceanlinx update and the future commercialisation of emerging marine renewable technology Ali Baghaei, Chief Executive Officer, Oceanlinx 16.50 Discussion and Q&A



Stream 3 – Room 218

page 10

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The All-Energy Australia conference grows in stature … and influence >> continued from page 8

Going out with a bang! Keeping up the tradition of ending with a bang and not a whimper, we once again feature a ‘Grand Plenary Debate and Round Table’ at the end of Day 2. And what better subject is there than – ‘Will the Australian economy benefit from a price on carbon?’ (15.30 – 17.00 Thursday 13 October) Chaired by Bloomberg’s Seb Henbest, of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, this debate will open with pre-recorded introductory comments from two of Australia’s leading political figures:

Day 2, Thursday 13 October Stream 1 – Room 220

Stream 2 – Room 219

09.00–10.15 International perspective on clean energy 9.00 Introduction by Chair 9.05 Energy consumption and CO2 emissions: The role of energy efficiency in Swedish manufacturing industries Professor Clara Inés Pardo Martínez, Energy and Climate Studies, Department of Energy Technology, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden 9.25 Opportunities for foreign businesses in Japan’s clean energy sectors Jennifer Bean, Japan Market Investment Adviser, Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO), Sydney 9.45 Canada – a renewable energy powerhouse Robert Gow, Trade Commissioner – Cleantech & Renewable Energy, Consulate General of Canada, Sydney 10.05 Discussion and Q&A 10.15

Exhibition and networking

11.00–12.15 Investment session (1): International 11.00 Introduction by Chair 11.05 International perspective – Bloomberg NEF Seb Henbest, Manager Australia, Bloomberg NEF 11.25 Presentation title TBC John Dyson, Investment Principal, Starfish Ventures 11.45 Institutional investor perspective – why aren’t the institutons investing more in clean and renewable energy? Nathan Fabian, Chief Executive Officer, Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) Australia/New Zealand 12.05 Discussion and Q&A 12.15

The Hon Greg Hunt MP

 The Hon Martin Ferguson AM MP, Minister for Resources and Energy, Minister for Tourism, and  The Hon Greg Hunt MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage, Federal Member for Flinders


Opening introductory remarks via specially recorded presentations by:  The Hon Martin Ferguson AM MP, Minister for Resources and Energy, Minister for Tourism  The Hon Greg Hunt MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage, Federal Member for Flinders


Join in – get involved and have your say…!

Exhibition and networking

Chair: Seb Henbest, Manager Australia, Bloomberg NEF

 What impact will a price on carbon have?  Will the transition to a low carbon economy open the door to future prosperity – or will it spell the end of the boom in mineral exports  Is Australia going out on a limb?  Are carbon emissions set to become a world trade issue?

 Nathan Fabian, Chief Executive Officer, Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) Australia/New Zealand  Richard Gibbs, Chief Economist and Head of Economics, Macquarie Group Limited  Peter Cowling, General Manager, Renewables, GE Energy  Mark Twidell, Executive Director, Australian Solar Institute  Charles Whitfield, Executive Director, Galaxy Resources

Energy efficiency (3): Clean cities – efficiency and cogeneration in precincts Session organised by the Energy Efficiency Council 13.45 Introduction by Chair 13.50 The impact of greening buildings on the bottom line Pete McGuinness, Research Manager, IPD Australia & New Zealand 14.10 Local case-studies of precinct solution Nick Bamford, Senior Engineer – Mechanical, AECOM 14.30 Greening precincts Speaker TBC 14.50 Discussion and Q&A

15.30–17.00 Grand plenary debate and round table: Will the Australian economy benefit from a price on carbon?

Not to be missed plenary session on THE issue of the moment will debate all the key issues:

Panelists include:

Energy efficiency (2): The future is energy efficiency Session organised by the Energy Efficiency Council Panel discussion Chair: Rob Murray-Leach, Chief Executive Officer Energy Efficiency Council 11.00 Introduction by Chair Panelists:  Ian Porter, CEO, Alternative Technology Association  Dr Cheryl Desha, Lecturer in Sustainable Development, Queensland University of Technology 12.05 Discussion and Q&A

Lunch and Exhibition

13.45–15.00 Investment session (2): National 13.45 Introduction by Chair 13.50 Panel discussion on funding for business startups – the state of play in Australia and how it compares to other countries with brief introductory presentations from:  John Dyson, Investment Principal, Starfish Ventures  Tim Buckley, Managing Director & Portfolio Manager, Arkx Investment Management The Hon Martin Ferguson AM MP

Energy efficiency (1): Industrial efficiency Session organised by the Energy Efficiency Council 9.00 Introduction by Chair 9.05 Industrial cogeneration case study – Qenos plant in Alton Marc Barrington, Head of Energy Services, AGL Energy Limited 9.25 Industrial efficiency case studies – automotiv Geoff Andrews, Engineering Manager, Genesis Now 9.45 Speaker TBC 10.05 Discussion and Q&A

Close of conference

Make sure you don’t miss…  Michael Delage, Vice President, Business Development, General Fusion, Burnaby, Canada – Wednesday Stream 1 @ 15.45

 Professor David Faiman, Chairman, Department of Solar Energy & Environmental Physics, Ben-Gurion University; Director, National Solar Energy Center, Israel – Wednesday Stream 2 @ 11.15

 Allan Jones MBE, Chief Development Officer, Energy and Climate Change, City of Sydney – Wednesday, Stream 3 @ 14.00

 Wes Stein, Project Leader, National Solar Energy Centre and Manager of Renewable Energy, Division of Energy Technology, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) – Wednesday Stream 2 @ 15.45


Register FREE at:

Stream 4 – Room 213

Stream 5 – Room 212

YEP (1): Entrepreneurship and energy in Australia: Bringing energy technologies from concept to commercialisation Session organised by the Young Energy Professionals Details to be confirmed

Building an Australian clean energy industry 9.00 Introduction by Chair 9.05 Challenges and opportunities for building a clean and renewable energy industry in Australia Professor Mary O’Kane, Chair, The Australian Centre for Renewable Energy 9.20 Building an Australian solar industry Mark Twidell, Executive Director, Australian Solar Institute 9.35 Australian industry participation in the clean energy space Rob McCullagh, National Sector Manager Clean Technology, Industry Capability Network (ICN) 9.50 Solar PV: Lessons for Australia from California Ric O'Connell, Black & Veatch 10.05 Discussion and Q&A

Wave and tidal energy (2) 9.00 Introduction by Chair 9.05 TENAX: A new business model – quality real estate and proven technologies Alan Major, Tenax Energy 9.25 Biopower Systems and the use of biomimicry Timothy Finnigan, Chief Executive Officer, BioPower Systems 9.45 AquaGen Technologies – SurgeDrive®: An innovative and viable wave energy technology Nick Boyd, Chief Executive Officer, AquaGen Technologies 10.05 Discussion and Q&A

YEP (2): Getting value from your smart meter: Using your smart meter to manage and monitor your energy consumption Session organised by the Young Energy Professionals Details to be confirmed

Skills and training 11.00 Introduction by Chair 11.05 Exploring the case for cleaner energy technologies in the resources industry using SUSOP Stevan Green, Managing Director and Glen Corder, Development Manager, SUSOP Pty Ltd, Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland 11.25 Skills: The Energy Australia Apprentice Programme Speaker TBC 11.45 Engineers Australia Speaker TBC 12.05 Discussion and Q&A

Wind energy 11.00 Introduction by Chair 11.05 Regulation of noise from wind farms – comparison between Australia and Canada, especially regarding low frequency and infrasound noise Colin Tickell, Senior Consultant Environment & Acoustics 11.25 Permanent Magnet Direct Drive technology: a case study of Goldwind’s 2.5MW turbines Wang Xiangming, Goldwind Australia Pty ltd 11.45 EU UpWind Project Peter Hjuler Jensen, Riso National Laboratory, Denmark 12.05 Discussion and Q&A

YEP (3): Debate – ‘Is politics stifling innovation in Australia?’ Session organised by the Young Energy Professionals Details to be confirmed

Carbon pricing and emissions trading 13.45 Introduction by Chair 13.50 Australian public preferences for a low carbon energy future Liz Hobman, Social Scientist, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) 14.10 Understanding the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Wayne Smith, Director, Clean Economy Services 14.30 The Carbon pricing mechanism: Catalysing clean energy investments Peter Hawkes, Special Counsel – Planning, Government, Infrastructure and Environment, Herbert Geer, Sydney 14.50 Discussion and Q&A

Geothermal energy 13.45 Introduction by Chair 13.50 Market transformation in renewable energy: a Canadian case study Ted Kantrowitz, Vice President, Canadian GeoExchange Coalition 14.10 Developing geothermal power projects in Australia Stephen Hinchcliffe, Geothermal Development Manager – Australia, Sinclair Knight Mertz 14.30 Geothermal heat pumps: The Australian industry Dr Donald Payne, Research Fellow, School of Physics, University of Melbourne 14.50 Discussion and Q&A

Panelists:  Nathan Fabian, Chief Executive Officer, Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) Australia/New Zealand  Richard Gibbs, Chief Economist and Head of Economics, Macquarie Group Limited  Peter Cowling, General Manager, Renewables, GE Energy  Mark Twidell, Executive Director, Australian Solar Institute  Charles Whitfield, Executive Director, Galaxy Resources


Stream 3 – Room 218

page 11

 Jonathan Jutsen, Executive Director, Energetics; Chairman, Australian Alliance to Save Energy – Wednesday Stream 5 @ 11.15

 Mark Twidell, Executive Director, Australian Solar Institute – Thursday Stream 4 @ 9.00

 Timothy Finnigan, Chief Executive Officer, BioPower Systems – Thursday Stream 5 @ 9.00

 John Dyson, Investment Principal, Starfish Ventures – Thursday Stream 1 @ 11.00

 Peter Hawkes, Special Counsel – Planning, Government, Infrastructure and Environment, Herbert Geer, Sydney – Thursday Stream 4 @ 13.45

 Ted Kantrowitz, Vice President, Canadian Geoexchange Coalition – Thursday Stream 5 @ 13.45


page 12

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Italy – a growing and dynamic clean energy market Green energy production from renewable sources is one of the fastest developing sectors in Italy. In 2010 the clean energy sector in Italy employed, directly and indirectly, a workforce of over 120,000. The annual turnover of the renewable energy sector has more than doubled in two years, passing from €5bn in 2008 to over €13bn in 2010, which represents over 5% of the annual turnover for the whole of the energy sector in Italy for 2010. These already impressive figures exclude traditional renewable sources of hydroelectric and geothermal energy that have been available in Italy for many generations. Investment and marketing in the sector is increasing dramatically, particularly in solar PV power with Italy now the world’s second largest annual market for solar PV after Germany, possessing 9% of global solar photovoltaic PV capacity. Between 2009 and 2010, solar PV, wind and bioenergy sources of electrical energy witnessed remarkable increases of 180, 40 and 25% respectively whilst Italy’s share of global investment in renewable energy in 2010 grew to the remarkable figure of 7%, attracting a massive €10bn of new investment capital flow. Currently, renewable energy sources provide for over 22% of Italy’s total electricity consumption and 12% of total energy consumption. Italy is now well on the path to achieving its target objective of harnessing 17% of total generated power from renewable and clean energy sources by 2020. Prof. O. Moze Science Attaché Embassy of Italy, Canberra The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Melbourne is proud to present Italian clean and renewable energy technology at All-Energy Australia 2011. We invite you to visit the Italian company stands E180 to E200.

Canada – a renewable energy powerhouse Canada’s renewable energy sector is poised for spectacular growth, creating unparalleled opportunities for strategic partnerships and investment to develop competitive technologies, to manufacture products and provide services to this fastgrowing industry worldwide. Join us at our All-Energy Australia stands to explore the opportunities. Total revenues in the renewable sector are around $25 billion; 75% of Canada’s electricity already coming from clean sources with the government targeting 90% by 2020 making Canada a prime target for investment. Canada has strong infrastructure; many Federal Government development programmes and incentive funds including Clean Energy, Green Infrastructure, NextGen Bio-fuels, Sustainable Development Technology, not to mention a myriad of programmes in provinces and territories; world class research capacity though National Research Council, CANMET Energy, National Sciences and Engineering Research Council, universities, colleges and renewable energy clusters; cleantech financing though Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange, SDTC, EDC, Business Development Bank, cleantech venture capital funds.

Canada has vast reserves of sustainable biomass and is recognised for capabilities in bioenergy, a world leader in hydrogen and fuel cells, in carbon capture and storage, strong capabilities in wind growing at 40% pa, solar growing at 20% pa, hydro, nuclear, waste to energy, green building, tidal and wave energy, a world leader in the smart grid and storage sector, geothermal with the ground source heat pump industry growing 60% over the last three years. Visit the Canada Pavilion at booth H200.


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Leap into the German Dutch windmills and the Clean Energy Portal worlds’ fastest solar car! Germany offers many opportunities for Australia’s growing clean energy industry. More and more companies from Germany’s renowned clean energy industry bring their innovations and technologies to Australia.

Who doesn’t know the famous Dutch windmills? Wind has been used in the Netherlands for many centuries for grain milling or pumping water over the dikes to make sure we kept our feet dry. Wind energy is therefore in our genes. Today’s Dutch wind parks in the North Sea are far more advanced. And did you know we have a company called Water Trade that makes windmills that can produce both energy and water simultaneously?

On the other hand, Germany is also an excellent export and investment destination for Australian companies. The backbone of the European economy is home to one of the world’s most dynamic clean energy industries which is characterised by a high quality standard and a drive for innovation.

Most of what we do isn’t rocket science. The Dutch offer remarkably simple solutions to facilitate the transition to a more sustainable world. Take, for example, a company like ELWA

that produces instant water heaters that use a minimum of electricity. Or NEDAPs’ Powerrouter, which enables you to create your own energy grid. Despite our wet climate, we are good in solar shape too. We will prove that yet again in a few weeks’ time when the teams of the Dutch universities of Delft and Twente will race their solar cars through the Australian desert. After winning the World Solar Challenge four times and becoming second in the last edition, this year we go for gold! See you at H195!

In 2010 Germany’s clean energy industry has created 370,000 jobs – which is an increase of around 8% compared to 2009 – and investments in renewable energy sources show an enormous growth of 33.7% (₏26.6bn in 2010 compared to ₏19,9bn in 2009). Wind turbines, hydroelectric plants, solar cells, and biogas digesters now provide nearly 17% of Germany's electricity. Moreover, the German government announced new aggressive energy targets in September 2010: the share of renewable energies is to reach 18% by 2020, 30% until 2030 and 60% until 2050. At All-Energy Australia 2011 visitors will have the opportunity to get free advice on export and investment opportunities at the German Clean Energy Portal, stand D185. German companies will also showcase their products and services for the Australian market.




En rgy Sec Energy E Energ Security curi rity ty in a Constrain ra World Carbon Constr Constrained ained Wo


" % ! !&!#" % ' " ' ' " # "'%


#%'"&%$#!"&% &#%#"'%#%&'%# %#&%

" ! % ' "%'"'% '&% !!&%#%& " %#%''% '&% ! '%#"% !"'&'"&% " %' $#&%#$$#&"!&!' (''&%$#&'"&! %$ &"'%#%"'%'"&'%!"%& ! % &%&'%' "% !!#"


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APT Publications –

articles by engineers, for engineers APT Publications Pty Ltd, media partner of All-Energy Australia 2011, is the publisher of specialist trade magazines focused to the electricity industries of Australasia. Since our launch issue in 1996, our philosophy has been to “understand and respect the intellect of marketing to a technically minded person” … and that … is our point of difference from other print media. Our three magazines are focused on different aspects of electricity but in each, APT publish relevant technical articles that offer practical, informative and highly valuable information to keep the reader abreast of technical developments in their industry, i.e. articles authored by Engineers … for Engineers based on the actual applications and use of products and services.

 Energy Generation: Covering all methods of electricity generation including Renewable sources e.g. Solar, Wind, Hydro, Biofuels, etc and Coal- and Gas- fired plants, LNG, and Methane.

 Transmission & Distribution: Is focused to High – Very High Voltage Electricity transmitted either overhead or underground from the point of generation across the country at very high voltages e.g. 275kV to zone substations.

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre Australia’s premier venue Located in the heart of Melbourne, the MCEC is easily accessible from every direction by foot, car or public transport and is surrounded by cafés, bars, shopping and fine restaurants, with the Yarra River lapping at its edges. It has also set new benchmarks as the first convention centre ever to be awarded a ‘6 Star Green Star’ environmental rating by the Green Building Council of Australia. The centre is perfectly suited to the needs and ethos of All-Energy Australia in delivering world-class facilities and is the ideal venue for the show.

 Industrial Electrix: Is focused to Low – Medium Voltage. From the zone substation, voltage is reduced to the levels required, usually 415V Three Phase for most applications for the commercial, industrial end user, through to 36kV Networks used by heavy industry e.g. large mines and steel mills.

 APT Publications look forward to meeting you at this prestigious event and invite all delegates of All-Energy Australia to register for FREE subscription to their preferred magazine at our display at Booth E15


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Culture at your fingertips in Melbourne

Take a break from your conference to enjoy Melbourne, Australia’s cultural capital. Melbourne’s great food, stylish shopping districts, historic theatres, cutting-edge galleries and legendary sporting events attract thousands to this cosmopolitan city every year. With Greek, Chinese and Italian precincts, and some of Australia’s finest restaurants, Melbourne’s reputation for food is unparalleled. Whether you’re dining al fresco on the Docklands waterfront, or sipping a drink in one of the city’s chic bars, you can be sure you’re tasting the best. The city is every shopper’s heaven. Our retail offering stretches from boutique-lined laneways to major department stores, and includes large centres such as Southbank, as well as strip shopping in friendly neighbourhoods. Our exciting cultural and sporting events calendar ensures that every visitor is kept entertained. This city is home to the Melbourne Cricket Ground, AFL football, and the Melbourne Cup, among other sporting highlights. And with a glittering selection of blockbuster stage performances, a colourful festival schedule, countless live performance venues and the oldest symphony orchestra in Australia, Melbourne’s cultural side satisfies every taste and budget.

If you need time out, our shady parks are the ideal place to stroll or cycle, and the Docklands waterfront offers plenty of ways to play both on and off the water. Spend an afternoon at an art gallery, or relax over a coffee with friends in one of our world renowned laneway cafes. It’s all at your fingertips in Melbourne. For more information on what to see and do in the city, please visit or drop by the Melbourne Visitor Centre at Federation Square.




One of Australia Australia’s ustralia’ss hardest working solar panels - rain, hail, or shine. shine LIGHTWAY’S vertically integrated manufacturing process utilises the world's leading technologies, to produce one of the highest quality, precision engineered solar panels on the market. Designed to work flawlessly when it matters - now that’s a plus.









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of the All-Energy Australia Conference Visit us a Stand B90




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The Tesla Roadster – battery-powered sports car The Tesla Roadster is the world’s only electric sports car. The hand-built, carbon fibre Roadster is the only car that delivers supercar performance with zero tailpipe emissions. Powered by a liquid-cooled battery pack, the Roadster delivers 215 kW (288 hp) and 400 Nm of instant torque. It accelerates from 0-100 km in less than four seconds can travel over 380kms and consumes no fuel. The Roadster plugs into any conventional electrical socket and is the only sports car in the world that can be charged with solar, hydro and wind energy. Tesla designs, develops, manufactures and sells EVs and EV powertrain components and sells cars directly to customers, both online and through its growing network of global showrooms, including Sydney. Tesla’s goal is to produce increasingly affordable electric cars to mainstream buyers – relentlessly driving down the cost of EV. Tesla has delivered more than 2,000 Roadsters to customers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific and has over 6,000 Reservations for the next generation Tesla, the Model S Sedan.  See the Tesla Roadster at booth G10 in the All-Energy Australia exhibition.

Sustainable b En Energy gy Association ation

ONE VOICE. VOICE. BE HEARD. H BECOME B ECOME A MEMBER. MEMBER. As the clean energy sector contin continues ues to evolv evolve lve e ng a signiďŹ cant role in Australia’s towards playi playing mainstre mainstream landscape,, the Clean Energy ream industrial industrial landscape C il iis wor ki to accelerate l h development d l Council working rking tthe he and uptake off clean energy techno technologies ologies and energy efďŹ cie efďŹ ciency ency measure measures representing pre res by rep resenting member inter interests rests through a clear, re ear, singular vvoice. CEC member membership ship provides organisations ganisations with immediate e opportunities tto tap ap int into unique business, s, educ educational and networking orking beneďŹ ts, as well as forums orums ffor debate e – driv driven by industry, for industry.

Apply ly for m membership e embers rship today. y. membership cleanenergycouncil.or visit u

SEA is the peak body for all enterprises from all industries supporting sustainable energy. SEA lobbies for substantive action at local, state and national levels on sustainable energy in all regions of Australia and across all sectors of


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All-Energy Australia 2011 Technical Tours Friday 14 October 2011 The All-Energy Australia Technical Tours have become an integral part of the event and we have another varied programme for delegates that are certain to prove popular. The tours will run on Friday 14 October and in order to participate you must be a registered delegate and have attended the show. As with all things All-Energy – we bring you the tours FREE-OF CHARGE (lunch costs may apply on day tours): Tour 1: Carbon Capture – Powerworks CO2CRC (08.00 – 17.00)

The tour will then proceed to Hazelwood to view Australia’s largest demonstration carbon capture plant, which is a collaborative project with CO2CRC, International Power Hazelwood and Process Group. After lunch at Powerworks, the tour will inspect Loy Yang Power station, the largest brown coal power station in Australia, followed by a short tour of Loy Yang mine. The bus will return to Melbourne at the expected time of 17.30. This full day tour will view the Hazelwood CO2CRC Plant and will include stops at Loy Yang mine and power station. After a bus trip from Melbourne, the tour will commence at the Powerworks Energy Centre – pictured above – where there will be morning tea and a brief orientation. 

Tour 2: Green Buildings (09.15 – 12.30) This half day tour will begin at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC) – pictured above – to view at close hand the first and only convention centre in the world to have achieved a

6 Star Green Rating, before departing to view Grocon’s new Pixel building located in Carlton – the first carbon neutral office building in Australia – pictured above. Tour 3. Trigeneration (TBC) Further details will be available on the Technical Tour page of the show website –

All tours require pre-event registration – see website for booking details.

Looking for a new job – or looking to recruit? All-Energy Australia has once again teamed up with recruitment specialists Hays to advertise the leading jobs and opportunities in the clean and renewable energy industry across Australia and Asia Pacific. If you’re looking for a fresh challenge, or seeking to recruit industry professionals why not take a look at the Industry Jobs section of the All-Energy Australia website at

You’re making history. We’re covering it Flower Power: New all green powered car combines solar and biofuels.


We cannot drill our way to energy independence, we must fast-track investments in renewable sources, which will create millions of new jobs. Page 7 US President-elect Barack Obama promises $150bn in government cash to sector


Blownaway:giant Chinesewindfarm planisderailed. Pages9&10

Advertising is free – as is the opportunity to post your CV on the jobs board (sponsored by Hays Specialist Recruitment) at the All-Energy Australia 2011 exhibition listing all the leading vacancies. Or call by their booth to chat with the recruitment professionals (C250).

Get the most out of your rooftop now

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Carboncraving: Pricesjumpon highdemand. Page28 The global source for renewable energy news

US$18/Nkr110/£10/S$25/Eur14 4 Week 8 4 1 February 2009

FINANCIAL:Spain’s Iberdrola picks group of banks to run IPO worth up to $25bn. Page 38

TECHNOLOGY: UK turbinemakerEnergywise inbladesbreakthrough. Pages23&24

POLITICS:Europe points finger at US over subsidies. Page 5

Valley of the giants Australia reveals plans to build the world's largest solar power plant as part of a radical energy rethink.Page 3

Recharge – the global renewables paper

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The Austrade Business Lounge The Australian Trade Commission – Austrade – is the Australian Government’s trade and investment agency. Through Austrade’s global network of more than 100 locations in over 55 countries, we assist companies to source goods and services from Australia; as well as offering international investors a single point-of-contact in government to understand Australian market opportunities. Austrade is proud to be a major sponsor of All-Energy Australia 2011. The Austrade Business Lounge will be located at booth G240. Here you can conduct meetings with your international business partners and clients, or meet an Austrade representative to learn more about how we can assist. We invite you to come and make use of your two meeting rooms which accommodate for up to 12 delegates. Bookings are essential as there is limited space. Please forward all enquiries to We look forward to seeing you at All-Energy Australia 2011.

More exhibitors A further look at some of the products and services that will be on display in the All-Energy Australia 2011 exhibition… Tennant Green Machines

KACO new energy GmbH

Tennant will be exhibiting their Green Machines™ 500ze Zero Emission Sweeper at All-Energy Australia 2011. The Green Machines™ 500ze Zero Emission Sweeper from Tennant uses Lithium-Ion technology to sweep for an entire 8 hour non-stop shift without recharging the batteries. The absence of CO² or engine emissions makes it perfect for operation in enclosed or crowded pedestrian areas.

KACO new energy will be exhibiting their Transformerless threephase inverters Powador TL3 series at All-Energy Australia 2011. The Powador 10.0, 12.0 and 14.0 TL3, and the Powador 30.0, 37.5 and 39.0 TL3 transformerless three-phase inverters feature fully asymmetric load capability, offering almost limitless freedom in terms of system design. The inverters in the lower capacity group have two MPP trackers which can each process the entire AC output. The three larger inverters are equipped with three trackers which can process up to 20 kW. The Powador 30.0 to 39.0 TL3 receive solar energy from up to 12 strings, while the Powador 10.0 to 14.0 TL3 receive solar energy from 4 strings, each with a system voltage of up to 1000 volts. The MPP range in both device groups is extra broad, spanning between 350 and 800 volts. The initial voltage is 250 volts. However, during operation, the inverters can still even feed in electricity at an input voltage of 200 volts in order to also ensure lower solar yields. Thanks to an innovative multi-stage activation of the power semiconductors, they already achieve over 95 percent efficiency at less than peak capacity with a rated voltage of 5 percent. Peak efficiency is 98 percent. Our other exhibits will include Galvanically isolated threephase inverters Powador TR3 series, Galvanically isolated string inverters Powador 02 series.

Ever-Solar Ever-Solar will be exhibiting models and information regarding new products at All-Energy Australia 2011. Ever-Solar is specialised in developing and manufacturing on-grid solar inverters with high conversion efficiency of 97.69%, European efficiency of 97.1% and MPPT efficiency of 99.9%. The repair rate of TL1500/2000AS is less than 0.1% until now, for the situation of more than 20,000 pcs installed in Australia in 2010. And the new arrivals for Australia market – TL5400/4600/3200 have passed AS4777 by the end of Feb 2011. We have become one of the largest inverter suppliers in Australia. We have set up an aftersales service centre in Sydney, any problem with the products, our sales representatives will provide you technical and market service, and we have more than 2,000 pieces of product stock in Sydney warehouse, we can provide the substitutions within one working day if necessary. Our exhibit will be of interest to customers who are looking for high frequency inverters with transformers.

Lightway Australia LIGHTWAY Australia will be exhibiting their high yield, high efficiency, +5W Tolerance OP+ Solar Panels at the All-Energy Australia 2011 Exhibition. Our OP+ Solar Panels are one of the hardest working solar panels in Australia – come rain, hail or shine. Our exhibit will be of interest to all members of the Australian Solar Industry.

Australia Unlimited Abundant resources. A globally-recognised energy sector. Innovative clean tech. Australia: at the frontier of the world’s clean energy future. The Australian Trade Commission – Austrade – is the Australian Government’s trade and investment development agency. Through a global network, Austrade assists Australian companies to succeed in international business and attract productive foreign direct investment into Australia. We manage the delivery of the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Trade and Investment Strategy, connecting Australia’s clean energy and technology sector to emerging commercial opportunities. Join us and our partners from other government agencies at our business lounge and networking breakfast at All Energy to find out how we can help you to grow your business. For more information visit, email or phone 13 28 78


Register FREE at:

All-Energy Australia 2011 Grand Networking Event 17.00 – 19.00 Wednesday 12 October (Sponsored by Growatt)

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Accommodation? Travel advice? All-Energy Australia is working with industry leaders OzAccom to bring delegates and exhibitors the very best deals for accommodation in Melbourne. As the show’s official accommodation bureau, OzAccom has secured a wide range of hotels to suit all budgets and all are conveniently located within a few minutes walk of the MCEC and the waterfront with its fantastic choice of restaurants and entertainment. Booking couldn’t be easier - for full hotel details, availability, prices and to make your reservation online please visit the accommodation section of the show website: OzAccom is also a certified travel agent and can help with getting you to Melbourne – have a look online for your one-stop shop!

FREE Renewable energy

Another winner from All-Energy Australia – the Grand Networking Event is exactly that – a relaxed, fun, informal end to a busy first day that gets everybody together in the exhibition hall to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat. There’ll be entertainment galore and plenty of surprises in store in addition to the chance of winning an iPad2 – you simply can’t miss it! The ideal place and time to meet the people you need to see – and all FREE!

A Renewable Energy Installations Map for Australia, compiled by La Tene Maps in association with AllEnergy Australia, will be available FREE of CHARGE at the event. The map shows all Australia’s renewable energy installations above 1MW in size in relation to the electricity grid system, and includes Wind, Solar, Landfill Gas, Sewage Gas, Biomass, Hydro, and Wave & Tidal projects. For information on advertising on the map, please contact John Coleman at

Solar energy by Bosch. You’ll be attached to it. For a long time.

Design Supply Build Support Eaton Renewable Energy Turn-Key Project Solutions

Eaton completes mpletes the t picture - Commercial ial Utility Ut Industrial

25 year performance guarantee for crystalline solar modules. Bosch develops, produces and monitors its modules at its own state-of-the-art plants. This way, Bosch establishes the conditions necessary for high long-term yields as well as a long service life of your modules. We

With a wide spectrum of renewable energy power products designed to improve energy efficiency,, Eaton is well positioned to offer full turn-key solutions for renewable energy projects of any size for both commercial and industrial applications. Our extensive product range, global presence and expertise coupled with local knowledge makes Eaton the logical choice for turn-key project solutions.

Our product range includes: AC/DC switching and protection, LV L and MV switchgear, AC/DC surge protection, load centres and enclosures, monitoring and metering, vacuum contactors, quick chargers for electric vehicles and BOS (balance of system) components for wind and solar applications.

also offer you a ten year Bosch product warranty for our crystalline modules. All of this contributes to making Bosch a dependable partner for you – short term as well as in the distant future. Would you like to find out more?

For further information: ormation:

1300 0 332 866



Stay up to date and register NOW at

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2011 Exhibitors

The Exhibition What have we got?

 Battery storage  Marine technologies  Solar mounting equipment  Solar inverters  Solar PV panels  Monitoring & metering equipment  Biofuels  LED lighting  Ground source heat pumps

With over 200 exhibitors from 12 countries on a 3,000m2+ floorplan, we've got Australia’s largest renewable energy exhibition!  Electric vehicles  Small and large wind turbines

 Solar thermal  Utility infrastructure  Componentry and engineering  Finance  Geothermal  Transmission & distribution  Energy efficiency  Consultancy

Come along and see for yourself...

Floorplan Kiosk 3

Kiosk 4






















Local Government Zone










A230 C225









Austrade Business Lounges


D220 E220










Coffee lounge
















G185 G200




J195 J200

A185 C180




H190 H180






J170 A160














H160 J160



H150 J150

Energy Efficiency & Built Environment Zone







Coffee Point

Water Station













Coffee Point J125

























































Transport & Bio-Energy A30




























Entrance Door 6


BAYS 11-16

Exit Door 7

Yet to book your booth? If you’ve left it late to book your booth in the exhibition – don’t worry, we’ll do our best to fit you in. A limited number of sponsorship opportunities also still remain that could be perfectly suited to your needs.  Contact Mary Hendriks, our Business Development Manager (see below) for further details and prices on what packages we can offer to ensure that you’re part of this leading event – all at affordable rates.

Who’s who at All-Energy Australia … AUSTRALIA OFFICE Level 19 AMP Place 10 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD 4000 Tel: 1800 791 792  Mary Hendriks Business Development Manager (Australia/NZ) Tel: 1800 791 792 Tel:+61 (0) 414 48 48 48  Lorrae Ingham Event Manager Tel: 1800 791 792 Tel: +61 (0) 411 407 514  Boyd Dale Regional Director Tel: 1800 791 792 Fax: +61 (0) 733 030 277  Show administration Tel: 1800 791 792 Tel: + Fax: 07 3303 0277

 Press & media information Alex First Tel: +61 (0) 418 660 660

 Ian Harper Conference Director Tel: +44 (0) 1423 524 545 or +44 (0) 1347 868571

International agents

 David Bebb Conference Manager Tel: +44 (0) 20 8450 5086

CHINA Beijing Heliview Int'l Exhibition Co., Ltd  Ren Enjie General Manager Tel: +86 10 676 20 925 Fax:+86 10 676 63 025

 Paul Stott UK Director Tel: +44 (0) 1423 524 545 Fax: +44 (0) 1423 524 544

UK OFFICE All-Energy Events Pty Ltd 11A Princes Square Harrogate, HG1 1ND, UK Tel: +44 (0) 1423 524545 Fax: +44 (0) 1423 524544  Andy Ballagh Event Director Tel: +44 (0) 1423 524583 Fax: +44 (0) 1423 524544

This newsletter has been printed on recycled paper

To unsubscribe or change contact details please email All-Energy Australia at with your requested changes.

Data Protection: All-Energy Events (Pty) Ltd will hold your contact details including email addresses on its computer database. This will only be accessed, used and retrieved for the purposes of distributing the News@All-Energy Australia newsletter and providing information on the All-Energy Australia Exhibition & Conference. Your data will not be passed to third parties and the data owner will at all times be All-Energy Events (Pty) Ltd.

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Krannich Solar Kyocera Solar Australia Pty Ltd La Tene Maps Latrobe City Latronic Sunpower LIGHTWAY Australia – Silver Sponsor Linak Australia Lock Solar Magnacoaster Motor Company INC. Materials Handling Millennium Electronics Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ontario Mount Isa to Townsville Economic Development Zone Inc MPower – Silver Sponsor Neopower NEP Solar NeuTek Energy Pty Ltd Newlite Ningbo Best Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd Ningbo Ginlong Technologies Ningbo Komaes Solar Technology Co.,Ltd. Ningbo South New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. Oceanlinx Limited Ozroll Industries Pacific Pyrolysis Perlight Solar Co.,Ltd Plitron Manufacturing Inc. Power Parameters Powerworks Victoria Projectioneering – Vergnet Q-Cells Australia R & J Batteries RADIUS Randstad Recharge News Recurrent Technologies Renewable Power Solutions RFI Risun Solar Energy Co., Ltd. SAE Group Samson Controls Santon International BV SANYO Oceania – Gold Sponsor SATEC (Australia) Pty Ltd Schletter SCHOTT Solar – Platinum Sponsor Schüco International KG Selectronic Australia Setec Shanghai ST Solar Co., Ltd Shine Solar Si Clean Energy Silex Solar SkyPower Limited Skypower Vic SLR Consulting SMA Australia – Solar Workshops Sponsor Smart Building Services Smart Grid Australia SmartNow Society for Underwater Technology Solar Data Systems Asia Pacific Solar Energy Australia – Registration Sponsor Solar Energy Australia Group Solar Inception Solar Systems SolarFund SOLARLAND Australia Solarscape Solazone Solco State Government of Victoria STEINERT Australia SUMEC Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd. Sun Brilliance Sun Earth – Platinum Sponsor SunClik Pty Ltd SuncoTech Sunny Roo Products Sunpetra Solar Energy Inc. SunPower Corporation Australia – Silver Sponsor Sunrise Solartech Co.,Ltd Sunshine Coast Regional Council Suntech Power Australia – Gold Sponsor Suntop Solar Sustainable Energy Association Sustainable Melbourne Fund Swe-Check Switch Automation Talesun Solar Corporation Tennant Green Machines Tesla Motors Australia Thinkwise Lighting Tivok TNS SOLAR Technology Co., Ltd Topray Solar Trade in Green Universal Solar Australia/ Wanxiang Australia Upsolar Co., Ltd – Silver Sponsor Vemco Group Verdicorp Weidmuller – You Are Here Boards Sponsor WINAICO WIPO Wind Power Wuxi Shangpin Solar Yingli Green Energy Holding CO,.LTD Yokogawa Young Energy Professionals

For the most up-to-date list of exhibitors, see our website:


All-Energy Australia 2011 preview  

All-Energy Australia 2011 preview

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