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The showcase for clean and renewable energy


Installed capacity figures cumulative installed renewable energy capacity in Australia


Only includes projects larger than 100 kW.




*2011 year data based on first nine months of year only














2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011* ORGANISED BY

Source: Clean Energy Australia Report 2011

Independent, established, comprehensive and free-to-attend Now in its 4th year, All-Energy Australia has gone from strength to strength – reflecting the growing importance of clean energy to Australia’s economy and society. As the country’s largest and most comprehensive free-to-attend business-to-business event in the clean and renewable energy sector, it offers your business the ideal platform to promote its products and services and to stay up to date with all the relevant technical, economic and political developments. Some key facts about All-Energy Australia:  In 2011, 230 exhibitors from 13 countries occupied 3,000m2 of space – this was 40% up on the 2010 exhibition.

 In addition, 3,600 professionals attended from more than 24 countries – 20% more than in 2010.  More than 100 domestic and international experts addressed the comprehensive and authoritative multi-stream conference.  In 2012 the event will be substantially larger.  Attendance is free-of-charge to all with a professional / commercial interest in clean energy. No other event in this important area – including those charging delegates thousand of dollars to attend – offers such a high calibre conference programme drawing on international and domestic experts acknowledged as the leaders in their fields, and such a wide ranging exhibition.

Be prepared! We’re aiming to make the All-Energy Australia 2012 Exhibition & Conference the best and biggest yet in terms of the speakers and the depth, breadth and quality of coverage of the technology and business of clean and renewable energy. (See p2 for top speaker details)

Newsletter information correct at 2/3/2012.

12 reasons to be at All-Energy Australia 2012 1. All-Energy Australia 2012 is set to be the largest dedicated clean energy event ever held in Australia. 2. Free-to-attend exhibition, conference and Grand Networking Evening is free of charge for everyone with a business/professional interest in clean and renewable energy. 3. Officially supported by the State Government of Victoria. 4. Supported by the major industry organisations. 5. A concentrated event that saves your time – hear 100 expert presentations and compare the products/services of more than 200 companies from around the world in a 3,500m2 exhibition (hear what exhibitors said about last year’s event in the show video on the website home page). 6. More than 3,600 delegates with a business/professional interests in clean and renewable energy will attend. 7. Compelling, world-class multi-stream conference (programme available in mid-2012) devised by industry experts that embraces all aspects of clean and renewable energy, including updates on ground-breaking technical developments.

8. Hear the opinions of industry leaders, top scientists and engineers, financiers, and state and federal government decision makers. 9. The unmissable – and free-to-attend – Grand Networking Event (10 October) that shows business and pleasure can mix! 10. Key features that include special Workshops and the ever-popular Jobs Zone. 11. Comprehensive event marketing programme that embraces:  Advertising and PR, plus imaginative use of email.  Direct mail with newsletters that showcase exhibitors and conference news.  Up-to-date website that attracts more than 14,500 unique visits per month on average.  Reminders in our regular News@All-Energy Australia newsletter, read by 10,000+ people every fortnight.  Emphasis on one-to-one invitations to key national and international players. 12. Active use of social media – join us on Twitter and enthuse and inform like-minded professionals.

Australia’s premier business-to-business event dedicated to clean and renewable energy – BE THERE!

Latest news:

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2012 Conference: Headline speaker

The 2012 Conference

 The ITER fusion reactor vessel

Frontiers of clean energy: The power of the Sun Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith FRS As one of the world’s foremost energy scientists, Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith FRS, has unrivalled knowledge of the frontiers of energy research. At the 2010 conference, Dr Ed Moses of the Lawrence Livermore Labs talked about the progress being made to create clean energy from a laser initiated fusion reaction. This year Professor Llewellyn Smith will take this a stage further with a presentation on the ITER international fusion energy project. Chris is currently Director of Energy Research at Oxford University and was previously Chairman of the Council of ITER, Director General of CERN, and Director of UKAEA Culham with responsibility for the UK's fusion programme and for operation of the Joint European Torus (JET). ITER is an international experiment supported by China, the EU, India, Korea, Russia and the US to demonstrate the commercial feasibility of producing energy from fusion. It is based on the ‘tokamak’ concept of magnetic confinement and uses a mixture of Deuterium and Tritium as fuel heated to 150 million°C which is contained by strong magnetic fields in the specially designed reactor vessel. Based in Cadarache, southern France, construction work began in 2010 and should be completed by 2018. It will pave the way for a demonstration fusion power plant, or DEMO, designed to produce 2,000-4,000MW of power. If all goes to plan, a commercial fusion power reactor based on this work could be on the grid by 2040.

What visitors to the 2011 event said: “A great event at which you can hear experts present on a diverse range of highly relevant energy issues supported by an excellent exhibition and networking events!” “Australia's leading energy exhibition and conference for thought, debate, innovation and the challenging times for our future.” “A great exhibition of what Australia can do in the energy space, given the thought leadership, innovation and resources we have in this country. This exhibition really allows Australia to know what Australia knows. Keep it up, and look forward to it next year.” “A great opportunity, especially as it is free to all to attend.”

The low carbon key to future economic prosperity The 2012 conference will address the state of play with a wide range of clean and renewable energy technologies, and their implications for Australia’s business, the economy and society. As fossil fuel prices continue to rise, can clean energy offer long term price stability? Among the key issues to be covered this year will be:

“This event was a great opportunity to meet and be informed by experts from around the globe on current and emerging energy issues.”

Power storage: Perhaps the biggest challenge of all – reliable and cost effective solutions could revolutionise the use of intermittent solar and wind energy sources, and increase their market value dramatically.

Wind: This is the only low emissions power technology Grids: Whatever the energy Renewable energy deals by value in Australia in mature enough for a rapid scale source, large investment in the 2011 reached US$683m, representing 15% of up in a short period of time. domestic power grid is an urgent total Asia Pacific deal value. However, there are numerous priority. But doesn’t it make sense (Source: PriceWaterhouseCoopers) issues which must be addressed, to develop the grid so that it can including intermittency and integrate intermittent and variability; inability to operate safely in high winds; noise; and distributed energy sources – and to make it smarter to enable the environmental impact. use of smart appliances and make demand management possible? Solar PV: This fits well with commercial and industrial peak demand, although less well with residential demand. But a key Energy efficiency: Regarded by many as the most effective way issue with the technology is that its costs are falling rapidly. This of reducing fossil fuel demand, this area offers a huge opportunity to suggests that installations for industrial and commercial customers business to reduce costs and, once again, it will be prominent in the may be economic in the near future, but it may spell problems for programme. One area we’ll be taking a very close look at is the manufacturers and investors. Federal Government’s recently announced commitment to three new programs to assist industry, local government, community Solar thermal: Costs are currently not commercial, but with organisations, low income households and smaller businesses. appropriate storage (e.g. molten salt or concrete) it could continuously meet demand, making it more valuable to the market. Wave & tidal: Although facing much tougher technical challenges Costs are likely to reduce as more systems are deployed, so to wind and solar when it comes to implementation, harnessing the allowing for improvements in engineering solutions, and in power of the waves offers incredible potential. It is notable that, associated components and fluids. While Solar ‘power towers’ are despite the undoubted technical and financial issues, increased likely to be more effective, the big opportunities await the emphasis is being given to this form of energy generation, notably development of storage options. in Europe. Geothermal: To date there has been little deployment in Australia due to funding issues, which means its potential contribution to power generation is uncertain. However, geothermal offers enormous promise to deliver baseload power at competitive prices. CCS: Australia has an abundance of coal and CCS could contribute massively to our clean energy future. But it is an unproven technology and the huge scale of investment required of at least $1 billion for a demonstrator could prove a major barrier to its implementation, at least in the short term.

“Well worth attending, it’s getting better each year!” “Good differentiation from the ‘pack’ of other events: tight programme (two days only), free to attend, international perspective, open to mainstream energy but with clear focus on clean energy.”

important issues. The emergence of new technologies, such as the use of algae, and the conversion of domestic waste, may offer alternatives to bioenergy crops that compete with food production.

Bioenergy and biofuels: Biofuels are likely to become increasingly important – on the roads, in civil aviation and in ocean transport where there is a need to reduce high carbon footprints, and for the military, where energy cost and security are increasingly

Global investment in clean energy reached a new record of $260bn in 2011, up 5% on 2010 and almost five times the total of $53.6bn in 2004 (Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance)

Finance & investment: Once again the matter of money will feature strongly in the programme. Specific topics covered will include the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund. In addition, we’ll be looking at current M&A activity; the future challenges and opportunities of clean energy investment; the role of Feed in Tariffs, and how carbon pricing and climate change are impacting the asset allocation decisions of institutional investors.

These are just some of the key topics that will feature in the All-Energy Australia 2012 conference. Further details will be published in the near future.

Make sure you’re there on 10 and 11 October!

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The 2012 Conference (continued) Headline speaker

More top speak ers TBC

Clean energy in economic development – Geothermal energy in Indonesia and the role of the World Bank Migara Jayawardena, Senior Infrastructure Specialist, Infrastructure Department, East Asia and Pacific Region, The World Bank Access to environmentally and socially sustainable energy is essential to reduce poverty. Globally, more than 1.3 billion people have no electricity, while some three billion use solid fuels – wood, charcoal, coal, and dung for cooking and heating. To provide universal access to modern energy services by 2030 will require new capital investment of about US$35–40bn/year – on top of the US$450bn/year needed to sustain energy services at current levels. The World Bank is a major contributor to this worldwide effort and Migara Jayawardena is expected to present on Indonesia’s Geothermal Clean Energy Investment Project which the Bank is supporting with US$300m in loans.

The Indonesian Government has set the ambitious goal of generating 4,000MW of geothermal power, a 40% increase in the current global geothermal capacity of about 10,000MW. Despite Indonesia’s huge geothermal potential, less than 4% of its geothermal resources have been developed to produce power so far. This project will assist government-owned Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) to develop 150MW in Sumatra and Sulawesi. The Bank is also helping strengthen PGE’s ability to undertake investments that meet industry and international standards to assist its objective of generating a globally unprecedented 1,000MW by 2015.

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NOW OPEN 2012 Conference: Call for Papers We welcome conference papers from industry professionals on a broad range of issues for consideration by the All-Energy Australia Conference Committee. If you are an expert in technology, policy, or finance issues relating to clean and renewable energy, and energy efficiency, then we’d like to hear from you. Conference sessions: Papers should be relevant to any of the subjects below:

 Future developments in clean and renewable energy systems.

 Clean coal and carbon capture & storage.


A year of action

 Utility scale generation, including: Bioenergy, Geothermal,

by Rob Murray-Leach, CEO, Energy Efficiency Council

Hydroelecric, Solar PV and thermal, Wave & tidal, and Wind energy systems.

2011 was a major year for action on energy efficiency and cogeneration, with the carbon price legislation passing parliament in November 2011 and a package of measures including $1 billion in grants through the Clean Technology Program and up to $5 billion in finance through the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

2012 will also see major debates in energy policy, as policy makers and the public have started to realise how important demand-side measures are to keeping electricity affordable. The two areas of hot debate will be the introduction of a national energy efficiency scheme and major reforms to energy markets to tackle peak demand.

There was also action at the State level, with the energy savings schemes ramping up in Victoria and New South Wales. In 2012 these programs will bear fruit. Combined with rising energy prices caused by investments in the electricity network, these programs will significantly increase the incentive for energy efficiency, potentially doubling the return on investment on a range of energy saving projects.

Peak demand that lasts less than 40 hours a year currently accounts for 10 to 25 per cent of electricity bills, and the problem is getting worse. It will be a critical year to be involved in the debate.

 Power storage systems, including batteries, hydrogen etc.

 Fuel cells and other hydrogenbased fuel systems.

 Use of clean and renewable energy, and energy efficiency, in

 For more information about the Energy Efficiency Council, visit:

commercial, and industrial installations (e.g. offices, precincts, mines, construction sites, container ports etc.)

 Clean and renewable energy in portable and back up power systems.

 Military use of clean and renewable energy.


 Electricity distribution and transmission and the Smart Grid,

Towards 20 per cent by 2020

including the handllng of intermittent and distributed power generation, and issues relating to technical standards,

Across the world we are changing the way our electricity is generated and delivered. The question is no longer whether we continue relying on emission-intensive technology to keep the lights on – it is how fast we move to embrace clean energy and energy efficiency. In 2011, just under 10 per cent of Australia’s electricity came from renewable energy. Australia’s clean energy industry has its sights set on delivering the Federal Government’s Renewable Energy Target of 20 per cent by 2020. Though we still have a way to go, the introduction of a carbon price in mid-2012 and the associated government support for clean energy – including the $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation – will provide the policy framework to unlock billions of dollars in investment to all forms of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

With over 600 member companies and growing, the Clean Energy Council continues to work on behalf of its members to help drive the transformation of the Australia’s electricity sector. Each year, we produce the Clean Energy Australia report, providing a comprehensive update of the growth across Australia’s clean energy industry. We also host one of Australia’s largest renewable energy and energy efficiency conference and exhibition programs, Clean Energy Week (Sydney, July 25–27, 2012) – an event driven by the industry, for the industry. For more information visit

 For more information about the Clean Energy Australia Report, visit:  For more information about the Clean Energy Council, visit:

demand management, security, and the development, use and operation of smart electrical appliances.

 Low carbon transportation systems (road, air, maritime, industrial).

 The supply chain for key materials relevant to clean and renewable energy systems.

 Clean and renewable energy as a tool for economic development.

 Policy issues, including carbon pricing and emissions trading;


feed in tariffs and subsidies; and energy security.

Biofuels do more than cut emissions The Biofuels Association of Australia will be coordinating a full day session on biofuels at the 2012 All Energy Conference, incorporating ethanol, biodiesel, sustainable aviation fuels and the growing focus on sustainability standards. Ninety eight percent of the energy used in the transportation industry still derives from fossil fuels and the use of alternative fuel sources such as biofuel blends are growing around the world. Biofuels are able to make immediate and significant contributions in terms of greenhouse gas reductions in Australia without impacting on food production.

are also about regional development and creating local jobs at a time when Australia is importing more than half of its liquid fuel needs. Biofuels substantially reduce our trade deficit – and it is expected that for this financial year, Australia’s total fuel deficit will be about $18 billion. Biofuels bring about energy security alternatives and energy independence in times of uncertainty. As one of the only truly renewable and sustainable sources of energy, we hope that this year’s focus on biofuels will be valuable for all participants at the conference.

 For more information about the Biofuels Association of Australia, But biofuels are not just about reducing emissions and climate change. Biofuels


 Social and community issues relating to clean and renewable energy.

 Finance & investment; and intellectual property issues.

Submission guidelines: Ideally, your paper should be exclusive to All-Energy Australia 2012, and not one that has been presented at another conference. Please send you abstract and a summary CV, in Word, text or PDF format to David Bebb, Conference Manager, at

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Already booked for 2012 We are well on track to achieve substantial growth in exhibitor numbers over the 2011 event. New exhibitors and sponsors are signing up all the time – for up to date information please check our website. Aero-Sharp Australia Alex-Solar APT Publications

Kyocera Solar Australia Pty Ltd LDK Solar

Austest Laboratories

LIGHTWAY Australia – Gold Sponsor

Australian Electric Vehicle Association

NeuTek Energy Pty Ltd

Auzion Sustainable Living Beijing Kinglong New Energy Technology Co.,ltd

Ningbo Ginlong Technologies Ningbo Hi-Tech Zone NZ Clean Energy Centre

Black & Veatch Australia

Omega Greenpower

BLD Solar Technology


Blygold Australia

Premier Product Developments

Bradman Energy & Carbon Recruitment Canadian Solar Inc. Carbon Management Solutions – Bag Sponsor

The 2012 Exhibition

Q-Cells Australia – Silver Sponsor R & J Batteries Realforce Power

Chaori Solar Energy


Chinaland Solar Energy Co., Ltd

SAE Group

Clean Energy Australia Corporation Pty Ltd

Samson Controls

Clean Energy Council

Schüco International KG – Gold Sponsor

Be a Sponsor – the effective way to promote your business As a sponsor of All-Energy Australia, your company will reach leading policy and decision makers from the energy sector which, with extensive media participation, offers you an unrivalled platform for your corporate message and product portfolio.

Saft Batteries Pty Ltd

Confirmed sponsors at this early stage include:  Platinum – Sun-Earth  Gold – Clenergy, Light Way Australia, Schüco International KG  Silver – Fronius, Krannich Solar, Q-Cells, Solar 360, Solar-Log Australia, Sunpower Corp, Solar Inception Associate sponsors:  Job Zone: Hays Recruitment  Registration Area Sponsor: Solar Energy Australia  Show Bag Sponsor: Carbon Management Solutions

Delta Energy Systems (Germany) GmbH

Si Clean Energy

Once again, All-Energy Australia is supported by the State Government of Victoria. Delighted with last year’s event, numerous sponsors are returning, including Sun-Earth as a Platinum sponsor, Clenergy and Light Way as Gold Sponsors and Fronius, Q Cells, and Sunpower as Silver Sponsors. New Sponsors for 2012 include Schüco International KG as Gold Sponsors, plus Krannich Solar, Solar 360, Solar-Log and Solar Inception as Silver Sponsors.

DPA Solar

Simax Green New Energy

To become a sponsor, contact Mary Hendriks: Email: or Telephone: 1800 791 792

DT Jointing Solutions Pty Ltd

Smart Grid Australia



Endurance Wind Power

Solar Data Systems Asia Pacific – Silver Sponsor

Clenergy – Gold Sponsor CMA Solar Aus DEGERenergie GmbH

Energy Efficiency Council Eoplly New Energy Technology

Selectronic Australia Setec Pty Ltd Shanghai Surpass Sun

Solar Energy Australia – Registration Sponsor

ET Solar group

Solar Inception Pty Ltd – Silver Sponsor

Fronius Australia – Silver Sponsor

Solar360 – Silver Sponsor

G&P New Energy


German Clean Energy Portal

SUMEC Hardware&Tools Co., Ltd.


Sun Earth – Platinum Sponsor

Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon

Sungen International

Green Energy Trading

SunLink PV Technology

Greenbank Environmental

SunPower Corporation Australia – Silver Sponsor

Growatt New Energy Hays Specialist Recruitment – Job Zone Sponsor Huangshan Kinguo New Energy Hyundai Heavy Industries

SUT Australasia Melbourne Swe-Check UE Solar Urban Group Energy

Imaca Pty Ltd

Win Win Precision – Silver Sponsor

IRES Asia Pacific Pty Ltd


Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia – Melbourne Inc.

Yingli Green Energy Holding CO,.LTD

Jieyang Zocen Kinve Solar Power Co., Ltd. Krannich Solar GmbH & Co. KG – Silver Sponsor

ZEN Energy Systems Zhejiang Sunflower Light Energy

What exhibitors and sponsors said about All-Energy Australia 2011: “Overall All-Energy Australia 2011 was a success for SunPower. As a silver sponsor we were positioned well and as a result had good traffic flow to our stand throughout both days. All-Energy attracted our target customers in the commercial space which was very beneficial for future sales and growth opportunities.” SunPower Australia “All Energy Australia 2011 was a great success for us as it provided us with the platform to launch our product into the Australian market and allowed us to reach our target audience.” Setec “We enjoyed being amongst the clean energy industry and seeing the potential that is yet to grow. The liaison with the exhibitors and visitors alike was pleasant and fruitful so we are looking forward to coming again in 2012.” German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

“All-Energy Australia 2011 was excellent value for money. It gave Fronius Australia the opportunity to present the new 36/48/60kW inverter to the industry through our expo and presentation. We networked with our customers and several potential customers made contact with us.” Fronius Australia “The State Government of Victoria was very pleased to again provide the major sponsorship for this important clean energy event. The continued success of the AllEnergy Australia Exhibition and Conference since its inception in 2009, and the continued growth in the number of delegates and exhibitors, is testimonial to the professionalism of your organisation and the quality of the event.” Dr Peter Redlich, Director, Energy Technology Innovation, Department of Primary Industries, State Government of Victoria

The All-Energy Australia Exhibitor Profile Batteries and power storage; Biofuels & biomass; Carbon capture & storage; Componentry; Consultancy; Electric vehicles; Energy efficiency; Engineering solutions; Finance & investment; Geothermal; Ground source heat pumps; Hydrogen and fuel cells; LED lighting; Marine technologies; Monitoring & metering equipment; Power transmission; Smart grid systems; Solar inverters; Solar mounting equipment; Solar PV panels; Solar thermal; Transmission & distribution; Utility infrastructure; Waste to energy; Wind energy technology.


Solar Power for a cleaner, greener future Image courtesy of Sun-Earth

Sun-Earth is a global leader in the production and supply of mono and polycrystalline PV modules. Our modules provide reliable, environmentally friendly electric power for residential, commercial, and utility scale applications around the world. With over 45 years of experience, our vertically integrated business model ensures that we deliver the highest quality modules to our customers. We make our own silicon, ingots, wafers, cells and modules, assuring continuous, quality improvement in the production process. We believe that the sun is our most vital source of energy and essential for a cleaner, greener future, and solar power is the perfect solution in utilising nature’s most abundant resource. For more information about the Sun-Earth, visit Please ensure you visit Sun-Earth at booth F80 at the All-Energy Australia 2012 Exhibition

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The 2012 Exhibition – the marketplace for your business All-Energy Australia 2012 Exhibition – Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre Whatever role your company or organisation occupies in the business of clean energy and energy efficiency, the priority is to get your products and services in front of your customers. This is where All-Energy Australia comes in. Now in its 4th year, it is Australia’s largest and most comprehensive event dedicated to clean and renewable energy and provides the ideal platform to promote your company to potential customers, partners and investors.

Cumulative installed renewable energy capacity in Australia reached 11.5GW in 2011, up from 11.2GW in 2010 and 10.9GW in 2009. (Source: Clean Energy Council)

Bookings for exhibition space at All-Energy Australia 2012 are well underway, and we are delighted to welcome many returning and new exhibitors. Last year, All-Energy Australia attracted 230 exhibitors from 13 countries and occupied 3,000m2 of space and more than 3,600 visitors from Australia and beyond, making it the largest single meeting point in the country for the clean energy industry. This year the exhibition will be 25% larger, consolidating its position as Australia’s largest, independent, international and most comprehensive clean energy business to business event – and entry is FREE-OF-CHARGE to visitors! Already, there are 80 plus confirmed exhibitors from six countries, representing all areas of clean energy generation as well as Smart Grid, CCS, Inverters, Components & Monitoring, Consultancy, LEDs, and Power storage, plus Utility Infrastructure and Distribution Services and Job Recruitment.

Once again, the exhibition will also include:  Areas dedicated to ‘Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency’ and ‘Energy in the Built Environment’ – which have already attracted several new exhibitors. So, if you're involved in these key sectors, now’s the time to book space.  Numerous national pavilions, and those already booked include Germany and Italy, with interest from four other countries. All-Energy Australia is totally inclusive – it represents all areas of the clean energy industry. To build your presence in Australia’s rapidly growing clean energy space, then get on the phone to us today! Spaces and sponsorships are still available in all areas. So, if you would like to join us in October as an exhibitor or sponsor at All-Energy Australia, contact Mary Hendriks, Email: Tel: 1800 791 792

Book your EVEN BIGGER AND exhibition BETTER IN 2012… space now! Kiosk 4

Kiosk 5


How much does it cost to exhibit? Key to floorplan (right) n White: Available n Orange: Reserved n Green: Sold



T115 T120 T110 T105 Transport & Bioenergy Zone T100






A190 A195

International Zone C220

E250 F245 F250 G245

D250 D260 E245

Government Zone D230 D255

E225 E230 F225

D220 E215

To book exhibition space at All-Energy Australia, contact Mary Hendriks. Email: Tel: 1800 791 792

H250 H255 J245 J250 K245

H240 H230

J230 K225


B200 C185


D200 E210





International Energy Efficiency Zone K190 L185 J200 K195


C180 D175


E180 F175


G180 G190












C150 D145

D160 E145

E150 F145






B150 B155


B125 B120

C120 D105


Water Station




B90 C85

C80 D85



K150 L145

Energy Efficiency & Built Environment Zone

Sponsors Zone

International Zone

J160 K155



J130 K125




J110 K105



L150 L140

Coffee Point

L120 L110 L100


D90 E85


E80 F75






K90 L85




K80 L75

G60 H55



G50 H45




L70 A50

B60 C55

C50 D75










Poster Area




F50 G45



All-Energy Australia prices are all-inclusive, with no extra costs for show guide entry, exhibitor passes and admission to the conference and Grand Networking Event. All prices exclusive of Australian GST – All invoicing and payments in AU$.





Space only $500 + GST per m2 (minimum 18m2 booking applies, ask for association rates). Prices start from $9,000 + GST. Includes free access to the full conference, free exhibitor passes, showguide entry and access to the Grand Networking Event.

G250 H245



Ready-built shell booth $620 + GST per m2 (ask for association rates). For a 6m2 booth prices start from $3,720 + GST. Shell Booth includes carpet, 2.5m high walls, 2 x 150W spotlights, 1 x 4 Amp socket, 1 table and 2 chairs per booth, free access to the full conference, free exhibitor passes, showguide entry and access to the Grand Networking Event.




B30 C25




C10 D5



Sponsors Zone F30

E10 F5





L50 L40

Wind Energy Zone G30 H25


J30 J20













Entrance Door 8


Entrance Door 9

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Global investment in clean energy reached a new record of US$260bn in 2011, up 5% on 2010 and almost five times the total of US$53.6bn in 2004. (Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance)

 The winner of the 2011 Prize Draw

All the news to keep you in touch Our fortnightly enewsletter, News@All-Energy Australia, makes it easy for you to keep up with all the latest business, technical and political developments affecting the clean and renewable energy industry – in Australia and across the globe. To get this free of charge news digest delivered straight to your inbox, all you need do is email us at: with ‘subscribe’ in the subject line and your full contact details in the message.

The Grand Networking Event – mixing business and pleasure! The Grand Networking Event is not to be missed! Another winner from All-Energy Australia – the Grand Networking Event is exactly that – a relaxed, fun, informal end to a busy first day that gets everybody together in the exhibition hall to enjoy a drink and bite to eat, with themed entertainment and a prize draw to add to the buzz (entry by business card on arrival, draw will be made at 6.30pm and winner must be present otherwise a redraw will take place).

The aim will be to provide an atmosphere conducive to easy and informal mingling, giving you every opportunity to make new contacts – and new friends!

Time: 5pm, Wednesday 10 October Place: The exhibition hall ENTRY FREE – see you there!

FREE Renewable energy map When you attend the event, you will receive a complimentary copy of the Renewable Energy Installations Map for Australia, compiled by La Tene Maps in association with All-Energy Australia.

Get tweeting! Did you know that you could follow All-Energy Australia and all the latest clean and renewable energy developments on Twitter?

The map features all of Australia’s renewable energy installations above 1MW in size in relation to the electricity distribution network, and includes Biomass, Hydro, Landfill and sewage gas, Solar, Wind, and Wave & tidal projects.

Currently, we have more than 750 followers, many of them contributing on a regular basis. So, waste no time – visit and click on the Twitter logo on the home page

Why not advertise on the map? For information about advertising, contact John Coleman by Email:

Stage a side event at All-Energy Australia All-Energy Australia and its large, high quality audience of clean and renewable energy professionals provides you with the perfect opportunity to reach out to your key audiences; for example, to build customer awareness, or to provide salesforce training. We can offer a number of rooms in a range of sizes to enable you to deliver such a ‘side event’ on both 10 and 11 October 2012. Side events held during All-Energy Australia 2011 included:  SOLAR WORKSHOPS@All-Energy – Run by AUSES.  LED the technology workshop – a guide to quality and reliability.  The Australia Unlimited Business Lounge – hosted by Austrade.  Austrade’s All-Energy Clean Energy Breakfast – hosted by Austrade.

 For more information and to make a booking, contact Mary Hendriks. Email: Tel: 1800 791 792

Who’s who at All-Energy Australia … AUSTRALIA OFFICE Level 19 AMP Place 10 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD 4000 Tel: 1800 791 792  Mary Hendriks Business Development Manager (Australia/NZ) Tel: 1800 791 792 Tel:+61 (0) 414 48 48 48

 Boyd Dale Regional Director Tel: 1800 791 792 Fax: +61 (0) 733 030 277

 Show administration Jayne Newson Tel: 1800 791 792 Fax: 0733 030 277

 Event Management Tel: 1800 791 792 Fax: 0733 030 277

International agents

 Press & media information Alex First Tel: +61 (0) 418 660 660

CHINA Beijing Heliview Int'l Exhibition Co., Ltd  Ren Enjie General Manager Tel: +86 10 676 20 925 Fax:+86 10 676 63 025

UK OFFICE All-Energy Events Pty Ltd 11a Princes Square Harrogate HG1 1ND, UK Tel: +44 (0) 1423 524 545 Fax: +44 (0) 1423 524 544  Andy Ballagh Event Director (& International sales) Tel: +44 (0) 1423 524 583 Fax: +44 (0) 1423 524 544

 Ian Harper Conference Director Tel: +44 (0) 1423 524 545 or +44 (0) 1347 868571  David Bebb Conference Manager Tel: +44 (0) 20 8450 5086  Paul Stott UK Director Tel: +44 (0) 1423 524 545 Fax: +44 (0) 1423 524 544

Data Protection: All-Energy Events Pty Ltd will hold your contact details including email addresses on its computer database. This will only be accessed, used and retrieved for the purposes of distributing the News@AllEnergy Australia newsletter and providing information on the All-Energy Australia Exhibition & Conference. Your data will not be passed to third parties and the data owner will at all times be All-Energy Events Pty Ltd. This newsletter has been printed on recycled paper

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All-Energy Australia newsletter March 2012  

All-Energy Australia newsletter March 2012