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Evaluation – Question 3 (Draft, will be made into a video) “What kind of institution might distribute your media product and why?” When choosing a publishing house for my magazine, it’s important that I choose one who does not already publish a magazine similar to mine. If the institution already publishes a pop magazine for young girls, they would not be interested in my magazine because there would be no opportunity to reach a new market. As well as this, both magazines they own would be in competition with each other for the popularity from their shared audience. For example, I would not choose Egmont press to publish my magazine as they already publish the pop magazine “We Love Pop” who is aimed at a similar audience. Also, it’s very important to me to choose a successful publishing house as they would provide larger financial agreements than a smaller institution would. This is because I need a larger budget to fund a big marketing campaign and to pay for big artists to feature in my magazine. I believe this is essential as I know the talent show “X Factor” created a pop magazine “X” which was similar to mine, was unsuccessful, so I need as much help as I can get to ensure this doesn’t happen to me. I have decided that I would like IPC Media as my publishing house as it is well known and publishes magazines such as “Look” and “Soap Life”. These magazines are all aimed towards female, mainstreamers, aged around 18 to 30 years old, and “Soap Life” can be reader by even older women such as 30+, which many of my readers may grow up to read. To market my magazine, I could use synergy and create a promotion in Soap life to offer a free copy of my magazine, which the women may obtain and give to their daughters. As well as this, I will spend a large part of my budget on my marketing campaign which will include launch parties at under 18 events, such as Oceana, and radio promotions.

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