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Lester Senior Housing Community Presents

“Gentle Scents� A P romatherapy rogram with Essential Oils

Aromatherapist Barbara Rimorin (seated) demonstrates the proper use of the essential oil diffuser to (left to right) social worker Heather Roman, Community Life Coordinator Cheryl Fisch, Director of Wellness Bola Kuku, and Administrator Marlene Glass

To Help Our Residents Relax, Focus And Enjoy More of the Life They Love

The Benefits of Aromatherapy ... Introducing our Gentle Scents program, designed to enhance our residents’ well-being We’re very excited about broadening our wellness offerings with “Gentle Scents,” an aromatherapy program, in our Judy and Josh Weston Assisted Living Residence. The complementary modality has many benefits such as promoting relaxation, improving focus, relieving pain and much more. Through the use of essential oils, our wellness team will work with residents to incorporate aromatherapy sessions into community life programs, from recreational activities to guided imagery and sensory programs, as well as through the personal care provided by the nursing team. Our staff was trained in the proper use of these natural plant-based products by aromatherapist Barbara Rimorin, who is also a certified assisted living administrator and certified dementia practitioner. The Gentle Scents program will be managed by the residence’s Wellness Director, Bola Kuku.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the most potent part of the plant from which they derive. Aromatic protocols date back 5,000 years and, when used properly, aromatherapy is a safe and effective tool in holistic nursing. As a complementary treatment, essential oils can enhance the quality of life for seniors by promoting relaxation, stimulating appetite and energy levels, helping to manage pain, and sharpening the mind’s focus. Essential oils may also be used to fight infection naturally. The oils are safe, effective, and easy to use, and can be diffused as well as applied externally, taken internally in diluted form, or inhaled.

How will they be used?

The essential oils will be used in the Weston Residence for personal as well as community enhancement. Wellness aides will use the appropriate essential oils during personal care for residents who are restless or have trouble sleeping, and for those who are anxious or feeling disoriented at the end of the day. So that as many residents as possible may benefit from aromatherapy, we have placed essential oil diffusers in the Wellness Center’s waiting room and they will be in use during activities such as games, music or art projects. That way, the oils’ scents will be distributed throughout the room for all to experience the healing properties. Essential oils are a wonderful way to harmonize the mind-body-spirit continuum in pain management and anxiety relief, especially when used in combination with guided imagery. Diffusing essential oils in residents’ rooms can also help avoid or minimize the use of prescription drugs in some cases. Some of the oils the Weston wellness staff are using are Lavender and Peace & Calming to decrease agitation and anxiety, and Peppermint to improve alertness during group activities.

For more information about Our Gentle Scents program, please contact: Bola Kuku, Wellness Director 973.929.2745

Cheryl Fisch, Community Life Coordinator 973.929.2731

"Gentle Scents" Aromatherapy with Essential Oils  

Lester Senior Housing Community has introduced a program called "Gentle Scents" Aromatherapy with Essential Oils to help enhance the well-be...