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Chronicles SPRING 2018

Letter from the President ............................................... 1 B’nai B’rith Federation House Celebrates 25 Years ........ 1 Letter from the CEO ....................................................... 2 Ushering in Shabbat at Jewish Federation Plaza ............ 2 Hanukkah Gifts of Food and Thoughtfulness .................. 2 Wellness Initiatives for our Residents ............................. 2 JCHC Cycles of Wellness Initiative .................................. 3 Purim Fun at Lester ......................................................... 4 Respite Stays for Seniors with Memory Disorders .......... 4 Find and follow the JCHC on Facebook!......................... 4 NJ DOL Training Grant to Support LITE Program ........... 4 Laurie Loughney is Now SHRM Certified ........................ 4 Luxury Living is Now at Village Apartments ................... 5 Lester Residents Enjoy Skype “Live from Jerusalem” ..... 5 Getting into the Olympic Spirit....................................... 5 Tributes ........................................................................... 6 JCHC Circle of Life Program - An Update ....................... 6 JCHC Endowment Funds ................................................ 6 Celebrating our Employees’ Bright Ideas ....................... 6

JEWISH COMMUNITY HOUSING CORPORATION OF METROPOLITAN NEW JERSEY 760 Northfield Ave., West Orange, NJ 07052 | 973-731-2020 | www.jchcorp.org

LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT I had the pleasure and honor of attending the 25th anniversary celebration of South Orange B’nai B’rith Federation House in December, and brought my 10-year-old daughter with me so she could better understand the work we do at JCHC (and why I am always going out to Board of Trustees and other meetings!). We were present for the entire program, including the touching remarks by a resident, a presentation by the Village of South Orange town council, and the wonderful dinner for residents and staff of the B’nai B’rith Federation House. At the dinner, I was able to speak to a lot of residents, many whom I had not yet met. As always, whenever I have a conversation with a resident of any of our communities, I am struck by and proud to hear the preponderance of positive feedback about living in a JCHC building. And as always, I was reminded of why we board members, as well as our conscientious, caring employees, are doing this work. It is so important to be reminded that there are real people that we serve every day— people who appreciate all we offer, with safe, high-quality senior housing with activities and services that enrich their lives. I also felt proud of the opportunity my daughter had to make the connection between attending these events, the meetings I go to and the people who benefit from our work as a board. I was reminded again about the people we serve in a very different way the following week, in an incident that was quite unexpected. My older daughter and I were driving through South Orange and we decided to stop at Village Apartments of the Jewish Federation to see the upgrades that have been made to the building. It was just after a snowstorm, a very cold and icy day. There were several available spots in the back parking lot, so we took one knowing we would not be there long. We walked around to the front but as it was a weekend, there was no one to let us into the building so we headed back to the car within two minutes, only to discover someone had boxed us in by parking behind us! We waited a minute and saw a woman walking toward us, very angry. When I asked her why she parked behind me like that, instead of taking one of the other open spots, she informed me that she is a long-term resident and I had taken her spot. I apologized and introduced myself as President of the Board, but unfazed by that, she said, “I don’t care who you are, you took my spot!” Point taken, we moved on and started talking. She told me how much she loves living at Village Apartments. Once again, I was reminded about who we are working for every day, and how important it is for all of us to be aware and respectful of the fact that we are managing people’s homes. At every board meeting, I try to remind our trustees of that, although they need no reminding. For all the discussions we have about real estate, finances and building maintenance, for all the spreadsheets and presentations we review, it’s all about our residents. I encourage our board members to get out to our communities to interact with and get to know our seniors as much as possible, and see for themselves how important all of this is. Just don’t take someone’s Brian Saltzman parking spot, because you will hear President, Board of Trustees about it!

South Orange B’nai B’rith Federation House Celebrates 25 Years

On December 11, 2017, the JCHC celebrated the silver anniversary of South Orange B’nai B’rith Federation House (SOBBFH) at an event that included local politicians, representatives from B’nai B’rith International and Sebold of the Essex County Board of LeadingAge New Jersey, the Pat Chosen Freeholders, presenting a proclamation JCHC Board of Trustees, and to CEO Harold Colton-Max and JCHC Board residents and JCHC staff. President, Brian Saltzman. The festivities took place at South Orange Performing Arts Center, with more than 100 people in attendance. Brian Saltzman, President of the JCHC Board of Trustees gave opening remarks, followed by Patricia Sebold of the Essex County Board of Chosen Freeholders, who presented Brian and CEO Harold Colton-Max with a proclamation on behalf of the Freeholder Board. A joint resolution from the New Jersey Senate and Assembly was also presented in commemoration of the milestone. Both documents addressed the important role that SOBBFH has played in the lives of South Orange’s senior citizens. Sheena Collum, president of the South Orange Village Board of Trustees, speaking at the board meeting during the event.

During the Township of South Orange Village Board of Trustees Meeting, President Sheena Collum recognized Harold for his community-wide leadership and for being a staunch advocate for affordable housing; Harold chairs the South Orange Village Planning Board and helped launch its SOMA: Two Towns for All Ages initiative to attract and retain senior citizens. An important part of the evening was reminding attendees about the importance and success of affordable housing initiatives for the elderly (two of our communities, SOBBFH and Jewish Federation Plaza offer affordable HUD subsidies for those who qualify). Evan Carmen, Assistant Director of Aging Policy for B’nai B’rith International, spoke about Save HUD 202, the movement to preserve HUD subsidies for affordable housing. Save HUD 202 refers to the Department of Lavinia Walker spoke Housing and Urban Development’s Section beautifully about how much living at SOBBFH has meant 202 Housing for the Elderly program, to her at the 25th anniversary which brings affordable housing with celebration. service coordination to almost 400,000 low-income older adults nationwide, including JCHC providing as many as 333 such apartments monthly for over 37 years. Long-time resident SOBBFH Lavinia Walker, President of the community’s tenant association, passionately shared her perspective on the benefits of living in a senior community and how much B’nai B’rith Federation House has meant to her since moving there in 1993. An elegant, festive private dinner was held later that evening. “We look forward to providing many more years of high-quality senior housing at the South Orange B’nai B’rith Federation House and our other communities, for the next quarter century and beyond,” said Harold. “Our seniors play a vital role in the continuing improvement of services for seniors in South Orange and are role models for what a CEO Harold Colton-Max visits one of the tables of vibrant and engaged SOBBFH residents during the private dinner. retirement looks like.”


Ushering in Shabbat at Jewish Federation Plaza LETTER FROM THE CEO As you have read elsewhere in this month’s issue, we celebrated the “silver anniversary” of the opening of our South Orange B’nai B’rith Federation House in mid-December. While the Jewish Community Housing Corporation developed the building at 219 South Orange Avenue and has run it as quality affordable housing for low-income seniors and the disabled, none of this could have been accomplished without government support. It was fitting, then, that we scheduled the public celebration to conclude during the meeting of the Township of South Orange Village Board of Trustees (i.e., town council), where the Village President delivered some remarks. From the outset, the Township has been our partner in this endeavor. To make this project possible in the first place, South Orange provided a long-term tax abatement so that we could make payments in lieu of taxes that our property could actually pay. And every day since SOBBFH opened in December of 1992, our residents, visitors and staff have been safe thanks to the efforts of the South Orange Police Department (headquartered right next door), Fire Department and Rescue Squad. More recently, the Township furnished us with funds so that we could install a new emergency generator, vital preparation against another weather event like Superstorm Sandy that could knock out the power for an extended period of time. As I noted in my remarks at the South Orange Performing Arts Center, we also received substantial financial support from the federal government that continues to this day. Although the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development was not able to send any representatives to our event, they were clearly there in spirit, as two HUD programs were essential not only for SOBBFH, but also for our Jewish Federation Plaza apartment building and Jewish Federation Towers in Irvington, comprising 333 units of affordable housing. The HUD Section 202 Program provided millions of dollars up front, enabling us to pay for the architect, general contractor and other professionals to plan and build SOBBFH. And, ever since the building opened, the HUD Section 8 Program has provided the necessary operating subsidy so that our residents living on limited, fixed income can pay a rent they can afford and provide JCHC with enough money to pay the bills. But there is no guarantee that programs like these that made SOBBFH possible will continue to be there. Funding for the HUD Section 202 program was eliminated almost a decade ago, leaving the country without any dedicated source of funding for the construction of new subsidized senior housing. Furthermore, while the Section 8 Program continues to provide the necessary operating subsidies, over the past few years, government shutdowns and other federal budget battles have resulted in long delays in HUD fully funding Section 8 contracts and even making monthly subsidy payments. This is why we have signed onto the Save HUD 202 initiative being spearheaded by LeadingAge, a membership organization of nonprofit providers of housing and/or services for seniors of which the JCHC is a member. At the 25th anniversary event, Evan Carmen of B’nai B’rith International, a supporter of SOBBFH and a partner in the Save HUD 202 initiative, spoke passionately about the hundreds of thousands of seniors and the disabled around the country, just like those living at our federally subsidized housing, who remain at risk. As with our first 25 years, whether the JCHC will be able to provide quality affordable housing at SOBBFH for seniors and the disabled for another quarter century will require ongoing partnerships with federal, state and local government and maintaining the essential financial support from those bodies that makes it possible. Let’s work together so we can all celebrate together again at our 50th anniversary.

Harold Colton-Max Chief Executive Officer

Rabbi David Glickman looks on as resident Claudette Scheffer lights Shabbat candles.

We recently re-introduced a lovely tradition at Jewish Federation Plaza in West Orange: Having a rabbi come and eat dinner with residents in our community dining room, followed by Friday night Shabbat services. Along with our weekly Oneg Shabbatot on Friday afternoons, we also hold a monthly kabbalat Shabbat service as well as Shabbat morning services every Saturday, followed by a community Kiddush which brings everyone together in fellowship.

Hanukkah Gifts of Food and Thoughtfulness Some residents living at three of our communities received packages of delicious food in December that not only filled pantry shelves but also brought some good cheer to our seniors. At the South Orange B’nai B’rith Federation House, a total of 29 residents received a delivery of pantry staples from Rent Party, a South Orange non-profit organization that hosts concerts with live bands to raise money to fight hunger. The proceeds raised from performances benefit area food pantries. Rent Party donated foods that were requested by residents who lack the resources or family support to ensure they had all the basics for good nutrition. The donations were coordinated through SOMA: Two Towns for All Ages, an initiative in South Orange/Maplewood that takes a proactive approach to supporting healthy aging in place. After our 25th anniversary celebration of South Orange B’nai B’rith Federation House, 20 dinners were packaged and delivered to 10 residents at Village Apartments and 10 residents at B’nai B’rith Federation House, some of whom were unable to attend the party due to illness. We were so glad we could bring the party to them, as well as provide a nutritious, delicious meal to our seniors who might not otherwise have been able to do so. At Jewish Federation Plaza, Suzy Berman, LCSW, the Volunteer Coordinator at Jewish Family Service of MetroWest New Jersey brought chocolate Chanukah gelt for residents. It added a sweet touch to the holiday, especially for our 22 seniors there who receive a monthly food delivery from the Jewish Relief Agency (JRA) MetroWest. JRA delivers monthly food boxes directly to the door of recipients in need, helping making sure their pantries are never empty.

Wellness Initiatives for our Residents At JCHC, we seem to be on a fitness kick! We just unveiled a new fitness center in the renovated area of Village Apartments of the Jewish Federation; we offer tai chi and chair Zumba at Jewish Federation Plaza; and Tami Rager, a certified yoga teacher, conducts yoga and balance and mindfulness classes at the Lester Senior Housing Community and has been teaching exercise classes at Village Apartments, B’nai B’rith Federation House and Jewish Federation Plaza for several years. Residents at Plaza also formed a walking club years ago to take advantage of the opportunity for exercise provided by the indoor promenade that connects all four buildings. Lester fitness classes also include Zumba Gold and residents use the free weights and cardio equipment in our sunny gym.


Giving our Employees a Healthy Boost: JCHC Cycles of Wellness Initiative At the Jewish Community Housing Corporation, we are not only committed to ensuring our residents’ well-being but also to watching out for our hard-working employees. On Wednesday, January 31, we kicked off an employee health & wellness initiative called “Cycles of Wellness” with a fun and informative expo, hosted at the Lester Senior Housing Community. The event, which was attended by over 50 employees from all four of our communities, featured exhibitor tables and Mitchell Goldberg, JCHC Regional Dining Director, gave a taste of healthy living with a cooking interactive displays demonstration; everyone enjoyed his vegetarian with information that stir fry. With him is Richard Weiss, chef at Lester will help guide our Senior Housing Community. employees towards making smart choices about their health and well-being; these include healthy menu planning, exercise, managing stress, knowing warning signs of disease, and much more. According to Laurie Loughney, COO of the JCHC, “The mission of Cycles of Wellness is to inspire, create and maintain a workplace environment that supports healthy lifestyle choices. Our employees take such good care of our residents, so we felt it was important to help them maintain their optimal health in turn.”

• Aromatherapist Barbara Rimorin, who leads aromatherapy sessions for assisted living and memory care residents at the Lester Senior Housing Community. • Pharmacist Samuel Reveron from St. Barnabas Medical Center provided free blood sugar screenings and shared information about diabetes detection and management in English and Spanish. • Steve Weinman, a massage therapist at the JCC MetroWest offered relaxing, restorative chair massages. • Nimika Patel of Suryra Health Coaching in Branchburg provided ways Certified massage therapist, Steve to incorporate healthy Weinman, gave 10-minute chair massages. life choices into our busy schedules. • Reggie Dale, a personal trainer and fitness membership manager, Gil Erlich of the JCC MetroWest Fitness Center conducted fitness and weight training sessions. • Dietician Ellie Berardo of Shop-Rite in Livingston had nutrition tips. • Siobhan Flynn-Higgins from Jewish Family Services gave mini stress assessments and provided helpful “stress busters.” • Stacy Chusid and Melissa Bressler from Homewatch Healthcare provided blood pressure screenings. • Eleanor Tsung Chee, senior client manager at Cigna Group Insurance shared information about helpful life services support.

The mission of Cycles of Wellness is to inspire, create and maintain a workplace environment that supports healthy lifestyle choices. Our employees take such good care of our residents, so we felt it was important to help them maintain their optimal health in turn. Laurie Loughney, COO of the JCHC

We thank and Pharmacist Samuel Reveron from St. Barnabas Medical acknowledge Center gave blood sugar screenings and discussed diabetes detection and management in English and Spanish. our 12 health partners: • Mitchell Goldberg, JCHC Regional Dining Director gave a cooking demonstration about healthy eating and prepared a delicious vegetable stir fry dish for everyone to sample. • Dolores Narag, Nursing Director of Lester Senior Housing shared general wellness and health tips about staying fit in the workplace. • Yoga therapist Tami Rager, who conducts yoga and mindfulness classes at the JCHC communities.

Everyone joined in the fun and answered questions about health and wellness as their raffle tickets to win great prizes. Exhibitors and attendees alike thought the event had a successful turnout. Employees came away with new insights into how to take better care of themselves. Among their takeaways: the importance of mindful eating, yoga and massage as ways to relieve stress and promote relaxation, and how proactive health screenings and a healthy lifestyle overall promotes a better quality of life. Over time, we plan to offer seminars about various aspects of health and wellness such as stress reduction techniques, onsite yoga and exercise classes, and the importance of blood pressure and other routine health screenings.

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JCHC Receives a NJ DOL Training Grant to Support LITE Program

Purim Fun at Lester

For the third time in the past five years, the JCHC was awarded a New Jersey Department of Labor training grant. This funding enabled us to bring in a professional management and leadership educator to provide the LITE (Leadership in Training Experience) training for our management team members. The course is projected to end in May 2018. The LITE program (designed by COO Laurie Loughney) was introduced to our employees in 2016, and is designed to develop leadership skills and empower our frontline professionals to make even more valuable contributions to our communities, become problem solvers, and mentor their fellow staff members. The curriculum includes ethics, cultural competency and crisis management. Members of our LITE regional and management team are: Terrence Roselle, Regional Facilities Director; Mitchell Goldberg, Regional Dining Director; AnnMarie Bass, Site Manager, Jewish Federation Plaza; Bryna Stone, Site Manager, South Orange B’nai B’rith Federation House; Cheryl Kasye, Site Manager, Village Apartments of the Jewish Federation; Marlene Glass, Administrator, Lester Senior Housing Community; and Emma Reading, Executive Assistant to Laurie Loughney, COO.

We loved some of the vibrant costumes our residents wore!

The Lester Senior Housing Community got into the spirit of Purim when more than 80 residents donned costumes and made plenty of noise with groggers at our Purim celebration and costume parade. As is our tradition, the Lester Congregation assembled shalach manot packages and delivered them to everyone, spreading good cheer throughout the community. A spirited time was had by all!

Laurie Loughney is Now SHRM Certified Our COO, Laurie Loughney, has completed the national requirements and passed the federal test to be certified as a Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Consultant. This prestigious credential signifies that Laurie is now a recognized expert and leader in the HR field … and a valuable asset to JCHC in light of our increasing needs to address talent acquisition, retention and team building. “As part of our ongoing endeavors to enhance our human resources program at JCHC, the knowledge has already been invaluable,” said Laurie. Congratulations on this important achievement!

Dolly Moser was among our many queens of the day.

A resident shows off one of the beautiful masks that were seen at our Purim celebration. Can you guess who it is?

Respite Stays for Seniors with Memory Disorders With Passover, Easter, and spring breaks on the horizon, families and caregivers who want to get away may be concerned for their loved ones with cognitive disorders. Who will watch out for their loved one’s daily needs? And, will that person’s interests and comfort be attended in ways that will keep them happy and secure? For older adults with dementia-related diagnoses, the Lester Senior Housing Community provides short-term respite stays in our Memory Care Suite. These stays allow seniors with memory disorders to enjoy the safety, security and warmth of a true homeaway-from-home, with personalized attention from specially trained caregivers who support each resident’s needs for comfort (and gives relatives peace of mind).

In warm weather, your loved one may enjoy sitting outside on our private deck, with plantings and beautiful views of nature. For more information or to arrange a tour of the Memory Care Suite, contact David Rozen at (973) 929-2725 or davidr@jchcorp.org.

Find and follow the JCHC on Facebook! Scan here for more information

Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey 760 Northfield Ave., West Orange, NJ 07052

Owned and Managed by the Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey

This is an extension of our assisted living respite program. All respite stays are available from ten days to two months long—ideal for when family members or regular caregivers are away for short periods of time or need a break. Guests stay in a fully decorated apartment and enjoy: • Meals in the dining room at each person’s leisure. • Time for socializing or relaxing in our lounges or quiet room. • Craft and games, light exercise, conversation circles. • Aromatherapy, pet therapy, music programs.

Did you know that we have three pages on Facebook? We have a corporate page for Jewish Community Housing Corporation plus a page for Village Apartments of the Jewish Federation and the Lester Senior Housing Community. Several times a week, we post updates on activities and events, photo albums from our programs, links to our blog, and more. We encourage all our residents and their family members, our Board of Trustees, and our partners and supporters to stay abreast of what’s happening by liking and following the pages. Feel free to like our posts or add your positive comments to help us build a wider JCHC community.


Luxury Living is Now at Village Apartments of the Jewish Federation

The community room has a cozy gathering space with comfortable armchairs and a fireplace. The movie screening area is in the background.

We are all so excited about the beautiful new one-bedroom, one-bath apartments at Village Apartments in South Orange. Featuring many contemporary touches, the upscale, airy apartments are available in four floor plans. Our monthly open houses have been heavily attended and at the time of this writing, six out of the twelve units have already been rented.

Each apartment has a beautifully equipped kitchen with stainless steel appliances, porcelain tile floors and a dining peninsula that is open to the living room. The bathrooms have a porcelain tile floor, contemporary glass tile backsplash, custom elevated vanity and walk-in shower with safety grab bars. Included in each apartment are custom window coverings and laminate flooring in the living room, wall-to-wall carpeting in the bedroom and bright, energy-efficient LED lighting installed throughout. Part of this extensive renovation at Village Apartments includes a striking multi-function community space with:

Elegant laminate flooring and LED lighting are among the features in the living rooms and other spaces.

-Fitness center with older adult specific exercise equipment and a yoga/dance studio; -Theater with large-screen (75”) TV for movies, closed caption feature available; -Cozy fireside gathering spaces; and, -A business center with computers, faxes and printers, ItsNever2Late program (touchscreen interactive system for older adults). All bathrooms have walk-in showers with grab bars, and contemporary glass tile on the walls.

The new kitchens have easy-clean stainless steel appliances, including a dishwasher; the dining peninsula opens to the living room.

Lester Residents Enjoy “Live from Jerusalem” Skype Series

Residents can work out on gleaming new exercise equipment in the fitness area.

Check our online calendar for open house dates and come see all that’s new at Village Apartments of the Jewish Federation; you can view floor plans and take a virtual tour of our new apartments at our website (www.jchcorp.org) and click on the link for to Village Apartments.

Getting into the Olympic Spirit

Talk about distance learning! Once a month, residents of the Lester Senior Housing Community enjoy an international educational session with Live from Jerusalem, a new series of lectures presented to our seniors here and by educators there. The lectures are delivered via Skype, the software application that enables users to make video and audio phone calls on computers and mobile devices. Residents are connected to the presenter in real time for a live-streaming presentation projected on our big screen. Every month a presenter shares with the audience a “slice of life” from Israel that is both engaging and inspiring. The topics are varied and very interesting and the presentations, which include discussions, pictures and videos, are followed by a Q&A session. “It’s not unusual for the presenters to engage with the residents for 15-20 minutes after the presentation ends,” said Keisha McDonald, Community Life Coordinator at Lester. “They are always happy to answers their questions.” The program was founded by Rabbi Joel Cohn of ISRAED (Israel Education Network) who’s also a presenter along with other educators.

Recognizing our JCHC Stars We have implemented the STAR program in all JCHC communities to make it easy for our residents, their family members or our guests to recognize an employee who is a star performer. All they have to do is pick up one of our STAR postcards at the front desk, fill it out and drop it in the box at the desk. All staff members who are being recognized will be notified of the appreciation note. Once a month, the cards will be placed in a random drawing and one of our stars will be given a bonus and recognition.

Participants in the Lester Olympics competed in fun games and activities throughout the week, and many took home gold, silver and bronze medals.

While the world participated in Winter Olympics 2018, residents at the Lester Senior Housing Community joined in with their own fun competitions that ran for a full week in February. The week started with a torch relay throughout both buildings, with eight torch bearers who were cheered on throughout their journey by residents and staff members who lined the hallways and lobbies. They Relay wound from our Memory Care Suite in the Weston Assisted Living Residence through the lobby of our Seymour Koniak shows off Heller Independent Living Apartments, then his gold medals. on to the Weston library and back upstairs to the Heller multipurpose room. That’s where 50+ residents welcomed the torch and start the opening ceremony. Throughout the week, residents and staff participated in trivia challenges, ring toss games, bowling and ping pong competitions, spelling competitions, and more. At the end of the week, medals and certificates were awarded to our winners in the gold, silver and bronze categories. There’s no question: the week was filled with Olympic-sized good times!


“Friends of JCHC” Tributes

mazel tov, get well and in memoriam



Lifecycle Event

Saul and Suzanne Berkowitz Saul and Suzanne Berkowitz Saul and Suzanne Berkowitz Sharon and Andrew Chavkin Sharon and Andrew Chavkin Sharon and Andrew Chavkin Sharon and Andrew Chavkin Sharon and Andrew Chavkin Sharon and Andrew Chavkin Sharon and Andrew Chavkin Nomi & Harold Colton-Max Harold Colton-Max Harold Colton-Max Nomi & Harold Colton-Max Allyn & Larry Cooper Allison Diamond & Family Allison Diamond Allison & Michael Diamond Helene & Jerry Dreskin Shirley Kartzman David Rojer and Jennifer Lublin Steven J. and Barbara Nappen Steven J. and Barbara Nappen Steven J. and Barbara Nappen Steven J. and Barbara Nappen Steven J. and Barbara Nappen Michael Opell Phyllis Pollio Phyllis Pollio Caren Rabbino Cookie Schneiderman & Family Marjorie Wasserman Roberta & Walter Zweifler Roberta & Walter Zweifler

Anne Rubin Helen & Mike Fine Ms. Lisa Adelson Mr. & Mrs. Tal Goldhamer Mrs. Edna Goldhamer Mrs. Bonnie Wiener Dr. & Mrs. Eskow Mrs. Stevi Gurkoff Mr. Jim Ashenfelter Mrs. Arlene Haber Joni Cohen Caren Ford Jaime Beach Masler and Michael Beach Marian & David Rocker Mr. Martin Kalishman Dr. & Mrs. M. Pollack Judy and Marc Apirian & family Helene and Sandy Fishman Mr. Martin Kalishman Thelma Boadkin Sandy Lublin Ms. Susan Gold Bruce Goldman, Esq. Ms. Jodi Israel Mr. Martin Barber Ms. Rikki Birner Mr. Martin Kalishman Robert DeLeon and Family Ms. Nancy DeLeon Link and Family Bernard Rabbino Mr. Milton Steinberg & Family Mr. Martin Kalishman Mark Chodrow and Family Ms. Pat Sebold

In celebration of your 80th birthday In celebration of you both on your 80th birthdays The passing of your father, Paul Olshen The birth of your daughter, Maya The birth of your new granddaughter, Maya The passing of your father, Morton The passing of Theo Eskow In loving memory of your father, Mel In loving memory of your father, Horace In loving memory of our friend, Jon Women of Valor Award Women of Valor Award The birth of your daughter, Anna Rae Harry S. Feller Award In honor of your special birthday The passing of your son, Adam Congratulations on Jake’s Bar Mitzvah! Congratulations on the birth of your grandson, Colin! In celebration of Marty Kalishman’s milestone birthday In honor of the birth of your great-grandson, Samuel   In honor of Sandy Lublin The passing of Alan Levin The passing of Ms. Mae Goldman The passing of Mr. Joseph Thal The passing of Ms. Ruth Barber The passing of Mr. Sonny Gair Happy birthday, Marty The passing of your grandmother, Edith Stiller The passing of your grandmother, Edith Stiller In celebration of your birthday from your children The passing of Lilly in honor of your happy & healthy special birthday In memory of Eda Chodrow In memory of your brother-in-law, Daniel Weiss

*To send a Tribute, please contact Tayelor T. Barrett at 973-530-3966 or email TayelorB@JCHCorp.org

JCHC Endowment Funds These endowment funds were set up by generous individuals and organizations with specific missions that ensure our seniors have the services and programs they need to live life to the fullest in our four communities. For more information, you can read about these funds on our website at http://jchcorp.org/endowment-funds/

Planting the seeds for future generations

– AN UPDATE Approximately 18 months ago, the JCHC inaugurated our Circle of Life Legacy Program, becoming a participant in the nationwide Create a Jewish Legacy program. Through this program, we plant the financial seeds today for a sustainable future for our organization and those we serve; this is done by making pledges today for an after-lifetime gift to the JCHC. There are many ways to contribute—through insurance policies, retirement plans and other bequests through one’s will. The beauty of Circle of Life is that you only need to pledge today; your contribution will be made later, and will help us support future generations of JCHC residents in many vital ways. And, it is a beautiful way to fulfill your own philanthropic goals. We are delighted that to date, 19 individuals or couples have made Circle of Life commitments, totaling more than $136,000; they are members of our Board of Trustees and JCHC leadership who see the value we provide to our seniors every day. We hope our residents and their families will also consider making an afterlifetime gift to continue paying it forward, as it were, so that no resident of a JCHC community faces an uncertain future. Regardless of the size of the pledge, everyone receives the same immediate recognition for performing this mitzvah when they arrange a legacy gift; gifts can be made anonymously as well. There is information available in all our buildings about this program and we are here to answer any questions you have about how becoming a Circle of Life donor is such a meaningful way to make a charitable contribution that speaks to your own legacy. To join as a legacy donor, visit our website page at www.jchcorp.org/ legacyprogram or contact Harold Colton-Max at (973) 530-3961 or haroldc@jchcorp.org.

The Weinberg Endowment Fund – provides financial assistance for low-income seniors living in our unsubsidized apartment buildings. It was established in 2001 by a $1 million gift from the Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Foundation out of Maryland and matched by $2 million raised by the local MetroWest Jewish Community. The Harold Colton-Max Endowment – established in 2015 in honor of CEO Harold Colton-Max’s 10th year with the JCHC. Provides financial assistance for low-income seniors living in our unsubsidized apartment buildings. The Schofel Family Endowment – subsidizes activities and/or food programs for senior residents in need of financial assistance. This was established in 2005 by a $150,000 gift from former JCHC Board President Janice Schofel (z”l). The Dorothy Lazarus Endowment for the Hearing-Impaired – to purchase audiology equipment, hearing aids and pay for hearing examinations of JCHC residents. Philanthropists Eugene W. and Joan Kalkin established the endowment in 2002 with a $25,000 gift which was subsequently enhanced with an additional $5,000 contribution from the Kalkins. The Pearl and Max Randall Endowment – provides financial support for residents of our buildings to experience movies. This was started with a contribution of $10,000 from the Randalls over 20 years ago. If you wish to contribute to support any of these particular initiatives, please contact Harold Colton-Max, JCHC CEO at (973) 530-3961. You can also make your donation to the Friends of the JCHC and indicate the purpose on the memo line so that we can direct the funds accordingly.

Celebrating our Employees’ Bright Ideas In December, we started “Bright Ideas,” an initiative to showcase the great ideas our employees have brought to us to make life in our communities more meaningful for our residents. Employees who provide a bright idea that enhances our residents’ lives receive a thank you bonus in appreciation for their contributions, recognition on our Bright Ideas posters, plus letters of appreciation from our CEO and COO. Look for the posters in our buildings to see who’s in the idea spotlight!

760 Northfield Ave., West Orange, NJ 07052 | 973-731-2020 | www.jchcorp.org

Profile for Media Consultants

JCHC Chronicles - Spring 2018  

The official newsletter of the Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan, NJ.

JCHC Chronicles - Spring 2018  

The official newsletter of the Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan, NJ.