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Chronicles SPRING 2014

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LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT As a child growing up in New Jersey, I welcomed the snow that annually blanketed my neighborhood. Winter was supposed to have snow-covered roads and trees—and snow days so I didn’t have to go to school. When I traveled during the winter to places with no visual cues that it was December, January, February, or March I always felt like something was off. I could never quite get comfortable with “winter” in Austin, Texas or New Orleans, Louisiana, where I spent several years. Even now, traveling to my in-laws’ home in Atlanta, Georgia in the wintertime seems odd; the trees still have leaves on them and it never seems like it’s truly cold enough to be winter. But as a person entrenched in residential real estate both personally and professionally, I no longer welcome the Northeast winters and the inevitable snow they bring. Residential apartment buildings must deal with many unique issues in the cold weather months that require extra manpower and careful oversight to prevent any immediate or ongoing problems.

Jewish Federation Plaza Renovations Bring New Life to Community Spaces Extensive renovations at our Jewish Federation Plaza apartment building in West Orange have been completed. Several areas on the first floor of Building 4 were remodeled and to provide more space for our seniors to dine and socialize! Architect Eli Goldstein, AIA, PP, LEED AP, Managing Partner of The Goldstein Partnership with offices in Maplewood, and general contractor Vericon Construction with offices in Mountainside were selected for this project. The renovations, which began in midSeptember, encompass: • Expanding and remodeling the dining room to seat up to 120 people; • Improving our commercial kitchen with new equipment, including walk-in refrigerator and freezer, and meeting new code requirements; • Adding a concierge station at the entrance in a beautiful new lobby; and, • Building new administration offices.

Snow and ice are the most visible and obvious concerns. Our JCHC communities have sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways that must be clear to allow family, friends, and medical personnel access to the properties and surrounding roads. Our staff doesn’t get snow days when the white stuff starts falling from the sky. In fact, many times they have to work overtime because the snow is not nice enough to start and stop falling during business hours. Regardless of the day or time, JCHC staff members are always working to make sure people can safely access our property and buildings.

In addition to Jewish Federation Plaza project funds from this HUDsubsidized property, the first-floor renovation project has received generous support from the Township of West Orange. The Township provided approximately $200,000 so that we could implement kitchen upgrades. We gratefully acknowledge and extend our sincere thanks to Mayor Robert Parisi, all of the members of the West Orange Municipal Council as well as Business Administrator Jack Sayers and CFO John Gross for making this a reality and promoting the best interest of our seniors.

Even without snow, the cold weather requires constant vigilance. Pipes can freeze and burst causing extensive damage to the section of the building they are in. In fact, a pipe recently burst at Lester Senior Housing Community that damaged the independent living dining room and the adjacent bistro. Our staff immediately addressed the issue and has already restored those spaces for our residents. More important than restoring those spaces, however, is the process JCHC staff underwent in the immediate aftermath. Our staff reviewed the conditions that led to that rupture and inventoried the rest of the building to make sure that condition didn’t exist anywhere else.

Furthermore, support from the Dorothy Lazarus Fund for the Hearing Impaired was essential to installing a new state-of-the-art “hearing loop” system in the community dining room. The hearing loop ties into the audio system and permits residents using assistive devices such as hearing aids to hear what is said much more clearly. We also thank the Kalkin family for establishing this endowment and the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest for administering it.

Heat is always an issue during the colder months, especially with our senior residents. Apartments and common areas must be warm enough for all of our residents to be healthy, safe, and comfortable at all times. We must constantly monitor our central heating systems to make sure not only that they are working at one particular moment, but that they operate properly during the evening and nighttime hours when it is coldest outside.

During the time it took to complete the project, JCHC staff worked hard to minimize the disruption for our residents during the renovations. Wait staff delivered evening meals to each resident in their apartment. We used the fourth floor promenade to everyone’s benefit, with an elegant dessert for residents there twice a month. It was also the location for Plaza’s Thanksgiving Eve dinner and we set up a special Thanksgiving coffee bar in the multipurpose room.

Unfortunately, sometimes even the best preparation and ongoing operations cannot parry the weather’s advances. Irene and Sandy are two all-too-recent examples. The extreme snow that Irene brought and the loss of power Sandy caused required JCHC staff to act reactively rather than proactively. But even with those extreme events, our buildings fared quite well and our residents stayed as safe and comfortable as we could manage. The point of all of this is that the JCHC communities cannot operate without our staff. From the foodservice team to our building managers and administrators to our executives, JCHC staff takes on all sorts of roles throughout the year, but especially during the colder months. We all owe a special thank you to each staff member that shows up on a snowy or freezing cold day to make sure that Mother Nature affects the building in which they work as minimally as possible. So to all of our staff, thank you. And stay warm this winter. Jay Murnick President, Board of Trustees

Terrence Roselle, Regional Facilities Director provided on-site coordination with the construction crew and was very pleased with the working relationship of all parties. “The contractor and architect were accessible and open to working with us on every detail of design and construction,” said Terrence. “The progress of this project was been a team effort that resulted in a beautiful new community space for the residents to enjoy.” Site Manager Freyda Pineles notes that both residents and staff are excited about the building enhancements. “This creates a wonderful atmosphere for community life and the ambiance in our new dining room will enhance the meal experience for everyone.” The results are in: On the grand re-opening of the dining room, the residents enjoyed a beautiful meal in the new dining room.



Meeting Community Needs: In MetroWest and Beyond I had an experience recently that reinforced the importance of the work that we do here at the Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey. I was invited to meet with the Long-Range Planning Committee of the board of a Jewish nonprofit organization in central New Jersey. They currently have a skilled nursing facility and an assisted living facility; they were exploring the possibility of undertaking additional development and heard that we have experience that we could share. As a fellow agency providing for the needs of senior citizens in the State of New Jersey, I felt that it was important to do whatever we could to help. During the course of our dialogue, we talked about the need for other housing options for seniors in their area. At one point, a committee member asked me whether they should seek to meet those needs if there were no other Jewish agencies to do so. Based upon the JCHC’s experience, my answer was a resounding “yes.” In fact, from the outset, the JCHC has been expanding its work to meet the changing needs of senior citizens living in the Greater MetroWest community. The JCHC was founded, I noted, to fill the gap that existed between those seniors living in their own homes but were perhaps unable to continue managing all their needs, and nursing homes like Daughters of Israel that provided more care than these people required. In addition, with many of our seniors living on fixed incomes, there was also a need for an affordable housing option. To meet that need, the JCHC developed two apartment buildings—Jewish Federation Plaza and Jewish Federation Towers—to provide subsidized housing. (In recognition of greater demand, we subsequently added a third subsidized apartment building, the South Orange B’nai B’rith Federation House.) As there were seniors living in the MetroWest area who needed independent living but would not meet the income restrictions of our subsidized buildings, we developed market-rate housing starting with Village Apartments of the Jewish Federation. Seeing yet another gap between independent living and nursing homes, we built the Lester Senior Housing Community, which, in addition to the Margaret and Martin Heller Independent Living Apartments and its higher-end and affordable housing apartment units, also provides the MetroWest area with its first assisted living facility run by a Jewish agency—the Judy and Josh Weston Assisted Living Residence. Furthermore, it has never been sufficient for the JCHC to simply be housing builders; we also wanted to be excellent housing providers who provide the excellent quality of life that our senior citizens deserve. We learned to manage our buildings and run an assisted living facility to make certain that they are well-maintained and offer a range of services appropriate for senior citizens, from meals to transportation to recreational and social activities. As our residents continue to “age in place” the JCHC has developed more partnerships and provided more services for those with additional and changing needs. At the conclusion of our meeting, the members of the agency thanked me for my time and asked if they could call upon me again (which I immediately agreed to). As I drove home that night, I thought about what I had shared about all that we at the Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey have accomplished for our seniors in the Greater MetroWest area. I felt proud because I knew that there was still much more to be done, but that the JCHC, its dedicated Board and hard-working staff, will constantly strive to fill those “gaps” by continually identifying and meeting the needs of our seniors.

Harold Colton-Max Chief Executive Officer

JCHC Welcomes Marlene Glass, Administrator

Please stop by to say hello to Marlene, our new administrator at Lester Senior Housing Community

Promoting Lifelong Learning through JCHC University Now in its third year, we have been presenting a series of educational workshops and lectures through our JCHC University. The goal of JCHC University, a nonaccredited adult A course held at Village Apartments in February was learning program, is about creative journaling. to promote healthy aging and provide lifelong experiences to our residents through its unique and interesting courses. The classes, which started in November and run through March, are held on a rotating basis at all four of our communities. Our diverse topics span subjects of wellness, creativity, history, and nutrition. For example, participants are learning about the benefits of essential oils, the evolution of women’s rights, creative journaling, and cooking for one among many other topics. One course held at the South Orange B’nai B’rith Federation House in November was “Laughter and Health,” presented by Karen Frank, RN. Ms. Frank, a wellness and pastoral nurse, shared insights from recent studies about how laughter is truly good medicine when it comes to your well-being and overall health. “We’ve all known how good it makes us feel to laugh; now the research shows us how laughter Karen Frank, RN really does affect our well-being in positive ways,” says Ms. Frank, whose area of expertise is integrating physical and spiritual wellness. She is a Jewish congregational nurse for four synagogues in the MetroWest area; the name of her practice is Project SHIN (Spiritual Healing Integrating Nursing). She points out that the Hebrew letter “shin” is the first letter in many words associated with the body and spirit in different ways: shechina, shelema, shalom, shaddai. Our courses are another way we show our seniors that it’s never too late to learn something new!

B’nai B’rith Federation House Introduces “The Lunch Bunch” Twice a month, a group of residents at the South Orange B’nai B’rith Federation House are gathering to break bread together over a hot lunch. This new Lunch Bunch program adds a delicious new dimension to life at the community, with a nutritious meal served in the community room. Unlike our other communities, South Orange B’nai B’rith Federation House does not have a meal program, so the Lunch Bunch is a great new way to bring residents together who might not ordinarily have the opportunity to socialize. In addition to a hot meal, participants enjoy entertainment such as music, and residents will be suggesting the types of entertain they’d like as the program progresses. Site Manager Bryna Stone says that “The lunch program provides a nice time for residents to enjoy each other’s company. Although many of them participate in our weekly programs, not everyone does, and therefore, we’re finding some people making new acquaintances over a nice hot meal.” Many residents are active in the wider community such as volunteering in their synagogue or at the local hospital, and others are still working, so as Stone put it, “It’s always nice to offer a program that gets them involved right here.” To that end, B’nai B’rith Federation House offers weekly exercise classes which are quite popular, as well as social and cultural programs every week such as discussions and observances led by a local rabbi about Jewish holidays and Bible stories and passages, which is attended by a diverse group. “The rabbi’s program gives Jewish residents a chance to reconnect with their roots and those of other faiths to learn something new,” said Stone.


Our Community-Wide Storm Chaser Programs Blew Residents Away! On October 29, the one-year anniversary of Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy, all four of our senior living communities held very successful “Storm Chaser” programs. These were designed to help seniors prepare for emergencies and natural disasters. The emergency preparedness event drew approximately 250 residents plus family members and guests from local towns. All four events included free informational seminars to help older adults prepare for severe storms and extended power outages. An extensive selection of emergency supplies was available for purchase, including flashlights, portable LED lanterns, first aid and hygiene kits, hand-held can openers, battery-operated radios, and more. In addition to purchasing emergency supplies, many have filled out medical forms to post on their refrigerators where first responders can easily find them. All attendees received information packets and small flashlights, and a Red Cross emergency back pack designed specifically for seniors was given away as a door prize.

Sgt. Al DiEsso discusses emergency preparedness with residents of B’nai B’rith Federation House.

CEO Harold Colton-Max notes that, “Our site managers have comprehensive emergency plans and services in place so everyone remains ‘JCHC strong’ in the case of weather-related power outages and related situations. We were happy to share our knowledge and experience with the wider community.” Our Storm Chaser events were so successful that our emergency planning committee was invited to deliver a presentation on emergency preparedness at the ChemRX Winter Conference in December and for the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services Congregate Program in March 2014.

A large array of emergency kits and supplies were available for purchase at all four communities and sales were brisk!

Members of the JCHC emergency management committee provided an overview of the committee’s initiatives and goals. According to Laurie Loughney, COO of the JCHC, “The JCHC’s emergency management committee has added many initiatives and programs to ensure that our residents and the buildings remain safe.” The committee is chaired by Terrence Roselle, Regional Facilities Director. Other members are Superintendent Christopher Bailey of the South Orange B’nai B’rith Federation House, Site Manager Cheryl Kasye of Village Apartments of the Jewish Federation, and Mitchell Goldberg, Regional Director of Dining Services. Storm Watch event presenters included Sergeant Al DiEsso (South Orange Police Department), Fire Chief Joe Cortright (Whippany Fire Department), and Fire Official Matt Longo (West Orange Fire Department). Among the key tips they shared were: • The importance of stocking enough food and water for seven days as part of the emergency preparations • Keep all medical history and medical lists clearly posted and visible for emergency personnel • Who to contact in a life-threatening or other emergency outside of building management – police and fire departments, health departments, community centers, departments of public works • How to register a wheelchair-bound or other disabled person with the local police department or Office of Emergency Management

Residents at Plaza learn safety tips during emergencies from Fire Official Matt Longo.

Your Donation Makes a Difference Thanks to charitable donations from our supporters—generous individuals, foundations, and sponsors—the JCHC is able to fulfill our mission of providing quality housing with services for seniors in the MetroWest area. That generosity has enabled us to improve the quality of life of our residents and even save lives. As we work to maintain and enhance our offerings, we hope we can count on your support. Please consider giving as a Friend of the JCHC and help us continue to make a difference for so many older adults. To make a donation, please go online to or fill out the form below.

Mail to: Jewish Community Housing Corp of Metropolitan NJ | 760 Northfield Avenue | West Orange | NJ | 07052 or donate online at

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Lester Senior Housing Community is the Go-To Seminar Spot

Lester Senior Housing Community Expands Wellness Program for Assisted Living Residents with “Gentle Scents” Aromatherapy Program

The Lester Senior Housing Community in Whippany was the host site for a series of free informational and educational seminars this fall for our residents, guests, and area professionals. The community’s location—close to I-287 and just off Route 10—coupled with its ample meeting and community space (and parking), makes it an ideal location for these programs, which are a major part of our community outreach initiative.

Our Judy and Josh Weston Assisted Living Residence launched “Gentle Scents,” an aromatherapy program, as part of our evolving Wellness Center services in February. Staff training for Staff members of the Judy and Josh Weston Assisted this complementary Living Residence learn about the wellness properties modality was led of essential oils from aromatherapist Barbara Rimorin (seated). by aromatherapist Barbara Rimorin, who is also a certified assisted living administrator and certified dementia practitioner. The aromatherapy sessions will be incorporated into community life programs, from recreational activities to guided imagery and sensory programs, as well as through the personal care provided by the nursing team. The Gentle Scents program will be managed by the residence’s Wellness Director, Bola Kuku.

For example, take a look at Lester’s busy fall schedule: ➢ In September during National Assisted Living Week, Lester Senior Housing Community provided an interesting session, “Assisted Living and Other Levels of Care.” Presenters covered some key points including the differences between independent living, assisted living, and nursing care; making the move from one level of care to another; and factors to consider when selecting a quality assisted living or other long-term care community. ➢ In October, attorney Robert A. Bernstein presented “Protecting Your Assets for You and Your Children.” Bernstein, who specializes in wills, trusts, and estates, covered three important legal documents all adults should have in place to protect their financial interests as well as those of their families, and to help family members manage their affairs and honor their wishes regarding their estates and medical care: a power of attorney, a health care proxy, and a will. Synergy HomeCare Northwest NJ, a licensed home care agency, cosponsored the seminar.

Be on the lookout for our new JCHC website launching in March. We’re very excited about our new design.

Owned and Managed by the Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey

Coming soon to a computer near you!

Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey 760 Northfield Ave., West Orange, NJ 07052

➢ In December, registered nurses came from throughout northern New Jersey to earn continuing education credits and learn about the legal aspects of documentation in various long-term care settings from expert Georgette Bieber RN C, LNCC, who spoke on “Risks in Health Care: How to Avoid Walking on Thin Ice.” Among her many qualifications, Ms. Bieber is a noted expert in clinical care coordination and compliance, and a certified gerontological nurse and legal nurse consultant. Attendees enjoyed an elegant breakfast before hearing Ms. Bieber’s insights on documentation in New Jersey’s skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and adult day care centers.

Some of the oils used are Lavender and Peace & Calming to decrease agitation and anxiety, and Peppermint to improve alertness during group activities.

Scan here for more information

➢ In November, elder law attorney Yale Hauptman of Hauptman & Hauptman, Attorney Robert Bernstein (center) with PC in Livingston presented Tony Podias, president of Synergy HomeCare “The Top Ten Things NonNorthwest NJ (left) and JCHC’s Community Liaison Coordinator, Mark Sinclair. Elder Care Law Attorneys Need to Know About Elder Law: A Primer for the Non-Elder Attorney.” The program was open to attorneys in non-elder care practices (who could earn CE credits) as well as other professionals who work with the elderly. It was cosponsored by Larry Aronson, owner of HomeWatch CareGivers in South Orange.

Essential oils are plant-based and are the most potent part of the plant. Rimorin said that aromatic protocols date back 5,000 years and, “As a complementary treatment, essential oils can enhance the quality of life for seniors by promoting relaxation, stimulating appetite and energy levels, helping to manage pain, and sharpening the mind’s focus.” Essential oils may also be used to fight infection naturally. The oils are safe, effective, and easy to use, and can be diffused as well as applied externally, taken internally in diluted form, or inhaled.


Honoring our Past, Building Our Future Village Apartments Celebrates its Silver Anniversary!

Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence in Senior Living This past fall marked the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Village Apartments of the Jewish Federation and The Charles Bierman Home. The theme for the anniversary year is “Honoring our past, building our future.”

CEO Harold Colton-Max (center) and Jay Murnick, board president, show off some of the proclamations Village Apartments received from Assemblywoman Mila Jasey, County Freeholder Pat Sebold, and Village President Alex Torpey.

We observed the milestone occasion with a week of resident programs and special events including a resident art exhibition, a knitting display by the community’s knitting club, and a concert. Highlights of the special week were the Village Silver Jubilee, an afternoon cocktail reception on October 3, 2013 under a big tent in our backyard. Attendees included the JCHC Board of Trustees, staff and residents (and family members) of Village Apartments and Bierman Home, and elected officials, representatives from the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest New Jersey, and other non-profit agency partners. We were honored to hear from State Assemblywoman Mila Jasey and State Assemblyman John McKeon, Essex County Freeholder Pat Sebold, and South Orange Village President Alex Torpey, as well as Rabbi Mark Cooper from nearby Congregation Oheb Shalom and Ray Blau, who was instrumental in founding The Charles Bierman Home; they all shared touching tributes to what our community has meant to South Orange and in Rabbi Cooper’s case, to his own family (his father was a resident at one point). Harold Colton-Max, CEO of the JCHC addressed the gathering, and announced that approximately $10,000 has been raised for the improvement of the backyard seating area, with about half of that from the Schofel Family Endowment. The event was expertly emceed by JCHC Board President Jay Murnick. The week-long celebration culminated with an elegant private dinner for residents of Village Apartments on October 9, hosted at nearby Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel. We sincerely thank JCHC board members Ellen Barocas and Cookie Schneiderman for coordinating our wonderful Jubilee and invite you all to view our book of memories posted on the JCHC website.

CEO Harold Colton-Max in front of our beautiful banners.

Rabbi Mark Cooper shared his thoughts about his father’s time as a resident at Village Apartments, and gave a beautiful d’var torah.

Getting ready to celebrate: Village Apartments’ Superintendent Monel Delva, Site Manager Cheryl Kasye, Chief Operating Officer Laurie Loughney, JCHC’s Community Liaison Manager Mark Sinclair and Activities Director April Osborne.

TheCelebration continued with a dinner for our residents!

Village Apartments residents enjoying the private dinner and yes, a good time was had by all!

Alba Abbate and Florence Dove painted the town red!

Marvin Strauss with board member Ellen Barocas, who coordinated the Silver Jubilee with Cookie Schneiderman (not pictured).

Community liaison Coordinator Mark Sinclair with Suzanne Wolsten and Patricia Bryant.

Activities Director April Osborne with JCHC board member Cookie Schneiderman.

Donald Friendenberg, Cheryl Kasye and Lore Trytell

Resident Nora Skeados has lived at Village Apartments since we opened our doors 25 years ago! She and her daughter, Dorothy Ganek, were all smiles at the celebration.

Stella Locker (left) and Frieda Buchsbaum enjoying the special night out.

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JCHC Chronicles - Spring 2014  

Official newsletter of the Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey

JCHC Chronicles - Spring 2014  

Official newsletter of the Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey