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MESSAGE FROM THE CEO Greetings MediaCom Philippines! \

I would like to extend my deepest and warmest appreciation to everyone for all your efforts in making MediaCom as successful as it is now. To our valued clients, thank you for your continuous support.

Stephen Allan Global CEO, MediaCom

MESSAGE FROM THE MD To everyone at MediaCom PH, thank you for your hard work and dedication. Without every single one of you, MediaCom would just be a company in name only. To our dearest clients, on behalf of Mediacom, I would like to say thank you for all your trust and loyalty.

Nap Carrao Managing Director, MediaCom Philippines


MEDIACOM BAGS 6 AWARDS AT CANNES LIONS M ediaCom has picked up two

awards at this year's Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Awards. MediaCom Germany won a Silver Lion in the category of "Other Consumer Products" for its "Office War: Helping Germany Have Fun at Work" campaign on behalf of Hasbro. MediaCom Israel was awarded a Bronze Lion in the category of "Best Use of Ambient Media (Small Scale)" for its innovative "Danger! Dog Poop" initiative for Mokesh - The Coalition For Mine-Free Israel.

In addition, MediaCom USA partnered with Grey Group to win a Gold Lion for the Canon "Project Imagin8ion" campaign. As part of Canon's "Project Imagin8ion" initiative, MediaCom helped launch the first user-generated photo contest in history designed to inspire a Hollywood short film. MediaCom also won three Bronze Lions as credited agency on campaigns for Mars Wrigley, VW and P&G. "I could not be happier or more proud of our showing at Cannes this year," said MediaCom Worldwide Chairman and CEO Stephen Allan. "This recognition


represents a level of insight, performance and commitment to our clients that will resonate through the network as well as the industry itself." These Cannes wins come on the heels of significant recognition for MediaCom, which was recently named Network of the Year at the 2012 Global Festival of Media Awards, and was the first agency to be recognised as Network of the Year for three consecutive years at the M&M Awards. For the official list of winners, visit the official page of Cannes Lions at .


MediaCom Philippines was awarded the coveted 2009 media agency of the year Award by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies Philippines (4As-P). It also received Best in Business Performance, winning two out of the three awards in the Media Excellence category. Nap Carrao, Managing Director, states "We are very happy with this recognition as it is a testament to the dedication & hard work of the team. In our three years we have grown with our client partners-and this honour inspires us to strive even more to deliver better results for them."

Jolly Estaris from MC’s P&G Planning Team won the title of being ABS-CBN’s The X-Factor’s Kapamilya Agency Edition champion after besting three other contestants from other media agencies last June 14 at the NBC Tent, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Singing his own rendition o f Gavin Degraw’s “I Don’t Wanna Be”, Jolly won unanimously through text votes. Other contestants were Therese Queyquep (Universal McCann), and Agnes Kiocho (Maxus).


HOW MOSQUITOES HELPED DOWNY By partnering with news programs and entomologists, MediaCom helped Downy Antibac convince a sceptical consumer and become the biggest variant of Downy Philippines. INSIGHTS, STRATEGY AND THE IDEA: Sometimes a product benefit is so incredible that consumers won't believe it. Would you buy a fabric conditioner that claimed to provide anti-mosquito protection? Downy AntiBac does exactly that. We knew that the product offered an easy way for mums to protect their children from mosquitoes but we had to make consumers believe. Our target audience simply could not associate fabric conditioner with mosquito repellent. Confronting the believability barrier would also overcome other challenges stacked against us: consumers regarded the category as an unnecessary luxury and Downy AntiBac is double the cost of its closest rival. With mosquito-borne dengue affecting thousands of children every year in the Philippines, mosquitoes are a real threat that worries mothers everyday. Our strategy was to create a public health campaign to drive home the credibility of our claims. The message was timed for the rainy season (Jul-Oct), when the risk of dengue is highest. CREATIVE EXECUTION: We inserted our message into the heart of the editorial environment to directly confront the believability issue: our recommendation would come from independent voices. We partnered with top TV morning news programmes and created a month-long mosquito watch segment, where news personalities and entomologists educated mothers on the dangers of mosquitoes and how to protect their children. Downy AntiBac was integrated into the content as a simple solution.

We created a real-time recorded demo that showed how clothes washed with Downy AntiBac repelled mosquitoes versus fabric not washed with Downy AntiBac. Seeded on YouTube, it drove word-ofmouth and enhanced the credibility of the product. Celebrity mums and bloggers who saw the video recommended the product onto fellow mums. A celebrity mum testimonial was then aired on leading TV networks. Our message, structured as a public health alert, successfully drove home the fact that Downy AntiBac really does provide mosquito protection. RESULTS AND EFFECTIVENESS: Our strategy delivered 32% sales increase year-onyear, exceeding targets by 19%. Downy AntiBac is now the biggest variant of Downy Philippines. Highest value share (25.6%) and penetration (17.6%) of households were reached. Downy drove growth in the category, securing 70% of increased sales. P&G is rolling out the strategy to other markets.



TIPS ON HOW TO MIX & MATCH The key to being the most ‘updated’ and ‘stylish’ in every season is to have some basic stuff in your wardrobe and keep people guessing with different colors, prints, styles, accessories, shoes and more. Here are some style techniques that enable women of all ages, shapes and sizes to make their current wardrobes work the every season. The best means is to accessorize with some basic pieces you probably have in your wardrobe. Use these little tips and make your own style statements. •Play with colors: Don’t have alll shades of one color rather, Switch it up and have lots of different colors. Nothing’s worse then when you see someone who always wears a lot of one color. People get confused and may think you are wearing the same clothes over and over again. So try collecting different colors and mix them with the other one and see you will add an other complete attire in your wardrobe. •Shoes collection: keep different color, fabric and style of your shoes. Instead of basic black, go for sleek red peep-toe pumps or sexy black boots. Match the shoes with the belt for a stronger impact. Always have cute shoes because it makes your outfits cuter. If you have old dirty sneakers it makes you look ugly. Have all different kinds of shoes and ALWAYS keep them clean. Neutral colors will go with any other

color. Black, white, brown, beige, and gray in the right shades will look excellent with all the colors of the rainbow. •Accessories: Add some “bang” to an otherwise plain outfit with a vibrant colored purse, or spice up a simple attire with a fun scarf or brilliant vintage brooch. Add a funky belt to your outfit; simply alternate the accessories you wear. Wear sparkling earrings one time and go for a dazzling long necklace the next. Use this simple mix and match tips and explore a new you. •Jewelry: There are several ways that will help you look better, attractive and innovative. You can also try out wearing several different colors of jewels. Try mixing and matching with simple metal jewelry and pearl, diamond or semi precious jewelry. You have ample chance of making the same old jewelry look new and attractive. Semi precious stones like garnet, turquoise and precious stones like emeralds, etc. can be used to bring out exact combination for matching your jewelry with your dress. These are few tips which will help you not-to-be famous for wearing same clothes for every occasion. So go ahead and try them and tell us how they helped you.


KIMMY DORA and the TEMPLE OF KIYEME A dog frantically howling at the moon, a vengeful spirit gleefully stealing its victims’ souls, three men mysteriously falling into comas. If you think you have mistakenly walked into the cinema showing the latest instalment of Shake, Rattle & Roll, you’re wrong. Brace yourself—this is Joyce Bernal’s Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme. Like any other sequel, Temple of Kiyeme sets out to surpass the previous film. More visual effects? A brief sojourn to a foreign country? A slew of cameos including Raymond Gutierrez, Jinggoy Estrada and Kris Aquino? Check, check and check. But did it measure up to the 2009 breakout hit? Unfortunately, it did not. It’s possible that because audiences enjoy horror, suspense, drama and romance, Bernal and Martinez decided to mix a little of

everything—with little success. And while koreanovelas are extremely popular, using a fourth of the movie to feature Korea simply clutters the film further. By trying to please everyone, the film failed to live up to its potential. If Bernal and Martinez had only focused on further developing and cultivating the distinctive Filipino humor that made the first Kimmy Dora such a crossover hit, Temple of Kiyeme would have been a film worth watching. FINAL RATING:



THE PACQUIAO-BRADLEY POST-FIGHT ANALYSIS I have watched a lot of boxing in my life and have seen more than my fair share of robberies. When Paul Williams was given a gift decision over Erislandy Lara, it felt wrong but predictable. When Tavoris Cloud got an undeserved win over Gabriel Campillo, it was the same. Even Brandon Rios over Richard Abril (to complete the hat trick of fairly recent robberies I can remember in my post-fight haze) made sense. But Timothy Bradley getting the nod over Manny Pacquiao in a fight that Pacquiao appeared to very clearly win makes no sense in the typical line of boxing thinking. Timothy Bradley's biggest fight prior to this was against Devon Alexander in what was supposed to be a massively important fight but instead turned out to be a complete box office flop. He is not a draw whereas Pacquiao is one of the world's biggest superstars. The close calls go the way of the superstar, that's just how the sport works. It's not because of people getting "paid off" or anything quite so nefarious. It's usually just that these things affect the judges. They know a guy, they pay more attention to him, it makes everything they do seem bigger and better ... etc. The Tim Bradley's of the world don't get their hand raised in robberies. My mind is blown.


BEHIND THE PRETTY FACE: INTERVIEW WITH P&G’s CHA MORADOS The gorgeous businesswoman, entrepreneur Cha Morados tells how she manages work-life balance, her beauty secrets, and being on top of her game. Apart from excelling in beauty, grace and intelligence, Cha inspired people by eloquently articulating her Christian faith to a global audience. She also always ranked near the highest among fans, topping the Q&A online fanvotes wit h a rating of 7.5 percent and second highest in theswimsuit and evenin g gown votes. This writer had a three-hour exclusive interview with Cha for MC’s Core. Here are excerpts:

MC: What are your beauty secrets? CM: I sleep a lot, usually eight to 10 hours daily. When you’re wellrested, you feel good and it makes you less grumpy. If I lack sleep, it makes me feel irritable. Also, as much as possible, I wear no makeup. MC: Back to your dream house; how would you design it? CM: My dream house would be simple and small. I want a library, a small media room like a four-seater mini-cinema with good acoustics. I want more open spaces and a garden. I’m more of a minimalist. I don’t like too many embellishments. My type of architecture is more simple lines lang. Gusto ko (I want) every design to have a purpose. There should also be natural ventilation, and natural lighting.

MC: How do you maintain work-life balance? CM: I believe we should all help the country progress. Do not put all the blame and responsibilities only on the government. I believe it’s not good if people keep criticizing but do not help. I believe the country needs more teamwork; we need to help out.

The Core | Issue 1 (Jul-Sep'12)  

The first issue of MediaCom Philippines' quarterly magazine, The Core.

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