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Meet the Dog groomer Your four-legged friend needs a good pampering once in a while – these local experts are ready and waiting with the shampoo and clippers...

Gemma Moffatt

Karla Gregory

Have you got any top tips to help keep our dogs’ fur in good condition? Make sure you use the right combs & brushes for your dogs coat. A good undercoat rake & moulting comb are suitable for most dogs except those with very short coats. I carry a range for you to purchase. Feed your dog a good quality food, you may need to try a few to find the best one.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job? Developing life-long relationships with owners and their pets by providing them with a reliable, professional and personal service that meets their individual needs. I’ve always loved dogs (I have two myself) and it’s particularly rewarding to be recognised and greeted happily by previous ‘customers’ to my salon!

How long have you been a dog groomer? I joined Groomed to Pawfection six years ago and was a part-time/casual dog groomer before.

How long does it take to groom a dog? Only about an hour, depending on the breed

What other services can you offer? I specialise in evening appointments which are more convenient for working dog owners and means dogs aren’t caged all day until collection. I also offer ‘hand stripping’, a grooming technique which helps maintain a healthy, well-textured coat by using a natural pumice stone to remove dead hair without the use of clippers.

ian perrior

Dial A Dog Wash Devon 01837 880275/ 0751 327 1756; www.dialadogwashdevon

How do you deal with anxious dogs? As a mobile groomer I only have one dog in my van at a time so I can react to your pet’s needs. It is a calm environment without other dogs and people around. Are there any particular shampoos or conditioners you use? I only use high quality natural products. I have a range of Wild Wash shampoos for various coats and Secret Weapon conditioner, which is very expensive but gives a fantastic result.

Duffersons Dog Grooming Emporium; 07510 084835

What do your customers say about the salon? “Brilliant friendly service. Woody looked superb. Happy I’ve finally found a dog groomer who takes the time to discuss your requirements. Highly recommended.” Emma and Woody the cockerpoo.

Kelly gayler

KJG Dog Grooming Academy; 01626 854215

Groomed to Pawfection 01363 777113; www.

How do you deal with anxious dogs? I love working with anxious dogs and feel that this stems from my previous career working with people experiencing mental health difficulties. Many of the skills are transferable. My dog’s fur is extremely matted. What can you do? ­Once a coat is matted, the kindest thing to do is to shave it off as it causes sores, restriction in movement, and can harbour visitors such as fleas. We believe in humanity before vanity. Sadly, a shaved dog often upsets an owner but our priority is the dog’s welfare. What other services can you offer? We offer a collection and delivery service. We groom cats and other small animals and offer a range of quality food and treats, with coldpressed and raw being our main lines.

How long have you been a dog groomer? I trained to be a dog groomer in 2001 and have won many awards over the last 16 years. I started teaching four years ago after undergoing a teaching qualification. What is the most enjoyable part of your job? Whether it’s seeing a nervous dog blossom into a confident one, or seeing a hairy hound become beautiful and leave the salon with its tail held high, I love seeing the transformations. I also have a passion for teaching, so seeing my students grow into confident groomers is very rewarding. What are your top tips for keeping our dog’s fur in good condition? Brushing! It has many benefits to you both including, helping you to bond, improving the dog’s circulation, identifying any unusual lumps, skin issues or parasites and, of course, keeping the dog matt-free and comfortable. Is there a particular breed you prefer to groom? I love scissoring, so poodles and poodle crosses are lots of fun to groom! I EXETER LIVING I 65

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Exeter Living – Issue 220  

Exeter Living – Issue 220