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PAY IT FORWARD As we make more informed and responsible choices when it comes to choosing our groceries, indie retailers have never looked better


re you keen on ethical, organic products and supporting local businesses? So are we! More and more independent retailers across the UK are offering organic products, which are better for the environment, animal welfare and British wildlife. These stores have been quick to respond to the public’s concerns about where their food comes from and often opt to stock organic options which support our farmers. You can rely on your local indie retailer for a good chat about the products on their shelves, which can often be tricky at the supermarket. Be sure to visit your local shop and get your questions answered! There are lots of stores to choose from in and around Bath and Bristol that support Britain’s organic producers and brands. Shopping at them means that you can be confident that you’re supporting local and environmentally friendly farming. The Soil Association hosts an Independent Retailer Map on its website, which shows a variety of indie shops offering organic. Take a look, learn more about organic and visit an independent retailer near you today!; 0117 314 5000


Crumbs Bath & Bristol - Issue 68  
Crumbs Bath & Bristol - Issue 68