Bristol Life - Issue 243

Page 31


TAIT MODERN Meet Alice Jennings – the Bristol artist who won the 2017 Ruth Tait Award, which champions the work of young sculptors. Alice studied at UWE, which is where she first became seduced by sculpture; she’s currently a member of art collective CHAMP, with a studio based at the Brunswick Club. “As a member of the creative community of Bristol,” she says, “I have a close affiliation with stimulating musicians and sound artists, who work in a variety of experimental genres. Being cocooned in this culture has changed the way that I perceive space and sound, and through these immersive experiences I’ve taken inspiration for my sculpting forms. “I like to explore the theme of texture, and how people relate to it through sound, shape and form. I am enticed and intrigued by the many organic shapes and forms that surround and seduce us. “In my work I try to convey my own actions through the shape and form of the materials I use. Having grown up with a brother with Down’s Syndrome, I have always questioned the idea of beauty, and what it means to each of us.” Alice stands next to her maquette (a preliminary model) for her piece Cumulus – see her making it on her Facebook page

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