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THE TRANSFORMATION OF TV: WHAT IT MEANS TO MEDIA COMPANIES TODAY—AND BEYOND Building a Strategy for Thriving in the New World of Multi-Channel Distribution WHITEPAPER


CONTENTS 3 Introduction 5 Connecting consumers with content: new devices, platforms, and destinations

7 Monetizing content wherever, whenever, and however it’s consumed 9 Protecting content and managing rights across every kind of screen 11 Measuring and optimizing performance 13 Keeping up with rapidly growing audiences—and expectations 14 Conclusion

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THE TRANSFORMATION OF TV: WHAT IT MEANS TO MEDIA COMPANIES TODAY—AND BEYOND Consumers are driving a profound transformation in the way media is delivered and enjoyed. Today’s viewers are forming new expectations and habits that are pushing the media industry to new levels of innovation. People now expect a simple, convenient, and high-quality experience wherever and however they feel like watching video, from the smartphones in their pockets to smart TVs in their living rooms. They also expect a full range of options for the way their media is paid for, from traditional ad-supported models to purchase, rental, and subscription for both live and video-on-demand content. And increasingly they use social media to discover, share, and engage with their favorite shows, movies, and other media. The transformation of TV is an exciting development for consumers and the industry alike—but for media companies, these new requirements pose considerable challenges. PROLIFERATING DEVICES AND DESTINATIONS Media companies now have to engage users across an ever-expanding range of devices and platforms while delivering the best possible experience every time. With traditional media channels losing their domination, you also have to extend your reach into social media, app stores, and other modes of discovery and access. MONETIZATION The transformation of TV brings endless ways to monetize content—advertising, payper-view, download-to-own, subscription, rental, and even TV Everywhere (TVE), a new model for multichannel video

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programming distributor (MVPD) authentication that allows cable and satellite subscribers to watch the programming they already pay for on non-TV devices. But each model depends on new tools and technologies to make it work. CONTENT PROTECTION It was hard enough to protect video when you only had one or two screens to worry about. Now, you need to keep your content secure across a diverse ecosystem of devices and platforms—without getting in the way of your business model. MEASUREMENT AND INSIGHT As you optimize your business for a new era of media, you need a way to know what’s working and what isn’t based on reliable, timely analytics drawn from a variety of sources and touchpoints. SCALE To keep pace with rising demand—and capitalize on the opportunities it creates—you need to be able to deliver a great experience no matter how big your audience gets. That means scaling your library quickly and costeffectively to provide a steady supply of new content; introducing innovative new features; and keeping up with spikes in traffic when content like breaking news or the next viral sensation push your audience to a new level.


THE TRANSFORMATION OF TV: WHAT IT MEANS TO MEDIA COMPANIES TODAY—AND BEYOND Brightcove was an early pioneer in the online video platform space and is now playing a central role in enabling the transformation of TV. As fragmentation continues to reshape the media landscape and new forms of content delivery, consumption, and monetization emerge, Brightcove helps companies execute initiatives to thrive across every channel they choose. This white paper discusses the implications of the transformation of TV for media companies and how they can implement a complete multi-platform strategy for the new world of TV with Brightcove solutions and best practices.

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CONNECTING CONSUMERS WITH CONTENT: NEW DEVICES, PLATFORMS, AND DESTINATIONS The dominance of traditional linear broadcast TV is over. As online media and mobile technology transform media, consumers now access content in more ways than ever: live, on-demand, mobile, desktop, living room, and beyond. According to Nielsen, mobile video viewing more than tripled between Q3 2008 and Q3 2011. It’s no longer viable for media companies to focus on a single channel; now, they have to be able deliver across a rapidly proliferating array of devices, platforms, and underlying technologies, including: Desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets running Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android Internet-connected Smart TVs that run third party apps Over-the-top (OTT) hardware like Roku, Apple TV, Boxee, Google TV, Microsoft Xbox, and Sony PS3 OTT service provides like NetFlix, Amazon. com, and BBCi With so many options available to viewers, you can’t afford to alienate them with jerky, stalled, or low-definition video. To deliver content in the right way for each viewer, you need to be able to deliver video in multiple renditions and stream at different bit rates according to their specific device and network connection.

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Content discovery has undergone a dramatic change as well. Social networks such as Facebook let people find and share content through the shared tastes and affinities of their friends. Social sharing can yield tremendous benefits in increased reach and exposure, but as an organic, viral process, it’s not something media companies can control directly, as they would a traditional ad buy. Instead, you have to pay close attention to the kind of content your audience is most likely to share, then make it as easy as possible to do so, including the ability to play and share videos right from a social network feed. Blogs and video aggregator sites play a similar role, providing added viral distribution—especially when videos include features that make them simple to embed and re-post in new locations. Syndication is vital to success in the highly fragmented content landscape. To gain the largest possible audience, you have to reach beyond your own properties and reach viewers on portals such as Yahoo, MSN, and AOL as well as video destination sites like YouTube and Hulu. Beyond increasing reach for individual titles, this can create a valuable halo effect for all of your content by bringing viewers back to your own branded destination site.


CONNECTING CONSUMERS WITH CONTENT: NEW DEVICES, PLATFORMS, AND DESTINATIONS Reaching fragmented video audiences with Brightcove Brightcove helps you reach your audience on any screen no matter how many different types of devices and platforms you’re targeting, from touch-web mobile and iPad experiences, to native apps for smart phones and TVs, to full-functional branded players for Facebook. MULTI-PLATFORM DELIVERY Brightcove Video Cloud Smart Players automatically detect the device playing your video, then deliver the appropriate format— Flash or HTML5—for that environment, eliminating the need to create and manage separate online video players for each viewer environment. Multi-bitrate delivery, fine-grained control of encoding settings, and player styling and customization help you ensure a high-quality experience for every viewer. Smart Players also include support for VAST advertising, making it possible to not only reach, but also monetize device audiences. LIVING ROOM EXPERIENCES As online video reaches the living room, Brightcove helps you deliver content to the best screen in the house through free reference applications that integrate with leading Smart TV and over-the-top (OTT) providers including LG Smart TV, Panasonic VIERA Connect, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, and Microsoft Xbox.

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NATIVE APPS For mobile devices, Brightcove App Cloud makes it simple to create content-centric native apps for distribution through the Apple App Store and Android Market, then manage and optimize their content. SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION Brightcove Video Cloud players are preapproved for playback on Facebook, letting you play your video in a branded experience on your own Facebook pages or in your viewers’ news feeds—complete with player customization and calls-toaction. A YouTube sync capability lets you synchronize entire libraries or groups of content to the world’s largest video destination, complete with YouTubeappropriate metadata such as title, descriptions, and tags. API and feed-based syndication support efficient partner distribution, and viral player sharing features make it simple for viewers to share your content widely.


MONETIZING CONTENT WHEREVER, WHENEVER, AND HOWEVER IT’S CONSUMED As the media landscape grows in diversity, so do the opportunities for media companies to monetize their content—but only if their revenue models and technologies can keep pace with the fastevolving marketplace. Advertising remains an important part of the revenue mix, providing in-demand impressions for brands and “free” content for consumers. The online video advertising segment is growing rapidly—but so is the complexity it presents for media companies, including: Multiple ad formats, including linear video ads that run before, during, or after the featured content; non-linear text, graphical, or video ads that run as overlays at the same time as the featured content; and companion ads that appear alongside the player Preroll, mid-roll, post-roll, lower-third, and companion banner ad placements A diverse ecosystem of in-house ad sales, ad networks, ad exchanges, and ad serving platforms to sell and serve ads The need to create, traffic, and track campaigns across properties and devices Paid content models bring their own set of requirements. Pay-per-view and subscription services for live and on-demand content depend on a layer of password protection, payment engines, and digital rights management (DRM) tools. As pay TV companies adapt to the new world of media, a TV Everywhere strategy lets subscribers use their cable or satellite credentials to access programming on non-TV devices as well—a model that viewers love, but media companies must work hard to enable.

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While media companies work to implement their monetization strategy, they must also keep in mind a lesson learned painfully by the music industry: when it comes to content, many consumers will follow the path of least resistance—legal or otherwise. Viewers want to be able to watch what they want to watch, when and where they want, on the device of their choice, with the least friction possible. To provide the most convenient and appealing possible experience, you need to make security and access simple and painless for paying customers to navigate.

Any device, any model monetization with Brightcove Brightcove Video Cloud provides advanced monetization capabilities that make it simple to implement and manage ad-supported content and premium video models across all types of devices. Brightcove also helps media companies support their monetization strategy through DRM and other content protection technologies—these will be discussed in the following section. For AD-SUPPORTED BUSINESS, Brightcove Video Cloud supports all standard IAB video ad formats and can insert pre-, mid-, and post-roll ads as well as non-linear graphic and text overlays into both live and on-demand video. As the only online video platform provider active in the development of IAB standards, Brightcove will continue to help media companies put the latest advertising formats and experiences to work for their business and their customers. 7

MONETIZING CONTENT WHEREVER, WHENEVER, AND HOWEVER IT’S CONSUMED Brightcove’s unmatched partner ecosystem opens a broad range of content monetization opportunities and solutions through ad networks such as Tremor Media and YuMe; ad serving platforms such as DART for Publishers, ADTECH Helios IQ, Atlas, Vindico for Video, FreeWheel, and Yahoo! APT; and ad exchanges including LiveRail, TubeMogul, and Support for VAST and VPAID standards ensures compatibility with third-party systems and uniform means of creating, trafficking, and tracking campaigns across properties. Brightcove technology even enables custom integration with other non-supported servers and technologies. Pay TV providers can introduce TV EVERYWHERE (TVE) seamlessly by adding multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) authentication to allow paid subscribers to watch their programming on non-TV devices. Brightcove Video Cloud works with a variety of leading programmers and pay TV operators to deliver TV Everywhere solutions using Adobe Pass technologies. Cross-domain authentication and authorization at the player, page, and site level dramatically improves the user experience by reducing the need for viewers to re-enter their credentials. PAY TV MODELS such as pay-per-view (PPV), subscription video on-demand (SVOD), rental, and download-to-own (DTO) can be enabled through password-protected access, payment processing, and DRM provided by Brightcove and its partners to give customers a convenient, fully branded paid video experience.

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PROTECTING CONTENT AND MANAGING RIGHTS ACROSS EVERY KIND OF SCREEN As your content flows to more types of devices through more channels under more business models, you need to maintain control of how, when, where, and by whom your videos are accessed. This includes both security technologies such as encryption as well as DRM capabilities to support your specific pay models and rights agreements. Different types of content call for different levels of protection: No protection for content intended for open and unlimited use, such as marketing videos and user-generated content (UGC) Basic protection for non-paid content that should be widely and easily accessible, but prevented from appearing in inappropriate contexts or being used in undesirable ways

Higher protection for content intended for controlled distribution that have a potential for illicit viewing or copying, such as movies or TV episodes where the rights are owned within your organization Strict protection for pay TV and content licensed from studios who require the most robust content protection to control who views it and under what circumstances

Basic DRM can be enough for some pay models that require customers to log into a paid account before they can stream content. More sophisticated pay models that involve complex policies around payment terms and playback privileges call for more advanced DRM capabilities. These include authentication tools to verify the viewer’s identity no matter what device they use to access content, as well as authorization tools to verify that the viewer has appropriately subscribed to, purchased, or rented the requested programming.

Multi-screen DRM and content protection with Brightcove Brightcove Video Cloud helps you protect movies, TV shows, and other valuable video content with studio-grade DRM and security technologies for every device, across the entire video lifecycle, from ingestion and packaging through license key serving and decryption. ADOBE FLASH ACCESS DRM Brightcove has passed the compliance and robustness riles for serving DRM content via Adobe Flash Access. Video assets are individually encrypted and packaged with unique individual encryption keys at the origination point. The process is transparent to viewers, with no need to install a plug-in or enter a user name and password. Publishers can define policies to describe how content can be played, including content availability schedules; prevent viewers from altering or re-publishing content; and prevent unauthorized access to non-public content, all while ensuring a high-quality viewer experience. Cloud-based packaging simplifies workflow and speeds time to market.

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PROTECTING CONTENT AND MANAGING RIGHTS ACROSS EVERY KIND OF SCREEN APPLE HLS ENCRYPTION HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Encryption protects iOS video with AES-128 encryption as it travels from origin to player. HLS Encryption is the only way to deliver iOS video in the browser for live and on-demand video content, and is required for the delivery of content via the iTunes App Store. HLS Encryption is supported on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV, and several thirdparty smart TV platforms including Samsung, LG, and Roku. WINDOWING AND GEO RESTRICTION The ability to schedule when and where your content can be viewed helps you support business agreements and international rights restrictions for redistribution of content.

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MEASURING AND OPTIMIZING PERFORMANCE New models for media delivery and consumption call for new ways to measure and optimize performance. This requires deep information across multiple dimensions such as: VIEWER TRENDS What does your audience look like? How is it growing and changing over time? Which of your videos do viewers like best, and how are they responding to changes in your offerings?

SEARCH TERM REPORTING How are people finding your content through organic search? Can you finetune your SEO strategy to build on your strengths?

ENGAGEMENT REPORTING Are people watching your videos all the way through to the end, or dropping off midway? Which kinds of content hold their interest the best? How can you ensure the best results for your viewers and advertisers alike?

GEOGRAPHIC REPORTING Where are your viewers coming from, and how can you take advantage of your most productive regions—for example, by providing content and experiences tailored to specific places?

SYNDICATED CONTENT How effective is your distribution strategy? Which syndication partners are delivering the most viewers for your content, and how can you leverage them to even greater effect?

Measurement and Insight with Brightcove The best practice approach for measurement and insight is to use analytics from multiple sources, integrated into a single environment, to gain a rich, 360 degree view of your audience. Brightcove Video Cloud combines built-in audience analytics with seamless integration to third-party systems so you can make fully informed editorial and distribution decisions. BUILT-IN ANALYTICS Video Cloud helps you understand audience preferences and content popularity with detailed data on unique viewers, new viewers, and geographic distribution of views as well as engagement rates, social sharing trends, and referral traffic.

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OMNITURE INTEGRATION Video Cloud links seamlessly with your Omniture SiteCatalyst system via a Flash plug-in to help you use your existing decision support tools to optimize your online video business.


PROTECTING CONTENT AND MANAGING RIGHTS ACROSS EVERY KIND OF SCREEN AKAMAI INTEGRATION Akamai Media Analytics standard and custom reports provide rich real-time and historical quality of service (QoS) data, including bitrate, availability, rebuffering, and startup time so you can make sure the experience you provide to viewers meets their expectations. Integration with Brightcove enables out-of-the-box reporting窶馬ot just a reference for required further development.

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QUANTCAST INTEGRATION Quantcast lets you collect detailed traffic, demographic, geographic, and business data for all of your Brightcove Video Cloud assets. NIELSEN INTEGRATION Nielsen Video Analytics is integrated with the Brightcove Video Cloud player for deep insight into audience engagement based on factors such as how long someone watches a clip and at what audio volume.


KEEPING UP WITH RAPIDLY GROWING AUDIENCES—AND EXPECTATIONS The rapid growth of online video creates both opportunities and challenges for media companies. Unless you can provide the great experience viewers are looking for—including a large, constantly-refreshed selection of videos— your new customers won’t be around for long. If your video platform is unable to keep pace with your business growth, customers can be subjected to downtime that leads to lost revenue, missed ad runs, and damage to your brand and viewer loyalty. Spikes in viewership can render your content inaccessible just when it’s most in demand. As your video library becomes more complex and your strategy becomes more sophisticated, you’ll need tools and automation to manage larger-scale operations. To keep up with viewer demand for fresh new content of all kinds, media companies need to continually expand their offerings with original programming, partner content, UGC, and repurposed archival content. Consumers should have a broad choice of options for both live and on-demand video in a variety of lengths to suit different tastes and occasions. As new online video trends and viewer preferences and emerge, you need the agility to deliver an innovative, differentiated experience that keeps viewers coming back for more.

Scale and innovation with Brightcove Brightcove is trusted by leading global media companies and marketers as well as fast-growing newcomers to ensure reliable performance and uptime across every aspect of video delivery, from ingestion and encoding through playback on any viewer device. On-demand and live video can be delivered consistently even during demand spikes. Around-the-clock access to world-class support helps Brightcove customers keep their online video operations running smoothly. The Video Cloud Media Library enables effective management, including comprehensive support for complex workflows, for large and diverse libraries including internally produced video as well as repurposed archival content, UGC, and partner content. Flexible APIs let you integrate Video Cloud with your existing content management (CMS) and digital asset management (DAM) systems. The extensibility of Brightcove Video Cloud lets you add features and functionality from the large Brightcove partner ecosystem, such as captioning, chat and ratings, and e-commerce, in a fraction of the normal development time. Brightcove also helps you scale your library quickly, easily, and cost-effectively through the Brightcove Content Exchange, a select group of Brightcove partners with large libraries of content who make their online video available to other Brightcove publishers. This includes high-quality, professionally produced video in categories such as news, sports, entertainment, and how-to. Flexible options for monetization allow publishers to sell ads themselves, relinquish this option to content owners and receive a share of their revenue, or do both.

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CONCLUSION The transformation of TV shows no signs of slowing down. To adapt to a rapidly changing media environment while capitalizing on powerful new revenue opportunities, media companies need to move quickly to embrace new strategies and implement the technologies to support them. Brightcove provides technologies, best practices, and industry partnerships that can enable companies of all sizes to deliver content to any device, on any platform, under any payment model— so you can grow and thrive in the new world of video. For more information, please visit:

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