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0800 093 8441 One Call, One Service, One Solution We are a subscriber to The Association of British Insurers Third Party Agreement. Simply, this means that the services we provide for our clients meet the guidelines set out by the leading insurance companies.

One Call, One Service, One Solution

Have you had an accident that was not your fault? Do you need a replacement vehicle? It doesn’t have to cost you anything!

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU In the event of your vehicle being un-roadworthy due to a non-fault accident, we will: • Immediately provide a suitable replacement vehicle to avoid any further disruption to you. We have an agreement with all the major insurance companies to ensure all reasonable hire fees are recoverable. • Arrange for repairs to be carried out at a body shop of your choice and arrange for payment to be made directly to the repairing garage without involving your own insurance company. You keep the replacement vehicle until repairs to your vehicle are completed. We will monitor the progress of the repair to ensure you get your own vehicle back as quickly as possible. • Recover the repair costs and hire charges together with any other uninsured losses such as damage to goods in transit, personal injury, out of pocket expenses etc. • This service is available whether you have fully comprehensive or third party insurance. • We have a wide range of vehicles available such as Saloon Cars, Hatchbacks, Estate Cars, MPV’s, 4x4’s, Vans and Prestige Cars.

WHAT DO I DO NEXT? After a non-fault accident ring our FREEPHONE number for fast, free, friendly advice

0800 093 8441 and have your details at hand.

CREDIT REPAIR Where an accident is clearly not your fault we will: • Appoint an independent assessor to inspect your vehicle and produce a report detailing repairs required, cost of repair and whether or not your vehicle is deemed to be a write off • Authorise the garage to carry out repairs as per the report of the assessor. • Arrange payment for the repairs and recover these costs directly from the insurance company of the negligent party. • In the event your vehicle is deemed to be a total loss, we will recover the pre-accident value of your vehicle from the insurance company of the negligent party. You keep the replacement vehicle until you receive your money for the damaged vehicle. • Credit Repair service is only available when you utilise our replacement vehicle.

BENEFITS OF USING COLLISION SOLUTIONS CREDIT REPAIR SCHEME • No excess to pay • No claim is made on your policy to increase your premium at renewal date • You can choose the garage for your vehicle to be repaired • Like for like replacement vehicle provided. (Subject to age of your damaged vehicle and need for an equivalent sized vehicle)

VEHICLE STILL ROADWORTHY? If your vehicle is still legally driveable after the accident we can still help. We can deal with the credit repair for you and provide a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repair. We will meet you at the garage when your vehicle is booked in and you have use of the replacement vehicle until your own vehicle repairs are completed.

WHO ARE COLLISION SOLUTIONS? Collision Solutions have extensive expertise in nonfault accident claims and can offer you assistance with your claim for repairs to your damaged vehicle and provide a replacement vehicle while your own is off the road.

DID YOU KNOW… That, should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident which was not your fault, certain insurance companies may insist that your vehicle is taken to a repairer of their choice, not yours and that you may not receive a replacement vehicle to match your needs? FACT: The choice of who repairs your vehicle is yours! So, for example, you can choose to have it repaired • At the garage that services your vehicle or is near to your home • At a repairer that you know produces quality work • At a manufacturer approved repairer – maintaining your warranty FACT: You are entitled to a like for like replacement vehicle, which meets your needs, while yours is being repaired. The replacement vehicle supplied by most insurers, or their repairers, is almost always a small hatchback, fine for some people. But what if you have a family to ferry around? What if you rely on your van for your living? Collision Solutions simply arrange repairs to your vehicle at your choice of repairer and we supply a suitable replacement vehicle. The repair and replacement vehicle costs are recovered from the negligent driver’s insurance company without the need to involve your own insurance company.

For fast, free, friendly advice FREEPHONE:

0800 093 8441 One Call, One Service, One Solution

Dewan Industrial Estate, York Avenue, Helmshore, Rossendale BB4 4JG T: 01706 227770 F: 01706 227773 W: Collision Solutions is a trading name of Collision Solutions Limited. Regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of regulated claims management activities. Registered in England and Wales Company Registration No. 5316390

Collision Leaflet  

A guidance leaflet for when you are involved in a motor accident and the help that you have a right to by UK law