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Feature: Cement & Concrete

Superb concrete laser floors

Two projects recently completed by Concrete Laser

supply and install a fully bonded concrete overlay reinforced with

Flooring (CLF) of Jetpark, Johannesburg, exemplify

50 000m² of concrete laser flooring being installed – 50% of which was

the benefits of using CLF – Concrete Laser Flooring Pty Ltd, and the versatility of their company prod-

applied externally to provide strong and hardwearing access hardstands to the building. By expertly applying the concept of a 115mm SFRC bonded overlay,

ucts and systems for almost any industrial flooring

this floor provides a jointless surface that is particularly suitable for high


ment of the floor going forward as there are no joints to maintain.


traffic volumes and which hugely reduces the maintenance requireThe second project was another refurbishment project where an

LF was established in 2004, with the intention of providing cli-

unbonded concrete overlay was provided for PHD in Rooihuiskraal,

ents with quality industrial flooring. Shortly afterwards Norton

Centurion, for its central distribution centre, which is a high racking

Construction Products was acquired – a leading supplier of technical

facility that has the need to accommodate a variety of forklift vehicles.

know-how and quality products used in the industrial flooring market.

Norton worked with David Freeme of HBS Consulting on this instal-

This high-profile combination of two reputable and specialist com-

lation and also used the patented lithium chemical surface hardener –

panies enabled the delivery of an exceptional turnkey service for new

PentraSil – providing a perfect foundation to give the floors permanent

floors or the refurbishment of existing, which subsequently set new

protection and a longer-lasting floor finish. Durojoint – a ready-to-use,

standards for the speed, quality and levelness of concrete floors to

extruded soft rubber profile was used to provide early age protection

meet any requirement.

to the construction, control and expansion of joints in the floors; the

Combining years of contracting experience with world-class products and equipment has culminated in producing arguably one of the

Diamond dowel system was used for load transfer at the construction joints.

world’s finest industrial flooring contractors, because although CLF is

Over 11 000m² of this flooring was provided on this project, with the

predominantly active in the Gauteng area, the company undertakes

installation taking only five working days, which in turn stresses that by

contracts throughout Southern Africa and supplies flooring products

using CLF – Concrete Laser Flooring Pty Ltd and world class products,

throughout the world.

the end result is a world class floor delivered in record breaking time.

The project currently underway for the first Ellerines Centralised

CLF also undertakes corporate wide floor upgrade projects and has a

Distribution centre in Boksburg being developed by Zenprop under-

specalist repair division within the group that does cracks repairs, con-

lines the company’s expertise in the refurbishment of existing floors.

crete grinding and polishing, self level screeds and epoxy coatings

The premises were previously used by a company in the steel industry,


imported NorFibre Steel Fibres and Bar Reinforcement, resulting in over

Concrete Laser Flooring (CLF) Durban

and were in dire need of resurfacing to exacting flatness tolerances as

Tel: 011 323 2900 Tel: 031 705 2388

Ellerines required a CAT 1 flatness for their high racking requirements.

Fax: 011 823 2103

Norton worked with Steve Sotiralis of Sotiralis Consulting to design,

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0


Fax: 031 705 1614

FLOORS in Africa Journal 6'2010  

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FLOORS in Africa Journal 6'2010  

Africa's leading flooring magazine