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Meeting the standard

SANS 52825:2009 Ultimate load Actual Carry Load/point load


t is apparent from the lead article on Access Flooring in this issue that there is considerable concern over the new SANS 52825:2009 Access

Flooring – based on the European EN standard that was adopted in the UK – as it does not meet the requirements of the local marketplace. Load testing is of particular concern, because the new standard falls short of that required by SABS 1549:1993 – the standard that has been used by the local manufacturers for years without any problems or failures. Jaco Boshoff says that at Solidfeel they have an in-house test facility, but


4kN/ 400kg

1,3kN/ 130kg

3,6kN/ 360kg


6kN/ 600kg

2kN / 200kg

5,5kN/ 550kg


8kN/ 800kg

2,6kN/ 260kg

7,2kN/ 720kg


9kN/ 900kg

3kN/ 300kg

8,3kN/ 830kg


10kN/ 1000kg

3,3kN/ 330kg

9,1kN/ 910kg


12kN/ 1200kg

4kN/ 400kg

11,12kN/ 1112kg

neither SABS nor SANS has the test equipment to fully test access flooring, which should be carried out by an SABS/ISO-accredited quality technician


to ensure that all products conform to the SABS 1549:1993 standard.

Ultimate load

“The CISCA testing standard and methodology is the international benchmark to which access flooring must conform, and CISCA and SABS 1549:1993 are very similar,” he says. “This means that products that do not conform to SABS 1549:1993 would not conform to CISCA, and this is exactly the problem we have with the SANS testing standard. There is also great confusion in the mar-

“Carrying load refers to a safe load on the floor with a safety factor of

SABS 1549: 1993 Actual Distribution Carry load/m2 Load/point load



8,1kN/ 810kg

2,7kN/ 270kg

7,5kN/ 750kg

Light weight


13,5kN/ 1350kg

4,5kN/ 450kg

12,5kN/ 1250kg

Medium weight


16,5kN/ 1650kg

5,5kN/ 550kg

15,29kN/ 1529kg

Heavy weight


27kN/ 2700kg

9kN/ 900kg

25kN / 2500kg

Extra heavy weight

ket place when the different technical term Carrying Load/Point Load as opposed to Ultimate Load is used.”

Distribution load/m2

three (3) still to be taken into account. Ultimate load refers to the maximum load a floor can carry before structural failure would occur. The latter has no safety factor.” “Where a system has an ultimate load indicated, this number should

All readings (except for Ultimate loads) are based on a 2,5mm deflection and a permanent set of less or equal to 0,5mm

The South African Bureau of Standards is to review the situation in

ideally be divided by three (3) to ascertain the true safe carrying load of

view of the comments from the industry, but clients should adhere

the said floor. Only then can comparisons between different systems be

to SABS 1549:1993 at this stage, which has already served the indus-

done accurately,” Jaco concludes.

try well, until the problems has been resolved.


The range of access floors has been specifically designed to cater for the demands and flexibility required by today’s highly technological business environment. SolidFeel Access Floors are flexible enough to adapt quickly, and easily to changing office furniture and equipment layouts. The SolidFeel Access Floor range of panel are designed to withstand heavy rolling and concentrated loads. The SolidFeel system, including our new 1.2 m span understructure, with finished floor hights of up to 1.8 meters, is the ideal choice for today’s server and data room environments. SolidFeel systems have the versatility of allowing panel with different load characteristics to be placed exactly where they are required without changing the understructure. SolidFeel embraces the Green Concept within the parameters of our product range. In our manufacturing process we strive to use the resources at our disposal responsibly and contributes to a better living standard for all. SolidFeel Access Flooring is manufactured to the highest specification and when used to its full potential it will make a contribution towards a Green Star rating.

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FLOORS in Africa Journal 6'2010  

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