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Feature: Access Flooring & Cable M anagement

Access flooring paid for in less than one year!

Bergvik, a well-established and reputable raised

CRAC set temperature by 3-5ºC.

access flooring company, provides added revenue

fire suppressant cylinders and batteries directly on top of the Bergvik

Other cost savings come from being able to put the CRAC units,

streams for customers that enable them to pay for

floor which means no external boxes are required, grounding is

the floor in less than twelve months.

bridging is necessary because the pedestals are movable, not set at


required in only two places instead of multi-point grounding, and no 600 x 600mm squares.

stablished in 1970, Bergvik flooring has designed, manufactured

Bergvik adds to the revenue streams of its customers by generat-

and sold technical raised floors and secure seismic bracing solu-

ing optimised floor layouts to provide the opportunity to add more

tions all over the world, and is an innovative knowledge company

server racks on the same data centre footprint. This provides an

with operations in Sweden, South Africa and USA.

added revenue stream of about R9000 per rack per month. A signifi-

According to Peter Brandstrom, CEO of Bergvik, “We have a strong focus on raised floor systems and seismic bracing tailoring solutions for our customers’ applications worldwide. We work hard to increase

cant example includes one client that created an additional revenue stream of R3-million within 12 months! This was achieved by offering a 900x600mm custom size 56%

our customers’ value chain and competitive strength through close

Airflow panel with high-plume fins, improving air stratification,

cooperation and a strong end-user perspective.”

instead of a cold aisle width of 1 200mm using two standard flat-bot-

Clients such as Vodacom, MTN, Neotel and Eskom have realised the advantages this unique Swedish product provides to their data cen-

tom panels positioned side by side. Bergvik can improve asset turnover (a measure of how well assets

tres and telecommunication and electrical rooms. In less than 3 years,

are being used to produce revenue) as the floor can last for years and

the Bergvik staff complement has trebled as orders stream in – even

it is flexible and adaptable for future changes and requirements.

during times of recession.

Located in Blackheath, Cape Town, Bergvik can provide materials

According to Brandstrom, “The old mindset was to build a floor the

with very short lead times since they keep a large inventory in South

cheapest way possible. The new mindset is to build a floor that helps

Africa. They only make use of accredited installers (in-house and sub-

your customers reduce their costs, increase their revenue streams

contractors) and they provide a 5-year warranty.

while improving their asset turnover.” How can a raised floor achieve these benefits? Bergvik realised that

Anyone requiring further information should contact Anders Lindberg or Marina Snyman – details provided below.

the number one cost for a data centre over time is that of energy

Bergvik Flooring

– due to cooling the server room.

Tel: 021 905 1912

By using the superior airflow stratification that the Bergvik Triad

E-mail: or

panel offers, together with its modular Iso Floor structure, the cus-


tomer will obtain large energy cost savings by being able to raise the

Facebook: Bergvik Flooring

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FLOORS in Africa Journal 6'2010  

Africa's leading flooring magazine

FLOORS in Africa Journal 6'2010  

Africa's leading flooring magazine