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Feature: Access Flooring & Cable M anagement

Many overseas users are finding the solution by

One innovative material being utilised for more heavy-duty cable management solutions is glass-reinforced polyester. This type of tray

using cable in trays mounted at different levels.

not only offers a lightweight, cost-effective

This multi-level cable tray organisation allows the

solution, it also contains fire-retardant, self-

cable bundles to be sorted and organised from the

extinguishing, anti-corrosive and anti-aging

first day of installation.

properties, ensuring the utmost safety in haz-

If it becomes necessary to remove a dead cable, it can be easily changed for a new one, because it

ardous environments. Modular underfloor distribution systems are

will not be tangled or buried in a huge cable mass,

another innovative cable management devel-

but conveniently located in a single small bundle.

opment which meet time and cost demands.

In recent years, cable management solutions

This type of system is generally pre-wired,

have become a greater part of the initial planning

which not only saves time during the installa-

and specification process, due to the pressure

tion but, as with other technologies, also allows

felt by specifiers to ensure tight budgets are met.

for a less qualified installer to carry out the

Another key consideration is time and the threat of


large penalty clauses incurred for late installations. One way to reduce the cost of time and labour

Despite the innovation and new emerging products to meet these needs, some of the

is to utilise less qualified or skilled workers by

existing solutions have also been updated to

specifying products which are quick and easy to

allow for easier installation and reduced waste

install, thereby reducing the risk of complications


and ensuring the project is kept on track, as skilled

One example is flexible conduit, along with

tradesmen will only be needed to sign off the com-

new push-on fittings; some kits also include

pleted work.

fitting removal tools, further reducing unneces-

It is also important to specify solutions that guarantee a quick and easy installation, at the right

sary waste and making reconfiguration easier. Dealing with underfloor cabling systems,

price. There are many established products within

one of the most favoured cable management

the cable management sector that have evolved to

designs available in this country for electronic

become easier to use as well as meeting new pric-

cabling is the low-profile, panelled, continuous

ing demands in these more challenging times.

grid system that provides a minimum increase

Naturally, we are basically only interested in the

in floor height and easy access through the

systems that impinge on or complement the floor-

panels, with the grid clearly indicated through-

ing installation, but it is worth briefly mentioning

out the floor plan, making identification of

other cabling options that affect the electrical/

cable types very simple.

electronic sectors. One area which has seen a great transformation

The ready access and low profile of these systems means that any repairs, replacement,

is cable trays and baskets. With steel cable trays

servicing or additions to the cabling is easy to

renowned for their heavy weight and lack of flex-

achieve in the shortest possible time, and with

ibility, steel wire basket alternatives have recently

the minimum of disruption to the workplace.

increased in popularity. Easy to handle and cut and

So, cable management has developed into

form on site, these are a vast improvement on the

almost an art form, but it still pays to go into

more rigid products previously used.

detail with a reputable, experienced supplier

Also, innovations such as snap-fit connectors further reduce installation time, fuelling the grow-

because cable bundles are laid on one level.


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be added, until no space is left under the ceiling

ing trend for such fast-fix cable management

Intelligent Raised Access Flooring

Consequently, cable tray supports cannot carry the increasing load and additional supports must

and installer to get the exact answer for any cabling installation.

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FLOORS in Africa Journal 6'2010  

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