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Feature: Access Flooring & Cable M anagement

Although this was issued as being the local standard, it is based

The practice of providing access floor systems with 600mmx-

primarily on the practices adopted in the UK and Europe, where

600mm modular steel panels with a cementitious core and a high-

there seems to be considerable disparity between the various

performance coating – that are tested in relation to SABS 1549 in

standards – particularly in terms of the testing techniques and

terms of loads that are either concentrated, uniformly distributed,


rolling, or able to withstand required impact, and designed with an

This is now also the case in South Africa because the test methods and measurement outlined in SANS 52825 are nowhere near the stringent requirements of SABS 1549 which cover the full

applicable safety factor (usually x3) – has stood the local industry in good stead for well over twenty years. “We have provided over 7 million square metres of access flooring

spectrum of access floors from finished floor heights of 90mm

in South Africa using SABS 1549 test procedures, with no problems

for a freestanding system to more than 1500mm using a stringer

whatsoever,” says Albert Holt, operations manager for Solidfeel.


“Our load performance testing ensures that the panels exceed the

Even greater heights can be achieved by detailed planning

requirements of SABS 1549, but anyone that specifies access floor-

in conjunction with the relevant access flooring manufacturer

ing to this Standard can expect the finest performance of any access

depending on the type of system used.

floor in the world.” Bates Access Flooring

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FLOORS in Africa Journal 6'2010  

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FLOORS in Africa Journal 6'2010  

Africa's leading flooring magazine