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Laminate flooring? They invented it! As a participant in the Decorex 2010 event held in Johannesburg recently, the people that invented laminate flooring – Pergo, in association with its sole Southern African distributor, Barrow Flooring – was represented by staff from its European parent company, including product manager Magnus Külick, and FLOORS took the opportunity of interviewing him. When was Pergo established? It should be remembered that Pergo invented laminate flooring and introduced it to the market in 1977. At this time Pergo was owned by the Swedish chemical company Perstorp. Today, Pergo belongs to the Germany industry group Pfleiderer and still has its main factory in Trelleborg, Sweden, where all the laminate flooring for the South African market is produced. To what would you attribute Pergo’s success? The success of Pergo has been due to our high-quality products with outstanding wear and scratch resistance in combination with a design focus. What was the purpose of your visit? I came to visit Decorex where our agent in South Africa, Barrow Flooring, had a stand. At the stand the totally new Pergo range 2010 with many new designs and the new click system PerfectFold were presented. Barrow Flooring also introduced the new Vinyl product from Pergo. Your views on the current international trends – what are they at the moment? One of the trends is bigger formats and Pergo has launched two new formats in 2010 – big slabs and long planks. Grey has also become a very trendy colour. What can South Africa look forward to receiving from Barrow Flooring? Barrow Flooring keeps a great variety of Pergo designs on hand in South Africa, and the aim is always to move older designs off the shelves as quickly as possible to make room for the new trends. Our showroom in Cape Town at Hudson Square, De Waterkant, has been through a major revamp to accommodate all the new designs from both Pergo and the wood suppliers.


Gunilla Barrow & Magnus Kulick Are Pergo or its products under any ‘green’ pressure and how does this affect your design lines? Since the early 90s Pergo has focused on the environment and the

Does Pergo have any unique product offerings in terms of design?

effect our products have on nature. Today, Pergo features the Nordic

Most of the Pergo décors are developed by our in-house designers

Swan as its environmental classification. This has very high criteria

and are unique to Pergo. Many of our competitors are buying stan-

and is one of the first classifications of its type. Pergo was also the first

dard décors from the printers. Also, all Pergo floors feature TitanX, the

flooring company to receive ISO 14001.

most scratch- and wear-resistant laminate surface on the market.

Is there anything you particularly like or dislike about the South

How does the South African market shape in terms of importance

African market or its contractor expertise?

regarding volumes and turnover?

In South Africa you have a bigger tradition of using designers than we

South Africa is an important market for Pergo and we have been pres-

do in Europe, and this makes the market more interesting than the

ent here since 1995.

European market.

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FLOORS in Africa Journal 6'2010  

Africa's leading flooring magazine

FLOORS in Africa Journal 6'2010  

Africa's leading flooring magazine