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Revestir 2010 • Qualicer 2010 • Green Star Rating explained

Nouwens Commercial products for Offices • Executive Commercial • Churches • Shops • B&B’s

madison square Visit our website at for further Nouwens Platinum Partner and Nouwens Appointed Dealer listings,

every Hotels • Lodges • Boutiques • General Commercial • Airports Wool is simply the best all round carpet fibre. In current “multi-roll” style, Madison Square is tailored in new pure wool to meet the aesthetic needs of our times.


Heavy Commercial






Multi Roll Loop pile


80% Pure New Wool/20% Nylon


3.66 m


AVAILABILITY Standard Range ENDS per 10 cm


STITCH RATE per 10cm


LOOPS per 100cm²

±2 350

PILE FIBRE MASS grams per m²

±1 200

TOTAL MASS grams per m²

±2 750


±5.5 mm


±8 mm


Woven Polypropylene Tape



Twenty Ten

Kirman Madison Square Proud member of the Nouwens Platinum Edition, the hardwearing Heavy Commercial Madison Square has won favour both locally and abroad for commercial and hospitality installations. Contrasting effect colours punctuate the textured geometric squares to achieve a versatile but very tailored look which must be seen in a larger piece to really appreciate its beauty. Being wool, another feature of Madison Square is that it meets the aesthetic needs of our times – a new appreciation for the value of quality craftsmanship, a return to nature and concern for the environment.

Contracta Spec

Why wool? Well, wool makes a definite quality statement, imparting that cosy natural feel only wool can bring. When it comes to installations such as top hotels the world over, where appearances really count, the fibre of choice is still wool because of its superb appearance retention and the fact that it really is forgiving and easy to clean. Madison Square also comes with all the possible peace-of-mind endorsements – the SABS mark of quality, Nouwens Wool Collection, Platinum Edition and a Five-Year Quality Guarantee.


or contact Nouwens Carpets direct at the following numbers 011 796 5180, 021 447 2856 or 031 502 5730.

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floorcovering to its extensive range of flooring options with the addition of Flotex flocked flooring from Forbo in both sheet and tile form. Concentrating initially on the Classic and Coral ranges, FloorworX sees the high-quality and proven Flotex textile floorcoverings as being its entry into the South African carpet market. See article on Page 14-17 of this issue.


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Green floors: contributing to sustainability Sustainability has become a major issue for the flooring industry, with tender documents and architectural briefs now regularly having requirements to meet high levels of environmental protection, conservation of natural resources, energy and water saving, responsible manufacturing processes, and recycling of old products and factory waste. Our feature investigates all that is green – see page 29. Resilients never stand still! Resilient flooring, because of its durability, underfoot comfort, aesthetic appeal, long-lasting beauty and cost effectiveness, is used in a wide range of commercial and residential applications. The ease of cleaning and removing spills as well as the overall moisture resistance are important reasons why so many homeowners and commercial building owners opt for resilient flooring. Our feature on page 69 will show that resilients can provide a modern answer to your floorcovering needs. How to get the best out of any floor There are many alternative accessories to provide a quality finish to any floor. Some systems and treatments are essential, others merely cosmetic. Have a look at the options available in our Floor Finishes feature (page 81).


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Fa s h i o n a n d D e s i g n

Here is a selection of some of the new ideas and trends discovered at the recent Revestir and Coatings shows held at the Transamerica Expo Centre in São Paulo, Brazil, during March – for your enjoyment and information. duced a business card for its Brazilian custom-

In addition, this flexible floor is easily

ers at the end of 2008, known as Gyocard, thus

maintained, non-flammable, waterproof and

providing a pre-approved credit line to make

hygienic since it has no joints or porosity,

purchases of their products with extended

which ensures easy cleansing and mainte-

payments, and from their first purchase cus-

nance. It also has properties of thermal and

tomers are automatically participating in the

acoustic insulation and can be used in wet

company’s Loyalty Program.

areas like kitchens, bathrooms and even

the lining of swimming pools – and it can be applied on other existing floors, such as granite, marble, porcelain, ceramic or directly over concrete.

Technology that protects against termites All the floors of this brand hit the market with technology that protects against termites. To complement its line of laminate flooring, now with 50 patterns, seven lines and protection against termites, the 2010

On the level!

collection highlights the variety of colours,

With products that allow for full customisa-

patterns and textures that makes it easier to

tion, this company exhibited the floor-level-

choose the floor for any styles of décor.

ling capability of its flexible floor coating, a

The Studio line is distinguished by the

product which allows the development of

innovative concept of design with smooth

decorative designs and customised acces-

wrinkles on the sides of the planks, similar to

sories for the composition of a unique ambi-

wood floors, and is available in three varieties:

ence in any building.

Nogueira Marbela, Carvalho Lion and Dover.

With exclusivity and customisation, the floor

For the ‘reclaimed wood’ look, the Studio

can be made with one or more solid colours or

New laminate flooring

line shows the pattern Carvalho Lion which is

with different types of design, which ensures

The unique patterns of the new Eucafloor

characterised by the marks of wood splits and

high visual impact to the surroundings.

Evidence further increase the possibilities

wear. If the option is for washed woods, the

This is decorative flooring, designed and

of combinations of laminate flooring, both

suggestion is the Oak Dover, with its modern

developed with polyurethane-based resin

in residential and commercial applica-

beige gray, and Nogueira Marbela is a pattern

with high chemical and abrasion resistance,

tions. The difference is the broad width of

rich in contrasts and shades of gold.

the freedom of the product offers a premium

the planks – 25cm, responding to strong

solution to clients, enabling them to differen-

demands from architects, interior designers

tiate themselves.

and consumers.

All floors from this manufacturer are made with FSC-certified wood and are claimed to be the only laminate flooring on the mar-

This range was specially developed for

ket with Microban antibacterial protection,

projects aimed at residential and business

which inhibits the proliferation of fungi and

environments of low traffic, such as hotels,

bacteria, and maintenance and cleaning are

inns and small offices – all projects that

much easier.

require beauty and practicality. Patterns


respond to different demands and needs of professionals and clients. The Cocoa Ivory,

A new way of buying tiles?

the highlight of the line, is another option

The largest ceramic tile manufacturer and

for those who like dark patterns with more

leader in the São Paulo market, with a manu-

traditional structure.

facturing capacity 1,200,000m²/month, intro-

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

The new line features a 12-year warranty

Fa s h i o n a n d D e s i g n

for residential use and 5 years when used

applications, with many different colours

in commercial areas of low traffic. With a

and patterns that meet the diverse styles.

7mm thickness and measuring 135 x 25 cm,

The vinyl floor Impression is the perfect

the new floor is presented in 11 different

solution for any store or showroom, with the

patterns, ranging from light tones to the

natural pattern of wood and acoustic com-

darkest, expanding the possibilities of com-

fort making it a smart choice for creating a


good impression!

Environmentally friendly, the floors are made with PPH, a substrate consisting of par-

Comfortable floor heating

ticles of eucalyptus that has a double coat, made from reforested wood, certified by SCS

Vinyl coating for sports

The heating system Hotfloor for radiant

(Scientific Certification System), the certifying


heating is the most modern and efficient

entity linked to the FSC (Forest Stewardship

Tarkett Omnisports is a range of vinyl coating

heating system existing in the world market.

Council) of the United States.

specially designed for sporting environments.

From the United States, the system offers

Its surface allows maximum resistance to slid-

fast heating of any room, and lower power

ing without limiting movement during activi-

consumption. There are many advantages of

ties and excellent impact absorption protects your joints and muscles, reducing the risk of injury and increasing comfort for users. Available in eight colours, Omnisports is a vinyl coating on a ‘blanket’ that allows quick and easy installation. With a 10-year warranty, the PUR surface protection reinforcement facilitates cleaning and reduces spending on the preservation of the floor. Fungicide is included in its composition, making the floor more resistant to fungi and bacteria. Natural and prefabricated rock

the system in relation to conventional heat-

for architecture

ing systems, whether gas, diesel or electric.

Working in the Brazilian market since 1995,

Individually controlled by thermostats,

Alicante is one of the leading companies

the environment remains comfortably

in importing and distributing quality solu-

warm when required. Due to contact with

tions in the country, with surface deposits

the floor, the feet and legs absorb the heat

strategically located in the cities of São

which provides an unparalleled sense of

Paulo, Goiania, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, and

thermal comfort.

Cachoeiro Itapemirim Santa Barbara D’Oeste,

Unlike airconditioning equipment that

opened in January 2010.

moves the air and leaves you with the dis-

In addition, the company has authorised

comfort of your feet being cold, Hotfloor

dealers in marble, travertine, granite, lime-

maintains air quality and an excellent climate

stone and onyx – from the most diverse

comfort. Suitable for the whole house, espe-

countries in the world – as well as unique brands of industrial materials. Almost all of the products offered come

cially in environments designed for children, Vinyl at the Coating Fair!

the system is immune to fungus and bacteria,

The carpet and vinyl floor Fitnice and the

ensuring total security, speed and economy.

from abroad, especially from countries like

recycled rubber tyre product ECO marketed

With the use of modern and exclusive

Italy, Greece, Spain and Turkey. Paradoxically,

by ACE are proving to be highly sought after,

technology, Hotfloor heating cables are

natural stones, although they deal with lux-

while the already-known Impression product

coated with silicon, providing high perfor-

ury products with a strong appeal of nobility

range remains impressive!

mance and low power consumption, and are

and refinement, are in fact commodities.

With a portfolio of more than 2 million

an evolution of traditional electrical resis-

square metres of construction all installed by

tance techniques, over which Hotfloor offers

stone for industrial solutions, each with

the ACE teams, these products make this the

superior performance six times greater. With

an indication for use based primarily on

safest option for any application.

double-insulated electric cables, these heat-

Customers find different types of natural

strength and durability, as well as aspects of

Fitnice will enable you to renew an office

ers pose no risk of electric shock and do not

architecture and design.

quickly and cleanly, with the carpet on

require any maintenance.

boards the most popular choice for these

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Fa s h i o n a n d D e s i g n

Brazilian tile makers are predicting that 2010 will bring back the explosive growth that this industry has been seeing for the past five years. Although exports dropped by 25% from 2008 to 2009, the mood amongst exhibitors was upbeat and optimistic due to a 15% growth prediction for Latin America’s domestic construction sector. Lauro Andrade Filho, Revestir’s director, said the exhibition is a springboard for many companies in the coverings sector. “As the exhibition is Architecture and Construction Fashion Week, Expo Revestir draws the attention of all of the professionals and businessmen operating in this sector; they’ve got their eyes open for the latest in design and technology, colours, textures and formats. The thousands of products from nearly 185 exhibitors will set the tone for the sector during the year,” he explains. One of the interesting innovations in the tile industry was thin tiles, ranging from 3,5mm thickness. Tiles were available in exclusive large formats (up to 1mx3m) and only 3,5mm thick. Another exhibitor displayed large porcelain tiles (80cmx80cm, 90cmx180cm and 100cmx100cm), showcasing a trend in porcelain tiles which gives

Review of Revestir 2010 E

XPO REVESTIR is one of the largest ceramic tile and stone shows in the world and this year’s event held in São Paulo,

Brazil, during March exceeded all expectations, with over 45 000 visitors attending the event– a record for the show’s eight-year history, which underlines the belief that the Brazilian tile industry is recovering. AND… Media in Africa was there, represented by Walls&Roofs in Africa editor Marlene van Rooyen.

wider spaces a cleaner look and a new way to design walls and floors. Digital printing in tiles has also come to revolutionise the aesthetics of porcelain tiles. A collection by Portinari showcased a range of new digital printing technologies that proved the advantages of having a high resolution image (HD), unlimited visual variation (Infinity Design) and prints of high and low relief (3D) images. Expo Revestir also paid tribute to exciting developments in the textured mosaic sector. Cerâmica Antigua displayed its “Faentino” mosaic line, which features pieces that are both recycled and hand-painted. INTI launched its “Verona” collection line of mosaics, which included floral motifs that were created from a mixture of Travertino Romano Bruto (material and white glass with bubbles). Although the new technologies, exciting developments and intricate creative pieces made Expo Revestir 2010 a highlight in the ceramic industry, the functional properties of the new collections show that the exhibitors are thinking of the practical implementation of their work. “All the tiles I saw could be sold directly off the showroom floor,” says Marlene van Rooyen. “It was the subtle elements that made the new tile collections popular and the technologies incorporated all lead to better, more functional and aesthetically appealing tiles. These tiles can be used everywhere,” concludes Van Rooyen.

10 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Fa s h i o n a n d D e s i g n

It makes you think, doesn’t it! “Price is not the only factor – BEE status, Kenzan’s delivery reputation, their stock control, service and product quality all play a role,” says Mandus Momberg (Head Supplier Management, Channel Infrastructure, Nedbank). NEDBANK has moved away from the grey speckled floor tiles to a look which is modern, clean and bright, with the new 600x600mm light-shaded porcelain tiles. These tiles have a matt finish and extremely low porosity, which make them attractive, long-lasting and low-maintenance. The bigger square tiles are easy to lay – the tiling goes more quickly and also there is less wastage, says Momberg. “I needed stock on a Tuesday. There was nothing in Cape Town,

and innovation. Kenzan also believes that considerable value is added to its clients’

but within two days it arrived from Port Elizabeth,” says Zainab

requirements through industry knowledge, exceptional service and

Sambo, who was involved with the shopfitting and interiors.

commitment to a discerning market that the company commands.

“That’s why I prefer to work with Kenzan – they go the extra mile,” she says. “And they want the business.” George Minter agrees, “Kenzan are pro-active on their stock levels and they have never dropped us.” These are important factors which must be evaluated with a roll-out that includes so many stores nationally. Also, time is money. NEDBANK do not close to the public during

This culture and a will to be in the forefront of what is current still persist as Kenzan Tiles searches for the new trends, innovative products and where to source them at the most competitive prices. To this extent Kenzan has nurtured its association with leading factories in Europe. Kenzan aims to set the standard in the industry, and through its combination of options is able to keep South Africans abreast of the very latest ranges, while also offering a warranty on all its products.

a renovation, so reliability and service are foremost in their minds,

Kenzan Quality Tiles

as they strive to make the banking experience enjoyable for their

Cape Town: 021 510 8310


Johannesburg: 011 467 8533

Kenzan Tiles have been established since 1977, and it is this

Port Elizabeth: 041 373 6456

eagerness to meet any customer requirement and their attention to detail that have made them one of the foremost tile suppliers in the country. All of the Kenzan Tile showrooms display a wide selection of


quality products with individuality, class and distinction, together with a unique style and the best of European design, technology

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Fa s h i o n a n d D e s i g n

This is a rĂŠsumĂŠ of the paper entitled Review of changes in ceramic tile installation in South Africa given by Barbara P Jekot, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Pretoria, at the recent


Qualicer 2010 Conference held in Spain.

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Fa s h i o n a n d D e s i g n


he intention of this study was to review the variety

of ceramic installations in South African architecture. Environmental concerns, climate and different design approaches were discussed, followed by elements of tradition, progress and design standards, with the emphasis on the coexistence of production and installation methods representing the socalled ‘first’ and the ‘third’ worlds in Southern African architecture. This combination promotes

global coexistence and cooperation between a variety of partners – the inclusion of the ‘underdeveloped’ in the ‘developed’. Interpretation of ceramic materials and composition may serve as “reconnection” that emphasises the role of public appear-

and societies. Nothing imitative is equal to that which is imitated.

ance and the potential of the society.

Instead of imitating, we should search for the principles that made

The interior and architectural design may help to accept,

the original and come with individual but contextualised design.

accommodate and approach different kinds of memories and sto-

There is a need and demand for producers and designers who tackle

ries when supporting them with public art. “Design and composi-

today’s requirements and problems with today’s solutions and an

tion should express different cultures. It is important to address

understanding of resources.

our concerns individually in many different regions to make us

The idea is to follow the nature of ceramic materials and pay tribute

stronger and allow us to integrate with specific clients and create

to a variety of contributors respecting specific context and environ-

an enhanced identity, well-rooted in its environment,” says Jekot.

ment. The question is how we individually address our concerns in

of environmentally ‘progressive’ architecture between cultures

many different regions to make us stronger and allow us to enhance well-rooted identity. Ceramic installations were reviewed as the material expression of different cultures where reliance could evolve by pooling different skills and knowledge, and specific environmentally friendly architectural interiors and architecture, in various socio-cultural and cross-cultural backgrounds, were included. The presentation was enriched by a variety of illustrations showing the concepts and details of specific installations in South Africa, relating to different ceramic materials as well as different installation techniques and execution. If you wish to view the entire presentation, Qualicer will be

Sharply varying interpretations of sites and exchanging nature of ceramic materials and technologies may lead to the designing

showing every paper on its website:

13 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

It’s not a carpet, but it looks like one The Flooring Solutions Company FloorworX offers you a new dimension in flooring. Flotex is a completely unique flooring experience that combines all the hard wearing and durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet. Flotex comes in a wide range of patterns, colours and designs. It combines perfectly with other floors. Flotex Classic is produced having a base colour on which modern cilinder print rollers apply a tonal multi colour graphic design giving an individual

It’s not a resilient, but it cleans like one

expression to each item. Flotex Classic colour ranges are matched to the extent that they combine well between themselves or with the wide range of resilient floorcoverings that are part of the FloorworX product portfolio. Flotex is ideal for commercial applications such as offices, schools and healthcare institutions. National Call Centre 0860 346 679

Products & Ser vices

16 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Products & Ser vices

FloorworX is in the process of adding another

Sanitize is used in its manufacture, thus offering constant protec-

superb floorcovering to its already extensive

opment of dust mites.

tion against bacteria (including MRSA and E-coli) and the devel-

range of flooring options for specifiers, designers, developers and property owners – with the

Flotex is also the only truly washable textile floorcovering. In fact, the Flotex design makes these products completely waterproof, which means that water remains within the dense pile of

addition of Flotex flocked flooring from Forbo in

the textile floorcovering, allowing for thorough wet cleaning and

both sheet and tile form.

which allow moisture through to the subfloor.

rapid drying, unlike non-waterproof-backed conventional carpets The structure of Flotex is unique – including the integral antimi-


oncentrating initially on the Classic range, the high qual-

crobial with the adhesive layer that fixes the top surface of Nylon

ity and proven Flotex textile floorcoverings are seen by

6.6 fibres to the totally impervious layer, which in turn is applied

FloorworX as being its entry into the South

to a glass reinforcement layer attached to

African carpet market.

the cushioned backing. The Flotex Classic collection is provided

The official launch of FloorworX as the official importer and distributor of these exciting ranges will take place from 18 to 20 May in Midrand, Cape Town and Durban, and

Flotex is also the only

with a Heavy Commercial Class 33 rating

truly washable textile

in eight attractive designs ranging from

anyone interested in attending one of these events should contact Theresa Venter (e-mail:


in accordance with EN685, and is available contemporary geometric designs to linear and all-over pattern, delivering a flawless expanse of colour to cover any area in the

most attractive manner, and making it suit-

Flotex flocked flooring combines the

able for any type of project.

practicality of resilient flooring with the

The designs are printed on the smooth,

slip-resistant and acoustic properties usually associated with textiles, offering a warm, comfortable, hygienic

even-fibre surface, creating a wide variety of colourways and

floorcovering that is suitable for any commercial application.


In addition, the highly effective antimicrobial treatment

This collection is supplied in roll widths of two metres, and provides the end-user with excellent dimensional stability, colourfastness, slip resistance, and acoustic properties, in combination with its hardwearing and long-lasting features. Flotex Silica tiles are the ultimate in creating sophisticated interior moods with a linear design in a distinctive collection of seven muted earth and mineral tones, providing tranquil settings for any application. Flotex also provides considerable advantages in terms of indoor hygiene and air quality control, and the company has made great strides in meeting both customer expectations and the legislation and recommendations surrounding the environmental issue of manufacturing and product usage. These products enjoy the British Allergy Foundation’s Seal of Approval, which recognises their ability to trap, and then release, allergens safely using standard cleaning appliances. Apart from the integral sanitisation treatment embodied in their manufacture, Flotex products also effectively combat the development of stale odours associated with bacterial growth feeding on absorbed liquids and soil. Athlete’s foot fungi spread and growth is also inhibited and has been successfully tested in independent laboratories. FloorworX looks forward to introducing Flotex. Soon these highquality, high-performance products will be enjoying a considerable market share in the local floorcovering market. FloorworX Marketing Department Tel: 011 406 4146 Fax: 011 406 4205 Website:

17 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Ensuring level floors Colloquially known as The King of Screeds, the Isocrete K-Screed has been the most commonly specified product in the Flowcrete range for the past four decades – allowing for the early installation of sensitive finishes with the minimum risk of cracking. Just look at the benefits it provides: • Speeds up installation times • Earlier foot traffic, with faster time on site for following trades • Low shrinkage formulation • Choice of thickness levels • Excellent compressive strength and drying times • Minimised risk of cracking • Excellent impact resistance Full technical information available from: Flowcrete SA Johannesburg: Durban: Cape Town: Website:

011 394 1980 031 461 3411 021 797 0214


TO FLOWCRETE – for the world at your feet Flowcrete’s commitment to exceptional design, technical support and advisory services, from initial enquiry through to installation, is at the heart of our business philosophy. Our global success is driven by our commitment to excellence: excellence in products, excellence in service and excellence in people.

Flowcrete can transform any environment and offers you the unique Floorzone package Flowcrete’s unique Floorzone concept consolidates the flooring needs of your entire project – building up the surface of the floor from substrate to finish. Combined with excellent aesthetics, our systems are backed by comprehensive product warranties, ensuring that Flowcrete floors are built to last.

Transforming education environments Looking closely at the learning environment you will find a number of unique zones that require different flooring systems – from music rooms, art rooms, science laboratories and design and technology workshops through to cafeterias, changing rooms and general concourse areas.

education environments


General Teaching Spaces General classrooms, staffrooms, libraries and offices need a floor finish that is durable, acoustically insulated and attractive underfoot. Why not specify one of our decorative resin floors? They create bright and modern environments, can withstand intense foot traffic and are easily cleaned and maintained. • Peran SL • Flowshield Quartz

Science Laboratories & Technology Rooms


Science laboratories and Technology rooms need light practical flooring that takes chemical and paint spillage in its stride. Why not opt for one of our chemical-resistant floor finishes? They offer varying degrees of corrosion resistance dependent upon the chemicals used within your teaching programmes, whilst remaining attractive and durable underfoot. • Peran ESD SL • Flowshield SL • Peran STB

Food Preparation Zones, Kitchens & Cafeterias Food preparation zones, back-of-house kitchens and Food Technology rooms require flooring that achieves optimum hygiene performance. Why not specify our antimicrobial floor finish, Flowfresh? In partnership with a natural antimicrobial agent, Polygiene®, our Flowfresh range offers total protection from a number of harmful bacteria, can withstand thermal shock and is both easily cleaned and sterilised. • Flowfresh MF • Flowfresh RT


Changing Rooms, Showers & WC Facilities


Changing rooms, shower areas and toilet facilities can easily become wet and need flooring that is durable, easily cleaned, hygienic and slip-resistant. Why not choose one of our suitable wet-area floor finishes? These systems offer an adjustable anti-slip profile and their seamless finish eliminates the joints and cracks where dirt and bacteria can dwell, delivering optimum cleanability. • Flowfast Quartz • Peran STB • Flowcoat SF41

Corridors & Stairwells


Corridors and stairwells are not just circulation areas; they are multi-purpose zones that have more onerous requirements. Why not opt for our Flowfast system for good all-round performance? Not only does Flowfast offer impressive slip resistance in both dry and wet conditions, it is easily cleaned and delivers a decorative trafficable surface that is ready to walk over just two hours after installation. • Flowfast Quartz • Flowfast Terrosso


Music Rooms & Drama Studios Music recital rooms, video-conferencing suites and drama studios are key areas that require quality acoustic insulation so as not to impact upon teaching elsewhere within the school environment. Why not choose our acoustic flooring system Isocrete Acoustic K? Isocrete Acoustic K complies with acoustic standards detailed in Approved Document E and Scottish Technical Handbook Section 5. • Isocrete Acoustic K • Peran SL

Flowcrete SA Johannesburg: 011 394 1980 | Durban: 031 461 3411 | Cape Town: 021 797 0214 | Website:

Products & Ser vices

The flooring in retail environments needs to cope with a wide range of conditions: high levels of foot traffic, wheeled pallets, forklift vehicles, heavy-duty

Located in the upmarket suburb of Umhlanga in KwaZulu-Natal, the Weylandts concept is to feature a wide range of contemporary furniture displayed in home-style settings. In keeping with the brand image and to create the feeling of

shelving and display stands that require frequent

space, Weylandts opted for a seamless, decorative resin floor fin-

movement, liquid spills, and more.

ideal platform for the modern furniture pieces,” added Blitenthall

In addition to looking good and helping to attract customers to the

Flowshield enables creativity and design to be brought to the

store, the final floor finish needs to be highly durable, safe underfoot

floorzone, yet provides a hardwearing surface that can stand up

and easy to clean.

to all the rigours of the retail sector.

ish known as Flowshield in white. “The smooth surface forms the Also available in an extensive range of vibrant colours,

Self-levelling epoxy resin systems that can be formulated in a range

operations such as supermarkets, delicatessens and cafes or res-

lar with retail groups where capturing a share of the fickle retail mar-

taurants pose additional challenges to the installed flooring.

ket demands constant innovation. These systems need to meet the tough wear performance criteria in order to avoid floor failure. Craig Blitenthall of Flowcrete South Africa says, “The technical

Compliance with stringent hygiene specifications means that the floor surface must be able to be cleaned in accordance with health and safety regulations and must not harbour dirt.

properties of the floor are just as important as looks. There is nothing

National fresh foods retailer Everfresh recently expanded and

more disruptive to sales than having a store that is half under renova-

upgraded its network of stores, building or renovating a total of

tion. Selecting the right flooring at the outset is therefore critical to

six stores. The stores are open all year round and attract a high

ensure long-term floor performance.”

volume of customers. The company therefore required a system

When Weylandts Furniture took over a former lighting company’s


At the other end of the spectrum, food and beverage retail

of eye-catching colours and designs are becoming increasingly popu-

that would withstand not only foot traffic, but also pallet jacks

premises, the double storey building had incurred considerable wear

that are used to wheel the produce into the shop. Ease of clean-

and tear of the concrete floor.

ing and minimum maintenance were additional requirements.

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Flowcrete’s epoxy resin Peran STB floor was selected for the main shop floor areas, formulated in a special yellow ochre colour in line with Everfresh branding requirements. Hygienic and hard wearing, the Peran STB is a seamless resin floor topping comprising colour stable quartz granules encapsulated in a clear resin binder. “The flexibility of applying thick layers

Flowfresh range can be used in chiller or freezer rooms and in areas subject to hot water or steam cleaning. Sealcon systems, one of Flowcrete South Africa’s licensed applicators, carried out the installation of both systems at all six Everfresh stores. Other South African firms such as Amalgamated Beverage

and different anti-slip structures gives particular advantages in

Industries, Coca Cola Canners, Albany Bakery, Nestle, Yeastpro and

dry and wet environments,” says Blitenthall. “High chemical resis-

SAB Miller have also selected Flowfresh for installation at their facili-

tance also makes the system suitable for areas where food and

ties throughout the country.

drink are prepared and served.” In the butchery and bakery sections of the stores, the harsher

Flowcrete South Africa has branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, and for more information, contact Verity King at the num-

operating conditions and intensive cleaning regime imposed

bers shown below, or visit the website.

additional criteria. Flowcrete’s polyurethane, anti-bacterial

Flowcrete SA (Pty) Ltd

Flowfresh MF was selected for its jointless finish which prevents

Marketing Services

dirt being trapped in the floor surface.

Tel: 031 461 3411

A special anti-microbial compound known as Polygiene is locked into the resin matrix and provides total protection 24

E-mail: Website:

hours a day, 7 days a week, remaining active throughout the lifetime of the flooring system. It is effective against a range of bacteria including E.Coli, Stapphylococcus Aureus, MRSA, Salmonella Typhi, Streptococcus Pyogenes and SARS, and inhibits the growth of mould, fungi and mildew. Superior thermal shock distortion properties mean that the

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A market leader a.b.e. Construction Chemicals is one of a few South African companies that has managed to operate successfully for 70 years. This ever-growing company is today one of the leading suppliers of specialised construction products to the building, civil engineering and building maintenance industries.

a.b.e. Construction Chemicals’ 1939 ledger shows a vastly different method of bookkeeping compared with today’s computerised accounting.


he roots of the JSE ALT-X listed company are, in fact, older than 70 years as its earliest origins can be traced to the acquisition of 50%

of the English company, International Bitumen Emulsions (IBE), by the Durban shipping company, Corrie Man George back in 1932. The South African operations of IBE were then named “African Bitumen Emulsions” (a.b.e.). In 1939, a.b.e. started distributing its range of primarily bitumen products to municipalities in what was then still known as Natal province. Distribution was handled by hardware stores, cooperatives and builders’ merchants and the new company also established branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth to augment its Durban branch operations. In 1965, Shell bought 50% of a.b.e. and Much Asphalt acquired the other half from Corrie Man George. In 1975, a new holding company, abecol, of which Shell and Murray & Roberts each owned 50%, was established and this led the way for a.b.e. to open industrial and roads divisions. Two new branches – in Bloemfontein and East London – were also opened. In 1989 Murray & Roberts acquired the entire shareholding of a.b.e. but, seven years later, sold 50% of the company to Chemserve. The

the merits of an a.b.e. product that is today still highly regarded in

following year Steelwood Africa bought half of the a.b.e. shareholding

the roofing industry.

from M&R – and acquired the balance in 1999. The most recent noteworthy event in the history of a.b.e. was its successful listing on the JSE ALT-X two years ago, which followed the sale of 26% of the company to the BEE company, Auburn. Despite dif-

placed by a Durban a business that offered revolutionary new sanding of floors “by petrol-driven machines”…! a.b.e.’s Super Laykold, Super Laycryl, Brixeal and Flintkote are

ficult trading conditions, a.b.e. has so far produced satisfactory results

four liquid waterproofing products that are this year also cel-

as a listed company.

ebrating 70 years on the South African market.

Interesting relics from a.b.e.’s early days today serve as historical

Over the years, it has been estimated that a.b.e. has supplied

mementos for staff members who were not yet born when their

waterproofing systems for around 771 000 homes in Southern

employer first opened its doors.

Africa – an average of more than 10 000 every year.

The 1939 company ledger, for example, with its neat – almost cal-

Apart from its tried and trusted waterproofing range, a.b.e. also

ligraphic – entries recall an era when computerised bookkeeping

supplies flooring, concrete repair, and roofing products, spe-

was still science fiction. The ledger reflects sales to the likes of South

cialised adhesives, as well as silicones and sealants.

African Railways & Harbours (£126 sterling), International Combustion (£169), and British Asphalters (a mere one pound and 15 shillings). Back then, a.b.e. merchants often advertised a.b.e products


The next Smalls advert published that day, incidentally, was

But a.b.e. is not resting on the laurels garnered over seven decades. “We are constantly researching and developing new products for the South African market,” says Steven Rault, head of

in the Classified ‘Smalls’ of the local newspapers. In the 1940s,

a.b.e.’s Resellers Division.

Pietermaritzburg stockists H.V. Marsh, for example, introduced read-

a.b.e. Construction Chemicals Limited

ers to Laykold as “the modern method of repair”.

Tel: 011 306 9000

In what was an exceptionally long Smalls ad, the merchant spelt out

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Major tile branch flaunts a brand new look T

ile Africa East London has a brand new look and boasts many original lifestyle displays to stimulate and excite customers and to

showcase the latest trends in bathroom and kitchen designs as well as flooring. These mini-rooms are tiled and decorated to highlight the latest décor styles and inspire shoppers who are looking to either revamp their homes or decorate from scratch. “We are very excited to show off our new look and extend an invite to East Londoners to visit our store where they can browse our beautiful displays over a cup of coffee,” says store manager Sandy Penton. Tile Africa East London also caters for the contract market, from small bathrooms to larger national projects. “We are proud to be associated with the brand new Hemingway’s Mall and excited to be a supplier of unique porcelain tiles and fully electronic bathroom ware systems for the highly anticipated Fashion TV East London,” says Penton, the main Tile Africa Contracts contact for the surrounding area.

Craig Penton

The store is ideal for the contracts division to receive architects, developers, interior decorators and other corporate clients to discuss their specific needs and requirements. Tile Africa East London is renowned for the good advice and personalised service it offers clients, mixed with quality products that come with supplier guarantees that impress its new customers. “We would like to thank all our supporters and loyal clients who

have allowed us to enjoy ten years of success and the building of special friendships,” says Penton. For more information contact Tile Africa East London on 043 722 4234 and contact Craig Penton for Tile Africa Contracts on 082 370 9289 or visit

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Ferreiras Decor World is an integrated supplier of décor products to the building industry in Southern Africa – providing an exemplary service for professionals, contractors and homeowners, from suburban chic to corporate elegance – based on knowledge of global décor trends and ranges that enable the company to offer the most up-to-date design range at the most competitive prices.

Outstanding service to the H

aving been serving the industry for over 35 years – Ferreiras showrooms are to be found in every major centre, offering com-

plete and personalised competency for any décor requirement – and the service provided by the Ferreiras Architectural Sales Department and its Design Centre is unique within the industry. The national Architectural Sales Department offers both architects and interior designers technical support and guidance through the wide array of tiles, sanitaryware, brassware and supporting materials, specialising in commercial projects such as corporate identities, shopping centres, hospitals, hotel and leisure facilities and offices, focusing on bringing together the aesthetic and technical performance of the materials required for various types of installations. From project inception to completion an efficient team of internal project coordinators supports a highly trained external sales staff in order to facilitate and project-manage materials from specification through to site. As an additional after-sales service Ferreiras Decor World also offers project oversight once materials have been supplied, and gets involved in an advisory capacity regarding the materials that have been specified by the professionals through the company. The sales staff works closely together with the Design Studio to create professional sample (mood) boards and renditions in order to support client presentations with the assistance of visual aids. The Design Studio also offers a full range of design services from plan layout drawings and material schedules through to soft finishes with the ability to create an entire project in-house. The Design Studio at Ferreiras North Riding has the capacity and expertise to facilitate the complete design and specification process for all types of residential, contractual and architectural designs.

also offered to its valued clients. Likewise, it is the contracts department’s vision to be ‘ahead

The professional team also assists clients with alternative plan lay-

of the pack’, and therefore provide a complete range of ser-

out drawings to optimise bathroom potential; elevation drawings or

vices including technical product advice; on-site installation

floor drawings for tile layout; material schedules for wall and floor

advice; supply forecasting and planning ; and cost advice on

finishes; and computer-aided visuals of interior designs.


The Design Studio also boasts two additional services in the form

This means that the department offers a wide range of

of an extensive and updated design library and the hosting of social

products to cater for most needs in all categories to suit any

and cultural special events for all its members, providing a venue for

pocket. In order to assist contractors with project cashflow

design exhibitions, products and publication presentations.

constraints credit facilities are also offered.

The design library’s publications are both historical and contempo-

Through dedication and service excellence Ferreiras has

rary and provide a service for research, analysis and relevant docu-

established and nurtured quality relationships with its clients,

mentation on the latest designs.

some of whom go as far back as 30 years.

Ferreiras Decor World is also dedicated to servicing the needs of


trends in these sectors, the Ferreiras Design Studio service is

Ferreiras Decor World

the residential, contract, development and low-cost housing sectors,

Tel: 011 699 3500

being acutely aware of the constant demand for durable quality tiles

Fax: 086 505 4888

and sanitaryware in this constantly changing environment.

Cell: 082 308 8433

As it is the company’s aim to be at the forefront of innovation and

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About 400m² of a.b.e.’s abecote 400 Hi-build flooring system was applied to the atmospherically lit Misael SA Art & Design centre in the Cape Town CBD.

A specialised epoxy floor coating supplied by a.b.e. Construction Chemicals was used for new floors at the Misael SA Art & Design Centre in Cape Town. Peet du Preez, technical sales consultant for a.b.e. in the Western Cape, says about 400m² of 1mm thick abecote 400 Hi-build coating was applied to the floor of this lifestyle centre in the Cape Town CBD. The applicator was Industrial Flooring Systems (IFS). a.b.e.’s abecote 400 Hi-build is an economical, four-component solvent-free epoxy flooring system comprising a clear resin and hardener, pre-packed filler and ready-to-use pigment paste. The coating is suitable for a wide variety of applications including ablution blocks, walkways, food processing plants, hospitals and schools. It can also be used as a binder for abrasive grit to yield non-slip floor finishes. Some of the major features and benefits of abecote 400 Hi-build include its strong protective qualities; good resistance to chemicals; reduced maintenance; wide range of colours; seamless and hygienic; and it can be applied to a variety of surfaces. Misael SA Art & Design is primarily an art gallery but is also used as a venue for live music concerts and as a “trendy hangout space” for Capetonians. The facility was established by businessman Ayanda Holo. a.b.e. Construction Chemicals Limited Tel: 011 306 9000 Website:

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he US-based Hampshire Hotel Group will be spending

millions of dollars in an innovative and extensive luxury hotel building programme throughout southern Africa, following the successful launch of its 107-bedroom, 4-Star flagship hotel in Ballito recently, and Nexus – the commercial division of Belgotex Floorcoverings – has been specified for all the required carpeting. Nexus was tasked with recommending carpets for the bedrooms and corridors of the new hotel, and the hotel investors requested the carpet to have a somewhat African feel. This resulted in the choice of Nexus Serengeti for the bedrooms, where extensive volumes in Wild Cheetah colour were used. Serengeti is a tufted heavy commercial carpet pro-

Great carpets for new duced from 100% Stainproof SDX (Solution Dyed Nylon) with a

gramme that enables architects, interior designers and developers to

MiracleBac backing, and manufactured in a convenient 4m width.

individually design the new carpeting for their projects, thus ensuring

However, at the time the selection was being made, there was nothing that appealed to the client for the corridors. After considerable consultation with the investors it was decided that


that the colour, texture and pattern match the flooring to the identity they wish to create. Clients have found that the minimum quantities required from

a cut-pile linear product be designed, and this is how the cus-

Nexus on Custom-X projects is the best available, and this division is

tom-designed carpet Nexus Hampshire Cosmic Stripes was born,

getting much more aggressive in this approach, encouraging profes-

featuring bright colours that the client selected as providing the

sionals to utilise the facilities to meet their exact requirements.

required African ambience. Custom-X is one of the success stories of the Nexus sales pro-

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

For this project, the unique Custom-X with a custom-made cosmic stripe pattern was provided for all the corridors, manufactured from


play in the area. Nathraj, who was involved in the construction industry before moving to Chicago, said the Ballito hotel would suit both business and leisure clients, filling a gap in the hotel industry. “We believe that there is a shortage of good quality, affordable hotels in South Africa. While we already have bookings for the Soccer World Cup, we believe that the hotel’s appeal will go beyond 2010,” he says. “With the new airport opening in La Mercy, this hotel will be within easy reach of our corporate target market, which is our primary focus in this development,” he concludes. So, whenever you go into a Hampshire Hotel in Southern Africa in the future, look out for the attractive, the distinctive, and totally unique carpeting supplied by Nexus. 100% Stainproof SDX (Solution Dyed Nylon) for extreme conditions. The carpets used at the new Ballito Hotel – and that will be used as standard for all the other planned Hampshire hotels throughout the country – were fitted by Hampshire’s own in-house installer, with the Custom-X design installed on Nexus Blue undercushion using the double-stick method. The installation was also different from normal, as it was decided and accepted by the investors on recommendation from Nexus that the custom-designed carpet in the corridors should be installed in a horizontal manner as opposed to the conventional vertical installation of a linear product. The Hampshire Hotels programme of expansion into Southern Africa has been developed by United States investors Veno Nathraj, who was born in Parlock in Durban and left for the US in 1986, and Ajit Bhakta, who was born in Zambia, and this hotel is the first of four to open in South Africa, with the investment partners planning to build further hotels in Umhlanga, Port Elizabeth and Midrand, Johannesburg. “This is a new concept in South Africa. We have many hotels in the US and we use the same designs in them all. This means that whichever Hampshire Hotel you are staying in, you have the same

Nexus (division of Belgotex Floorcoverings)

layout and ambience as the others,” said Bhakta, who is president of

Tel: 033 897 7500

Hampshire Hotels South Africa.

Fax: 033 897 7700

Thus, the R95-million Ballito project that has been specially developed for the African market encompasses the same designs and styl-

E-mail: Website:

ing as those in the US, but with a distinctive African ‘feel’ to the hotel. The launch of the Hampshire in Ballito was planned to be well in time for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup later this year – a decision that has already borne fruit, with the Nigerian national team having booked to


use this hotel as its base for the four first-round group matches it will

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sterile flooring solution Mapei South Africa, part of the global Mapei Group, has supplied a leading pharmaceutical company with a hygienic, abrasionresistant flooring solution with a coloured granular effect, to be used in its Cape Town production facility. “We have supplied Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept to the company,” says Garth Meyer, product manager, Cementitious and Resin Floor Coverings, Mapei South Africa. To ensure that the Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept flooring solution would not deteriorate over time, an existing epoxy floor coating needed to be prepared by mechanical means. This, and the application of the flooring solution, was accomplished by Industrial Flooring Systems, a reputable international company. Coved skirting was also applied using Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept. Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept is a self-levelling, solvent-free epoxy floor coating that is available in various coloured granular effects. Colours available include light grey, dark grey, light blue, dark blue and red. Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept has a high resistance to abrasion which is greater than that of conventional floor-levelling systems. This makes the product ideally suited for high-traffic areas including bars, hotel receptions, canteens, classrooms, showrooms, clinics, hospitals, laboratories and distribution warehouses. Rory Heath, managing director of Industrial Flooring Systems in Cape Town, says, “The client is pleased with the results of the supplied solution and this project has led to more orders from the company for Mapefloor I 320.” Mapei Tel: 011 552 8476 E-mail:



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Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

sustainability feature A hot topic at the moment, sustainability has become a major issue for the flooring industry, with tender documents and architectural briefs now regularly having requirements to meet high levels of environmental protection, conservation of natural resources, energy and water saving, responsible manufacturing processes, and recycling of old product and factory waste.

29 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

Must read article!

A hot topic at the moment, sustainability has become a major issue for the flooring industry, with tender documents and architectural briefs now regularly having requirements to meet high levels of environmental protection, conservation of natural resources, energy and water saving, responsible


manufacturing processes, and recycling of old product and factory waste. F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y


hese issues are particularly pertinent in relation to Government

Australia. After a process of industry and expert consulta-

departments or quasi-government organisations which, more

tion, the GBCSA Board decided to base the South African

frequently now – and running second only to BEE conformance

rating tool on the Australian Green Star system, and to cus-

– demand that they are addressed in their tender documents, with

tomise this tool.

failure to do so invalidating the tender. In addition, architects, interior designers, developers and contrac-

The Green Building Council of South Africa will not test, review or certify products or materials. Instead, it will rely on

tors will be seeking ways to improve the environmental aspects of

credible, third-party certification bodies, as and when such

their new building designs in order to attain Green Star ratings for

bodies are formed.

their projects. This feature investigates how much ‘green’ flooring materials and

Product suppliers are welcome to market their product as contributing to a project’s Green Star SA rating. However,

systems affect the overall Green Star rating for buildings; what

a product cannot be Green Star SA-certified, Green Star

is being achieved by using green processes in their manufacture

SA-rated, or in any other way officially approved by Green

and installation; and how each type of floorcovering rates in this

Star SA. The Green Building Council of South Africa does


not endorse any claims. Suppliers will need to validate the

With these issues becoming increasingly important in the building and construction sector, the questions most commonly asked are: “What is a ‘green’ building?” and “How does a building get a Green Star rating?” To provide the correct answers, the following information is taken

environmental merit of a product or material in a project’s submission for Green Star SA assessment. As discussed in the article To put the record straight... in the previous issue of FLOORS in Africa, there are some areas where floorcoverings can play a small role in assisting the

from the Green Building Council of South Africa’s website www.

claimant to obtain a Green Star rating, but as this article

dealt specifically with carpets, manufacturers or suppliers of

A green building is one that is energy-efficient, resource-efficient and environmentally responsible – which incorporates design, con-

other types of flooring should visit the website www.gbcsa. or contact the GBCSA direct on Tel: 021 659 5990.

struction and operational practices that significantly reduce or eliminate its negative impact on the environment and its occupants.

Flooring products – how green are they?

Building green is an opportunity to use resources efficiently and

Every form of floorcovering has its own statement to make

address climate change while creating healthier and more produc-

regarding its sustainability and environmental friendliness,

tive environments for people to live and work in.

and most manufacturers and suppliers go to great lengths

On a practical level, this encompasses the use of design, materials

to explain the source and eco-efficiency of the materi-

and technology to reduce energy and resource consumption and

als used, the manufacturing processes employed and the

create improved human and natural environments.

efficiencies attained, the recyclability of waste and finished

Specific green building measures include careful building design to reduce heat loads; maximising natural light and promoting the circulation of fresh air; the use of energy-efficient airconditioning and

product, and the gains to be made through durability, ease of cleaning and replacement needs. In line with the rest of the world, South African manufac-

lighting; the use of environment-friendly, non-toxic materials; the

turers and suppliers are concerned about the amount of old

reduction of waste, and the use of recycled materials; water-efficient

floorcoverings that end up in landfills each year, and even

plumbing fittings and water harvesting; the use of renewable energy

though recycling of waste materials and old floors is not as

sources; and sensitivity with regard to the impact of the develop-

prevalent as in Europe and the USA where recycling is virtu-

ment on the environment.

ally an industry in itself, great strides are being made here in this respect. Here is a quick look at what you can expect

What is a green rating tool?

from the various types of floorcovering.

A green building rating tool sets standards and benchmarks for green building, and enables an objective assessment to be made as

Carpet & carpet tiles

to how ‘green’ a building is.

Many carpet manufacturers are recycling production waste

The rating system sets out a ‘menu’ of all the green measures that

and old carpet materials back into new carpet, carpet tiles

can be incorporated into a building to make it green. Points are

or backing products, or turning them into products that

awarded to a building according to which measures have been

can be used in other industries such as furniture upholstery,

incorporated, and, after appropriate weighting, a total score is

cushions, and automotive parts.

arrived at, which determines the rating. To achieve certification, building owners submit documentation to

Plastic packaging and other materials used in the provision of the required raw materials, such as cardboard, paper,

the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) which employs

aluminium, wooden pallets, yarn cones, roll cores, liquid

independent assessors to assess the submission and score the build-

containers, raw material packaging and scrap metal, are

ing. Certification is awarded for 4-Star, 5-Star or 6-Star Green Star SA

either reused or recycled.

ratings. There are several rating systems in existence worldwide, including LEED from the US, BREEAM from the UK and Green Star from

Carpet tiles have a unique role to play in sustainability. Apart from having all the eco-advantages of a carpet, the fact that they can be taken up in high-traffic areas when

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0


Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

they become worn and replaced with either new tiles or those from a less trafficked part of the building, means that

these are truly sustainable, both in supply and usage. Cork is a prime example. It consists

the requirement for having a new floorcovering is much

of the bark of the Cork Oak tree, found


in Mediterranean countries. The bark

Carpet underlays also make a contribution with the use

reaches its maturity on the tree where it

of recycled materials, post-industrial waste, and tyres made

naturally splits every 9-15 years and can

into crumbed rubber underlays – all kept from the landfill.

be safely harvested without causing any

Once installed, they assist in both the thermal and acoustic

harm to the tree.

properties of the building.

Once split, the bark re-grows and the cycle continues – for several lifetimes:

Resilient floorcovering

cork trees have been known to live for

Resilient floorcoverings in general are enjoying a worldwide

up to 500 years. As a floorcovering, cork

increase in market share as specifiers and end-users realise

can be recycled once it has served its

the eco-benefits of practically every type of flooring in this

active life.


dients including linseed oil, cork, limestone, wood flour and tree


Let’s take a look at the ‘natural’ resilient floorings, because

Linoleum is another eco-friendly product, made of natural ingre-

32 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

resins, making it one of the most eco-friendly floorcoverings currently available. Amongst its attributes, linoleum has been known to still be very

ensure certain stewardship standards have been met. Natural wood floors have enjoyed a renaissance with the development of engineered wood. The boards (or tiles)

serviceable after four decades of use, and it has exceptional wear

used in these floors are of a multilayered design with a 4mm

and durability characteristics.

top layer of the selected hardwood factory-applied to a

It does not release any toxic gases into the air, and it is totally recy-

stable cross-laminated hard pine or poplar wood construc-

clable – even being biodegradable if it should happen to finish up in

tion to reduce the amount of hardwood used whilst still

a landfill.

providing a solid natural wood floor.

Of the other resilients, vinyl flooring in sheet or tile form is

The 4mm hardwood top surface enables more floor to

undoubtedly the most extensively used. It is in fact a thermoplastic,

be produced per tree, thus making far less environmental

which means it can be re-melted, and thus it has the capability of

impact in comparison to solid wood flooring – and it can

being recycled and used again without any loss of performance.

be FSC-certificated. In addition, the softer woods used in

Vinyl has a low maintenance requirement and can

the multilayered construction are well-controlled

last for decades which are significant advantages

renewable resource products.

when considering the environmental impact

Other options in wood floors include Reclaimed Wood Flooring, which is tim-

of new or replacement flooring. Vinyl is the only plastic made largely from a

ber salvaged from old buildings, river

non-petroleum source, and has found

bottoms, or even trees removed from

renewed favour since the manufactur-

urban settings for use as a new hard-

ers have reduced or eliminated VOCs

wood floor. The finished product can

(Volatile Organic Compounds) from

have either a like-new or antique

vinyl products and their manufacturing

appearance, and comes in a variety

processes. This is seen as a major envi-

of lengths and widths. Availability

ronmental benefit, and is also much bet-

can be unpredictable, so plan as far in

ter for those people that work with vinyl.

advance as possible.

PVC tiles require less petroleum in their

Natural stone does not readily spring

formulation than other plastics, but the chlo-

to mind as an eco-friendly material, but if

rine extraction process is energy-intensive. In

it is taken from a well-designed and man-

general, PVC creates a smaller environmental

aged quarry, it can be considered. It is hardly

footprint than most plastics, and it is completely

a renewable resource, but it is in plentiful sup-

recyclable and suitable for reuse as flooring.

ply and it does not incorporate or use any syn-

It is interesting to note that the popular PVC inter-

thetic elements which are not environmentally

locking tile ranges, which provide high performance

friendly and which may release harmful chemi-

once installed, also play their part in protecting the

cals into the atmosphere. Furthermore, once it

environment, because over 90% of the material used

is installed it makes no further demands on the

in their manufacture is recycled. Modern rubber floorcoverings in sheet or tile form

environment, other than cleaning, and will last for several lifetimes.

are often manufactured wholly or partly from recycled rubber – including old vehicle tyres. These floors offer extreme durability, underfoot comfort and quietness, and

It is generally accepted that sandstone and slate are amongst the more environmentally responsible stone floorcoverings, because they are found closer

are usually less expensive than most other resilients. The vir-

to the Earth’s surface and therefore much easier to mine,

gin rubber materials used are obtained from carefully managed and

requiring less energy and pollution-emitting extraction

environmentally protected rubber plantations.


Other ‘naturals’

minimal transport and shipping and thus reduce the carbon

It is generally recognised that bamboo is a grass, but when used as

footprint involved.

Also, if locally quarried stone is used, this will involve

a floorcovering and a perfect alternative to hard and tropical woods or other fossil and endangered raw materials, it is high on the list of


sustainable desirables – particularly as it creates more oxygen and

Laminate floorcoverings are odourless and very low on

absorbs a lot more CO2 than trees during its fast growth period.

emissions. This is a consequence of their composition and

If you are into natural hardwood floors, make sure the wood

the manufacturing processes employed, and after their use-

comes from sustainable and well- managed sources. The Forest

ful working life they can be easily disposed of as bulk waste,

Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit group that promotes

being suitable for material or thermal recycling.

environmentally responsible forestry practices, and suppliers can

The same positive life-cycle environmental performance of

offer peace of mind to consumers by displaying the FSC’s stamp

wood-based materials also applies in principle to laminate

of approval, which is awarded by third-party organisations that

floorcoverings which are manufactured in modern produc-

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0


Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

tion plants that are strictly controlled in respect of emissions and

areas: Materials and Resources; Indoor Air Quality (IAQ); and

environmental protection measures.

Innovation & Design Process, which fall under LEED-NC and

Core boards of laminate floorings are made of high-density wood


fibre boards (HDF) consisting of around 90% wood fibre and about 10% environmentally friendly glue resin. The surface of the boards comprise several layers of high-quality paper impregnated with transparent melamine resin, and the

Materials & Resources Construction Waste Management The goal of the Construction Waste Management credit is

underside covered with backing paper, so

to encourage the diversion of as much waste as possible

laminate floorcoverings are made mainly of

from landfills. If a flooring manufacturer has a reclamation

renewable wood fibre material plus a rela-

programme in place, up to two points can potentially be

tively minor amount of synthetic resin.

obtained under this area.

The overseas influence

Recycled Content

Because so many floorcoverings used in

This credit encourages the use of recycled materials, which

South Africa are imported, it is worth look-

minimises the impacts of processing virgin materials and

ing in general at the overseas organisations

reduces the amount of landfill waste. If the flooring prod-

that set the benchmarks in terms of ‘green’

ucts used on the project contain recycled content such

compliance, with the two main assessment

as recycled rubber, carpet fibres or cork, up to two points

methods relevant to South Africa being

under this area can be earned.


Recycled content is defined by ISO 14021 as materials

Both of these methods (like the South African GBCSA) do not pro-

that have been recovered or diverted from the solid waste

vide any assessment for individual products, but can provide guide-

stream either after consumer, commercial or industrial use

lines on the contribution they make to the overall green rating of the

(post-consumer) or during the manufacturing process (pre-

building in which they are being used – within the given parameters.

consumer). However, flooring scrap reused in the manufacturing process, while a good environmental practice, does

LEED The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) created the

Under LEED-NC and LEED-CI, one point can be earned if

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) green building

the total sum of recycled content (post-consumer content

rating system to provide a national standard for what constitutes a

plus half the value of pre-consumer content) equals at least

“green” building – in other words the development of a high-per-

10%; two points if it equals 20%.

formance, sustainable building – and this has now been adopted in many countries around the world. There are two versions of LEED available that are applicable to

Points may be obtained under this category if the total value of recycled content of the building is equal to 10% or more. One product alone cannot guarantee LEED points; it

floorcoverings in some way: LEED for New Construction and Major

is the total value of the recycled content in the building that

Renovations (LEED-NC) – which focuses on whole buildings and

determines whether or not points are earned. The calcula-

major renovations; and LEED for Commercial Interiors (LEED-CI) – that applies to tenant improvements of new or existing office space. The LEED rating system promotes improved practices in six credit categories: sustainable sites; water efficiency; energy and atmosphere; materials and resources; indoor environmental quality; and innovation and design. In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, green buildings have proved to be more economically efficient, have the potential to increase the health and safety benefits of employees, increase employee productivity, and generate community goodwill. In order to build green there is a need to utilise environmentally friendly building products, so how does flooring apply to LEED? Many interior products have the potential to contribute points to LEED, but since credits are based on the performance of all of the products involved in a particular project, there is not one stand-alone product that can guarantee that LEED credits will be obtained. It is the combination, and the weighting of each, that is critical.


not constitute pre-consumer waste.

While there are six credit categories under LEED, most flooring products may potentially contribute under two, possibly three,

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

tions needed to determine value are available on the USGBC website



In the UK, the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) is the leading and most

Local/Regional Materials

widely used environmental assessment method for build-

Using materials that are extracted and manufactured close to the job


site supports the use of local resources as well as reduces the environ-

Similar in content and application to LEED, it sets the stan-

mental impacts resulting from transportation. This credit rewards the

dard for best practice in sustainable design and has become

use of local materials with up to two points.

the de facto measure used to describe a building’s environ-

Under LEED-NC, one point can be obtained for using building materials that have been extracted/harvested/manufactured within 500

mental performance. BREEAM provides clients, developers, designers and oth-

miles of the project site for a minimum of 10% (based on cost) of the

ers with market recognition for low environmental impact

total material value. One additional point if the minimum material

buildings; assurance that best environmental practice is

value is 20%.

incorporated into a building; inspiration to find innova-

Under LEED-CI one point can be obtained if 20% of building materi-

tive solutions that minimise the environmental impact; a

als are manufactured within a 500-mile radius; one additional point

benchmark that is higher than regulation; a tool to help

if 10% of the materials have been extracted, harvested, or manufac-

reduce running costs, improve working and living envi-

tured within 500 miles of the project.

ronments; and a standard that demonstrates progress towards corporate and organisational environmental

Rapidly Renewable Materials Using rapidly renewable materials (made from plants that are typi-

objectives. It addresses wide-ranging environmental and sustainabil-

cally harvested within a ten-year cycle or shorter) reduces the deple-

ity issues and enables developers and designers to prove

tion of raw materials. Under LEED-NC, one point may be obtained if

the environmental credentials of their buildings to planners

2.5% of the total value of all building materials is rapidly renewable.

and clients.

Examples include cork, linoleum and bamboo. Under LEED-CI the minimum value is 5%.

It also uses a straightforward scoring system that is transparent, easy to understand and supported by evidencebased research; has a positive influence on the design,

Indoor environmental quality

construction and management of buildings; and sets and

IAQ standards have been developed in order to enhance air quality

maintains a robust technical standard with rigorous quality

in buildings, which contributes to the well-being of its occupants. If

assurance and certification.

the flooring, flooring systems and/or adhesives meet established air quality standards, one point can be earned under one of the follow-

Further information can be found on the website:

ing areas: Go green Low-Emitting Materials: Adhesives and Sealants

Don’t run away with the idea that ‘going green’ is horren-

One point can be obtained under LEED-NC and LEED-CI if adhesives

dously expensive. In many cases the extra cost of a ‘green’

and sealants meet the US VOC- content limits.

choice is less than 2% more than any other floorcovering that might otherwise have been chosen. Often this is more

Low-Emitting Materials: Carpet Systems

than repaid by their longevity, ease of cleaning and avail-

One point under LEED-NC and LEED-CI if all carpet and underlay meet


the requirements of the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Green Label

Certainly ‘going green’ is better than accepting poor

programme. Carpet adhesive

design and the use of cheap materials, because this will

must also meet the above VOC

invariably result in the floor needing replacement within a


very short period of time – definitely not a sustainable solu-

In summary, product choices that contribute to earning LEED

tion. Finally, the reader will have realised that in the USA and

points will include specify-

some European countries, the recycling aspect of a wide

ing green products, such as

range of materials is big business.

floorcoverings and backings

South Africa is a long way off that, but many of the local

made primarily from recycled

floorcovering manufacturers are addressing these problems

content; specifying natural prod-

on an individual basis, and these companies should be

ucts (linoleum, bamboo, etc);

applauded for doing so, and are well worthy of your sup-

using green-friendly installation

port and custom in future.

techniques such as adhesives that emit low VOCs; and efficient solu-

Acknowledgement and thanks are given to the following for

tions such as raised access flooring and underfloor HVAC systems,

information supplied in the compilation of this article: www.

which reduce energy consumption.;;

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0


Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

Environmental and consumer protection T

hinking green, acting green and offering consumers orientation

into indoor air by building materials or furnishings and can be

with products certified for environmental friendliness is Loba’s

detrimental to health.

declared motto, which is fully endorsed by Zimbo’s Trading – the sole distributor of this extensive range in South Africa. As an international brand manufacturer, Loba is committed to the

of approval is given to products with especially low emissions, and

protection of the environment and human health with a product

Loba was the first manufacturer of varnishes for hardwood and par-

development programme that focuses exclusively on the develop-

quet flooring to earn this seal for its products – not just for one –

ment of environment-friendly, non-toxic systems for the surface treat-

but for several Loba varnishes, including Lobadur WS 2K Duo which

ment of parquet and hardwood floors.

is known for its exceptional chemical resistance and durability.

To assist consumers looking for environmentally friendly products,

Loba is already planning further steps toward environmental

Loba is actively campaigning for the clear labelling of green products

protection, and has ceased production of parquet varnishes with

for their environmental compatibility, such as Singapore’s Green Label

high solvent levels, and made a voluntary commitment to pro-

that is internationally recognised.

duce waterborne varnishes with emission values far below the

With its Emicode seal of approval as a mark of competency and responsibility for holistic consumer and environmental protection,

VOC limit of 140g/l specified in the Decopaint Directive. This in turn means that Loba’s waterborne varnishes also offer

the Association for the Control of Emissions in Products for Flooring

significant environmental and health advantages.

Installation (GEV) also plays an especially important role in the certifi-

Zimbo’s Trading

cation of varnishes.

Johannesburg: 011 794 1012 Fax: 086 556 4694

Products labelled with the Emicode seal of approval represent mod-


In terms of indoor air quality, low-emission materials are the perfect solution for modern flooring installation. The Emicode seal

Cape Town: 021 511 4693

Fax: 021 511 4694

ern, low-emission materials for flooring installation. The term ‘emis-


sions’ refers to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released

Websites: /

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

16 years of sustainability T

o celebrate 16 years of InterfaceFLOR’s Mission Zero – the company’s promise to eliminate any negative impact the company may

have on the environment by 2020, InterfaceFLOR and Kevin Bates

Flooring & Carpeting recently invited architects, interior decorators and clients on a tour of the extraordinary Soccer City Stadium that

Soccer City Stadium

will host both the opening and closing events of the forthcoming 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup Competition. The venue was the perfect choice for such an occasion, as InterfaceFLOR carpet tiles were the flooring of choice for both the VIP and Presidential boxes and the auditorium. The tour was followed by drinks and snacks in the VIP lounge during which Ana Seixas, InterfaceFlor’s sustainability ambassador, gave a presentation on where InterfaceFlor is after 16 years of Mission Zero, and what they will be doing in the future. The company is aiming at achieving certain very specific goals by the end of this year. The design of the stadium was selected from a series of concept designs ranging from acknowledgement of Johannesburg’s disappearing mine dumps, the kgotla (defined by the tree) of the African city state, the African map as a horizontal representation, which included the roof as a desert plane supported on tropical trees set within the mineral wealth of Southern Africa, to a representation of

as being the most recognisable object to represent what would

the Protea, our national flower.

automatically be associated with the African continent and not any

In the final analysis, the calabash, or African pot, was selected

38 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0


Discover the Gerflor new products ...

...and its colourful universe


Sports floor supplier to the London Olympics

Tel: 0860 29 80 80

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

How to identify the truly sustainable suppliers by Ana Elisa Seixas, LEEP AP; Sustainability Ambassador, InterfaceFLOR


hen searching for sustainable products, there are a few key things to look for that can prove to be an extremely useful

starting point. When it comes to specifying sustainably, the first tip is to recognise, and then avoid, ‘greenwash’ – the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service. Check that a manufacturer has a holistic, company-wide sustainability policy that is robustly implemented across the entire organisation. Apply your own principles to them; organisations need to lead by example and set the standard, so too should a manufacturer practice what it preaches, operating in an environmentally responsible way in every possible area. InterfaceFLOR, for example, has an ambitious objective, called Mission Zero, the aim of which is to be the world’s first fully sustainable business by 2020. This influences every aspect of the company’s culture and ethos, and is evident in all its actions, innovations and developments. Some example of questions you may ask your suppliers: 1. Does your company’s vision/mission statement include a sustain-

InterfaceFLOR, for instance, offers Cool Carpet – a scheme which makes it possible for organisations to buy ‘climate neutral’ products

ability commitment and does the commitment apply to all busi-

by offsetting any greenhouse gases emitted during the manufac-

ness units?

ture of the product.

2. Is sustainability discussed in your company’s annual report? Is it a footnote or a key business strategy? 3. Has your company joined any partnerships with NGOs or governmental agencies to help reduce its footprint? (Examples: EPA Climate Leaders, EPA, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Green Building Council, etc)

On the other hand, InterfaceFLOR developed a unique system that allows modular flooring to be installed without the need for liquid adhesives – TacTiles, greatly reducing the installation impact of modular flooring. As opposed to non-releasable full spread glue, TacTiles connectors adhere carpet tiles to one another, not the floor. Thus, a TacTiles

4. Does your company have any LEED/Green Star certified buildings?

installation does not require “digging” up the flooring for removal

Secondly, check that as well as being manufactured in a sustain-

and replacement, alleviating future labour cost and potential dam-

able way – using 100% renewable energy or being able to use post-

age to existing substrates.

consumer content within the manufacturing process, the product in

What’s more, the TacTiles system generates less waste during

question also delivers in-life benefits that will help boost a building’s

installation, and has an environmental footprint that is over 90%

overall environmental performance and provide excellent durability.

lower than that of traditional glue.

There’s no point laying a stunning floor, or beautifully painting an area, if it needs to be re-done in a couple of years. Or installing a low VOC carpet tile with highly toxic, high VOC glue.

Some example of questions you may ask your suppliers: 1. Do you have an existing ‘take back/recycling’ programme that

Some example of questions you may ask your suppliers:

specifically allows for reclamation of each of the product types

1. What is the post-consumer recycled content in your products? Is it

that you have produced in your manufacturing history? What

from your old products that you have reclaimed post use? 2. Given regular maintenance procedures, how long will your product retain its functionality and appearance? 3. Does your company employ Life Cycle Assessment to guide its manufacturing and product design decisions? 4. Is third-party verification available to support your product’s environmental claims? If so, please list applicable certifications. 5. What percentage of your total product line meets that certification?


6. Has your company received ISO 14001 certification for all of its manufacturing facilities?

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

happens to these materials once they are reclaimed? 2. What is the adhesive that is used for installation? Does it comply with CRI VOC levels? 3. Do you have a third party certified carbon offset programme in place? It is up to manufacturers to develop products and services that genuinely deliver on each of these requirements and to guide designer teams through the specification maze. It is also important to choose a product that will perform in the long term. Choosing a product today that is cheaper, but that will

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

perform badly and needs replacement in a couple of years,

Celebrating 16 years of Mission Zero – InterfaceFLOR’s promise to elimi-

means not only that you will have double the expense but

nate any negative impact the company may have on the environment by

also that more waste is being created and that is probably

2020, considering the impact of every creative, manufacturing and build-

being sent to landfill, with all its environmental implications.

ing decision it makes.

Keeping these key factors in mind and the reality of the South African market, InterfaceFLOR has developed the Fit!

What has been achieved so far:

Collection, combining competitive pricing, great performance


and design, all manufacture along sustainable practices.

80% Reduction in the volume of waste sent to landfill since 1996 per unit

“In a market like South Africa there are big companies and

of production.

smaller companies, and there are also different budgets. If


you have a large budget, you can have the very best, branded

80% Reduction in water intake in manufacturing since 1996 per unit of

items. It’s a bit more difficult with a smaller budget, so people


tend to compromise on quality and design and they end up


buying inferior products, not getting value for money,” says

Actual reduction of Interface GHG emissions by 44% from baseline 1996.

Nigel Daniels, the recently appointed InterfaceFLOR’s regional


manager for southern Africa.

30% Global energy from renewable sources.

The Fit range of carpet tiles doesn’t cut corners on the


enhancements that are typically found in the company’s

Total energy use down by 43% since 1996 per unit of production.

high end carpeting range. The collection boasts all the same


quality and features: Glasbac backing, Protekt2 soil and stain

US $433-million, cumulative avoided waste costs since 1994

protection, Intersept antimicrobial properties, backed by a 15 year warranty. Also, its InterTUFT tufting technology maximised the perfor-

In the words of the founder and chairman of Interface Inc, Ray Anderson, the company vision is ‘to be the first company that, by its deeds, shows the entire industrial world what Sustainability is in all its dimensions: people,

mance of the carpet’s tile and, at the same time, minimises the

process, product, place and profits – by 2020 – and in doing so we will

waste that goes into production. “The less is more philosophy

become restorative through the power of influence’.

is really important and we try to reduce the amount of materi-

To achieve these aims Interface has been using a series of initiatives to

als used. We use high tech materials, making our products

reduce its negative impact on the Earth in terms of environmental and

with less waste and a reduced environmental footprint. Fit is a

social issues, and these efforts are driven by a concept developed within

sustainable alternative that embodies our company’s Mission

the company – The seven fronts of sustainability – which are:

Zero promise,” says Daniels.

Zero waste – eliminate waste

Part of the Fit Collection, Asana in particular is a carpet tile

Eliminating the concept of waste, not just incrementally reducing it by

that helps to minimise waste during installation through its

looking for sources of waste across the business and find ways to avoid,

random design concept inspired by nature. It is a highly tex-

reduce, reuse, recycle, energy recovery and dispose waste

tured tile that delivers a completely random design, and so

Zero emissions – benign emissions

can be installed in any way, resulting in less than one per cent

Avoid emitting anything toxic or harmful into the biosphere

installation waste.

Zero non-renewable energy – renewable energy Reducing the energy demands of InterfaceFLOR processes while substituting non-renewable sources with renewable ones like solar, wind and landfill gas. Zero virgin raw materials – closing the loop Redesigning processes and products into cyclical material flows. Zero petroleum – resource-efficient transportation Exploring methods to reduce the transportation of molecules in favour of moving information. This includes plant location, logistics, e-mail, and telecommuting. United by zero – sensitising stakeholders Creating a community within and around InterfaceFLOR that understands the functioning of natural systems and our impact on them. Zero footprint – redesign commerce Redesigning commerce to focus on the delivery of service and value instead of material. Encouraging external organisations to create policies and market incentives. InterfaceFLOR Africa Regional Office – Tel: +27 11 6083324 InterfaceFLOR Distributors in South Africa: Kevin Bates Flooring & Carpeting – Tel: 011 608 4270 Albert Carpets – Tel: 021 462 3446

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0


Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

‘Green’ is more than just a buzzword here! Environmental imperatives are forcing companies and individuals to undertake environmental impact assessments, manage the Earth’s scarce natural resources economically and limit damage to ensure long-term survival.


ncreasingly, consumers and specifying authorities are favouring


“As a result, the company is fully committed to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and was fully certified in May 2009.” In addition to complying with all applicable legislation, Belgotex Floorcoverings’ Environmental Policy outlines its efforts to minimise pollution and install an ecologically sustainable waste management system for its Pietermaritzburg-based 135 000m² factory. “To most consumers, environmental awareness equals recy-

companies that are committed to eco-friendly production practice

cled or natural products. The reality is more far-reaching than

and those that demonstrate sustainable and renewable manufactur-

that,” commented Walsh. “Our Environmental Policy addresses

ing processes.

resource management and pollution prevention, including

Belgotex Floorcoverings is one such company.

issues from water consumption and energy efficiency, to chem-

As the largest carpet manufacturing plant on the African continent,

ical waste disposal and boiler emissions.”

Belgotex Floorcoverings operates a ‘green’ factory through responsi-

“We have implemented recycling and employee education

ble manufacturing techniques, extending the life of its products, and

and training about environmental issues as further attempts to

recycling whenever it is economically and environmentally feasible.

entrench a “green” philosophy throughout the company,” he said.

“We recognise the impact of our activities, products and services

Belgotex Floorcoverings is also concerned with the efficient

on the environment and we’ve put several initiatives in place to man-

management of scarce natural resources in the input phase of

age any negative impacts,” says Kevin Walsh, Chief Operations Officer.

its business.

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

Energy Efficiency In conjunction with Eskom, the company has already succeeded in saving a massive 460kW of power through the R2,4-million installation of energy-saving light fittings throughout the factory. Water Treatment Belgotex Floorcoverings has employed the services of an ISO 14001-certified effluent company that uses its Total Water Management (TWM) approach to treat waste water discharged from production processes. The Pietermaritzburg municipality COD (chemical oxygen demand) standards are amongst the strictest in South Africa and have to be met before any waste water can be discharged into the municipal sewer system. All waste water from production is treated via an effluent plant. Improcheme, a specialist effluent treatment company, is permanently on site to treat all waste water from production processes before it is discharged into the municipal sewage system. Water recycling is done at the company’s eco-washing plant and during the spacedye wash process. All water entering the company goes through a meter box that is checked monthly and monitored for any leaks. The domestic reticulation piping for the entire factory has also been replaced by above-ground piping to eliminate any underground water leakages. Pollution Prevention On the output phase of the business, Belgotex Floorcoverings has implemented several systems to minimise pollution of air, water or ground as a result of its production. Air Emissions To ensure optimum performance of boilers and minimum pollution of the air, a stringent preventative maintenance programme is in place whereby flue gas emissions, combustion efficiency, and oxygen and CO2 levels are monitored by

43 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

an independent, accredited company, and Belgotex complies with South African legislation and bylaws. The company makes use of superior-quality coal that has a high calorific value, which means that it is cleaner-burning and low in phosphorus. In addition, all factory forklifts have been changed to run on LPG gas. Waste Management Belgotex Floorcoverings follows a waste management approach that encompasses the 3R’s: Reduce; Reuse; and Recycle. The order of the 3R’s is important and Belgotex Floorcoverings has chosen to improve its environmental performance by reducing energy demand, use of natural resource and waste; reusing scrap back into manufacturing and when possible gathering waste from other processes; and recycling

company keeps all safe disposal certifi-

what cannot be used by finding a home for

cates for reference if necessary.

solution-dyed yarns or fibres. Belgotex Floorcoverings has several products on offer that have a recycled

the waste in another product or process. Carpet reclamation

content made up of either post-industrial

Waste Recycling

A Carpet Reclamation Programme has

waste or post-consumer waste, includ-

A waste stream matrix of all waste produced

been developed to handle post-consum-

ing Green Underlay which is made from

during the manufacturing process has been

er waste with collection points set up in

100% recycled fibres and/or yarns, and

drawn up – classified as solid, liquid or

major cities where uplifted carpet can be

Grimebuster, which is manufactured with

gas – and a waste management company

returned and redistributed to impover-

a rubber crumb cushion backing.

ensures the proper separation of all solid

ished communities.

waste to be sent onto the relevant recycling

Currently all uplifted and returned

This rubber crumb is made up of 100% post-consumer waste such as used

material under the control of Belgotex

vehicle tyres. In this way Belgotex diverts

The use of recycled waste materials in the

Floorcoverings is distributed via NGO

up to 20 tonnes of used tyres from the

production of polypropylene and nylon yarn

CINDI (Children in Need and Distress)

landfill site per year.

carpets is difficult due to the nature of Bulk

for reuse amongst impoverished com-

Continuous Filament Extrusion. However, all



Also, at customer request Belgotex Floorcoverings offers a Nexbac tile containing more than 20% recycled content

waste – from creel ends and selvedge waste to extrusion waste – is sent to a recycling

Green Products

of post-industrial waste in the backing,

company for further processing.

At Belgotex Floorcoverings product

having found a way to use fly ash cre-

development is geared towards solution-

ated from a steam generation process

Chemical waste disposal

dyed fibres and yarns and the company

in the Nexbac compound – marketed as

Safe and appropriate disposal of all Belgotex

has increased the amount of solution-

NexBac Eco.

Floorcoverings’ chemical and oil waste is

dyed nylon and polypropylene products

undertaken by reputable service provid-

in its sales programme.

ers:- Old oil is recycled and separated by

Post-dyeing of material, which is a wet

So, when you choose or specify a floorcovering from Belgotex Floorcoverings, you can rest assured that it

Separation Solution, fluorescent tubes go to

process, has a greater negative impact

has been produced by an environmentally

R & O Enterprises, medical waste is handled

on the environment than solution-

responsible, pro-active manufacturer.

by Compass Waste while waste chemicals

dyeing – a dry process which reduces

Belgotex Floorcoverings

from the laboratory are safely destroyed or

water, chemical and energy consump-

Tel: 033 897 7500

disposed of by Enviroserv.

tion. Eighty percent of the Belgotex

Fax: 033 897 7700

Floorcoverings production is now using


All waste is recycled as far as possible. The

44 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Real Wood

Laminates Kährs genuine wooden floors and Quick-Step laminate floors brought to you by flooring giant FloorworX. Heading up these product divisions is Peter Geyer, well-known wood and laminate guru. For trusted advice and specifications contact Peter on 011 406-4291 or 083 380 6665.

The Flooring Solutions Company Established for over 55 years, FloorworX is the only local manufacturer of semi-flexible tiles, fully flexible vinyl sheeting and tiles – all of which carry the SANS certification for quality. FloorworX also distributes Quick-Step wood laminates, Kährs wooden floors and a comprehensive range of international resilient floorcoverings, including safety flooring, antistatic flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, static control tiles, linoleum, Novilon, rubber and sports flooring, together with a wide range of flooring adhesives, accessories and floorcare materials. National Call Centre 0860 346 679

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

Going Green is on everyone’s mind today and Rhoms Timberworld avers that the company is more committed than ever.


s only 8% of the world’s forests are certified under

sustainable management programmes, Rhoms Timberworld makes an enormous effort to ensure that its suppliers act

responsibly with regard to the environment and the sustainable supply and use of raw material wood. To this end, the Rhoms Group has its own FSC Chain of Custody certification and offers a wide range of sustainable and recyclable products to ensure a better tomorrow. Rhoms Timberworld’s own manufacturing is gearing up more

Sourced from two of the most innovative forest management projects in Africa, they bring a wide range of social, economic and environmental benefits to remote areas. At the heart of these projects is not only the planting and sustainable harvesting of plantation teak but also the protection and man-

and more to the recycling of indigenous African timber waste.

agement of native forests and wetlands with the wide range of wild-

Today the Rhoms Fineline range of Kiaat, Rhodesian Teak and

life and flora within.

African Rosewood solid floors are all manufactured from recov-

With its fully integrated processing plant for the production of tim-

ered timber from the Rhoms and other manufacturers’ produc-

ber and value added product, much needed long-term employment

tion lines, and Rhoms also assists in the recycling process by

and social development for the region has been created. Recently

renovating old scrapped floors to produce the remanufactured

awarded TLTV and FSC certification ensures the peace of mind that

Oregon Pine floors in its sales programme.

everyone is seeking today.

Always seeking to expand its wide variety of ‘green’ prod-


resource of Tectona Grandis, known as Real Teak.

The beautiful golden to dark brown nature of teak is internationally

ucts, Rhoms Timberworld has recently introduced a new

recognised as being the timber for outdoor use because of its natural

hardwood from central Africa, a sustainably managed

oils and ease of being worked.

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

It is one of the timbers used externally that shows no reaction nor corrosion from the fasteners used with it. Because of its natural oils, it is highly resistant to moisture and exposure to weather – making it very durable. The oils are also reputed to act as a natural insecticide which aids its resistance to attack. Teak is well known for its dramatic colour change and will darken to a golden brown with time. Before sealing for inside use, it should be solvent cleaned first to ensure minimal interference from all its natural oils. The many uses of teak include yacht decks, boat building, outdoor furniture, indoor flooring and general joinery. Teak flooring

is currently available at Rhoms Timberworld who is proud to be associated as distributor for these world-class timber plantations. Mapalapa is another new African hardwood now being marketed by Rhoms Timberworld. In the heart of Malawi, a sustainably managed Hevea plantation resource, soon to be awarded FSC certification, sustains employment for 400 native Malawians through rubber production and sustainable sawmilling operations when the trees reach the end of their useful productive life. Latex produced from the Hevea tree produces the best quality rubber and is used to manufacture more than 50 000 products. Unlike any other Hevea plantation, this one has been in existence since the 1800s and boasts many benefits, including high density due to the age of the trees (30 years old) and the specific region in which they grow; the availability of longer lengths (up to 2,1m) as the trees are between 12m–20m tall; and the trees are grown from original seed, not genetically modified, thereby reaching their natural maturity at 20 years. Mapalapa is truly unique. It is a medium-density hardwood with a hardness and appearance similar to Oak, Kiaat and Teak. This makes it relatively harder than most other plantation timber species. The drying shrinkage of Mapalapa is relatively low compared to most hardwood of the same density, making it more dimensionally stable than most other timber species used for timber flooring. It is light in colour with a straight grain suitable for staining, making it an ideal substitute for joinery and moulding work. For more information on these world-class sustainable timbers, please contact Richard Bentley on the number shown below. Rhoms Timberworld Tel: 011 465 1650 E-mail: Website:

47 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

• ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIENTIOUS • NO PRODUCT RECALL IN 20 YEARS! • MORE THAN 90% recycled materials used in manufacture • TOTAL WOOD FIBRE ENCAPSULATION for stability & moisture resistance • NATURAL COOLING ALLOWS STRESS FREE PRODUCTION PROCESS • WARRANTY – Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty • CAN INSTAL WITH DIRECT GROUND CONTACT due to unique moisture resistance

Everyone’s favourite decking... Naturally, you prefer quality! Decking Solid Wood Engineered and Laminate Floors

floor & deck maintenance • complete wooden floor solutions • professional advice and designs

0861 TIMBER • 011 465 4150

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

Van Dyck Carpets will be marketing the world’s first (and only) synthetic turf made from recycled bottles, from its official launch in May this year.

World’s first synthetic turf made from recycled bottles and Leisure products, TigerTurf is also going greener as it also reduces its water and energy usage; minimises waste and increases recycling within the framework of its waste management procedures; promotes environmentally responsible purchasing; and reuses and recovers waste materials wherever possible. Van Dyck Carpets is the exclusive distributor of TigerTurf products in South Africa and manu-


factures certain sport arketed under the brand name of Vision,

experienced and skilled work force, can be made

products under license

this groundbreaking and patented tech-

from up to 9 000 recycled drinks bottles.

in its production plant

nology from TigerTurf enables you to obtain the

in Durban (KZN).

green outdoor area you always wanted whilst

grass which makes it soft to the touch creating

Van Dyck Carpets

reducing waste, your carbon footprint, and

a safe environment for the whole family to relax

Tel: 031 913 3800

landfill usage.

on and enjoy. Aesthetically, Vision achieves the

Fax: 031 912 1220

perfectly manicured and natural look for the lawn,


It is the only environmentally friendly option for

creating a space that is inviting, realistic, and visu-


your garden or landscaped area; an average-sized

ally appealing.

com and

There are three excellent reasons for using Vision.


The different fibres enhance the texture of the

lawn, responsibly manufactured in the UK by an

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

In the production of Vision and other Sport

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

in the carpet industry Claimed to be the first and only carpet tile manufactured in South Africa that uses more than 50% recycled material, the Oxygen range is made from a blend of partly post-consumer recycled polyester (recycled plastic bottles) and partly virgin polyester polymers.




anufactured in the Durban factory of Van Dyck Carpets, this

alternatively clients can opt for the revolutionary new Eco-Back

range is available in three standard designs inspired by nature,

backing system. This Eco-back is a rubber backing which is made

namely Plateau, Cascade and Metallica, and each design has five stock

from 70% post-consumer recycled rubber (old tyres) giving this

colours that will be available off the shelf with a minimum order

product an additional green character and Van Dyck Carpets is

quantity of one box (5m²). The range has infinite design flexibility

the first SA manufacturer that offers this kind of backing on car-

thanks to the high-quality overprints, most of which have a 3D look.

pet tiles.

Other colours and other designs will be available as ‘Make to Order’,

This Eco-back backing means that the Oxygen tiles are perfectly

and because of its advanced technology Van Dyck Carpets can match

suitable for removable tile applications – for fitting with pressure-

almost any design – making it ideally suitable for the specifiers that

sensitive adhesive or double-sided tape – as there is no risk of

want customised products and mix-and-match potential.

fraying or de-lamination of the backing cloth, and the rubber has

The tiles can be provided in standard sizes of 50cm x 50cm; but 60cm x 60cm; or 100cm x 100cm can be made on request, and all are provided with a 5-year guarantee and a 10-year limited wear warranty. The Oxygen range has a Heavy Commercial rating thanks to its

non-slip properties, thus reducing the need for glues or tape for smaller installations. The lighter weight and more flexible handling of Eco-Back makes it also easier for fitting – and the lesser weight minimises the

unique construction and very good dimensional stability thanks to

impact of transport on the environment. In addition, this back-

the inclusion of a glass scrim in the backing. In addition it has very

ing can easily be recycled after use and re-used for a new Eco-

good wearability and cleanability, and its flat surface ensures ease of

Back application (making this product a 100% cradle to cradle

maintenance with very little effort.


The overprint papers are also environmentally friendly. Dye sublimation ink is used throughout all Van Dyck overprinting, which is stateof-the-art technology that makes use of an aqua-based ink that is free of toxins, solvents or any non-recyclable materials. The transfer process releases only water vapour and no toxins, and



Eco-Back backing also provides an improved cushion because of the excellent rebound and non-collapsing properties of rubber. This exciting and revolutionary innovative range will be officially launched during a road show in the month of May this year. *Oxygen and Eco-Back are registered Trademarks of Van Dyck

the ink is non-flammable and odourless. All transfer papers are totally


recyclable, making the Van Dyck heat transfer process 100% green!

Van Dyck Carpets

The Oxygen carpet tiles are available in 2 types of backings: either

Tel: 031 913 3800

the proven Enduroback bitumen backing which has been successfully

Fax: 031 912 1220

used in many projects and been on the market for over 25 years, or


F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

For example, as part of its overall environmental effort, Masland Contract has committed to an annual purchase of over 22 million kilowatt-hours of clean, carbon-neutral wind energy from Coloradobased Renewable Choice Energy. By purchasing RECs (Renewable Energy Credits), Masland Contract is guaranteeing that more renewable energy will be released into the national power grid, replacing power that would otherwise have been generated by coal or gas. This annual commitment equates to planting almost 126 000 mature trees; taking nearly 3000 average passenger cars off the road for a year; and avoiding the electricity use of 1800 households for one year. All Masland Contract carpets and adhesives pass the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus criteria for Indoor Air Quality and contribute 1 point towards building certification under LEED Section 4.3, Indoor Environmental Quality, Low-Emitting Material. Also, the recycled content in these products contributes to LEED totals under Materials & Resources CR4, Recycled Content. (www. Any further information on Masland Contracts, its environmental programme and its considerable range of products and services, can be obtained from the re-launched website: www.

Committed to a Masland Contract is committed to creating a healthier planet for the people of today as well as for future generations, believing that true design is timeless and that its responsibility to the environment shares an equal footing with aesthetics. The company’s goal is to find the most effective and least wasteful ways to create products from the very beginning, with each product having the least impact on the environment throughout its entire lifecycle. By focusing on conservation of energy, sustainable selection and efficient use of raw materials, managing waste, and recycling, Masland is building the foundation for the creation of a healthier planet. Masland’s efforts embrace the use of new technologies for more efficient ways of manufacturing products, the conservation of natural resources, and the reduction of landfill waste. Everything the company does has an impact on our planet, and it is committed to creating the smallest possible footprint on the environment. As we move into the future, Masland Contract will continue to


expand on this commitment in order to create beautiful products as well as creating a healthier planet.

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0




Palmette – ageless queen of design motifs holds court in a new incarnation, wrapped in knockout colors and textures never seen on a Greek temple. For grand hotels, chi-chi restaurants and A-list spaces, this fashion goddess is edgy, evocative, and drop-dead gorgeous. 100% Antron® Legacy™ nylon.

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

trees with its short growth cycle and high carbon dioxide exchange rate. A mature grove of bamboo sends up new shoots every year. These new shoots reach their full size in just a couple of months. This short growth cycle makes it a great replacement for our slow-growing forests that are steadily being cut back. Therefore, choosing bamboo is the most environmentally wise route one could take. Bamboolands Tel: 0860 110 043 / 083 601 9960 E-mail: Website:

for sustainable bamboo Bamboolands have successfully managed to position themselves as one of the leading suppliers and installers of bamboo flooring in the country. A passion for quality, sustainability and beauty has enabled them to build an impeccable reputation.


aintaining a superior standard of installation and finishing along with the provision of immaculate service

were established early on as the key principles upon which Bamboolands was founded. The company has managed to keep the aforementioned attributes in sight, which allowed Bamboolands to secure and execute a vast quantity of high profile work, with only praise as the result of the service and craftsmanship rendered to its clientele. Thanks to an ever-growing demand for “the green option”, Bamboolands have managed to grow their business and they are now able to provide customers with almost any colour tone or construction imaginable. Why is Bamboo a great ‘Green Solution’? Planting bamboo is one of the best ways to help our environment. Bamboo is a crucial element in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. A grove of bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. Because of this, bamboo is a great way to reduce one’s carbon footprint and help fight


global warming. A perfect selection for Going Green. Additionally, bamboo is a wonderful replacement plant for

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

Solid hardwood floors require little care with a lifetime of value. When you first glimpse a solid hardwood floor, you sense richness, warmth and natural beauty, and genuine hardwood floors offer several benefits to the homeowner.

of solid wooden floors T

hey are easy to clean and maintain and, unlike many other finishes, do not trap pet hairs or pollen. Thanks to technology improve-

ments, simply wiping the floor with a common household cleaner or a damp cloth will be sufficient to keep it looking great. These floors contribute to a healthy environment. Installed in the home, wood floors contribute to a healthy living environment, as hard-surface solid wood does not trap dust mites, hair, pollen or other allergens, creating a better indoor air quality. Hardwood flooring helps to prevent the build-up of harmful toxins. A recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study found that while pesticides accumulate on both floors and other surfaces, solid wood floors greatly reduce the accumulation of such toxins. This is particularly important for children, where sustained exposure to harmful toxins has been linked to asthma, lower IQ scores and cancer. Sustainable hardwoods are environmentally friendly. Genuine wood flooring comes from a totally natural resource that is environmentally sustainable. Today most timber is certified and harvested from forests that are carefully managed to ensure continued resources in the future. A durable flooring surface is cost-effective. Over a lifetime, solid to page 59

57 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

Getting CPD credits from the A new partnership between the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) and media and events company alive2green signals a new era for members of the architectural community. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits need to be obtained by architectural professionals in order to remain registered with SACAP, a compulsory registration that allows these professionals to practise in their field. Over a five-year cycle twenty-five credits need to be obtained with a minimum of three a year and one compulsory annual Category 1 credit. Architectural professionals can now redeem valuable CPD Category 3 Credits by purchasing a copy of either Volume 1 or Volume 2 of the Green Building Handbook. The handbook chapters are grouped together into learning modules which have been approved for accreditation by SACAP. From April 2010 architectural professionals will be able to redeem Category 1 CPD credits from the same modules in the handbooks by writing and passing the online multiple choice tests which will be prepared for each chapter and available online at CPD certificates for handbook purchase and online testing will be issued by alive2green. For the first time CPD credits will be easily obtainable and accessible to all architectural professionals throughout the country, ensuring that credits are now economically and geographically accessible across all categories of registration. These credits are not limited by voluntary association memberships and allow for more time flexibility. “This is a truly groundbreaking initiative that ensures universal accessibility of the CPD Category 1 Credits, which are the hardest to get,” says SACAP Registrar Dorothy Brislin. Lloyd Macfarlane, CEO of alive2green, says, “I am extremely excited about this initiative because the Green Building Handbook provides great value for architectural professionals. The authors of the Handbook are experts and thought leaders in their respective fields and we are now very pleased to be able to share this knowledge through the mechanism of the CPD process.” In addition to its high-quality editorial content, the Green Building Handbook carries promotional material from producers and suppliers of materials, products and services, and these pages form part of the knowledge transfer inherent in the publication. The Green Building Handbook is the only guide of its kind in South Africa. Further information can be obtained from SACAP at Tel:


011 417 0900; website:

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y from page 57

wood floors represent excellent value, particularly as hardwood floors will last the lifetime of the building. Unlike many other flooring solutions, in ten years wood floors won’t be taking up space in a landfill! And even if at some point the homeowner does wants to dispose of his/her hardwood floors, they are a naturally biodegradable product. Hardwood floors improve the structural integrity of a building. Once installed in a home they are among the best natural insulating materials, helping to conserve energy resources and reduce heating bills in winter. Their natural beauty and individuality come from unique textures, colours, patterns and styles. As products of nature, solid wood floors offer qualities and character like no other flooring finish. As such, they add character to any environment. Versatile, durable, easy to maintain, cost-effective, hypoallergenic and environmentally sustainable, solid wood flooring provides the definition of timelessness. Having brought warmth, richness, value, drama and contrast into settings for centuries, these floors will never go out of style. Dozens of exotic wood species are available and each floor can be individualised according to specific needs or tastes, with each wood species having its own qualities in terms of hardness, grain and colour. With genuine wood, each plank has its own unique grain. In addition, some species lend themselves to staining, while others are most beautiful in their natural tone. Solid wood flooring’s popularity keeps on growing worldwide; it works with all types of construction and is warmer in winter and cool in summer. It keeps clean and looks new all the time! Bedson Flooring and Décor Tel: 012 803 4376 Fax: 012 803 1685 E-mail:



F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

Sustainable rugs!

thought of a generation or two from now, and FlorDécor has that opportunity now because the company is riding a wave of interest in hand-woven rugs and creative production in the industry. Rugs have historically been an anchor of comfort and beauty in the home, and they are sustainable: they last, which means you won’t have to replace them every few years. Most importantly, rugs and carpets play a deep and powerful aesthetic role in that you can create your own sustainable environment. Buying well-chosen rugs is a multi-lifetime investment. The new exciting FlorDécor range of rugs includes Aquatech (waterproof outdoor rugs), elegant cotton-knotted flat-weaves and felted natural handspun Wools in braided organic textures with sleek lines and interesting fibre formations. Further to this


or years FlorDécor has been in the forefront of the industry with a reputation for being trendsetters, leaders, dynamic, and inno-

be inspired! For further information on this exciting sales programme of ‘green’

vative, and once again they are leading by taking a stance – being

rugs, contact FlorDécor today at the numbers shown below.

green and operating in a sustainable manner.


FlorDécor is sensitive to the needs and wellbeing of its customers as

Tel: 011 463 8770 / 082 452 7079

well as the importance of living and working in a sustainable manner.

Fax: 011 463 8776

Traditionally, people are insensitive to the harm done to the envi-

E-mail: amanda@FlorDé

ronment resulting from contemporary methods in the production

Website: www.FlorDé

of rugs: traditional energies are used unnecessarily; toxic chemicals from dyeing are returned to the water table; and water, a diminishing resource, is not appropriately recycled. The company is dedicated to returning to the ancestral means of producing rugs through a sustainable living model, to preserve the


the new Nepalese Design range will saturate your senses! You will

environment for generations to come. It is important to keep creating wonderful rugs that will be well

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Sustainably Yours

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y




s sustainability and going ‘green’ become less trendy and

having adopted the Green Star rating system for buildings

more of a way of life for more people, signs that the move-

MilliCare with its Green Seal Certification expect to be able to

ment is here to stay were revealed by NBC Universal’s ‘Green

contribute significantly once the rating tools for operations

is Universal’ initiative in the United States, when the networks of NBC

and maintenance are finalised.

Universal partnered with viewers for Green Week 2009 last November. The networks highlighted environmental issues during episodes

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) has issued a reminder that

programmes, and NBC Universal developed a dedicated website

carpet, when properly maintained, can actually improve the

designed to educate viewers about the advantages of going green

air we breathe. By ensuring high indoor air quality (IAQ) with

along with tips and useful products for remaining environmentally

a well-maintained carpeted environment, it is possible to


decrease asthma and allergy symptoms.

In addition to their online presence, NBC Universal recruited volun-

It may be surprising, but the CRI reinforces that carpet does

teers across the country to demonstrate their dedication to the green

reduce the inhalation of dust, pollen, pet and insect dander

effort through community activities, and MilliCare says it is exciting

– and these factors are improved even more significantly

to see its commitment and practices embraced and showcased by a

when proper maintenance and CRI-certified techniques are

major national media company.

used regularly.

You can check out for tips on how

How does it work? Fibres in carpet capture potentially both-

you can be green in your own home. There is an engaging interactive

ersome particles, preventing them from further circulating

page to view what others are doing, to calculate your own carbon

through the air. Proper cleaning effectively eliminates dust

footprint, and be sure to try out the MilliCare Environmental Impact

and allergens from the carpet, thus keeping them out of the

Calculator as well. (

air you breathe.

The Benefits of Building Green

Quantifying the savings of sustainability

It’s easy to think of a green building as being environmentally

In the first in-depth study of its kind, CFOs and other senior

friendly in its construction, but there is a lot more to creating a sus-

finance executives overwhelmingly report that environmental

tainable facility than just that. From the first phases of planning to

sustainability is an increasingly important issue for their com-

the ongoing maintenance a facility requires, there are numerous of

panies, and that a range of significant financial benefits are

ways to ‘go green’ throughout the process – from the supply chain

achievable for companies that can implement strategies that

of product manufacturers and material suppliers, to the design pro-

truly reduce their impact on the environment.

fessionals, contractors and installers, to maintenance personnel, to

The study surveyed 175 corporate CFOs and senior finance

employees who remove materials from the downstream that other-

executives, finding that more than half believed that one of

wise would go to landfills.

the greatest barriers to incorporating sustainability into their

The U.S. Green Building Council has devised the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System to determine building performance in five categories of sustainability: sites, materi-


Allergy and Asthma Awareness

of several series and the NBC Nightly News as well as several other

business was the inability to document the effects on their financial performance. To help customers put a number to the savings of sustain-

als and resources, energy and atmosphere, water efficiency, and the

ability, MilliCare has developed a Resource Calculator that

overall indoor environmental quality. MilliCare is proud to be involved

quantifies the savings of using MilliCare’s dry carpet clean-

in this process for many of its customers. And with the GBC of SA

ing method instead of traditional hot water extraction. For

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

1 At the Annual Conference of MilliCare worldwide held this month (March 2010) in Florida USA, MilliCare SA achieved and were awarded the “Greatest Grower of 2009” award as well as the Financial Excellence Award. Here at the Palm Beach PGA Resort on the course where the recent Honda Classic Golf Tournament was played is (from l to r): Alex Jacovides (Director MilliCare Australia), Wayne Simpkins (Director MilliCare SA) and Neil Fick (MD MilliCare SA) 2 From left to right: Neil Fick (MD MilliCare SA), Lennox Nazo (10 year award recipient) and Mark Smid (Regional Manager, West Cape)


3 MilliCare at the World Golf Hall of Fame – recent MilliCare International Conference (from l to r): Wayne Simpkins (Director MilliCare SA), Louis Mansanas (MD MilliCare Hawaii), Henri Prevost (Mngr. MilliCare Australia) and Neil Fick (MD Millicare SA)

more information on this calculator, contact MilliCare at the numbers

a defined goal that can be achieved and ticked off the list.

shown below. (

The first courses conducted were all carpet-care-specific and, although annually modified we still use these today.

Controlling soil in the office environment

The MilliCare carpet technician programme comprises in-depth

The cleaning industry estimates that 85% of the soils and particles we

modules and culminates in a Professional Technician Level 4

work so arduously to remove from buildings are tracked in through

module developed in conjunction with the IICRC (Institute of

entryways. With this in mind, it is clear that maintaining an efficient

Inspection Cleaning, Restoration & Certification – Carpet).

entryway is one of the keys to guaranteeing the control of soils entering the building. If soils can be captured before they are tracked throughout the

Of course, each new employee needs to be inducted and started on module 1 of the 8 industry-specific carpet care modules. Skills development – call it what you like but simply put

lobby and into office areas, it can make a major impact on the life of

ongoing training and up-skilling – is crucial to the sustainability

the building’s flooring systems and the people in the building. The

of our business and achieving the objectives of our continuous

cornerstone of good carpet care is cleanliness, barrier matting, vacu-

improvement and growth targets.

uming, removing spills and spots, and keeping a regular maintenance programme to extend the life of the carpet.

Training is now owned by the National Operations manager with a small team of trainers – all from within the Operations department. Each module is presented both in the classroom

To improve Indoor Air Quality, look no further than your feet

and with a big ‘hands on’ component. See, feel, touch, and do. Tests are conducted at the end of each module, and are set

In a work environment, carpet is the key to internal air quality. It may

by the technical director of MilliCare from time to time with

surprise many to know that, instead of only checking the air ducts, we

some questions altered to suit our focus and local conditions.

should be looking beneath our feet when we think about maintain-

The SDP supports both our succession planning and promo-

ing internal air quality. Proactive maintenance of a facility’s carpet

tion-from-within policies – and members of staff never miss a

and textiles is essential to achieve the highest quality indoor air.

training opportunity. The relatively small investment in training

(Reductions of up to 99% of dust mite, various bacteria, mould and air

is a win for both employee and MilliCare.

borne particles will be achieved) With a proactive maintenance system, allergens trapped in the carpet and textile fibres are removed before they can be reintroduced in the air. Facility managers who use an environmentally preferable

The final module (8) was developed with the IICRC but modules 1 to 7 are constructed mainly around cleaning and processes specific to the MilliCare chemistry and machinery. Naturally, health and safety – including understanding a

maintenance programme, a green cleaning regime, take an additional

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) – are included, and we are

step towards sustainability.

grateful to the National Contract Cleaners Association (NCCA)

FLOORS in Africa also asked MilliCare about its Skills Development Programme and how it operates: Our SDP covers a broad range of skills development ranging from

which provides regular workshops that our staff is able to attend. MilliCare

induction through all aspects of carpet care (our primary business) and

Gauteng: 011 608 1626

including an all-sorts package: training for learner’s and driver’s licences


086 111 2012

through OHSAct courses, project management and introduction to


021 557 2934

computers, and many more employee and job-specific developments.


Our SDP has been built up over 15 years and is more a journey than



F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

Protect and preserve for FloorworX is aware of the fact that it has to comply with green processes and is therefore continually investigating and testing the viability of new manufacturing methods to decrease the impact on the country’s resources.


he company has implemented several Environmental Management Systems (EMSs) in its East London manufacturing

plant: the factory is certified according to international standards such as ISO 9001 (quality management) and is striving to attain ISO 14001 (environmental management system) during 2010. All locally manufactured products (Floorflex, Superflex, NBS and Industrial Floor) carry the SANS mark. FloorworX is also partnered with industry leaders who passionately believe in creating green products without compromising product quality and performance; suppliers who ensure the effect that their manufacturing processes have on the environment is as minimal as worldwide technologies will allow. FloorworX is currently addressing its commitment to sustainabil-


Shutterstock, inc

ity through processes such as resources used, pollution prevention,

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

installation, utilisation, recycling and packaging material. Great emphasis is placed on the reduction of the resources used for local manufacturing. For example, FloorworX installed a wind turbine at the East London factory which should by design convert the kinetic energy

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

of wind into mechanical energy. At present FloorworX is carrying out a wind resource assessment to estimate the amount of energy the wind turbine will produce. If proven successful, FloorworX will consider installing more wind turbines at the factory to convert the mechanical energy into electricity. In terms of installation, FloorworX floorcoverings can be laid in (amongst others), solvent-free, environment-friendly spreading adhesives. Adhesives are manufactured by SAFIC, a leading subsidiary of Accéntuate Limited that is consistently committed to the preservation of the environment – hence all practices are carried out within a framework of responsible care to save our planet. A long product lifespan means a long period of utilisation. Therefore one can make the assumption that there is higher conservation of resources because of the infrequent need of

What is ISO 14001? The ISO 14000 family addresses various aspects of environmental management. The very first two standards, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 14004:2004, deal with environmental management systems (EMS). ISO 14001:2004 provides the requirements for an EMS and ISO 14004:2004 gives general EMS guidelines.

regeneration and disposal of both FloorworX products and the supplementary materials necessary for installation. FloorworX floorcoverings are extremely tough and wear-resis-

The other standards and guidelines in the family address specific environmental aspects, including: labelling, perfor-

tant. Their extremely long lifespan is far above the average of

mance evaluation, lifecycle analysis, communication and

other hard floorcoverings – which means that vinyl floorcoverings


such as linoleum, Marmoleum and Nora rubber are often preferred in areas with heavy traffic.

An ISO 14001:2004-based EMS

The closed surface of FloorworX vinyl floorcoverings permits

An EMS meeting the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 is a

easy and economic cleaning. The variety of Topshield, PU and

management tool enabling an organisation of any size or

PUR coatings on these floorcoverings offers a series of benefits

type to identify and control the environmental impact of its

regarding care and maintenance.

activities, products or services; to improve its environmental

FloorworX always has and always will continue to include waste

performance continually; and to implement a systematic

management as a high-level improvement objective. Production

approach to setting environmental objectives and targets; to

scraps such as punch burrs from FloorworX floorcoverings are

achieving these and to demonstrating that they have been

always re-used. They are granulated and become part of the raw


material basis of different semi-flexible and fully-flexible products.

ISO 14001:2004 does not specify levels of environmental

They can also be used as high-quality filling material and partly

performance. If it specified levels of environmental perfor-

as designer decoration granulates (for flashings on Floorflex and

mance, they would have to be specific to each business activ-


ity and this would require a specific EMS standard for each

Waste reduction, sustainability for intended purpose, and trans-

business. That is not the intention.

portation are all considered when choosing packaging, to ensure

ISO has many other standards dealing with specific environ-

that what FloorworX sends out is both environmentally consider-

mental issues. The intention of ISO 14001:2004 is to provide a

ate and user-friendly. Tiles are supplied in cardboard boxes on

framework for a holistic, strategic approach to the organisa-


tion’s environmental policy, plans and actions.

The cardboard boxes are made from waste paper and can be

ISO 14001:2004 gives the generic requirements for an envi-

recycled. Only wooden pallets are used, and these are returned

ronmental management system. The underlying philosophy

and re-used by FloorworX.

is that whatever the organisation’s activity, the requirements

The sheeting is rolled on cardboard cores made of recycled cardboard. The cardboard cores are also taken back and reused.

of an effective EMS are the same. This has the effect of establishing a common reference for

Even the secondary packaging of the rolls is made of recyclable

communicating about environmental management issues

paper. Each roll is positioned vertically on wooden pallets and

between organisations and their customers, regulators, the

sealed in environmentally compatible and recyclable film.

public and other stakeholders.

As the only local vinyl manufacturer in South Africa, FloorworX

Because ISO 14001:2004 does not lay down levels of envi-

commits to protect and preserve the past for present and future

ronmental performance, the standard can be implemented


by a wide variety of organisations, whatever their current

In addition, FloorworX is a corporate member of WWF SA which is a credible and long-standing conservation NGO.

level of environmental maturity. However, a commitment to compliance with applicable

FloorworX Marketing Department

environmental legislation and regulations is required, along

Tel: 011 406 4146 Fax: 011 406 4205

with a commitment to ongoing improvement.


65 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y

Clean, efficient, responsive and completely invisible, Speedheat radiant floor heating can be installed directly under all types of floor coverings including tiles, carpets and timber laminates and is more environmentally friendly than most other forms of heating.

Keep warm, sustainably!


patented 1mm-thick heating element means that the Speedheat technology is suitable for either new buildings or for retrofitting

With the unavoidable rise in electricity prices a program-

existing buildings (where it does not interfere with floor levels) and is

mable thermostat is not a luxury, but a necessity in order

ideal for most domestic and commercial applications.

to optimize efficiency. Speedheat stocks various types of

This unique ‘space age’ design results in an extremely fast response

programmable thermostats inclusive radio controlled models

without the additional build-up height often required with other floor

which can assist in running your heating system with the

heating systems. This brings large savings in installation cost and

smallest possible carbon footprint without affecting your

especially electricity consumption compared to conventional floor

thermal comfort.

heating systems. Speedheat is a locally manufactured product which is exported to three other continents with the heating element manufactured by Klimax Mfg Limited which was established in 1985. The heating element is a double-insulated, fluoropolymer-coated,

All heating elements are installed directly underneath the floor covering, and all heating elements are safe in wet areas because of the full earth screen. The Speedheat wood laminate heating installation is limited to a specific temperature to protect the wood from

self-correcting, multi-stranded element with full earth screen. This

being damaged. It is approved by the South Africa Wood &

screened heating element provides the ultimate in safety.

Laminate Flooring Association (SAWLFA).

Klimax has maintained ISO 9001 certification since 1996 and is

Carpet heating elements are sandwiched between two

accredited by DQS (the German organisational body for the certifica-

layers of non-woven polyester which prevent the trapping

tion of management systems) under the IQNet (International Quality

of moisture as well as immobilizing the element under the

certification network).


Speedheat franchises supply and install these “fast response” floor

Each Speedheat installation carries a 7-year multiple warranty

heating systems. The design is based on “optimal reaction” to tem-

on heating element as well as installation and performance.

perature change, occupant thermal requirement and room purpose,

The Speedheat elements will last probably as long, if not lon-

with each room controlled by the minute.

ger, than the floor covering as there is no ageing effect.

Its fast reaction capability allows for the “just in time” smart thermo-


or asleep. This in turn means further Rand saving.

stat control which avoids energy wastage while the occupants are out

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Speedheat Tel: 011 841 8000 Fax: 011 841 8065

Feature: Contributing to Sustainabilit y


outh African architects and designers are highly

conscious about functionality, aesthetics and recent environmental legislature. This has partially contributed to the success of natural flooring like Quartz Carpet, which is comprised of aggregates and resin binders. The binder constitutes approximately 10% of the volume of the system; with the remainder being natural stones. The hard and non-porous characteristics of Quartz Carpet, and its low-VOC materials, exhibit little or no off-gassing during the lifespan of the cured floor. This discourages bacterial growth, mould or decay by not allowing

The 20+ year lifespan of Quartz Carpet beats most widely used interior-flooring systems hands down. This long-term durability of the Quartz Carpet system means that it is replaced less often than most other flooring types. The minimal maintenance requirement results in a floor that goes easy on the environment, as well as being cost-effective and low maintenance. Quartz Carpet practices environmental responsibility according to sustainability concepts developed in the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) programme. Quartz Carpet contributes to environmental sustainability and the aggregates, binders and finished flooring systems used could contribute to the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) credits. The few chemicals used in manufacturing and installing Quartz Carpet are monitored under the ICCA’s Responsible Care programme. In addition, all Quartz Carpet’s products are stored, handled, installed and disposed of in compliance with all environmental laws. Quartz Carpet is committed to the continued exploration and the revision of procedures, systems and working pracmoisture to accumulate, and a mould-free environment leads to bet-

tices in order to reduce pollution or environmental impact,

ter air quality.

while still ensuring the highest product quality.

Quartz Carpet does not require chemicals or waxes in order to be


Quartz Carpet

correctly maintained. Cleaning of the floor requires only neutral PH

Tel: 086 1782 789

cleaners and water. A bi-annual wet-to-dry vacuum cleaning and

Fax: 021 797 4743

extraction is all that is necessary.


F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Resilient Flooring

resilient flooring feature

Why are these floors known as ‘resilient’? The reason is that they are flooring materials which have a firm surface, yet characteristically have “give”, and “bounce back” to their original surface profile from the weight of objects that compress their surface.

69 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0


Feature: Resilient Flooring


Must read article!

Why are these floors known as ‘resilient’? The reason is that they are flooring materials which have a firm surface, yet characteristically have “give”, and “bounce back” to their original surface profile from the weight of objects that compress their surface. Resilient flooring, because of its durability, underfoot comfort, aesthetic appeal, long-lasting beauty and cost effectiveness, is used in a wide range of commercial and residential applications. The ease of cleaning and removing spills as well as the overall moisture resistance are important reasons why so many homeowners and commercial building owners select resilient flooring. Resilient floorcoverings are among the earliest forms of modern flooring, but the ongoing developments in this sector are legion. With numerous technological advances, increased design options, even


greater safety and longevity features, plus their indisputable ‘green’ qualities, resilient floorcoverings are now challenging other types of

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Resilient Flooring

flooring in a meaningful manner. In North America resilient floorcoverings have been favoured

of people and the hard work they are put to with having to accommodate studded boots and other arduous conditions on the floors in

products for decades, and vinyl tiles have long been the most

gymnasia, shower areas and change rooms have meant that in sheet

popular hard surface flooring in the United States, running second

or tile form – and in special cases where their anti-slip characteristics

only to carpet in terms of market share – particularly in the resi-

are required – resilient floorcoverings have been first choice and have

dential sector – and have recently enjoyed an upsurge in popular-

more than met the challenge.

ity during and since the recessionary period for several different reasons. Not the least of these is that they are relatively cheaper than many other floorcoverings, but their longevity, ease of installation and maintenance, and the superb designs that are now available also grab the attention of specifiers, designers and end-users alike. In addition, appealing to the current global penchant for ‘going

However, perhaps the most extensive user of resilient floorcoverings in South Africa is the healthcare industry, where vinyl sheeting has been a firm favourite for the flooring of hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities for many years. Here resilient flooring is commonly used because it is impervious to water, resists stains, and can easily be disinfected, thus providing significant sanitary advantages over other types of flooring surfaces.

green’, is the extensive use of sustainable raw materials in their

Resilients are also cost-effective, have great wear resistance, are rap-

manufacture as well as the fact that old vinyl floors are readily

idly installed and remain serviceable for many years (decades in some


instances), and need little attention to keep them looking good, but it

“Sustainability” is the modern credo within the U.S. floorcovering industry and it is interesting to note that there is now a draft U.S.

is this last point that provides their best attribute for this sector. With little effort they provide a shiny floor that is encouraging to

national standard available for trial use for the production of sustain-

visitors and patients in a healthcare situation because it exudes clean-

able commercial resilient flooring (reviewed briefly in this feature).

liness. More than that, these floors are virtually seamless and can be

However, the increased interest in vinyl floorcovering has inevita-

dressed up the walls to provide an integral skirting with no angular

bly resulted in considerably more attention being paid to all types

crevices in which bacteria can thrive. This also facilitates good and

of resilient floors – vinyls, linoleum, rubber, PVC, cork and more

effective cleaning with the minimum of effort.

– as the residential, commercial and industrial markets all realise the benefits of using them. In South Africa, resilient floorcoverings really came into their

In fact, the same attributes make resilient floorcoverings a firm favourite in the food and beverage industries and other sectors where hygiene is of paramount importance. However, epoxy floors

own recently in all the new stadiums for the FIFA 2010 Soccer

often seem to have the edge in these applications, despite the extra

World Cup, where they have been used extensively.

cost involved. In residential applications, resilient flooring is commonly used in


Their ability to withstand the regular foot traffic of thousands

71 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Resilient Flooring

kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, family rooms and – particularly

plank format which enhances the appearance of a real wood or

in North America – increasingly in other areas of a house or apart-

stone floor even more.

ment where rugs are used in conjunction with resilient flooring. Linoleum

In residences occupied by hypersensitive persons, resilient flooring is commonly used because these floors can be easily cleaned

First patented in the mid-1800s, linoleum is almost totally made from

and do not tend to trap dust which, when combined with mois-

natural materials although it cannot be recycled at the end of its life.

ture, can produce microbial contamination.

It enjoys and extremely extensive working life, and develops into a

Because of their performance attributes and wide variety of

more robust floor as it ages, due to the oxidation of the oil creating a

colours and designs, resilient floors are frequently used in labo-

stronger floor.

ratories, clean rooms, computer rooms, lavatories, supermarkets,

It is also a great thermal insulator, and is extremely quiet and shock-

pharmacies, lobbies, storage areas, spas, dormitories, libraries and

absorbing, in addition to which it is hypoallergenic, with dust, pollen


and dirt repelled by its natural antistatic characteristics.

Resilient floorcoverings have an almost infinite spectrum of

Available in a variety of patterns and both bright and subtle colours,

colours; faux finishes in wood and natural stone – some with

linoleum should demand more attention than it does on the design-

embossing to complete the effect so that even the expert is hard-

ers’ drawing boards.

pressed to tell the difference – and all with a wide range of safety features ensuring that resilient flooring captures the attention


and the imagination of the most discerning architect, interior

This is another highly eco-friendly flooring material. Because it is a

designer or property owner.

natural product it will show variations in characteristics, tones and

The foregoing applies to practically all the different types of resil-

shades from tile to tile even if it is finished in colour or left natural.

ient floorcoverings and the following describes some of the mod-

Modern technology means that designs and colours can now be

ern specialities of the various products. Also, as described in the

printed on cork, creating even more options for the designer.

Sustainability feature in this issue, most of the resilient floorcover-

Cork is warm to walk on, extremely quiet with natural sound-

ings are made totally from or with a high degree of sustainable raw

absorbing qualities, and it is resistant to mould and mildew.

materials, or they can be readily recycled. Take a look. Rubber Vinyl sheet & tile

These days, rubber flooring is made in a wide array of attractive

The introduction of computerised waterjet cutting of any shape or

colours – not just black – and is available in sheet or tile form, with

design some years ago opened up a new era in the use of sheet

studded surfaces if required.

vinyl – enabling custom-made floors to be provided for children’s

It is virtually indestructible, quiet and warm to walk on, impact- and

hospitals, crèches and playrooms, and company logos for the com-

stain-resistant, and its waterproof surface may have an anti-slip finish.

mercial sector.

Rubber products are generally manufactured using synthetic or occa-

Amongst the latest developments is the advent of the luxury

sionally natural materials while some rubber floorcoverings are made

vinyl tile (LVT) which is a flexible tile that has a PVC wear layer

from reclaimed rubber tyres, and in turn, all are recyclable.

with a polyurethane surface treatment, a print film layer to provide the decoration (usually replicating wood or stone), and a


PVC backing.

These tiles are available in various sizes, surface finishes, and pleasant

To really fool the experts, some of these tiles are made in a

colour ranges. They can be provided with an attractive studded surPOLYFLOR

face to provide a non-slip surface when used in ‘wet’ areas, and are to be seen in residential applications more repeatedly these days. Interlocking tiles are also available, making them ideal for applications where they can be loose-laid without adhesive and with minimal sub-floor preparation. Finally, as can be seen from the foregoing, all resilient floorcoverings exhibit similar characteristics in terms of resistance to stains, abrasion, acids, alkalis, fats and oils. In addition, they have excellent dimensional stability and resistance to shrinkage, as well as being easily maintained and having an extensive service life. Many systems also provide a full range of accessories and trims including stair treads, risers and nosings. There is no doubt that whatever you are looking for in a floorcovering, whatever the application, resilients can provide the modern answer. Acknowledgement and thanks are given to the following, from which information was gleaned for the provision of this article:;

72; and

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Resilient Flooring

with vinyl V

inyl floors are back in vogue thanks to Belgotex Floorcoverings’ innovative Define Your Style marketing campaign.

If smooth, fuss-free surfaces in the latest fashionable colours and

finishes are what your customers are after, Define Your Style will demonstrate how IVC Woodmark from Belgotex Floorcoverings can be used to create one of six stylish looks. “We shot six different looks using the various Belgotex brands to show customers how to achieve an effect using the flooring of their choice,” says Helen Dwyer, marketing services manager at Belgotex Floorcoverings. Organic Expressions (pictured) is the fourth look in the six-part collection juxtaposing the smooth, wood-look vinyl floor from IVC against the luscious green texture of Duraturf artificial lawn. This look acknowledges the growing environmental trend and love for Mother Nature, with the resilient vinyl floor replicating natural wood species in a spectrum of colours from light oak shades (Woodmark Amazone 845 pictured here) to dark mahogany hues to create a harmonious effect inspired by nature. The 5mm cushioned vinyl provides a hygienic, scratch-resistant surface that is perfect for busy living areas, easy to install and performs best under light furnishings that will not dent it such as raw wood finishes, wicker furniture, slats and textured weaves in natural colours. Water-wise, low-maintenance Duraturf with sand or non-sand infills is available in a variety of different pile heights and authentic colours and can be used practically anywhere you can think of for an evergreen garden that requires no watering, weeding or mowing! Now that’s really going green! All six looks in the Define Your Style campaign, namely Organic Expressions, ‘Boujwa’ Boudoir, Lodge Luxury, Fresh Produce, Homeland Harmony and Glam Rock, are interpretations of modern fashions and social trends designed to appeal to different personalities and can be achieved using your favourite flooring from the variety of different Belgotex carpet, laminate and vinyl ranges. Substitute BerryFloor Naturals Winter Oak laminate or Timbavati Ultra in Donga from Belgotex Carpets for a similar effect as pictured. Look out for Define Your Style for laminates in FLOORS in Africa magazine shortly (Journal 5/10). Organic Expressions featuring Woodmark Amazone 845

Belgotex Floorcoverings Tel: 033 897 7500 Fax: 033 897 7700 Website:

Timbavati Ultra Donga

BerryFloor Naturals Winter Oak

73 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Resilient Flooring

Resilient flooring still gaining market share increased its share of the domestic floorcovering


industry throughout the world, due to growing

educational facilities – two key end-use markets.

The resilient flooring market has significantly

esilient flooring is forecast to make additional inroads in the floorcovering industry as the South African Government

encourages construction and refurbishment of healthcare and FloorworX (a member of the Accéntuate Group of Companies)

commercial market demand, successful introduction

is South Africa’s only manufacturer of vinyl floorcoverings, includ-

and acceptance of product innovations such as luxury

ing semi-flexible tiles and fully flexible vinyl sheeting and tiles.

vinyl flooring, and consumers’ growing preference for

floorcoverings, laminate and wood flooring products and acces-

low-cost, hard-surface flooring as the housing market weakened and the economy contracted.

It also supplies a comprehensive range of international resilient sories which can command a place in the overall décor of any residential or commercial application. Modern technology has ensured that resilient floorcoverings have not been left behind in their capability of providing an exciting and original floor. Relatively inexpensive, very durable, easy to install and maintain, almost all types of resilient floorcoverings have excellent colour retention, outstanding wear performance, and will provide underfoot warmth and a high degree of insulation and sound absorption not found with many competitive ‘hard’ floorcoverings. Visit our new user-friendly website and manoeuvre your way through our products, adhesives and accessories until you spot the right product for the required application. FloorworX Africa Tel: 0860 346 679 Fax: 0861 346 679



F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Resilient Flooring

a stud height of 0,80mm, a total thickness of 3mm, and feature eight rows of 8 round studs of 25mm diameter. The pastille shape of the studs allows for easy cleaning, and provides excellent non-slip characteristics, which makes them particularly suitable for wet areas. Because they are PVC-based, Transit tiles do not absorb mineral oil-based liquids and are impervious to most solvents and chemicals. They are warm underfoot and, because they are not affected by water, they are ideal for use in change rooms and ablution blocks. Ibrahim Bham

Ready for the kick-off

of Carpet & Décor (www.carpetdecor., Polokwane,


he Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane will host four first-

who installed floor-

round matches in the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup (including

ing at the stadium,

France vs Mexico, who are in the same group as South Africa), and

said, “It was a truly

will be used by the local soccer teams once the competition is over,

amazing experience

as well as showcasing other sports, including rugby.

being involved with

Built next to the existing stadium at a cost of around R1,1-billion,

the professional

this new arena has four two-tier stands, bringing the seating capac-

teams from the

ity to 46 000.

building contrac-

Almost 4 000m² of Transit 8x8 PVC studded tiles were used for

tors, WBHO Pauls Joint Venture, on a project like this.

this project – 1 332m² in Mushroom colour that were used in all

We have also worked extensively with Schalk van der Merwe of

change rooms and referee rooms, and 2 427m² in Olive Green for

Prism Architects and his efficient team on this and numerous other

the public areas and corridors, all installed by Carpet & Décor using

projects, which is always a pleasure in doing so.”

a 2-part polyurethane adhesive.

Transit Floor Tiles

The tiles are 300mm x 300mm with a base thickness of 2,20mm,

Tel: 011 397 3330 Fax: 011 397 3810

6 different patterns 8 standard colours Complete Stair System Enhanced abrasion resistance Superior chemical resistance Jumbo Tiles – a ‘look-alike’ ceramic tile Conductive floor tiles for electronically sensitive areas also available

Tel (011) 397 3330 • Fax (011) 397 3810 • e-mail: • F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0


Feature: Resilient Flooring

Wonder Flooring recently acquired the exclusive distributorship throughout South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa for the extensive and high-quality sales programme of Gerflor flooring group products, which includes homogeneous, multilayered, specialty and sports floor vinyl sheeting and tiles – all internationally renowned floorcovering ranges.

Sole distributorship for European brand G

erflor is a global superpower in the contract

tainable development. This is why the company

flooring industry worldwide and it is a huge

is devoting substantial investment in the envi-

feather in the cap of Wonder Flooring to have

ronmental field by elimination of heavy metals,

secured the exclusive rights to this exciting range

withdrawal of solvent-based inks, elimination of

of high-quality commercial floor options.

phthalates-rated CMR, air protection, preserva-

Even though the range has been previously available in this country, with the awarding of distributorship to Wonder Flooring the company

tion of water resources, reduction of energy consumption and industrial waste management. Furthermore, Gerflor floors are innovative with

is confident that with an aggressive approach

proven technical performance that features econo-

and over 40 years experience in the local flooring

my and easy maintenance with surface treatments

industry, Wonder Flooring can expand Gerflor as

that eliminate the need for polishes or waxes,

a desired choice of flooring contractors as it has

together with a reduction of chemical usage.

been in Europe for decades.

Gerflor is a founding member of the HQE approach (High Quality Environment) in France,

Committed to sustainable development

and in the UK its Mipolam floorcoverings

Gerflor recognises the importance of being

have been awarded a BRE (Building Research

proactive and creating new ways to achieve sus-

Establishment) ‘A’ rating for low environmental

78 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Fe a t u r e : R e s i l i e n t F l o o r i n g

Some of the highly prestigious projects where Gerflor has been specified and installed include: Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Johannesburg; City Hospital, Durban; Penang Stadium, Malaysia; Melbourne Aquarium, Australia; Sydney Olympic Park, Australia; Le Mans, France; Amsterdam University, Holland; Seville Olimpico Stadia, Spain. Gerflor is also the official supplier of sports flooring to the London Olympics for 2012. In addition to its broad sales programme of every type of floorcovering, Wonder Flooring now offers the entire spectrum of Gerflor floorcovering ranges which are suitable for a variety of applications as diverse as healthcare, education, residential, retail, industry, sport and leisure. Wonder Flooring was established in the late 1960s, since when it has become a giant flooring distributor with five branches throughout South Africa plus an export division that are linked nationwide through a state-of-the-art computer mainframe network – enabling the entire group to source material and access information simultaneously from any given destination. In addition to being a trendsetter within the industry, Wonder Flooring is an entirely BEE-compliant operation, run solely by historically disadvantaged individuals with over a century of impact. Also, Gerflor’s floorcoverings are 100% recy-

Protecsol is a permanent, factory-applied treat-

flooring distribution experience

ment which has independently been proven

at their disposal.

clable. Nearly 100% of their post-manufactur-

to reduce both the time and costs required to

ing waste gets recycled, and the company was

protect standard resilient floorcoverings. Other

exciting venture with Gerflor,

one of the founding members of the first PVC

Gerflor products feature SparClean, PUR, PU and

contact Wonder Flooring at the

floorcovering recycling workshop: AgpR.

Sanosol treatments – depending on the range.

numbers shown below, or visit

Certain Gerflor floorcoverings contain Protecsol,

Gerflor is an innovative manufacturer and

For further information on this

the websites www.wonderfloor-

the original no-polish-for-life solution – the only

continually strives through heavy investment in and

proven, surface treatment with a 20-year service-

research and development to meet and exceed

Wonder Flooring

life record. This unique UV-cured polyurethane

its customers’ expectations both in terms of

Tel: 0860 29 8080

surface treatment protects the floorcovering and

quality and in low environmental impact. Their

Fax: 011 298 8159

eliminates the need for costly emulsion dressings

plants are constantly being upgraded and


throughout the life of the product.

improved with the latest round of investments

Website: www.wonderflooring.

for Protecsol.

com or

Developed exclusively by Gerflor back in 1987,

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0


Feature: Resilient Flooring

Interlocking tiles solve the cracked floor syndrome Do you have a concrete slab that has cracks and is contami-

New US Standard for resilient floorcoverings

nated with oils, chemicals, old

Manufacturers, suppliers, architects, design-

sealers or paints? In the major-

ers, and government procurement organisa-

ity of cases these pre-existing conditions must be repaired

tions in the US now have a national standard

before any flooring that is to

for the production of sustainable commercial

be adhered to the slab can be

resilient flooring: NSF 332 (currently a draft

properly installed. This will prevent premature failure. However, the cost of slab preparation, including shot-blasting,

standard for trial use).

grinding or acid-etching, can far exceed the cost of floor material itself – and this is where Pedestra – marketed in South Africa exclu-

This standard addresses environmental performance and sus-

sively by Tuff Floors – comes in.

tainability attributes of products and provides a means to track

Pedestra has a patented hidden interlocking and sealing system that can be installed in many applications without adhesives and with minimal sub-floor preparation. It is unaffected by moisture problems, is 6,3 mm thick and there-

incremental changes to the products’ sustainability profile. The standard is intended to provide a consistent framework in which to compare and assess the sustainable nature of different products within the context of performing similar func-

fore very “forgiving” with uneven floors. Spending more on a higher

tions. The standard is applicable to products manufactured

quality product that in many applications doesn’t require expensive

in one facility or multiple facilities, one country or multiple

preparation or installation can sometimes be the best choice.


Tuff Floors (Africa)

The standard for resilient floorcoverings has been designed,

Tel: 011 873 1292

Fax: 011 873 3328

in part, to satisfy criteria such as demonstrating how resilient



floorcovering products can conform to the environmental, economic and social principles of sustainability throughout the supply chain, and demonstrating conformance with ISO Type 1 (14024) and Type 2 (14021) environmental labelling and declaration requirements, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines for the use of environmental marketing claims. It is also intended to create confidence in the various stakeholders (manufacturers, suppliers, regulators, and consumers) that the products labelled with a third-party certification mark consistently meet the requirements of this programme, and it is hoped that this will encourage participation by all manufacturers of resilient floorcoverings to improve environmental performance. The NSF 332 Standard utilises a point-based system in which manufacturers may achieve one of four increasingly rigorous levels of certification: conformant, silver, gold and platinum. The standard includes prerequisite requirements as well as performance requirements and quantifiable metrics in five key areas: informed product design; intelligent product manufacturing; long-term value; progressive corporate governance; and innovation. Certification to NSF 332, as a US national standard, offers buyers the highest level of confidence and credibility in a market that is awash with green claims. If you want to know more, go to the following website:



011 873-1292 | | F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0 NSF332-07.pdf

Feature: Final Floor S olutions

final floor solutions feature There are many alternative accessories to provide a quality finish to any floor – some systems and treatments are essential, others merely cosmetic – but architects, designers, contractors and developers must know what floor finishes are necessary to make any type of floor safe, serviceable, and with improved aesthetics – to provide the final professional touch to the installation.

81 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Final Floor S olutions

kirk markeitng

Must read article!

How to get the best out of any floor There are many alternative accessories to provide a quality finish to any floor – some systems and treatments are essential, others merely cosmetic – but architects, design-

slabs, the only requirement would be a high- quality joint sealer where the slabs abut, and structural movement and load criteria must be determined by an engineer to ensure that these are

ers, contractors and developers must know what floor

taken care of both in the slabs and in the subfloor.

finishes are necessary to make any type of floor safe,

urethane or even a polished concrete finish, the correct joint-

serviceable, and with improved aesthetics – to provide the final professional touch to the installation.


On large seamless floors, such as those with an epoxy, polying system will be determined by the supplier, manufacturer or installer in relation to the type of material being used and the amount of traffic or loading the floor will be expected to handle. With large ceramic tiled floors the tiling will be divided into

rims, joints, coatings, sealants, screeds, expansion jointing sys-

sections (bays) and movement joints placed about every

tems, mats and rugs, skirtings, application techniques, aftercare,

8-10m. Movement joints in the tiling must relate to, and be

anti-slip treatments, polishes, anti-stain treatments – the list is end-

continuous with, the existing structural movement joints,

less, but in this issue we bring you many solutions that will enable

although they will be formed separately – preferably isolated

you to get the very best out of any floor by using the correct final

by a PVC sheet or other suitable material. Any movement


joints within the substrate should be followed through to

Any type of floor needs the right finishing touches to improve its


Structural, movement & expansion joints On large industrial floors that are produced using concrete

the surface.

appearance, safety and overall performance, and yet so often these

Although it is possible to retrofit movement joints within a til-

are either overlooked, given scant attention, or ‘made do’ by using a

ing installation, they should ideally be installed at the same time

cheap and nasty answer. (Who hasn’t seen the ubiquitous flattened

as the tiles, positioned over the existing structural movement

cardboard box at the entrance to a building, instead of a properly

joints or where tiling abuts other materials such as a carpet and

installed and functional welcome mat?).

tile combination installation or a split-level floor.

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Feature: Final Floor S olutions

When tiling is laid over the abutment of different materials, movement joints are also necessary – as well as where abnormal stresses are expected to occur, or where large degrees of thermal movement or vibrations will likely ensue. Drying and settlement of the substrate should also be considered and accommodated at the design stage. Screeds are another important aspect of any flooring installation. Any type of floorcovering The smoothness of the screed is critical


clean surface on which to install

Whether you are buying or specifying a particular type of flooring, make sure you get the supplier’s recommendations on how to keep the floor in good condition

zimbo’s trading

requires a smooth, level, dry, the flooring. The smoothness of the screed is critical in the case of vinyl tile and sheeting (and some other resilient floorcoverings) because any imperfection will ‘grin through’ onto the floor surface. In these cases it is advisable – if not essential – to use a proprietary self-levelling screed to acquire the required finish. However, all the above information is basically relevant to any type of floorcovering, not just ceramic tiles, and it is important that the manufacturer’s installation recommendations are adhered to in every instance. Whilst on the subject of screeds and the use of concrete in general, it is interesting to note that many floors can be given a new lease of life – and considerably improved décor – by using these materials. For example, old floors can be resurfaced with cement-based toppings, many of which are now available in various colours, to add glamour to an otherwise semi-derelict floor. Also, polished concrete is a modern fashion trend amongst the more avant-garde architects and interior designers for residential, office and shopping centre applications, amongst many others.

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Feature: Final Floor S olutions

minium stair nosings available; solid brass is often preferred for carpets and ceramic tiles (which are susceptible to being chipped in regular use without an adequate nosing); and non-slip nosings of various types are becoming increasingly popular. Most flooring products have factory treatments or at least manufacturers’ recommendations in terms of specialist items such as anti-stain and anti-slip treatments, polishes and sealants, and this sector of floor finishing is far too broad to be able to name them all.


However, many innovative treatments and processes have been

With mats used both outside and inside the building, cleaning expenses will be noticeably reduced

detailed by suppliers and manufacturers in this feature, and it is worth browsing through to ascertain what is currently being offered in the marketplace. Finally, it is worth a word or two on aftercare because no amount of floor finishes will prevent the floor from looking dull and ugly without a proper cleaning or maintenance programme. Whether you are buying or specifying a particular type of flooring, make sure you get the supplier’s or, better still, the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to keep the floor in good condition. This may well be imperative in some instances, to prevent

Polished concrete is best done at the initial installation stage, but great results have been achieved by using this method to rejuvenate old floors. This is not a job for someone without a good track record in this application, so leave it to the professionals.

guarantees and warranties being invalidated. Prevention being better than cure, any building from the smallest house to the corporate office, from a glitzy hotel to a corner supermarket, can save considerable time, money and effort in keeping floors clean with the simple addition of a highquality doormat.


With mats used both outside and inside the building, cleaning

Proprietary trims are available for almost every type of floorcover-

expenses will be noticeably reduced, and the longevity of the

ing, and they really ‘set the tone’ of the floor in meeting any style

floorcovering dramatically increased but, for the larger installa-

of décor.

tions, don’t try to do it yourself – call in a professional cleaning

These include expansion and transition joints, trims for finishing, ends, steps and adaptable shapes used to solve expansion

company. In this introductory article we have merely scratched the sur-

and installation gaps at the junction with sliding doors, staircases,

face (no pun intended!) but we hope that you have been con-

and the transition between different flooring types, screeds or

vinced enough to ensure that you get the best out of your floors

curved surfaces.

– both in looks and performance – with the use of the right final

Depending on the application, these can be supplied in a vari-

floor finishes.

ety of materials – brass, aluminium, stainless steel, PVC, and can be provided with inserts to match wood or laminate colours, or the range of vinyl colours available. However, many manufacturers provide their own trims (and other items such as cornices and skirtings) to match or complement each particular product, and most trims can be fitted either as part of the floorcovering installation, or retrofitted. The trims and finishes for natural wood floors are normally made from the same wood as the floor, and include quarter-round mouldings to cover the expansion gap between the edge of the floor and the wall or skirting board; square-nose or end-cap mouldings to ‘join’ two flooring materials of differing types; reducer strip used where two floors meet at differing heights (“T” mouldings are used where they are the same height); and either overlapping or flush-mounted stair nosings. Stair nosings are worth a special mention: they not only provide the finishing touch to the look of the staircase, they prevent early



wear on the stair treads, and assist with increasing the safety aspects of the stairs. On vinyl or PVC tiled stairs, there is a selection of PVC or alu-

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Stair nosings provide the finishing touch to the look of the staircase

Feature: Final Floor S olutions

Make provision for movement joints As a leading supplier of solutions to the South African flooring industry, Kirk Marketing says that a vast number of floor failures could be avoided if attention was paid at the design stage to the movement that can take place both with in the floor and structurally within the building itself.


ost floors types require allowance for movement joints. These include tiles, screeds, vinyls

and carpets. This is most evident for tiled floors. If you do not allow for movement joints of some form, this will almost guarantee some form of failure, such as cracking along the tiles in one or two directions, and lifting of tiles. The most common cause of failure in tiled floors is

PVC movement joint

Aluminium movement joint

Brass movement joint

Stainless Steel movement joint

due to either poor quality tile adhesive or no movePVC screed joint

ment joints have been used. These movement joints are generally known as construction joints, normally cut into the screed or slab at a width of 2-3mm. All movement joints provided by Kirk are supplied in 2,5 m lengths, and the material can be selected from stainless steel, PVC (including PVC compression joints), brass and aluminium. Structural movement joints are different and large expansion joints allowed for between slabs which are normally constructed by leaving gaps in the floor slabs. The movement allowed for these joints are 5mm to 20mm dependant on the movement

Aluminium structural movement joint

expected and designed for by the engineer and architect. Kirk Marketing supplies a full range of structural movement joints and covers (mostly in 3 m lengths). Kirk’s structural joints allow for ± 5mm of movement. Anyone wishing to know more should make contact with any of the numbers shown below, or visit the website for full technical information. Kirk Marketing Head Office: 011 444 1441 Cape Town: 021 949 2226 Durban: 031 564 1175 Port Elizabeth: 0860 547 573

Aluminium retrofit structural joint

Email: Website:

GO FIGURe! During February the World Trade Organisation announced that global trade volumes have fallen by 12% – the most in 65 years. FLOORS in Africa – your trade magazine – has been increasing in size, number of advertisers, readership and general interest in its content for several months now.

GAUTENG Tel: +27 11 444 1441 Fax: +27 11 444 1165 E-mail: Website: CAPE TOWN Tel: +27 21 949 2226 Fax: +27 21 949 4531 KWAZULU NATAL Tel: +27 31 564 1175 Fax: +27 31 564 1143 PORT ELIZABETH Tel: 0860 547573 Fax: 086 688 4980

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Feature: Final Floor S olutions

The new Polyurea-system Elastocoat® C for loading surfaces reduces noise level

New PU coating for loading platforms I

n the Netherlands, new regulations for noise reduction in town

cleaning chemicals under high pressure. Plus it’s suitable for a diverse

centres have instigated new measures to reduce noise levels during

range of applications including lorry-loading areas, lifting platforms,

business deliveries. BASF Polyurethane’s experts have developed an excellent solution – the “loading surface whisperer” made of PU. The “loading surface whisperer” is simply a coat of Elastocoat C laid onto a loading platform’s noisy, bumpy surface. The application

loading ramps and all kind of metal surfaces or steel floors. The coating is also very quick to apply, taking only 45 minutes for a surface of 30m², and the area coated is already accessible after half an hour and can be used for full loading in just four hours after application.

means that haulage contractors, authorities that battle against noise pollution and the troubled local population are all well and truly traf-

About BASF Polyurethanes

fic-calmed. By applying a Polyurethane coating of just 5mm the noise

BASF is the leading supplier of polyurethane basic products, systems

level is reduced by 6 decibels.

and specialties. With its global network of more than 35 polyurethane system houses and its comprehensive product and service portfolio,

Noise pollution challenges

BASF is the preferred partner of its customers in many industries.

In order to avoid peak traffic times, business deliveries generally

The BASF brand “PU Solutions Elastogran” expresses over 40 years

take place early in the morning or late in the evening. In 1998 in

of experience of the market and technology leader for polyurethane

the Netherlands for example, rules were laid down as to how much

systems and specialty elastomers in Europe.

noise was allowed during the day. The maximum noise level between

In the extremely service-oriented business with polyurethane sys-

19h00 and 23h00 was set at 65 decibels and 60 decibels between

tems and specialties reliability, experience and competence are in

23h00 and 07h00. This posed a real challenge for many thousands of

demand. Through its system houses BASF provides fast local support

suppliers bringing everyday essentials to the Netherlands’ towns and

– from technical service and sales to marketing – during the develop-


ment of customised solutions.

The Elastocoat C noise level solution

in the manufacture of polyurethane basic products in all regions of

With a wealth of experience in other industries, BASF Polyurethanes

the world. Polyurethanes make life more comfortable, safer and more

developed the polyurethane system Elastocoat C to reduce the noise

pleasant – and they help to save energy sustainably.

With its world-scale plants BASF secures its leading market position

level of loading surfaces to 54 decibels by applying a coating thickness of just 5 mm. Cutting noise levels was not the only issue – a loading area coating

They contribute towards an improved insulation of buildings and a more attractive and more lightweight design of cars. The manufacturers of shoe soles, mattresses and household as well as sports equip-

also needs to be durable and protect the substrate from abrasion.

ment use the manifold opportunities and advantages of this special

Furthermore, it should reduce the rolling friction of pallet vehicles

plastics material, together with the knowledge and expertise of the

and roll containers. In several tests Elastocoat C’s adhesion and abra-

polyurethane experts of BASF worldwide.

sion resistance qualities proved to be highly effective.

BASF Construction Chemicals Cell: 0824473178 (Sue Posthumus)


Easy to clean and quick to apply


Furthermore, Elastocoat C can be cleaned easily and thoroughly with


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Feature: Final Floor S olutions

Floors are an investment, and in all buildings they are the most abused surfaces of all. They rarely get cleaned properly and, when they do get cleaned, often the cleaning method and products are incorrect.

a floor’s finish S

ometimes the cleaning product is cor-

cleaning regime. If rinsing is not an

as natural stone, terrazzo and polished or

rect yet the method is wrong and the

option then picking up the dirty water

stained cement floors.

tile will appear dirty. So when faced with a

that occurs during cleaning is required

floor that you are disappointed with, and

by vacuum.

dirt seems to be the problem, check that

Another consideration in preserving


and detergents need to be rinsed – heavy-

that have a surface texture. Often these types of tile are designed with anti-slip properties and are used in areas where cleanliness is required. So the

Another consideration in preserving a floor’s aesthetic appeal is to seal it if required.

However, if you are purchasing a premium flooring product, such as natural stone, it doesn’t make sense to protect it with budget sealers. Get the correct advice from Tile & Floor Care (TFC). Visit the website

tiles are under more severe inspection.

for guidance in selecting the correct sealer

The advice from Tile & Floor Care (TFC)

for your floor using their innovative new sealer-selection wizard online.

is not to use tiles with a surface texture


forever and can be restored and thereby parts of the building have become unfash-

A common problem is that certain floors

rinsed after use, particularly with floors

ous. A floor made from natural stone lasts maintain its appeal many years after other

the method being used is correct.

duty detergents in particular need to be

The benefits of natural stone are obvi-

(anti-slip) in areas where cleanliness and

a floor’s aesthetic appeal is to seal it if

Tile & Floor Care

hygiene are the main concern.

required. There are a lot of good-quality

Tel: 011 822 6901

finishes that cost more than others for


their finish and aesthetic appeal, such


Cleaning tiles with a surface texture means regular rinsing as part of the

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Feature: Final Floor S olutions

The prevention of black joints in parquet Z

imbo’s Trading is the sole South African distributor of the Loba range of high-quality floor finishing and floorcare products, and

Loba has recently teamed up with Wakol, a leading German adhesive manufacturer, to examine the compatibility issues with adhesives and floor finishes with particular regard to the prevention of black joints in parquet flooring. Once parquet has been laid building owners can expect to enjoy problem-free floors for the next ten years – and they usually do. In isolated cases, however, the parquet installer receives a call within a few short months because the joints appear to be attracting dirt and grime. What went wrong? Owing to incompatibility between the elastic adhesive and the varnish, plasticisers have migrated into the sealant film causing it to soften, and dust is sticking to the parquet joints. The

problems than others. As a result of their cooperative development work Loba and

result is the so-called ‘black joints’. This situation can be prevented by using compatible products. Loba

Wakol are able to offer product systems with guaranteed com-

and Wakol have developed a reliable system of products for ensuring

patibility and optimal reliability during product application and

compatibility between adhesives and floor finishes.

in the years that follow. To date, 14 compatible products in total

The advantage is a wide product range, branded as Connected Systems, made up of compatible high-quality adhesives and finishes

have been developed that, when used in combination, guarantee the parquet layer perfect results. These new products are automatically tested and must pass

for parquet and cork flooring – a ‘security suite’ for the parquet layer. Over the past several years the two companies have been conducting extensive research and developing unparalleled expertise on

a series of compatibility tests before they are added to the Connected Systems portfolio. The approved adhesives have no negative effect on the quality

product compatibility. In the context of its product research work Wakol has discovered

of the floor finish because all compatibility problems have been

that the type and amount of extractable ingredients in the adhesive,

ruled out through the use of optimised systems.

such as plasticising resins or plasticisers, determine in part whether

Zimbo’s Trading

the varnish begins to soften.

Johannesburg: 011 794 1012 Fax: 086 556 4694

Loba’s application engineer, Claus Wissutchek, has carried out sev-

Cape Town: 021 511 4693

Fax: 021 511 4694

eral series of tests on this phenomenon, the results of which show


that certain floor finishes exhibit a greater resistance to migration

Websites: /


cing Revo

The Flooring Solutions Company


ary Flo

orcare . . .

Established for over 55 years, FloorworX is the only local manufacturer of semi-flexible tiles, fully flexible vinyl sheeting and tiles – all of which carry the SANS certification for quality.


FloorworX also distributes Quick-Step wood laminates, Kährs wooden floors and a comprehensive range of international resilient floorcoverings, including safety flooring, antistatic flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, static control tiles, linoleum, Novilon, rubber and sports flooring, together with a wide range of flooring adhesives, accessories and floorcare materials.

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0 National Call Centre 0860 346 679

Feature: Final Floor S olutions

Sustainable floor care A

s a leader in the chemical manufacturing industry, Safic is faced with a critical challenge to ensure that clients are provided with

solutions that address their specific needs, while fulfilling environmental requirements. This has become increasingly important in all segments of construction, but certainly key in the overall supply and maintenance of flooring material. With this aim in mind, Safic, through continual innovation and in forming strategic supplier partnerships, has tackled these pressing issues: FloorworX Floorcare Range The Floorcare range strives to provide customers with the ultimate in hardwearing and aesthetically pleasing floorcoverings, combined with the very best in long-term floorcare. Safic, together with FloorworX, brings a whole new range of products to maintain industrial, resilient, laminate wood and vinyl floors. This partnership ensures that the floorcoverings are correctly installed by experienced and well-trained staff, and that the ensuing maintenance is taken to the next level. This is achieved through effective and efficient maintenance regimes – resulting in improved resilience and lifespan of flooring installations.




Cotton fibres are too large to clean

While these are half the size of cotton

Exceptionally fine, premium- quality

crevices where bacteria, spores and

fibres, non-split microfibres are still not fine

Rubbermaid split microfibre penetrates

viruses hide.

enough to effectively remove pathogens.

microscopic crevices where cotton and non-split microfibre cannot reach.

Tests prove that cotton fibres remove

Tests prove non-split microfibres also leave

Tests prove Rubbermaid split microfibre traps,

only 65% of these contaminants.

these contaminants behind.

holds and removes 95% of contaminants.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products:

withstands three times the laundering cycle of standard blend mops.

Secondly, as a natural extension of its product range, Safic has recent-

In addition, it is bleach-safe in laundry and other general uses.

ly been awarded distributorship of the internationally renowned

The Safic and FloorworX solutions will assist the discerning property

Rubbermaid brand. Through Rubbermaid Safic has effectively

manager and owner in waste management, cleaning, floor mainte-

expanded its flooring solutions to include the correct supporting

nance and material handling – thus increasing the productivity of any

tools and equipment to ensure a total floor care solution.

cleaning processes and efficiencies both in terms of cost and time.

When considering controlled environments such as hospitals and kitchens where hygiene is of the utmost importance, cleaning and

Value-added services

maintaining the floors with ordinary products and equipment can no

Finally, in the construction process it is not just traditional flooring

longer suffice.

that needs to be addressed but an overall clean working environment

The Rubbermaid systems are colour-coded to ensure that the risk of

is a pre-requisite. All surfaces are key for efficient and safe work-

cross-contamination is reduced. The Microfibre Mops are very impres-

flow. Safic is at the forefront of these solutions offering efficient spill

sive given their superior cleaning abilities due to their innovative

response and soil remediation.

fibre, which withstands abrasive cleaning and heavy-duty scrubbing offering excellent absorbency. The Rubbermaid mop has twice the cleaning power of cotton mops, it offers 54% faster cleaning than with standard cotton mops and

Anyone wishing to know more should make contact with the Service Centre, Tel: 011 406 4008; or Hannes Joubert, Tel: 011 406 4097 regarding the Floorcare range; and Terena van Wyk: Tel: 011 406 4009 for Rubbermaid Commercial Products enquiries.

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Feature: Final Floor S olutions

New range of seamless stone flooring launched G

oosebumpz has now launched a completely new range of seamless stone flooring in addition to its ever-growing seamless rub-

ber flooring range, throughout South Africa. Says Andrew Hirst, former co-owner of Quartz Carpet, “With our

Externally a ‘brush and hosepipe’ clean is sufficient for most cleaning. Any stubborn marks can be removed using a detergent such as Clean Green and a light scrub with a soft bristle brush, followed by a wipe and lastly by fresh water rinsing to remove the detergent.

colour variations we are unmatched by anyone else in the country

External stone floors have a protective sealer coat applied. This

and we are proud to be able to offer significantly lower prices than

sealer coat needs to be reapplied every 12-18 months to keep the

those generally being quoted, and still be proudly South African.”

floor UV-protected.

Goosebumpz Stone Flooring is bound to take the market by storm! Hirst says; “Whether used internally or externally, stone flooring

All stone and rubber floors applied internally are treated like a carpet and thus dust must be removed with brush or vacuum. A wet

provides a natural and attractive look, and is non-slip, durable, easy to

mop or cloth with detergent can be used for any resistant marks, fol-

clean, and quick to install, making it ideal for pool surrounds, residen-

lowed by a rinse to remove the detergent. These are wet/dry floors

tial applications, showrooms, and commercial projects.”

and thus can handle water very well.

Goosebumpz has a natural blend of colours that will suit any

Goosebumpz expects the lifespan of internal floors to be longer

lifestyle seamlessly, with the natural colours coming from a range

than external floors due to the harsh conditions caused by weather

of South African stone quarries and blended at a central point in

and UV rays outdoors, and therefore expect the lifespan of internal

Johannesburg to create this unique colour range. There is no import-

floors to be 15+ years and external floors to be +/-10 years (depend-

ing of heavy stone from abroad and thus the company’s carbon foot-

ing on the amount of direct UV and sealer coat maintenance). This

print impact is minimal.

is based on Goosebumpz using the best and latest technology in its

These stone systems are porous and thus specific cleaning regimes are required to keep the stone clean and maximise the lifespan of the floor.

specifications to provide long-lasting solutions. Please visit our website at or contact us at 021 418 0708 or for more information.

Specialising in decorative coloured concrete and screeds as well as polished concrete and exposed aggregate for industrial and domestic use.


Tel 031 572 4236 | Cell 083 654 0694 | Fax 031 572 4236 | Email: F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Final Floor S olutions

Blue, Orange and 100% recycled underlay, Green from Belgotex Floorcoverings have passed the stringent tests for VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions with flying colours.

pass VOC tests with A

ll three underlays met the strict require-

all Belgotex Floorcoverings

ments of the Green Building Council of

underlays are negligible and

SA (GBCSA) and Australia (GBCA) for Indoor

not considered harmful to

Environment Quality (IEQ13) in terms of the

indoor environment quality.

VOC emissions, which is a direct requirement

Green underlay was devel-

for carpeting and underlay.

oped in an effort to use post-

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) such

industrial waste and is made

as Phenylcyclohexene affect the indoor air

from 100% recycled fibres

quality. However, research has proven that a

and/or yarns from the Belgotex

new carpet is one of the lowest emitters of

Floorcoverings factory.

VOC’s in the home and office environment.

These results now provide extra peace of

Both Blue and Orange underlays tested

mind that Belgotex Floorcoverings underlays

well below the GBCSA Green Star cri-

contribute nothing more than improved

teria for both total VOC emission and

comfort, durability and insula-

Phenylcyclohexene rate. Blue undercushion

tion to installations.

is recommended beneath Nexus broadloom

To download a copy of the

for improved sound and thermal insula-

VOC test results go to the

tion in corporate environments such as

Environmental Recognition/

boardrooms, conference venues and offices.

Green Building Council sec-

Orange undercushion, used in residential

tion of www.environmental-

installations, improves vacuum efficiency by or call Belgotex

absorbing dust and allergens and extends

Floorcoverings on the details

the service life of the carpet by providing

provided below.

better underfoot cushioning.

Belgotex Floorcoverings

The Green underlay’s total VOC emis-

Tel: 033 897 7500

sion was even lower than those of Blue

Fax: 033 897 7700

and Orange, meaning that emissions from


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Feature: Final Floor S olutions


t is a coloured, versatile, durable and waterproof cementbased topping for both interior and exterior surfaces, and

is designed to be a smooth application onto various surfaces such as steel-floated concrete, as well as for the maintenance of previously carpeted floors, and so forth. CreteCote is applied no thicker than 1,5 - 2mm (can layer up to 4mm) and will therefore hardly affect the levels of the sur-

New cement topping

face. CreteCote is supplied in a 15kg twin-pack plastic drum to make the mixing process so much easier. Once applied, the final surface texture of the CreteCote is beautifully smooth, but it can be manipulated to achieve a desired look – for example, use a roller to create a stippled texture for shower floors, preventing a slippery surface. With a range of six earthy colours (which can be mixed to create

Cemcrete has just launched a new floor product,

your own colour) CreteCote will suite any décor theme. Once the final surface has cured, other finishes can be

CreteCote, which is a multi-purpose concrete topping

applied to give an extra personal feel; use Cemcrete’s

designed to transform tired and distressed concrete

CreteStain to permanently colour stain the surface as desired

into a beautiful new wear-resistant surface.

for a lasting colour effect. Another innovation from Cemcrete is the specialised pattern staining system, ModelloDecor designs. Essentially using an adhesive vinyl of your chosen design (you can have one custom-made as well), the pattern is transferred onto the surface using Cemcrete’s CreteStain – thereby permanently staining the cement/concrete surface (floors, walls, countertops, and so on). Very intricate designs can be achieved using this system. Cemcrete also produces a gel substance to add to the CreteStain to produce a thick stain that will not drip or run, preventing unwanted staining marks. (This was specially formulated for vertical applications.) This system can be used for a variety of projects such as company logos that will never “walk off”, school emblems, “carpets” – the list goes on... For more information contact Cemcrete at the numbers shown below. Cemcrete Tel: 011 474 2415 Fax: 011 474 2416



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Cement innovation ! NEDW C U T




BeadCrete white & coloured swimming pool plaster

CreteCote cement-based oor nishes & sealers

At Cemcrete, cement is not just a raw material; it is a beginning... With over 60 products ranging from beautiful swimming pool plasters, to internal and external wall and oor nishes, cement- and acrylic-based waterproong systems, adhesives, grouts and mortars; and more; you’re bound to nd the perfect product for any renovation or construction project. CreteCote, Cemcrete’s new innovative oor product, does more than just give you a beautiful oor nish. It’s amazing adhesive qualities allows it to be applied to even the most difcult of surfaces such as old screeds and concrete, even after the removal of carpets; saving you time and money. CreteCote is extremely durable (being cement-based), and is waterproof, easy to clean and easy to maintain. CreteCote is available in six attractive colours and can be further enhanced with Cemcrete’s CreteStain colour systems. Cemcrete’s growing swimming pool range now includes BeadCrete; a specialised swimming pool

CemPlaster external & internal wall nishes

plaster with stunning glass beads to bring even more sparkle to your pool. PoolCrete and Pool Coating (an easy to apply swimming pool paint that can revitalise your pool) remain ever popular in this industry. Not only do we provide quality products, but our national sales team offers expert advice and technical assistance, helping you choose the most suitable product and application as needed. We now also offer extensive hands-on training courses at our Head Ofce in Industria; fully equipped to provide the attendees sufcient background and hands-on experience needed to tackle their own projects with absolute condence. For full details and to book view our website. View for our full product range or visit our Ideas Centres in Johannesburg (10 Telford Road, Industria) and Cape Town (1 Franschhoek Crescent, Panorama) for loads of inspiration... Cemcrete – the cement innovation company. Est. 1973 -the cement innovation company

Head Ofce: Gauteng & Mpumulanga: or Cell: 083 267 7456 Cape region & Namibia: or Cell: 073 251 4861 KZN & Free State: or Cell: 082 894 4635 NW Province, Botswana & Mozambique: or Cell: 083 305 6313

Cemcrete (pty) ltd Tel. 0860 CEMCRETE (236 2783) Head Ofce Tel: (011) 474-2415 Fax. (011) 474 2416

Feature: Final Floor S olutions

Everyone pays lip service to the old adage that it’s the first impressions that count, yet often one sees what is otherwise an attractive entrance to a building marred by the ubiquitous flattened cardboard box which, it is hoped, will clean the visitors’ shoes before they enter the building. Do you think that this is the impression the owners or tenants are trying to convey, or simply an oversight in the design and upkeep of the building?

Floor solutions from a


he cardboard box syndrome really is indefensible when one considers the huge number of options available from Matco

Besides our efficient range of entrance mats, we also carry many other new exciting products for Commercial and

Marketing, matting specialists whose expertise will determine what

Industrial applications. For example, matting used around

type of entrance mats you require to both create the right impression

Swimming Pools, Change Rooms, behind Bar Counters,

for your premises and keep the floors clean.

Industrial Kitchens, Workshops, Showrooms, Restaurants,

75% of all internal soiling originates as dirt and grime brought in from outside on the soles of footwear. This results in rapid wearing of floor surfaces. The ‘Walk of Fame’ from Matco is the answer. It is a range of

Garages, Warehouses, Laboratories and many, many more. Anyone interested in obtaining a sample, a quotation, or learning more about the impressive Matco product range should contact them at the numbers shown below or visit the

entrance matting systems which are efficient, easy to install and easy


to maintain.

Matco Marketing

Rubber mats; coir mats; polypropylene mats provided in mat-wells

Te: 011 452 7961

or loose-laid with PVC edging; aluminium-channelled mats with poly-

Fax: 011 452 7965

propylene inserts; flexible PVC with high-quality carpet inserts; and a

E-mail: /

tremendous array of matting that includes logo mats to your design.


96 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

matting systems Matco Marketing cc is an importer and manufacturer of custom made commercial and industrial matting, logo mats, entrance mats, food service duckboards, anti fatigue matting and change-room matting. A variety of mats are available – Rubber, PVC Floor Tiles, Vinyl, Polypropylene, Polyamide, Coir and Cotton.

• Create a welcoming entrance • Improve longevity of floor finishes • Make cleaning more effective

Matco Head Office

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Feature: Final Floor S olutions

New colouration system Milliken & Company has been recognised by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for 2010. Marketed in South Africa exclusively by FloorworX, Bona has

Out of a record number of nominations for the award, Milliken

recently launched a new colouration system, Bona Create, for

secured a spot on the list by implementing business practices

oiled and finished wooden floors.

and initiatives that are instrumental to the company’s success,

The new range includes nine inter-mixable colours that can be blended to an almost unlimited palette of shades. Bona Create is developed at the forefront of sustainability, bringing beautiful

benefit the community, and raise the bar for ethical standards within the industry. “Milliken’s promotion of a sound ethical environment shines

and even colouration to all wooden floors without the need to

within its industry and shows a clear understanding that operat-

install a costly new floor.

ing under the highest standards for business behaviour goes

With interior styling becoming more and more popular, Bona

beyond goodwill and lip-service and is intimately linked to per-

has developed a colour system that can meet these modern

formance and profitability,” said Alex Brigham, executive director

demands. “Bona Create is our answer to giving customers a fresh

of the Ethisphere Institute.

new look to their wooden floors through a cutting-edge formula – a formula that is easy to work with and gives a secure and even end-result,” says Bjorn Saalbach, vice-president and divisional director (Finishing) at Bona. New Bona Create exists in 9 different colours ranging from Earth to Aqua, via Flora and Amber. All colours can be mixed with each other, enabling a unique shade to be found. The colours always

BASF recently announced that it is the first chemical company to

give a natural look, as though taken straight from nature.

become a member of The Sustainability Consortium, an indepen-

Bona Create has a long open-time which gives a relaxed appli-

dent organisation of diverse global participants that work collab-

cation and the ability to work with larger surfaces. There is no

oratively to build a scientific foundation that drives innovation to

overlap and the result is an even colouration of the wood.

improve consumer product sustainability.

The formula was developed with sustainability in mind: Bona

The company joins other retailers and consumer product manu-

Create is cobalt-free and has a low VOC, which guarantees healthy

facturers that have become members of The Consortium and its

indoor air and safety when working with it and, being part of the

product life cycle mission, including social and environmental

Bona system, it is compatible and overcoatable with all Bona’s


finishes and oils.

The Sustainable Development Commission is the UK’s watchdog

FloorworX Marketing Department

on sustainability issues, and information can be found on

Tel: 011 406 4146 Fax: 011 406 4205 Website:


Established for over 55 years, FloorworX is also the only local importer of Bona water-borne finishes and dust free sanding machines. Bona’s water-borne finishes are a sound environmental choice for the coating of wooden floors. Setting quickly, the complete range of NMP-free finishes enable sanding to start sooner. Bona’s dust care system with HEPA filters remove 99.9% of the sanding dust in a room, thus giving contractors a healthier working environment and our customers a cleaner home.

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The Flooring Solutions Company

c Tr a



Keep your genuine wooden floor looking beautiful Tel: 011 406-4290/4295

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Feature: Final Floor S olutions

Adhesive and sealant South Africans have for many years trusted TAL with all their tiling adhesive requirements and the company is proud to introduce a new product with a multitude of applications.


AL Goldstar Sealmaster 1000 is a flexible polyurethane-based adhesive and joint sealant which forms a permanently flexible,

highly elastic and resistant joint. The product adheres to most materials and has the ability to withstand continuous extension and recovery. “We have led the market in development for many years and have a long history of success. The construction industry is an extremely diverse sector and we are developing new products with which to grow our representation in this sector,” says Hamish McKee, general manager TAL. Flexibility is the key to the application of TAL Goldstar Sealmaster. “A common problem with joints is the expansion and contraction of the joint and this is where this product works best,” says McKee. Applications include heavy and light precast panel expansion joints, wood, aluminium and PVC joinery seams, and expansion joints in traditional construction. TAL Goldstar Sealmaster shows excellent adhesion without primer to steel, PVC, zinc, fibre cement, aluminium, marble, clay, concrete, brick, glass, stone, ceramic tiles, wood, most lacquered metals, and

rosion and it is highly recommended for bonding baked clay

polyester, thereby reducing cost and time which are both important

and concrete roof tiles.

factors on any construction site. The product is ideal for interior and exterior applications as it is fast-

Its water-resistant qualities make it ideal for sealing around windows and window sills, ceramic tile panel movement

curing and offers superior resistance to abrasion, is UV-stable as well

joints, roof tiles, or as a joint filler in walls and around show-

as resistant to shock, vibration and temperature changes when cured.

ers, basins and sinks.

Another benefit is that it is resistant to moisture, chemicals and cor-

With a proven track record of over 35 years in the industry and over 280 million square metres of tiles successfully fixed with TAL adhesives, TAL is a market leader in quality, service and technology. “We are the key supplier to major tiling installations around the country and our products are readily accepted by architects, specifiers and contractors alike,” McKee says. TAL offers an effective range of tiling products suitable for any tiling application and TAL Goldstar Sealmaster 1000 is the perfect solution for those jobs requiring a combined adhesive and sealant to bond differing materials. “If you have a serious adhesive problem, we are serious about solving it,” says McKee. For more information contact the TAL regional sales offices on the numbers provided below. TAL (a division of Norcros SA) Gauteng: 011 316 3133 Western Cape: 021 386 1810 KwaZulu-Natal: 031 700 1535



F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Feature: Final Floor S olutions

TAL is proud to introduce a new flexible, generalpurpose, polyurethane-based adhesive and joint sealant with a multitude of applications.

TAL launches M

arketed under the brand name of TAL Goldstar

says Hamish McKee, gen-

Sealmaster 1000, this product forms a permanently

eral manager TAL. TAL Goldstar Sealmaster

flexible, highly elastic and resistant joint. It adheres to most materials and has the ability to withstand continuous exten-

1000 is a single-com-

sion and recovery.

ponent product that is ready to use with no mix-

“Having led the market in development for many years we have a long history of success. Because the construction

ing required and adheres

industry is extremely diverse we are developing new prod-

without a primer (which

ucts with which to grow our representation in this sector,�

reduces cost and time) to most surfaces including glass, steel, wood, aluminium, PVC, zinc, clay roof tiles, fibre cement, marble, brick, stone, ceramic tiles, concrete, most lacquered metals and polyester. Its water-resistant qualities make it ideal for sealing around windows and windowsills, ceramic tile movement joints and roof tiles, and also as a joint filler in walls. TAL Goldstar Sealmaster 1000 is the perfect solution for those jobs requiring a combined adhesive and sealant to bond differing materials. With a proven track record of over 35 years in the industry and over 280 million square metres of tiles successfully fixed with TAL adhesives, TAL is a market leader in quality, service and technology. TAL (a division of Norcros SA) Gauteng: 011 316 3133 Western Cape: 021 386 1810


KwaZulu-Natal: 031 700 1535 E-mail:

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So professional in their approach! Transiton Transport, as South Africa’s foremost specialist in the transportation of flooring materials, with branches and depots in Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg and Cape Town, is able to provide an outstanding delivery service to the flooring trade.


o find out what their customers think of the Transiton

service, FLOORS in Africa spoke to two of their most important customers – Naas Prinsloo of MF Wholesalers, Pretoria, and Simon Whittaker, National Sales Manager of Crossley Carpets South Africa– to get their views.

104 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0


NAAS PRINSLOO - MF Wholesalers

SIMON WHITTAKER – Crossley Carpets SA

How has Transiton benefited your business?

How has Transiton benefited your business?

They are professional, with their infrastructure tailored for the

Transiton performs a unique role in offering the professional move-

transportation of carpets, no matter what rolls sizes or weight.

ment of carpet from point to point around Southern Africa.

Can you give an example of where Transiton really delivered excep-

Can you give an example of where Transiton really delivered exceptional

tional service?


Not just once, but on several occasions their trucks have arrived

We had a consignment going cross-border that had a few logistical

before 06h00 in order to meet all their delivery commitments

problems and Transiton bent over backwards to make sure the delivery

and we endeavour to assist with speedy offloading.

went as smoothly as possible with the minimum delay. It would have

Would you say they put customer satisfaction first, and why? Yes. They are dedicated to certain carpet manufacturers and

been easy to make it someone else’s problem but instead they chose to be professional and offer a great service to their client and ours.

provide a professional service to the wholesale and retail sectors

Would you say they put customer satisfaction first, and why?

of the industry.

I believe they have found a good balance of marrying customer

Do goods always arrive on time and in perfect condition?

needs with their responsibility of doing sensible business.

Yes – as per their contracts with the manufacturers – even

Do goods always arrive on time and in perfect condition?

though as customers we are continually pushing to raise the bar

More often than not, and their claims procedure is fairly robust.

with earlier deliveries and so forth, not always considering the adverse traffic conditions they encounter.

Do Transiton always meet their delivery promises? For the most part, although it was disappointing to have the Durban

Do Transiton always meet their delivery promises?

– Cape Town route cut from a daily service to twice weekly which has


caused one or two problems.

What would you say has been their biggest contribution to your

What would you say has been their biggest contribution to your business?


The fact that they are dedicated to moving only our industry’s prod-

They have a real understanding for the demands of the industry

ucts. They know the routes, the drop points and there is less chance

which enables them to continue to provide service excellence.

of errors because of this.

This article is brought to you with the sponsorship of Transiton Transport – South Africa’s foremost specialists in the transportation


of flooring materials to the trade.

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Name change for Elastogran South Africa Elastogran South Africa (Pty) Ltd announced it has changed its business name to BASF Polyurethanes South Africa (Pty) Ltd, with effect from 1 March, 2010. Following the introduction of the BASF corporate brand for all Elastogran systems houses globally, the next step is to change the business names. The name change will not affect the legal form of the companies, nor will the renaming affect existing agree-

Hamish Laing is the new CMA director

ments such as employment contracts or customer contracts. “The name change is an important indicator of BASF’s commitment to its European polyurethane business and helps strengthen the BASF brand overall,” said Jacques Delmoitiez, president: BASF Polyurethanes. “What will not be changing is BASF Polyurethanes’ commitment to ensure that our customers become more successful in their businesses, through access to global polyurethane technology, products and applications, outstanding service levels as well as excellent product quality,” he said. John Cairns

Hamish Laing

John Cairns, who has been the director of the Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA) for the past 13 years, officially retired at the end of February. His position has been filled by newly appointed director Hamish Laing. John will continue to work for the CMA on a consultancy basis for the next six months and still will be very much involved in this year’s CMA Awards for Excellence Competition. One of South Africa’s foremost concrete block paving experts, he will continue to sit on the committee of international paving association SEPT (Small Element Paving Technologists) and still will be involved in seminars, lectures and site inspections on behalf of the CMA. John has established his own paving consultancy and will be available to assist with the design, installation and marketing of concrete block paving (CBP) systems. Hamish was raised and educated in Scotland and England. He has a BSc degree in civil engineering from Leeds University and has lived and worked in South Africa for the past 28 years. Before joining the CMA, he was a technical services manager with the multinational Hilti group.

On yer bike!

Hamish brings a wealth of experience in concrete technology to the CMA and has held positions with some of South Africa’s leading cement and concrete supply com-


Fanie Venter, Media in Africa director, entered the recent Sani2C cycle race – and

panies, including the development and mar-

finished 14th! What an achievement! Fanie also participated and successfully com-

keting of a new product range for PPC – dry

pleted the world’s toughest mountain bike race – the Cape Epic!

mortar cement.

We would like to thank FloorworX for sponsoring the Media in Africa cycling team.

FLOORS in Africa wishes him well in his new position.

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Ruud Steenvoorden joins FCI The Floor Covering Institute – the global floorcovering consulting group based in the USA – has announced that

ABVA (the Association of BEE Verification Agencies) has wel-

Ruud Steenvoorden, past vice-president of the European

comed the fact that BEE certificates issued by unaccredited

Federation of Parquet Importers (EFPI) and Director of

verification agencies may not be accepted as valid proof of a

Corporate Buying for Europe’s largest wood flooring provider,

company’s BEE status.

Fetim BV, has joined the Institute. Steenvoorden is currently

A notice in the government gazette published last year

president of his independent consulting firm, Steenvoorden

confirms that from 01 Feb 2010 only certificates issued by


accredited verification agencies or verification agencies that are

“We could not be more pleased to add Ruud to the team and provide our clients with his excellent insights and experience,” said Institute President Jim Gould. “Ruud is a strategic

in possession of a valid pre-assessment letter from South African National Accreditation Systems (SANAS) will be valid. Verification agencies are accredited by SANAS to certify that

thinker with hands on experience getting wood and laminate

the contributions made by companies to Broad Based Black

flooring manufactured in China and marketed across Europe.

Economic Empowerment are valid. The result of their proce-

He helped Fetim introduce flooring into their offering and

dures is a BEE certificate. Prior to 1 Feb 2010 any verification

managed their wood flooring business until late 2009. Fetim

agency could issue a BEE certificate.

is now the largest provider of imported flooring in Europe

As a result of this change, users of BEE certificates can be

and Ruud’s experience helping them get there is now avail-

certain that the certificate has been prepared by a verification

able to our clients.”

agency that has met the stringent requirements of SANAS

A full interview with Steenvoorden can be read on the Institute’s blog site at

accreditation. These requirements ensure that verification agencies operate under the principles of impartiality, competence, responsibility for verification decisions, openness and confidentiality.

New website for Numatic

They also ensure that these principles are properly implemented throughout the agencies’ management systems. Agencies that have demonstrated to SANAS that their system is compliant with the requirements of accreditation, but who have not completed the accreditation process, are issued a pre-assessment letter. They then have four months to complete the accreditation process, during which time they may issue BEE Certificates. Upon expiry of their 4-month period they will be unable to issue BEE certificates. Certificates issued by all verification agencies prior to 01 Feb 2010 will be valid for the full 12-month tenure, after which they must be renewed by an accredited verification agency, or an agency in possession of a pre-assessment letter. Both these categories of Verification Agencies are listed on the ABVA website ( under the section, Find an ABVA Member: Approved members listing. Agencies

Now celebrating 16 years as an industry leader in South Africa,

that have obtained their pre-assessment letter are also listed

Numatic International has recently launched a new website – www.

under the Members category on the ABVA website. – covering full product information for its entire sales

The SANAS website ( also lists the current

programme of vacuum cleaners, hotel trolleys, mopping units, floor

Accredited Agencies and their scope of accreditation, which

machines, janitor’s trolleys, and specialised units for certain industries.

depicts the office and region where the Agency has obtained

Of attractive design and very easy to use, this new website gives an

accreditation as well as the Technical Signatories (individuals

overview of the UK-based parent company and the local operation;

accredited by SANAS) who have been accredited to sign off

provides a customer care line; the Numatic product support function

BEE certificates in the market place. ABVA is the only website

and technical tips; the latest news; an overview of its research and

available at present where both accredited and approved

development activity; an outline of its sales policy; and a list of dis-

agencies are listed.

tributors throughout the country. In fact, everything you ever wanted to know about the celebrated Numatic range of floor cleaners – and cleaning in general. Well

The implementation of this cut-off is welcomed by the industry and serves to create further confidence in the credibility of BEE certificates.


worth a visit.

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0


Showing the flags in their Although Bamboolands is still at the same address (56, 13th Road, Kew), they have recently moved into their new offices and showroom. The new showroom and offices have been erected using bamboo flooring and board products almost exclusively to create a crisp environment that really emphasises how aesthetically pleasing bamboo can be. Clients are now able to view the functionality of bamboo as a material. All shelving units, doors, counter tops, workstation units and cupboards have been manufactured using the Bamboolands range of bamboo furniture board products and you don’t have to think twice about what is on the floor! An array of both solid and engineered bamboo floor panels dress the exterior and interior floor surfaces of the showroom. Visit Bamboolands at their new showroom to discover how bamboo can uplift the presence of your interior.

NCS is the international colour order system for colour selection, specification, communication and control of colour in design, architecture, research, marketing and manufacturing, and is entirely based on how the human being sees colour. This logical colour notation system builds on how the human being sees colour; a notation represents a specific colour precept and describes the colour visually. It is not dependent on

Driven by the Floor Covering Institute and the magazine Floor Covering Weekly, the innovative International Floor Covering Media Network was launched at the recent Domotex exhibition. The aim of IFCMN is to enhance communications among floorcovering media around the world – creating an increased awareness of our industry and keeping everyone in touch with the latest industry news.

the limitations caused by pigments, light rays or nerve signals. NCS Colour Centre South Africa has introduced two innovative ideas to assist architects, interior designers, developers and property owners to get the right colour – first time – for any project. Using a currently very popular theme, the NCS Colour

Roxanne Mancini of FLOORS met IFCMN (Jim Gould), which means

Centre South Africa has taken national flags of all the nations

that we are now in an even better position to keep our readers up to

competing in the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup and translated

date with all the international trends and developments, and to let

them into the colour system for accurate and easy reproduc-

the rest of the world know what is happening in South Africa.

tion in any material and surface.

Yet another reason to keep on supporting the magazine that is produced specifically for you!

If you want to know more or wish to purchase samples of all the colours (which also appear in the SANS 1091-2004 standard), contact NCS Colour Centre SA on the numbers shown below.

Safety first!

In addition, NCS has introduced a new, high-end glossy fandeck index of 216 pages based on the system, with an easy, practical and intuitive overview of the entire range of 1950

In the 16 Century in the UK, th

The colours in the NCS Glossy Index are divided into five

Only the really wealthy had

different groups: grey, yellow (G80Y-Y70R), red (Y80R-R70B),

something other than dirt,

blue (R80B-B70G) and green (B80G-G70Y), and with this index

which gave rise to the say-

users can illustrate demands more clearly when working with

ing, “Dirt poor”.

glossed colours and surfaces. This means that users can con-

The houses of the rich had slate floors, but these were very slippery in the winter when they got wet, so ‘thresh’ (straw) was spread on the floors to prevent people from slipping. As the winter progressed, more and more thresh was added until, whenever the door was opened, it would all fall outside. So a piece of wood was placed in the entrance – thus known as ‘the threshold’.


NCS original colours, each with a unique glossy finish.

most houses had dirt floors.

To this day, bridegrooms carry their new brides over the threshold of their first home.

F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

trol, use and make a selection of colour more effectively and communicate their requirements better. Used separately, or in conjunction with the semi-matt NCS colour samples, NCS Glossy opens up a whole new level of colour understanding. For further information, contact NCS by telephone: 011 486 3190; e-mail; or visit the website: www.


Great Qualicer once again, and SA was there! Expectations were exceeded at the 11th Qualicer 2010 Conference

Canada, Germany, the US, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Belgium, Brazil,

held in Spain during February, where the excellent technical quality

Iran, Turkey and South Africa passed through the Qualicer 2010 halls. The South African speaker was Barbara P

of the work presented, involving 141 papers and posters, was the most noted feature of this

Jekot, Associate Professor in the University of

high-profile conference.

Pretoria’s Department of Architecture, who has been a speaker at Qualicer on two previous

The general conclusion was that the conference had combined extremely realistic messag-

occasions, as well as having presented papers

es on the complicated situation that the global

at conferences in Europe, America, Australia

ceramic sector is going through, with highly

and Africa. She has professional experience as a design-

optimistic and innovative proposals on how a traditional sector like the ceramic tile industry

er, academic teacher and researcher, and has

can address a major drop in demand and a nec-

been involved in community projects as well as

essary revision of its business model.

having designed and supervised the building

The most technical part of the conference, in

of two churches, a monastery and chapel, holi-

which advances in ceramic tile production and

day resorts and habitats. A résumé of the paper

installation methods were presented, was char-

she presented, entitled Review of changes in

acterised by many delegates as ‘the best in terms

ceramic tile installation in South Africa, is pro-

of quality and quantity of the presentations’.

vided in this issue. Other presentations were delivered on the

Two intense days of work at the Castellón Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Navigation were attended

use of ceramic tile in bold architectural designs, on energy efficiency

by 625 delegates of 22 nationalities.

in ventilated façades, on ceramic tile decoration by inkjet printing,

The Congress features three thematic blocks: Ceramic Enterprise

and on direct electronic marketing, among many other subjects. The next Qualicer meeting will be held in February 2012. For

and Markets, Ceramic Tile and Construction, and Ceramic Tile

further information, please check the Qualicer 2010 website:


Speakers and lecturers from Spain, Venezuela, France, England,

clocks 79 000 visitors tors from the United States. The response from the countries of Europe, however, which account for 64% of all foreign visitors, was very varied. There was a marked increase in numbers from the Scandinavian countries, whilst numbers from both Russia and the ex-Soviet republics such as Ukraine maintained their upward trend, at around +30%. The traditional French, German and UK markets performed very well in terms of sales and contacts, albeit having fielded fewer visitors. As far as the Middle East is concerned, there was an outstanding 80% hike in the number of buyers from Saudi Arabia. The records also show an improvement in the number of visitors from the United Arab Emirates, with other countries in the area such as Lebanon, Israel and Jordan producing better results than the previous year. Turkey is also The 28th Cevisama, which took place at Feria Valencia in Spain during February, pulled in 78 962 quality buyers including 10 946 foreign buy-

emerging as a promising buyer, having yielded 42% more visitors. It is Asia/Oceania however that delivered the best results. In spite

ers from 133 countries. The final figures reveal that visitor numbers

of being so far away, Australia produced 33% more visitors, India 35%

were 4% down on 2009 but this was compensated for by two factors

more and South Korea 42% more whilst the number of visitors from

that were highly valued by exhibitors at this last fair: the quality of the

Pakistan was triple that of last year.

visitors and the innovations introduced into this year’s showcase.

As for the continent of America, there was a remarkably strong pres-

This latest edition of the fair saw a marked increase in the num-

ence of buyers from Mexico (70% up on last year), Argentina and the

ber of buyers visiting from Russia, the ex-Soviet republics and the

United States, with records showing an increase of almost 40% in US

Middle East. The figures also show a recovery in the number of visi-


F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0




What is a floating floor? This term is commonly used to describe the preferred

Decorative Coloured Cementitious Screeds

Managing client expectations and living by

method of installing natural wood or laminate flooring. It

the motto “The customer is always right” can

means that the floor is not adhered to the substrate – it

be a frustrating and painful experience in the

‘floats’ – usually being installed over a plastic moisture barrier and a layer of foam to reduce noise and offer a

decorative coloured cementitious screed world,

stable foundation.

because they are a magnet for scrutiny.

A floating floor allows the floor to move with seasonal expansion and contraction associated with changes in tem-

As an installer of designer cementitious finishes, you are

perature and humidity.

held to a much higher standard than those pouring plain

The tongue-and-groove construction of the floor planks

grey concrete. After all, you are dealing in colour, texture

or tiles allows either glueing, or joining with a variety of

and tone – in other words, art. It just so happens that your

different patented ‘click’ systems, and the perimeter of the

canvas is concrete.

room is finished with a wall base or quarter-round ‘skirting’.

Unless you’re independently wealthy, the main reason you do this, of course, is to make money. The ability to use

Should I clean my carpet myself, or call in an

your artistic talents to turn concrete into something colour-


ful and unique is secondary.

When your carpet becomes dirty – or damaged by a spill-

With decorative cementitious screeds, the client receives

age of some kind, there is often a great deal you can do

a value-added product while the installer receives a signifi-

yourself to try to clean it. But this must be attempted with

cantly higher paycheck. This is as it should be, considering

caution and in each case the situation must be examined

all the time, training, and risk required of the decorative

carefully to see whether, in fact, you ought to call in the

concrete specialist. Doesn’t it make sense then to put even

carpet cleaning experts.

more thought into understanding, controlling and manag-

If your carpet has just become grubby, then the chances are you can clean it yourself. There are several cleaners

ing the associated risks as best you can? Manage your customer’s expectations upfront! Under-

available in supermarkets, but it is recommended that you

promise and over-perform with regard to application, and

speak to the original supplier of the carpet, or seek the

a vast majority of potential perceived problems go away.

advice of experts in a carpet showroom.

Don’t specify an elaborate ‘Mona Lisa’ when you can only

If you are doing it yourself, you will need to know what

do an early day impressionistic Monet.

type of dirt you are dealing with, and what type of fibres

With architectural coloured screeds, perceptions of colour

the carpet contains. Remember most of the products out

and design can be subjective. What is common knowledge

there are chemical-based and you must ensure you choose

to you and I, colours in concrete can vary, trowel marks

the right one.

show undulations, coloured screeds show contrasting

Wet carpet cleaners have to be used with caution as they

movement, stains produce variegated colour tones, sealers

can cause shrinkage, especially if the carpet is made from

require maintenance and all concrete cracks require in-

a natural fibre. Some carpet cleaning products also contain

depth explanation to architects, designers, general contrac-

bleaches and solvents, which may damage the fibres or

tors, and homeowners.

take out the colour. If the dirt is ingrained you should call in the experts. See

Showing realistic, reproducible samples, explaining the processes, outlining the product’s limita-

how deeply the dirt penetrates by gently pulling the fibres

tions in the contract, and making sure

apart; if the dirt has saturated the fibres and runs right

your clients are comfortable with the

through the carpet, then you should take the decision to

required maintenance are all factors in

call in professional cleaners right away before any further

managing client expectations.

damage is done. Hot water extraction and cleaning should be done by a

Jeremy Stewart

carpet care professional at least every two years to refresh

Flooring specialist and owner of

the texture and rejuvenate the fibres in the carpet; alter-

Quartz Carpet

natively one of the dry powder cleaning systems can be used.

110 F LO O R S A p r i l | M ay 2 0 1 0

Jeremy Stewart Screed, Resin, and Concrete Expert CEO – Quartz Carpet, SA


Probably not too late to go!

Size of the SA Floorcovering market?

The 2010 National Convention and Wood

In the absence of any formal or official statistics, FLOORS has been

Flooring Expo of the US National Wood

asking clients informally what they estimate the size to be of the spe-

Flooring Association will be held from 22 to

cific market sectors in which they operate, and the general consensus

24 March at the Gaylord National Convention

of each is shown below.

Centre in Washington DC. This includes an introductory session outlin-

Type of floor

(million m²)

products and services on display and being demonstrated at the

Ceramic & porcelain tiles


Expo; architectural sessions on designing a wood floor; and other

(70% floor; 30% wall tiles)

events covering floor finishes, moisture and vapour barriers, hand-





Wood & laminates




ing the state of play of the industry; the latest

scraping, and sound control. Further information can be obtained from the website

Do you need . . .

However, it should be noted that this is merely an estimate (in some A new brochure? Copywriting? A full service is available from design to final print from Jacquerie.

cases possibly even a guess!) but if anyone has any further information or comment, we will issue updates as necessary.

We also undertake research and copywriting for press releases, articles or sales leaflets. Whatever your needs, contact us for full details and rates. Dave Soons, Jacquerie Marketing cc Tel: 012 807 7012; e-mail: Fax to e-mail: 086 601 7842

Out of the mouth of babes… Melanie (aged 5) asked her Granny how old she was. Granny replied she was so old she didn’t remember any more. Melanie said, “If you don’t remember you must look in the back of your panties. Mine

Domotex Middle East –

say five to six.” *** James (aged 4) was listening to a Bible story. His dad read: “The man named Lot was warned to take his wife and flee out of the city – but his wife looked back and was turned to salt.” Concerned, James asked, “What happened to the flea?” ***

Anyone interested in trading with companies in the Middle East and North Africa would do well to visit or exhibit at the forthcoming

The mother of a four-year-old girl worked for an organisation

Domotex Middle East expo which takes place from 10 to 12 May 2010

that delivers lunches to elderly people at their homes, and one

at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

day she took her daughter with her on her afternoon rounds,

This is the sole international trade fair for carpets and floorcoverings

but at one home the mother saw her staring at a pair of false

in this area, which attracts carpeting and floorcovering wholesalers

teeth soaking in a glass by the side of the old lady’s bed, and

and retailers as well as representatives of construction companies,

was dreading what she might say.

architects, interior designers and project planners. If you wish to learn more about this exciting event, visit the website

However, turning to her mother, she whispered, “The tooth fairy will never believe that!”


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Views and opinions from speakers at contractworld.congress held in conjunction with Domotex Hannover 2010 earlier this year.

The first two architects and designers were specifically involved in shop and office design. Authentically in the retail environment Architects and branding consultants often speak a different language. Architects wrinkle their noses at the mercantile utilitarianism of brand strategies, while consultants find it sometimes difficult to see any value added in architecture with artistic pretensions. For architects, the retail industry is an interesting market which up to now has been completely in the hands of specialists who do not usually grasp the urban function of shopping. In place of monocultural structures, shopping tends to gain more from spatial and functional integration into the surrounds of a vital city. Here, the branding experts still have a lot to learn from architects and urban planners.

Anna Klingmann Klingmann Architects & Brand Consultants, New York, USA

Bleed Limit I always wanted to create spaces that were exciting and addressed people through their senses, but I was never especially interested in shop design. Yet, apparently, this is what characterises good shop design and this is why I have been designing and building mainly shops for some years now. However, my projects are exactly the opposite of the pseudo-religious scene-setting of the highminimal flagship stores of the 90s. I put all my design energy into the space in question, which then transfers its aesthetic onto the goods that are on display. I simply believe that it is not the products themselves but the sensory perception of a spatial experience that sells products.

Giorgio Borruso Giorgio Borruso Design, Los Angeles, USA

Built images Our architecture is a constructed antithesis to the iconography of functionalism. We have no ambition to express the truth of construction and materials or make it possible to architecturally ‘read’ the function of our buildings. We want them to say what transcends, widens or contradicts their graspable reality. Frequently, we make the concrete spatial shape of a building deliberately unfamiliar by materialising its surfaces as images. These images have their own spatial character which overlays the built space and endows it with atmosphere and sensory potential that a building could never generate out of its purely functional purpose.


Mark Blaschitz Splitterwerk, Graz

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