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Annual Report 2015

Media Art Asia Pacific

MAAP would like to thank all our sponsors for 2015

MAAP Media Art Asia Pacific gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. MAAP is supported by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments.

Contents Directors Forward 5 Background 7 Executive Summary 9 Content Overview 11 2015 Program Description 13 1.CORE BUSINESS Financial and Accounting System 15 Governance 15

2.MAAP CURATORIAL PROGRAMS, EVENTS & PROJECTS 2a. Exhibition Project: LANDSEASKY 17 2b. MAAP SPACE Louise Bennett 17 Joao Vasco Paiva 17–19

2c. Artist Residencies David M Thomas 19–21 Louise Bennett 21 Joao Vasco Paiva 21

3. MAAP RESEARCH 3a Critical Dalogues 23–25 3b MAAP Publication 25 –27

4. SECTOR DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM 4a. MAAP MEDIA BANK 29-31 4b. MAAP Consultancy: Queensland emerging artists, Mentorships, and Volunteers 31 REPORT CONCLUSION 33

APPENDIX 1. 2015 MAAP MEDIA BANK Loans Summary & Value 35–42

LANDSEASKY exhibition vistors take guided tour at Guangdong Museum of Art.

Directors Foreword 2015 marks the 18th year of operation since MAAP was formally incorporated in June 1998. This year MAAP Media Bank celebrates its 10th year of operation since the lending service incrementally began to record its activities in 2006. The well-appreciated free-of-charge AV lending service exceeded a remarkable milestone in its history, providing in excess of 1.5 million dollars of equipment hire value to artists and arts organisations project development and presentation.

2015 will be remembered as a particularly tumultuous time for federal arts policy and a very challenging period for all small to medium arts organisations across Australia. Consequently 2015 was also a year of strategic planning and major organisational review that generated a new business plan incorporating several weighty planning documents in preparation for major arts funding applications at all levels of government. Despite the uncertainty that policy changes stirred, MAAP delivered a particularly vibrant program that included highlights in China with a major international museum exhibition. Locally, MAAP hosted artists’ residencies experimenting with new holistic models cultivating critical perspective into arts practice and strengthening artists’ professional networks. Along the Brisbane River, an innovative and hugely popular international public art project inspired local audiences while MAAP delivered national and international public programs enabling artists’ travel and residencies in both Brisbane and Guangzhou.

Guangdong Museum of Art in Guangzhou China hosted the final presentation of MAAP’s highly acclaimed touring exhibition LANDSEASKY: revisiting spatiality in video art occupying over 2,000 square meters in the prestigious museum stimulating a strong response and positive reviews. The bi-lingual catalogue documenting the exhibition across all eleven venues was co-published with our major exhibition partner OCAT Shanghai and we thank the dedicated team for their support through the process. MAAP officially launched the publication during the Asia Pacific Triennial (APT8) in Brisbane with events at MAAP SPACE and the QAGoMA Bookstore. 2015 was an energetic year where MAAP not only successfully processed a weighty year of government administration, in fact excelled in program delivery internationally and locally despite some extraordinary challenges. MAAP staff, interns and volunteers have made an inspiring contribution to this year’s program and I thank them for their energy.

I would personally would like to thank our core partners and funding bodies for their ongoing support through 2015 and warmly welcome our new partnerships with Gallery Edouard Malingue from Hong Kong; the Citycat Ferry network and Trans Dev; Brisbane City Council; McConnell Dowell Construction; and The Queensland Maritime Museum. Finally I would like to sincerely thank the MAAP Board for its dedicated support and guidance, in particular Zane Trow who was an absolute rock in what I can only describe as one of the most challenging years – though let’s see what next year has install!

Kim Machan Director, MAAP - Media Art Asia Pacific 2015 Annual Report MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Inc.


LANDSEASKY’s opening at Guangdong Museum of Art.

BACKGROUND MAAP Media Art Asia Pacific is a unique and vital contemporary media art organisation that actively stimulates cultural exchange across Australia and the Asia-Pacific while relentlessly supporting local artists. Since 1998, MAAP has established a significant, ever-expanding and multi-national network of leading artists, creators and creative institutions through programs of curated exhibitions, residencies, workshops, creative exchanges, research, publications, online initiatives. MAAP sets precedents in cultural programming, notably specialising in innovative curatorial projects and cross-institutional collaboration. MAAP regularly curates major exhibitions for touring in partnership with international arts organisations including in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Seoul. MAAP energetically works at a local, national and international level to provide invaluable support to local Queensland artists through very practical support and exposure to new networks. In addition to its critically acclaimed touring exhibitions, MAAP curates a regular program of media art, video installation, digital works and new media installations for presentation in MAAP Space, its gallery in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. MAAP Media Bank – an AV in-kind equipment-lending service for artists – is the only service of its kind in Australia. MAAP’s provision of critical technical infrastructure has enabled thousands of local artists and communities to realise exhibitions and festivals across Queensland.

MAAP BOARD Zane Trow - Chairperson David Allen - Treasurer Paul O’Kane - Secretary Naomi Evans - Member Christopher Meakin - Member Jeff Sams - Member

MAAP STAFF Kim Machan - Director Ashlee Sang - Gallery Assistant/Media Bank Officer Davina Li - Research Assistant Troy Skews – Exhibition Installer Sandra Edmondstone – Bookkeeper

VOLUNTEERS Eunju Kim, Zoe Knight, Alrey Batol, Mark Klein

2015 Annual Report MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Inc.


Above: JoĂŁo Vasco Paiva, Unlimited, installation view at MAAP SPACE. Below: LANDSEASKY installation view at Guangdong Museum of Art.

Executive Summary 2015 was a rich year full of international and local engagement for MAAP, executing three major exhibition projects, facilitating three artist residencies, a robust critical dialogue public program and the production of three publications.

The 2015 exhibition program began with the LANDSEASKY:revisiting spatiality in video art exhibition on its final tour to Guangzhou in the Guandong province in China. MAAP partnered with the Guangdong Museum of Art to deliver the exhibition occupying over 2000sqm to exhibit 19 artworks. MAAP produced documentation for the LANDSEASKY catalogue to be printed bilingually and distributed internationally to artists, curators, museums, institutes and partners.

MAAP SPACE at the 111 Constance Street address incubated artist David M Thomas in a residency to test and create works for exhibition in ‘GOMA Q’; Gallery of Modern Art’s first exhibition focused on leading Queensland visual arts practice. The MAAP SPACE program also included solo exhibition ALL AT ONCE from Brisbane based artist Louise Bennett exhibiting works developed in Bennett’s 2015 MAAP residency and a solo exhibition Unlimited from Hong Kong Based Portuguese artist Joao Vasco Paiva. Paiva’s project also extended outside of MAAP SPACE which connected to a river wide City Cat Public Art Project. 2015 saw the development of research locally through talks, tours, forums, curator talks, internships and volunteer positions. MAAP supported a cultural exchange for four artists and professionals to travel internationally to participate in public programs, talks and exchange with the international artists involved with the LANDSEASKY exhibition.

Media Bank figures now show the service has supported 351 projects locally, nationally and internationally. The value of equipment loaned now exceeds the amount of 1.5 million dollars and equipment inventory continues to expand now stocking 27 data projectors.

The 2015 MAAP program engaged the local arts community by providing residencies that invigorate artists using media technology. These residencies allowed artists to develop their practice and exposed them to critical investigation, and the opportunity to work and exhibit in a professional setting. This exchange strengthened the connection between MAAP and Brisbane’s local art community.

2015 Annual Report MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Inc.


Yang Zhenzhong, Passage, installation view at Guangdong Museum of Art.

CONTENT OVERVIEW Section 1. MAAP Core Business Provides an overview of human resources, financial and accounting systems and governance (including an overview of Board Meetings held in 2015).

Section 2. MAAP Curatorial Programs, Events & Projects

Details activities relating to the 2015 artistic program including the LANDSEASKY touring exhibition which travelled to Guangzhou China for it’s final iteration. MAAP SPACE program fostered local, national and international artist residencies extending into public art outcomes along the Brisbane River.

Section 3. MAAP Research

Provides information on MAAP’s 2015 ‘Critical Dialogues’ program which were delivered in a variety of forms in Guangzhou associated with the LANDSEASKY touring project. MAAP generated, organised, and participated in artists’ talks, curator talks, and symposiums.

Section 4. Sector Development Program

The development program outlines activities that have contributed to the development of artists and arts workers locally, nationally and internationally. A full report on the MAAP MEDIA BANK supported projects is documented and valued comprehensively. A commentary on MAAP Mentorships, Internships and the Volunteers Programs is also provided.

2015 Annual Report MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Inc.


Above: JoĂŁo Vasco Paiva, Unlimited, installation view at MAAP SPACE. Below:Kim Machan gives guided tour to media groups at Guangdong Museum of Art.

2015 PROGRAM 1. MAAP Core Business 2. MAAP Curatorial Programs, Events & Projects 2a. Exhibition Project: LANDSEASKY 2b. MAAP SPACE Exhibition Project: ALL AT ONCE – LOUISE BENNETT


2c. Artist Residencies

David M Thomas Louise Bennett

Joao Vasco Paiva

3. MAAP Research

4. Sector Development Program 4a. MAAP Media Bank Report 4b. MAAP Consultancy: Queensland Emerging Artists, Mentorships and Volunteers

2015 Annual Report MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Inc.


1. MAAP CORE BUSINESS MAAP operated from the 111 Constance Street, Fortitude Valley in the MAAP SPACE and office. Daily operations were managed by Founding Director and Curator Kim Machan. Assisted by Ashlee Sang, Gallery Officer in the management and administration of the organisation. Zoe Knight began an intern position with the gallery in August 2015. Zoe has assisted and led the maintenance of the MAAP website, general gallery duties and social media. Eunju Kim and Davina Li continued their internships into 2015 assisting on touring exhibitions. MAAP out sourced professional skills for exhibition installation and design. FINANCIAL AND ACCOUNTING SYSTEM Bookkeeping continues to be managed part-time bySandra Edmondson. Audited Accounts continue to be managed by Brian Tucker Accounting. All Budgets and financial forecasting are overseen and reported to the MAAP Board by Director Kim Machan and MAAP treasurer, David Allen. MAAP operates quarterly GST reporting. GOVERNANCE Over 2015, the MAAP Board was kept in close contact with program developments, staffing arrangements, budgets and other organisational opportunities. These were addressed during regular face-to-face meetings and digital correspondence. Four board member meetings were held over the year and each meeting the attendees quota was met. The MAAP Board continues to act as leadership team and decision makers.

2015 Annual Report MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Inc.


Yeondoo Jung, Handmade Memories – On the Dividing Line between Body &Soul, video still.


Guangdong Museum of Art 38 Yanyu Road, Yuexiu, Guangzhou,

Guangdong, China +86 20 8735 1468

The Guangdong Museum of Art hosted the final iteration of LANDSEASKY in China. Guangdong Museum of Art is a major cultural establishment in the province and the largest of it’s kind in China well equipped with modern facilities ideal for LANDSEASKY. In this configuration senior Chinese artist Zhang Peili joined LANDSEASKY with the two channel video installation of The Distance of a Kilometre. This work documents two people walking a kilometre in opposing directions. As the distance between them diminishes the image quality degrades leaving viewers with a mediated deconstruction of representational space. The inclusion of Zhang Peili’s work contributed to the exhibitions explorations of perception that push past popular cinematic practices, which focus on narratives and illusion, to encourage critical engagement and contemplation.

The installation and opening was attended by MAAP Director Kim Machan and Australian artists, Derek Krekler and installation assistant and artist Jenny Tubby, Craig Walsh and Paul Bai. MAAP enabled Ashleigh Sang and Davina Li to assist in the installation and support the artists providing MAAP staff with a unique professional development experience. Korean artist Sim Cheol-Woong, Italian artist Giovanni Ozolla also attended the installation and opening events. The exhibition at the Guandong Museum of Art was very well received and museum negotiated to extend the exhibition for a further two weeks due to the museums positive experience of the works and the audiences reception of the exhibition. This is testament to the success of LANDSEASKY as a cross cultural and cross national art project.


Exhibition Project: ALL AT ONCE – LOUISE BENNETT PROJECT OVERVIEW 22 May – 3 July 2015

As part of Louise Bennett’s MAAP Residency Award MAAP SPACE presented her solo exhibition ALL AT ONCE. The exhibition showcased five new art works including a large scale audio video projection and two site-responsive installations that inhabited the alley way outside of MAAP SPACE. The exhibition presented a series of experiments investigating how our concepts of and engagements with nature and each other are shifting in contemporary contexts dominated by screen-based technologies.

In response to this project, Louise Bennett collaborated with Brisbane artist Erika Scott to co-create a publication; Louise Bennett : ALL AT ONCE (embodied :\ remembered :\ mediated :\) with an essay by artist Michelle Eskola. The book was launched at the exhibitions closing event by Aileen Burns, co-director of the Institute of Modern Art. A new configuration of the exhibition was presented for the closing event with the gallery being totally reinstalled. Bennett reconsidered the video elements and presented one of the works on a small lap top computer. The questioning of screen presentation was fully explored and ignited some interesting discussion. She also created an audio performance piece, Closer Each Day, which was presented as a car ride

2015 Annual Report MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Inc.


Above: JoĂŁo Vasco Paiva, Unlimited, installation view at CityCat terminal

Below: artist JoĂŁo Vasco Paiva talks to visitors during Unlimited opening at MAAP SPACE.

around the local streets. The audio work played to groups of four passengers at a time, which presented a very different model of audio presentation.


MAAP SPACE + Brisbane River CityCat Ferry Service

Unlimited is the umbrella title for João Vasco Paiva’s site-specific art project that inhabits the CityCat ferry terminals along the Brisbane River and also and exhibition in the MAAP SPACE gallery in Fortitude Valley. This is a major addition to MAAP’s program a new approach to public art was created in Brisbane by Hong Kong based artist João Vasco Paiva. MAAP successfully delivered the ambitious UNLIMITED site-specific project that spanned across the Brisbane City River and the MAAP SPACE gallery. Paiva installed maritime signal flags at seven CityCat ferry terminals along the river. Each abstract flag design represented a letter of the alphabet that the public deciphered with the accompanying signal flag code available in the accompanying MAAP publication that was freely distributed on board.

The work employed a new artistic application to the naval communications tool that has so robustly served ship to ship and ship to shore messaging for centuries preceding radio, satellite and electronic media. Suspended along the roof awning of seven CityCat terminals, Paiva recreated selected phrases from writer and seafarer Joseph Conrad’s book ‘Heart of Darkness’ to solely employ the visual language of the maritime flags to build words, flag by flag. The poetic nature of the work played with passengers along the river journey offering words and phrases that could be deciphered during the approach to, and subsequent departure from, each particular CityCat ferry terminal. MAAP SPACE contained paintings, digital animation, and projection relating to the public artwork. The work curated across multiple sites offered deep connections for the audience to engage and explore.

A new set of partnerships was forged with the Brisbane City Council, Trans Dev, McConnell Dowell Constructions, The Queensland Maritime Museum and Edouard Mallinge Gallery to create the unique and highly popular public artwork. Thousands of local, interstate and international visitors have experienced the artwork engaging with the naval signal flags in various ways. The project also coincided with the timing of the Asia Pacific Triennial exhibition at GoMA.


David M Thomas February 10 2015

David M Thomas’s residency enabled the production, installation and presentation of the ambitious digital media installation Seeing and Believing May Both be Wrong (one of you, here with you) for GOMA Q. The residency enabled the creation of a self-contained televisual studio within MAAP SPACE where intimate discursive engagements with both audience and collaborators were explored to question the changing role and importance of work in our lives.

The residency allowed David and his collaborators to test and refine the project prior to its installation at GoMA. In collaboration with artist Joseph Breikers, an apparatus was constructed from timber and beam splitter glass and mounted on mdf stands to house electronic components. The MAAP space was transformed with MDF cladding, it’s interior lined with coverings that inferred commercial packaging. MAAP SPACE and this was critical to the final outcome exhibited for the GOMA Q exhibition.

2015 Annual Report MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Inc.


Above: visitors at Louise Bennett’s ALL AT ONCE exhibition opening. Below: Louise Bennett, Brisbane Hail Storm, installation view.

MAAP MEDIA BANK also assisted in the installation process of the project as monitors and speakers were loaned for the duration of the exhibition. The MAAP residency was instrumental for David M Thomas to have the space, time and equipment to create and develop his work for presentation in GoMA’s first exhibition of leading Queensland contemporary visual art practice.


Media Art Residency Award 2015 Louise Bennett March 2 2015

Commencing in 2015, MAAP SPACE hosted Louise Bennett in a newly developed artist residency program that allowed Louise to develop new work with full access to MAAP’s MEDIA BANK equipment and MAAP SPACE gallery. During this time the artist undertook practice-led research enabling her to process and experiment with raw video materials collected in Indonesia with other recordings made in Brisbane. The residency also provided the opportunity to experiment with text through sign making and audio recordings. The dedicated time she spent in MAAP SPACE contributed to the artist expanding on her site-specific work that functions outside of gallery contexts which resulted in an alley way car park installation and a guided audio car ride ‘performance’ piece. Throughout the residency Louise collaborated with local Brisbane artists through peer critique sessions, publication production, essay writing, performance and technical installation work. Louise also had several professional critique meetings with arts industry, academics, curators, artists and MAAP director.

An outcome from the residency and exhibition project is that Louise went on to successfully receive Arts Queensland funding to take up two international professional development opportunities with the clarity of thought and process she developed during the residency. This residency was instrumental in MAAP’s development of an ongoing structured residency mentorship model for local emerging artists. It has developed a new and unique approach that offers professional critical feedback in a supportive and challenging artistic environment and presents connection to local and international curatorial networks. In the long term this will benefit artists in Brisbane and Queensland by providing new international opportunities and exposure. It also offers real critical engagement to challenge their artistic practice that will improve the quality and relevance of the work they produce leading to better exhibition opportunities. The project attracted a review in EyeContact and a feature article in the QUT Creative Industries Alumni showcase website. MAAP SPACE RESIDENCY 3 João Vasco Paiva November 12 2015

MAAP partnered with Edouard Malingue Gallery and Brisbane City Council to support a residency with João Vasco Paiva. This residency afforded João the unique opportunity to engage with the Brisbane River and the Queensland Maritime Museum. The artist was able to have access to the Museum’s archive and borrow historic naval signal flags that were included in the artists MAAP SPACE exhibition. The research undertaken with the Maritime Museum not only informed the MAAP SPACE exhibition and CityCat public art project, UNLIMITED, but also a photographic project by the artist. The artist made several expeditions to document historic naval signal flags positioned in the landscape and was assisted by Ashlee Sang.

During the two-week residency Joao installed a two-channel video installation alongside other key works in paint and a naval signal flag in the MAAP SPACE gallery. These works created an immersive experience through the simultaneous screening of a digitally rendered expansive ocean and a mesmerising sequence of abstract geometric maritime communication flags. Through the residency Joao was able to test analogue and digital works together in the lead up to the solo exhibition UNLIMITED.

2015 Annual Report MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Inc.


Above: Soft Image syposium at MAAP SPACE; below: Craig Walsh gives artist talk at Guangdong Museum of Art.

João’s work was also included in MAAP’s major project LANDSEASKY: revisiting spatiality in video art. While in Australia the residency allowed João to work on a citywide installation on the Brisbane River and at the MAAP SPACE gallery.

3. MAAP RESEARCH 3a CRITICAL DIALOGUES ARTISTS’ TALK LANDSEASKY AT GUANGDONG MUSEUM OF ART, CHINA MAAP provided the opportunity for Australian artists Craig Walsh, Paul Bai, Derek Krekler and installation assistant and artist Jenny Tubby to travel to China to participate in the installation and public program activites. As part of the opening ceremony each artist was interviewed by the museum’s Education Department, participated in the press and media event and led guided artist talks.

CURATOR TOUR LANDSEASKY AT GUANGDONG MUSEUM OF ART, CHINA Kim Machan led two tours of the LANDSEASKY exhibition during the opening week. The first was on opening day to an audience of 40 including students, university staff, academics, government officials and press. The second during opening week to museum staff, officials and directors. The educational component was well received and the Guangdong Museum was satisfied with the presentations and audience reception.

CURATOR TALKS AND ARTIST TOUR OF UNLIMITED AT MAAP SPACE Director Kim Machan conducted a tour of the UNLIMITED exhibition, introducing the artist João Vasco Paiva. MAAP SPACE featured in the Australia Council’s International Visitors Program, industry visitor’s tour, coinciding with the Asia Pacific Triennial, APT8. A high number of leading international curators visited MAAP SPACE to see João Vasco Paiva’s solo exhibition and artist talk. LANDSEASKY catalogue along with other publications were distributed to our distinguished visitors. Industry visitors included Ms Biljana Ciric Shanghai-based independent curator; Mr George Clark Curator of Film, Tate Modern; Ms Venus Lau Consulting Curator, Ullens Center For Contemporary Art; Mr Jochen Volz Head of Programmes, Serpentine Gallery & curator of the 32nd São Paulo Biennial; Julie Lomax Director, Visual Arts, Australia Council for the Arts. Jason Smith, Curatorial Manager Australian Art, QAGOMA was an excellent host and tour guide. ACADEMIC, PEER, PROFESSIONAL CRITIC WITH LOUISE BENNETT In mid 2015 Kim Machan (MAAP Mentorship partner and Curator), Dr Courtney Pederson (QUT Academic and Lecturer) and Daniel McKewen (working artist) reviewed Louise Bennett’s works she developed during the MAAP residency. This session provided the artist with an environment to receive critical feedback from an industry relevant panel, which assisted with the development of the artists works in progress.

THE FUTURE OF THE IMAGE: INGRID HOEZLZ IN CONVERSATION WITH ANDREW MCNAMARA MAAP SPACE gallery hosted a public discussion concerning the transformations in “nature” of the visual image now and into the future. Andrew McNamara chaired a conversational discussion with Ingrid Hoelzl about her new book, Soft Image: Towards a New Theory of the Digital Age, which explores the changing conception of image today, in particular the photographic image.

The book argues the image is no longer a stable representation of the world, but a programmable view of a database that is updated in real time. It no longer functions as a political and iconic representation, but plays a vital role in synchronic data-to-data relationships. A highly motivated and engaged audience

2015 Annual Report MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Inc.


attended with people travelling especially for the event from as far as Southern Cross University, Lismore.

MAAP was pleased to facilitate a lively and interesting discussion. Dr. Ingrid Hoelzl is a new media theorist specialising in the theory of the digital image and is based in Hong Kong at the City University of Hong Kong.

3b PUBLICATIONS Publication 1: LANDSEASKY: revisiting spatiality in video art: Co-published with OCAT Shanghai ISBN 978-1-921858-29-1

Bi-lingual (English Chinese) Print run 3,000

Digital version available online

A4 full colour 98pp LANDSEASKY: revisiting spatiality in video art documents the eponymous touring exhibition that presented visually rich and challenging video artworks from 18 international contemporary artists in 3 countries, 5 cities, activating 11 venues in the major Asia – Australia tour.

The publication was officially launched at MAAP SPACE by Professor Andrew McNamara at ‘The Future of Image’ talk. The catalogue was featured in the QAGOMA Bookstore book forum on the Saturday the 21st November during the APT8 opening events. The event was launched by Deputy Director QAGOMA Simon Wright and attended by a high quality audience including academic luminaries such as Dr Caroline Turner and Emeritus Professor John Clarke – both had high praise for the MAAP Publication and we enthusiastic to endorse it. A collection of essays by participants and collaborators are offered here to reflect upon the exhibition. The artistic directors of the non-commercial host venues Mariagrazia Constantino, Artistic Director, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal Shanghai; Sunjung Kim, Chief Curator of Art Sonje Center; Naomi Evans, Acting Director, Griffith University Art Gallery; and Judith Blackall, Director, National Art School Gallery. Scholarly essays by Andrew McNamara, Paul Bai, Ingrid Periz and Kim Machan. Publication 2: Joao Vasco Paiva ‘Unlimited’ exhibition pamphlet Published by MAAP-Media Art Asia Pacific ISBN 978-1-921858-31-4 Print run 3,000

Digital version available online DL pamphlet full colour

MAAP designed and printed a full colour DL pamphlet opening to A3 size. The informative publication was distributed through the CityCat ferries and en-abled everyday commuters and travellers along the Brisbane River to better engage with the artwork. The pamphlet offered a code to decipher the Naval Signal Flags that enabled a deeper investigation into the work along the Bris-bane River and in turn directed attention to the connected exhibition that was presented in MAAP SPACE gallery. MAAP created a QR code for the publication that can be scanned to link users to the MAAP website and exhibition information.

2015 Annual Report MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Inc.


Louise Bennett, Remember Me, video still, 2015

Publication 3: Joao VĂŁsco Paiva Unlimited Published by MAAP-Media Art Asia Pacific ISBN 978-1-921858-30-7 Print run 200

Digital version available online A2 black and white

Publication 4: Louise Bennett All At Once Published by MAAP-Media Art Asia Pacific ISBN 978-1-921858-25-3 Print run 200

Digital version available online A2 black and white

In the tradition of all MAAP SPACE exhibitions, a specially commissioned black and white A2 poster was designed to present curatorial information about the exhibition. This limited edition collectable poster also acts as promo-tional material for the exhibition. This will be the thirteenth edition since this tradition began in 2012 with the opening of MAAP SPACE in Fortitude Valley. Each of the thirteen exhibition posters are held in the collections of the Na-tional Library of Australia and the State Library of Queensland. Publication 5: Louise Bennett: ALL AT ONCE: (embodied :\ remembered :\ mediated :\) ISBN 978-1-921858-26-0

Digital version available online Full Colour

Print run 50

The book is a collection of images that informed Louise Bennett’s artist residency and solo exhibition at MAAP SPACE. The images include process work, peripheral influences, practiceled research, social media content and exhibition documentation and photos taken during the residency and exhibition time. These images have been re-worked and collaged by artist Erika Scott to produce an artist book that becomes an artwork in and of itself. The book includes an essay by artist Michelle Eskola that unpacks some of the key ideas from the exhibition. The essay is a reflection on her experience of the exhibitions opening night. Artist signed limited 1st edition print run 50.

2015 Annual Report MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Inc.


Above, still image from Alrey Batol’s artwork at 2015 Churchie National Emerging Artist Prize. Below: installation view of Art as Verb at Artspace, Sydney.

4. SECTOR DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM 4a. MAAP MEDIA BANK REPORT 2015 marks MAAP MEDIA BANK’s ninth year of operation. The audio visual equipment lending program has serviced the arts community with unparalleled access to support exhibitions locally, nationally and internationally. MAAP is proud to report that the commercial loan value to date now exceeds $1.5million. MAAP MEDIA BANK has now sponsored 351 exhibitions and projects locally, nationally, and overseas.

In 2015 MAAP MEDIA BANK sponsored 32 projects to the commercial loan value of $98,890. The commercial loan value to Brisbane artists and audiences totalled $89,785 servicing 29 exhibitions. The supply of equipment by MAAP MEDIA BANK such as data projectors, flat screen monitors, computers and media players enables artists to present work to a professional standard to industry networks and audiences in gallery and studio settings. Without the service, artists report routinely that they would be unable to develop and show their artworks to the same standard - if at all - thus severely reducing opportunities to professionally exhibit or obtain professional opportunities such as funding, awards and residencies. This year, MAAP MEDIA BANK supported many significant exhibitions including The Churchie National Emerging Art Prize; GOMA Q; The Quandamooka Festival on North Stradbroke Island and 2015 Swell Sculpture Festival. The MEDIA BANK also supplied equipment to many Artist Run Initiative’s including Boxcopy, A-CH, Corflute and supported emerging and young career artists.

In response to the demand for MEDIA BANK’s services, membership fees and charges were reviewed and it will be necessary to introduce new revenue streams. Due to the growing pressure on MEDIA BANK’s resources, both in equipment maintenance and administration an organisation membership fee was introduced. MAAP will review in 2016 and may need to introduce a fee for service for both artists and institutions. After each loan artists are required to complete an online survey and acquittal. This is used to collect valuable feedback to monitor and improve the service. It is also a tool to collect evidence illustrating the impact on artists careers and their attitudes towards MAAP as an organisation. Examples of feedback: “With next to no knowledge of the Brisbane art environment, the challenge to gather the required technology with limited funds when deadlines approached seemed stressful. So when MAAP was suggested as a possible option for equipment I jumped and was absolutely relieved that they understood my needs and had the equipment that would be perfect for my installation. The liaison, request process and delivery all were straightforward and the equipment functioned well and with the added hire/ sponsorship of a rear projection screen it even helped me develop the work from previous showings.” Darryl Rogers – ‘Sehnsucht/Numinous-I’ at Jugglers Art Space “MAAP is a significant resource for us to have as new-media artists. In this instance, we asked everyone we knew in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, if they had two Brightsigns that we could borrow, and no one was able to help. Without MAAP’s assistance, this work simply could not have been realised. As a result of the realisation of the work, hundreds of people saw our work amongst work by internationally renowned artists. This will lead to further support and future opportunities for our practice.” Clark Beaumont – ‘Art as Verb’ at Artspace

2015 Annual Report MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Inc.


Above: installation view of Ross Manning’s performance event Corflute.

Below: installation view of Peter Kennedy’s exhibition at Milani Gallery.

“MAAP Media Bank facilitated the professional presentation of my work at a scale I could not achieve without their support. Their wide angle projectors presented my work successfully and to my expectations in this context. The service is wonderful.” Chris Bennie – ‘Control Rooms’ in Swell Sculpture Festival, Currumbin “The opportunity to test the equipment in the space prior to the show inferred the video artists approach to how he created the work and ultimately benefited the piece. All the equipment worked well. Really grateful for the opportunity to use this service, it is really important for emerging artists that this service remain available.” Chris Allery - ‘Three Days Before the Storm’ at The Junk Bar The full details of loans and their values for 2015 is outlined in APPENDIX 1: MAAP MEDIA BANK Loans Summary & Value.

4b. MAAP CONSULTANCY: (QUEENSLAND EMERGING ARTISTS, MENTORSHIPS, AND VOLUNTEERS) Currently MAAP operated with a core of two waged staff (1 FT position + 1PT position) and regularly works with volunteers from art audiences, artist-run initiatives, tertiary students, postgraduate students, and employment programs. In 2015 MAAP’s consultancy reach attracted a stream of students and arts industry professionals to enquire into positions to gain industry experience. MAAP welcomed Zoe Knight a recent Visual Art Honors Graduate from Queensland University of Technology. Zoe has been working in an intern position aiding on office administration and website maintenance. Coinciding with her practice, Aggregate Project artspace and internship at Boxcopy Gallery Zoe transitions her skills between these positions to develop her professional practice. MAAP supports and develops its relationships to professionals, artists and engaged community through its employment programs, in 2015 MAAP hosted: – A Chartered Accountant (extended 12 month placement) – worked on bookkeeping and accounts – A web designer currently tutoring at QUT was engaged in developing the MAAP website (contract term)

Recognising diversity and engaged individuals seeking experience to enhance collaboration and a progressive attitude in the visual art community. The efficient and responsive use of volunteers continually strengthens MAAP, influences valuable experiences and enriches programs and positive on the job learning.

2015 Annual Report MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Inc.


Above, images from Gorumba Bobujin (many dreams) Cinema, Minjerribah/North Stradbroke Island, 2015. Below: still from Cigdem Aydemir’s I won’t let you out of my sight, 2015.


— Provided Australian artists with the opportunity for exhibition and exposure internationally, and to develop new work, — Developed networks for future projects in 2016,

— Provided opportunity for emerging local artists with residencies to develop and present new work, — Facilitated the citywide art installation and exhibition in MAAP SPACE of an international artist,

— Continued to support local, national and international artists through the MAAP MEDIA BANK loan program — Hosted a critical discussion of contemporary art issues MAAP GENERATED:

— Innovative approaches to the exhibition making process developing new and exciting collaborations with sponsors, artists and curators.

— Successfully promoting Australian artists and media art to audience internationally and nationally. Engaging in critical review and career development — MAAP contributed the media art community, presenting, supporting and producing artistic content.

2015 Annual Report MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Inc.


APPENDIX 1: MAAP MEDIA BANK LOANS SUMMARY AND VALUE MAAP Media Bank Loans Summary: 2006-2015 Total Value of MAAP Media Bank Loans: $1,594,857 Total number of Projects Supported: 369

Yearly Loan Breakdown

2006 Total Value of Loans 2 Projects Supported


2007 Total Value of Loans 13 Projects Supported


2008 Total Value of Loans 34 Projects Supported


2009 Total Value of Loans 57 Projects Supported


2010 Total Value of Loans 57 Projects Supported


2011 Total Value of Loans 39 Projects Supported


2012 Total Value of Loans 43 Projects Supported


2013 Total Value of Loans 51 Projects Supported


2014 Total Value of Loans 41 Projects Supported


2015 Total Value of Loans 32 Projects Supported


The following pages detail the MAAP Media Bank Loans made in 2015.

2015 Annual Report MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Inc.







Jan Dibbets (The Netherlands), Paul Bai (Australia), Lauren Brincat (Australia), Barbara Campbell (Australia), Wang Gongxin (China), Shilpa Gupta (India), Yeondoo Jung (South Korea), Derek Kreckler (Australia), Giovanni Ozzola (Italy), Joao Vasco Paiva (Portugal/Hong Kong), Wang Peng (China), Kimsooja (South Korea), Craig Walsh (Australia), Sim Cheol Woong (South Korea), Heimo Zobernig (Austria), Yang Zhenzhong (China), Zhu Jia (China)

LANDSEASKY International Touring Exhibition

Guangzhou, China

Guangdong Museum of Art

Rachel O’Reilly

Independent development


Jessica Row

White Silence

Rob Corless

Dates equipment hired




08-01-2015 – 27-07-2015

200xAV cables, 6xMac Mini, 28 Data Projectors, 9xProjector Mounts, 11xRemotes, 23x Media Players, 3xSpeaker Sets, 2xHeadphones

203 days



11-01-2015 -12-01-2015

1xNEC projector, 2xAV cables, 2xVGA to DVI Convertor,

1 day



Jugglers Art Space

30-01-2015 – 02-02-2015

1xTripod, 1xDigital still Sony camera

4 days


Independent Development



04-02-2015 – 05-02-2015

1 day


David Thomas

MAAP Residency



10-02-2015 – 17-02-2015

1xNEC Data Projector, 1xAV cable, 1xProjector Remote

1xCRT,1xdata projector, 2xlamps,

7 Days


Kevin Leong

The Home Sickness Project


Logan Art Gallery

11-02-2015 – 22-04-2015

14xHeadphones, 2x40”TV, 2xWall mounts

71 Days






Dates equipment hired




Richelle Spence

About “The Morning”


King George Square

27-04-2015 20-05-2015

1xData Projector, 1xdvd player, 2xAV cables

23 Days


John Feely

Independent, experimental


Own studio

20-05-2015 – 17-6-2015

1xAudio Interface, Binloop

28 days


Peter Kozak

Paint It Red 11


Nicole Beaumont

Art as Verb


Jugglers Art Space Inc.


18-06-2015 – 24-06-2015

1xProjection Screen 2280x1690cm

7 Days


27-05-2015 –3-06-2015

2xBrightsign media players

90 days


Paul Bai

Ph.D Work


QCA, Griffith University

04-06-2015 – 10-06-2015

1xdvi switcher, 1xav cable, 1xData Projector

6 Days


Paul Bai

Ph.D Work


QCA, Griffith University

24-06-2015 – 03-07-2015

1xdvi switcher, 3xav cable, 1xData Projector, 1xSony Speaker, 1xphilips media player

9 Days







Louie Bennett









Dates equipment hired



1xData Projector, 2xMonitor 4”, 2xPhilips Media Players, 1xMac Mini Computer, 9xAV Cables

50 Days


1xprojector mount, 1x32’LCD / monitor

7 Days





Alrey Batol

Churchie National Emerging Art Prize


Griffith University Art Gallery

24-07-2015 – 28-07-2015

2xmac mini

4 Days


Grant Stevens

Dark Mess




4xSpeakers, 10xAV Cables

49 Days


Chris Allery, Paul Rankin, James Enchelmaier, Mark Steele, Jane Teresa Anderson.

Three Days Before the Storm/It Will Find You


The Junk Bar


2xLaser DVD Player, 2xSony Projectors, 2xKettle Cord, 2xRCA

15 Days






Monique Baber

Fish Lane Follies


Fish Lane, Southbank


Joachim Halse, Eva Brandt, Brendon Clark and Thomas Binder / Bill Gaver, Mike Michael, Tobie Kerridge, Liliana Ovale, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, Alex Wilkie and Jennifer Gabrys / Laurens Boer and Jared Donovan / Yoko Akama / Natalie Jeremijenko, Tega Brain, Drew Hornbein and Thiago de Mello Bueno / Katherine Moline / Jason Nelson / Tristan Schultz / Peter Hall / Benedikt GroĂ&#x; / Noam Toran / David Carlin, Lukman Iwan, Adrian Miles, Reuben Stanton, Peta Tait, James Thom, Laurene Vaughan, Jeremy Yuille / Chicks on Speed (Alex Murray- Leslie and Melissa Logan) in collaboration with Kathrin Krottenthaler / Volker Kuchelmeister, Jeong Greaves, Laura Fisher, Jill Bennett / The Australian Bureau of Statistics, Leo Burnett Sydney, and Millipede Creative Development / Mitchell Whitelaw /

Experimental Thinking/ Design Practices (curated by Katherine Moline, Peter Hall, Beck Davis, Laurene Vaughan, Brad Haylock)


GUAG (Griffith University Art Gallery)


Gorumba Bobujin (many dreams) Cinema

Minjerribah/ North Stradbroke Island



QYAC (Quandamooka Yooleeburrabee Aboriginal Corporation): Quandamooka, Central Australian, Australian, Canadian First Nations & Ecological filmmakers, including Tamara Whyte, Catriona McKenzie, Debra Mailman, Rob Stewart.

Dates equipment hired




Projector, Remote control, dvi switcher, 2xA/V cable, power cable.

13 Days


2xCRT TV, 5xPhilips media player, 5xprojector mount, 11xAV cables, 2xdata projector, 2xSony TV



4000 Lumens Data Projector, 3xSpeaker stands, 3xstudio speaker, 4xA/V cable, 3xpower cable.

21 Days








Chris Bennie + Fiona Kemp, Louis Pratt, Ingrid Morley, Jimmy Rix, Adrienne Hmelnitsky, Daniel Clemmett,Melissa Hirsch, Jules Hunt, Greg Quinton, Anne Leon, Mimi Dennett-Fountain, Dave Hickson, Steve Lockie, Lance Seadon, Catherine Lane, Jack Quilter, Marie-France Rose,Mark Warne, Deborah Redwood, Carla Gottgens, Elaine Miles, Clayton Thompson, Ben Carroll, Marissa Lind-quist, Andrew Lang, Giuseppe Filardo, Monte Lupo, Isaac Patmore, Jacqueline Damon, Shelly Kelly, Michael Van Dam, Ivan Lovatt, John Cox, Adrienne Kenafake, Jerzy Lesko, Tessa Bergan, Rebecca Cunningham, Tropical Loveland, Ged McCor-mick, Jerome Frumar, Scott Maxwell, Leonie Rhodes, John Wilson, Dion Parker, Suzi Lucas, Daniel Gill, Christopher Trotter, Carmel Mars-den, Phillip Piperides, Wayne Markwort, Kris Martin, Thomas Reifferscheid, Gaye Jurisich, Oliver Stretton-Pow, Filthy Luker & Pedro Estrellas

2015 Swell Sculpture Festival

Currumbin, Gold Coast

Office Space

Dates equipment hired

4/9/15 – 23/9/15




3xdata projector, 2xuniversal projector mounts, 3xmedia players, 2xremote controls, 7xAV cables

20 days






John Feely

Project Experimentation



16/9/15 -2/12/2015

Thea Baumann

Metaverse Makeovers


Convention Centre, Southbank

16/9/15 – 18/9/15

Ashlee Sang

Sang Space Launch


Darryl Rogers

Darryl Rogers and David Howard


Clark Beaumont

Jeremy Hynes Award: The Descent

Amanda Wolf

Garage 6/99-101 Beatrice Tce, Ascot

Dates equipment hired




1xAudio Interface, Binloop, 5xAV Cables

62 Days




2x32 Sony TV’s, 5xAV cables


1xData Projector

7 Days


Jugglers ArtSpace

7/10/15 – 22/10/15

16 Days




20/11/15 – 20/12/15

1xSony 32” TV, 3xWD Media Players, 2xProjection Screens, 4xAV Cables

30 Days


Life, Death, Miscellaneous


A-CH Gallery

15/10/2015 – 9/12/2015

1xSony TV, 1xWall Mount

55 Days


Cigdem Aydemir

I won’t let you out of my sight




1xMac Mini computer, 1xDVI switcher, AV cables,

28 Days


Peter Kennedy

Listen Hear


Milani Gallery


2xBenQ 24” Monitor, 1xSamsung 19” Monitor, 1xSamsung 17” Monitor, 1xLG Flatron 14” Monitor, 5x WD Media Players, 2xPhilips Media Players, 14xAV Cables, 2xRemote Controls

30 Days


4xBrightsign HD Players, 4x51cm CRT Monitors, 4xAV Cables






Dates equipment hired

Slavs and Tartars

Mirrors for Princes




Joao Vasco Paiva



MAAP SPACE & Brisbane River


Artists supported 162

Exhibitions supported 31




6xBiema W110 100 Watt Stereo Amplifiers

56 Days


42 Days


Number of days 808


1xData Projector, 1xSony 42� Monitor, 1xWD Media Player, 1xMac Mini Computer, 4xAV Cables