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84 Lumber associates provide enthusiastic, personalized One-on-One

Service to each and every customer. The same associate who greets the customer at the door, personally helps them identify their needs, select the right materials for their project and loads their purchase before they pay. ®

One-on-One atmosphere truly unique to 84 Lumber.


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Build the Resume Employers Want

Marketing Yourself


att Longino has read student resumes on college and university campuses throughout the nation. He has pored over pages of bond, vellum, and plain printer paper in hotel rooms, airports, and airplanes. He has seen faxed resumes, e-mailed resumes, and resumes posted on the Internet. Very little surprises him. It’s much the same for Stephanie Calhoun and Seth Feit. Like Longino, they’re familiar with the ways students describe their skills and themselves. They know how to quickly scan paper and electronic documents, to pull out the ones they’d like to examine more closely, and to toss the others aside. Longino, a college recruiter for GTE Corp. in Irving, Texas, says he looks at the education portion of a resume first. “I look for the degree, the major, and the graduation date,” he says. “And, of course, the GPA. It’s kind of a lump sum of things that I look for.” Calhoun, college relations manager at JC Penney Co. Inc. in Dallas, Texas, says she looks at the experience section first. “I look to see if the student has retail experience,” she says, adding that she then checks out the graduation date and the GPA. Feit, corporate staffing manager at America Online in Fairfax, Virginia, says he looks first for skills and experience. All three recruiters agree that aside from containing the education, skills, and experience they seek, a resume needs to communicate those elements clearly and be free of glaring grammatical and spelling errors.

Getting started

If you’re just beginning the process of building your resume, you’ll need to construct a framework first. “A resume is like a final term paper,” says Jeff Nardo, career services coordinator at Coastal Carolina Community College in Jacksonville, North Carolina. “You have to put in the same energy, attention to detail, and focus.” Your resume should begin with a heading that includes your name, address, telephone number, and, in most cases, e-mail address. If you’ll be leaving campus soon, be sure to provide a way for employers to reach you after you’ve moved from your dorm room or apartment. If you’re not sure where you’ll be living, it’s best to include both your campus contact information and contact information for your parents or a friend who isn’t planning to move and who won’t mind taking and forwarding messages. “I often tell students to sign up for a free e-mail account that can travel with them,” says Marcia Merrill, career adviser at Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland, pointing out that most campus email accounts end within a certain time after a student graduates. When you’re choosing that e-mail address, make sure it appears professional. “I don’t feel comfortable responding to ‘sexylegs,’ ” Calhoun says. “Keep it simple.” If you have your own web site, you may also want to include its URL on your resume. But both recruiters and career counselors stress that you must make sure your site contains only professional information and images.

Objectively speaking

After you’ve assembled your heading information, you’ll need to find a focus for your resume. One good way of doing that is to write an objective that clearly tells the employer the sort of work


you’re hoping to do. Merrill advises students to avoid writing grandiose “philosophyof-life” objectives. “Some students look at the objective as a statement of what you want to do with your life,” she says. “Employers get a lot of ‘To continue learning and growing in a nurturing environment.’ You can probably say it in a different way.” “We like to see some kind of objective or summary statement,” Feit says. “The more specific it is, the better. Then we’re able to route the resume to the appropriate people.” Nardo tells students to tailor their objectives to each employer they’re targeting—and to each job they’re seeking. “The objective is like the thesis statement for a term paper,” he says. “In it, you’re trying to prove your knowledge of a particular area.”

Education, of course

After you’ve found a focus, you’ll likely want to tell employers what you’ve learned. That means you’ll need a section for your education . You may also want to include related course work in that category or in a separate section directly beneath it. At minimum, the education section should include your degree, when it was earned or is expected, and what college or university you attended or are attending. Many job seekers also include their GPA. “Usually a 3.0 or better should go on the resume,” Merrill says, adding that if employers don’t see a GPA listed on your resume, they’ll assume it’s less than 3.0. Feit and Calhoun both say they won’t immediately toss aside a resume listing a lower GPA, but they won’t keep it much longer unless it shows strong experience. “We don’t cut you off if you don’t have a 3.0,” Calhoun says. Merrill adds that the education category is a good place to mention if you’re on the dean’s list or have received other academic honors. After the education section, many student job seekers include a section listing courses that are related to the job they’re seeking. “It’s kind of annoying if you list every class you’ve ever taken,” Feit says. “If you’re looking for a position as a software developer, then list software development courses.”

Marketing Yourself Feit says that he doesn’t think a course work section is always necessary, but it can be helpful, “especially for people who don’t have much meat on their resume.” For most students, the education section should precede the experience section. “For me, it’s easier if education is placed near the top of the page,” Longino says. But not all employers agree.

Experience, experience, experience

Calhoun says she likes to see the section listing a student’s work experience placed above the education category. “I would prefer experience to appear on top,” she says. “I already know you’re in school.” Wherever the section appears on the resume, employers will be looking at it closely. “I’ve seen a lot of resumes that really don’t have anything on them,” Longino says. “The students don’t describe their accomplishments. They might just say, ‘rang up sales and talked to customers.’ Instead of saying ‘rang up sales,’ say ‘responsible for generating 50,000 sales transactions in three months’ or something like that.” “You have to quantify and qualify,” adds Nardo. “You can’t just say you handled money, for instance. Say ‘handled in excess of $5,000 per day.’ Then qualify it. If you sold clothes, how well did you do it? Did you get an award? A bonus? A raise? Measure how much you did and explain how well you did it.” Longino adds that students shouldn’t hesitate to include summer and part-time work experience that doesn’t initially seem to be related to the position they’re seeking. “Students are way too negative about their fast-food experience,” he says. “It’s how you position it that matters. Customer service is a wonderful training ground. Try to identify how what you did fits into the corporate world and play up that experience.” Calhoun, who hires specifically for retail positions, agrees that customer service is key. “Even if you were a telemarketer, you still have experience in customer service,” she says. If you haven’t completed an internship or worked in a job in or out of your field, Feit recommends including a project completed for an upper-level class. “Describe it like a work experience,” he says. “But be honest about what it is. You don’t want to snow someone into thinking it was a fulltime job for two years.” “You could be punctual and pay your bills,” he says. “You could refinish your bathroom in your home and follow well-defined instructions.”

Other categories

Recruiters and career counselors agree that not every resume needs to look exactly the same. Different people need to emphasize things in different ways. Nardo says he sometimes recommends a key skills or special competencies section, to be

placed high on the resume, usually just below the objective. “It’s like a table of contents or an outline,” he says. “You’re saying, ‘I’m going to tell you more in the experience section.” Special skills, such as fluency in a foreign language or proficiency in specific computer programs, can be placed beneath the experience category as well, as can a listing of honors and awards . All three recruiters say they don’t mind seeing a list of activities —as long as the student can relate them to the job. “A lot of people get carried away with awards,” Calhoun says. “If you were homecoming queen, I don’t really need to know that.” Feit says he likes to see leadership experience, even if it doesn’t seem related to the job. “Having an office in a fraternity or a volunteer organization is good,” he says. “It shows an ability to balance. Sports are nice, too.” Adds Longino, “There’s nothing that says ‘I can organize my time’ better than the resume of a student who is a collegiate athlete and also has a good GPA.”

Putting it on paper…or in cyberspace

Once you’ve organized your information into categories, you’ll need to make sure it can be read easily and can withstand the scrutiny of an electronic scanning system and, in some cases, a trip through cyberspace. If you’re planning to send your resume by “snail mail” or hand it to a recruiter at a job fair, make sure it appears clean and pleasing to the eye. In most cases, it should be confined to one page of white or off-white paper, although some employers in some fields, such as education and counseling psychology, expect longer resumes. “I’ve seen some hot pinks,” says Calhoun, who still receives about 80 percent of the resumes she reads on paper. “That will not get your resume read faster.” “I’ve had resumes coming in that were blue and purple,” adds Longino, who receives about 75 percent of the resumes he reads on paper. “It’s hard on the eyes.” A brightly colored resume can also make it hard for electronic scanning systems to pick out the correct words, and could put you out of the running for a job you want and are qualified for. Calhoun says the quality of paper doesn’t matter to her a great deal, as long as the information is clearly presented and shows the experience she’s seeking. If you’re planning to fax your resume, the same advice holds true. If you’re e-mailing your resume, or directly entering it into an employer’s web site, remember to keep it as simple as possible. “In the technical age, content is king,” says Feit, explaining that AOL receives 90 percent of its resumes through its web site. “Formatting doesn’t matter as much.” 

Resumes Plus • The workplace of today is constantly changing. Staying on the cutting edge of this change will enhance your chances for success. • Make a powerful first impression with a professionally written resume. Resumes Plus will assist and support your career planning strategies. • Resumes Plus offers a complete range of job search support. Weekend & evening consultations available.

Allison Davis Certified Professional Resume Writer Phone: 570-696-5980 Email: resumesplus2000@


Jack Williams Tire

Automotive/ Mechanical î Ž Employer Profiles

CEO/ President: Bill Williams Founded: 1929 Employees: 300 Company Overview In1929JackWilliamsSr.openedasmalltireshopInKingstonPennsylvania.From that shop Jack Williams Tire has grown to be the premiere tire and auto service center In Pennsylvania. Still locally owned and operated by the Williams Family, Jack Williams Tire now has 21 Retail locations, Including a brand new state of the art High Performance Center, and a large wholesale division. Jack Williams Tire continues Its expansion with stores 22 and 23 on the way and more to follow! MostCommonPosition:GeneralServiceTechnician,AutomotiveTechnician Regularly Hired: Sales Associates and Service Advisors Occasional Hired: Managers and Manger Trainees Human Resources Director: Diana L. Terbovich Address: 700 Rocky Glen Road Avoca PA 18641 P. 570-457-5000 F. 570-457-2852 E. W.

High Performance Center, Kingston, PA

Corporate Office/ Wholesale Use hotlinks for up to date job opportunities at Jack Williams Tire


Automotive/ Mechanical  Employer Profiles

Founded: 1938 Company Overview Kost Tire and Muffler , a family owned business, has grown to 48 stores located throughout upstate New York and northeastern Pennsylvania . Featured in some of the industries’ most popular national trade magazines, Kost Tire and Muffler has expanded it’s services to become one of the finest under car care companies and is ranked 15th amongst the top 50 independent dealers in the country. The company has always offered its customers guaranteed lowest prices on tires and the best of automotive services with helpful small-town hospitality. Kost Tire and Muffler employs over 300 people in its service centers which are located from the Canadian border at Watertown ,NY to their newest center in Brodheadsville, PA. The philosophy, “take pride in your performance”, has been in place since its founding and is still evident today. Kost Tire and Muffler management credits its continued growth and believes one of the biggest reasons for its success is the people. “We employ local people who are ASE certified and state inspection technicians. We are very fortunate to have such dedicated and talented people who work hard to make buying tires and related auto services a pleasant experience for our growing list of customers.” “Our sales force as well as our office staff, delivery and warehouse staff are always willing to help any customer who walks through our doors.”

Kost Tire & Muffler

CEO/ President: Erwine Kost

Regularly Hired: Retail Store Managers/Tire Techs/Service Techs Human Resources Director: Ray Bartolo Address: 925 S. State Street, Clarks Summit, PA 18411 P. 570-587-4793 F. 570-587-3989 E. W.

Use hotlinks for up to date job opportunities at Kost Tire & Muffler


Design Homes, LLC

Building/ Manufacturing  Employer Profiles

CEO/ President: James Gorton Employees: 100 Company Overview Design Homes has been building modular dreams since 1982. Our emphasis has been in making the dreams of customers into a three-dimensional reality. During these nineteen years Design has built almost every style of home imaginable: ranches, bi-levels, capes, four box capes, vacation homes, and both small and extensive two story’s. We have seen 5/12 pitch roofs go from being an exciting advancement to being replaced by roofs with 7/12 and 9/12 storage rafter systems. We have seen the demise of 20-year three tab shingles. We have seen many changes in nineteen years and have quietly helped to bring many to life. Design Homes enjoys having customers come to the factory. As a courtesy, appointments are necessary. We give a factory tour, a visit to our model center, are of assistance in the selection of materials (if appropriate), and explain floor plan design and engineering. We open our doors Monday through Friday 8 to 5. We will, when possible, make arrangements for Saturday visits between 9 and 1. When other manufacturers say “no”, Design says, “YES.” Design Homes, LLC is dedicated to building single-family housing. We have in the past nineteen years built a number of multi-family projects, but only those that would not interrupt the timely delivery of single family’s housing. Our forte is single-family housing. We believe that when others say “no” to specialized custom work, Design says “yes.” Depts: Sales, Material Handlers, Service, Engineering, Production  Operations Performed: Building of Modular Homes Most Common Hired: Production Human Resources Director: LuAnn Neidig Address: 11 Edwards Drive, Bloomsburg, PA 17815 P. 570-752-1001 W.

Use hotlinks for up to date job opportunities at Design Homes, LLC


Building/ Manufacturing î Ž Employer Profiles

Founded: Incorporated in 1971 Company Overview The Simplex Corporate Office Complex and its two modem production facilities are located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Simplex quality homes are crafted by a skilled Pennsylvania work force whose pride in performance has enabled Simplex to grow in our rapidly advancing industry. Our company-owned truck fleet is operated by professional drivers who assure you careful, reliable delivery. Our membership and active participation in the Modular Building Systems Association (MBSA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) assures you of our commitment and involvement related to issues in the housing industry.

Simplex Homes

CEO/ President: Patrick J. Fricchione Patrick A. Fricchione

Regularly Hired: Siding Installers, Int. Door Assemblers, Stair Carpenter Electricians, Trim Carpenters, Drywall Finishers, Roofers, Cabinet installers, Framers Human Resources Director: Paul Caruso Address: 1 Simplex Drive, Scranton, PA, 18504 P. 570-346-5113 F. 570-346-3731 E. W.

Use hotlinks for up to date job opportunities at Simplex Homes


Blue Cross of NEPA

Customer Service - Administrative  Employer Profiles

CEO/ President:  Denise Cesare  Founded: 1939 Employees: 975  Company Overview A not-for-profit organization providing insurance coverage against the cost of hospitalization and other health-related expenses, Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania has been dynamic and innovative in its approach to developing and marketing state-of-the-art healthcare programs.  Blue Cross of NEPA, serving members across a 13 county area, as the preeminent communitybased health plan, is committed to providing outstanding value to our customers through affordable quality products and services, superior provider networks, positive health outcomes and exceptional customer service.  Depts:  Business Development, Corporate Assurance & Compliance, Corporate, Employee Care and Services, External Affairs, Finance, Health Delivery, IT, Legal, Privacy and Security, Sales and Marketing, Service Operations  Operations Performed:  Health Insurance Coverage  Most Common Position:  Customer Service, Claims and Nursing Regularly Hired:  Customer Service, Programmers  Occasional Hired:  Physicians, Underwriters, Auditors, Statisticians, Finance, Paralegals, Sales Professionals  Human Resources Director of Employment:  Madalyn Cummings  Address:  19 N. Main Street, Wilkes-Barre,  PA  18711  P.  570 200-4338  F.  570 200-6730  E.  W.  Use hotlinks for up to date job opportunities at Blue Cross of NEPA


Customer Service - Administrative  Employer Profiles

Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc. was originally formed as Keystone Automotive Warehouse in March 1971 to distribute automotive parts and accessories to customers in PA and surrounding states. Through growth and acquisitions, Keystone currently operates 19 facilities, including two in Canada, with the latest facility opening in Corona, California in November 2003. Keystone currently employs over 1,500 employees across the United States. Keystone has entered the electronic age with state-of-the-art telephone and computer systems.  The extranet site, “” allows customers to look up parts, find applications, check inventory and prices and order right from their facilities through their computer systems.  Overnight delivery is still the benchmark of Keystone’s service, allowing our customers to consider our inventory as their own. Continued growth, both internally and across the nation will be the focus of Keystone.  We will also, however treat our employees and our customers with the greatest of care and concern.  That was a tradition started over 30 years ago and one that will continue for the next 30 years.

Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc.


Corporate Recruiter: Sharon Rosar, PHR Address: 44 Tunkhannock Avenue, Exeter, PA 18643 P: 570-655-4514 F:  570-655-8115 E: W:

Use hotlinks for up to date job opportunities at Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc.


84 Lumber Company

Customer Service - Retail  Employer Profiles

CEO: Joe Hardy President: Maggie Hardy Magerko                   Founded: 1956 Employees: 6000  Sales:  $2.5 Billion Maggie Hardy Magerko & Joe Hardy Company Overview              84 Lumber is the largest privately owned lumber and building supply retailer in the nation. We currently have over 450 stores located throughout 34 states. Founded in 1956 by Joe Hardy in the town of Eighty-Four,Pennsylvania20 miles south ofPittsburghinWashingtonCounty. In two of the past three years 84 Lumber has sold more building materials to professional contractors and remodelers than any other supplier.

Mission Statement “84 Lumber Company is dedicated to being the low cost provider of lumber and building materials to Professional Builders, Remodelers, and Dedicated Do-ItYourselfers, while adding value to our products through a trained, knowledgeable and motivated team of PROFESSIONAL SALES ASSOCIATES.” Operations Performed: Retail / Contractor Sales Most Common Position: Manager Trainees / Outside Sales Regularly Hired: Manager Trainees Occasional Hired: Outside Sales Human Resources Director: William Dove Address: 1019 Rt 519, Eighty Four, PA, 15330 P. 724-228-8820 x 1551 F. 724-228-2888 E. W. Use hotlinks for up to date job opportunities at 84 Lumber Company


Customer Service - Retail  Employer Profiles

Company Overview In the year of 1985, Joseph J. Gentile Sr. and his wife Mary Ann Gentile opened the first Joe’s Kwik Mart on Blakely Street in the town of Dunmore, Pennsylvania.

Joe’s Kwik Marts

Founders: Gentile Family - 1985 Dunmore, PA Employees: 250 pt & ft combination

The family has been and integral part of this growing community. Joe Sr. and Mary Ann along with their sons John and Joseph Jr. had the foresight to turn this first venture into an expansion of numerous Self-Service Convenient Stores and Full Serve Stations. The locations are affiliated with the brand names of Mobil and Citgo. Surviving many trials and tribulations, Joe’s Kwik Marts and Full Serve Stations have continued to grow and prosper over the sixteen years of existence. The Marts and Service stations are located in Northeastern Pennsylvania servicing the counties of Lackawanna, Luzerne, Wayne, Monroe, and Pike. Headquarters are located in Dunmore, Pennsylvania under the name of Dunmore Oil Company which has been in existence for over 40 years. The company currently has over 260 employees who focus on meeting the needs of our customers by providing high quality services and products at everyday fair prices with a clean, safe, and friendly shopping environment. Joe’s Kwik Marts also offer consumers freshly brewed coffee, made to order subs, sandwiches, salads, hot soups, and many of the public daily needs. Lottery tickets, phone cards and Go Cards (prepaid credit cards) are available at certain locations. Locations: 23 Convenient Stores, 5 Full Service Sas Stations Operations performed: Convenient Store, Fuel Delivery Most common position: Clerks, Convenient Store Management Address: 1031 Reeves Street, Dunmore, PA 18512 P: 570-347-2017 F: 570-347-0596 E: W: Use hotlinks for up to date job opportunities at Joe’s Kwik Marts



Customer Service - Retail  Employer Profiles

Founded: 1952 Company Overview More than anything else, we are about our customers and what they expect from a quick service retailer. Our mission is “ to provide fast and friendly service, quality products in clean and convenient locations .” In 1952 Bob Sheetz founded the first Sheetz convenience store. Since then, we’ve grown to over 290 locations in 6 states and plan to double our work force in the next six years. Sheetz remains a privately owned family operated business and has earned the title of industry leader. Sheetz people believe in the fundamentals of this company mission and work hard to satisfy our customers each day. Our company tradition of TCF “Total Customer Focus” combined with an appetite for innovation enables us to meet the evolving needs of customers. In 1994 and 1995 Sheetz, Inc. was named “Convenience Store of the Year” and inducted in to the Convenience Store Hall of Fame. Most recently Sheetz, Inc. is listed at number 100 in the Forbes 500 List of Top Private Companies. All of our stores are equipped with state of the art touch screen ordering for our M•T•O ®Made-to-Order menu, upgraded back office computer software and fast check out scanning systems. This technology allows us to serve our customers better. Most Common Position: Salesperson, Foodservice, Assistant Manager, Shift Supervisor, Store Manager Human Resources Manager: Cherie Tiedeman Address: 1101 Oneill Highway, Dunmore, PA 18512 1233 Highway 315, Plains Township, PA 18702 163 South Memorial Highway, Trucksville, PA 18708 464 Wilkes Barre Township Blvd, Wilkes Barre, PA 18702 999 Airport Road, Hazleton, PA 18201 P. 800-745-9666 E. W.

Use hotlinks for up to date job opportunities at Sheetz


Customer Service - Teleservices î Ž Employer Profiles

Company Overview J.C. Penney Company, Inc., a national retailer, began in Kemmerer, Wyoming, in 1902. The purchase of General Merchandising in 1963 expanded the operation to include catalog. The internet site,, was launched in 1998. The JC Penney Catalog Customer Service Center, located at the Montage Office Park is the largest of the ten Customer Service Centers located throughout the United States. Center associates receive calls from customers who wish to either place an order or ask about the status of an existing order. Our Moosic staff of 450 part time customer service representatives will grow to 750+ during the peak season of November and December. Hiring efforts usually begin in August. Most Common Position: Customer Service Representative Regularly Hired: Customer Service Representative Human Resources Manager: Denise Davis Address: 10 E.D. Preate Drive Moosic, PA 18507 P. 570-963-7211 F. 570-963-7245 E. W.

J.C. Penney Catalog Customer Service Center

Center Manager: Jim Johnson Founded: 1988 Employees: 450

Use hotlinks for up to date job opportunities at J.C. Penney Catalog Customer Service Center



Customer Service - Teleservices  Employer Profiles

Company Overview Travelocity is the most popular travel service on the web. Teams of employees working in seven different U.S. offices work together to bring consumers the best in airline reservations, hotel rooms, cruises, vacation packages, car rentals, and lastminute deals. Travelocity is the kind of place where employees work hard and learn much, but maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. We’re looking for team members who take initiative and demonstrate resourcefulness, innovation, guts, urgency, and passion. Of course, we’re also looking for people who believe, in the immortal words of Dr. Seuss, that “fun is good!” Travelocity operates or powers Web sites in five languages across four continents. Travelocity was named the “World’s Leading Travel Internet Site” for the sixth consecutive year at the World Travel Awards in October, 2002. Travelocity holds the highest possible ranking from Consumer Reports. Travelocity led all travel sites--including airline and hotel sites--in customer respect, based on a study released by The Customer Respect Group. Travelocity is the sixth-largest travel agency in the United States. We’re serious about what we do, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun. Here at Travelocity, we work in a casual environment where we can wear jeans every day if we want to. Shorts in the summer? Sure no problem, we’re cool with that. So, if you have an affinity for denim and t-shirts, you could fit right in. Since we’re in the travel business, we encourage employees to go out and see the world. That’s why Travelocity offers an above-average amount of time off to our team members. We also offer the opportunity to earn travel discounts through IATAN after six months with the company. Human Resources: Cindy Scovish Address: 22 South River Street, Plains, PA 18705 P. 570-301-1201 F. 570-301-1252 E. W.

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Customer Service - Teleservices î Ž Employer Profiles


Use hotlinks for up to date job opportunities at Verizon


Allied Medical & Technical Careers

Education/ Career Training  Employer Profiles


What you waiting for?

Visit us today for a better tomorrow. • Administrative Assistant • Legal Secretary • Massage Therapist • ECG/ Phlebotomy/ Lab Asst. • Medical Assistant • Medical Transcriptionist/ Insurance Billing Specialist

day classes & Evening classes

570-558-1818 517 Ash Street Scranton, PA 18509 18

Employer Profiles  Education/ Career Training

Get the Skills!


Career Development & Employment A+ MCP Network+ Web Design Office Applications Medical Billing MOS CDL Preparation Help Desk Massage Therapy MCSE Medical Transcription MCSA QuickBooks and More

Career Development & Employment

Need a Job?

In Class or Distance Learning (Includes Laptop) Placement Assistance Available for Students Corporate Training Available

*Funding Available: WIA • TAA/NAFTA • OVR Tuition Reimbursement • GI Bill Call 888-822-4CDE for the campus nearest you.

Visit our website: for more information.

Convenient Locations: Dickson City, Hazleton, Milford, Pittston, Stroudsburg, Tannersville and Wilkes-Barre * For Qualifying Candidates. Subject to Government Availability and Approval.


Knights of the Road

Education/ Career Training  Employer Profiles

If you’re looking for a good-paying career that is steady and rewarding, the time is right to become a professional truck driver. At Knights of the road professional driving academy, we are proud of what our students achieve. Our training program is concise, realistic and completely focused on training you to enter the work force as a licensed driver. The numbers at Knights of the Road speak for themselves...96% job placement rate within 30 days of graduation! THE license: CDL Class A: 5 Weeks; 200 hours CDL Class B: 64 hour course Monday - Friday; 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday; 8am - 5pm Admission Requirements: • At least 18 years of age. • Ability to read and write English • High school diploma or equivalent • Current valid drivers license • Acceptable driving record 20

CALL KNIGHTS OF THE ROAD Professional Driver Training Academy


Employer Profiles  Education/ Career Training


• Medical • Legal • Office Administration • Criminal Justice • Business Administration w/ Marketing and Management • Computer Programming & Networking • Business Administration w/ Accounting A 4 Day Class Week Day and Evening Classes Financial Aid for those who qualify

McCann School of Business & Technology

McCann provides quality education training which prepares students for meaningful and profitable employment in the world of business, technology and allied health.


570-969-4330 • 888-622-2664

201 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton, PA Across from the Steamtown Mall, Parking provided


Northampton Community College

Education/ Career Training  Employer Profiles


Class A & B, day & evening classes. Low cost with financing available to qualified applicants & lifetime job placement assistance available.


Haven’t been in a truck lately? Schedule an evaluation & let us help get you back on the road.


Comprehensive safety course will help you to handle your RV with confidence. Our qualified, knowledgeable staff will help you with your driving needs in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. To get started on the road to success call: Northampton Community College Tobyhanna, PA at 570-839-2778 22

Food Service - Restaurant î Ž Employer Profiles

Founded: 1971 Employees: 150 + Company Overview Owner/ Operator of Pizza Hut restaurants in Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties. The Only Thing That Tops Our Pizza is Our People! Our goal is to run great restaurants and to that end, we need great people. We strive to create a nurturing environment that gives our employees a place to contribute and succeed. We hire talented individuals who take pride in the business by striving to be the best. We look for individuals who believe that the success of Pizza Hut is in their hands. We listen and respond to the voice of the customer. We believe in people, trusts in positive intentions, encourage ideas from everyone and actively develop a workforce that is diverse in style and background. We find reasons to celebrate the achievements of others and have fun doing it. We coach and support each other. We do what we say, we are accountable, we act like owners. We take pride in our work and have a passion for excellence. We execute with positive energy and intensity...we hate bureaucracy and all the nonsense that comes with it. We practice team together, team apart.

Kosmart Enterprises, Inc.

CEO/ President: Daniel Kostick

Occasional Hired: Shift Manager, Assistant Manager Most Common Position: Pizza Production, Waiter/Waitress Director of Operations: Bob Kennedy Address: 1201 N. Church Street, Hazleton, PA 18202 P. 570-454-2422 F. 570-454-2422 E. W.

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Metz Corp.

CEO/ President: John Metz Founded: 1994 Employees: 2000+ Company Overview Since 1993, our Friday’s division has expanded to 8 stores in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. T.G.I. Friday’s has two restaurants pending for the upcoming year: Dickson City, Pennsylvania and Manahawkin, New Jersey. Future markets include State College and Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania as well as continued New Jersey development. T.G.I. Friday’s corporate recognizes Metz as the Developer of the Year. 1995 Toms River Friday’s becomes the first franchise restaurant to win Friday’s National Culinary Challenge - 1998 John C. Metz named Nation’s Restaurant News’ 2002 Operator of the Year at the 43rd annual Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators (MUFSO) conference. Dan Rooney, a bartender from the Somers Point, NJ, restaurant, will participate in the world finals of the T.G.I. Friday’s bartender championship in San Francisco in April 2003. T.G.I. Friday’s opens 8 restaurants in 7 years, with a total revenue of $28,000,00. Most Common Position: Most Service Industry Positions Human Resources Director: Cheryl McCann Address: 2 Woodland Dr., Dallas, Pa. 18612 P. 570-675-8100 F. 575-675-9424 E. W.

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Health  Employer Profiles

Founded: 1950 Employees: 265 Company Overview American Red Cross Blood Services, Northeastern Pennsylvania, is a non-profit humanitarian organization which collects, manufactures, and distributes blood products to about 40 hospitals in 21 counties in Pennsylvania and three in New York.  The nation’s largest blood supplier, Blood Services of Northeastern Pennsylvania has been in operation for 54 years, providing life-saving blood and blood products to hospitals in northeastern and central Pennsylvania.  Fulfilling the mission of providing an adequate and safe blood supply, involving the combined efforts of our employees, as well as an important corps of volunteers, is a truly rewarding experience for everyone involved.

American Red Cross

CEO/ President: Don Fipps, CEO

Operations Performed: Blood Collection, Manufacturing, & Distribution Most Common Position: Collections (Nursing Technician, RNs) Address: 29 NewCommerce Blvd. Ashley, PA 18706 P. 570-823-7164 F. 570-823-9097 E. W.

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Little Flower Manor & St. Therese Residence

Health  Employer Profiles

Little Flower Manor and St. Therese Residence CEO/ President:  Sr. Jeanette D. Lindsay, O’Carm   Founded: 1975 Employees: 273  Mission Statement Little Flower Manor and St. Therese Residence is a non-profit organization owned by the Diocese of Scranton, served by the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm and licensed by the State of Pennsylvania. Our mission is to promote the Christian Mission of healing care, by assuring that the highest quality of life is attainable for all that come to Little Flower Manor and St. Therese Residence. This quality of life is based on respect, dignity and compassion for the whole person. It is surrounded by a spirit that fosters human dignity and self esteem within a homelike environment committed to the sanctity of life. This is implemented by caring staff, families, friends and volunteers, who dedicate themselves to carry out the organization’s mission and vision to the elderly that call Little Flower Manor and St. Therese Residence their home. Operations Performed:  Skilled Care Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility.   Most Common Position: Nursing Positions  Human Resources Director: Joseph Booth  Address: 200 S. Meade Street, Wilkes Barre, PA, 18702    P. 570-823-6131  F. 570-823-5171  E. 

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Health - Social Services  Employer Profiles

Mission A community organization that provides and promotes quality services with care and compassion to enhance the emotional well-being and mental health of children, adolescents, and families. Overview As a mental health care system, we at Children’s Service Center are deeply committed to the wellness of young people in our community. Our services are designed to meet the individualized needs of children, adolescents, and their families.

Children’s Service Center

CEO/ President: Joseph DeVizia Founded: 1938   Employees: 425 and Growing! Sales: Annual Revenue Exceeds $14 MILLION        

Children’s Service Center’s Assessment, Crisis, and Referral Services are staffed 24hours a day, seven days a week, by psychiatric professionals for initial assessment and referral. We accept BC/BS, most indemnity insurance plans, CHAMPUS, Medical Assistance, and are a preferred provider for several managed care organizations and HMO plans. Depts: Over eighteen mental health and adoption services for NEPA Most Common Position: Therapeutic Staff Support and Residential Workers Regularly Hired: Therapeutic Staff Support, Residential Workers, Social Workers and Therapist Occasional Hired: Licensed Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Adoption Workers Human Resources Director: Ken Zula Human Resources: Bill Dessoye, Danay Rebo and Shawn Smith Address: 335 S. Franklin Street Wilkes Barre PA 18702 P.  570-825-6425 F. 570-301-3330 E. W. Use hotlinks for up to date job opportunities at Children’s Service Center


Friendship House

Health - Social Services  Employer Profiles

CEO/ President: Robert H. Angeloni Founded: Established in 1871 Employees: 300 Company Overview Friendship House is a private, not-for-profit corporation that is charged with providing an integrated continuum of care and treatment for children, adolescents and their families. The mission of Friendship House is to provide a continuum of quality programs and services designed to enhance the emotional, behavioral and social well-being of children and families in the communities it serves. Adapting to society’s ever changing needs will enable Friendship House to sustain this mission as it has since its founding in 1871. Friendship House offers residential care and treatment, partial hospitalization and outpatient services as well as foster family care throughout nine sites throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. Most Common Position: • Mental Health Professionals • Mental Health Technicians • Night Childcare Workers • Residential Counselors • Rehabilitation Counselors • Mobile Therapists •Therapeutic Support Staff Regularly Hired: Residential Counselors, Mental Health Technicians and Therapeutic Support Staff Occasional Hired: Case Managers and Mental Health Professionals Human Resources Director: Sean McHale Address: 1509 Maple St., Scranton, PA 18505 P. 570-342-8305 x 2017 F. 570-341-9736 E. W.

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Health - Social Services  Employer Profiles

Founded: Established in 1964 Employees: Over 400+ Company Overview For over 35 years, Keystone Community Resources has been providing services and supports to individuals with Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. Over the last decade, we have expanded our residential programs to include serving people with a special type of disability: Prader-Willi Syndrome. Keystone Community Resources provides residential, vocational and day program services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Along with residential children with dual diagnosis of borderline intellectual functioning and mental illness. Assisting dependent and delinquent children. Most Common Position:   Clinical Care Worker , Direct Service Provider  Human Resources Director:  Don Barney 

Keystone Community Resources

CEO/ President: Robert Fleese     

Human Resource Associate: Marie Higgins Tierney  Address: 406 N. Washington Ave., Scranton, PA 18503 P. 570-207-5090  x 3324  F. 570-342-3461 E. W.

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Milestones Community Healthcare, Inc.

Health - Social Services î Ž Employer Profiles

CEO/ President: Paul Volosov, PhD. Founded: 1993 Employees: 250 Company Overview MilestonesprovidesbehavioralhealthservicestochildrenIntheirhome,community or school. Milestones Achievement Center (MAC) Is a private school for children with behavior problems, autism, and multiple disabilities. Milestones also provides day program services to mentally retarded adults. Depts: 1) Behavioral Health 2) Milestones Achievement Center 3) Adult Day Program MostCommonPosition:TherapeuticStaffSupportandBehaviorSpecialist/MobileTherapist RegularlyHired:TherapeuticStaffSupportandBehaviorSpecialist/MobileTherapist Occasional Hired: Teachers Aide, Program Worker Human Resources Director: Michelle Smith, Office Manager Address: 1150 Wyoming Avenue, Wyoming, PA, 18644 P. 570-714-2350 F. 570-714-2351 E.

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Manufacturing/ Fabrication  Employer Profiles

Company Overview Hendrick Manufacturing Company is the premiere metal perforator in North America and has been in business in Carbondale for over 125 years.  The metal perforating business requires employees who are highly skilled in their trade and dedicated to producing a quality product in the safest manner possible.   We supply perforated metal products for a multitude of uses in the automotive, industrial, architectural, mining & aggregate, hammermill and lighting industries, to name a few.  We value employees as our most significant asset in the pursuit of business excellence.  With all of our business dealings whether it be with employees, customers or vendors we believe in doing “the right thing”.  This is evidenced in our industry-leading compensation program which offers every employee an opportunity to significantly increase their compensation through a profit-sharing bonus program.  In addition, we offer a competitive benefits package which includes health, life, disability, 401(k) and tuition refund.  Depts:   Administration: Customer Service, Accounting, Engineering, Human Resources, Information Technology, Purchasing

Hendrick Manufacturing Company

CEO/ President: Michael D. Drake  Founded:1876  Employees: 120 

Plant:  Punch Press, Tool & Die, Maintenance, Shipping & Receiving, Fabrication, Rolls & Shears, Material Handling Operations Performed: Metal Perforating, Tool & Die Making and Sheet Metal Fabrication  Human Resources Director: Sandra Mistysyn Address: One Seventh Avenue,  Carbondale,  PA 18407 P. 570-282-1010 F. 570-282-3967 E. W.  Use hotlinks for up to date job opportunities at Hendrick Manufacturing Company


Pleasant Mount Welding, Inc.

Manufacturing/ Fabrication î Ž Employer Profiles

CEO/ President: Bob Non Founded: Established in 1982 Employees: 65 Company Overview PMWI is a metal fabricator for water treatment plants, pollution facilities and commercial buildings. It is a growing company with a large investment in technology with plans for continued expansion. Depts Drafting Manufacturing Estimating Most Common Positions Draftsmen Welders Metal Workers Regularly Hired: Metal Workers Occasional Hired: Draftsmen Address: 45 Dundaff St. Carbondale, PA 18407 P. 570-282-6164 F. 570-282-7917 E. W.

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Sales  Employer Profiles

Founded: Employees: Sales: Company Overview EFO Furniture Galleries is the largest furniture dealer serving the Northeast and Central Pennsylvania, offering a great selection, value and a commitment to excellent service. With three designer decorated showrooms one can find their furniture needs in the Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and Williamsport areas. Our large showrooms and helpful professional sales staff are ready to fulfill your dreams of comfort and style. We have a wide array of name brand furniture in a multitude of different price ranges, so no matter if you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned home furniture designer, we probably have what you’re looking for.

EFO Furniture Outlet

CEO/ President:

Regularly Hired: Sales, Office, Delivery, Warehousing & Furniture Service/Repair. Human Resources Director: Gail Budziak Address: 101 Monahan Avenue, Dunmore, PA 18512 P. 570-961-5424 F. 570-963-7524 W.

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Enterprise Rent a Car

Sales  Employer Profiles

CEO/ President: Andy Taylor Founded: 1957 Employees: 50,000 Sales: $6.5 billion Company Overview We are a $6.5 billion international transportation leader, the largest rental car company in North America and the second largest in the world. We have 5,000 offices in the US, Canada, Germany, Ireland and the UK. We are one of Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” and are the largest recruiter of college graduates in the US. Depts: Rental Operations Performed: Car Rental Service Most Common Position: Entry Level Management Trainee Regularly Hired: Entry Level Management Trainee Occasional Hired: Part Time Management Trainee Intern Human Resources Director: Jennifer Radogna Address: 2550-A Freemansburg Ave., Easton, PA 18045 P. 610-253-9759 F. 610-253-7288 E. W.

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Sales  Employer Profiles

Company Overview The Motorworld Automotive Group is the largest multi-franchise automotive sales and service provider in NE PA. We are part of the Mile One/Atlantic Automotive family of companies based in Baltimore, MD. With thirteen new car lines, the largest pre-owned vehicle inventory in the area and state-of-the-art service and collision centers, we offer solutions to any customer’s automotive needs. Motorworld is based in Wilkes-Barre with almost 400 employees dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of automotive sales and service possible. We are seeking experienced and entry level candidates interested in helping us continue our tradition of excellence. 

Motorworld Group

CEO/ President: Gerald T. O’Donnell  Founded: 1990  Employees: 385 

Depts: New and Pre-Owned Vehcle Sales, Service, Auto Body Shop, Parts    Most Common Position: Sales Consultant  Regularly Hired: • Sales Consultant • F & I Consultant • Service Advisors • Drivers / Lot Porters • Service Technicians • Auto Body Technicians • Auto Reconditioner • Administrative Human Resources Director: John Choma Address: Route 315, Wilkes Barre, PA, 18703 P. 570-821-3752 F. 570-820-6965 E. W. Use hotlinks for up to date job opportunities at Motorworld Group


Tools for the Trades

Sales î Ž Employer Profiles

TOOLS FOR THE TRADES CEO/ President: David and Ken Wilding Founded: 1995 Employees: 55 + Sales: $7 million / year Company Overview Tools for the Trades, a Santa Barbara, California based business founded by Waymart native David Wilding, is leasing 4,200 square feet in the Rock Creek Corporate Center in Olyphant. A wholesale distributor of hand tools and industrial supplies, Tools for the Trades presently employees 30 people in their new location and plans to hire up to 80 more over the next three years. Mr. Wilding intends on moving more of the operation to the Olyphant office, eventually making it the company headquarters. Tools for the Trades services thousands of national accounts. Most Common Position: Sales Representative Human Resources Director: Laurie Ducharme Address: 1444 E. Lackwanna Avenue, Ste 103, Olyphant, PA 18447 P. 570-487-1900 F. 570-487-1905 E. W.

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Trucking  Employer Profiles

Employees: 130 Company Overview Knitney Lines, Inc. is committed to providing the responsive, personalized service, our clients demand and depend on. KLI Transportation and Logistics is a general commodities truckload carrier servicing the United States. At KLI we understand that success and growth come from understanding our customers’ needs. KLI is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art service, at competitive rates. From management personnel to our professional drivers, our strong belief that the customer really is No. 1 ensures a high level of responsiveness, and guarantees customer satisfaction. KLI provides both dry and refrigerated service using the most modern air ride equipment available. Our cellular communication and satellite paging system allow precise tracking of your load, at anytime.

Knitney Lines, Inc.

CEO/ President: Harlo Rowlands

Most Common Position: Over the Road Truck Drivers Human Resources Director: Al Price Address: 407 Gilligan Street, Scranton, Pa 18508 P. 570-457-5060 F. 570-457-6725                             E. W.

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Martini, Inc.

Trucking  Employer Profiles

CEO/ President: Jack Martini Founded: 1975 Employees: 120 Company Overview Over the last twentyeight years, Martini Inc. has continued to expand it’s tractor/ trailer base, brokerage division, and school bus division. Today Martini Inc. maintains 50 company-owned tractors, 23 owner/ operators and 250 trailers.The school bus division now consists of 25 runs daily. Operations Performed Martini Inc. provides exceptional customer service with reasonably priced local and regional dry van transportation in the area bordered by the Ohio River Valley and the Atlantic Seaboard. Operations Manager: Brian Birkhimer Most Common Position: Tracter Trailer Driver Regularly Hired: Over the Road CDL Drivers Occasional Hired: Local, Regional CDL Drivers Human Resources Director: Roxann Martini Address: 46 South Hunter Hwy, Drums, PA, 18222 Director of Recruiting and Retension: Rick Levan P. 570-788-7067 F. 570-788-5637                                 E. W.

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Warehouse/ Light Industrial  Employer Profiles

Company Overview U.S. Foodservice™ is one of the largest broadline foodservice distributors in the United States, distributing food and related products across the entire country. U.S. Foodservice™ markets and distributes more than 43,000 national, private label, and signature brand items to over 300,000 foodservice customers, including restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, cafeterias and schools. We employ more than 28,500 foodservice professionals company wide. U.S. Foodservice™ diverse customer base encompasses both independent and chain businesses.

U.S. Foodservice

CEO/ President:  Lee Eckert Employees: 260 Sales:  180 million

Depts: Sales, HR, Accounting, IT, Operations, Purchasing, Marketing Operations Performed: Wholesale Food Distribution Regularly Hired: CDL Class A Drivers, Warehouse, Customer Service Occasional Hired: Sales, Accounting Human Resources Director: Allison Davis Address: 13 Rutledge Drive, Pittston, PA 18640 Phone: 570-654-3374 Fax: 570-654-2510 Email: Web:

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TJ Maxx

Warehouse/ Light Industrial î Ž Employer Profiles

AVP/Facility Director: Jeff Bruell Founded: 2002 Employees: 600-1200 Company Overview The TJX Companies, Inc. with 10.7 billion in revenues, is the world’s largest offprice retailer, and is comprised of: TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods and AJ Wright in the United States, Winners and HomeSense in Canada and TK Maxx in Europe. TJ Maxx offers competitive salary, advancement opportunities, medical, dental and life insurance, 401k, vacation and sick time, store discounts, $200.00 referral bonus program, $100.00 Retention bonus potential and a clean safe work environment. Responsibilities Include: Processing of merchandise to include receiving, ticketing, sorting, order fulfillment/packing, and shipping. Counts merchandise and records number units on production sheet. Observes safety and security procedures. Attendance and punctuality are key success factors. Physical demands: Include lifting and/or moving up to 50 lbs., reach with hands and arms. Employee must stoop, kneel, crouch at times throughout the day; standing for extended periods of time, and walking are essential functions of job. The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate. Most Common Position: General Warehouse Associate Occasional Hired: Distribution Center Supervisor (Fri., Sat., Sun. shift 6:00 A.M. - 6:30 P.M. Human Resources Mngr: John McGraw Address: 4000 Oldfield Blvd., Pittston, PA 18640 Phone: 570-603-2800 Fax: 570-603-5858 Web:

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Foster Care î Ž Employer Profiles

FosterFamiliesNeeded More than a million children are in America’s foster care system. There is a desperate need for families to open their homes and their hearts to hurting children. You can make a difference. Come join the real F.U.N. at Families United Network, Inc., Foster Care Agency. F.U.N. offers excellent training, support & compensation.

Call F.U.N. at 1-800-568-6449 Non-discrimination of Services



Business Opportunity  Employer Profiles

• Over 37 Years Experience • Low Start-up Costs • Simple Operation • Seeking Landlords & Locations


Call Us: 1-800-888-4848 This offering by Prospectus Only.


Customer Service - Teleservices  Employer Profiles

Employees: 200+ Established: 1957 Company Overview DialAmerica Marketing is the premier telemarketing company in the country with over 90 offices nationwide. Started in 1957, DialAmerica is the largest and oldest firm in the country. The company provides calling services for hundreds of clients, including many Fortune 500 companies, in a variety of different fields. “DialAmerica is a people business. We don’t look at ourselves so much as a company but as an organization of people that comes together and…succeeds because we’re on a mission.”  Art Conway, President We offer our full-time professionals a competitive benefits package, including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, 401K, vacation/personal days and corporate education reimbursement. For part-time TSRs (teleservice representatives), we offer flexible work schedules, a competitive pay scale and 401K. “DialAmerica is committed to the success of people. We provide personal growth and recognition, integrity in the workplace and a positive work environment… We value and inspire people because when this happens, ordinary people do extraordinary things…” DialAmerica believes in and practices promotion from within. We offer exciting and rewarding career advancement for individuals with the desire to succeed in a dynamic company.

DialAmerica Marketing

CEO/ President: Art Conway

Regularly Hired: TeleService Representative Human Resources Director: Shannon Trivett Address: 409 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton, PA, 18503 Phone: 570-207-8020 Fax: 570-906-0059 Email: Web:

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YourQuickLinktoYour NextCareerOpportunity

Log on anytime! Pennsylvania CareerLink offers an online state-of-the-art employment and training system. Job seekers have free access to the system 24/7. • Ready when you are anytime, anywhere • Fully customizable “Personal Folder” • Create an online resume • Direct connection to employers • View job openings • Apply online

Visit in Person! Job seekers have the choice of “self-service” or “staff-assisted” services to conduct their job search efforts. Not only is Pennsylvania CareerLink an online system, it is also a network of more than 50 professionally staffed centers conveniently located throughout Pennsylvania to provide individual services including: • Skill assessment and aptitude testing • Resume building, interview skills, job search assistance • Career and occupational information • Short-term pre-vocation services • Occupational skill training • Adult education and literacy • Other specialized services for individuals

Lackawanna County 570-963-4671 570-344-0564

Luzerne County Pocono Counties 570-826-2401 (Carbon, Monroe, Wayne, Pike) 570-822-1101 570-325-2701 • 570-620-2850

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