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Media-Soft Pharmacentric Solutions.

Was This Your Brochure For The Doctor? BookVision CLM. Your Presenter On The Field. What’s Your Message Follow Up and Feedback From The Field? Do you know by which individual doctor the message was readed? With your classic hardcopy brochures, samples and other materials mostly you can easily reach doctors during the visits but you don't know the wright impact of it. Or do you? BookVision reinvents the promotional material landscape. Easily create content in HTML5, deploy it on your iPad or Android and establish the real interaction with doctors. To close the loop enjoy in deepen analytics and reports from where you can get the wright information about the impact of your content.

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Media-Soft Pharmacentric Solutions.

BookVision CLM Your Presenter On The Field. The Benefits.

iPad And Android ready.

All Rounder With CRM.

Independent from internet. Present your content in offline mode on the best Tablets on iOS (iPad and iPad Mini) or on Android.

BookVision can be implemented as an standalone CLM solution for all who are not running with Sales Vision CRM. Further BookVision is also fully compatible with Sales Vision CRM and building up an all rounder.

Deepen Analytics.

Flexible HTML5 Content.

Measure feedback and interaction! The intelligent analytics engine BI Cube enables comprehensive reporting. Even analyse by individual doctors, in which details of your medicines content they have been interested in.

The Content Management System (CMS) for admins inside BookVision enables you to converse and import different kind of content format. PDF’s, PPT’s or sophisticated animations from agencies. The decision is yours.

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Media-Soft Pharmacentric Solutions.

BookVision CLM Your Presenter On The Field. Just Deploy It. How It Works?

Field Deployment. Once the admin imports the content in the CMS you are able to deploy it on the field. In the background we use your database and territory management from CRM.

Content Creation. Easily import alone your content from PDF or PPT or even an sophisticated agency content. The BookVision CMS is flexible on your side and giving you the editor power.

It’s About Closing The Loop. Medical Rep can send the personalized content in which the doctor was interested automatically via email or thru the Doctor Portal doctors can access or order content just after the meeting. Reporting. Manage your own universe of data inside BI Cube. For the first time have the possibility to make a decision based on real feedback from doctors about your promotional materials.

Present It. Interact with doctors thru drug materials, surveys and other personalised content. Structure your call based on the previous and current doctor preferences and habits.

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Media-Soft Pharmacentric Solutions.

What’s Your Brochure Look Like?

“Not Again! The same message alraedy for 20 years! I give you 1 minute!”, Mike Johnson, GP

The tailored and wright information only for me. I love this medical rep!”, Jeremy Bane, GP

Select your side. BookVision CLM is the multichannel platform that helps to converse your old message to digital. BookVision is truly your presenter on the field. © Media-Soft, Inc., All Rights Reserved /

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