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Charters Towers • Ravenswood • Pentland • Greenvale + Surrounds



Charters Towers Region

Welcome to the Charters Towers Region, one of Queensland’s bestkept tourism secrets.

conflicts like the Boer War and World Wars I and II, to some of the best camping spots in all of Queensland.

Our region consists of the city of Charters Towers and the townships of Greenvale, Hervey Range, Homestead, Mingela, Pentland, and Ravenswood; along with the areas of Balfes Creek, Bluewater Springs, Belyando Crossing and Hidden Valley.

Discover some of our grand historic buildings and authentic country hospitality as you explore our region.

Charters Towers was famously known as ‘The World’ during the gold rush era as it was said you could get everything you needed here, with no reason to travel. Our region has it all, from one of Australia’s most unique gold rush stories, a rich military history during

I hope you enjoy your stay and I look forward to seeing you back again soon.

Mayor Frank Beveridge

Our region is a great place to live, work and visit - and we think you'll agree!" Acknowledgement of Country Charters Towers Regional Council is committed to honouring Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples unique cultural and spiritual relationships to the land, waters and seas and their rich contribution to our society. We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which Charters Towers and its greater region are located, and is where we conduct our business. We pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging. We are committed to a positive future for all.

© 2021 Charters Towers Regional Council This guide is protected by copyright. Permission to reproduce content within this guide must be obtained from the Charters Towers Regional Council. While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure current and accurate information is contained within this guide, the Charters Towers Regional Council cannot guarantee the reliability of all information contained, and assumes no liability or responsibility for an error or omission in the content. Information is provided as at the time of publication and may have changed since publication. Information, for example, prices quoted and services availability, may change at any given time and all products and services details should be confirmed with the provider/operator prior to making any arrangements. The Charters Towers Regional Council will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by any person arising from the use or reliance on the information contained within this guide. PO Box 189, Charters Towers QLD 4820 • Ph: (07) 4761 5300 • www.charterstowers.qld.gov.au Front Cover: Tourism and Events Queensland


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Did you know By 1900, the population of Charters Towers was approximately 27,000 people

A seamless harmony of the old and new world, where heritage rich communities lead you back in time to connect with the past and seek out your own story.

Contents Unearth our secrets.........................................3 Where the flippin' heck are we?..............5 Take a walk on our wild side.....................7 The making of Charters Towers..............9 Streets lined with gold...................................11 Sunset chasing................................................. 13 Starry starry skies............................................ 15 A lazy hour well spent.................................. 17 Nature's playground..................................... 19 Kids riddles........................................................... 21 Maps ...................................................................... 22 Travelling with pets.......................................26 Let us tell you where to go....................... 27 Who's a happy camper?...........................29 Native treasures............................................... 31 Discover secrets from past!....................33 Watering holes & great grub.................35 Local townships............................................... 37 Service directory.............................................. 41 Re-live yesteryear..........................................43 Events.....................................................................45 www.visitcharterstowers.com.au
















Where the flippin' heck are we? ROAD Located at the crossroads of the Flinders Highway (Overlander's Way)

RAIL The Inlander train service stops at Charters Towers,

travelling twice weekly between Townsville and Mount Isa.


and the Gregory

Developmental Road (Great Inland Way), Charters Towers is

considered to be where

Bus services run between Charters Towers and

Townsville Monday – Friday. A service runs between Townsville and Mt Isa several times a week.

the outback and the tropics meet.

Easily accessible from

the north, east, south or

AIR Fly direct to Charters Towers by light aircraft or fly into Townsville with various domestic carriers.

west, Charters Towers is

a comfortable 90 minute drive south-west of Townsville.

Distance from Charters Towers Great Inland Way - NORTH Greenvale 204km Lynd Junction 253km Undara Lava Tubes 375km Cobbold Gorge 449km


Overlander’s Way - EAST Mingela 44km Ravenswood 83km Burdekin Falls Dam 165km Townsville 137km

Great Inland Way - SOUTH Belyando Crossing 203km Clermont 367km Emerald 471km Carnarvon Gorge 628km

Our shining climate... Average Temperatures

Summer (Dec-Feb)

High 34 Low 22

Autumn (Mar-May)

High 30 Low 18

Winter (Jun-Aug)

High 25

Low 12

Spring (Sep-Nov)

High 32

Low 17

Overlander’s Way - WEST Hughenden 245km Richmond 359km Julia Creek 503km Mount Isa 756km



Take a walk on our wild side... Looking to experience the real Charters

around one of our many events, like a

activities on offer that you will need to

For the complete outback experience,

Towers Region? There are so many stay longer than a day to fit it all in.

rodeo, campdraft or country race meet. why not fit yourself out with some

From gold panning at the Miner's

authentic western wear and then head

Cottage or Young’s Block like a true

out to the Saleyards to experience a

fossicker, to getting up close and

cattle sale - you'll fit right in!

personal with long-horned cattle at

Texas Longhorn Tours, you can tailor

If you’re into exploring and driving off the beaten track you never know where you will end up. From camping by one of the

your visit to suit the experience you’re seeking. Why not schedule your visit

many rivers or creeks and catching an

Did you know The Charters Towers Region has many group tour opportunites, including educational and agricultural industry facilities, suitable for primary school age through to tertiary education. Contact the Charters Towers Visitor Information Centre for more info.


inland barra to 4x4 driving around the

Museums will have you intrigued with

fill of the great outdoors.

antique and collectable shops will have

region, it’s easy to get your

If staying close to creature comforts

memorabilia from times of old and our

you searching for your very own treasures.

is more to your liking, there is more

What ever way you would like to spend

the region. The magnificent heritage

you are sure to experience a memorable

than enough to discover in and around buildings are testimony to the gold rush era and there are links to our military

history that will have you reaching for

your time in the Charters Towers Region,

visit as you unearth our secrets and seek out your own story.

your camera at every turn.



The making of Charters Towers... Charters Towers was declared a goldfield in 1872 following a chance

discovery of an outcrop of gold by Indigenous horse boy Jupiter Mosman while in the company of Hugh Mosman, John Fraser and George Clarke, after a flash of lightning in December 1871.

During your stay, take a drive around Charters Towers to see some great

architectural reminders of yesteryear. If unearthing secrets of your family's past are more your interest, you may find links to a relative with a visit to

the Charters Towers & Dalrymple Family History Association or the Charters Towers Archives.

c1920 Built in 1890 as a private residence for EH Plant on King St, Thornburgh House became a boarding school in 1919 and is now known as Blackheath & Thornburgh College.

Tors Drive-In movies unde

c1910 Boer War Veterans Memorial Kiosk opened in Lissner Park with over 7,000 people in attendance. It still stands today.

1954 Monument to Jupiter Mosman is unveiled on Gill Street

1942 USAAF 3rd Bomb Group utilises area as base during WWII c1898 Originally constructed in 1893, a Clock Tower was added in one of four extensions to the Post Office located on corner of Bow & Gill Streets.

1920 Region’s biggest nugget was found & named ‘Prince of Wales’

1909 Charters Towers is proclaimed a City 1893 Charters Towers Post Office opens corner Bow & Gill Streets


1877 Charters Towers is declared a municipality


1936 Towers Brewery on Alabama Hill closes

1914 Kennedy Regiment mobilised as first unit in the Great War 1903 The Ambulance building opens on Gill Street

1882 Railway opens between Townsville & Charters Towers

The Charters Towers Goldfields were declared in 1872 with the gold rush ensuing, creating a vast and proud history that includes stories of fortune and loss, gold mining, war heroes, agriculture, education, and much more.

Images courtesy Charters Towers Archives and State Library [Inset image: 1893 Bow Street]

2022 2003 The Excelsior Library opens on the old Excelsior Hotel site 1992 The Miner’s Cottage opens as a tourist attraction

1975 Restoration of the Stock Exchange Arcade is completed

1966 n opens for er the stars

150 year Celebrations! Keep an eye out for the Calendar of Events! visitcharterstowers.com.au

2016 Interactive WW11 Bunkers experience opens on Towers Hill

1996 The World Theatre opens on Mosman Street

1978 The inaugural Charters Towers Country Music Festival is held

1972 Kennedy Regiment Memorial Pool opens 1957 Seismograph Station is built on Towers Hill

c1908 Built in 1887, the Excelsior Hotel was destroyed by fire in 1995. The Excelsior Library was built in its image in 2003.

1949 Inaugural Goldfield Ashes Cricket Carnival is held

c1890 Restoration of the Stock Exchange Arcade on Mosman Street was completed in 1975.

c1888 Opening in 1884, Charters Towers Hospital still stands proudly on Gill Street and continues to service the region.

c1920 The Australian Bank of Commerce, now home to the World Theatre, stands in all its glory on Mosman Street.

c1935 The Venus Gold Battery first commenced crushing in 1872 and is one of the oldest remaining batteries in Australia.

c1888 The impressive Charters Towers Court House can be found on the corner of Hodgkinson & Church Streets.

c1902 Once the centrepiece of many community celebrations, the Band Rotunda is located in Lissner Park. www.visitcharterstowers.com.au


Did you know There are approximately 53 Queensland Heritage places and 700 local heritage places scattered throughout the region.


When the streets were lined with gold... With buildings dating back to the

Make sure you take the time to

into the wealth and beauty of

parks, public spaces and National

1870s, you can gain an insight

Charters Towers at the height of the gold boom with every step you take.

Wander through the quaint

Stock Exchange Arcade, the first Stock Exchange in the

Southern Hemisphere that once

dictated the world gold price, or visit museums filled with relics of yesteryear. Visit the former

Gentleman's Club, now known as

explore some of the many lush Parks located throughout the region. From Lissner Park in Charters Towers, a Heritage

listed space of over 7 hectares that boasts structures dating

back to the early 1900’s, to White

Mountains National Park with its natural white sandstone

bluffs and gorges with brilliant wildflowers, you will surely find

something to spark your interest.

the Civic Club, and play on the

With so much to see and do,

a tour of the Venus Gold Battery,

so you don't miss anything!

100 year old billiard tables or take the oldest remaining gold battery

ensure you leave plenty of time

- you can see links to the past wherever you look.

We were utterly gobsmacked... it was like viewing a living montage of Australian history and heritage" - says Jasmine from Coffs Harbour



Sunset chasing... Polish your camera lens and get ready to

ambience during dusk or dawn, be sure you keep

in Australia. Gold, purple, blue and orange are

of these gorgeous creatures. Pack a hamper and

capture some of the most spectacular sunsets just some of the hues to be seen from the top of

Towers Hill. With an uninterrupted view, you can witness the light disappear, with every minute

providing a different vista. During the wet season, you might just be lucky enough to witness an afternoon storm rumbling its way across the evening sky.

Amongst the boulders on Towers Hill you will

find allied rock wallabies sunning themselves


as the sun rises and sets. If you’re taking in the


an eye out; you are bound to snap a great photo relax as you watch the light change with these shy little mammals.

If you’re more inclined to watch the sunset while you’re sitting around a campfire, why not head west to the White Mountains National Park or

north to Dalrymple National Park. Camping in winter provides some extra colour as the sun descends in a crystal clear sky.





Starry starry skies... With the cool air and clear nights

before you listen to stories of Charters

night sky like never before.

and loss, at the Ghosts After Dark Film

providing uninterrupted views, see the As the evening colours fade into the night, watch as light-adorned heritage buildings bring streetscapes to life, creating enchanting photo opportunities. Make yourself comfortable with a picnic


and watch the sun set on Towers Hill


Towers history, including tales of fortune presentation. Why not catch a stage

show by the local theatre group Towers Players or head to The World Theatre to watch a movie, see an exhibition or watch a live show.

For a truly unique evening experience,

you can't go past the Drive-In theatre!

That’s right, Charters Towers boasts

During your visit, you might be lucky

ins where you can catch the latest

storytellers throughout the region who'll

the BIG screen. Why not throw in some

tales of gold, greed and ghosts. We'll let

fluffiest pillows, to truly settle in for an

a tall tale.

one of Australia’s last remaining drive-

enough to meet one of the many

blockbuster or an old-time favourite on

have you intrigued when you hear their

deck chairs, or even a mattress and your

you decide whether it was a true story or

experience like no other. Don’t forget your blanket to snuggle up as some nights can get cool!



A lazy hour well spent... There are plenty of options for you to explore the Charters

Towers Region, with every experience level catered for – from a leisurely walk to a relaxing drive around town.

Make sure you take advantage of the Charters Towers One Square Mile Trail - where all the legwork has been done for you. It showcases the true majesty of civic buildings,

gorgeous cottages and historic hotels from the gold rush

era within the city centre, many of which are still being used today.

If nature is more your thing, follow one or more of the 10,000 Steps Trails that guide you around parks, through the city

and around Towers Hill. The trails vary from 8 minutes to just under an hour and are rated to varying levels of fitness.

Another option is to jump in your car and see the sights in the comfort of air-conditioning. Head to the Visitor Information Centre and hire the Self-Guided Audio CD/USB Tour as you

drive yourself around Charters Towers. You can stop and start to your heart's content and take as long as you like.

Heading out to Ravenswood? Take the Arts Trail and see a series of silhouettes and wooden statues that capture the

spirit of the town’s past, and marvel at the mosaics that detail the colourful history, lifestyle, people, flora and fauna. 17




Nature's playground... Kids just love water, and we have plenty of it. Start

your day with breakfast cooked over wood coals on

the banks of Fletcher Creek. After a good wet season, you can gently float down the creek on a tube or find one of the shallow banks for the little ones to paddle in. You can even camp right beside the creek and drift off to sleep to the sound of running water.

Back in town, playgrounds and shady lawns will have the kids racing around for hours. Get them on the zip line at Centenary Park or let them relax on the giant

net swing. If the kids are a little older and a little more

active, take them to the skate park and let them grind rails, bunny hop, and make new friends all day. If they still have energy to burn, walk up Towers Hill to watch an amazing sunset.

Got a couple of days or a weekend? Put Ravenswood on your list - it’s Australia’s most authentic gold rush

town. Visit one of the historic pubs, climb White Blow

quartz outcrop and check out Butler’s Cottage to see

how the miners lived. You might even see some of

the pretty chital deer that roam the ranges and are known to venture into town.

Did you know The Towers Rush event turns Charters Towers into one big active playground. From abseiling heritage buildings, paddling the mighty Burdekin River to ambling through the heart of the city, you are sure to unearth a secret find! www.visitcharterstowers.com.au


I spy with my little eye…. some treasures lurking inside! ures to s a e r t e h thes xploration of t r a e n U your e rs Region! e t e l p e com rs Tow e t r a h your the C , bring te omple ach Once c vidence of e owers e sT photo harter re to C e h t n to n Cent io t a locatio ! m Infor asure! Visitor your own tre receive

e Sm


Find the Browne steps

ll the roses



Step back in time with Augmented Reality

Pack a picnic and head to the Weir

unt the bricks

Take a look, but don’t get caught behind the bars!

Look up and co

ck out the size of its horns!

b re d

Cat ch Allie a glim p d Ro ck W se of an alla by

Go panning for gold!

C he

k a peek at a

u rs as yo a t s e h Count t movie watch a

Look up and spot the BLUE teapot

Spo cons t a tellat ion

Have you seen sausages growing on trees?


Charters Towers #charterstowers #unearthoursecrets



Want to bring your best mate... Don’t worry, we completely understand, and

so do plenty of businesses in our region. Bring your four-legged companion to Charters

Towers Region because they will love it almost as much as you do. Some hotels offer specific rooms where your pet can sleep inside, and all of our caravan parks are pet friendly.

Some eateries even provide water for your pooch, and a place they can be tethered while you place an order. If your pet is

feeling a little unwell, there are two dedicated veterinary clinics that will get your furry friend back on all fours in no time.

When you need an off-leash area to let them stretch their legs, be sure to visit Lissner

Park. It’s centrally located and there are 1,500 square metres for your dog to race around and meet some of the local hounds.



Let us tell you where to go... Some of the region’s greatest assets are the small communities that surround Charters Towers. Ravenswood, Pentland,

Greenvale, Homestead, Mingela, Hidden Valley and Hervey

Range all offer a bit of history, culture and character you can’t get anywhere else.

To the west you will find Pentland which is gaining a name as a haven for artists and storytellers. To the east, Ravenswood

shines with its architecture and the enthusiasm of the locals who pay homage to the town's past with a series of steel silhouettes, wooden statues and intricate mosaics.

To the north make sure to visit Greenvale and the Three Rivers

Hotel that was made famous by Slim Dusty. Don't forget to hit the gem fields to try your luck. Hidden Valley, as the name suggests, provides an opportunity for a perfect getaway in the fresh

mountain air, with crystal creeks and stunning sunsets in ecofriendly accommodation.

If you want to get out and really explore the region, there are

five designated drive trails to help you experience our diverse

landscape at your own pace. Head into the Visitor Information Centre for more details or www.visitcharterstowers.com.au


Get drive inspo and create your own story... www.visitcharterstowers.com.au


Who's a happy camper? We might be biased, but Charters Towers Region has

some of the best bush camping in Australia. Some spots are really popular, like Fletcher Creek. Located about half an hour north of Charters Towers, it’s a great site

with wood barbecues, picnic tables and best of all, there are toilets and showers. If you prefer something a little

closer to nature, we are home to some beautiful National

Parks, or just down the road is Big Bend beside the mighty Burdekin River, with great 4WD tracks, fishing and plenty of room.

Just east of Charters Towers, Macrossan is also on the

sandy banks of the Burdekin. During the dry season there are great swimming holes and showers too. If you’re lucky you might even reel in an inland barramundi.

Can’t go without those creature comforts? There are a variety of hotels and award winning caravan parks to

choose from that offer something that will suit your style – from shady camping sites to cabin accommodation. So

if you are touring around, remember to settle in and stay a while. There is plenty to see and do.

Distance from Charters Towers Big Bend & Echo Hole Fletcher Creek Dalrymple National Park Macrossan Reserve


34km 42km 45km 22km

Ravenswood Reserve Burdekin Falls Dam White Mountains National Park

83km 165km 154km


Did you know Landmarks can be found at Dalrymple National Park and Burdekin Falls Dam marking the trail of Ludwig Leichhart's Expedition as his party traversed the Charters Towers Region in 1845.



Native treasures... From pockets of rainforest to the desert uplands, you can experience just about every tropical ecosystem in the Charters Towers Region. With an abundance

of National Parks and State Forests, there’s plenty to explore. The powerful Burdekin River winds its way

through our region and provides a variety of ecosystems for our native animals. You can see everything from

allied rock wallabies, black headed pythons, emus, chital deer, plain turkeys (bustards) and the eastern pebble-

mound mouse! Keep your eyes to the canopy and you might even see a tawny frogmouth or two!

At Dalrymple National Park you can see evidence of

the Toomba Lava flow, fossilised limestone and parts of the old Dalrymple township; one of the first inland settlements in northern Australia that was largely

destroyed by flooding in 1870. Home to 14 different

ecosystems alone, the White Mountains National Park

puts on a breathtaking wildflower display during spring. Every year, the wattle, gums and bauhinia trees all blossom, putting on a beautiful natural show.

If heading to Ravenswood you will want to check out

White Blow Environmental Park located just out of town. It houses an unusual geological formation; a giant white quartz outcrop that is estimated to be 300 million years


old. Imagine climbing on something that old.

Did you know Over 250 bird species have been recorded within 70km of Charters Towers in grassy woodland, wetlands and along watercourses, including the Burdekin River.



Discover secrets from the past! Why not take the scenic route and head to the

pan or gold detector and head to Young’s Block,

enjoy a cuppa. Originally constructed in 1865 as

gold. Don’t forget your fossicker's license - easily

Heritage listed Herveys Range Tea Rooms to

the Eureka Hotel, it is now restored to its former glory and is the oldest known building in north


Queensland. For something a little closer to

Charters Towers, just on the outskirts of the City

is the Venus Gold Battery, a Heritage listed gold processing site. Take a tour of the facility with

exceptional guides and watch theatrical water

screen projections and holograms that bring your imagination to life.

Some say the best way to experience history 33

is to get your hands dirty. Get yourself a gold

located just out of Charters Towers, to fossick for obtained online or at the local camping shop. Wander through the Heritage listed bunkers nestled on Towers Hill and experience WWII through the eyes of those involved with

interactive audio-visual and augmented reality experiences; the old and the new combine for a great experience. Don’t forget to check out the

Towers Hill Bushcare garden on your way down the hill, home to an abundance of native plants and glorious shade.

Did you know There is an extensive WWII photographic display in the foyer of the Charters Towers City Hall that is open to the public for viewing.




Did you know In 1902 there were 38 hotels or licensed premises operating in Mosman & Gill Streets. According to records, there were at least another 78 hotels operating beyond the town between 1864-1911.



Watering holes & great grub... If you’ve got a thirst that needs quenching, there’s sure to be a watering hole that fits the bill. It’s not just what you eat and drink though, it’s who you’ll meet that

makes the region’s pubs so memorable. Publicans who sing songs and locals

who spin yarns that get better as the nights get longer. In 1890, at the height of

the gold rush, Charters Towers was the second largest town in Queensland and

we had a lot of pubs. These days, there are not quite so many, but what we lack in quantity, we make up for in QUALITY.

If you need to refresh or refuel your body, there are plenty of options for a meal

throughout the region. From bakeries and cafés for a mouth-watering breakfast to pubs for lunch or dinner, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to sit on

the verandah or out in the beer garden and watch the evening unfold, or relax in the air-conditioning with a group of friends, there is a venue for everyone.

And don’t forget to wash your meal down with a Whitbreads soft drink. You can get one pretty much anywhere in the region, and they have been making them locally since 1896!

You can’t go past a good ol' country feed! We ate out a lot during our stay and were pleasantly surprised by the variances in dining options throughout the region! It was lovely to have a casual drink in a pub and meet some local characters - listening to their stories had us in stitches! Thanks for a good time Charters Towers" - says Isabella from Geelong



Charters Towers With a population of over 27,000 in its heyday,

Surrounded by nature’s beauty at every turn,

less hectic. The many heritage buildings that

driving to geocaching. If the indoors are

today the pace of Charters Towers is a lot

remain beautifully preserved around the city

act as a reminder of the wealth and grandeur of the gold rush era and make it arguably one of the most beautiful inland cities in

Queensland. There is also an abundance of

lush evergreen parks where you can soak up

the sun and stretch your legs while you learn about our wartime involvement.


there is something for everyone, from 4x4

beckoning, we have a vibrant arts community with several art galleries, often showcasing

local talents and artists. We even offer more

than one option for you to see the latest movies – cinema and drive-in! If you're heading south, stop at Belyando Crossing to stretch your legs

and grab a bite and cool drink before you leave the region and say goodbye.

Greenvale Once boasting a population of over 3,000, about two hours north of Charters Towers you

will find Greenvale; built in the 1970’s when Greenvale Nickel Mine started operations. Today you will find a quiet little village of approximately 150 residents. Make sure you pop in to the Three Rivers Hotel and enjoy a cold drink at the pub made famous by Slim Dusty.

On the way there, why not drop into Bluewater Springs to grab a bite or top up with fuel. Further afield, head to the hills and visit Hervey Range and the Heritage listed Herveys

Range Tea Rooms to try their famous coffee and scones before you head to Hidden Valley

to enjoy the fresh mountain air. Why not treat yourself to a night at the multi award winning eco-friendly Hidden Valley Cabins where you might be lucky enough to spot a platypus.



Pentland Heading west from Charters Towers you will travel through the small townships of Balfes Creek and Homestead before you reach Pentland. Fast becoming known for resident artists and storytellers, we highly recommend you take the time to enjoy a cuppa as

you wander the art galleries. While you’re there, be sure to check out the historic railway

station and Norwood Lockup then venture out of town to the Burra Range Lookout to view the pristine White Mountains National Park.

If exploring off the beaten track interests you, there are established drive trails that will take you to see the various waterways and birdlife around the area. After all that exploring, grab a bite to eat before pulling up stumps for the night.


Ravenswood Approximately an hour to the east of Charters Towers, Ravenswood is a must-see historical town. Established in 1868 following the

discovery of gold, Ravenswood is home to buildings that stand as

grand reminders of times past, including the Imperial and Railway Hotels. Take a break from discovering the town and enjoy a

Devonshire Tea at Thorp’s Building Heritage Tea Room & Treasures before you head out to White Blow Environmental Park to check out the 300 million year old white quartz outcrop.

Venture a little further and head out to Burdekin Falls Dam and


maybe even camp the night – you won’t be disappointed. If the

water is not over the spillway, take a drive across the base and get a closer look at all the birdlife that call the riverbed home. On your travels, be sure not to miss the ever-accurate rock weather vane at Sellheim and check out the old buildings at Mingela for great

photo opportunities and have a chat with some locals at the pub. 40





Bluewater Springs Roadhouse Affordable Gold City Motel Big 4 Aussie Outback Oasis Holiday Park Cattleman’s Rest Motor Inn Charters Towers Motel Charters Towers Tourist Park Commercial Hotel Country Road Motel Dalrymple Tourist Van Park Enterprise Hotel Motel Heritage Lodge Motel Hillview Motel Kernow Charters Towers The Rix Hotel Motel The Park Hotel Motel Waverley Hotel Bivouac Junction Holiday Camp Greenvale Caravan Park Three Rivers Hotel Belyando Crossing Roadhouse Hidden Valley Cabins Pentland Caravan Park Pentland Hotel Burdekin Falls Dam Caravan Park Grass Hut Station Imperial Hotel Ravenswood Outback Ravenswood Railway Hotel Top Camp Roadhouse and Caravan Park Burdekin Duck Roadhouse & Campground

Gregory Developmental Rd 28 Dalrymple Rd 76 Dr George Ellis Dr 1 Bridge St 95 Hackett Tce 37 Mount Leyshon Rd 151 Mosman St 6 Mount Leyshon Rd 24 Dalrymple Rd 217 Gill St 94 Dr George Ellis Dr 3 Hackett Tce 22-33 Gladstone Rd 69-75 Mosman St 1 Mosman St 19 Mosman St Bivouac Junction Rd 3 Kylee Ct 1 Redbank Dr Lot 3 Gregory Developmental Rd McLennan Rd Flinders Hwy 32 Main St Ravenswood Rd Mingela 23 Macrossan St 66 Macrossan St 3889 Burdekin Falls Dam Rd Flinders Hwy


(07) 4788 5532 (07) 4787 2187 (07) 4787 8722 (07) 4787 3555 (07) 4787 1366 (07) 4787 7944 (07) 4787 1391 (07) 4787 2422 (07) 4787 1121 (07) 4787 2404 1800 880 444 (07) 4787 1973 0447 557 200 (07) 4787 4438 (07) 4787 1022 (07) 4787 2591 0477 873 804 0498 035 295 (07) 4788 4222 (07) 4983 5269 (07) 4770 8088 (07) 4788 1148 (07) 4788 1106 (07) 4770 3177 (07) 4770 3051 (07) 4770 2131 (07) 4770 2144 (07) 4770 2168 (07) 4787 3587

Gregory Developmental Rd 11 Hackett Tce 13 Mount Leyshon Rd 71-93 Thompson St 262 Gill St 105-111 Gill St Lot 1 Redbank Dr Lot 3 Gregory Developmental Rd 54 Main St 77 Macrossan Street 3889 Burdekin Falls Dam Rd Flinders Hwy


(07) 4788 5532 (07) 4787 2100 (07) 4787 1293 (07) 4409 0819 (07) 4787 4791 (07) 4082 7492 (07) 4788 4202 (07) 4983 5269 (07) 4788 1254 (07) 4770 2136 (07) 4770 2168 (07) 4787 3587

137-139 Gill St 254 Gill St 85 Mosman St 2 Gill St


(07) 4787 0333 (07) 4787 1269 (07) 4787 8701 (07) 4787 7878

FUEL UP Bluewater Springs Roadhouse BP Charters Towers Norton’s General Store Puma Charters Towers Tropic Distributors Caltex Charters Towers Woolworths Caltex Charters Towers Greenvale Roadhouse Belyando Crossing Roadhouse Pentland Service Station Ravenswood Post Office Store Top Camp Roadhouse and Caravan Park Burdekin Duck Roadhouse & Campground


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Bluewater Springs Roadhouse Bon Italiana Pizza Catch n Cook Seafood & Burger Bar Cattleman’s Rest Steakhouse Civic Club Coffee + Flowers in the Towers Commercial Hotel Enterprise Hotel Motel Gold City Chinese Restaurant Golden Mine Chinese Restaurant Heera Indian Cuisine Irish Molly’s Courthouse Hotel Lissner Resturant -The Park Hotel Motel McAllister’s Goldfield Bakery McDonald’s Peppers Café & Catering Perry’s Bakehouse Café Pizza Hut Charters Towers Puma Charters Towers Red Rooster Charters Towers Richo’s Takeaway & Pizza The Rix Hotel Motel RSL Kitchen Charters Towers Santons Gourmet Hoagies Sovereign Tavern Stock Exchange Café Sweet Lips Café The Feedlot Eatery Tokyo Bento Sushi & Noodle Bar Towers Snack Bar Waverley Hotel White Horse Tavern Greenvale Roadhouse Three Rivers Hotel Herveys Range Tea Rooms Belyando Crossing Roadhouse Pentland Hotel Pentland Post Office Cafe Wookatook Cafe Imperial Hotel Ravenswood Outback Ravenswood Railway Hotel Thorp’s Building Heritage Tea Room Burdekin Duck Roadhouse & Campground

Gregory Developmental Rd Shop 6/11 Church St 162 Gill St 1 Bridge St 36 Ryan St 177 Gill St 151 Mosman St 217 Gill St 118 Gill St 64 Mosman St 114 Gill St 120 Gill St 1 Mosman St 119 Mosman St 113 Gill St 58 Gill St 1/60 Mosman St Cnr Church St & Civic Ln 71-93 Thompson St 40/44 Mosman St 56 Mosman St 69-75 Mosman St 8 Prior St 21 Gill St 180 Gill St 76 Mosman St 14 Gill St 86 Gill St 82 Gill St 4/91 Gill St 19 Mosman St 33 Gill St Lot 1 Redbank Dr 1 Redbank Dr 37 Thornton Gap Rd Lot 3 Gregory Developmental Rd 32 Main St 24 Main St 48 Flinders Hwy 23 Macrossan St 66 Macrosson St 84 Macrossan St Flinders Hwy


(07) 4788 5532 0412 136 371 (07) 4787 2990 (07) 4787 3555 (07) 4787 1096 0467 312 638 (07) 4787 1391 (07) 4787 2404 (07) 4787 2414 (07) 4787 7609 (07) 4787 4465 (07) 4787 1187 (07) 4787 1022 (07) 4787 2636 (07) 4787 4400 (07) 4787 4211 (07) 4787 3844 13 11 66 (07) 4409 0819 (07) 4787 1477 (07) 4787 3645 (07) 4787 4438 0402 995 832 0497 920 282 (07) 4787 3077 (07) 4787 7954 (07) 4787 4218 (07) 4787 1455 (07) 4787 1189 (07) 4737 9797 (07) 4787 2591 (07) 4787 1064 (07) 4788 4202 (07) 4788 4222 (07) 4778 0199 (07) 4983 5269 (07) 4788 1106 (07) 4788 1137 0487 803 737 (07) 4770 2131 (07) 4770 2144 0427 714 284 (07) 4787 3587

MEDICAL CONTACTS Emergency 000 Charters Towers Health Service (non emergency) 137-139 Gill St CHARTERS TOWERS (07) 4787 0333 Charters Towers Medical Centre 50 Gill St CHARTERS TOWERS (07) 4787 7339 Gold City Medical Centre 89 Mosman St CHARTERS TOWERS (07) 4787 7203 Towers Family Health Clinic Shop 2/26 Gill St CHARTERS TOWERS (07) 4787 2546

FAITH & WORSHIP Baptist Church Christian Family Church Christian Outreach Centre Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall Seventh Day Adventist Church St Columba’s Catholic Church St Paul’s Anglican Church Uniting Church St Aiden’s Anglican Church St Mary’s Catholic Church

40 Hodgkinson St 161-165 Gill St 61-63 Dalrymple Rd 17 Pyrites Rd 25 York St Cnr Gill & Church Sts 182-186 Gill St 101 Gill St Mill St Main St


(07) 4787 7535 (07) 4787 7314 0408 144 233 0439 871 582 0458 005 082 (07) 4787 2482 0456 494 774 0406 892 429 0467 960 047 0428 409 151


Re-live yesteryear... It’s not just the region's history and attractions that make it a great place to stay and visit -

it’s also the colourful characters you will meet, including tour guides.

Take a tour at the Venus Gold Battery, one of the last standing Gold Stamp Batteries in Australia,

and learn how they extracted gold from ore. Strike it rich at The Miner’s Cottage where

you can try gold panning and hear stories of

Charters Towers and it's history. It will leave you feeling nostalgic.


A trip to our region wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Zara Clark Museum and the Historic Ambulance Museum, one of the oldest ambulance stations in Queensland. The dedicated volunteers will walk you through the history of the region and impressive collection of memorabilia. When in Ravenswood be sure to check out the Court House Museum overlooking Elphinstone Creek. You can sit in the original dock, peek into a Masonic Lodge, research family history or just enjoy the displays.

We have a visitor book full of positive comments. People come in thinking they will only spend a few minutes inside and leave an hour or two later" - says Ann from Zara Clark Museum.




Events Our region loves to party...

from quaint markets to music

festivals, classic country races & outback rodeos.

The welcome mat is out and our door is always open, so come on out to the event capital of the north.

Goldfield Ashes Country Music Festival Campdrafts Rodeos Motor Show & Swap Meet Halloween Ball Country Horse Races Spirit & Soul Festival Quaint Markets

Stay in the know Keep up to date on www.visitcharterstowers.com.au with listed events and to find out more about the Charters Towers Region.

#charterstowers #unearthoursecrets www.visitcharterstowers.com.au


Pop in and meet a local... you’re always welcome at the Charters Towers Visitor Information Centre! FREE Wi-Fi Meet a Local FREE Wi-Fi Souvenirs Orientation Room Brochures Maps Tour Bookings Custom Itineraries Accommodation Info Group Tour Service Online Bookings WE


Charters Towers Visitor Information Centre 74 Mosman Street, Charters Towers Qld 4820 T: 07 4761 5533 | www.visitcharterstowers.com.au #charterstowers #unearthoursecrets

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2021/2022 Charters Towers Region Holiday Guide  

2021/2022 Charters Towers Region Holiday Guide