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I don't have any answers

Only questions

My story starts with Twitter Saturday morning A chance tweet The ten most significant metatrends identified by the NMC Horizon Project 10th Anniversary Report

Metatrend 8 “The Internet is constantly challenging us to rethink learning and education, while refining our notion of literacy.” So what is my notion of literacy? How am I rethinking learning and education? How am I teaching my students to be readers? Readers who can ……. Make sense of the world Assess the credibility of information Take reading beyond the book Read anything, anywhere, anytime Manage multiple streams of information As a mused over these questions I considered my world as a reader

My story takes a holiday A family holiday At home or overseas most years We are consumers and creators of text We used to travel With a suitcase of books A journal each to record our travels We sent postcards, letters And eventually e-mails To family back home This year we travelled with 1 ipad 3 iphones 4 kindles We read ‌‌. Books Searched for information Why are there Salt Lakes in Utah? How do I tape my knee? Where is the best coffee shop? Studied weather patterns - Where is the snow? Researched places to stay Asked and answered endless questions Wrote in our journals LESS But created online MORE We posted daily to Posterous Kept in touch via Facebook, Twitter and Skype Filmed, photographed, updated and wrote

My story continues with me I am a reader I used to read books Now I read ‌.. Books Blogs, blogs and more blogs Anything online Facebook, twitter Peering into other people's lives Sharing thoughts Creating 'So whats?' I I I I I

wonder question clarify ponder argue

I am An information collector An information hoarder An information consumer

SO WHAT? I have changed as a reader I consume and I create. Information anywhere, anytime, any place Has changed my 'notion of literacy' If what I read, the way I read My purpose for reading has changed How do I change the what, The way The purpose in my teaching I have to teach students for their future. I know it. I preach it. I even have an idea what it means Critical thinking, problem solving, decision making Exploring ideas, creating ideas, responding to ideas Being citizens of the world But I'm not convinced I know what teaching students to be LITERATE For this century Really looks like in my school, in my room I know students need to ‌... Question Think Be critical Respond Create Know what they might need Know how to find what they need Know when they have found it Know how to judge its value.

My story steps into my school My students are guinea pigs I have experimented with Learning experiences That I think Facilitate learning To be literate in this century

Reading to learn projects Book clubs Online discussion and networking Making sense of digital fiction What to find, where to find How to find

I want my students to Learn Relearn Unlearn (Thanks Alvin Toffler)

BUT I don't know if I have got it right I feel that I am constantly guessing Constantly wondering Constantly panicking that I am not being accountable Constantly juggling school demands with my expectations Constantly asking Is this what learning to be literate for this century Looks like? I don't have any answers Only questions ………………………………….. I wonder Do we teach reading Because written text Was how we made sense of the world? Should we be teaching 'sense making' Because all texts are how we make sense of the world? My story begins with my question

If my students are learning to be literate for their century what does this look like in my school?

Only questions  

My story for motm12

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